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#jon snow
agentrouka-blog · 6 hours ago
I wasn't thinking of parallels when I mentioned Robb's bride being the sword, but reading your Dany post you reblogged this morning, Dany calls herself "bride of dragons" in the next chapter. And then, in ACOK, she refers to herself as "bride of fire." That seems intentional to me? There's also the Watch's "our wife is duty" and Bran's choice to "wed" the trees. Are those all interconnected? If Robb and Dany's choice of what to wed portend their fate, what do we do with Bran's choice?
Hi! I love this ask because it creates a very specific parallel between our three future monarchs.
We have, after all, another currently unfortunately married Starkling: Sansa.
Her marriage traps her under the hypothetical power of Tyrion, changes her identity on the surface. But while she says the vows, the marriage is not consumated. It does not stop her from abandoning her "husband" and pursuing her own goals. And we know this marriage will end, one way or the other.
Another previously “married” Starkling was Jon, at least in the eyes of his dark mentor/captor/”protector” Ygritte. He too abandoned her when the opportunity arose and he never truly “turned his cloak”. Marital imagery is consistently subverted with them, and eventually she was the author of her own destruction, killed by her own favorite weapon, even, by arrow.
Robb’s wife is not so easily left behind. He married Jeyne, but the sword remained his true wife.
And Dany not only married the fire. She is of the fire: daugher of death, bride of fire, mother of dragons. It defines her every aspect now. I see no annullment on the horizon.
Bran, on the other hand, is likely to follow the footsteps of Sansa and Jon.
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jonandtormundendgame · 7 hours ago
Sansa: What’s- *reaching for a mug*
Jon: *gently stopping her* You don’t want to try. It’s fermented milk. *cringes super hard*
Sansa: *determined look now, grabs mug* I’ll be the judge of that. *takes a sip* Huh...
Jon: Ya... *watching her cause he can’t figure out if she likes it or not*
Sansa: ...that sure is a flavor...
Jon: Do... do you like it?
Sansa: *looking worried* I don’t dislike it?
Jon: Oh my god.
Sansa: *suddenly delighted to find something from the north that she likes that won’t remind her of King’s Landing* Well, no knowing unless I try some more.
Jon: Oh my god.
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lives4lovesworld · 8 hours ago
Although I doubt that Vermax truly laid eggs in Winterfell, that they are still in the cribs & will be found again. I like the headcanon of them being a crutial part between Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen meetings. Maybe as bargaining chip or gift in swaying Dany and smooth things out between the 2 parties. Also I just love the idea of Jon giving Daenerys more dragon babies🥰
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iamnooneyetiexist · 8 hours ago
Okay... I had a thought
So Jon dies and is revived, yes? So now he's the Wight Wolf or whatever, he has a connection to death.
So then Viserion dies and is turned into a Wight.
Could Jon, hypothetically, warg into Viserion?
Because I was thinking, what if? What if that's how Jon gets a dragon.
I'm just saying! The Wight Wolf riding the Wight Dragon Viserion.
This would make for an awesome story tho-
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crimeronan · 11 hours ago
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my-alternate-existence · 15 hours ago
Not that anybody cares but just fir record of my fav fictional characters, who inspire me everyday ever since I learnt them. ❣️
1. Sirius Black (From Harry Potter series)
2. Captain Steve Rogers (MCU)
3. Dwight K Schrute (The Office)
4. Elijah Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries & The Originals)
5. Ross Geller (Friends)
6. Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
7. Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and The City)
8. Jo March (Little Woman)
9. Wonder Woman (DCEU)
10. Hermione Granger. (Harry Potter series)
There are many others as well that I'm in love with. But these will always be a part of me. They probably made me who I am and structured my thoughts.
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torchwood-99 · 15 hours ago
It’s funny how little Winterfell means to me, at least compared to other fans. As a historic location it is fascinating, but I don’t feel any attatchment to it as a place.
I love the idea of home being where family is, so the idea of Arya and Jon and Dany and Bran and Jaime and Brienne; all characters searching for a place to fit and feel like they belong, finding home not in a single place, but in the company of the people they love, would be ideal for me. I think that is partially why I would be so happy if they renounced their noble titles and created a resistance group that worked alongside the smallfolk in order to weaken the power of the nobles. After all, the smallfolk are the labourers and the farmers and the sailors, the lifeblood of Westeros. So much of the nobility’s might stems from the illusion of power.
 For me feudalism is one of the true enemies within the series, especially this idea that the honour of a handful of people is worth the lives of thousands, is the cause of so much suffering, so naturally I would like my faves to renounce their titles and fight against it, and for the characters I love less that thrive or at least depend on feudalism, to realise their day is up and a new world is approaching. That would make those who turned their backs on feudalism the truest of heroes in my eyes. I don’t expect it to happen, but it would make me so happy. 
And seeing as it is a good while yet until we get the next book, I might as well entertain myself with found family/real family/band of misfits fighting for the revolution and getting into mischief together. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s always the talk of a town, when a celebrity moves in specially when they bring scandal. Lyanna Stark, a wildly successful and celebrated Westerosi writer known for her detective novels and short story collection better known as The dame of crime suddenly moves to King’s Landing .
She had been leaving for exactly 18 years in Braavos, the world capital of culture and love but moves back to Westeros, accompanying her brother Ned on his move to the capital. Yet surprisingly she didn’t come back alone, with her came her son Jon Stark, an aspiring writer and musician. Her return will cause a multitude of secrets to come to light, quite like in the books she is so well known for.
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themockingpoint · 17 hours ago
Out of all Ned’s children, the one that takes after Catelyn most is Jon.
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bipolarstannis · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
scene sansa + mall goth jon
dad and aunt lya said that they needed to spend more time together so they went to the local mall to browse hot topic and get some slushies. they have no idea how 2 interact with each other
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inncorrect-starklings · 19 hours ago
Sansa: Jon can we speak? In private?
Jon: No. I know what you are going to say and I don’t want to hear it.
Jon: Mostly because your right.
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she-wolf-of-highgarden · 21 hours ago
Okay okay okay but a Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead AU with the Starklings
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thewhitewolfrules · 22 hours ago
This is so fucking accurate! I hate that Jon lost EVERTHING by doing so much for others. That brokes my heart!
Tumblr media
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shining-m00nlight · 22 hours ago
Jon: (wears a slightly lighter shade of black)
Theon: I see you're bursting out the spring colors.
Robb: Come on Theon!
Robb: That's obviously a summer outfit.
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aenarsnow · 22 hours ago
"sometimes, I'd rather die"
Tumblr media
Yesterday the amazing @rayondeneige posted a line from her Winter Soldier and Black Widow AU WIP. And I just had to draw them 😍😍😍 I loved Marvel comics growing up, and the relationships between Black Widow and Winter Soldier/ Black Widow and Hawkeye were the ships I was obsessed with.. along with Han/Leia and Aragorn/Arwen.
And now Emilie's writing a combination of my favourite ships with one of my oldest ships and I just needed to draw them for her. So fricking excited to read it when she's ready to share it with us all 💜💜💜
(Emilie, please don't cry 🥺🥺🥺)
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baby-starks · a day ago
Tormund: *talking to the Night’s Watch* alright, listen up you bunch of shits
Tormund: not you Jon, you’re a angel and we’re thrilled you’re here
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