vani-e · 6 days ago
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enbydio · 5 months ago
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jonadad rq :3c
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magic-soda · 8 months ago
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Dad Jonathan for the soul :3
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lilililith666 · 4 months ago
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*Vine boom*
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cluescorner · 9 months ago
Giorno and his Dads
Giorno has two sets of fathers: bio dads DIO + Jonathan and adoptive dads Bruno + Abbachio (those two were dating during the events of Part 5 and I will get donuted on that hill). And I find that to be very funny for the reasons outlined below. 
Some kid: Haha, your dad is gay!
Giorno: Which one? 
Some kid: The light-haired one that always looks like he wants to kill something, who initially started out wanting to go into a field that is justice related but then became a criminal himself!
Giorno: ...I hate having to say things twice but...WHICH ONE?
Some kid: The one who’s in a strangely fated relationship with the dark-haired savior type that died due to his own selflessness to save a young girl who he barely even knew but would eventually become part of his family!
Giorno: WHICH? ONE?!
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thekaiqueen · a year ago
Bruno: I don’t know who that is, but I’m glad they seem to be on our side, they’re fucking terrifying.
Giorno: Yeah, dad can be a little overprotective....
Bruno: ......That’s your DAD?!
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maggotmunchies · 2 years ago
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Happy birthday piss prince
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mrsgiovanna · 8 months ago
They're both so soft, awwww Giogio and Jonathan... There will never be too much jonadad 🤲🥺😍
Art credit: Karu.dsu on Instagram
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melmel-the-clown · a year ago
"Dio, please put them back."
"No, JoJo, I will not."
"Father, those shoes aren't it."
"Giorno, hush. These are perfect."
"Dio, I'm begging you."
"Papa, stop him."
"I'm trying."
"What is your problem? Look at them."
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ace-the-fox · a year ago
I absolutely do not ship Jonadio. But, like, art and stuff where Jonathan and Dio co-parent Giorno in a non-romantic way? Good shit 👌
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kanamayari · a year ago
There are many different opinions about Mudad. Some says he'd be a good father while others says he wouldn't care — but at the end of the day, we can all agree that Jonathan would absolutely accept Giorno and cherish him.
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vani-e · a month ago
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Family dinner
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alex-wf · 9 months ago
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*takes your characters and makes them wildly OOC for my own enjoyment*
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timorpanico · a year ago
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Vampire mudad au 🎃 Halloween edition 🎃 ~Trick or treat ~ [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART 4] [PART 5] (all the au is under the tag vampire mudad au)
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lilililith666 · 4 months ago
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shibadin0 · 10 months ago
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Guess  who is hyped for stone ocean anime? MEE I realize i never posted my Brando boys fanarts here so  I do it today. rykiel picked up knitting and he is crazy good at it 
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hellbubu · 2 months ago
Jonathan, hearing 2 wryyyys coming from the living room: Aww, they're bonding.
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fortune-fool02 · 2 months ago
Modern au.
Dio's four kids getting along with Jonathan's kids. Jonathan is very happy to see them get along.
Dio: Finally....peace..... *Collapses and sleeps*
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mrsgiovanna · a year ago
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Awwww happy birthday Giogio🎉🎊🎂😊💕❤️😘🐞
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kyarymell · a year ago
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dio’s bizarre parenthood: breakfast
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