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codotafterdark · a day ago
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newpotatomash · 21 hours ago
Jonathan Crane really saw a child being bullied relentlessly, till he snapped in a feral rage and went, "I like that one. He reminds me of me."
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superheroes-or-whatever · 2 days ago
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Batman (2016-) #112-114 art by Jorge Jimenez 
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jervis-tetch-my-beloved · 17 hours ago
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I have 0 shame
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actually-karp · 2 days ago
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Pov you're me at 12am and in a bout of insomnia you drew some worried men on your phone
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shiranui7 · 2 days ago
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Fear state Scarecrow!
Palette: fears and superstition by @fivepointpalettes
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angelofthenight · 2 days ago
Jonathan: I think- I think I have a crush on (y/n)…
Jervis: Congratulations! You’re officially the last person to know.
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some cillian murphy pfp's and wallpapers i made :)
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{feel free to use if you like them, just like, reblog and credit please!}
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acapelladitty · 2 days ago
Below is a snippet of a Hellraiser AU I've been playing with that features Edward Nygma having some "quality time" with a Cenobite Jonathan Crane (18+) 👀💦
The sting of the knife as it pierced through the tender skin of his back stole the breath from Edward's lungs but the loss of air is quick to right itself; quickly following itself with a pained howl as the razor-sharp steel of the scalpel drew a deep line down his spine. His hands and ankles pulled at the heavy restraints which were pinning him to table and the frantic movement made his ripped shirt open further across his back, exposing more of his flesh to the monster above.
"Your skin was always soft as butter," Crane purred as he drew the pad of his forefinger down the openly bleeding wound, "and I've spent a long time aching to carve through it throughout the years."
He remained outside of Edward's sight but the restrained man could feel the cold leather of Crane's surgical gloves as his palm pushed harshly against the base of his back to keep him pinned in place.
The rough treatment also forced his entire groin to press against the table as his cock was trapped in a painful squeeze between his body and the heavy wood. Worse still, the undeniable hardness there, despite his considerable agonies, made the corners of his eyes water as disgust roiled through him at his own enjoyment of the sadistic treatment. He wanted this as much as whatever remained of Crane did and he was never one to deny his lover much.
As though sensing the turmoil, Crane slipped a hand below Edward's body - forcing his fingers into the limited space between the cotton of his boxers and the table - and gripped his cock roughly; a sensation which made Edward's back arch up and a hiss escape him as the move sent a sharp wave of pain through the open wound on his spine.
"Pain and pleasure, Edward." Crane crooned, his voice distorted by the hell which flowed through him, "You welcome them both like old friends, but there is so much more you don't understand. Agony, ecstacy, fear, love. All facets of the same primal sensation."
Each of his examples is punctuated by a slow shuffle of his skinned fingers as he strokes along Edward's hard length, and his free hand is quick to join in the torments as it grips at Edward's reddened hair with such force that Edward has to hold back a low grunt at the sudden burn of his scalp.
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doopdevil · a day ago
Hi! I love your writing and was wondering if you could maybe do a Jonathan Crane x reader one shot if you have the time, where the reader is a psychiatrist someone who works with Jonathan who has just been acting a little bit off the past few days and Jonathan has a little bit of a soft spot for them. The reader tells him one of the patients had been saying and doing things that made them uncomfortable and Jonathan comforts them but then that patient just disappeared after a they talk. Preferably female reader but gender neutral is completely fine as well. I can’t wait to see what you do with this!
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jonathan crane x g.n.!reader | i will never let him hurt you
warnings: cursing ; readers patient is creepy and stalks them and legit declares his love for them ; jonathan retaliates with murder and reader is surprisingly chill w it ; arkham is a horrendous mental health facility dear lord
pairings: jonathan crane x gender neutral!reader
word count: 1,611
summary: when a patient starts to bother you, jonathan pursues immoral methods to dispose of him.
a/n: i tried to make it so you can interpret it as any jonathan you’d prefer, whether it be from the comics, the arkham games, btas, or even cillian murphys portrayal of him! i am so so happy to get a batman rogues request y’all. literally smiling for days while writing this. anyways i hope this is alright, anon! thank you so much for reading and i hope you like it <3
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Although Johnathan often found himself occupied delving into the concept of fear, that didn’t necessarily mean he liked feeling it himself, nor did he want his loved ones to feel it either. Behind every crude scare and nosy comment, the man clearly preferred being on the giving side when it came to causing dread. The psychologist recognized that when he realized he was pacing. You were stuck in a session with a patient a little too long for his comfort, especially considering that the two of you had made dinner plans for tonight. If it were any one of his coworkers, he’d simply hope that something horrifically interesting happened to them. But of course, he lacked that sentiment towards his partner. Jonathan was more than aware of the faculty's comments, other doctors wondering how such a lovely person could date someone as indelicate as Jonathan Crane. He had even pondered it himself, but over the past year he’s come to realize that you share more in common than he thought. It was as if after one conversation the two of you would gravitate towards each other like magnets, partaking in riveting conversations about psychology, reading, crows, and whatever fuss that had been occurring in Gotham. You were interesting in the way that you were quiet but snarky when the situation called for it, making you all the more attractive to him. It seemed inevitable that the two of you would date.
Speaking of the devil, he thought once he noticed you hurriedly exit your office. His brows furrowed at the sight of you, clearly taking in your nervous appearance. Before he could greet you, his amber eyes caught the attention of your patient. Despite the fact that you were clearly unsettled, the patient had a giddy bounce to his step.
“Bye Dr. L/N,” he giggled, until breaking out into full fledged laughter. The uncomfortable scene was a common one in Arkham. What was so different about this that made you so shaken?
You were anxiously staring down the hall until you remembered his presence. As eager as you were to see Jonathan, you desperately needed to confirm that your patient was gone.
“Oh, hey John. Sorry it took a while in there. Ready to go?” Relief washed over you once you realized you were now on your way to dinner, and eventually, home.
“Yes,” he paused before taking your hand, “But is everything alright dear?”
“Just a long day,” you replied with a small smile. You were actually quite stunned at his small gesture, considering that your boyfriend wasn’t one for PDA. He was a psychologist, of course he could tell something was wrong. But in truth, the last thing you wanted to think about was the root of your discomfort.
“I promise. Now c’mon, I’m starving!” You falsely assured him.
“...Alright, let’s go,” he replied with a squeeze of your hand. He sensed your fervent desire to leave, and tonight his top priority would be deducing it’s cause.
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“I just think the library could use a far wider selection. If I were a patient I’d bore myself to death with those miserable excuses for literature. Couldn’t they perhaps add a classic or two at the very least?” Jonathan ranted incredulously. You couldn’t help but snicker at your partner's adorable veneration for reading.
“Y/N, I’m serious!”
“I know, sweetie. It’s just cute when you’re pissed off about books. But you’re right, they really should expand Arkhams library,” you sighed.
“I’m more than pissed off, I’m revolted!” After that you broke into even more laughter. Getting to enjoy time with Jonathan after such a difficult day helped to distract you from your current predicament. Unfortunately with every smile, you’d remember the problems you faced back at Arkham. As a professional psychologist, you were more than used to less than satisfactory interactions with the patients. But this new patient, a man you had been seeing for a couple of weeks now, had taken things too far. You couldn’t help but frown as you recalled the man's previous words to you. “I love you. And you’ll learn to love me back. You’ll see.” This incredibly unnerving statement followed several implications that he knew where you lived, had previously stalked you, and probably stole an item or two from your office as well.
“Who was that patient you were with before we left?”
“No one,” you responded, before taking an elongated sip of water.
“Are you sure? I doubt that no one would be able to cause the kind of stress you’re feeling right now. Dear, please tell me what’s going on.”
“I just… I’m a psychologist, John. This shouldn’t concern me as much as it does.”
“But you’re a human being first, and my partner as well. Whatever this is, we can handle it together.”
“Johnathan,” you sighed, “He really scares me. Today he confessed his love to me, and I think he knows where we live, and apparently he’d been stalking me before he was admitted to Arkham. You remember that necklace of mine that I lost? Chances are he stole it.”
“You’re kidding me.”
“I wish.”
With a sigh he took both of your hands into one of his own, shockingly gentle considering the amount of anger he felt at that moment. The thought of someone being so disgusting towards you made him enraged. Jonathan was not experienced in romantic relationships, or friendships at that. You were one of the few people he could trust, and with that trust came a terrifyingly strong willingness to protect you. The darkness pooling in his eyes seemed coincidental once he began to speak softly.
“I will keep you safe. You shouldn’t have to endure this kind of treatment. Tomorrow, we can go to the head psychologist and get this sorted out. Y/N,” he paused, “I will never let him hurt you.”
In response you clutched his calloused hands tighter, basking in the safety you felt with him.
“I’ll get the check. I think you’ll feel a lot better at home, hm?”
After you sent him a small nod, he gestured towards the waiter, eager to get you somewhere safer. As much as he wanted to do something immediately about that troublesome patient, his top priority now was to comfort you. No matter how much you reassured him, it was obvious. The way you would shudder, your gaze shifting nervously, frowning at any point of silence, made him sure that you were terrified.
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“Honey, It’s time to get up.”
“Ugh. John? I don’t wanna go.”
“I know, Y/N. But we can’t necessarily handle it without you there, right? I’ll be right with you, every step of the way,” he replied with certainty.
With a groan you began to get ready, but not before pressing an appreciative kiss to Jonathan’s chapped lips. In the midst of all of this pandemonium, you were happy to have him support you.
He clutched your hand tighter as you both entered the dreary building. Arkham had never been the most aesthetically pleasing, but today it seemed to loom over the two of you in a gargoyle like fashion, watching your every move. Jonathan kept you close as he walked you to your office, before giving you a reassuring kiss as he left. He promptly told you that he’d be having a session this morning. Although it was true, he didn’t tell you who it would be with. One of the things he adored about you was your understanding. You were aware of his fear gas experiments, and had even helped him with the chemistry of a couple recent versions. It would be remiss not for him to take this opportunity to test it out, right?
Jonathan swung open the door gracelessly, nearly stomping in towards the patient.
“You’re not Dr. L/N.”
“No, I’m not.”
With a grumble he replied, “I guess you’ll be replacing them then, huh? Figures.”
“No, actually. But I am here to chat.” John briskly shut the door before turning towards the patient.
“Now why don’t you tell me about the lengths of your obsession with Dr. L/N. In depth, please. I’d like to know what we have to deal with here.”
“I’m not telling you shit.”
“I thought so,” Jonathan replied simply before sending the man a particularly nasty blow to the face.
“What the hell? Guards! He’s attacking me!”
“They’re a little busy as of now.” he muttered, as he began to take out a new vial of fear gas. When the man turned to face Jonathan again, the psychologist was now donning a gas mask.
“Now I’d like to ask you again. What have you done to them?” As the toxin filled his senses, the patient's angered expression immediately distorted into immense fear.
“Who… who the fuck are you?” The man pitifully wheezed.
“I’m their boyfriend.”
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You had been notified of your patient's sudden death immediately. In the midst of your shock and relief, there was a nagging pull in the back of your mind. Something the guard told you had resonated with you. “It looked like some sort of heart attack. He looked like he’d been scared to death.” Jonathan was always the proactive type, you thought.
With a knock on your door, your boyfriend entered your office.
“Hi, I’m just checking on you.”
“I’m fine… that patient of mine, he’s dead.”
“What happened?”
“A heart attack apparently.” Jonathan promptly shut the door, before rushing towards you. His lanky arms found their way around your torso, squeezing gently as you allowed yourself to melt. During this tender moment, you whispered something private, exclusive to the two of you.
“Thank you, Jonathan.”
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codotafterdark · a day ago
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Writing Jonathan Crane with a few humanizing traits like caring for animals (the crows) and reading/obsessing over books is a good thing I think. It brings forth something relatable to his character, and makes him less of a pure evil villain and more of a morally grey villain with values that even they wouldn’t break.
Like, he’d never sexually assault someone, but poisoning is fair game
and he might experiment on rats, but crows are never harmed
or he’ll be a member of the public library, but steal from big chain bookstores
I think stuff like his makes him more interesting of a rogue, even if a lot of it stems from fannon.
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craneisnthere · 2 days ago
Hello Gotham Rogues fans!
I am a Jonathan Crane IRL (DA) who is part of a system, and I made a discord server that is Scarecrow centered that is for fans of rogues! Even if you aren’t particularly a fan of scarecrow but you like Gotham rogues you can join! we are LGBTQ+, IRL/DA, Kin, and System/Fictive safe! Our mod apps are open right now (1/23/22) We are brand new and still growing! Come join and make our server spookier! https://discord.gg/7Ppkgnqw
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superheroes-or-whatever · 2 days ago
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Batman: Fear State Alpha (2021) art by Riccardo Federici 
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goggles-mcgee · 9 months ago
Harley Quinn who recently kidnapped Bruce Wayne and texted Scarecrow to meet her: "Alright Brucie Boy, you're probably wondering why I kidnapped you, and don't worry! It's not for anything "villainous" or the like. You might not remember it but I remember me and you being in med school together along with Crane and I thought we could form a club since we never got to start one in school since you dipped in the middle of the year!"
Scarecrow who just walked in: "That's seriously why we're here? I thought you needed my help. You said it was urgent."
Harley holding up a tote bag: "It is urgent! I made t-shirts and I need to know if they fit!"
Bruce who honestly just wanted a nap: "Let's just see the shirts Quinzel."
Scarecrow: You're actually going along with this!?"
Bruce raising a brow and looking down at the ropes that are binding him to a chair: "I don't have much of a choice..."
Scarecrow: "...Fair point. Okay Harley show us the shirts."
Harley pulls out a crop top shirt proudly, it's half red, half black that has 'OFFICIAL FUCK FREUD CLUB' on the chest: "I got em personalized! Bruce gets a black turtleneck because he was the soft goth boy in med school and he's still a little goth baby. John you get a flannel that has the sayin' on the back! Aren't they cute?"
Bruce remembering how much he hated Freud and having to listen to his methods and ideas in school, and how he, Harley, and John would shit talk him in their study group: "Okay I actually love this idea and the shirts."
Scarecrow trying to hide how touched he is: "You got me flannel?"
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doc-anders · 5 months ago
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*Hnggrr* “He’s… not ‘not’ my bestfriend…”
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zimtdraws · 20 days ago
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batman rogues pokemon au 💜 harley and ivy are protag rivals (to girlfriends? 👀) and prof crane is leading a secret gym leader double life
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villain-preacher · 3 months ago
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justiceleague · 4 months ago
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This town deserves a better class of criminal... and I'm gonna give it to them.
THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY 2005-2012 | dir. Christopher Nolan
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