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#jonathan crane

Another drawing of my fav, the scarecrow. If you’re interested you can follow me on instagram at barbsartwork.

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It’s a quiet evening in Arkham. Jonathan Crane sits in his cell, alone. He is silent, up untio 6:30 pm, in which he signals for a lone guard’s attention. What he requests is a pen and paper, for he wants to write a letter. He is given a pencil instead of a pen, but it will suffice for his plans.

He thinks long and hard about what he wants to put down to paper, soon deciding on something short and sweet. He folds the finished message and tucks it into an envelope, scrawling “Harley” across it’s front in tight, neat penmanship. He hands his letter to the guard in hopes that it will be delivered safely.

The guard takes his message and walks dutifully down to Harleen Quinzel’s cell. Her eyes light up at the letter, greedily grabbing it to see which one of her peers wrote her. Could it be Ivy? Jervis? Oh the possibilities.

She nearly rips the envelope apart to get to its contents, plucking out the message and unfolding it to reveal its secrets.

“Dearest Harley,


Your friend, Jonathan Crane.”

Harley screams in terror, stumbling back and dropping the letter in sheer horror. She will lay awake in her bed tonight, unable to sleep lest she be suffer horrible nightmares.

The Scarecrow has struck again.

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For I am the Scarecrow, the master of, well…you know what I’m the master of!

New Year’s Evil: Scarecrow || Scanned at 300dpi

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<div> Death is near </div>
Poison Ivy
You know you can die from that right?
(smoking a cigarette) That's the point.
(drinking alcohol) We're trying to speed things up.
Mad Hatter
(eating raw cookie dough and nodding)
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𝓐𝓵𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓭 𝓟𝓮𝓷𝓷𝔂𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓱 / 𝓙𝓸𝓷𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓷 𝓒𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓮, 𝓯𝓸𝓻 : @crackbananigans

They All Laughed // Tony Bennett

You Want It Darker // Leonard Cohen

Book Smart // Air Traffic Controller

Closing Time // Lenard Cohen

Under The Table // Fiona Apple

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I totally forgot where did I find this funny picture, so I can’t tell you guys who is the author of this precious thing!

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gotham rouges Biggest pet peeve?


penguin hates tardy people. he runs a tight ship around here…well no he doesnt. the final offer has more holes in it than a swiss chees factory but still! he cant be having people showing up whenever they damn well please! Hes got a business to run, if his drivers show up 5 minutes late then it has a knock on effect to the rest of his schedule and that could cost him money. and if you cost penguin money he’s going to cost you some body parts. 


harvey hates people who go to hard on handshakes. He had to shake a lot of hands during his campaign for DA . he hated how some people, particularly the old men whose positions he would be taking , tried to crush his hand as a way to assert dominance. he has to write with that hand! just get the photo op over with and stop trying to break his bones. he’s not about to complain about people with limp hand shakes, he’s very gentle himself usually but hand crushers tick him off.

Twoface hates left hand drive cars. when he’s running the show, he finds it hard to change gears in an automatic because that’s harvey’s side of the body. in the heat of the moment he just cant wrap his head around it. He mostly leaves the driving to harvey since they can both agree arguing over who’s driving this time isnt worth getting caught. He’s got a few right hand drive cars just for him sitting in their hideouts but he rarely gets to use them. 


people who throw their trash on the ground when there’s a bin right beside them. its not just the littering that bothers her, its the entitlement, the laziness the whole “oh someone else will take care of it “ mind set that really her goat. she’s gotten arrested before because she stopped mid chase to throw someones garbage back into the window of their car when they just tipped it into the street. they tried it again and she did something with her vines that the perpetrator refuses to speak about. she could be heard shouting “it was worth it” while the poor sap was being taken to the nearest proctologist. 


Coffee snobs and people who complain at baristas. just fuck off outta his sight and clear the starbucks line. he doesn’t have time to listen to anyone complain to the poor college student behind the till that their venti iced mocha frappe with caramel drizzle and 4 pumps of syrup is too sugary. and he REALLY doesn’t want a lecture on why arabica beans are superior to robusto from someone with more neckbeard than common sense. just give him his coffee and get out of his road, he’s got work to do. he just wants a strong black coffee with 2 sugars, thats it. oddly enough, the baristas love him because hes no fuss and he tips well. and maybe because he’s gassed a few rude customers but they pretend like that doesnt happen if the cops ask. 


He cant stand folks with a lack of manners. i dont mean mean people, the rogues arent the nicest bunch around lets be real. what i mean is people who let the door close in peoples faces, people who disrespect others homes, critique their appearance or choices . he might let things like the occasional display of bad table manners slide, not everyone was socialised like him. but flat out rudeness? forgetting your pleases and thank yous? it REALLY grinds his gears. manners cost absolutely nothing but they really affect how other people view you.


people who think mental illnesses are made up or that people with mental illnesses are faking it for attention. i dont think that needs much explanation. she was a psychiatrist for long enough and a good one at that. having family members of her patients stand in the way of their treatment, undermine or belittle their attempts to get better or seek help made Dr Quinzel see red. But  as harely? she doesnt get mad, she gets her hammer. 

i am all of these guys lol. well except twoface. i cant drive and i dont wana hah. 

Got something you Wana talk about? Send me an ask or a DM! 💜💙💛🧡💚❤️

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- Pokemon AU -

Jonathan saw some parts of Mimikyu the night of their first meeting. That Pokemon had stolen one of his medals and Jon decided to have his Duskul (who can follow their victims for several kilometers, if I remember correctly) take it’s trail.

So they followed its trail to a small forest hut covered with moss. Some boards were missing, the door had already been torn off its hinges, it hung down across the ground and squeaked in the rushing night breeze. It was clear that no one had lived there for a long time… And yet in the interior stands a bed, table, chairs and an old stove, of which in the dust were heaps of glittering bits and pieces - the little medal laying between them.

But Jonathan’s attention was more on the picture which was hanging from a rusty nail on the wall. The red paint on the frame had long since peeled off and the material was splintering, but the picture inside looked like it had just been taken. Someone must have taken care of it. It showed a young woman together with a Pokemon that he could no longer recognize.

Because as well as the picture was preserved, it was obvious that someone didn’t want to see how that Pokemon looked like. Jonathan now more curious than annoyed, moved on through the manageable room and finally discovered the small lump of Pickachu fabric that sat in the corner of the room and tried obsessively to patch a large rip in his cloak.

The small body trembled slightly and Jonathan watched how it repeatedly failed because of this. He approached carefully, crouched down in front and took out another medal to hold it right under Mimikyu’s nose. His theory was confirmed when this Mimikyu stared intently at that little piece of silver.

It seemed to have a not inconsiderably small obsession with shiny objects. That could mean that it just likes silver… or that it has something to do with the picture. Maybe it was Mimikyu’s former owner? The picture looked too good, it must have been cared for for decades - so it seemed nearly obvious.

Maybe she had a job as a silversmith? Or a jeweler? The old figures in the fireplace looked like little presents … maybe for this Pokemon? Jonathan’s interest in Mimikyus grew more and more with each passing second. He carefully picked up the needle and watched it staring at his item, before starting to sew the hole. Jonathan realized that what he had already suspected, a black haze, similar to that of a shadow or a Gastly, was visible underneath. Not that he cared much, because he was way more interested in the Pokemon’s mental development over all these years of isolation.

After that, Jonathan visited little Mimikyu regularly, watching it tending its treasures, cleaning the picture, collecting berries (probably more out of habit and less because it really needed it to live) and scooped water around the wild daisies and tall nettles behind its hut.

Besides all the almost compulsive disciplined activities, he also recognized how much it seemed to suffer. It sometimes stared at this old picture for hours, but at the same time it seemed possible for it to get rid of its past with every new little present Jon gave little Mimikyu.

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I know I’m never active, but Ive been going through.. a lot of stuff to say the least. I know we all have. I’ve come out a different person entirely. But, as change has come I’ve also wanted some “normality” back in my life. I miss writing.

So, to finally get back into it I’ve decided that I want to start doing commissions! I do this in hopes of getting inspiration back, and to try and see where a writing career might go for me. That said, I’ll soon be posting a list of fandoms and such that I will write for, and where I might be posting these works, if that is okay with whomever might commission me.

Please please interact!! I’m all over crossovers, OCs, original works, things like that!!

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I still find it so funny that even though Arkham clearly provides inmates with a uniform, Professor Jonathan Crane really looked in the mirror that morning before going out to commit his dastardly deeds and said “mm, actually- i think this is more of a titties OUT kind of look.” The power that has. Iconic.

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[From Badger: You and me both bro XD Whenever I do any answers it’s the only voice I can hear clearly in my head]

LEGO: *Playing with a bug* My name’s LEGO! What’s yours?


NW!Rebirth: It’s..peanut butter squares?

Badgerverse: Those are from Jervis! They’re my favorite! Did he say anything?

LEGO: Jervis said to say that I can have..just one peanut butter square, but not till after dey cool down!


AK: Drop them!

LEGO: *Dropping the sugar peas* OK!

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AK: Disgust absolutely plays a major role in horror. Most arachnophobes are scared of spiders and other arachnids for the fact that they are seen in society as “gross,” or “horrific in appearance.” Of course it is a useful tool in the act of scaring an individual. Say if Riddler was scared by rats, I would have pet rats around to get on his nerves as he would most likely find them appalling in nature.  Not saying that I do have pet rats, this is all theoretical. 

…wait you were..scared by my appearance?…*looks away as if he’s blushing* Y-you’re just saying that to manipulate me in your favor. Shame on you Anon, shame on you..

Badgerverse: Awww..are you bashful AK? That’s adorable!

AK: *Growls* Shut up…

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Edward with a jazz singer hcs:

  • Ed is a regular at your bar, and he always reserves a table whenever you come on stage. you two met in passing, he was very adamant on buying you a drink one time you decided to stay at the bar a little while after. and since then, you’ve been staying there with him for an hour or two after your shows
  • he was a very good flirt, but it was also easy to fluster him. a well thought-out remark, and you had him blushing and stuttering. it was… addictive. making him feel this way. you’ve both been tip toeing around each other long enough, now it was time to take a step further
  • you put on your best clothes, dolling yourself up for him, practically oozing of confidence when you came on stage. you already knew where he sat, it was easy to find him even when the lights dimmed. he was already staring at you, that look in his eyes that he always had. and so, with a wink and a charming smirk, you started
  • minute by minute, verse by verse, you could see the realization of what you were doing dawning upon him. your every move, every gesture, every change of tone was very well planned out and you could see it all working, see him wriggling a little in his seat, his eyes glued to you
  • only after your perfomance, once you slide onto the chair next to him, you could see how deeply red in the face he was. and when you got so close, suddenly his eyes were glued to everything but you
  • you’ll have to take his chin in your hand and force him to look at you. and then suddenly, his lips were on yours, hard, passionate, desperate. and you were glad you took it all a step further

Jon with a jazz singer hcs:

  • it was hard not to notice him at the bar. he was too unique to miss, and you knew you haven’t seen him before. you couldn’t quite explain what it was, but something about that look in his cold, blue eyes and the way he carried himself was pulling you in. and it was obvious that he also noticed you
  • Jon was never straightforward in those situations. he didn’t come up to you, he didn’t buy you a drink, he didn’t even offer you a cigarette. he just sat back and watched, giving in for a moment of pleasure and relaxation. he was mesmerized by you and your voice, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, nursing his drink. and you, of course, noticed
  • it wasn’t unusual to be the centre of attention, but nobody has ever looked at you like he did. and so, you decided, fuck it - there was no way to go but forward. it’ll either work or not, and you won’t lose sleep over it. so, you told your band exactly what to play and got to work
  • you gave him no room to misinterpret. you held his gaze, you smirked his way, you swayed a little. and it was delightful to watch him slowly catch onto it, tug at the collar of his shirt, look away once or twice only to realize that you really were staring right into his eyes the whole time
  • despite all your signals, he still has his doubts, and it’s your job to make them disappear. once you join him at his table, he will avoid his gaze, fumble with his words when you ask him if he wants a drink. it’ll take a cigarette, some alcohol and your gentle insistence, but he will eventually let himself be coaxed out of his shell, realizing that you’re actually interested in talking with him
  • hours flew by without you two even noticing, and suddenly it was closing time. Jon jumped at the occassion to offer you one last cigarette just to prolong this a little, but he never expected to leave that bar with a napkin with your number written on it clenched in his hand and with sincere hopes that this whole thing wasn’t some sort of sick joke
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I’m sorry, what?
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dad bod batman. 

that is all. 

jk here are some headcanons


well he’s a lil chubby himself so i doubt he’s going to be in a position to throw any stones in this particular glass house. You could argue that batman looks the same since some men look really fat when its actually muscle. think rugby players, professional weight lifters (not body builders thats all for show) and maybe professional boxers? look at albert king in arkham knight. he’s chubby but he’s a brick wall! either way i dont think penguin will be treating him any different. batman can still punch his lights out and now with a bit of extra weight? he’s going to hit like a runaway train. 


Again, he doesnt spend much time looking at batmans ass while he’s running away from him. he might make some jokes about how batman weights if he landed on him for a take down, maybe joke like catwoman about needing a few more notches in his utility belt. To be honest, this whole quarantine isolation thing has him a bit down in the dumps. he’s probably just happy to see another human being, even if it is batman.  


Shes teasing but not mean, like selina. shes loving quarantine life. nobody bothers her and she’s free to be with her plants all day long. she’s basically just chilling in the botanic gardens, since its closed due to not being an essential service. when batman shows up to check on her, she notices something is different but doesnt pin point it right away. but when he jumps down from the rafters and makes her glass herb gardens rattle she burst out laughing. again, shes not being mean, she just genuinely finds this hilarious that even the great batman has put on a few pounds in lock down. yes, she is loving the new look, softer around the edges and better for sitting on if he was under mind control


i mean this in the nicest way possible but scarecrow literally does not give one tiny fuck. he’s gotten so much work done in lockdown without people bothering him, he’s soo deep in his research that he doesn’t even notice batman approach. he does freak the fuck out , flinging vials of his new toxin 10 feet in the air in fright when he turns around and batman is standing there. the vials land far enough away that they aren’t in any danger. still Stawman is pissed that batman just had to show up right then and scare the piss out of him. but he hasn’t seen another human in like 3 months and since his research is ruined, he asks batman to stay for a few minutes. there’s nothing technically illegal afoot in his lab right now, so why not see how crane is holding up? he sits in one of scarecrow old chairs that groans like a dying animal under his weight. scarecrow might raise an eyebrow but he’s not going to stay anything, not right now anyway. 


oh thank GOD ! another human being! riddler is glad, actually fuckin glad to see batman. he’s been so BORED since lockdown started he actually contemplated kidnapping some people just so he’d have company. i made a joke once that you cant gag any riddler because they’ll just store it up and ramble more later. this is exactly what happens with batman when riddler spots him , he’s speaking so fast the flash would have trouble understanding him “Come in batman, sit down make yourself comfortable, not in that chair that’s a deathtrap ive been working on. have you put on a little weight? nevermind im sure you can work it off in my newest puzzle its very- wait where are you going?!” speaking of bat plushies , riddler absolutely has a batman plush on his desk that he likes to ramble at. when the real bats leaves he makes a mental note to put some more stuffing into plushie batman.


Harley hugs batman. i guess its ok, she might as well be part of his bubble for all the time they spend together. she notices right away hes put on a few but shes not one  to complain. makes him soft, its a nice change from jokers bones and refusal to give her even a head pat. Batman is a softie at heart, he cant bring himself to push her away. she’s mostly compliments about him looking soft and chubby and invites to stay with her or wont he please please please take her to the batcave shes so bored and she misses the robins, god help her she even misses the other rogues. she also misses going outside but technically a cave isnt outside so shes not breaking any rules and surely there must be enough room to be socially distant in a place that size.  batman disappears for a few hours, seemingly ignoring her request . he returns with plushies of all the rogues and batfam, and a special bat patterned facemask just for her. this earns him another not so socially distant hug with harley possibly not quite copping a feel of his new love handles and plump butt. 

this was very silly but an enjoyable write, thank you for the prompt nonnie! i must admit, im more like scarecrow than harley. i like being inside, but i worry im getting to use to it and if things return to normal (relatively speaking) i wont want to go back out again. 

i suppose that’s a problem for future shep right?

got something you wanna talk about? send me an ask or a dm!💜💙💛🧡💚❤️

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Don't worry, Ed, everyone is afraid of something.
Even you?
No, don’t be stupid.
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<div> —  Jonathan on the Dork Squad, probably </div><span>I tried starting a group once, but it turned into a babysitting gig.</span>
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