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Corny? Yes. But this was my favourite scarecrow. I liked his delivery more here and it was more believable that the skinny, human Jonathan Crane was underneath these clothes. It’s when the toxin kicks in that stuff gets scary, and yes, his New Adventures design was cool, but it never had an impact with me like this guy did. He’s just such a dramatic and fun character. 

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  • Created his costume from old patchwork clothes, mostly vintage stuff he found at a flea market.
  • His mask uses fake straw for the hair, as it lasts longer. He also has a mechanism in the jaw to make the mouth move in unison with his own
  • Re-purposes old spray paint cans as fear toxin dispensers
  • Loves graffiti community and trades them black market valuables in exchange for their old spray paint cans.
  • His favorite phobia is Pediophobia (fear of dolls)
  • Wore oversized clothes as a kid, mostly hand-me-downs or cheap clothes from a thrift store. He couldn’t afford anything else. But he liked his clothes none the less.
  • Has a horrible immune system, always sick
  • Also, in the same vain he ends up getting bruised or cut easily. AS a kid, he was always wearing multiple band-aids.
  • Has several disguises and has been a garbage man, a janitor and a substitute middle school teacher
  • Got is teaching license at a very young age.
  • Loves traveling and has visited China, the UK and Canada. (his passport is surprisingly legal – but of course, he uses a fake name)
  • Knows multiple languages including spanish, french and some chinese
  • When he was a kid, he had a special interest of tarantulas, and  he has, in his spare time, breeded them
  • Despite Becky’s rejection, he still owns the Mistress of Fear outfit in hopes that he’ll someday find the right person to wear it.
  • Made his scythe all by himself after thoroughly reaching how to blacksmith at the local library.
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Entry 14

Today I’m going to pay Edward’s old man a visit. After he told me what had happened, I decided to take personal revenge. Not out of charity, of course - in the end it could be seen…more like a warning memorial for that type of person and apart from that, there exists no one who would ask questions if he…unfortunately passes away during my experiments.

After test subject 07 was quiet, rather calm, I hope that the new psychotropic made from dimethyltryptamine and dopamine will give me much more information about the duration and intensity of action than the slow-acting carbon I used before.

Further observations will follow

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Jonathan Crane:

You…you what? You’re the one that’s been messing with his work? The constant wrench thrown into his plans? He’s…well, there’s a mix of emotions going on here. Confusion. Disgust. Shock. Anger. Hatred. Loathing. Sadness. Was all of this just a lie? Some kind of sick joke? Were you making fun of him? You. He’s going to make you pay for this.

Edward Nygma:

He doesn’t believe it at first. But then, it all starts to make sense. And in a flash, his world comes crashing down. Edward has never felt so hurt in his entire life. So miserable. So stupid. So…impressed. You…you really had him fooled, huh? Made him think you actually cared. Made him think you “loved” him. Well, look who’s laughing now! Cause it’s not him.

Jervis Tetch:

But…he just doesn’t understand. Why would you do all of this? Did your relationship mean nothing to you? Did he mean nothing to you? You know how important his work, his dream, was. Why would you try to stop him? Did everything he’d done for you–for your happiness–mean nothing? He’s just…utterly heartbroken. And angry. Very angry.

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Jonathan Crane + Barista!Crush HCs:

  • It’s similar to a post we made a while back about Jon falling for a waitress. He likes to stop by and kind-of-but-not-really subtly “flirt” with you. 
  • And by “flirt,” I mean he makes (or at least, tries to make) small-talk as you fix his drink. It’s…painfully awkward the first few times, but eventually, your conversations start to get longer and more in-depth.
  • He likes to think he’s being super low-key about his feelings, when he’s really not. The constant stuttering, fidgeting, and blushing kind of give it away.
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Jonathan Crane + Dating an Arkham!Doctor HCs:

  • First and foremost, your relationship is kept very under-wraps. Doctor/patient relationships are incredibly frowned upon, and considering what happened with Harley and Joker…yeah, it’s probably for the best that word doesn’t get out.
  • However, Jonathan is not nearly as subtle about how he feels about you as he thinks he is. Every time you walk into the room, his entire demeanor changes. He relaxes, his tone goes soft, and he even lets a smile slip now and then.
  • Almost all of the Rogues know what’s going on behind-the-scenes, but none of them would dare say a word about it. Harley does give him warnings about what could happen, but as long as he’s happy, she’ll stay out of it. Just be careful.
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I want to do a Scarecrow in Silent Hill thing so badly, but I’m not sure where to start. Should I have little Year One Jon getting lost in the town and having to fight his way out? Adult Jon coming to terms with his issues through monster violence? Adult Jon who works at the hospital and gets caught up in a all the cult nastiness during Alessa’s time? Monster Jon who terrorizes somebody else? I have too many ideas…

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Have you ever wondered why Edward always wears gloves? (Sure, it could be for aesthetics, but…)


„At first it had just started with words, he kept telling me that I was their biggest mishap, that it was a shame to have such a strange son like me.

Then came the beating and after that… Well, he called me once after a long evening. In my childish naivety I thought that I finally impressed him with my last good grade - I was, of course, wrong. He just yelled that I would never be good enough to do such a feat and that it was certainly cheated.

Then he put the cigarette out on my skin with the sadistic grin I had ever seen, told me that I couldn’t be used for anything better anyway… -”

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