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At the Spring of Courage deep within the Faron Jungle, Princess Zelda wades into the crystal and calm waters while dressed in her pure white robe. At the entrance to the spring, Jonathan, Jotaro, and Jocelyn look on towards the princess, offering words of encouragement as she ponders at the goddess statue and wonders why she hasn’t realized her stand yet. However, monster hordes soon arrived and trained their bloody red eyes towards the spring at the fair maiden within. At once, Jonathan’s and Jotaro’s attention snapped to these hordes, but Jocelyn seemed distracted still by Zelda’s melancholic figure standing alone in the water. “Jocelyn!” Jotaro barked and Jocelyn obeyed, drawing their spear and pointing it to the crowd of beasts closing in around them. The three Joestar descendants were the only line of defense standing between the princess and those foul monsters.

They stayed near each other, fanning out just so to prevent stray monsters from breaking through their defense and rushing towards the spring. Indeed, the Joestar descendants firmly held the line and drove the monsters back until they cleared the way for the princess to run. The spring was no longer safe–they needed to escape the jungle, and so with one in front and two behind, they escorted the princess through enemy outposts and the jungle thickets until they reached their main camp together.

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Jonathan: So how was your day?

Dio: *screams*

Jonathan, *not even phased*: That’s great sweetie!~

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Bigge Jojo is my life.


* Him bigge mann.

* Your Jojo is such a lap dog, holy mother of god. He’s like if a Tibetan Mastiff was in a man’s body, he’ll lay his big head on your little lap, begging with his eyes for you to pet his head so he can fall asleep.

* He gets anxious if you have children. He doesn’t want you to hurt yourself trying to either pick them up or bring them into the world if you’re AFAB. Needless to say George II and Giorno are going to tower over you the minute they hit their little growth spurts.

* Giorno is probably the only child you’d have that stays smaller than you for a while, then suddenly when he’s a teenager he’s able to pat your head and no longer able to be held like a baby.

* “Where’s mummy boys?”

* You: scowling looking up at everyone pretending like they don’t see you.

* Jonathan loves to hold your little hands in his. They dwarf yours, alone his palm is the width of your entire hand, coupled with long spindly fingers.

* The tip of your finger is literally the size of the writing callous he has on his middle finger.

* He squeals, like honest to god high pitched soprano SQUEALS, when he sees how tiny your shoes look next to his.

* Jonathan will notice you laying in bed reading, and the next thing you know he’s curled up next to you big spoon, trying to play footsie with you.

* He can’t reach you.

* Either you slide down so he can reach you, or he’ll slide up practically off the bed to do so.

* Jonathan wants to be considerate of your feelings, so he’ll make sure everything you need is within reach for you.

* However sometimes you do need his help.

* This himbo…

* He lifts you up by the waist and holds you midair to let you get the item yourself.

* Unless you really need him to get it. Then he will do it for you.

* Be prepared to cook gigantic ass portions of food for your big boy. It might get to the point where you really gotta get in there with that arm strength.

* Loses his collective shit if you make him miniature desserts.

* I think he might actually start getting into miniature collecting because it reminds him of you.

* If he starts losing himself in collecting miniature items, he will personally have a curio cabinet commissioned into the shape of a house, and he’ll make you a “house” out of the miniatures.

* Jojo’s like a puppy when he shows you.

* “Look my love! It’s a lovely little house just for you!”



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Phantom Blood - Chapter 42, Day 763. - Prelude to the Storm.


Hirohiko Araki


JoJo’s Colored Adventure Team

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Giorno’s genes

Note: This JoJos!AU is all JoJos are living together and all villains are dead and their chill.

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SPEEDUWAGON :) or speedwoof as i call him w his little woof hat and his little woof mouth
ive def posted the second picture before but i love it a lot so.. Again.

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Phantom Blood - Chapter 42, Day 762. - Prelude to the Storm.


Hirohiko Araki


JoJo’s Colored Adventure Team

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I challenged myself with some genderbends, depending on how popular this will be I make the next 4 parts too :)

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HELLO!! Just want to give a huge apology for taking so long to repond to your request!  (And thank you so much for loving my work!! (´;ω;`))

Anyways, I love scenerios where Dio is actually held accountable by others around him. I love Dio but we can’t forget that he is a bad guy. Hope this isn’t too short!!

♡ For some context, y/n was the daughter of another nearby noble family in the country side town. She had already been well aquatinted with Jonathan prior to Dio’s arrival. However, like many another people that Jojo knew, he too manage to separate her and Jonathan. 

♡Thankfully, his means of doing this were not in the same vain as what he had done to Erina. No, he certainly wasn’t trying to scare her away. He seemed to have taking a fancy to her. With some charisma, a bit of playful teasing, and allowing himself to be vulnerable, Dio successfully woo her over. Unfortunately making Jonathan irrelevant. 

However…This was short lived. 

♡ On her way to visit Dio at the manor, she happened to come across Jonathan sulking by the tree that he and Danny once could be found. Y/n approached him, she hadn’t even realize how long it had been since she saw him. She and Jojo talk just as they did before as best friends, soon to find out all that her Dio had done. She was filled with shock upon discovering why Danny was absent.

♡ Y/n decided to confront Dio on this. She was completely disgusted in his actions and made it clear to him. When Dio couldn’t persuade her into believing that Jonathan was lying, his true colors began to show and tried using intimidation on her.

♡ This didn’t work. Y/n name simply and blunt told him they were no longer speaking, just like that, she cut them off.

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Originally posted by mistaeq


He is a Capricorn. He is loving, caring, kind and fun!

Jonathan loves nature and adores going for hiking or general walks with you so he can admire both you and the scenery. He likes reading and (modern) is probably into marine biology himself, he likes having long conversations with ya.

He in your knight in shining armor! This boi is always by your side when you need him and not to mention that he is always using your pronouns and never disrespects you.

He loves your bubbly - crazy personality and likes to joke around with you from time to time. He really appreciates your personality. He is a hug bug and melts when cuddling you, he loves that!

You are gorgeous and he always shyly compliments you and hugs you, he likes brushing your hair and giving you kisses!


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I really like how each Jojo in the original universe just gets more and more obviously gay as each part is written.

Like, Jonathan Joestar marries his childhood sweetheart. His questionable relationship with Speedwagon notwithstanding, Jonathan and Erina are a textbook heteronormative fairytale ending.

Like Jonathan, Joseph Joestar also marries a woman (Suzi Q). And also like Jonathan, he may have a questionable relationship with a man (Caesar). But unlike Joseph, Jonathan never cheated. Obviously, this doesn’t make Joseph more “gay”, but it does make him less overtly traditional than Jonathan. And an objectively worse person.

Jotaro Kujo also got married, but unlike Jonathan (who died young) and Joseph (who shouldve done what Jotaro did), he got divorced. And although there are a myriad of reasons for divorce, repressed homosexuality could be one of them. Really makes you think.

Josuke Higashikata doesn’t have a canonical love interest at all. Unlike the previous Jojos who had to have kids for the plot to progress (compulsory heterosexuality), Josuke is free to just be single. Of course, due to our heteronormative society, some people might somehow think he is straight. They are wrong.

Giorno Giovanna is in a similar boat to Josuke in that they both have no canon love interest, but unlike Josuke, Giorno spends most of the story hanging out with someone who actually has the potential to be one. And what happens? Nothing. Apologies to Giorno/Trish shippers out there, but Giorno is too gay. Or ace actually. Like, he hangs out with various people, but he never shows attraction to any of them, be them men or women. He’s too focused on being a primo mafiosa (the metric system calls it “gangstar”) to actually care about stuff like romance. On the other hand, there’s a heart-shaped hole in his clothes that shows off his chest, so maybe he is gay.

Jolyne Cujoh


That’s it. That’s my proof.

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Jonathan Joestar: dearest erina i must leave you to fight my brother, although i hope we may resolve our problems peacefully, know that if i do not return, i love you dearly.

Johnny Joestar: get me functioning legs, all i have to do is kill the president. jesus told me while i was borrowing his limbs. also ill fucking murder anyone who tries to get in my way in multiple dimensions of time and space.

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My friend referring to when Jonathan sliced Dio’s head off:

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I bought these gorgeous JoJo keychains from @si3art‘s Etsy (link) and they’re absolutely beautiful! The art style is gorgeous, it’s so ethereal! Plus, the keychains came with some really pretty Vento Aureo artwork! 

Unfortunately these were preorder only so the listing is no longer available, but hopefully they’ll be up for sale again in the future!

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