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Charlie(age 20): Well, not including our school friends, Asha’s my bestie! We actually are roommates and studying to be vets together.

Peter(age 18): aside from Azalea, im pretty close with Ben. He says we have to stick together as the oldest boys.

M&M(age 14): Rosemary, Lily, Milly and I are either going to take over the world or save it. Daddy just hasn’t decided which yet.

Laney (age 10): Me, Luke, and Max are real close. People ask if I want to marry ether if them and it makes me wanna vomit

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Daffodils and Graves That Came Too Soon:
Chapter 1

Summary: Jon leaned across from him at their lunch table with gooey, gross eyes that made him sick in the most unpleasant way, and a dumb smile on his wobbling lips that made him look straight out of a cartoon, and he said: “I think I’m in love!”

And he felt his world fall apart.

Damian thought, all this time, that Jon felt the same as he did, that he wanted him as much as he wanted Jon. When he finds out he’s been wrong this whole time, he slips up in a battle, and the consequence leaves him with a debilitating disease… now his broken heart is literally going to be the end of him.


“You don’t ever look at anybody and just wanna… kiss them?”

He nearly bit his tongue between his raised teeth, mad that he had the audacity to ask him that, mad that he had to answer with a straight face, mad that he couldn’t make a dash for the academy doors and leave Jon sitting there all by himself because that was what he wanted to do right then. He instead cocked an eyebrow. “I think you’re forgetting something important, Hayseed.”


He stood up with his tray, intent on spending the rest of his lunch period in the bathroom, holed up where nobody would bother him, where Jon wouldn’t think to look for him. That way he could be alone, the one thing Jon promised him he’d never be, the one thing he’d told him again and again he didn’t have to be. Well, right then he wanted to be. He shot Jon a glance over his tray. “They have to want to kiss me, too.”

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It occurs to me, in a good-mom Talia fic, where Jon has broken Damian’s heart…. nobody else would understand his pain more. I keep alluding to the fact, when I write about this sort of thing, that Damian is falling into the same trap as his mom and falling in love with somebody who could never love him back… but that interaction would be so fun to write.

Talia would never wish that sort of pain on Damian, because she knows it well. In her efforts to help, she’d probably drive him to do some unhealthy things– throw himself into work with his father, remove himself from Jon in the way she never could from Bruce, follow his father and only his father the way she’s only followed hers– but she knows Bruce is a better man to follow.

Not to mention… Bruce would 100% notice Damian acting much more like his mother, and I don’t think he’d like it.

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Since they’re having the party at their house, harper west family thought they should should get a family photo. 



Luke insisted on going as ‘grandpa Wally’.



the girls thought it would be funny to go as ‘creepy twins’ (and with parents like theirs, The Shining was the perfect option.)

“Come play with us, Uncle Collie.”




Lian trying to remember why she married this dork and had three kids with him….


…….Jai reminding her why loving your best friend is awesome.



With this crew, Colin and Milagro can do anything…….


…except kiss. Kissing is gross!



Birate king and queen looking to fuck shit up



Speeddemon and our not-so-baby flower going as our favorite creepy family



Best friends like their fathers! 



Fairy princess Laney and Pirate Max thinking of ways they can cause mischief



Mar’i had no idea what she was going to be for Halloween….


So she decided to match her babies.



Vampire Jon loving his fairy queen wife



Older cousins getting a picture together! They’re all so freaking cute together.



Max likes when Tio Jai-Jai  starts to sing and play on the piano……


but Jai likes when they sing together



Jai telling the kids a ghost story while Luke sits with him (lookit him looking at his daddy! <3)



Damian couldn’t resist doing the Gomez dip with his beautiful wife


“Well, Dr. West, it seems the night is still young.”

“Is it, Dr. Wayne? I hadn’t noticed.” 



Can we admire how cute these two are? Like M&M loves her little sister and Laney will fight….pretty much anyone who makes M&M mad or says they’re not sisters, genetics be damned.



You can’t expect the fairy queen and her fairy princess not to dance when there’s music!



Silly cousins……


to sleepy cousins



Luke needs to make sure Daddy doesn’t take all the kisses


Lian loves her silly boy!



Jai being a dummy, but hey, they love him



Ben and Mami figuring out where the treasure could be at



Laney is not here for the kisses, Momma and Daddy!

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  • card stock variant cover by INHYUK LEE
  • Before leaving for parts unknown, Clark Kent entrusted Earth’s safety to his son. Now, Jonathan Kent is Superman! Top priority for this new Superman: to protect Metropolis. When a new version of Brainiac attacks, Jon takes drastic measures—which result in the Bottle City of Metropolis! But watch out, Jon, because Supergirl is on her way, and she is not happy with your decision.
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DC Universe Post Rebirth Age Timeline

This is the most patch up job because DC gave up on continuity

More than 22 billion years ago - The Source created Perpetua 

22 billion years ago - Perpetua created Monitor, Anti-Monitor, World Forger 

Before the first Crisis - World Forger created Barbatos 

1940s - JSA Formed - Wonder Woman debuts

1984 - Crisis on Infinite Earths

33 years ago - Death of The Waynes

Bruce 8 (canon)

20-30 years ago - Superman Secret Origin

Clark 12 to 18 (canon)

23 years ago - Bruce Wayne left Gotham

Bruce 18 (New 52) Kate 7 Dick Babs 2

20+ years ago - The Silencer flashback

Talia’s adult when Honor Blackman’s a child

15 years ago - Batman Year One and Zero Year

Bruce 25 (canon) Kate 14 Dick Babs 9 Harper 4 Cass 3-5 Steph 3 Tim Duke 2

14 years ago - Daughter of The Demon - Joker debuts - Death of The Flying Graysons

Bruce 26 Kate 15 Dick Babs 10 Harper 5 Cass 4-6 Steph 4 Tim Duke 3

13 years ago - Batman broke up with Talia - Robin debuts - Catwoman debuts - Batman fell in love with Catwoman - War of Jokes and Riddles

Bruce 27 Kate 16 Dick Babs 11 Harper 6 Cass 5-7 Steph 6 Tim Duke 4 Damian born

11+ years ago - Death and Return of Superman - Reign of Supermen 

Bruce 29 Kate 18 Dick Babs 13 Harper 8 Cass 7-11 Steph 7 Tim Duke 6 Damian 2 Kon born

10 years ago - Jon born

Bruce 30 Kate 19 Dick Babs 14 Harper 9 Cass 8-10 Steph 8 Tim Duke 7 Damian 3

8 years ago - Justice League flashback - Summer of Lies flashback - Teen Titans debut - Titans Hunt Flashback - Batman and Robin Eternal Flashback - Harley debuts? - Batgirl debuts

Bruce 32 Kate 21 Dick Babs 16 Harper 11 Cass 10-12 (New 52 canon) Steph 10 Tim Duke 9 Damian 5 Jon 2

6 years ago - The Killing Joke - Red Hood and The Outlaws back story - The New Teen Titans

Bruce 34 Kate 23 Dick Babs 18 (New 52 canon) Jason mid teens Harper 12 Cass 12-14 Steph 12 Tim Duke 11 Damian 7 Jon 4

5 years ago - A Death in The Family - A Lonely Place of Dying - Knightfall - Nightwing of Bludhaven - Oracle origin? - Young Justice Origin?

Bruce 35 Kate 24 Dick Babs 19 Cass 13-15 Harper 14 Steph 13 Tim Duke 12 Damian 8 Jon 5

4 years ago - Identity Crisis - Under The Red Hood - Infinite Crisis - Year of Blood 

Bruce 36 Kate 25 Dick Babs 20 Cass 14-16 Harper 15 Steph 14 Tim Duke 13 Damian 9 Jon 6

3 years ago - Batman and Son - Final Crisis - Batman and Robin Reborn - The Return of Bruce Wayne - Cyborg joins the league? - Flashpoint - Kon lost in Gemworld

Bruce 37 Kate 26 Dick Babs 21 Cass 15-17 Harper 16 Steph 15 Tim Duke 14 Damian 10 Jon 7

2 years ago - New 52 Year 1 - The Court of Owls - Night of The Owls - Death of The Family - Batwoman debuts - Supergirl debuts

Bruce 38 Kate 27 Dick Babs 22 Cass 16-18 Harper 17 Steph Kara 16 Tim Duke 15 Damian 10 Jon 8

1 year ago - New 52 Year 2 - We Are Robin - Robin War - Year of Atonement - Batman and Robin Eternal 

Bruce 39 Kate 28 Dick Babs 23 Cass 17-19 Harper 18 Steph Kara 17 Duke Tim 16 (New 52 canon) Damian 12 Jon 9

Rebirth Year 1 - Rise of The Batmen - Al-Star Batman - Teen Titans Rebirth - Dark Nights Metal - No Justice 

Bruce 40 Kate 29 (Rebirth canon) Dick Babs 24 Cass 18-20 Harper 19 Steph Kara 18 Tim Duke 17 Damian 13 Jon 10

Rebirth Year 2 - Year of The Villain - Justice Doom War - Hell Arisen - Death Metal - Joker War - Young Justice reunited

Bruce 41 Kate 30 Dick Babs 25 Cass 19-21 Harper 20 Kara Steph 19 (canon) Tim Duke 18 Jon 17 Damian 14 Andy born/a kid

2030+ Future State 

Bruce 51 Kate 40 Dick Babs 35 Cass 29-31 Harper 30 Kara Steph 29 Tim Duke Jon 27 Damian 24 Andy teen

Batman Beyond

Bruce 60s? Kate 50s? Dick Babs 40-50s? Cass 30s-40s? Harper 40s? Kara Steph 30s? Tim Duke Jon 30s? Damian 30s? Andy 20s? Terry late teens? Matt mid teens?

Yes, just in case you haven’t noticed, the lengthening of New 52 timeline is there only to accommodate Damian and Jon’s age, but Tim and Jason still have a short lived Robin tenure and Stephanie and Cass are firmly in New 52 while writers can’t do math on Kate’s age

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Damijon Secret Santa Applications Are Open!

What is a Secret Santa?

A Secret Santa is a gifter who has a giftee– and their giftee doesn’t know who is giving them their gift until the day of! As a Secret Santa, you will be provided the wishes your giftee left for you, and from that, it’s your job to create something damijon-related based on those wishes! Don’t let your giftee know who you are– it’s imperative it remains a secret for the fun of the game ❤️ You’ll get your own Secret Santa, of course! Nobody creating a gift will be left without one on Christmas Day!

Any questions?

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Okay so!

Since it is spoopy season, I wanted to do something with Omega and their kids in the sims, however! Wanted to know if y’all wanted a video or like, posts of the costumes and the party? Like for video, comment for screenies

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Oh shit  😅 Again, my stance with hero couples (as a neurodivergent woman) is because they have to prioritize things differently and have to communicate in the field. So when they start dating, they have a bit of an advantage.

Also, I write like 7 couples so Imma keep it with Omega squad


Irey and Damian figured it out around the one year mark? 

For Damian, he woke up from a nightmare about his grandfather, only for Irey to wake up with him. @wasnt-expecting-that and I were talking. She headcannoned Damian having an issue with people touching his hair because, after failed trainings or other stuff, Ra’s would make Damian look him in the eye, pulling his hair up to make him. However, Irey always plays with his hair so lovingly, so softly, so carefully that he feels safe with her. He knows at that moment, with her telling him all the things she loves about him to drive the nightmare away, he will never feel this way about any other person ever. 

Irey, honestly, is much simpler. I’ve headcannoned that Damian paints on her back, one of their favorite rare leisure activities, while she reads or messes around on her tablet. And at some point during one of those rare moments, Damian’s humming to himself. It hits her all at once that, holy shit, this is all she wanted when she was little and would think about the person she’d marry one day.


They started dating when they were 14, so like, they weren’t thinking about marriage for a while. 

Mar’i was like 16 when she realized it. They were out flying and she happened to look over as they broke through the clouds. Jon was laughing as he chases her, not thinking about living up as Superboy or Jon Kent. He’s just Jon at that moment and there’s no one else she’d want with her right then and there or for the rest of her life. 

Jon’s probably a little older, almost 17, when it hits him. Just driving around in his truck, he looks over and Mar’i’s singing along to the radio, summer wind blowing through her open window. She looks so freaking happy, bopping her head along as she sings, getting lost in the music. He thinks about how he wants a million more moments like this with her.

Thankfully, their wish comes true 

Speeding Arrow:

They’ve known each other since they were 3, so they have a solid friendship they’ve built their relationship on.

I’ve mentioned a lot that Jai’s been cheated on twice, so for him, long term was always a little tricky. Then, about 8-9 months after they start dating, he heard Lian going off on both his exes. She had run into them while trying to surprise him and his exes tried some bullshit Lian WAS. NOT. HERE. FOR. For him, hearing her defend him, praise him, and go to bat without question is what decides it for Jai.

Lian realizes it about a day or two later. They’re just cuddled on one of their beds, Lian resting her head on Jai’s chest, when he softly says ‘Li…I wanna marry you one day…” And she can hear how scared he is to say it. In true Lian fashion, she looks up at him and teases, “Pretty sure that was a given, dummy.” 

Then Jai got lots of kisses because she loves him lots.

Colin X Milagro:

Milagro knew she was going to marry Colin after their first date. Because they kissed good night and once her door closed, she heard him cheering outside, and that’s how she knew, in her heart, he was the dumbass she’d marry.

Colin realized it after they’d been together a year or so. They were in a thrift store and she was deciding between two tops and….he just had a realization that he didn’t want to be at a thrift store with anyone else in his life….

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If I Can’t Be Everything To You, You’ll Be Nothing To Me Chapter 13: Aphrodite’s Promise: Fulfilled

Summary: Jon breaks Damian’s heart, and in the midst of this, an old family friend of the Al Ghuls seeks to take advantage.

Damian finds himself betrothed to a boy he knows nothing about, who seems more interested in getting into his pants than getting to know him. Dick and Tim struggle to figure out why Damian is so willing to marry someone Talia picked for him, while Bruce tries to find a way to stop the wedding without pushing his son away, and right into the arms of a family he doesn’t trust. Jon mourns the loss of his friendship with Damian, and finds himself spiraling, wondering why they can’t just go back to the way things were. Can Bruce and the rest of the family stop Damian before he makes a huge mistake? Will Jon ever find his way back to Damian’s side, again?


He’d grabbed his phone, just to check, to see if maybe Father requested backup.

No such luck.

Instead, Cain had sent him a rather bestial gif, the moving image of a man’s hand gliding over another’s rear end, the way he’d done a thousand times to Damian in the past. His cheeks lit up, like the ghost of a hand was tracing lines of circles over the tuck of his thigh, resting full-palm against skin before squeezing. He wrinkled his nose and sent Cain a message in return: If you’d like to keep your hands, I suggest redacting that message.

Cain rolled right over that text, not that he had expected a response of any kind. He’d rolled his eyes and moved on. The next image was a pair of amusement park tickets, 8am, My Love?

“Damian! My Love!”

He groaned. He knew that tail-wagging, ears high voice anywhere, knew that cadence. In the direction of the ferris wheel, no less. He turned, expecting to find Cain– and he did, he did find Cain. Bouncing blonde curls that jutted with every overenthusiastic wave of his arm, green eyes like poison, bright like magic in the early morning sun. Clad in black, from head to toe, long coat heeding his every step, dressed for death like the caped hand on a scythe. He was all smiles, one hand cupped over his mouth to herald the sound of his voice, like he wasn’t annoyingly loud already, other hand waving in full half circles over the broadside of his shoulders. He stood at the water fountain, round and tall, climbing into the heavens with its jets. “Damian!”

No, what concerned him was the boy standing a few feet behind him, shuffling levis into the pavement, hands in his pockets, looking chided and blue.


Special thanks to @reverzaartandprojects who collabed on this chapter with me and made it a million times better than it ever coulda been without her, please give her love she deserves so much of it, what she did her was so well done I’m still in awe, and to @nightwingbb for beta reading for me

I love you guys so much!!!

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