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New Eddie and Dustin from Stranger Things
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Maya and The Joes ✨
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eddie munson and his ✨rings✨
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𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐲𝐩𝐞 | 𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐱 𝐟𝐞𝐦!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | eddie is not the type of boy that parents tend to like, and after a disastrous evening with your parents, you find a way to make it up to him. 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | eddie munson (stranger things, 2022) x fem!reader 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | smut! (minors dni) — blowjob, fingering, p in v sex, unprotected sex, breathplay, daddy kink, degredation (if you squint), praise kink 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 | here's another eddie smut! this was fun to write too hehe enjoy!
Tumblr media
You could tell, just by looking at Eddie, that he was nervous. He was tapping his fingers hard against his thigh and looking around at everything that made a noise, and you quickly reached over and took his hand. “They’re gonna love you,” you told him, and Eddie scoffed. 
“Right,” he said. “Because all parents everywhere adore me.”
“Ed, try to be optimistic,” you said. “C’mon, what won’t they like?” 
“My tats,” Eddie said swiftly, as if he had the answer prepared, and his hand subconsciously went to press over the bats on his arm. It wasn’t like you could even see them in the first place; Eddie had dressed strategically, a long-sleeve blue button down and khakis, hiding all of his tattoos, except for the small stick-and-poke on his hand, which he had covered with a band-aid. 
You had gone to his place and helped him get ready, and you had watched as your boyfriend stressed over which shirt to wear and exactly how to do his hair. He told you that he had taken a shower and washed his hair three times, and the smell of his cheap cologne was heavy, to cover the smell of weed that always persisted with him. He even wore deodorant, which was big for him, four passes of it before you took it from his hand and insisted he stop. In the end, you had managed to get him to sit down and stop fretting for long enough to blow dry his hair for him, and you could tell that he hated how fluffy it was. 
“Okay, your tattoos,” you acquiesced; your parents were pretty straight-laced, and they didn’t like the idea of tattoos or piercings too much. “But they won’t see them. What else?” 
Eddie sighed, glancing out the window of his van to look at your house. “I’m just worried they’ll hate me,” he said. “Because I’m not good enough for you.” 
“Oh, baby,” you cooed with a frown. You hated to see him so self conscious, and you smoothed down his hair comfortingly. “You’re exactly what I want, Eddie. I wouldn’t be with you if I didn’t want you, okay? And fuck it if my parents don’t think you’re ‘good enough’, because I do. Put that out of your mind, okay? Everything will be fine.” 
Eddie started to protest, but you leaned over the center console to press a kiss to his mouth. Instead of cigarettes, his lips tasted like mint from his toothpaste (he had brushed his teeth twice in preparation) and the lip balm that he had borrowed from your purse. He so badly wanted— no, needed— everything to be perfect. “But what you want versus what your parents want for you…” he started. “I don’t have a stellar track record with parents, not even my own.” 
“My mom will be okay,” you insisted. “She’s pretty open-minded.” 
“Yeah, it’s your dad that scares the shit out of me,” Eddie grumbled. “What if he thinks I’m not good enough for his little princess?” 
“Then, we’ll deal with it,” you told him. “And it’s not like you’re gonna be battling this alone. I’m here for you, baby, alright?” 
Eddie stared hard down at his lap for a minute, and he finally reached up to you and pressed his palm to your cheek. “Thanks, sweetheart,” he said, and he tugged you back into the kiss. It felt nice to kiss Eddie, his freshly-shaved face all smooth against your skin, and you smiled into the kiss as Eddie’s free hand inched to your thigh. 
“C’mon, we should be heading inside,” you whispered into Eddie’s mouth, and he groaned lightly, as jokingly as he could manage. 
Eddie pocketed his keys as he stepped out of the van, and he put his hand on the small of your back as you rummaged in your purse for your house keys. Your house was so nice, in a good neighborhood of Hawkins, one of those types with two floors and a little porch and a garage. It was so much nicer than what Eddie knew, his little trailer that he shared with his uncle, and instantly, that ugly feeling began to creep into his throat. He could almost hear your father berating him, calling him trash and scum and saying that he would never be good enough for you. 
The front door was situated on a little porch, a rocking chair and flowers flanking the door, and Eddie’s face went cold. “Fuck, should I have brought your mom flowers?” he mumbled, and you frowned. 
“Eddie, baby, it’s fine,” you told him as you shoved your key into the lock. “Take a deep breath for me, okay? Everything will be fine.” 
You pushed open the door and called to your parents, “Mom, Daddy, we’re home!”. Eddie followed you in, cowering behind you like a little puppy, but he visibly softened when your mother poked her head out of the kitchen. 
“Hi there!” your mother said. “Baby, can you help me, I can’t reach the top shelf and your father—“ 
“Oh,” Eddie said quickly. “I can help you.” 
You caught the smile that spread across your mother’s face, and she said, “You must be Edward.” 
“Eddie, please,” he said. “Umm, what do you need help with?” 
“I just can’t reach something on the top shelf…” your mother started, and you watched Eddie disappear into the kitchen with her. Chuckling to yourself, you went to the TV room, where you were sure your father was, and you found him in his easy chair, watching some baseball game. 
“Daddy?” you said gently. “Eddie’s here.” 
“Alright,” your father sighed. “Let me meet this boy, I guess.” 
You found Eddie and your mother back in the kitchen, already smiling and laughing, and Eddie’s smile grew when he saw you. “There you are,” your mother said. “Eddie was just telling me about how you make dinner for him most nights; that’s sweet.” 
“Yeah, well, Eddie’s not great with the stove,” you said, and Eddie jokingly rolled his eyes. 
“You burn Spaghettios once and never live it down,” he said, shaking his head, and your mother wrinkled her nose. 
“Spaghettios?“ she repeated. “No, a growing boy like you needs more than that! Thank goodness for her, right?” 
“Exactly,” Eddie smiled, his eyes flicking to you. “Thank goodness for her.” 
Your cheeks went hot under your mother and boyfriend’s shared gaze, but the moment ended quickly, with the sound of your father clearing his throat from the dining room. “Where is this boy?” he asked, and you watched as Eddie’s warm face fell pale. 
“Eddie,” you started, and you reached out for Eddie. His hand filled yours just in time for your father to step into the doorway, and Eddie swallowed thickly. “This is my dad. Daddy, this is—“ 
“Your hair,” your father said immediately, not even pausing to let you finish the introduction, eyeing Eddie up and down. “Why does it look like that?” 
“O-Oh,” Eddie started. His eyes shifted to you, then to your father, and he said, “Um, Y/N did it for me.” 
“Why not cut it?” your father asked. 
“I-I like it like this,” Eddie stuttered. 
You could tell he was floundering, his anxiety getting the better of him, and you quickly jumped in. “I like it like this too,” you told Eddie. “I like braiding it up and everything. Oh, Mom, you should see Eddie when I braid his hair, he’s so handsome.” 
Dinner went mostly like that. Your father was condescending towards Eddie— he called him Edward all night, even after you corrected him— and Eddie, to his credit, kept himself in check and took your father’s comments in stride. Your father asked what Eddie did for a living, and your boyfriend was understandably hesitant to answer. “I’m still in high school,” Eddie answered finally.
“I thought she said you were 20,” your father said, looking to you for confirmation, and Eddie nodded slowly.
“I— There were— I had some personal setbacks,” Eddie admitted, his face turning red. “B-But I’m graduating in May.” 
You could tell that Eddie was feeling suffocated, his cheeks turning redder and redder with every question your father sent his way, and you finally had enough of it towards the end of the meal. Eddie had been doing everything right, not that he exactly needed to, and still your father was being a right bitch to him. “Daddy,” you said as Eddie helped your mother clear the table. “Why’re you being so mean to Eddie?” 
“He’s not good for you,” your father told you. “He looks like a deviant, he doesn’t have a job, he can’t provide for you—”
“Provide for me?” you scoffed. “Dad, I’m eighteen, it’s not like I’m marrying him! And he looks exactly how he wants to. He’s trying so hard to impress you and you aren’t even giving him a chance. Isn’t it enough that I like him? Don’t you trust me enough to choose someone who I think is good for me?”
Eddie came back into the room then, and you sighed and stood from your place at the table. “Ed, c’mon,” you started, putting a smile on your face as you took his hand. “I wanna show you my room.” 
“Really?” Eddie chuckled. “I get to see the princess’s room, do I?” 
“Shut up,” you said with a giggle. Eddie was known for sneaking in at night, but, as far as your parents knew, he had never stepped foot in the house before. “C’mon, I just wanna— C’mon!”
Your bedroom was upstairs, and Eddie smiled widely at the pink walls as you tugged him in and closed the door behind you. “Jesus,” Eddie mumbled. “Your dad… He’s kinda a dick, isn’t he?” His hands went to your waist, gently tugging you closer, and your fingers played with his fluffy bangs, hanging on his forehead.
“Oh, he is,” you agreed. “I thought he might try to be nicer to you, but… Fuck, I’m sorry, Ed. I really thought this was gonna go better than it did.” 
“That’s okay,” Eddie insisted. “Hey, look at me—” His finger tucked under your chin and lifted your head to face him, and he put a gentle kiss on your lips. “I’m not upset, okay? I-I mean, it would have been nice if they did like me, but I’m not upset that they don’t. Parents don’t tend to like me, it’s pretty typical.”
“My mom likes you, at least,” you offered, and Eddie nodded. 
“Yeah,” he said with a laugh. “She might try to steal me away from you.” 
“I won’t let her,” you smiled. “You’re mine.”
Eddie kissed you again, and you stepped into his body’s warmth, wrapping your arms around his waist as he deepened the kiss. His head turned slightly and his tongue prodded at your lips, and you opened your mouth for him. Eddie’s kisses were always fantastic, and he broke the kiss with a faint smile. “I’m yours, am I?” he asked with a laugh. “Feeling possessive, are you?” 
“Feeling like I love you,” you corrected him, and you lightly played with the collar of his blue shirt. 
“Well, if that’s all it takes,” Eddie said, and his hands went to your ass. His grip was tight as he pulled you close, slotting his knee between yours, and he added, “You’re mine, princess. You’re mine, forever and ever…” 
“I like the sound of that,” you told him, and you tugged at his shirt. “Is it too much to ask you to fuck me right now?”
“Now?” Eddie asked, his dark eyes widening for a moment. “Jesus, your parents are downstairs. I think your dad’s right, I’m a bad influence on you.”
“Okay, fine,” you sighed, rolling your eyes. “We don’t have to fuck right now—”
“Did you hear me saying no?” Eddie asked. “I was just listing the reasons it’s a bad idea, but, baby, I’m not known for making good decisions.” His hands on your ass lifted and situated on your hips, and he pushed you down to your bed. You slept in the bed every night and Eddie had made it a habit to sneak in once your parents fell asleep, but something about the bed felt different as Eddie knelt between your legs and kissed you. It felt just a little more taboo than usual, knowing that your parents now knew that Eddie was up here with you. It felt almost like they knew what was happening. 
But Eddie distracted you from your line of thinking quickly, pushing your dress up your legs to reach your panties. “Aw, babe,” he chuckled. “Pink panties. You’re adorable.”
“Well, you are in the princess room, after all,” you chuckled. You tugged him down to you, pressing a hard kiss to his mouth, and Eddie took no time to swipe his tongue into your mouth. You had to push down your moans to make sure that you weren’t too loud, and you giggled when Eddie’s hands danced at the hem of your panties, threatening to dip in and feel you. 
Eddie broke the kiss quickly, and he looked at you with a quirked eyebrow. “By the way,” he said. “Daddy?” 
“I’ve always called him that,” you sighed. 
Eddie smiled, and he moved his kiss to your neck as he handled your thighs around his waist. You could feel him through his pants, already half hard, and Eddie gently bit into your neck. “I thought you only called me that,” he whispered, pressing his tongue to the marks his teeth made. “You had me thinking I was special or some shit.”
“You are,” you assured him. “Can we stop talking about my dad, though?”
“Sure,” Eddie said easily, and he bit at your neck again as he jutted his hips down onto yours. His hands shoved your dress higher until he was nearly tugging your dress off, and you helped him shuck it over your head with a giggle. 
“Need to see your tats,” you mumbled, your fingers fumbling at the buttons on his shirt, and he quickly tugged it up over his head and off, letting it fall limply to the bedroom floor. Finally, there in all their glory, were Eddie’s tattoos, littering his arms and chest. Even just the sight of them was enough for your pussy to throb, and you tugged him by his hair down into a kiss. 
Eddie’s big hands smoothed down your body, feeling every inch of skin that he could, and his tongue pushed its way back into your mouth as he held you close. His hands finally settled on your thighs, and he tugged them tight around his waist as he rocked his hips into yours. You couldn’t help the moan that left you, and Eddie broke the kiss to gently hush you. “Don’t want mean ole Daddy hearing you,” he said with a light giggle. He pressed his mouth into your neck and hummed as he kissed over a sensitive spot, in time with you stifling a moan. “I know, princess, it just feels so good, hmm?”
“Eddie—” you whimpered, and his hand carefully snaked up, grasping you lightly by your throat. 
“Don’t call me that,” he whispered, and your skin thrummed with life at his request. 
You nodded as his fingers tightened for just a moment, just long enough for you to catch your breath, and you said, “Daddy… I wanna suck you off.” 
“Oh, yeah?” Eddie chuckled with a quirked eyebrow. He seemed amused at the prospect, although hopeful. 
“I wanna try to make tonight worth something,” you uttered softly. “Apologize or whatever, y’know? That, and I just want your cock in my mouth.” 
Eddie nodded, and he released your throat from his grip. Before he could fully remove himself from you, though, you were already starting in on his pants, undoing his belt and button to shove those dumb khakis down his thighs. He rolled off of you and helped you in your pursuit of undressing him, kicking off his shoes and fully pulling off his pants and boxers, and you instantly knelt on the floor in front of him, facing his hard cock. You took a moment to admire Eddie, his thick thighs spread on your bed, the small stick-and-poke on his upper left thigh, his cock straining against his stomach. It all amounted to one hell of a man, and you didn’t waste anymore time before you pressed your lips to his cock. 
“God, baby,” Eddie sighed, his hand drifting down and lightly playing with your hair. His small whisper urged you forward, and you opened your mouth and took the head of Eddie’s cock in your mouth. He was already leaking salty precum, and you greedily suckled at the tip of his cock. That got him to fully take a fistful of your hair, and he whispered, “Fuck, princess. C’mon, take more, I know you can.” 
You did as he asked of you, swallowing down more and more of him, your lips stretching around his thickness, and you lifted your hand to join your mouth. You quickly stroked what you couldn’t fit in your mouth as your head bobbed on his cock, the wet noises of it lewd and almost worryingly loud. But Eddie just fisted at your hair and let his head fall back, enjoying every second of it. 
“Good girl,” he told you, tugging on your hair and urging his cock further into your mouth. “M’gonna fuck your mouth, okay?” 
You nodded, still sucking him, and you groaned softly as Eddie began to set the pace, thrusting into your mouth. He threatened the back of your throat with every fuck, and your hands went up to grasp his thighs, digging your fingernails into his skin. You knew that Eddie loved when you scratched up his back, and you figured he probably wouldn’t mind if you did the same to his thighs, and, thankfully, you were right. 
“Fuck, feels good,” Eddie whispered. “Fuck, baby, your mouth… Feels like heaven.”
You couldn’t help the proud warmth that spread through you at his praise, and you relaxed your jaw as Eddie’s thrusts became faster and harder. He was chasing his orgasm, you could tell, and you felt his thigh twitch under your hands. He was already so close, and you loved knowing that you had caused that reaction from him.
“Fuck this,” Eddie suddenly said, and he pulled himself out of your mouth, earning him a gasp and a sputtering as you struggled to keep the mix of spit and precum from falling out of your mouth. “Get on your back, princess, Daddy wants to cum inside you.” 
You climbed back up on your bed and urged him forward towards you, and you opened your legs wide for him to fit between. He slotted himself there in an instant, pressing a new kiss to your lips, and his strong hands repositioned on your inner thighs, lightly scratching his fingernails up and down, coming closer and closer to your pussy. Then, without much of a warning other than a chaste kiss on your mouth, Eddie pressed a finger into you. 
You moaned instantly at the feeling, but your hand quickly slapped over your mouth. Eddie chuckled, low in his chest, as he began to fuck you on his finger, and he pressed a kiss to your neck as he whispered, “Don’t want your parents hearing you being a nasty whore.”
Quickly, he added a second finger, and his pace in you was enough to make the lewd sounds of him fucking your wet warmth bounce off the walls. You truly worried if your parents could hear it, but you squeezed your eyes shut and cried behind your hand when Eddie cocked his fingers inside you, driving home in that spot. Your legs instinctively snapped shut, trapping Eddie’s hand between your thighs, and Eddie laughed at you. 
“Oh, so pathetic,” he said with a teasing frown, curling up his fingers again and making you jerk with the satisfaction of it. “Can’t even handle my fingers without getting all worked up, how am I supposed to fuck you right?”
Your hand lowered from your mouth and wrapped around his wrist, his hand still snug around your neck, and you gasped as his fingers tightened for a moment, just long enough for your blood to thrum in your ears. “Daddy,” you gasped. “F-Fuck me, Daddy, please, I’ll be so good for you, I promise, I-I can take it. Please, Ed, I want you so bad.” 
Eddie gave you one last hit to that special nerve inside you, your back arching in time with his fingers, and he pulled his fingers from you slowly, an almost agonizing speed. “I’ve got you, princess,” he told you, and his glistening fingers came up to lightly prod at his own lips. You watched him greedily as he licked up your wetness from himself, and he nodded slowly. “God, you taste good, baby. You wanna taste yourself?” 
You opened your mouth obediently, not even stopping to consider the offer, and Eddie pressed his fingers past your lips and into your mouth. You dutifully sucked his fingers, cleaning up your slick from his thick fingers, and you saw Eddie’s cock twitch in response. “So fucking dirty,” Eddie laughed. “Look at you, sucking on my fingers like that. God, I need to be inside you.”
You protested the loss of his fingers with a whine, but his hands on your thighs, spreading your legs wide open, was enough to get you to forget it. You bit on your bottom lip as you watched Eddie line himself up at your leaking entrance, and he pressed the head of himself just into you, hardly giving you anything. You squirmed under his weight, trying to stay as quiet as possible, and Eddie shushed you, his thumb rubbing a soft circle just under your chin, where his hand had steady stayed, testing your breathing. 
“I know,” Eddie said softly, almost patronizing. “I’m not giving you enough, I know. But, baby, you just gotta wait. Waiting makes it better.” 
“Daddy,” you whimpered out, and his owlish brown eyes widened with glee at your pathetic state. “Please just fuck me, please.” 
“That’s what I like to hear,” Eddie said with a devious half-smile, and he snapped his hips forward, fully burying himself inside you. Your moan was wrecked with surprise, a small hint of pain ebbing away at your edges, and Eddie seemed to catch the hint and thoroughly enjoy it. “Good girl.”
His hand still rested on your throat as he began to shallowly fuck you, moving slow so that the springs in your old mattress didn’t squeak too loudly. You whined softly at the feeling of his cock, hard and ridged, gliding in and out of you, and your hands went to his hair, still all fluffy, and you tugged him down into a kiss. His tongue invaded your mouth instantly, claiming you in a way that nobody else ever had, and he started up at a quicker pace. You could feel him throb inside of you with every thrust, and you squeaked every time his cock nestled into that nerve. 
Your breaths came in gasps as he fucked you, and you worked quick to tighten your legs around his waist. Your heel dug into his back on a particularly hard thrust, and your heart nearly stopped when you heard the firm hit of your headboard against the wall. “Eddie!” you gasped, your eyes growing wide. “Jesus Christ, you’re gonna get us in trouble—”
“No, I won’t, princess,” Eddie smirked. “Don’t worry your pretty little head, I’ve got it. Just keep those legs open for me and let me worry about the rest. Okay?” 
You nodded, even though you were certain that the rest of the house had heard it, and Eddie pressed a gentle kiss to your cheek as he started up his pace again. You had to keep your moans quiet— you were certainly already on thin ice, and you didn’t want your mother (or, God forbid, your father) hearing you— so you pressed yourself tight to Eddie and nestled your lips just over his ear. He gave a choked little sound when you moaned softly in his ear, just for him to hear, and he whispered, “Damn, baby, sound so good… You feel good too, fuck.”
Your hands grabbed at his shoulders as he began to speed up, chasing the orgasm that had been forgotten from his blowjob, and each huff of breath gave you new sentiments from him: “So good, baby”, “Fuck, yes”, “God, you’re perfect”. The hot wash of arousal spread across you every single time, and you whimpered as Eddie’s cruel hand drifted down from your throat to your clit. He began to rub at you, hard and fast, not giving you a moment to adjust, and your thighs quivered around his waist as shocks of white hot electricity rocked your body. 
“Fuck!” you whined high in your throat, and Eddie attacked your neck with kisses and bites. His heavy breathing made him sound almost feral, and it shouldn’t have turned you on the way it did, but you found your pussy clenching around his cock. 
“You close, baby?” Eddie huffed into your neck, and you nodded quickly. Your fingers dug into his shoulders, holding him close to you, and you rocked your hips up to meet his thrusts. Even though pain shocked itself in your core at how deep inside you he was, you loved every second of it. 
“Fuck, Daddy,” you mewled, your body curving up to meet his. “Y-You’re gonna make me cum!”
“Aw,” Eddie chuckled. “Using your words, how cute. Guess I haven’t fucked you dumb yet.” 
“N-Next time,” you stammered. “I-I need to be able to leave the house.”
“Right,” Eddie nodded, and he kissed your neck again. “Oh, fuck me, I made a mark.” 
“Eddie!” you whined. “My fucking parents—”
“I know, princess, I’m sorry,” Eddie told you, and you saw his eyes sparkle as he lifted himself from your neck. The cheeky bastard wasn’t sorry at all; he was pleased with himself. “You can give me one, if you want.” 
You shook your head and you pulled him into a kiss, his lips slick with spit. “Just make me cum,” you told him. “I’ll forgive you.” 
“No problem, baby,” Eddie chuckled. “I’ll make you cum.”
With that, he started up his punishing rhythm, hard and fast. He was so gorgeous like this, his forehead dotted with sweat, his bangs curling a bit with it, and you smiled at the sight of his flushed cheeks. “I love you,” you whispered, and Eddie’s face melted into a smile. 
“I love you too,” Eddie whispered back, and he kissed you once more, sweeter and softer than anything before. “God, baby, you’re so perfect.” 
Even hearing those words was enough for the knot inside you to tighten threateningly, and you stammered out, “Ed, fuck, I’m gonna cum.”
“Cum for me, baby,” Eddie told you. His fingers on your clit sped up along with his hips, and the obscene wet noises from before returned as he fucked you hard, hard, hard, drawing you to your finish as quickly as he could. “Cum all on my cock, make a mess, princess.” 
Your back arched up into him as his hands, so strong and sure, repositioned to your hips, and he held you down as you writhed and whimpered. You were so close, you could taste your orgasm, and you watched Eddie’s stomach tremble with his own impending orgasm. “Cum inside me, Daddy,” you whispered in his ear, and he gave an odd choking sound, like he was gasping and swallowing at the same time. “Are you gonna make a mess too, Daddy?” 
“Fuck, woman,” Eddie whispered. “You’re too much for me.” 
“Oh, hush,” you giggled, and you pressed your forehead against his. “I’m just perfect for you.” 
“You’re just perfect,” Eddie told you, and he held your hips tight as he fucked into you once more. He moaned, louder than before, and he gnashed his teeth as he came. The feel of being filled so wonderfully by him was beautiful, and you couldn’t help but release as well. 
“Eddie, I’m cumming!” you cried, and his strong arms wrapped around you and held you so tenderly and lovingly as you came as well, the white hot electricity ravaging your whole body, from head to toe. You didn’t feel like you even inhabited your body anymore as your back arched, and your vision went just a little hazy. “Fuck!” 
“Just like that,” Eddie whispered soothingly, holding you tightly. “Yes, princess, good girl, I love you so much.”
“L-Love you too,” you stammered. Your breaths came quickly, as did Eddie’s, and he rolled you over your side as he held you. His cock had gone soft inside you, and you whined when he slowly pulled out. 
“You okay?” Eddie asked, and you nodded. “Good, good girl… Come here, I wanna hold you.”
“We can’t,” you told him. “My parents are downstairs, they’re probably waiting for us.” 
Eddie rolled his eyes jokingly, and he sighed. “Fine,” he said. “I’ll just have to sneak in and cuddle later tonight.” 
“Sounds like a plan,” you told him and you kissed him once more. “Just as long as my mom doesn’t sense your presence.” 
“Jesus,” Eddie laughed. “Well, she’ll have a hell of a hard time stealing me from you. I’ve only got eyes for one girl.”
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Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in STRANGER THINGS 4, VOL 1
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STRANGER THINGS — eddie "the freak" munson being an absolute monster.
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Eddie Munson Sleep Headcanons
Tumblr media
he’s hesitant to sleep in the same bed with you
even though you two had shared so much time together in a bed already
he doesn’t want you to think he’s gross
you insist after being too tired to drive home one night
while your in the bathroom he tries to do the fastest bed clean up that he’s ever done in his life
sheets? does eddie even own sheets?
a wool blanket to cover the mysterious stains will do
the stains
he doesn’t want to answer that
maybe a second blanket just in case
even though the majority of them are just orange juice spills or bong water
we don’t talk about the stain on the left corner…
he fluffs his pillows just for you
his anxiety is just boiling over sitting on his freshly made bed waiting for you to come out of the bathroom
he tried not to move to disrupt the intricately placed pillows and blankets
“did you clean for me, munson?”
he’s stiff as a board
a very difficult man to cuddle
it smells like him
“your supposed to wash your sheets?”
“yes? god eddie, i hope your joking. when was the last time you washed them?”
he wasn’t joking
“ ‘84 maybe?”
an overwhelming scent of cigarette smoke and his woodsy musk just takes over
and you love it
eddie is somewhat disgusted when he sees you cuddled up with your face buried in his pillow
he was determined to let you fall asleep first, but he lost
his slight snores
of course he’s a blanket hog
you were having to pull it back over on you very often
he also talked in his sleep
“shit, go get the hotdogs from the church”
“i cant see the whales Y/N. there gone!”
“i wish i was a purple lamp light”
you had to try to contain your laughs to not wake him
the randomness of his subconscious left you speechless
he got especially emotional about the whales. a little too emotional.
when you finally fell asleep you moved up right into the crook of eddie’s neck
your hair tickled him awake
he didn’t mind though
it broke his heart when he got the urge to take a piss
he didn’t want to disturb you
but when he came back to find you wrapped in his blanket, his heart felt at home
you two were awoken by his uncle getting home from work
it was a common occurrence for eddie but you couldn’t fall back asleep
you decided to listen to the rain through his cracked open window and braid the ends of his hair
which you know he would wake up not notice them for at least a few hours
his breathes were shallow as he slept
his alarm clock started playing the local rock radio at 9:30 am
and awake the both of you were
yes, it took him three hours to notice the braids
cut coming soon, computer is down :(
thank you all for being so patient 💕
tag list:
@babeyglo @i-wish-this-was-me @readinglvr3000 @whoreforfictionalpeople @howslinnea @slut4norman @xteardrops29x @kbarnes-2001 @heystaystray @itzmejayquin @varevaretostuff @queengabbiiii @savagejane1 @lokiscure @bbymochi1 @plumes-de-nuit @heyaitsklaudia @hrtsforedds @lilyclaw69 @katkirishima @moth-guillotine @selltohell @dani5216 @uwiuwi @alohastyles-x @samanthacookieone @maddieinnit0
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mendessimp · 2 days ago
they only have each other
Tumblr media
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coralinejones · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
thinking so many thoughts rn— i can’t stop thinking about this. the belt made out of bullets, the rings, the bandana, the vest the
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d4nshyp3r · 2 days ago
cockwarming eddie while he rolls a joint
summary: literally what the title says
warnings: 18+ minors dni, smut, dom/sub dynamics, cockwarming, unprotected sex, p in v, degrading, slight dacryphilia, drug use, eddie himself should be a warning
you try to remember how you ended up in this situation but your mind was too fogged up to recall. one thing was for sure though, you didn’t wake up that morning and think you’d be sitting on the town freak’s cock as he rolled a joint for you to share with him.
frankly you weren’t surprised, given you were hopelessly devoted to him and anything he did or said. yet as you walked into his trailer at 5:07pm that afternoon it took you little time to realize how the evening would unfold. wondering where wayne was since his shift was nowhere near, you followed the mop of hair into his room as he explained that his uncle was running a few errands before going to the plant.
so what could two promising young adults have in mind to combat the boredom of a crisp late summer night? get high.
that could only be, in your dazed mind, the mere reason for your current situation. as you tried to remain as poised as possible while you were being forced to stare at his hands. getting more agitated as the seconds passed, the pressure on your lower stomach was making you impatient. “stop that” you heard him say extremely close to your ear, but that proximity allowed you to also catch the slight hitch in his throat, consequence of your testy fidgeting.
“eddieeee” you dragged his name in hopes that it would get you what you wanted, but you weren’t even sure what is was that you craved at the moment. for him to forget the fucking blunt in his hands that apparently took all his attention? or for him to fuck you in that same position and then continue rolling the joint, making you feel like the whore you needed to be for him? or perhaps for that same roll of paper that was seemingly your enemy at the moment to be at your lips as you inhale all it’s contents, given you can feel the effect of the previously smoked blunts subside?
“if you move your hips one more time i swear i’m pulling out and not fucking you for a week, you understand that?” all you could do was whimper and cuss at him, aggravated by the growing need that you could feel in every vein and artery. “wasn’t this what you wanted? to be treated like a whore? nothing more than a cum dump? why are you complaining now, hm?”
tears welled up in your eyes, yet it wasn’t because of his words. he knew what he was doing and it was working. eddie loved to rile you up so much that you’d end up taking control, and the jezebel in you would come out. he knew the potential you had and loved to exploit it. yet it could be one of those days where you’re so needy and in such a submissive head space, that you’d go brain dead and not function until he pumps you full of his cum. and that seemed to be the direction in which this night was heading.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Can we talk about this trio more? It’s giving very much unlikely but wholesome, slightly dysfunctional but still loving household. Worthy of a name. Henderfam? The Henderdads and their feral lovechild? Whatever they’re called, it’s golden, a rare platonic love triangle. A polar opposite pair who dislike each other on principle, whose only common link is Dustin, who they both just happened to form an inexplicable bond with and then the kid totally adopted them as his dads? Only Dustin could manage to Parent Trap an ex-jock and a nerdy metalhead, not to mention the way he scooped Robin so quick as his honorary Cool Aunt™️, this boy is collecting found family like infinity stones and we need to talk about it more.
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taiyothewriter · 2 days ago
pls write a smut where you go to buy drugs off eddie in the woods like chrissy and end up fucking in the woods
Tumblr media Tumblr media
m.list / nav. / kofi. / taglist. synopsis. when you go into the woods to get drugs from Hawkins bad-boy Eddie Munson, you run into a minor snag. You don't have any cash, but Eddie, being the sweetheart that he is, puts an offer on the table that you just can't resist: you. author's note. i just want you to know that this was saved in my drafts as "omg omg omg what the FUOCK." so i just had to post this for my mental health.
[ ❥ ] pairing. eddie munson x reader
[ ❥ ] word count. 3.6k
[ ❥ ] genre & warnings. 18+, afab reader, pet names(princess, pretty girl, etc.), nerd!reader, semi-public sex, mentions of drugs, throat fucking, corruption kink, blowjobs, hand kink, praise kink, messy everything, hair-pulling, impact play, unprotected sex, table sex, choking, slight dumbifcation, soft!eddie, cum eating, masturbation, handjob, pwp
Tumblr media
"Holy shit, Y/N." Eddie moaned, gripping the end of the table to keep his knees from buckling as you slipped just a few more inches of his cock down your throat, gagging on each inch.
"You don't know what you're doing to me, pretty girl." He was muttering as his fingers tangled in a knot of your hair.
Just moments ago, you were striding across the lunchroom with your best friend by your side, her fingers trembling with anxiety as you both approached Eddie's table.
His normal entourage of friends was giving you an odd look, having already stood there for merely seconds, and yet you had already felt out of place.
Eddie gave you both an odd look, and you felt your friend flinch, standing so close to you the moment he had made eye contact with her. You had to admit, from the sidelines, it was a painfully cringe-worthy thing to watch.
"We want to buy some, stuff...and someone told us that you were the person to see for it." You spoke slowly and leaned down to whisper.
The moment you had pulled away, your eyes clenched shut just for a second, wallowing in the embarrassment of your stumbling question.
Eddie was quick to piece together your request, his brow raised as he glanced over your appearance.
Never in his life had he thought that someone as prompt and put-together as you would even want to be seen standing as close to him as you were to him.
Eddie agreed but told you that he never did his "business" on school grounds for obvious legal reasons and gave you the time and place to meet him after school.
As you walked away back to your table of friends with a beaming smile, giving them a thumbs up.
He was more convinced that the entire thing would most likely be some type of undercover setup, not seeing you as the type to do anything during the weekends but studying currently not seeing you ever getting high.
"Operation best sleepover ever is a go!" Your friend celebrated.
It was a very out-of-character plot for your normally very strict group of friends, though you would be the one to convince everyone that you were seniors and still haven't been to a single high school party because you are too busy having movie marathons and staying up late to study for quizzes to do normal teenager things.
You wanted to do something fun to finish off your senior year, and if that meant buying drugs from Eddie Munson in the creepy woods, then you were willing to take that risk.
You were clutching onto the straps of your backpack as you descended down the dirt path alone. Your friend chickened out on the hard part.
The girl was convinced that Eddie Munson was some type of devil worshiper, along with everyone else that sat at his table, still having the creeps from what had unfolded earlier in the lunchroom.
As you continued your steps all the way until you came into view of the planned table, only the sound of nature and passing animals were heard from the woods.
Your nerves were heightened when you noticed the curly-haired man waiting for you at the picnic table, his chin resting in the palm of his hand, a bored expression written all over his face, his eyes shifting over at you the moment you walked into view.
The distance left was a bit awkward as you bowed your head and picked up your pace to sit down across from him.
"Okay, so what did you want?" There was a pause as Eddie's fingers drummed over the tin lunchbox perched in the middle of you, a beat of silence before you couldn't realize that you knew absolutely nothing about buying or doing drugs.
"Um, is there like one that makes you...laugh a lot, I guess?" The question came off with a child-like innocence as your lashes fluttered and your tone was so soft and nervous.
Eddie swore you were whispering to him. He tried to make sense of the situation, his eyes squinting at you and his lips pulled into a thin line, not quite able to figure out why, of all people, would you ever want to get into doing drugs.
You were just so adorable to him, Eddie comparing you to a big-eyed kitten the way you were trying to avoid looking at him yet failing to stare directly at the rings that shone on his fingers.
"Your eyes are really pretty." Eddie blurted, wanting to see how you would react to the sudden compliment.
Your eyes only flicked to meet him as he watched your chest rise and fall at a more dramatic pace. Eddie smirked at that.
"Okay, how about we start you off with something more tamed. How would you like that pretty princess?" He was shuffling through the contents of his lunchbox, only taking glances at your fidgeting state.
Your mind was spinning from the nicknames, let alone the sudden bold flirting. You were starting to feel a bit light-headed.
Presenting a pretty moderate-sized bag of weed, Eddie sizes it off as enough to share with at least three other people, plus you. Just as your hands reach for the bag, he pulls back.
"Ah, ah, same time exchange, pretty girl, can't have you ripping me off now can we?" You felt just a tinge of embarrassment, your mouth gaping as you nodded your head in agreement to the payment.
Shuffling through your backpack for your wallet, you slowly realized all you had was your card and not cash, cursing your parents for having you be so responsible.
It was then that Eddie suggested other payment options. His tone darkened as he leaned in closer to your face, shamelessly biting his lip and making a show of him staring at your mouth.
You let him reach his hand out to caress your face. The cool steel of his rings contrasted with your flushed face, his rough thumb dragging along the bottom of your lip as he winked.
That was the moment you found yourself on your knees in the dirt, Eddie's pants undone and his cock drawn out from the hole in his boxers.
Your hands gripping the jean material of his thighs as your eyes watered and your mascara threatened to streak down your cheeks whenever he thrust his entire length down your throat, your nose tickled by the dark brassy hairs of his pubes.
Your tongue was circling the underside of his tip. Eddie's cock was quite large, at least in comparison to all the other guys penis you'd seen (which were mostly just pictures shown in health books). You were surprised he could even fit it all in your mouth.
You pulled back just a little more, replacing the rest of what you hadn't put in your mouth with the grip of your hand.
You couldn't help but moan. Eddie felt the vibration against his cock, throwing his head back and thrusting against your mouth, forcing his cock further down your throat without much warming.
You gagged. This one was more serious than the others. Eddie snapped from his trance and pulled enough for his cock to spring from your lips, giving you time to breathe as he held a fist full of your hair.
His breathing was rough as he glanced down, watching you coughing.
"Shit, are you good?" Something about your puffy cheeks and watery eyes from choking makes him look down at you in pure neediness.
You nodded up at him, shifting your knees as they were starting to get numb from resting against the dirt for so long.
You didn't want to admit that it had been the most sexually exciting thing you've done since you would pause the TV screen of your favorite celebrity crush, placing your lips against the static just to fit in the fantasy of kissing them.
In middle school, you were a different breed of hormonal. Whatever he had done had woken something inside of you, something growing in heat in your lower stomach. Whether Eddie had meant to do it or not, all you knew was that you wanted him to do it again.
"Can you fuck my mouth?" Eddie's eyes widened as his mouth formed into a smirk that you were starting to get familiar with. He had never expected to awaken such a different side of you, a side that had not matched your innocent looks.
It was like Eddie had awoken the beast inside of you. God did he love it.
"It's all yours, pretty girl. Go ahead and take it, just like that princess." There was more than enough invitation for you to open your mouth, your pink tongue sticking out promptly. You were being obedient.
Eddie's devil-like smirk carved into his mouth as he tried not to paint white all over your face at the sight.
Sliding his shaft into your hot, wet mouth, he hissed suddenly, the slight feeling of your teeth grazing against his tip sending a shiver down his spine as he had to recollect his footing.
From the sloppiest of spit rolling down your chin and how you would try to control your gagging struggle a bit to get into the groove of breathing through your nose, you stayed well grounded, letting him guide his hips to thrust in and out of your mouth.
"Awe, fuck...just like that." Eddie was merciful at first, just seeking the feeling of having the most innocent looking girl on her knees, loving the sight of you in a filthy position. He was going to drink it all in.
But you thought otherwise.
Wanting him to handle you with rough intentions, you wanted to feel the cool metal of his fingered decorated fingers wrap around your neck, trailing all over your skin.
Your mind was clouded with so much pure lust that the last thing you needed from Eddie right now was for him to be gentle with you.
Surging your head forward as he pulled away, feeling his fingers fist in your hair, his pace picking up a string of swears blurting from his mouth.
His grasp around your hair was tight, holding you in place enough for him to snap his hips into your mouth every time he hit the back of your throat.
You couldn't help but let out a lewd moan, getting so aroused over the male using your mouth to his heart's content. Feeling your underwear damp at just the thought of what else he would do to you.
Your mouth is dripping with your own saliva, your lips and chin glistening with a messy shine of spit.
"H–holy shit." Eddie was struggling to keep his eyes open, loving the sight of his dick disappearing in your hollow cheeks. as if you could tell he was starting when you looked up at him, your eyes wet with the threat of tears.
Eddie shivered, beginning to piston into your poor sore mouth at a faster pace. The wet sounds coming from your mouth only encouraged him.
You pull away, falling into a coughing fit as you hurry to catch your breath, your face a mess covered in your saliva.
Eddie sighs, losing the grasp on your hair, his hand stroking his cock, his wrist twisting as his fingers wrapped in the sticky coat of spit you had left on his length, not even inches away from your face.
Your mouth started to water at the sight of him. "Maybe I should just cum on that pretty face of yours, cover you in my cum? You'd love that, huh princess?" Eddie grunted, his tongue sticking out just a tad as his mouth opened, peering down at you.
You felt your thoughts flatline, your lashes fluttering as your brain struggled to process the completely lewd things he had said.
Something had switched in your brain, almost as if Eddie had turned the knob, making you driven by your horny desires.
Your mouth opened to speak only to close as your gaze was drawn to the man shamelessly pleasuring himself just inches away from your adorable yet confused expression.
"Yes...please." Your doe eyes looked up at him with a new set of determination, "Atta girl." He chuckled, guiding his cock back into the familiar warmth of your mouth.
"I wonder if your friends know what you're doing right now. Did you tell them that you're getting your pretty little throat fucked in the woods?" You didn't know what your friends would think and honestly didn't care at the moment, knowing the group of strict, prompt girls would have a heart attack at the sight of you.
"Fucking Christ, you feel so good." Just the idea of sex throws them into a frenzy.
The whole idea of doing drugs during a sleepover is an idea that took you months of convincing, let alone the entire school day for your friend to gain the courage to walk up to Eddie during lunch.
But there was just something about the whole teacher's pet being a slut for the school's outcast cliche that just made your back arch.
You hum around his cock, your tongue teasing the tip, dragging along the underside, coaxing a moan out of Eddie, your hand making work of the inches you weren't able to have in your mouth.
The wet noise from the suction of your lips is extremely lewd as they blend in harmony with Eddie's deep grunting.
"Stand up," Eddie commanded.
His dick drops from your lips with a lewd pop, tapping the side of your cheek with the tips of his finger, and you eagerly follow suit, standing from your knees, your stance unsteady as his hands find the curves of your hips, guiding you next to the picnic table.
You could feel him grinding into your backside.
The height difference, having his cock grinding against your lower back as Eddie reached a hand around your neck, tilting your head back and placing a sloppy kiss on your mouth, the other snaking under your shirt and squeezing your breast through your bra.
The weight of him pushing up against you, making your hips collide at an uncomfortable angle with the edge of the table.
"We're in public, you know?" You muttered, suddenly remembering how exposed you felt scanning the field of trees around as Eddie pecked a wet trail of kisses down your neck that left you weak in the knees.
"You didn't seem to care about that when my dick was in your mouth." Checkmate, shutting you right up as you bit your lip and tilted your head to the side, exposing more of your neck on display to him. Pushing yourself against him as your back arched.
"You're such a fucking tease." Eddie hissed, his fingers snaking to the front of your jeans, making quick work of your zipper as you shimmed your jeans down to your knees.
His hand trailed up your back and guided you to bend over the table, your arms cushioning against the rough wooden surface. Your heartbeat picked up pace as you gasped, feeling Eddie smack the plush of your thigh.
"You know, you look really good like this." The feeling of his cold, rough fingers needing the plush skin of your ass sent a shiver down your spine.
Eddie spread your ass with his hands before smacking it with a flat palm.
You whimper at the slight sting, not wanting to admit that he had unlocked a whole list of new kinks for you. "You're too pretty for me. I feel like I'm gonna' break you." Eddie sighs, his cock twitching in his grasp.
"You don't have to be gentle. I won't break." You rasped out, feeling his eyes trailing all over your exposed body.
Your back arches, feeling Eddie take the words of encouragement and hook your pants to the side with his pointer finger, burying himself deep inside of you.
"You're gonna be the death of me, lady." He murmurs, his eyes squeezing shut, setting his hands flat against the table at your sides.
He's more gentle than he was with your mouth, his thrusts cautious, his arm hooking over your lower stomach, helping your wobbling legs to keep standing as he stuffs you completely full, with an exhale of relief passing from his lips as he bottoms out inside of your warm walls.
"S—shit," he sighs, leaning forward, his chest resting on your back. The feeling of the pant of his breath fanning against the back of your neck, while he was balls deep inside of you, was a sensation that you wanted to engrave in your brain forever.
His thrust starts slow, rolling his hips against yours, the intense feeling making your knees buck at the feeling of his cock rubbing against all the places that made you feel like you were floating.
"—ah, Eddie." You croaked out, his hand reaching to grip around your neck, resting the entirety of his weight on top of you, tilting your head up.
"How do you expect me not to cum when you whine my name like that?" He grunts into your ear as he picks up his pace, using his thighs to spread your legs apart to thrust deeper inside of you. His slim hips slap against your ass as it perfectly bounces against his pelvis.
Your moans are soft and breathy, your knees weakening as he aims for the gummy spot inside of you that causes your entire body to react.
"Yes, yes—right t-there." Your voice comes out as a whine, pushing your hips back into his thrusts.
Eddie grabs the plush of your thigh, guiding your leg up and resting it against the table to angle himself inside of you deeper, the force of his thrust making your hips smack against the table's edge, the pain only adding more to your intense build-up of pleasure.
Eddie watches you with his mouth agape, his lips swollen from biting down on them to keep from being too loud, wanting to hear every little noise that slipped from your lips.
"Let me hear you, baby." Eddie grunts. The lewd sound of skin slapping and your pathetic whimpers are floating through the air and deeper into the woods.
Your hips are already bruised from being slammed into the table repeatedly.
Eddie piston's himself in and out of you his shaft covered in a creamy layer making a mess of your throbbing entrance.
The sensation of his fingers digging into the skin of your neck, your mouth falling open, your moans turning into punched out grunts, the build-up of pleasure becomes unbearable for the both of you.
"You gotta let go, princess," Eddie whispered. You suddenly became aware of how hard you were chasing your own orgasm, your hands fisting against the table.
"I can't, I can't." It felt like you were about to explode. The molten hot bubble that rested inside you was only getting bigger, your head spinning as you grind against Eddie, working toward that unbearable heat that left your toes curling.
"Go on, pretty girl, just like that." His voice was breathless as his hands unwrapped from your neck and between your legs, his rough fingers rubbing circles against your sensitive clit, the gesture making your knees buck, resting your entire weight against the table.
"Come on, lady, you earned it; take it." Eddie grinds himself deeper inside of you, his chest resting on your back as you lay his entire weight on top of you.
His cock molds your walls, gripping your hips. The feeling of his fingernails digging into your skin only adds fuel to the fire inside of you.
The slow build up of your body finally gives in to the pleasure as your legs tremble, your back arching as you bite into the sleeve of your shirt, your orgasm unrolling hard as every part of your body trembles as Eddie fucks you through your orgasm.
"There you go, baby," he says, slowly pulling out of you. You weren't sure how, but Eddie managed to sit you down on the bench, his hand clasping firmly around your jaw as it was automatic how quickly your mouth expected the familiar length to have been down your throat already.
"Are you ready for your reward?" Eddie grunted, and you watched with your eyes halfway open as his ringed hand gripped the base of his cock and jerked desperately.
"Ugh, baby, I can't-please—" Eddie slumps his chest forward as his hips stutter, his body reacting as if he had fallen into a daze as his cum had painted your face within seconds.
At first, catching whatever had landed in your mouth. You flinched as some rolled down your face and into your eye.
"Shit, sorry, hold on." Eddie apologized, using his thumb to wipe it away from your eye, his thumb dipping into your mouth as your tongue wrapped around it, cleaning his fingers.
Time felt nonexistent as you sat there with a slight throb of soreness between your legs. Not too long ago, you had been laying on your stomach getting your guts rearranged.
It was a little hard for you to try to regain your composure. Not only did Eddie Munson just give you a facial, but he also fucked you outside in the woods for drugs.
The embarrassment was beginning to settle in as your eyes reopened and you became very aware of the warmth painting your cheeks and chin.
Eddie smirked down at you, seemingly content, and you were torn between being mortified and extremely turned on.
"Aren't you gonna thank me, princess? I just gave you a makeover free of charge."
Tumblr media
[ ❥ ] taglist. @prettyeyedmaureen @torynicholsgf @bucky-daddy-barnes @eldriidd @ycarlii @guitarromantic @sh3lov3dyou @lafresamilk @loveshineslikethesky @haechaniebom @hello-1000 @vxid42 @biggestslutever @spenglerslime @eddiesbitchx @slvdsjjk @stitched-mouth @misaamaneswifey @kiszkathecook @imahoforthings @kyyellaxi @eichenhouseproperty @hotgirlsshareaccounts @ran-rap @lloromanic-png @avasjunkpile @punkrockcrocks @first-edition-dumpster-fire @batmetallady @woahhhfidget @ireadstoriesnotmakethem @notsoshynomore @the-night-owl-blr @1efleur @todoroki-slut @mjauqeen @scarlet-kazuha @lattayhottay16 @astralwaifu @prettyplant0 @imliterallygonnagetviolent @strangerthanfanfiction713 @graktung @sughcashsaiki @fzzybrain @caseket @spiritualwhore444 @xoxo-dede @sapppy-cocktail @joyrubyjanee
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xcatnapsx · 2 days ago
Teach Me • Part 2 [Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader]
Tumblr media
{Read Part 1 Here}
Summary: Your relationship with Eddie goes public, attracting some negative attention that causes Eddie to risk graduating.
TW/CW: Angst, violence, smut (18+ only, minors DNI), fluff, rough!Eddie, PIV
A/N: You asked for it, so here it is! I can't thank you enough for the feedback and love on part one. I love this man and I love this series. Can't wait to see where it goes ♡
Tumblr media
You and Eddie had been almost inseparable aside from your evening shifts at the diner and his D&D campaigns. But he had finally convinced you to come and try out a game tomorrow night.
His uncle was almost always out of town, which worked out well considering your mom worked constantly. She'd met Eddie and though she was wary of his "scary" exterior at first and how much time you were spending with him, she loved how happy you were, and she trusted you to make good decisions.
"We could play hookie, princess. Don't you wanna stay in bed all day? Right here... with me?" Eddie asks with a raspy, sleep-coated voice as he looks up at you with a sexy smile and those sweet doe eyes. You give him your best attempt at a disapproving look as he strokes his hands over your bare back, not making it easy to tell him no.
"We can do this," he says as he kisses your jawline, "and this," kissing lower onto your neck, "and even this," he breathes against your collarbone before attempting to suck a small bruise onto the skin. You pull away despite your heart's most desperate desires to stay and let him have his way with you.
"What is this sorcery?" You giggle, letting your head fall against his warm chest as it shakes with his giddy laughter. He doesn't let up his charming ministrations for even a second, playing with your hair with his free hand as he continues rubbing soothing strokes up and down your spine - coaxing you to stay instead of facing Hawkins High on this bright, early Thursday morning.
"I want to. You know I want to... But we can't, Eds. We have finals coming up, and you have to really buckle down so you can walk that stage with me next week," you say as you reach up to place your hand on his face.
A corner of his lips pulled upward into a smirk as his sleepy eyes scanned your features. "You know, I hate when you're right. How dare you woo me with your alluring looks and speak with logic and reason. Witch!"
You squeal as Eddie suddenly attacks your sides, tickling you with the same fingers that were just strumming your clit and teasing your nipples an hour ago.
You managed to wiggle free, rolling out of his bed to fetch your clothes and start getting ready for school as Eddie reluctantly follows you in doing the same. He playfully slaps your ass as you stand in front of the floor length mirror hanging on his door, placing soft kisses on your neck whilst you tie your hair back.
You drop your arms to cover his as they snake around your waist, holding you against his chest as you both admire the reflection of each other like this.
"Gorgeous," he says as his eyes focus on your face in the mirror, placing a kiss on your temple as you lean into him. "And mine."
You hum sweetly at his possessive comment while your hand moves into his mess of curls momentarily, scrubbing his scalp a few times as he growls. "Don't start something you can't finish..."
"Come on, lover boy. Don't wanna miss the first bell," you retort, giggling as you pull him from the trailer - a pathetic puppy dog look across his face.
It had already been a long day of classes. Math and science had basically bored you into submission and you couldn't wait for the energizing lunch period ahead of you. You'd eat, you'd chat with your buddies, and best of all, you'd get to see Eddie in one of the elements he thrived in - discussing his special interests with the members of Hellfire Club, his humor and exuberance on display for them and anyone sitting too close to witness.
You walked through the large double doors, the buzz of teenagers talking and shouting filling your ears as you squeezed by groups and cliques, looking for your usual table.
You felt a slight unease run through your body as you walked by the jocks and cheerleaders, as you were usually the subject of their judgmental stares and snickers. You glanced over, seeing Jason Carver eyeing you with a particularly intense gaze.
You swallowed nervously, shifting your eyes back in front of you as you searched for Eddie, feeling your heart swell when you saw him stand from his seat, waving you over with that big, handsome grin of his. Your safe place.
"Make some room for the lady, huh? Show some respect," Eddie demanded, causing Dustin to slide down and make plenty of room for you to sit between him and Eddie. You gave Dustin a sweet smile as you both rolled your eyes at your boyfriend's usual dramatics.
"Fill me in, what'd I miss?" You ask, looking around as everyone seems to be fired up about something.
"Eddie found an article about D&D in Newsweek and he's on a whole tangent," Mike whispered across the table, nodding to Eddie who was flipping through the pages, snickering in disbelief.
"We're the freaks because we like to play a fantasy game..." He says as he slaps the magazine down dramatically, alerting you to an approaching outburst as he quickly stands and climbs onto the table. You hide your face with your hands as Dustin tries to help shield you from the attention Eddie was undoubtedly about to attract.
"But as long as you're into band or science..." he drawled as he walked the length of the table like a catwalk, "Or parties... Or a GAME where you toss BALLS into LAUNDRY BASKETS-"
"You want something, freak?" The preppy male voice called from across the cafeteria, interrupting Eddie's speech.
You slap Dustin's hands away from your face as you look up to see the voice had come from Jason, now standing at his table, glaring at Eddie with a threatening stance.
You glance up to Eddie who just grins, his hands shooting up on either side of his head to imitate devil horns, snaking his tongue all the way out to mock the athlete that tried to intimidate him. The table busts into laughter beneath him, only egging him on as he keeps his eyes on Jason.
"Prick..." Jason scoffed, rolling his eyes as Eddie hopped down from the table. He immediately noticed how shaken you looked and retreated to his seat next to you.
He wrapped his arm around your neck, pulling you in as he kissed your temple, leaning in to discreetly whisper a check in. "You okay?"
You nodded, feeling the nerves wash away as he pinched your chin for a moment, scrunching his nose at you to make you laugh. He was a fool, and you were crazy about him.
Jason watched from the other side of the cafeteria with disgust and resentment as your boyfriend loved on you. He couldn't believe you were with Eddie Munson, "satanic leader of the Hellfire Club," which he had convinced himself and all of his zombie friends was a cult.
"You're coming to the campaign tomorrow night, right?" Mike asked you, causing some of the other guys to turn and eagerly await your answer. Eddie smiled proudly next to you as he saw the interest you'd piqued amongst the group.
"Yes, but I literally know nothing about D&D so please don't make fun of me when I screw up," you laugh.
"No promises, princess. It's pretty much a rite of passage in Hellfire to be ragged on," Eddie said with a wink as he chewed on a piece of celery.
"I bet she kicks your ass," Dustin pipes up, causing Eddie to all-but choke on his leafy vegetable stalk.
"C-come again?" Eddie coughed with a dumbfound look on his face, causing you to giggle.
"You stick with me and you'll be wiping the floor with Eddie's campaigns before you know it," Dustin says with a toothless grin.
"Are you hitting on my woman, Henderson?" Eddie asks with narrowed eyes, your other friends making dramatic oooohs as the two start throwing almonds at each other. "Because that crime is punishable by death."
You playfully push him with your shoulder, sighing as you hear the bell ring. Lunch was always so short and you still had to run by the journalism room for some notes you'd left.
"See you in English?" You ask Eddie, giving him a quick peck on the lips as he smiles.
"I'll be the one in leather," he says with a smirk, big brown eyes sparkling up at you. You roll your eyes at his silliness and wave to the others as you make your way out of the cafeteria, Eddie's eyes on you until you eventually leave his line of sight.
"Munson's in loooove," Mike snickered, causing Eddie to throw an almond right at his nose.
"Shut up," He snaps before he stands, grabbing his things and heading toward Ms. O'Donnel's. He promised you he wouldn't get any more tardies this year.
English went the way it always did. You'd kick the back of Eddie's chair when he wasn't paying attention, he'd pass you a silly note that read "will you go out with me yes or no" and you'd be in tears from trying to hold back your laughter.
He had the most wicked, out-there sense of humor and you loved/hated him for it, especially in public settings. But whether you wanted to admit it or not, he was getting you out of your shell. And he loved watching you blossom.
The final bell rang and Eddie spun around in his chair, giving you a sweet grin as he waited for you to pack up your bag so he could carry your books for you.
"Mr. Munson, a word?" Ms. O'Donnel called as the rest of the class began to clear out.
"Yes, your majesty?" Eddie said sweetly, turning to playfully bow in his seat as Ms. O'Donnel stifled a laugh.
"I'm really impressed with how hard you've been working. I don't know what's got you so focused and determined..." She said as she gave you a wink from behind her desk, "but it's working. Stay back a few minutes, I think I may have some extra credit assignments to help pull that grade up."
Eddie turned to you quickly with wide eyes and an open mouth as you beamed proudly at him. He really had been working hard. "I'll wait by the van," you whispered as you squeezed his shoulder, quickly leaving as you waved goodbye to your teacher.
Your locker was a good distance from Ms. O'Donnel's but it was near the exit to the student parking lot. You were almost there when you saw Jason walk into your line of sight.
You contemplated turning around or just heading straight for Eddie's van, to hell with the locker, but you had several textbooks and Eddie's still had the keys. So you swallowed your nerves, taking a deep breath as you quickly entered your combination. Maybe he would just keep on walking.
Why wouldn't he?
"You're Y/N, right?" Jason asked, causing you to exhale the breath you'd been holding as you finished putting your things away. You shut your locker, turning to face the jock with a polite half-smile.
"Yep. That's me," you said timidly.
"Yeah, I've seen you around. You're on the newspaper, right?" He asks, smiling kindly as he crosses his arms. You nod as you shift nervously on the balls of your feet.
"Well it's nice to finally meet you. I'm Jason," he says as he reaches for your hand, which you keep firmly grasping your backpack strap. His friendly face falters momentarily, letting you know you were right not to trust him. He wasn't genuine. The charm was just an act.
He chuckles as he struggles to maintain his false kindness, crossing his arms again as he looks to the floor. "So, was I seeing things right today in the cafeteria? Because I swear it looked like you were snuggled up with that guy, Eddie... Eddie Munson," he spat his name with disgust, his face twisting up like it was hard to even say.
You gulped as his face changed into the one you'd seen in the cafeteria. It was threatening, like he was dying for you to tell him he was right.
"Yeah, and?" You asked, growing more and more irritated that he was talking badly about Eddie in front of you.
"Come on, you're too good for him," Jason says quickly, looking down at you as you feel trapped between him and the lockers.
"You don't even know me. And I don't think it's really any of your business-"
"No, it actually is. I know you're a good girl, Y/N. And he's a freak. That little club he runs... you know it's like a cult, right? I'm just trying to protect you."
"Thanks for your concern," you say sarcastically as you glare up at him, "But you're wasting your time. Eddie does protect me," You say as you go to slide out of the cornered state he's put you in.
Jason grabs your arms and throws you back against the lockers with a loud thud, causing you to yelp as your head hits the metal, knocking the wind out of you. "I thought you were shy and sweet. Munson's already corrupting you, can't you see that?" He asks, leaning close to your face as you struggle to turn your head. You want to knee him, headbutt him, anything to get free but he was physically much stronger than he looked.
You look up at him with wide eyes, filled with fear as he's seething now, holding you against the lockers by your shoulders.
Eddie rounds the corner to see Jason being a bullying prick as usual, preparing to pull him off of whatever poor loser he was trying to intimidate.
"Why don't you pick on someone your own fucking size, you idiot?" Eddie starts as Jason's head snaps to face him, and he gets a glimpse of you, trapped and frightened against the lockers.
You watch as Eddie's face changes, his eyes holding a darkness you've never seen before.
"Oh, now you've fucked up," Eddie says lowly as he approaches Jason, quickly coming out of his vest and jacket as he pushes his sleeves up.
"Eddie, don't!" You cried, seeing his face fixed on the jock he already couldn't stand. Eddie looked like he could kill him, and you didn't want him to throw his chances to graduate away over this.
"Listen to your little slut, Munson. You don't want any of this," he threatens, holding his fists up defensively as Eddie heads straight for him.
That was the boiling point. Eddie doesn't hold back as he throws his fist into Jason's stomach, forcing a loud grunt from his lungs. He immediately snatches him up by his varsity jacket, slinging him into the same set of lockers that Jason had trapped you against.
"Eddie, stop! Please!" You begged as his wild eyes scanned Jason's face, his jaw clenched as he held him firmly in place. Jason tried to get free but Eddie's grip wouldn't budge.
"Give me one reason why I shouldn't gut you right now," he says lowly, causing Jason to laugh with what little breath he had conjured back into his chest.
"Fuck you," he spat.
Eddie swings, landing a sharp blow across his face with no warning, a small gash splitting across his cheekbone as Jason cries out.
"Last chance, you entitled piece of shit," Eddie said through gritted teeth. "You think I'm a freak?" You've got no fucking clue."
You saw a hint of fear in Jason's blue eyes, his face stinging from the new laceration Eddie's rings had caused.
"Eddie, enough. It's not worth it!" You cry, but you're not even sure he can hear you as his eyes stay fixed on Jason.
"If you so much as look in her direction again, God himself won't be able to help you. You understand?" Eddie growls as you hear the sound of high heels clicking down the hall.
"Gentlemen! What is going on here?" Ms. O'Donnel scolds as she quickly approaches the three of you, observing your shaken state.
Eddie let go of Jason's collar as he fell back against the lockers, his eyes fixed on Jason's face as the jock held his busted cheek. "Did you see that? Did you see this freak attack me?!" He asks with exasperation, playing the victim card well.
Ms. O'Donnel looks between the boys, then at you with empathy behind her eyes.
"I saw plenty, Mr. Carver. And I suggest you keep your hands to yourself, unless you want the coach to find out about this," she says as she cocks an eyebrow at him. He scoffs, shaking his head before he breaks into a sprint out of the back doors.
"Mr. Munson..." She said as she turned to him now, crossing her arms. "Why would you do this? Risk everything? You're so close. You've worked so hard..."
Eddie pinched the bridge of his nose with his ring-covered hand as he exhaled roughly. "I'll drop out before I let that fucker lay hands on her-"
"Eddie," You gasp, eyes blown wide at his use of profanity in front of your teacher.
"Sorry, I'm sorry-" he says quickly, his face twisted up in distress. You sighed as you studied his expression. He was battling some pretty dark demons.
Ms. O'Donnel looked at him with understanding as she reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Eddie, you're not in trouble. But you know you're fighting against the odds here. You have one week left... that's it. No more fights, do you hear me? I want you on your best behavior," She says sternly, craning her neck so that Eddie had no choice but to meet her eyes.
He clenched his jaw as he nodded reluctantly. "Yeah, I hear you. Thanks."
Ms. O'Donnel nodded, giving you a sympathetic smile as she turned and retreated back to her classroom, leaving you and Eddie alone.
He turned to you now as you stared up at him with worried eyes, not sure how to approach him in this state. His face was unchanging, stoic and hardened as he was taking uneven breaths.
You reached out to him hesitantly as he unfolded his arms, noticing his hands were visibly shaking in the air from the adrenaline.
"Oh, baby..." you said sadly as you took them in yours, rubbing the pads of your thumbs over his busted knuckles.
You pulled him toward you, feeling him wrap his arms around you firmly as you clung to his chest. His heart was drumming against his ribcage, you could feel it through his clothes.
"Are you okay?" He asked, pulling you back to inspect you as he held your face in his hands. You nodded quickly, reassuring him.
He was doing his best to be gentle with you but you could still see the remnants of insatiable rage behind those big, brown eyes.
He was quiet the whole drive home. You weren't sure what to say, or if you should even say anything. So you didn't. But after he pulled into the driveway and pulled the keys from the ignition, you reached over and put your hand on his forearm.
He looked at it for a moment before glancing up at you. He recognized your face. You looked concerned, confused. Maybe even a little scared.
"Eddie..." You said softly, trying to start some sort of conversation. "Your jaw is gonna fuse shut if you don't unclench it," you added as you reached up to gently caress the hardened feature. He closed his eyes, leaning into your touch as his shoulders began to relax for the first time.
Like a flame melting an icecap.
"Come on, let's go in. Let me take care of you," you said as he seemed to frown when your hand left his face.
You thought about taking a hot shower together as you walked inside the trailer, but you didn't have time to even get down the hallway before Eddie grabbed your hand, pulling you back to him.
You gasped as he lifted you, helping you wrap your legs around his waist. His lips crashed into yours as he pushed you against the nearest wall, his hands hungrily exploring your body as he pushed them under your shirt.
"Eddie, I-" you started, only to be silenced by another bruising kiss being pressed to your mouth. He was starving, his ministrations dripping with impatience and greed.
You felt the familiar tingle in your stomach as he pulled your shirt over your head with bated breath, his eyes dark with desire as his lips latched onto your skin, leaving marks and wet spots all over your chest. You could feel him hardening under his jeans, pressing the bulge into your clothed cunt as your moans began to float through the empty trailer.
"I'm sorry if I scared you," he says breathlessly as he unlatches your bra, tossing it across the room before burying his face into the crook of your neck again. You sigh as his lips wrap around your pulse point and lean your head to the side, giving him better access to lap at the sensitive skin with his tongue and inevitably, his teeth.
"I'm not scared of you," you say softly, wrapping your fingers in his hair as he nips at your shoulder now, his hands caressing your hips as he starts to unbutton your jeans.
He sets you down long enough for you both to scramble out of your clothes, eagerly grasping for each other again with swollen lips, his eyes still holding a primal glint in the lamp light.
He hoists you back up against the wall, groaning as his cock nudges against your wet folds. He pauses, letting your wetness tease him as he strokes the tip back and forth over your clit. You're trying hard to keep your eyes open as he glances up to you, his brows furrowing slightly.
"I should've gotten to you sooner... I-"
"Kicked his ass," you finished his sentence, correcting the way he was talking about himself as his eyes pleaded with yours. "You saved me, Eddie. You protected me. Defended me..."
"Because you're mine," he says with a husky voice, his eyes boring into yours as he finally rocks his hips forward, sliding the head of his swollen cock inside your entrance.
His words were firm. A promise. An oath. And it sent a wave of arousal through your core as he stretched you wide open. You gasped at the sensation, gripping his shoulders as he bottomed out, groaning something intelligible through clenched teeth.
You can feel that his hands are still shaking as he grips your hips, adrenaline running through his veins as he's still so wound up from before, but maintaining that gentle carefulness he always held for you.
"You're not gonna break me, Eddie. Use me. Let me help you feel better," you plead softly as his eyes flicker back to yours, softening slightly at your instruction.
He hesitates, but only for a moment. He readjusts, hooking his forearms beneath your thighs as he slams his hips into yours, hitting against the sweet spot that makes you curse. He does it again and again, pushing you closer to the edge with each thrust until he's banging you against the wall so hard that the shelf of coffee mugs next to you is rattling, daring to crash to the floor.
He watches you the whole time with a slack jaw as he adores your blissful face and perfectly parted lips, the way your eyes are barely open but he can still see them rolling back each time he slams against your g-spot. He curses through heavy breaths as he feels himself getting closer, your pussy squeezing around him so tight he can hardly handle it.
"Fuck, Eddie..." you whine, pushing your fingers into his hair as he nods quickly, encouraging your movements, hanging on your sweet words.
"I'm gonna cum.. oh, god, just like that... Don't stop!" You cry, pulling his hair as a growl rips through his chest. He fucks you faster, harder, your thighs burning as his rings dig into your flesh.
"That's my good girl, so pretty like this," he praises you through his own staggering moans. "Cum for me, princess, let me hear those pretty sounds..."
You feel every muscle you possess tighten up as your orgasm knocks into you like a tidal wave. You cling to him like a koala on a tree, pushing his face into your neck as you cry out his name like a prayer.
His damp curls tickle your face as you pant, his rocking hips extending your orgasm longer and longer until you start to whimper from the sensation. You relax your arms, allowing him to lean back and study your blissed out face.
He can hardly handle it, witnessing you so cock-drunk as your walls continue to pulse around him, aftershocks hitting you repeatedly as he thrusts deep inside your cunt. He's close, impossibly close and you can see it.
"See how good you make me feel?" You whimper, gazing down at him through heavy lids. "How much I need you?"
He speeds up his thrusts again as they become sloppier, leaning his forehead against yours as he starts to unravel. He hums as you coax him on, begging him to empty himself inside of you.
"Let me have it, baby, come on..." you whimper as you cradle his face and plead with your eyes. His hips stutter before he buries himself deep a final time, his head falling against your shoulder as he moans and curses, panting and whining into your skin. You feel his dick pulsing as he unloads, leaving sloppy kisses on your chest as he tries to catch his breath.
He pulls his face away, soft, tired eyes trailing all over your face and chest as he holds you there, bodies still connected.
You reach up to brush his damp curls from his forehead, pushing the rest of his hair from his face and shoulders to help him cool down. He smiles as he gazes at you through hooded eyes.
"There's that smile," you coo as you trace your thumbs across his high cheekbones, admiring his beautiful, god-like features.
He hisses as he finally pulls out of you, lowering you to the ground gently as you feel his seed running down your thigh. He quickly grabs you a towel and helps you to the bathroom so you can climb into a hot shower together.
He hands you one of his favorite band tees with a kiss to your forehead as he pulls on a pair of boxers and climbs into bed. He pulls the blanket back to welcome you in once you've pulled on the oversized shirt, smiling as you quickly curl up on his chest.
"Do you feel better?" You ask as you shift your face to look up at Eddie.
His smile fades as his eyes give you a more serious look. "I'm fine, baby. Just worried about you."
"You don't need to worry," you said sweetly. "I think you gave Jason the shock of his life today."
Eddie smirked as he remembered the fear on Jason's face and how much he undoubtedly enjoyed inflicting it. The guy had it coming.
Eddie's eyes sparkled as he looked down at you. "That may be true. Either way... You're walking with bodyguards 'til graduation."
"What?" You laughed as you leaned up on your elbow to see his face better. He looked so amused.
"You heard me, princess..." he laughed as he studied your shocked face. "If by some chance, I am unable to escort you to and from class... you can expect the company of Dustin, Mike, or Lucas.. maybe even Gareth."
You shake your head as you grin, knowing there's no use in arguing after what you witnessed today. You were just grateful to see him smiling again.
"You're crazy, Eddie Munson..." You sigh as your eyes burn into his, a smirk playing on your lips.
"Crazy for you? Without a doubt," he says as he pokes the tip of your nose with his finger. You giggle, turning your face away from him.
He slides his palm over your cheek, pulling your face just inches from his as he kisses you softly, agonizingly slow. His eyes burn into yours when they flutter open again.
"I think I love you," you say breathlessly, your heart racing in your chest as the sudden admission falls from your lips.
You watch as the corners of Eddie's mouth rise into that signature smirk, his eyes nearly closing from how hard he was smiling.
"Well, I know I love you, princess."
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timejumpbucky · a day ago
Sleepless (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Summary: After spending the night in your trailer and nearly kissing you, Joseph gets frustrated by being interrupted and decides to finish what he wanted to start and then some.
Warnings: Smut, 18+ minors DNI, unprotected sex (wrap it up my friends), fingering, very slight choking, pain kink, blink and you'll miss it hand kink, praise, dirty talk, swearing
Pairing: Joseph Quinn x fem!reader
Notes: Here's part 2 my friends. I'd recommend reading part 1 first but you don't have to if you don't want to!
Part 1 here:
"Jesus fucking Christ" I groaned out
"Don't answer it" Joseph begged quietly, his hand still cupping my jaw
"I have to" I sighed, pushing myself back from him and getting out of bed to grab my phone. I heard Joseph sigh in frustration as I answered the call "What?" I snapped
"Jesus. Hello to you too" Joe said on the other side of the call "Are you mad at me for hitting your trailer with that ball earlier?" I took in a breath to calm my annoyance, slowly releasing it as I heard rustling come from behind me
"No, sorry. What's up?" I asked
"Gaten wanted me to ask if we could go into town and get dinner later instead of just hanging out at one of our trailers" he inquired
"Yeah, let me ask J" just as his name left my mouth I felt a firm hand grab my hip. Joseph turned me around to face him, immediately trapping me between him and the counter before cupping my jaw
"You're too polite sometimes" he breathed out before leaning down to slam his lips against mine. I gasped in shock against his lips, my phone slipping from my hand as my mind went completely blank. The part in his lips blurred out every prior thought in my brain as our lips moved perfectly together
Is Joseph fucking Quinn really kissing me right now?
There's no fucking way this really happening.
Except it is happening
Joseph's hand is really slipping from my jaw to the back of my neck and his lips really are practically devouring mine.
The feeling of his fingers digging into my hip brought me back to reality as I finally wrapped an arm around his neck and cupped his jaw. I pulled him deeper into the kiss, getting on my tiptoes to make it easier. His hand on my hip slipped around to hold the small of my back, bringing me flush against him
When we hesitantly pulled apart our shakey breath mingled together while his forehead rested against mine. Our eyes soon met once we recovered from how intense the kiss was. As soon as Joseph saw the flustered smile on my lips a relieved laugh left his lips
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that" his voice was soft as I laughed in relief along with him. He was quick to get lost in my face, eyes looking at me like I was the most precious thing he's ever seen
"(Y/N)?.. hello? Dude what's going on?" Joe's voice coming from my phone that had landed on the ground by our feet caught my attention. When Joseph saw where I was looking he sighed in annoyance before bending down to grab my phone
"Call back later, mate" he said to Joe
"Finally!-" Joseph hung up, tossing my phone over to the bed before his lips were eagerly placed back on mine. This kiss quickly became much more heated than the first, a soft moan leaving my mouth and going into his when his fingers tangled up in my hair
I let one of my hands weave through his curls, tugging softly at them to see what he'd do. When a groan left his mouth and went into mine I knew exactly how to get him just a bit more riled up.
My fingers continued to softly pull at his hair in rhythm with our lips, taking the opportunity to deepen the kiss during this. Joseph's fingers bunched my shirt up in response, holding me as close as he could as his hips grounded into mine. His fingers in my hair tightened their grip, pulling my head back so he had a better angle to attack my lips at. I felt the counter digging into my lower back, but I wasn't about to complain with how needy Joseph seemed to be getting
We very briefly pulled away to catch our breath, a slight blush dusted across his cheeks as he looked down at me with lust-blown pupils. This time I was the one to yank him back down to my lips. There was a slight smirk on his lips as both his hands began trailing down my body. His thumbs brushed over every inch of my clothed skin that he could reach while his palms kept a good pressure on my sides as they traveled down. Shivers were shooting down my spine over and over thanks to his precise touch
Soon I felt his hands get a good grip on my waist before lifiting me up and setting me on the counter. He slotted himself between my legs, smiling against my lips when my hands pressed flat against his bare abdomen
Joseph's intense kisses soon made their way down to my neck, his lips focusing on sucking light marks right behind my ear the second a soft gasp left my lips. One of my hands snaked back up into his hair, pulling at it a bit as I did my best to keep in the moans that threatened to spill out
His calloused hands slipped into the waistband of my PJ bottoms, running along my hot skin until he got to the front where he paused all movements. His breath was shakey against my neck before he pulled back to look into my eyes
Both our lips were slightly swollen and our cheeks flushed red. Our breathing was uneven as we both struggled to keep our composure in the new intensity that's been created between us. One of his hands carefully brushed my hair into place as his eyes examined me like I was the most fascinating things he's ever seen
"Are you sure?" He asked breathlessly. A breathy laugh left my lips as I cupped both sides of his jaw, pulling him back to my lips. This kiss was soft and slow to reassure him that I wanted this
"I'm sure, J" my quiet voice made him release a breath of relief that he didn't realize he'd been holding
"Thank God" he breathed out before his lips went right back to attacking my neck
"Fuck" I muttered, letting my eyes slip shut as my hand returned to his hair
My fingers on my free hand dug into his back as I struggled to keep myself grounded during his assault on my neck. His entire body tensed at the feeling of my nails in his skin, a shuddering breath leaving him before his attack on my neck seemed to get 10x more intense
Joseph wasted no time in letting his hand continue on to where they'd been going before. His fingers slipped right into my underwear and found their target immediately, pressing harshly against my clit. He held his fingers there and pulled back from my neck so he could gage the look on my face
"J" I whined, softly grinding my hips against his fingers to get some sort of friction. I saw a tinge of smirk on his lips as his eyes closely examined my face
"There you go, Sweetheart" he leaned in to place open mouthed kisses against my neck "Use my fingers" he muttered against my searing hot skin. A shamefully loud moan slipped out at his words, moving my hips just a bit faster against his fingers
"Joe, please" I begged in the breathy voice that seemingly drove him wild. Joseph kissed his way up my neck and to my lips
"Mm.. tell me what you want, Darling" he muttered against my lips, refusing to kiss them just to get under my skin
"Please, J.. I need your fingers inside me so bad. Please" I begged without thinking twice. God what is he doing to me?
"Good girl" his voice was just above a hum as he finally closed the gap between our lips. The kiss was hungry and needy, both of us wanting nothing more than to feel each other right then and there. I felt Joseph let his fingers slip down my slit, dipping inside of me just a bit. That tiny bit of stimulation was enough to get a hard groan out of me and a jut of my hips "Someone's eager" He mumbled teasingly against my lips. I laughed breathlessly, cupping his quickly hardening cock through his thin PJ bottoms
"I'm not the only one" I shot back
"Fuck" he grunted out when I squeezed him a bit "Touché, Love" he sighed in content as I delicately rubbed my hand against him. Finally Joseph pushed two of his strong fingers inside of me
"Fuck" I hissed out, placing one hand on the back of his neck to support myself and pull him in closer. Joseph soon began thrusting and scissors his fingers, occasionally curling them up so they hit the exact spot that he quickly figured out drove me wild. How hard I was biting my lip to keep the moans in nearly drew blood
"Let me hear you, Angel" his voice was like honey as he reached up with his free hand, cupping my jaw and placing his thumb on my lip. He tugged my lip from my teeth's grasp, looking right into my eyes with his classic puppy dog look "Please, Love"
"Jesus fucking Christ, J" I gasped when his thumb began rubbing circles against my clit
"That's my girl" Joseph's voice was low and gravely, sending chills down my spine immediately
I was already close thanks to his voice alone, the addition of a third finger however practically signed everything off the second it slipped into me. I gasped louder than I meant to, making me slap my hand over my own mouth to keep me quiet as if we were about to be caught. Joseph was quick to grab my wrist, pulling my hand from my mouth and pinning it to the counter so i couldnt muffle myself
"S.. sorry" I managed to get out, looking into his eyes with hooded ones of my own
"That's alright, Darling" he pressed a kiss to my forehead "I just want to hear those pretty moans of yours" he muttered against my skin. He suddenly sped his fingers up and kept them as spread apart as he could. His short nails scraped slightly against my walls, adding a pleasurable pain to the mix. It didn't take long at all for him to get me right at the brink of an intense orgasm
"Fuck, Joe!" I gasped out. Joseph rested his forehead against mine to help keep me grounded
The way his heavy breath fell over my lips as he watched my face contort. The way his body moved with mine as I impulsively bucked my hips up. The way he muttered soft praises to me as his fingers became more brutal. It was all driving me crazy and my body couldn't take it anymore
"J.." my desperation-logged voice panted out as I looked into his eyes. The look in my irises let Joseph know what I was trying to say
"Come for me, Angel" he muttered
Almost on command I felt the tight knot in my stomach break. Joseph moaned to himself when I nearly screamed his name. His fingers worked the entire way through my orgasm, my convulsing body making things shake a bit on counter. Pleasure rushed to my brain and made me nearly incoherent as I struggled to calm down from my intense high
"Good girl.. so good" he praised, leaning in to give me a chaste kiss through my heavy breathing "You are so fucking breathtaking, Love" his voice made goosebumps spread across my skin
I didn't even bother responding, I just grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him in to a deep kiss. Our lips moved passionately together as his hands worked to carefully get my pants and underwear off. I lifted my hips so he could slip them off and toss them to the side
Now it was my turn. My hands went right to his PJ bottoms, one slipping into his waistband while the other cupped his rock-hard cock. I felt his breath catch in his throat when I squeezed him a bit. He pulled back from my lips, forehead resting against mine as he squeezed his eyes shut. My hand continued to rub against him while my fingers glided delicately between his waistband and skin. I just wanted to see how worked up I could get him before he couldn't take it anymore
My lips were just barely ghosting over his as he rested both palms on the counter on either side of me. The way his lips parted to let soft groans out lit my skin on fire. He is so fucking intoxicating
Suddenly Joseph grabbed my neck right below my jaw, his fingers just barely squeezing so he could force me to look right into his eyes. My eyes were wide but there was a sly smirk on my lips to let him know that I was enjoying what he was doing
"Take them off" he ordered with a stern tone. A shiver shot down my spine before I eagerly nodded
Joseph released my neck so I could push his PJ bottoms down until they pooled around his ankles. He kicked them off his feet, allowing me a few moments to take in how big he was
"Are you sure?" Joseph asked again. I looked into his eyes, the way the sun caught his amber irises making my heart do backflips
"I'm still absolutely sure. Are you?" I inquired
"You have no clue how sure I am" he insisted, smiling to himself when he saw a blush sweep across my cheeks "You're so damn beautiful" he muttered before cupping my jaw and pulling me into another soft and slow kiss
As our lips moved intently against each other I felt his tip slip over my slit. My body jerked a bit in response as my hands on his abdomen trailed up his torso. One hand settled on his shoulder while the other slipped to hold the back of his neck. I pulled him deeper in to the kiss, savoring the way his body leaned so naturally into mine
I reached down to wrap my hand around him, giving him a couple pumps that left his breath fluttering by the time I ran my thumb over his tip. Joseph finally put his hand over mine that was wrapped around him, guiding him to my slit and letting just his tip slip in. He held it there, not letting my hand go let go to see how long I'd go before getting impatient
It didn't take long for a desperate whimper to leave my lips as my free hand bunched in his hair. Joseph smirked to himself before finally pushing himself completely inside of me. We both released shakey breaths once he bottomed out, his eyes looking right into mine to make sure I was okay as my freed hand grasped onto his bicep
He patiently waited for me to give him permission to move. The second I nodded his arms wrapped around me and his hips began thrusting into me at a steady rate. The way he stretched me out paired with his tip pressing hard against my g-spot was already driving me insane
"Holy shit" he breathed out, one hand burying itself in my hair and the other holding the small of my back to keep me close. My arms were wrapped around his shoulders while my face was buried in the crook of his neck
"Joe" I moaned out, feeling him set a slightly harder pace when my nails dug deep into his shoulders "Oh my God" my voice was weak and Joseph couldn't get enough of it. Every time I opened my mouth he increased the hardness of his thrusts to reward me
"You're doing so good, Angel" Joseph praised, pressing a kiss to the side of my head.
"J please" I got out just above a whisper, dragging my nails across his muscular back to keep myself from meeting his thrusts
"Please what, (Y/N)?" His voice sent chills through me as he gripped my hair a bit tighter to pull me back from his shoulder. The second our eyes met and I saw just how blown out his pupils were I wasn't able to keep it together anymore. My hips bucked up into his as I breathed out his name like it was a mantra "Greedy girl, aye?" He taunted, letting a grunt out when my fingers dug into his bicep
"J.. fuck.. please"
"You've gotta tell me what you want, Princess" God his fucking voice
"Please fuck me harder" my words were strung together through gasps and groans but Joseph was able to decipher what I was asking for
"Well since you asked so politely" his thrusts got harder just like I asked, making me grip the edge of the counter to brace myself so I wouldn't fall back. Our moans were tangling together in the air around us as he leaned in close. Our lips were a paper-thin length apart while his hands kept him up by resting on the counter on either side of me. Our eyes were both locked on each other's lips as our melodic moans captivated both of us
Finally Joseph closed the gap between us, thrusting significant faster as our lips moved together. One of my hands weaved back through his hair, gripping it with an impossibly tight hold to try and help myself focus on the kiss. His rough thrusts were causing a knot to form in my stomach already and the way his perfect lips moved against mine certainly wasn't helping to keep the knot at bay
When he hesitantly pulled away he wrapped his arms back around me, pulling me so I was sitting up straight up and pressed against his chest
"You feel so good" his low husky voice tugged hard at the knot at my stomach and caused a pathetic sounding moan to leave my lips "Fuck, (Y/N)" he groaned out at the sound of my moan
"K.. keep talking" I requested breathlessly, burying my face in his shoulder. In attempts to keep myself grounded I began nipping and sucking around his shoulder, being sure to leave deep marks there for the makeup team to attempt to cover up in the morning
"You're being so good for me" Joseph got out through his own soft moans. Both my hands were grasping at the back of his shoulders for dear life as he managed to thrust a bit harder
"Oh God I.. fuck, J" I whined
"Is my perfect girl gonna come again for me?" He asked, kissing the side of my head and resting his chin there
"Y-yes" I stuttered out, nails digging deep into his back muscles
"Not yet" he grunted "Drag your nails and I'll keep talking, Love" I laughed breathlessly at his requests before immediately obeying
My nails dragged down his muscular back as tantalizingly slow as I could. There was a brief stutter in his thrusts as his mind struggled to process the sudden increase of pleasure
"Good girl" he breathed out
"You feel so fucking good, J" I propped my chin up on his chest so I could look at him. When our hooded eyes met he let an animalistic sounding groan out before suddenly thrusting a bit faster "Oh fuck!" I gasped out
"I've thought about this for months. Months, (Y/N)" the seemingly stern tone of his voice was only bringing me closer and closer to my breaking point
"Me too" I managed to get out "Fuck I wanted you so bad, J" I admitted, continuing to drag my nails along his back
"That feels so fucking good" Joseph cupped my jaw with one of his hands to keep me looking at him "You have no idea how bad I wanted you. You drove me fucking crazy" his thumb softly ran across my bottom lip, his eyes fixated on me as he did so.
My eyes looked right into his, my mouth slowly taking his thumb in it and sucking lightly. Joseph threw his head back and groaned before leaning back down to slam his lips to mine. The kiss was short and messy, but I was flustered by it nonetheless
"So fucking hot" he breathed out against my lips. I felt my impending orgasm grow dangerously close, making my hips start to meet his thrusts
"I'm so close, Joe" I warned him, looking at him with begging eyes
"You wanna come for me, Darling?" He asked
"Please. So bad. I wanna come for you so fucking bad" I spit out desperately, fully knowing I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer
"Tell me how good it feels and I'll consider it" he smirked at my whimper
"Oh my God" I got out in one breath "You feel so fucking good. Please don't stop. Please. I love how you feel" the desperate tone in my voice made Joseph's thrusts grow a bit sloppy
"Fucking hell" he suddenly pulled me into a needy kiss, lips moving feverishly against mine as his thrusts got as hard as they possibly could get "Come for me, Angel"
The second his voice hit my ears I was done for. My hips bucked up against his as my vision blurred and my moans became completely unhinged. Pleasure infected every single inch of my body, my brain going completely blank as it struggled to process how good everything felt.
My walls clenching and unclenching around Joseph was too much for him. He suddenly grounded his hips against mine, arms wrapping around my waist to hold me as close as possible. My arms were holding around his neck for dear life as my body shook against his. Both our moans were filling the trailer as we rode out our in synch orgasms.
Soon we came down fron our highs, our breathing ragged as he held me a bit tighter to him
"That was amazing, Love" his voice was weak as he placed chaste kisses along my shoulder. All I could do was nod in response, not trusting my voice as of yet
Joseph very carefully pulled out of me, both of us sighing when he was fully out. My arms wrapped around him a bit tighter as I relished in the newfound glow between us
"Wrap your legs around me, Sweetheart" he instructed. I obeyed, wrapping my shaking legs around his waist so he could pick me up. He carried me over to the fold out bed, sitting down in it with his back against the pillows.
And of course, there we were in the position we'd found ourselves in quite a bit over the past 12 hours, me straddling his lap while his hands explored the curves of my back. I managed to sit myself up enough to rest my elbow on his shoulder, softly tracing the details of his face as we settled in the calm
One of his hands came up to slip a piece of my hair behind my ear. I smiled lovingly at him, letting my thumb dance over his soft lips as I exaimed his face just how I always loved to do. He's so beautiful. I wonder if he knows that
"So.." he began, chuckling when I jumped at the suddennes of his voice. I felt his hand on my back nervously bunch my shirt up before he continued "Is the right time to ask you to be my girlfriend or am I a tad behind on the uptake there?" He finally asked, cheeks still flushed and a goofy smile on his lips. I laughed at how adorable he was, cupping his jaw and pulling him in to a short and sweet kiss
"Thought you'd never ask" I muttered against his lips
"Been dying to ask since I met you, Darling" he murmured, smiling against my lips before capturing them in a deep kiss
And of course
Just as he carefully moved so I was lying down with him settled between my legs with one hand holding my waist and the other cupping my jaw
My phone rang
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h3avenguts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Blunt Rotation | Hawkins Gang x Fem! Reader
Summary; Spending the night before graduation with your four best friends, you admit to them you’re still a virgin, let alone never had a makeout session. They take the opportunity to change that for you.
Warnings; mentions of alcohol and drug usage; corruption (?); virgin!sub! reader; yes, orgy; we takin a lil’ trip to paris; a lot of praising, minimal degrad!ng; oral (f to m) (f to f); p in v; breed!ng; ur bffs r hard and soft doms; polaroid pictures n recording; robin is an absolute god in this!
Word Count; 2.8k
A/N; yes. i created this absolute beautiful, but disgusting masterpiece. i had this in my head for a WEEK. anyways enjoy cus they absolutely rock ur shit, and it’s so hot n i won’t lie i kinda wrote this for me but y’all deserve it as much as i do. ok bye, and follow my socials! [tiktok; m1lliondollarbaby / wattpad; munsonsangel]
It was finally the night before graduation.
You were more than excited to finally leave high school, and Hawkins, and you decided to spend the night with your best friends Steve, Nancy, Eddie, and Robin.
The five of you were celebrating your achievements (especially Eddie – you don’t know how he managed to pass), and supplied yourselves with alcohol and weed, sitting in your home’s basement. “We did it! What an excruciating four years of absolute hell,” Robin emphasized, and everyone chuckled, agreeing with her.
“I didn’t stay behind another year, thank God,” Eddie groaned, and he was given a round of applause as he smiled, taking a sip of the harsh vodka. “Can’t wait to flip the birdy to everyone, and snatch my diploma, and run like hell out of this town!”
Nancy giggled, the alcohol settling in her system already. “I know this is going to sound cliche, but what did everyone enjoy about high school?”
“Ditching,” Eddie blurted.
“My marching band teacher,” Robin added.
“My first time!” Steve exclaimed, chuckling.
“Ah, I never lost my virginity,” you said, taking a drink out of your cup, and didn’t realize eyes were suddenly on you. “Uh, what?”
“You’re still a virgin?” Eddie questioned, and you rolled your eyes, flushing with embarrassment. “You’re kidding!”
“Wait, you aren’t being serious right now,” Robin stated, and you hummed, washing down the rest of the alcohol into your throat. It stung your throat, but it distracted you from the humiliation you felt about still being pure. “Oh my god, you’re being serious.. Y/N!”
“What?! I just didn’t know who to lose it to,” you admitted, pouting, and refilled your cup with tequila. “I don’t really care for it, but there was never anyone to woo me, to lose it to.”
“Tell me you have at least made out with someone?” Steve asked, and you stared blankly at him before sipping the harsh liquor, earning a loud groan from all your friends. “Dude! Listen, we aren’t judging you, but you cannot go into college with zero experience!”
You only dated one person, but that was in middle school, and you also made sure to never count those relationships. It was morifiting enough to acknowledge the fact you never dated anyone, never experimented, or got fucked throughout your whole high school life.
But that’s how it was, and you didn’t really second guess it.
“I’ve had a first kiss, that matters,” you retorted, and Steve facepalmed himself, eyeing over at everyone else.
“Y–You’re a pretty girl,” Nancy slurred, and you smiled, thanking her. “How could no one ever want to makeout with you? Let alone, fuck you! You’re fuckable!”
Eddie took a drag out of a blunt, nodding. “Yeah, Nance is right – you’re fuckable.”
“I second that,” Robin chimed in, and you grinned, taking the blunt from Eddie’s hand. You inhaled a hit, and thought to yourself for a moment, glaring at all of your friends.
“So you’re telling me, you would all fuck me if you had the chance?” You wondered, blowing out a drag, and chuckled. “Like be honest with me, would any of you fuck me?”
“Yes!” They exclaimed in a sync, and you were taken aback, but cracked a toothy smile.
You took a minute to process their answer, and you sighed heavily, giving the blunt back to Eddie, giving him innocent doe eyes, and then looked back at everyone. “Then, I think you should do so,” you said, and they became startled and appalled. “What? I wouldn’t mind you touching me, and it is not like I haven’t thought about any of you fucking me.”
Everyone glanced at each other, and then their attention fell back onto you. “Who starts?” Eddie asked, and breathily laughs ringed into your ears.
“Come here,” Robin said, gesturing you over to in front of you, and you crawled merely over to her. You perched yourself in her presence, and she smiled, setting her hands on your cheeks. She slowly leaned in, and the second her lips sat onto yours, you softly gasped.
The kiss paced slowly, and gently, and her hands slipped from your cheeks, down to the straps of your dress. Her fingers hooked under the strap, pulling them down, and in a matter of seconds, your breasts were exposed to everyone.
“My god,” you heard Steve whisper, and Eddie snickered. Nancy came up behind you, kissing your neck and running her tongue over it, goosebumps hitting your skin in response to it. Her hands fondled with your breasts as Robin deepened the kiss, yours and her tongues slipping into each other’s mouths. Nancy’s mouth left your skin, and giggled, peeking over at the guys.
“You’re doing so good,” Robin praised, and you whined into her mouth, feeling her pull you closer to her body.
“Oh, this is good,” Eddie mused, finishing his blunt, and nudged Steve. “Let’s take her at the same time, yeah?”
“You’re going to break her that way,” Nancy implied, and laughed, analyzing the sight of you and Robin.
Robin’s lips escaped from yours, and she pressed a quick kiss to your nose before making eye contact with the guys. “I think we should build our way up, how about that?” Robin wondered, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of her, your lips plumped and swollen. “You want Eds and Steve to take turns fucking you?”
You turned around, and made your way over to them, sitting in front of them. You stripped off your dress that dangled from your delicate body, now bare to your friends. “Hmm, I want to record this!” Nancy said, getting a camcorder from her bag, and didn’t waste time to set it in place, and hit play. The camcorder got a perfect view of you with everyone, and you didn’t mind it one bit, waiting for Steve or Eddie to take control of you.
“C’mere, sweetheart,” Eddie called, and you scooted yourself closer to him, looking like an obedient pet. He smiled at you, kissing your forehead. “You’re going to blow me, okay? Start off nice ‘n easy for you, pretty girl.”
Eddie unbuckled his belt, taking it off and tossing it to the side, merely sliding off his pants and boxers. His cock sprang in front of your eyes as you swallowed thickly in worry and fear for your mouth, and throat. His fingers curled into your hair, and your head craned downwards, your lips wrapping around his cock. He let your mouth adjust to the size of his cock, and Robin kneeled behind Eddie, admiring the sight of you.
“I think Steve has the perfect opportunity to fuck her now,” Robin teased, and you looked up at her, brows furrowing. “You want him to fuck you right now, or you rather wait?”
You popped Eddie’s cock out of your mouth for a second, saying, “Now. Now, please.”
Steve obeyed your breathily plea, adjusting you to be in a doggy-style position, and you took Eddie’s cock back into your mouth. “You’re going to look so pretty getting wrecked,” Eddie murmured, and made short eye contact with Steve as he gently pushed himself into your tight, wet cunt.
Steve’s cock felt painful, yet pleasurable, inside of you, and his cock sat in your cunt, his eyes glazing over the view. “So warm, so soaked,” Steve moaned, and slowly paced into you, his hands squeezing your eyes.
Meanwhile Steve took you from behind, Eddie allowed you to suck him off at your own speed as you built your momentum, your tongue stroking the underside of his cock. He cursed incoherently, brows knitted in focus, and your eyes flashed upward at him, feeling his cock twitch in your mouth. “You’re doing so good, sweetheart,” Eddie cooed, and you pushed his cock deeper in, the tip hitting the back of your throat.
Robin got herself busy, grabbing Nancy’s hand, and brought the girl closer to her. She didn’t hesitate to smash her lips against Nancy’s, and she willingly accepted the girl’s kiss, the two making the kiss sloppy, and heated. Robin laid Nancy on her back, on the floor, and hovered over her, refusing to separate the kiss. “Mhmm, your lips taste like cherry,” Nancy moaned into her mouth, and Robin chuckled, unbuttoning her blouse. “I want you to touch me, Robin. Please touch me.”
You could hear Nancy’s needy pleas as Steve picked up his pace, his cock hitting all the right spots, and it made you feel like pudding inside. Eddie’s fingers curled into your head as you lost all control, and he rammed his cock into your mouth. Drool formed at the corner of your mouth, dripping down your chin, and your eyes teared up.
Steve and Eddie had full possession of you, taking and breaking you to their own pace. “What a good whore for us,” Steve said, and your thighs quivered as an unfamiliar warm knot began to twist in your gut. “You’re taking us so good, princess. We are so proud.”
Eddie’s head fell back as he continued to fuck your throat mercilessly, and groans gurgled in his throat, his lids sealing shut. “Fuck! I think I’m going to cum,” Eddie warned, and air was shoved in your esophagus, wanting to be released. Your eyes rolled back, becoming lightheaded, and Eddie moaned your name as a hot, thick consistency striked the back of your mouth. His cock fell out of your mouth as his index finger and thumb grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him.
“Swallow,” Eddie only said, and you obeyed, setting a strict eye contact as you did so. More drool fell down from your lips, and you gathered lungfuls of breaths. You looked over at Robin and Nancy, who were half-naked, and Robin was eating Nancy out, the brunette’s fingers clawing Robin’s hair.
Lewd, heavy noises pushed out of your mouth as Steve thrusted himself further into you, and Eddie fixed himself up. He proceeded to stroke your hair, kissing the top of your head, and only watched Steve fill you up with his cock.
“I think it’s time we give her both of us,” Eddie suggested, and Steve immediately agreed, his cock leaving your cunt. You panted heavily, and felt Eddie’s hands on your waist, sitting you up on your knees for a brief moment. Steve was suddenly under you, and you were back in the same position, but body pressed a little closer on his.
Steve’s cock went back to stuffing inside your cunt, hearing Eddie spit on the same area, and his index and middle finger smeared it around the other hole. “This is going to hurt a bit, darling,” Eddie forewarned, and your body writhed at the abrupt, harsh feeling of Eddie’s cock pushing inside of your tight hole.
You could nearly scream from the hurt, and your eyes rolled back, your whole being twitching.
Steve fucked you at a rough pace, while Eddie went easy, and you could feel your hole be split open by his size. The both of them inside you felt fucking incredible, yet indescriable. Though the pain was unbearable, you wanted more of it.
As you were busy getting fucked out, Robin made work at Nancy’s cunt, and pumped three fingers into her, watching her crumble from Robin’s touch. “R–Right there! Oh my god!” Nancy wailed, back arching, and Robin smirked. “Shit, Robin! You’re so amazing, God, you’re so amazing.”
It was obvious desire (and a bit of liquor) had taken over Nancy’s mind, but Robin let all her words soak in. Nancy was practically faltering at Robin’s fingers, and how they perfectly pushed in and out of her.
Noises elicited from everyone’s mouth, echoing throughout the basement.
Eddie stroked himself faster into you, and you were positive that you wouldn’t be able to walk for graduation, due to the way he and Steve handled your cunt.
The warm, twisting knot reappeared in your stomach, and your breaths shuddered in your rib cages, your heart racing in your throat.
“I think… I think I’m going to c—cum,” you breathed, heavy moans passing between every word you spoke. Your body trembled, and Steve’s hands laid on your sides, keeping your balance. “Shit, I’m going to cum!”
“Cum for us, princess,” Steve said, and your noises choked up in your throat as the warm feeling moved from your stomach, to your cunt, and your thighs squirmed as you came. “That’s a good girl, right there…”
Even though you had finished, Eddie and Steve went on to fuck you until they were done. “Can we cum inside you, hm?” Eddie wondered, and you nodded, brain fuzzy and clouded as the pair brutalized you more and more.
Eddie and Steve moaned, and stuttered out your name in a mantra, as their climax spewed into your holes, and removed themselves shortly after.
Your body weakened, collapsing on top of Steve, who chuckled and pushed your matted hair out of your face. “The girls haven’t had their fun yet,” Steve said, and you groaned in irritation, knowing he was right. “You’re a good champ though, for taking it.”
“Did.. did you just call me a good champ?” You mumbled, confused but laughed it away. “What the fuck, Harrington?”
“It’s okay, love. Let me have a sweet taste of you,” Robin said, and Nancy helped you off of Steve’s body.
You were sitting in between Nancy’s legs, your back pressed against her bare chest, and your legs spread open. Cum still poured out of both your holes, Robin taking an unlikely notice to it.
“Let me take a picture before you wipe it away,” Eddie stated, hurrying to grab his polaroid camera from his bag, and Nancy’s hands gripped your inner thighs, forcing you to keep your cunt exposed to the camera.
Eddie took a few snaps at your cunt, and smiled, nodding for Robin to continue on.
Robin used your dress to smear off the cum, and you frowned in protest. “It’s okay, I’ll buy you a new one,” Robin assured, throwing aside the item.
Her mouth latched itself to your cunt, her tongue running between your folds, and sucked on your sensitive bud. Your body twitched, your head falling back into Nancy’s shoulder, who held you close and comforted you.
Nancy pushed hair strands out of your face, planting kisses on the side of your head, here and there. “You’re doing so well, honey. Just cum for us one last time, yeah?”
You nodded, your hand gripping onto her arm for support as Robin’s moans sent vibrations to your cunt. You and Robin set prolonged eye contact with one another, your brows scrunching together, and mouth hung open, desperate noises falling out from it.
You lazily looked over to the side for a moment, finding Steve and Eddie stroking themselves to this submissive, trapped sight of you.
After peeping over at them, your eyes shifted back into Robin’s, and she let three fingers thrust into your aching cunt. Your body jerked to the startling action, her fingers deftly hitting that spot, and you hummed, your eyes falling shut.
“Feels good, doesn’t it, honey?” Nancy mused, and you nodded, your grip tightening on her arm. “You can cum whenever you’re ready to.”
As Robin’s fingers drove into your cunt, her mouth found its way back to your sensitive nub, and made double work. Already checking out mentally, your body was pure jelly, and you were surprised to even feel your climax.
Your climax burned in your cunt, and you hadn’t even noticed you had come until your shaky legs brought you back to reality.
Robin sat back, her mouth and chin covered with your juices. You were fucking exhausted, and you slumped into Nancy’s arms, getting a laugh out of everyone.
“I don’t know how I’m walking tomorrow,” is all you said, and your friends chuckled, agreeing with you. “Holy shit, that was great.”
“Yay, you’re not dying a virgin!” Nancy cheered, and everyone exclaimed with her, and you only laughed as she squeezed you in her arms.
The basement had now smelt of weed, cheap alcohol, and pure, sweaty sex. It would surely take you a week to understand what had occurred, but you wanted to continue to have a fun night with your best friends.
“Oh my god,” you breathed. “Round two?”
They hummed, already finding themselves in different positions, and you had to gather yourself. Your makeup was smeared and ruined, hair tousled, but you didn’t care.
You were having fun, and wanted to make this night unforgettable.
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folklorebau · 2 days ago
love me in secret — eddie munson
summary: you love your best friend, but he only ever wants to love you back in private. one conversation changes everything for the both of you.
pairing: eddie munson x reader. fluff, two idiots in love.
a/n: my first eddie fic !!!! requests open <3
requests are open, check pinned for who i write for !!
♡ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ 🕊 ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ 🏹 ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ ☕️ ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ ♡
tuesday night is reserved for movie night with eddie. “what do you wanna watch?” he asks, kneeling down so he can see all of his movie collection. you shrug, picking at the skin around your fingers until they bled.
“why don’t we ever go to the movies?” you ask, trying to sound genuinely, innocently curious but all that comes out is an accusation, and your tone isn’t lost on eddie who looks back over his shoulder, eyes wide, until he just shrugs, his focus going back to the box of tapes. “dunno.” he responds. “we could, if you wanted.” he offers, and you can hear the panic in his voice, the way he is getting uncomfortable at the idea of being in public with you, like that.
“do you want to?” you ask and he turns around again to meet your eyes which are looking at your bloody nail beds.
“are you okay?” he asks. “you seem kind of pissed off at me.” straight to the point, as always. everything has always been relatively easy with eddie, but loving him has to be the biggest struggle you have faced while knowing him. god knows if he feels the same, sometimes you think he might but he has never explicitly said it. he just lets his hands linger and his gaze linger and his kisses linger but school comes round and he is just eddie, your friend eddie.
it’s not lost on you that friends don’t kiss, so you guys must be more than, right? in the dim light of his bedroom you question everything again while he just stares at you. “yeah, i’m fine.” you respond. eddie cocks his head to the side and pushes the box of tapes out of his way, getting up so he can sit beside you on the bed.
“you sure?” he asks, an inked arm going around your shoulders while his other hand pulls your hand away, casually stopping any more damage you might cause to your fingers. “we can talk if u want.” he offers, smoothing his thumb over the back of your hand.
taking a leaf out of eddie’s book, you head straight for the point, which feels a lot like driving straight off a cliff. “we’re not really friends anymore, are we?” you ask and his head turns towards you, his hair stroking your cheeks as he does. the look of hurt and confusion evident on his face, worry laced in his brown eyes.
“of course we are, what are you talking about?” he asks nervously.
“just friends?” you ask and his confusion and panic dissipates, face settling into a smile, a rose tinted smile that makes your heart beat a little bit faster. making you feel hopeful, making you feel like stepping off the ledge didn’t have to be so bad after all.
“well, no.” he says. “i didn’t know whether you were ready to put a label on it.” he says. “honestly, i didn’t really think you actually liked me like that.” he admits.
“what?” you ask. “eddie, i don’t come here every tuesday and watch whatever horrible gory movie you decide to torture me with out of my own free will.” you laugh, turning in his arms so you can really look at him. “i come here for you!” you say, making him blush.
“you see me everyday!” he argues. “and i thought you liked movie night.” he says jokingly.
“i do! i do, honestly. but it’s not the movie, it’s just being able to be with you.” you pause and he senses the but that’s coming. “but, i want to be able to hold your hand outside of this room, have you kiss me, whenever we want to, i don’t wanna save it all for movie night and then pretend like it never even happened.” you admit.
“i assumed you wouldn’t want all that.” he says. “parading me around as your boyfriend, what would people think of you?” he says and it’s shocking to you how serious he is. he doesn’t even get sad at his own self-deprecation, he just genuinely believes that you would be embarrassed by him, and accepts it like it means nothing to you or to him.
“eddie.” you say and he looks deeper into your eyes. “i don’t care what people think of me.” you respond. “people are… people, well. they fucking suck.” you say, simply and eddie laughs faking shock at your language.
“yeah.” he agrees. “they really do fucking suck!” he laughs.
“but you don’t, so can i please parade eddie munson around as my boyfriend?” you ask him and he smirks.
“are you asking me out, y/n?” he asks, teasingly. “gotta say, kinda cheesy method for you.” he says. you pull your hands up to cover your face and he curls over into a laugh, enjoying the way you squirm. “okay, okay, okay.” he says prying your hands away from your face.
“yes, you can parade me around as your boyfriend.” he says. with his hands on your wrists, he leans in, pressing the softest kiss ever to your lips. he lets go of your wrists so you can touch his face and his hair and his neck and he can touch you back in the same ways.
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