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“Well, the first time I read the novel, I was on the edge of my seat about whether or not they would end up together. Even now—and I have read it at least ten times—I still feel anxious during the beginning of their relationship. Mr. Darcy is so cruel and says such hateful things about Elizabeth and her family that I never know if she can forgive him, let alone love him.” Landon nods at my answer, and I smile.

“That’s a load,” a voice cuts through the stillness. Hardin’s voice.

“Mr. Scott? Would you like to add something?” the professor asks, clearly surprised at Hardin’s participation.”

“Sure. I said that’s a load. Women want what they can’t have. Mr. Darcy’s rude attitude is what drew Elizabeth to him, so it was obvious they would end up together,” Hardin says, then picks at his fingernails as if he isn’t the slightest bit interested in the discussion.

“That isn’t true, about women wanting what they can’t have. Mr. Darcy was only mean to her because he was too proud to admit he loved her. Once he stopped his hateful act, she saw that he really loved her,” I say, much louder than I intended.

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Shots! Shots! Shots!

Characters- Hardin Scott x Reader

Description- This was requested by the lovely @mrswinchester29 :) ‘It was where I’m bestfriends with molly and the group we go out for a few drinks and a guy starts flirting with me and puts something in my drink hut I dont notice and molly rings hardin and zedd for help and I end up confessing to hardin i love him and then they try to take me home but i want to stay with guy and Hardin beats him up then convinces me to go home with him (hardin) and in the morning we talk about it and we get together xx

  • Warning: adult themes, mentions of drugs and being drugged.

I arrive at the party neon lights flashed everywhere like police sirens but much more colourful. Everyone was dancing like they’d forgotten how to stand still. I spot my group of friends Molly Jace Steph zed and Hardin all sitting in a area laughing away. I head over.

“Hey beautiful finally decided to show up.” Jace says.

“Come dance.” Molly pulls me to the dance floor before I get a chance to speak.

“That guy over there is staring at you.” Molly says nodding over to where a blonde haired guy in a white t-shirt and black jeans was standing. He looked cute.

“Ohhhh he’s coming over.” Says Steph.

“What?!” I ask and my cheeks flush slightly with panic.

I look over my shoulder and see the guy walking over towards us.

“Hey. I’m glen.” He says in a failed attempt to charm me.

“Hi. Y/N..”

“What a beautiful name. Suits you.” He chirps.

“Thank you.” I blush.

“Do you want a drink?” He asks.

I don’t normally drink most of the time when I come out with molly and the others but I guess I can let my hair down for one night. I deserve it after all.

“Uh yeah why not.” I say with a smile and a shrug.

“What do you want to drink?” He asks, sounding slightly intrigued.

“Vodka and Coke please.” I reply.

“Vodka and Coke coming right up. Wait here and I’ll go get you a drink.” He smirks slightly.

He walks off to the kitchen and I see Steph and molly looking at me with a sly grin. I notice Hardin standing over with everyone else and I send him a small smile to which he returns. Hardin has been my friend for a while now. At first we didn’t get along but he gradually starting being more nice to me and ever since we’ve been best friends.

“Here you go. Vodka and coke for the lady.” Glen says handing me my drink. I stare at the cup, hesitant at first but I take a large swig.


I lick my lips and continue to drink, the salty taste not fading at all. I think nothing of it and drink the rest.

Glen and I talk for a while chatting about random things. He tells me about his football team he plays for at his college and I zone out. I start to zone out feeling dizzy and light headed.

“I don’t feel so good.” I say to glen and rub my head.

“What’s wrong? Want to go out for some fresh air?” He asks almost eagerly.

“I-i can’t think straight… I need Molly, can you go get her? Please?”

He takes my hand and I smile thinking he is taking me to molly but my smile is gone as I notice he’s heading in the wrong direction.

“Mollys over there.” I point.

“I know.” He says as we reach the stairs. He try’s to drag me up but I pull away but he doesn’t let go.

“What-what did you do to my drink?” I ask, my head swirling.

“L-let go.” I say and mange to get out his hold but I fall over. Glen looks shocked.

“Y/n are you okay? How much have you had to drink.” Molly asks.

“I-i think he’s put something in m-my drink. I feel funny.” I say.

Molly helps me up, I look to my right to see Steph and Glen having a heated argument, Glen looks like he is shitting his pants. I notice Molly phone someone but I don’t know who as I don’t hear the conversation. Not even a minute after the call Hardin walks in the house with Zedd and storms over to where I am, rage being the only evident expression on his face.

“What the fuck did you do to her drink!” Hardin growls as he grabs Glen by the collar.

“I’m sorry, man! She made herself an easy target” Glen says. Hardin eyes widen and he punches him square in the jaw and Glen falls to the floor. Zedd pulls Hardin away as he goes to punch Glen again.

“Hardin we have to get her out of here.” Zedd says. Hardin looks over at me and his eyes soften.

“Put your arm around my shoulder. I’m taking you home.” He says sternly.

“I don’t want to go home. I c-can’t.” I say.

“You need too, y/n.” He says, slightly frustrated.

“My parents won’t let me out ever again please Hardin don’t take me home. I’m fine.” I say as convincingly as I can.

“How about I take you home to mine then? You can’t stay here, you’re not fine. Come on.” He says as he practically has to drag me out of the house.

“Ok.” I nod my head.

Hardin and Zedd help me out to the car and Soon I’m sitting in Hardins house on his sofa with a cup of water while he makes me something to eat.

“Here you go.” He says handing me a plate with some fries on it. My favourite food.

“Thank you, Hardin.” I say and giggle afterwards. What is wrong with me? Oh yeah probably the fact I was roofied.

Hardin sits down beside me and we eat in silence. He stares up at me and my stomach flips, I lean in to him and he moves away.

“Y/n what-

“I like you Hardin. A lot.” I interrupt.

“Y/n, you’re drunk you don’t know what you’re saying. Maybe you should rest.” He says.

“No I do know what I’m saying. I like you, Hardin.” I say.

He stares at me blankly before sighing “Gathering that you probably won’t remember this it would probably be a good time to tell you that.. I like you too” he shrugs and I internally squeal, grabbing him by the collar and crashing my lips to his.

I pull away and rest my head on his shoulder, he lets out a shaky breath before shaking his head.

“Come on.. you can sleep in my room. Let’s get you too bed”.

I know for certain I’ll remember this in the morning, I just hope Hardin isn’t too stubborn too tell me how he feels again..

I drift to sleep, my chest warm from the fuzzy feeling of knowing that I’m being loved the way that I love.. and that is the best feeling in the whole world.

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