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I don’t know about a full fan cast for a live action Red Dead Redemption, but all I know is if it ever happened Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be an amazing Dutch, Josh Brolin would work quite well as Arthur and the actual voice actors for Sadie and Hosea would work quite well as well - Alex McKenna and Curzon Dobell - mainly because those two have uniquely distinctive voices but also physically the characters look similar to them. Also Rob Wiethoff would work in a live action RDR as John also for the uniquely distinctive voice just give him long black hair and some badass facial scars and you’re good.

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Characters/Prompt Lists


Orian Franklin (Hotel Artemis


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The Grandmaster/En Dwi Gast (MCU)


The Collector/Taneleer Tivan (MCU)


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Cable/Nathan Summers (MCU)


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David Levinson (Independence Day: 1996 {young} version AND 2016 {silver fox} version [Please say which version you would like if you are requesting him!]


Mac (Eath Girls Are Easy)


Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park: 1993 {young} version AND Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 2018 {silver fox} version) [Please say which version you would like if you are requesting him!]


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Awkward/Meet Cute

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it was truly a simpler time when we are avengers by the iw cast dropped and when they randomly met avengers cosplayers on the street i still lose it at that part djjd,, the song still goes hard tho

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“MEN IN BLACK 3” (2012) Review

After 2002’s “MEN IN BLACK II”, I never thought I would ever see another movie from the franchise based upon Lowell Cunningham’s The Men in Black comic book series. Never. After all, it was not exactly a critical success and was barely a commercial hit. And yet … the team from the first two movies went ahead and created a third one for the franchise.

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