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Omg I just read the texts from today 😭 I was emotional over spiderwitz and then Kieu My’s message actually stopped my heart a little bit 😭😭😭

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I think one of my favorite aspects of Josh and Nora’s relationship, is that by getting together in the “first” season of Druck’s New Gen, it gives viewers a chance to watch their relationship develop and mature on a long term scale - something we haven’t really gotten too much of (I think maybe Kiki and Carlos come closest, off the top of my head). And I love that it’s specifically these two, because I love the way they clearly care for and understand one another, and communicate with one another whenever they feel uncomfortable (Nora telling Josh about how she would prefer not to be there when Josh drinks; Nora telling him in today’s texts that she wants to do better), and I love the way they give one another the space they need to be alone without taking it personally (something that’s present in all of Josh’s messages to Nora). But also I love that we as the viewers, are now given an opportunity to see the whole ‘minute by minute’ motto carried out over time (i.e., multiple seasons…fingers crossed, anyway), something that we haven’t truly gotten to see yet.

Especially, because it explicitly shows how having the ‘minute for minute’ concept in a relationship doesn’t mean that things come easily, but rather that it takes time and effort to make it work, and open communication with your partner. Specifically with today’s text between Josh and Nora, which I loved so much, shows that you need to be ready to acknowledge and take accountability when needed, and strive to be better. They’re not perfect, but that’s okay! What teenage couple is, anyway? What matters is that they keep trying to be the best they can.

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Where can I get my own josh pls 👉🏻👈🏻 it’s for science

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I think my blog is becoming a Josh stan account at this point..

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“When you love a person, there’s always a tiny part of you that’s terrified that one day you’re gonna lose them.”

Even though this quote is from “Sex Education,” Josh’s character and actions remind me so much of this line. His text to Nora today made me think of it. It’s a beautiful line, but also sad. Very reflective of who he is and why he might feel the way he does. 

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nora and josh come get your award for healthiest skamverse couple. the communication!! the freedom they give each other, the respect they have for each other!! this is simply 💞💘💗💖💗💞💘

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i’ve said it and i’ll say it again: what did we do to deserve josh? 🥺

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Finally seeing Yara on Josh’s Instagram

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Josh Zimmermann | Druck

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Druck | Josh/Nora | 2.9k words

The world was so impossibly vast, and his life was so, so small in comparison. Time was so relentless in the way it moved forward, all his thoughts and worries and fears spinning and spinning around him like an infinite storm. And for what? He would like to see outside of it all, if he had the chance. He would like to step outside of time and know a little of all the lives he didn’t lead, all the people he couldn’t be. It would be nice to feel part of something that was bigger than himself. It would be nice not to wonder, for once, when it would all fall apart around him.


Josh has a lot of feelings. Sometimes he doesn’t really know what to do with them. Sometimes he doesn’t have to. Or: a post-season 5 character study.

I wrote the bulk of this sometime between seasons 5 and 6 and decided I liked it enough to toss it up for everyone to see so here, please enjoy this character study about Josh and some of the feelings that he feels!

[Cross-posted on AO3 here]

There were times like this one where Nora got this faraway look in her eyes - like there was somewhere else she wanted to be or maybe in her head she was already there. Each time he tried not to let it scare him too badly - tried not to think, this time was it, this was the moment he’d lose her for good, this was the time he’d have to watch her slip through his fingers like smoke, like so much sand. She was her own person, she could go wherever she wanted. She didn’t need his permission. She didn’t need anything from him. 

Yet something inside him still burned to ask - can you take me with you? Please, he’d say, please don’t leave me behind. I don’t care where you go, I’ll follow you to the moon, I’ll follow you anywhere. Take me to heaven or take me to hell because if you left me here alone it wouldn’t even make a difference; let me come with you because I barely survived it the last time you didn’t and the thing is I don’t know if I can do it again.

This time she didn’t stay gone for too long. When she blinked and met his eyes, she smiled, and it was close to the most perfect thing he’d ever seen.

“What are you thinking about over there?” she asked him.

He smiled back at her. It was easy.

“Nothing,” he said. “It’s nothing.”

Which wasn’t a lie.

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Looool even his mom commented on his new post


But really looked dangerous 😭

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