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blu-joons · a day ago
When He Holds Your Baby For The First Time ~ Seventeen Reaction
Your eyes looked timidly to Seungcheol as your daughter began to cry in your arms. “Shall I take her for a while?” Seungcheol offered with a smile.
Your head nodded, slowly trying to sit yourself up in your hospital bed. “You might be a little handier to try and rock her to sleep right now, I’m a mess still.”
“You’ve given birth, you’re far from a mess, you need to recover.”
Seungcheol placed his hands underneath your daughter, carefully lifting her from your hold. “Wow,” he gasped, “I wasn’t expecting her to feel as little as she does Y/N.”
“She’s tiny,” you agreed, “who knew humans could be so small?”
“I don’t even know what to do,” he laughed, bringing her into his chest, “although at least it seems as if she’s finally decided to settle and stop crying for a while.”
“See, you’ve got the magic touch,” you smiled, admiring the look in Seungcheol’s eyes, “how does it feel to get to hold her for the very first time?”
“Incredible,” he informed you, allowing his smile to grow, “I don’t think I ever want to put her down right now, this is just magical.”
“You’ve got years ahead of you just yet of cuddles.”
Panic washed over Jeonghan’s eyes as he placed his hands around your baby. “Am I doing this right?” He questioned, searching across at you.
You nodded your head back at him as he began to relax. “You don’t have to be so nervous; you’ve held plenty of our friend’s babies before and been fine.”
“But this is our son, it’s not just a baby we can give back.”
You smiled softly across at him, “you’ve had plenty of practice, if anything, you’re being more careful knowing that this baby is ours, if that’s even possible for you to do.”
“I don’t want to hurt him,” Jeonghan whispered, “he’s fragile.”
“He’s fine,” you assured, helping Jeonghan lift your baby up, “you know what to do, just support his head and his bum, everything else will come naturally to you.”
“It feels surreal,” he admitted, glancing across at you, “I know I’ve held babies before, but it just feels so different knowing that this time it’s ours.”
“He’s one lucky boy,” you chimed, “he has no idea how many cuddles he’s going to get from you over the next few years.”
“Few years? More like the rest of his life Y/N.”
A gasp came from Joshua as you placed your baby into his open arms, feeling the weight press against the palms of his hand. “This is insane.”
You gave Joshua a moment to get comfortable before moving your hands away, “you’ve got that perfectly,” you complimented, relaxing against the bed.
“I think she’s a bit confused to not be looking at mummy.”
You chuckled quietly, careful not to make her stir, “don’t worry, she’ll get used to her daddy’s face soon enough, you’re a pretty memorable face too Joshua.”
“Hey,” he sniggered, “if you’re trying to insult me, it’s working.”
“I’m just messing with you,” you assured him, picking up your phone, “now, can you smile? I want to take the perfect photo to send to our family and friends.”
“I so wish that they could be here,” Joshua suddenly admitted, “these moments would be so much more special if we had our families here supporting and watching us.”
“They’ll be here with us soon enough,” you reminded him, “and that little girl already knows how loved she is by everyone, our families included.”
“I’m going to squeeze her so tight with love.”
Your hand instantly pointed to Junhui as the midwife asked the important question as to who wanted to be the first to hold your son. “Are you sure?”
You nodded back to Junhui as he glanced down at you in disbelief. “I want his father to be the first one to hold him, if you feel confident enough to do so.”
“Of course, but are you sure that you don’t want to be first?”
Your head shook as the midwife walked across, offering your son across to Junhui to take a hold of her. “You go first, you’ve looked forward to this for so long.”
“So have you,” he pointed out, “this has been our dream for years.”
“I’ll get a cuddle soon enough,” you assured him, “right now my arms are too sore though, if I hold him right now, I’d be scared that I’d end up dropping him.”
“He is pretty fragile,” Junhui quietly laughed, “I never imagined that a baby would feel so light as a new-born, it’s like I’m holding nothing.”
“You’ve got your baby son,” you whispered as his eyes lit up, “you’ve got to get used to holding this little one pretty sharpish.”
“Don’t worry, I’m already completely in love with him.”
His eyes looked across to you as the sobs of your daughter filled the room from inside her cot. “Shall I pick her up?” Soonyoung nervously asked you.
You smiled across as he approached the side of the cot, “I think you should, maybe a cuddle from you will help her to stop crying and worrying.”
“What if she’s hungry? Or what if she wants you instead?”
Your head instantly shook in reply, “she’s barely an hour old, there’s no way that she could have favourite parents, I bet she’s excited to meet her daddy too Soonyoung.”
“You’re sure?” He asked again, “what if I do something wrong?”
“Stop stressing,” you encouraged, widening your smile, “the first time holding a baby is always a nervous time, but you’ve got this under control, just trust yourself.”
“It’s still scary,” he whispered, leaning over the cot, “I don’t want to hold her for the first time and end up doing the wrong thing or scaring her.”
“You’re worrying over nothing,” you assured him, sitting up in the bed, “just hold her and enjoy it, that’s all that you need to do.”
“You’re right, I’m stressing too much, it’s no big deal.”
His eyes went wide as you settled your baby against Wonwoo’s chest, moving his hands to exactly where they needed to be. “Am I doing this right?”
You took a step back, admiring the view in front of you, “you’re doing it perfectly, you’re a complete natural Wonwoo. Are you sure you’ve not done this before?”
“No way, this is definitely my first time holding a child of mine.”
You chuckled in reply to him, “that’s a relief,” you teased, pressing a kiss against the top of his head, “and he looks to be completely settled resting against you too.”
“It’s magic,” Wonwoo whispered, “this feels like such a special moment.”
“That’s because it is,” you assured, sitting on the end of the bed, “you only get to hold your baby for the first time once, and you’re doing it so well too.”
“I couldn’t do it without you,” he smiled across at you, “not only have you given me our little boy, but you’re so helpful with everything else too.”
“You do a great job without me,” you argued back, “someone’s eyes are already closing, and I did nothing to help that at all.”
“It must be my chest; he knows a good muscly body already.”
There was a hesitancy in Jihoon’s voice as you suggested that he take your daughter for a little while. “I can’t hold her forever; she needs both of us too.”
His head shook nervously, “I’m too scared to hold her, you make it look so easy, and I’m frightened that I might hurt her when she looks so small and content.”
“You won’t hurt her; we’ve gone through everything to do.”
His hands slowly stretched out to rest against your daughter’s waist, “I feel like I’ve forgotten everything that they taught us in the class, my mind has gone blank.”
“Head and bum,” you reminded him, “that’s the spots.”
“Head and bum,” Jihoon repeated as he slid his hands underneath your daughter, “do you have to let go too? Or can we hold her together for a little while first?”
“Would it build up your confidence if I held her with you too?” You asked, smiling as his head nodded back at you, “I’ll hold her for a bit too.”
“Thank you,” he sincerely responded, “I know I need to hold her alone, but I’m too nervous to do it straight away so easily.”
“You don’t need to be nervous, but I do understand.”
Your eyes met Seokmin’s as soon as you heard loud cries fill the room, sighing in relief when you realised that your son had arrived. “You did it,” he whispered.
Your hand took a hold of his as you looked forward to see your son be lifted by the midwife. “He looks beautiful,” you murmured in complete disbelief.
“And he looks just like you, isn’t that just perfect?”
Your head shook as your son was placed against your chest by the midwife, “you have no idea what he looks like, he might not look as alike to me as you think.”
“I can tell,” he grinned, “just call it a father’s instinct.”
“You’ve been a father for a minute,” you joked, “but if you have such an instinct, then why don’t you hold him? I’m in too much pain to be able to support him straight away.”
“Are you sure?” He nervously asked, suddenly losing all confidence in himself, “do you really think that I can hold him properly so soon?”
“Of course,” you encouraged, readjusting your grip on him, “then you can get a close up and see who he really resembles.”
“I already know he looks like you, but it’s nice to be sure.”
His eyes looked down in awe as Mingyu pulled your daughter tightly into his chest. “She’s smiling,” he whispered, shaking his head in disbelief at her gaze.
You smiled too as you admired the two of them in front of you, “that must mean she’s already happy with you, you’ve obviously got the natural touch.”
“Maybe she’s not realised who I am just yet Y/N.”
Your eyes rolled as Mingyu sniggered across at you, “you’re not quite as intimidating as you like to think you are around babies, you should know this.”
“They don’t cry around me,” he laughed, “it’s weird.”
“It’s cute,” you encouraged, nudging his leg softly, “and if babies don’t cry around you, that means that you’re going to get to do the majority of the night feeds instead.”
“No way,” Mingyu gasped, widening his eyes, “we agreed that the two of us would do night feeds fifty-fifty to get equal amount of sleep.”
“Well, if you can get her to sleep better than me, it makes sense,” you continued to joke, “and I’ll get plenty of time to rest too.”
“Not a chance, nice try, but that’s not going to work.”
Your eyes met Minghao in a moment of pure bliss as your hands slid away, taking your son from them perfectly. “Can you pinch me right now? This feels like a dream?”
Your head shook back at him with a wide smile, “I’m not going to pinch you when you’re holding our son, just trust me when I tell you that this definitely real.”
“Can you believe that this tiny human is really ours?”
Your head continued to shake in response to him, “it does feel pretty surreal, this feels like a moment we talked about so much whilst I was pregnant.”
“That’s right,” Minghao laughed, “but now it’s finally happening.”
“You look like a natural too by the way,” you complimented, “I hate to say it, but watching you with a baby is making me more attracted to you than ever before.”
“We’ve just had one child, let’s not rush into another,” Minghao teased, shaking his head at you, “we’ve got months ahead of us yet.”
“I’m not that desperate to be pregnant again,” you joked in response, “seeing you with one baby is enough for me, for now.”
“Don’t worry, they’ll be plenty of time for you to stare at me now.”
Your hand jabbed into Seungkwan’s leg as he let go of a roar of laughter at the feeling of your daughter in his arms. “Sorry,” he whispered to you both.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes as your daughter’s eyes shot open. “It might take a while to train you into being quiet around her, not quite adjusting?”
“I’m just excited, I’m holding my child Y/N.”
The smile on his face warmed your heart greatly, “I know you’re excited, but she needs to rest, she’ll have an earache before she’s even a day old at this rate.”
“I’ll get better,” he sniggered, “perhaps with a bit of time.”
“We’ve both got to be quieter now we’ve got a baby,” you assured him sweetly, “although I think lack of sleep might help us to succeed in that one.”
“I can’t wait to fall asleep with her in my arms,” Seungkwan suddenly whispered, “it’ll feel just like those scenes you see in movies.”
“I can’t wait for any of that too,” you replied, running your hand through his hair, “seeing you right now is just perfect for me.”
“And for me, I’m so thankful to have the two of you with me.”
Shaky hands reached out as you suggested that Vernon took your son out of your arms. “Guide me,” he requested as he perched on the side of your bed.
You held your son out, telling him exactly where to place his hands. “Instinct will kick in and you’ll know what to do,” you very quickly reassured him, “you’ve got this.”
“It feels so different holding my own child Y/N.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “it’s a little bit overwhelming, but we’ve built ourselves up to wait for this moment since we got the positive test.”
“He’s so small,” he whimpered, “every part of him.”
“Trust me, blink and he’ll suddenly be as tall as you,” you joked as Vernon carefully took your son into his chest, “just make the most of these special moments.”
“I don’t think I ever want to let him go now that I’ve got him,” Vernon smiled down at your son, “he’s the most precious thing ever.”
“And he’s ours too,” you reminded Vernon, watching on as his eyes lit up, “we don’t have to give him back or anything.”
“I can’t wait to spend forever with this little one.”
You instantly pointed across to Chan as the midwife held your daughter, looking between the two of you. “No way Y/N, you deserve the first cuddle with her.”
Your head shook though, refusing to take a hold of her, “you should be the first to hold her, I’ve had nine months of carrying her, it’s about time you had a turn.”
“You grew her, that’s not something to just dismiss.”
You smiled across at him as your midwife approached him, “regardless, I want you to have the first cuddle, I’m more than happy to wait until you’re finished.”
“What if I never want to finish hugging her?” He joked.
“Then I’ll end up tickling you until you give her up,” you sniggered, letting him know by your expression that you were serious, “I will cuddle her eventually.”
“I’m not that ticklish anymore,” Chan tried to assure you, “and you can’t even test that whilst I’m holding our daughter too.”
“Already using her to get your way, I see,” you joked, rolling your eyes, “you do know you can’t manipulate me with her, right?”
“Trust me, I’ll find a way to use her to get my own way.”
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jsuh · 2 days ago
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joshua // 211022 kbs music bank interview
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meltwonu · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦ 👻  𝕸𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖍 SEASON 2 👻 ✦
↪ ✧ CALL ME! ✧
this chapter pairing; shapeshifter!jeonghan x reader x joshua
genre&warnings; shapeshifter!jeonghan, dom!jeonghan, ‼️cuckolding[*if you consider this cheating, please do not read this!]‼️, dirty talk, degradation, restraints, name-calling, squirting, dumbification, anal play, ripping of clothes.
notes; Happy Saturday! 🥳 This was sparked by that one anon msg I replied to a little bit ago about shapeshifter jeonghan while you were dating joshua and now I’ve fully expanded that thought from like??? Literally july or august sdfhskfj ☠️ Also this one might be a bit of a confusing read because of… well, y’know. LOL 😭💕 Granted, neither a bad option 😈 dw, you’ll get it hehe I also tried to be a little more... Idk, thorough with the warnings on this one, I guess? Again, please read the warnings for every chapter!! They’re all at the beginning! ✨ Thank you again for your support 🥺 And I’ll see you again tomorrow~ Enjoy ch 5 and have a good rest of your day! 💕👻 
word count; ~3500
chapters; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x
Tumblr media
call me, on the line
call me, call me any-anytime!
call me, I'll arrive
when you're ready, we can share the wine!
call me!
Tumblr media
Joshua is the ideal boyfriend.
Pays for dinner, opens your doors for you and even goes so far as to get your car fixed for you when you’re too tired to go.
‘I like pampering you, baby. It makes me happy,’ He says with a genuine smile - hands wrapped around a bouquet of your favorite flowers, ‘I want to treat you like a princess.’
But once in a while, you wonder what Joshua would be like if he were a little rougher around the edges; mental images of his cute lips curved into sultry smirks and twinkling eyes narrowed with lust.
The thoughts float through your mind but they don’t stay long enough - especially on date nights where he cooks you dinner and finishes the evening by running you a nice hot bath before bed.
“I’m just going to get the water warmed up for you, okay? You’ve had a long day, baby.”
He kisses your forehead as you nod; feeling warm and loved when he slides you a cup of warm tea.
“Just gonna be a ‘sec. I got your favourite bath bombs too!”
Joshua grabs a paper bag from the marble countertop before he makes his way down the hallway - and only a few seconds later do you hear the running water coming from the bathroom.
‘He’s so cute!’ You think to yourself; taking a sip from your tea as Joshua reemerges from the hallway.
“The water is running for your bath, baby! Do you wanna take your tea to the bathroom while I set up the rest?”
You nod and reach to take the tea cup and plate but it’s Joshua who ‘tsk’s and takes it from your hands.
“It’s okay. I can take it from here~”
Tumblr media
He guides you into the warm bathroom; the strong scents wafting around the small space as you let out a relaxed moan.
“Joshua, you’re so good to me… Thank you for this.”
You start to slip off your clothes as he sets your tea on the countertop - his loving eyes on you before he steps closer to help you undress.
“Of course, baby. You know how much I love doing things for you~”
There’s a chuckle on his lips while he picks up your discarded clothes; gentle fingertips reaching for your own to guide you into the bathtub.
“I want you to relax, okay? You’ve been so busy, I want you to just… take your mind off of everything.”
“What are you going to do?” You mumble; the warm water instantly making you melt as your body goes slack in the bathtub. “Don’t you want to join me?”
He leans in and kisses the crown of your head as you moan softly. 
“Oh, baby, I would love to but I need to get the sheets onto the bed before we go to sleep. I kinda forgot about it earlier when I started making dinner.”
Joshua smiles sheepishly as he slowly starts to back away from the tub.
“I’ll leave the door open so you can call for me whenever you’re ready for bed, okay?”
“Mmkay…” You reply sleepily, “Don’t take too long, okay?”
“Okay, baby.”
Tumblr media
You’re unsure of how much time passes before you’re groaning and opening your sleepy eyes; fingertips pruned when you bring them close to your face for inspection.
“Okay, yeah, it’s time to get out.”
Standing on unsteady legs, you stand up in the tub - droplets of water splashing back into the lukewarm water just as Joshua steps back into the doorframe.
“I thought I’d have to carry you to bed, silly.” His eyes form crescents when he smiles and you fight the urge to pout when he pats the towel in his arms.
“Fresh out of the dryer. C’mon, let’s get you to bed.”
“Thanks, ‘Shua~”
He hands you the towel and a new set of pajamas - the soft silk shorts and tank top feeling good on your warm skin.
“I’m soooo ready to lay down. I fell asleep in the tub and everything!” You all but run towards the bed as you flop onto your stomach onto the newly cleaned sheets - tired eyes barely open the entire time as you groan into the sheets.
“I’m really just so---”
Your blood runs cold, mouth agape when you lift your head from the warm sheets and see a figure in the corner, right next to the bed. 
Pupils shaking as you stare at Joshua bound to a chair in the corner of the room.
While the other Joshua softly closes the door and sets the lock in place from behind you.
“Tsk, I wish you weren’t so hasty to get to the bedroom, sweetheart. You didn’t even give me the time to explain.”
You’re at a loss for words - absolute confusion and panic settling in as the goosebumps rise on your skin.
“You must have a lot of questions, right? But let’s start with the most important one. Why I’m here.”
You flip onto your back as the second Joshua rounds the bed - never bothering to change his appearance as the cunning smirk etches itself onto his features.
Something that you’d always wondered about as a thrum of arousal fills your body.
“What can I say? Even shapeshifters have boring days. I thought I’d spice it up a little. It is Halloween, after all.”
“B--but w--why… J--Joshua?” You shakily ask.
“Good question, sweetheart!” He lets his façade wear off for just a millisecond as the real Joshua gasps around the fabric tied around his mouth - shock in his eyes as the blonde haired Jeonghan from his office makes an appearance for the slightest of moments before disappearing and shifting back into that of Joshua’s likeness.
“I always thought playing a goody two shoes would be fun~ And Joshua is such a kind guy, y’know? Unfortunately, a little too trusting.” Jeonghan ‘tsk’s as he slowly starts to undress; your jaw clenching at the sultrier movements of this version of Joshua.
Was it wrong to be attracted to him?
After all, it was still Joshua... right?
“W-what do you m-mean…?”
When he looks at you, you can finally tell how different he was from the normal Joshua - a lustful haze in his eyes after he’d taken his shirt off and tossed it off to the side.
“Mm, remember that night he went for drinks with a bunch of his coworkers? Might’ve let it slip that he felt like you found things too vanilla sometimes. Said that you might’ve said some things and that he wasn’t sure how to handle it. So… I’m here to switch things up a bit~ Think of it as a favour of sorts, right, Joshua?”
You turn your head nervously to Joshua who sits quietly in the chair - legs bound to the chair’s legs and arms bound to the armrests with a torn piece of fabric between his lips as he meets your stare.
But what surprises you most is that you can see his cock straining against his sweats; already hard as he whimpers into the fabric.
Why did he find it hot again?
He nods feverishly; a quiet way of telling you that he was okay with this.
‘Do something. Before I change my mind.’ He tells himself, cheeks crimson as Jeonghan eases himself onto the bed with you.
“He wants to see what it’d be like if he was a little… rougher. Like a mirror except...” Jeonghan pushes at your shoulder until your back meets the bedsheets and a gasp leaves your parted lips, “...I want you to be screaming his name when I’m through with you.”
“Okay? So you want to see what it’d be like too, huh, sweetheart? You wanna see what it’d be like if Joshua treated you like a cockslut? Fucked you like an animal and used your cunt to his liking?”
You bite your bottom lip hard enough to draw blood - in shock at the filth that rolls off of his tongue.
After all, he was still using Joshua’s appearance and voice.
“Y-yes… I--I want to… experience i-it…” You mumble.
Jeonghan laughs; lighthearted despite the situation.
“Then let’s get started.”
Tumblr media
His touch feels the same at first - Joshua’s usual big, warm hands snaking up your thighs as you hold your breath.
“You seem so nervous but I can smell how wet you already are, sweetheart~”
Whimpering, you slowly start to part your legs for Jeonghan as he slides between them and smirks; hands on the hem of your silk tank top before he rips the fabric in half.
“Sorry~ I’m a little impatient, you see. I could’ve taken you in that bathtub earlier, given you a little taste while you came in the tub while riding my cock but, ah, how would Joshua have seen? And you were so cute getting undressed thinking it was Joshua helping you~”
Your brows furrow as his hands squeeze your breasts - confusion mixing in with the arousal in your body.
When had they switched places? 
You couldn’t remember a time where Joshua had been away for more than just a few seconds except after you’d already gotten in the bath.
“When--when, ah, did you s-switch places?” You whisper; chest arching up into his touch when he starts to pinch your nipples harshly.
You cry out just as Jeonghan grins and moves his hands down your body to the hem of your shorts that he rips as well - leaving you only in a pair of panties that were already beyond soaked.
“Isn’t that the fun of it? Guessing when I switched places with ‘Shua?”
Jeonghan’s eyes flit to the real Joshua who watches intently.
“Ah, Joshua~ Let’s see if I can get you to cum untouched while I fuck her, okay?”
Joshua mumbles against the fabric, squirming in his chair wishing that Jeonghan would’ve at least let him strip off some of his clothes now that he was in this position.
“Mmnh… Joshua…”
Your sweet moans have his eyes flitting up your face just as you throw your head back against the sheets.
“She’s so wet already…”, Muttering, Jeonghan slides your panties off of your legs, “Dripping onto the sheets like a filthy ‘lil cockwhore. You just can’t wait to be fucked, huh? So fucking desperate to be filled up to the brim with cock since that’s all you’re good at. Just a dumb ‘lil fuck toy for me to use.”
“Y-yes! Yes, please--please, n-ngh, J--Joshua… U-use my p-pussy like a--a cocksleeve…”
Jeonghan slides his sweats down and without all of the filthy words - everything seems so normal.
Until he uses your soaked panties and wraps it around his cock; jerking off into the fabric as you clench around emptiness at the visual of Joshua’s body getting off to your panties.
“Mm, your panties are so wet, I can feel it on my cock, sweetheart~ Or should we say, Joshua’s cock?” Grinning, he watches the frustrated tears pool up in your eyes when you start to feel the desperation making you delirious.
And you don’t fight the feeling when you bring your shaking hands to your pussy as you hold yourself open for Jeonghan.
“I--I need you in m-my pussy… Please… I c-can’t…”
He slides the panties off of his cock - tossing the flimsy, soaked piece of fabric right into Joshua’s lap before easing in closer to you.
“Do you act like this with Joshua too? Like a needy, desperate ‘lil slut?”
“S-sometimes… B-but he--he always, mmnh, gets me t-to calm d-down...”
Jeonghan teases your entrance with the head of his cock before he slides it up to your clit - circling the nub as your thighs tremble from the simple gesture.
“Calm down? Your body is so sensitive~ How does he hold back, sweetheart? I’d be fucking you every single night, using your pussy to my liking and filling you up to the brim with cum until you can’t take it anymore like a good fuck toy should.”
You’re about to beg once more when you feel him sliding his cock into your cunt - all still familiar when you peer up and it’s Joshua, just not his mannerisms.
“J--Joshua… Please… fuck me--me stupid… T-turn me into, a-ah, a dumb little w-whore who, mmh, only k-knows how to take your--your c-cock…” Mewling, you let yourself go to the pleasure - figuring it’d be the only time you could.
The real Joshua feels his cock throbbing as he looks down into his lap - a patch right on the front of his sweats from where precum was soaking into the fabric.
There’d been times where you asked him to fuck you in the kitchen - your fingertips pulling your panties to the side as you bent over the the table.
‘Please, I n-need your cock in me...’ You’d whispered.
But Joshua had sighed and gently flipped your dress back down before taking you to the bedroom, all the while saying, ‘I want you to be comfortable.’
And other times when you’d joined him in the shower - mentally begging him to press you into the glass and fuck you hard enough to leave an imprint as he used your cunt to his liking.
‘Don’t you want to try having sex in here?’ You’d suggest.
Even those times, Joshua would simply shake his head and say, ‘I wouldn’t want you to slip and get hurt.’
But now, he was starting to rethink everything as he watched Jeonghan using his likeness to fuck you.
“She’s so hot and tight around my cock, ‘Shua… You’re quite the lucky guy, y’know? You should be fucking her every day~”
Joshua’s pulled from his thoughts as you cry out - your legs bent towards your chest as Jeonghan bends you into a mating press.
“Oh, fuh--fuck! Joshua!”
Jeonghan doesn’t bother to start off slow as he gives you what you want; his powerful thrusts making you drool as you pant and moan underneath him from his rough hold on you.
“Does it feel good? Joshua’s cock ramming your cute ‘lil cunt nice ‘n rough like how you wanted?”
“Y-yes! Mmnh, it fuh--feels so good…! I w-want it hard---harder!”
Blissful tears stream down the sides of your face as you let him fuck you into the sheets - the feeling of Joshua’s body being rougher with you making goosebumps rise on your skin.
“Tell him then, sweetheart. Let him know how good it feels~”
You turn your head slightly to look at Joshua with bleary eyes - licking your lips at the way you see him thrusting up into the air.
“Ngh… H-he feels so g-good fucking m-me… He’s--he’s pounding my cunt, ah, so good, J--Joshua… He’s f-fucking my little h-hole so h-hard… My--my legs are already shaking, ngh, f-from how good it is...”
Joshua gulps hard at your words - body and mind overwhelmed at this version of you that he normally tried to keep out of the bedroom.
“Yeah? You like getting your cunt used like this, huh?” Jeonghan rocks his body into yours - the sound of skin slapping loud in the otherwise quiet bedroom. “Let’s try a little more~”
He draws his hips back and pulls out of you after a few more mind-numbing thrusts to maneuver you into a different position.
This time, with you staring right at Joshua as you ease onto your hands and knees on the bed.
“I want you to watch him as he watches you get fucked by, well, himself~”
Joshua meets Jeonghan’s eyes and gulps - the odd feeling of seeing himself look so sinister confusing his mind.
Could I really be that person? He thinks to himself.
Jeonghan slides his cock back into your pussy and resumes his harsh pace as your body rocks forward and closer to the real Joshua with each snap of his hips.
“Should we let Joshua play with us? Or should we let him keep watching?”
You’re about to respond when you feel his thumb playing with the puckered rim of your ass - a shaky exhale leaving your lips when your walls clench around his cock.
“We can let him fuck you right here, sweetheart~ He’s never fucked your pretty ‘lil ass before, has he?”
“N-no… B-but I…” Your fingertips dig into the bedsheets as Jeonghan smirks.
“I want… I want i-it…”
“Mm, you hear that, ‘Shua? She wants you to be the first one to fuck her ass so I’ll save it just for you, okay?”
And when Jeonghan laughs cruelly in Joshua’s body - you find yourself whimpering with how good he sounds just like that.
“P-please… J--Joshua… can--can you, mmh, j-just give me a--a little taste…”
“Filthy ‘lil cockslut.” He growls, just before letting a glob of his spit hit your puckered hole. “Can you imagine being filled in your cunt and ass - both of us deep inside you? Hmm? Two Joshua’s fucking you stupid at the same time~”
You cry out as your upper body hits the sheets; arms trembling as Jeonghan eases his thumb into your ass slowly.
“Buh--but I want--want it, ngh, r-rough from b-both of you… I want to—to be fucked like, ah, a good f-fuck toy…” You slur out - overstimulated when Jeonghan keeps his thumb in your ass as he continues to fucks you.
“I hope Joshua is taking notes then~”
And Joshua is - even finding himself more turned on with the roughness and dirty talk from Jeonghan.
“I, mmh, c-can I cum? I’m suh--so close…” You whisper.
“Touch your cute ‘lil clit and make yourself cum then, sweetheart. Give yourself what you want, let Joshua hear how good you feel when I’m fucking your dumb cunt.”
You reach between your shaky thighs, fingertips on your clit as your eyes roll to the back of your head.
The feeling of Joshua’s cock pounding your g-spot with his thumb in your ass and your fingers on your clit is more than you and Joshua had even done in bed and you feel the pleasure build up too fast when your body immediately goes rigid after a few more thrusts.
“I’m cumming! Fuck, ‘m c-cumming!” You cry out, unbeknownst to you, squirting all over the bed sheets as you rub harsh, quick circles on your clit while Jeonghan makes no effort to stop fucking you at all.
“Oho, did you know she could squirt, ‘Shua?”
Joshua’s ears are ringing as he cums in his sweats - your loud cries and moans only making him cum harder as you cry out his name in a hurried fashion.
“Dumb ‘lil cockslut. You get fucked a ‘lil bit harder and you don’t know how to act, huh? Look at you~ Still playing with your clit to milk your orgasm~”
You drool onto the bed sheets unable to stop yourself even when your orgasm starts to ebb away - too focused on the feeling of his cock still inside of you to calm yourself down.
“C-cum inside, ngh, m-me… Fuck y-your cum into my stupid ‘lil h-hole… A-ah, I--I want the--the real Joshua t-to use it a-as, mmh, lube w-when he fucks m-my ass…”
Jeonghan whistles at your slurred words - amazed at how much you’d apparently been holding back from the real Joshua.
“Be sure to keep all of it in your dumb cunt then, okay, sweetheart? We wouldn’t want a single drop to be wasted~”
He doubles his pace as he races to his orgasm - growling and sinking his thumb in as deep as it can go as you clench around him.
“Poor Joshua already came~ Now he’s gonna have to watch his cock cum inside you, filling you up with loads of it while he just sits there and wishes it was actually him cumming inside of you instead of cumming in his sweats~”
You feel his cock throbbing as rushed pleas roll off of your tongue - your fingers pinching and rubbing your clit as you force another orgasm out of your body just as Jeonghan cums and starts filling your cunt up with the hot, sticky substance.
“Fuh--fuck! Joshua! I’m c-cumming again!”
You momentarily black out as the bliss becomes too much; ears ringing and body buzzing from the overstimulation.
You can vaguely hear Joshua’s voice, albeit still Jeonghan’s crude words as he fucks his cum deeper into your cunt.
“Look at her, Joshua~ Drooling onto the sheets like a dumb ‘lil cocksleeve that doesn’t know anything other than taking cock~ You’ve never seen her like this, have you? Fucked stupid - thumb in her ass, cock in her pussy, and look, she’s still so fuckin’ desperate she’s still playing with her clit too~”
Joshua whines into the fabric, now thrashing to be unrestrained.
Because now, he wanted part in what was going on in front of him - slightly irritated watching himself cumming inside you.
‘That should be me,’ He thinks to himself, ‘I mean, it is but it’s not!’
Jeonghan chuckles and slows down his movements until he comes to a full stop - his cock keeping the warm cum plugged up in your pussy as your tired hand slips from between your thighs and thuds onto the bed.
“Well, sweetheart? What should we do? Should we let him join and let you have a taste of two Joshua’s or should I leave and have you call me for ‘lil appointment another time~?”
As tired as you feel, your hazy eyes flit up to the real Joshua - gasping when you see his angry lust-filled eyes staring back at you.
The fire in his eyes matching that of the other Joshua still positioned behind you.
“No? No to what, sweetheart?”
Gulping, you slowly reach out for the real Joshua - fingers only centimetres from his knee as you hear him growl.
“D-don’t leave, I--I want you b-both to fuck m-me now…”
And this time, Joshua and Joshua meet eyes - both filled with a challenging gleam that you don’t see.
“Well? Let’s get Joshua untied and see what he’s learned tonight.”
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Joshua: *trying to wake up Seungkwan* Don't make me get the water bucket.
Seungkwan: You wouldn't.
Vernon: *walking past dripping wet* Yes, he would.
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