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Heh, it’s weird, I used to get asked a lot if Okuyasu and I were a thing. I guess I just look bisexual?? Anyway, I like guys as much as the next… guy that likes guys, but I ended up with a woman.

Her name is Beni. She’s an old friend of mine, and we reconnected a few years ago. I’m kinda surprised you guys don’t know about her, even though you seem pretty knowledgeable about all my other friends… Actually, she’s looking over my shoulder as I type this and fixing my English. This blog would be gibberish without her!

By the way, I know this is kind of tacky and self-aggrandizing (big word there, Beni), but I wanted to say we have our own business! It’s a health spa called Jo-An 4. Yes, that’s the name. No, it doesn’t have any particular meaning… at least not one that we remember. We’re situated pretty close to Boing-Boing Cape, a famous landmark here in Morioh, and trust me, you’ll know it’s a spa when you see it. Drop by sometime! I’ll give you a discount! ) ;-} And of course, feel free to ask any questions you want to Beni.

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Whoa, you’re a witch?! Can’t you just make the makeup put itself on, then? I’ve heard that’s advanced stuff, though…

I like to play around with makeup sometimes, but it tends to end up looking… drag queen-y if I do it myself. I need someone more tasteful to do it. The problem is, I don’t know anybody tasteful… So I just try to play it safe and only put on a teeeeeensy bit of eyeshadow and eyeliner regularly. And lip gloss. Never forget the lip gloss.

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I don’t live under a rock!! Of course I’ve played Pokemon! The graphics in Colosseum are awesome, and I think Jirachi is my new favorite Pokemon. The anime and the games are all great, but really, I’m always just excited to see the next movie. Especially Musashi and Kojiro’s scenes!

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this is one of my favourite sketches that araki has made but to be completely honest with you up until about 3 weeks ago i thought that josuke was being snapped in half here because i didn’t realize that it was actually his legs that were on the ground

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【JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Part 8: JoJolion Chapter 22 & 23 by Hirohiko Araki featuring Higashikata Josuke and Hirose Yasuho.】

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Rohan: Your mom gay.

Josuke: No you.

Jotaro: Come on guys, be a little more mature than that please.

Rohan: …

Rohan: Thou mother art gay.

Josuke: Nay thee.

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Josuke with a s/o with low self-steem

•For Josuke, you are a treasure, and you better don’t be expecting be treated as less than that

•When you make self-deprecating jokes of any sort, he’s SO not letting you do that, he starts making a pro skilled speech about how dang perfect you are

•Always tries to find new ways to make you feel special, sometimes are gifts or text at random times about how happy he’s to have found you and all the ways he has fallen for you

•Sometimes you feel down about how much suitors he has, but he eases your worries by remarking how you’re the only one for him

•"Gimme a hug with those adorable arms of yours!“

•Reassures the hell outta you, this king won’t let a second pass without yelling how great you are and how you>the universe

•He’s aware of what you see when you look in the mirror, and he will try to change that image for good

•Place kisses in all the features of your body you don’t like, to tell you that there’s no problem with any of them

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Well, we all know about my music obsessions, so I guess we can cover smells! I smell a lot of the same stuff every day, so what really jumps out to me is what I almost never smell anymore. 

One example would be the smell of fish cooking every morning. I was always more of a bacon-and-eggs kind of guy, so I used to hate it when my grandpa would get up and fry a ton of shishamo at six in the morning. You eat those with the bones and eyes and everything, and he always said it’d be my head he bit off next if I didn’t get to school on time. 

It’s been almost five years since he passed away. I still hate the smell, of course, but now it makes me feel like he’s watching over me.

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Huh… Well, my first thought is a day off, but my time spent working can be a ton of fun. We have a lot of very…. eccentric regulars. I’ve actually figured out a really good heating and cooling system for our place, so the weather’s usually irrelevant, even outdoors, but preferably it’s summer and there’s a lot of those big, fluffy clouds in the sky… 

Still, I like it best when I can just spend a day with my family and friends. We’re a bunch of weirdos, so it’s nice getting to be weird together. Cafes and restaurants are cool, but I really like any place that gives us our own little area to go wild. Karaoke, yakiniku, laser tag… That’s what I’d spend the day doing. And shopping, obviously. Lots of shopping! Maybe in another country! )>:-}

As for lucky coincidences? Well, I mean… I won the lottery once. And I won a sweepstakes that maybe 50,000 people had entered, and I think what I got out of that was worth more than all the money in the world. Now I’m just fine with little things like finding 100-yen coins on the ground.

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I was bored did a redraw of my fave Jojo x3

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Josuke: GUYS LOOK A PINECONE *picks up pine cone* PINECONE *throws pinecone at Rohan*

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