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Could we please get a scenario or headcannons (or whatever you wish, it's up to you) of a gn reader giving Josuke a boatload of affection/attention? (I'm a bit nervous since I've never asked for writing before, so if you don't wanna do it, that's totally cool :D)
A/N: Hey anon! Thank you for requesting, I'm joyed that I'm your first writing request! Enjoy these headcanons!
Josuke Higashikata Affection Headcanons
Tumblr media
As I said before, Josuke LOVES PDA. He's just a big sucker for any kind of affection. Especially from the one he loves.
Josuke would've never imagined you pampering him so much. You just can't help it, he's so fucking adorable. He loves when you hold his waist down while he's on your lap. He loves when you pull him in for kisses. And he really loves when you two makeout.
Hand holding? Hand holding. Anywhere you two go together, Josuke wants to AT LEAST be holding your hand. And if it's not hand holding? He is clinging onto your arm, rubbing his cheek against you like a cat, and yes, in public too. He isn't afraid to show how clingy he is.
Cuddling is also a very big must every. single. day. He loves the closeness of your bodies, the way your hand moves to pet his hair, the little whispers of "I love you" leaving your lips. He grows flustered, he'll never be used to it.
That's not it either, whenever he makes you any kind of meal, you just can't help but hold onto him from behind, and slowly drag him away from the stove..you can't help it, Josuke looks amazing in an apron.
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4otaro 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
饾棖饾棓饾棢饾棢 饾棳饾棦饾棬 饾棔饾棓饾棔饾棳.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
author鈥檚 note: wanted to upload something because of my recent achievement of 300 followers. once more; thank you all. gender neutral reader.
josuke as a puppy hybrid is adorable. he bounces around, is extremely curious, and does whatever you want. he鈥檇 be trailing w behind you within your home almost every moment, and he鈥檇 whine when you鈥檇 leave him behind a door. josuke just hates being alone.
he understands the restroom, and showering (though he prefers to bathe with you), but you can鈥檛 lock a bedroom door without him in it. he gets antsy. he knocks on the door. ten shoved against it. and then you hear his soft pleas to be let in. and lastly your pup starts crying. he whined and wails because you鈥檝e left him for good, until you open the door and take him into your arms.
josuke is pretty expressive as a hybrid. his ears flop and move with everything he goes through. his tail wags and ears jump up when he鈥檚 really excited. and when he鈥檚 said the opposite reaction occurs. you鈥檇 have to give him numerous attention and affections to make sure he鈥檚 back to his normal self.
heats with josuke were amusing. you鈥檇 feel something against your leg, looking under the covers to see josuke whining and jumping against you. he鈥檇 throw off the blanket, roll over, and show you his gaping hole. you鈥檇 feel a bit flustered, but reject at the idea at first. of course, you gave in. you鈥檇 finger him to his orgasm, but he demanded to have more. so you鈥檇 spend the next week fucking josuke against almost every surface of your home until he was out of it. either way, josuke was very happy, and would rub his belly admiringly.
it鈥檇 take you a few months to realize pups were on the way.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sumatrax 5 months ago
Jojo鈥檚 with a very sleepy s/o
Gn! Reader
Jojo's part 1-6
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He will get concerned if you aren鈥檛 up by noon but he鈥檒l get used to it after a while
Brings breakfast to the bed, doesn鈥檛 care if it鈥檚 2pm he will bring all the food you need to start a late day
Definitely enjoys waking you up with small kisses and small phrases like 鈥渨ake up darling, I miss you so much鈥
He loves to win you plushies at fairs so you can add them in the small space you have in bed
Dio will tease him about it but as soon as you defended yourself with a sleepy punch he just avoids you
He loves joining your sleepy time, it doesn鈥檛 matter if you only sleep, he enjoys it because he is with you
He won鈥檛 admit it but he loves seeing you on your sleeping clothes, or just his shirts
You鈥檇 usually repay him with all the love and affection of the world but he likely blushes like a tomato at seeing you so 鈥渁wake鈥 with him
He will def tease tf out of you
Since you sleep a lot that's how he finds out he likes somnofilia
When you wake up in a bad mood due to his pranks he will make you anything you ask or say for calming you down even if you get even madder for his dirty jokes
When Lisa Lisa scold you for oversleeping he will defend you no matter what even whit his own mother ofc
Has a photo of you and him cuddling in his pocket, even a solo of you sleeping in the sexy lingerie he bought for you.
Oldseph still has that photo and while you travel together he enjoys watching you drift to sleep as soon as you touch the floor/bed.
Sleepy kisses are his favorites especially if you beg for him to stay by your side
Both of you enjoyed sleeping naked, but you were lazy as hell so now you stuck with pajamas and his boxers
He always acts annoyed when you sleep on him, but he enjoys seeing you relax
One night as you were camping on the floor when you asked for cuddles with him he ended up being so confused, but he never said no
After that night you always cuddled with him, even if he was sleeping in another room, you enjoyed his warmth
When he comes back from an investigation he always brings a sea animal plushie, so you have a big collection of them.
But he also enjoys the challenge of bringing you a different plushie all the time
When Jolyne was born and he asked you to babysit her, he never expected to come home to be greeted by you and her sleeping in a bundle of blankets and some of his jackets.
Even if you passed around his house, something about his bed seemed tempting, so if Jotaro was late even by minutes, you were fast asleep on his bed or the couch but mostly his bed
He loves cuddling with you, even if you fall asleep quickly, he loves how calm and relaxed you are, after all the things you both suffered he enjoys having you by his side, sleeping calmly without a worry in the world
Loves having a movie/series marathon even if you are at the edge of sleep.
Gets the most comfortable pajamas, but those are mostly his shirts
If you have a night routine he enjoys doing it for you while you drift to dreamland
You had met some trouble after sleeping with him and keeping him there, which made you miss tons of classes, but cuddles always go first
He doesn't need to worry about you cheating, he know you're sleping
Cuddles in between games and movies are his favorite, but if Koichi or Okuyasu are over you just cuddle more (or ususally ends up in group cuddles due to your bodyheat)
Josuke LOVES when he falls asleep first in your arms, or brushing his hair to sleep, he brags about it all the time
He's just happy to have such a cute sleepy lover by his side all the time, one that enjoys the beauty/care routines he has and does them with him.
He was impressed the first time you sleep allmost a day in a row
Seeing you entering his office with that sleepy face and your arms hugging a pillow melt him on the inside.
The gang knows you enjoy sleeping, so Giorno sends them to find stuffed animals or the most comfortable sheets in Italy.
You are almost all day in the room, so work, hobbies and gifts to Giorno are always around in the mafioso's bed.
Movie nights with Giorno are always soft, especially with his small physical affections.
But you also give those back by taking care of his hair or massaging him to sleep.
When he's stressed he just comes to the bedroom and lays beside you to relax and stay away from work even if it's just a few hours.
Take in count, that if you wake up complaining of some loud noise or a figh, Giorno would do everything to punish the person who decided to bother his sweet s/o
Beauty nights are always up
As well as movie nights with F.F and Hermes
But you're cuddled up wih Jolyne and she enjoys it a bit to much.
Makeout sessions while you're falling asleep are his favorite
Somnophilia included cause she loves to tease you
If she had a rough day she just walks towards you with grabby ands for your attention, wich you quickly reciprocate.
If you oversleep, she won't wake you up, she just can't see your pouting face without feeling guilty of ruining your sweet dreams.
If you just sleep using one of her shirts of just go around in your sleepy state her hearth just melts of happiness, she just really loves seeing this side of you everyday!
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mornings with them
characters included; jojos 1-6
Tumblr media
jonathan joestar;
mornings with jonathan would be so calming, he was the type to wake up earlier than you so he usually fixed your blanket and made you some tea before leaving.
but when he doesn鈥檛 have to leave, he usually makes you breakfast, so expect yourself to be woken up with the smell of your favourite food.
鈥榞ood morning, did you sleep well?鈥
joseph joestar;
joseph is a messy sleeper, he is the type to sleep late and wake up late, when sleeping he usually likes to wrap atleast one of his strong limbs around your body.
so expect yourself to wake up earlier than joseph but be unable to move. and if you do move, he鈥檒l probably wake up and beg you to stay with him for another five minutes while pulling you closer to him.
鈥榦h c鈥檓on, stay for five more minutes? pleasee!鈥
jotaro kujo;
jotaro is quite a busy man, so expect yourself to wake up to an empty bed - well kept but empty bed.
when he is at home however, he tends to wake up quite early to start his day; he usually just makes breakfast for himself and you but unlike jonathan, he doesn鈥檛 bring it to you but rather patiently waits for you to wake up on your own.
josuke higashikata;
you and josuke tend to sleepover a lot at eachother鈥檚 houses, usually, you come over to his; his mom doesn鈥檛 want you two to sleep together in the same room but you always end up sneaking into his rooms to sleep with him.
when you wake up, josuke鈥檚 arm is always wrapped around your body, he鈥檚 holding you very close to him. if you try to get out of his grip, he鈥檒l definitely wake up and ask you where you鈥檙e going when you can just stay with him!
if you tell him you have to get back to your own house, he鈥檒l do whatever he can to make you stay ... well, atleast till breakfast.
鈥榩lease y/n? atleast till mom cooks us breakfast!鈥
jolyne kujo;
you and jolyne also have a habit of having sleepovers at eachother鈥檚 houses, she usually stays over at yours, sometimes though, she invites you over to her house. you both tend to stay up late talking about everything and nothing so you both wake up quite late - probably sometime in the afternoon.
since it鈥檚 too late for the both of you to have breakfast or even get up, she just wants you to stay with her bed until lunchtime, sometimes you stay with her, sometimes you don鈥檛 but either way, you two end up having a good time.
Tumblr media
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JoJo: Highschool Days
Tumblr media
JoJo: Highschool Days is a collaborative work between @aquatik & @lovely-josuke
Welcome into your new year at A.H Highschool, in which you鈥檒l see new faces or old faces. You鈥檒l select your semester courses and perhaps you鈥檒l find some interesting classmates along the way.
Tumblr media
Battle In Class
The main storyline of your semester following your year in A.H High鈥檚 new class starts here. You鈥檒l find to see some new faces when you thought you already knew everyone in your grade
Deciding to skip part of the year?
Follow the Class Clown, Joseph
Follow the School Heartthrob, Ceasar
Tumblr media
Detention Crusaders
The main storyline of your detention period during the school year starts here. You find yourself sent to detention alongside two faces who you鈥檙e supposed to be in class with.
Deciding to nap during detention?
Follow the Teenage Delinquent, Jotaro
Follow the Silent Menace, Kakyoin
Tumblr media
Mental Health is Breakable
In the beginning of the year, your Speech and Debate class gives you a huge group project to complete in an irrational time. You鈥檙e joined with 3 other classmates to finish this assignment.
Decided to skip assigning process?
Follow Morioh鈥檚 Diamond, Josuke
Follow the Insane Journalist, Rohan
Follow the Essay Hater, Okuyasu
Tumblr media
Golden Grades
In the first couple weeks, A.H High takes in foreign exchange students. As a member of student council, you鈥檙e tasked to help guide them through the year, alongside your fellow student council member.
Decided on who you鈥檒l be assisting?
Follow the Passionate Student, Giorno
Follow the Righteous Classmate, Bruno
Follow Mister Worldwide, Mista
Follow the Plane Enthusast, Narancia
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senseiofbullshit 3 months ago
Headcanons that I thought of in the shower that absolutely no one asked for about some part 4 characters
Jotaro comes off as someone who enjoys his space and doesn't care to be smothered in your presence, but Jotaro is a big cuddle.r He may never initiate it, but if you lay next to him and throw his arm over your waist, he won't move it. He may find himself using his thumb to rub soothing circles into your back.
If you fall asleep on Jotaro's chest, he won't get up unless he absolutely has to. He doesn't care how hot it is or if he'll have the dead arm in the morning. He'll even spend some time just staring at you. How'd he get so lucky?
Jotaro is probably a pretty good cook. He's too observant not to be.
Okuyasu is really good with housework and building things. For someone whose stands takes things away, he's pretty good at putting things together. So what if the IKEA instructions are in Swedish? He'll have that bookcase built for you in no time! He'll probably stick his tongue out and hum while he does it.
Okuyasu feeds all of the stray dogs in the neighborhood and the tend to lounge around where he lives.
Josuke likes to bathe with you, but he especially likes to sit between your legs while you wash his hair. If you just hold him while he leans back on your chest and massage his shoulders, he may fall asleep in the comfort of your arms.
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jojoboisimagines 10 months ago
Jojo's (1-7) + DIO Reaction to suddenly being called Daddy
A/N: I just had this random thought and now I'm writing a whole hcs for it so look where we ended up- this is mostly just meant to be funny
You had a pretty bad fall, and Jonathan was quick to come to your side and help you up
"Ahh.." you hold your side, your boyfriend looking terribly concerned
"Thanks, Daddy."
"Darling are you alright---" It takes him a moment to process that
He blinks. "Pardon?"
You say nothing further, only smirking
"Are you feeling alright? Do you really see your father?"
You couldn't not wheeze at that
He was showing you some new tricks he had been practicing with his clackers. They were just...alright. Anything that affects the pillar men would help, really. But you had to hype up your man anyway
He had striken a pose, feeling rather proud of himself
"yaasss Daddy~" You clap.
You can tell his face was getting flushed, but he tried to keep his composure with a smirk.
"Hah, I knew you'd call me that sooner or later." He liked it, it was easy to tell
Both of you erupt in laughter
"Daddy could you get me something off that shelf? I'm too short to reach."
He got up, about to do so before pausing, realizing what you just said.
His cheeks were red, tipping his hat down to hide it and play it cool
"Here" he hands the object to you. He figured his best bet was to ignore it and this would never be discussed again
"I'm surprised you didn't complain about me calling you that." You laugh.
He stayed silent. He still wasn't complaining though.
Josuke has just threatened to beat up some punk that was hitting on you, the guy rushing off and tripping to get away
The serious look on Josuke's face was everything
"damn, okay Daddy." You remark.
Even though you were standing behind him, you could see him physically tense up
His face was burning, using his hands to cover his embarrassment
"b-babe!" He yelled.
He laughs about it later but putting him on the spot like that really got him
He cupped your face, pulling you in for a kiss
His thumb caresses the side of your face, simply staring and admiring your beauty.
You place a hand on his chest. "More, Daddy."
His eyes widen for a second.
Giorno seemed so romantic in the moment and now he just looks surprised. You couldn't hold back a chuckle.
He laughs with you though.
"You can call me that if you want, I won't stop you."
You simply ask him a favor. "Johnny, can you hand me the water canteen for my horse?"
He complies and rolls over to it and brings it back to hand it to you without a word.
"Thanks Daddy."
"No prob babe."
He rolls off nonchalantly.
It takes him a few hours before he thinks about the conversation again and he realizes.
"..wait a minute." He squints his eyes.
You're scared to call this man Daddy honestly
He might just pin you down and take you right then and there
You know that's his kink. We all know it.
But you still couldn't help yourself. Coming to him while he was studying some book in his library.
"Daddy, I'm bored, give me attention."
He looks back at you, closing the book and resting a hand on your cheek.
"of course, dearest." He smirks. It surely wasn't an innocent smirk, but it could be worse
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whoreiaki-kakyoin a month ago
Hey! Can I have a nsfw Josuke x fem!reader. Where they are in his house, having a sleepover and they planned in having their first time together? It can be soft and gentle (like Josuke), sweet whispers and kisses. And the aftercare is they having a bathtub and enjoying the moment.
Hi, hon! This is such a sweet request-- wholesome boi Josuke is so sweet. Sorry for the wait, and hope you like it!
18+ ONLY beneath the cut, Josuke x fem reader, reader has a pussy, sexual content but it's fluffy vanilla goodness, loss of virginity, all characters depicted are 18+
When Josuke opens the door to let you in, it's with a shyer smile than usual. He presses a soft kiss to your lips before grabbing your bag to take to his room.
"Yeah, so my mom is gonna be gone for a couple days, visiting a friend. We have the house to ourselves this weekend." He gives a nervous chuckle, and you smile right back.
"I do love your mom, but it'll be nice to get some alone time with you," you tease as he opens the door to his bedroom. Josuke places your bag on a chair before sitting on the bed, tugging you into his lap.
"Mmm, yeah?" He kisses you more deeply, his hand coming up to cradle the back of your head as you melt into him with a sigh. He kisses your nose for good measure as he pulls away. "I've been looking forward to this all week."
"You see me every day, you know."
"That's not what I meant." You laugh softly, nerves and excitement swirling in your stomach.
"I know. I've been looking forward to this, too." You kiss him again, and you shiver as Josuke's warm hands slip under your shirt, resting on your back as if he were waiting for permission for more. You lean your forehead against his with a sigh.
"Are you nervous?" His voice is barely above a whisper.
"I'm so nervous. Are you?" You're fairly sure you know the answer from the way Josuke's biting his lip, but you want the reassurance of hearing your boyfriend say it out loud.
"I am, too. Are you sure you're okay to do this tonight?" You nod.
"Please, Josuke..." Your voice comes out breathy with need. "I'm ready if you are." He kisses your forehead, cupping your face gently in his palm.
"You're so beautiful. How did I get so lucky?" You open your mouth to respond, but all you can manage is a gasp as Josuke starts to trail hot, lingering kisses along your neck.
"Oh... Jojo... Mm, I could say the same鈥 same thing about you," you manage, and he chuckles, the sound of it vibrating against your skin.
"Feels good?"
"So good..." Josuke sucks at your neck, leaving what you know in the back of your mind is going to be a dark hickey tomorrow, but you tilt your head to give him better access. Your fingers play at the hem of his shirt as he meets your eyes. 鈥淐an I?鈥
Your boyfriend chuckles, nodding as he lets you help him undress. Your fingers graze slowly over the warmth of his chest as he pulls his shirt over his head. He guides you out of your clothes as well, until you鈥檙e both left in only your underwear. Josuke鈥檚 eyes linger hungrily on the soft, lacy fabric that hugs your body so perfectly.
鈥淒id you wear that just for me?鈥 His voice is a whisper, almost reverent, and you know he wants to touch you. You smile shyly as you gently take his hands and guide them to your body, giving him the go ahead to touch as much as he鈥檇 like.
鈥淚 did. Do you like it?鈥 Josuke鈥檚 cheeks are dusted red.
鈥淓very time I think you can鈥檛 possibly be any more beautiful鈥. You look amazing.鈥 You move to straddle his lap again, both of you letting your hands wander as you nip at Josuke's bottom lip, kissing him more deeply than you've kissed anyone as your hips rock against his. Jojo lets out a low, tantalizing moan at the feeling, rocking up into you to get some more friction. When you pull away, Josuke gives you a half-lidded, lust-filled gaze. Your tummy flips at the adoration鈥 the pure love鈥 and the want mingled in his expression.
"Jojo..." You glance down to see a damp spot on the front of his boxers, and you know he's just as worked up as you are. His hands settle on your panties and you nod, shifting to help him as he slides them down your hips. He discards his boxers and your breath catches in your chest at the sight of his cock鈥 decently thick, and probably a bit above average in length, the warm, veiny shaft seeming intimidating in size for your first time. Breathlessly, you swipe your thumb over the precum beading on his flushed tip, watching Josuke's lashes flutter as he groans.
"Are you ready?" he asks you, and his voice is thick with need.
"I think so. I need you, Jojo." Your boyfriend preps you with his fingers first, and even if he's a bit clumsy at first, you gasp when he finds your sweet spot. "Josuke... Please, I want you inside me." "Fuck..." Josuke's cheeks flush darker as he removes his fingers, fumbling to roll on a condom before positioning himself at your entrance. "Okay, baby," he murmurs, pushing in slowly. It's still a bit of a stretch, and you let out a whine at the feeling, but you're able to take all of him. He rests his hand on your hip as he lets you adjust. "Doing okay?" You sigh breathily, blinking up at him.
"Yeah. Feels... good. Can you move a little?" Josuke kisses your forehead, starting to rock his hips slowly.
"Of course. I'll go slow, okay?"
"Ah...f...fuck, Jojo, like that, yeah...please..."
"I've got you," he murmurs, pressing closer as you wrap your arms around him. "I love you... I love you so much, baby." You tangle your fingers in his hair, rutting your hips insistently up into his as he picks up the pace. You're overwhelmed by how good it feels, not just the sex itself, but sex with Josuke, being held and kissed as he whispers sweet words against your skin.
"Mmm... I love... love you, too, Jojo." You tuck your face into his shoulder, nuzzling at your boyfriend. Josuke groans as you lift a leg to wrap around his back, and you arch into him with a moan as he thrusts deeper, the tip of his cock hitting just right inside you. You nibble at his neck, earning a loud, beautiful moan from your boyfriend.
"Baby..." he whines softly, panting against your skin as he holds you close.
"Mm... Josuke..."
"Ah, you're... you're gonna make me cum if you do that."
"Mm...fuck." He pulls your other leg up and around his waist to drill into you deeper, and fuck, it feels good.
"J.... Josuke.... Jojo, ah, please!" You can feel heat building in your stomach, your toes starting to curl from the pleasure. "I'm so close, Jojo, gonna cum!"
"God.... Cum, baby, that's my pretty girl.... Love you so much, cum with me...." You gush over Josuke's cock with a loud moan, and he cums soon after at the feeling of you tightening around him.
It's the hardest you've ever cum. You both lay there for several minutes, dazed and panting, before either one of you speaks. Eventually, you feel Josuke nudge you with his shoulder.
"You okay?"
"Never better." You roll over to face him better, scooting closer to cuddle against his chest. "You?"
"Perfect." He kisses your nose. After a few moments, he moves to get up, and you frown.
"Where are you going?"
"Give me a couple minutes, ok? Trust me." You don't argue, not when your head is still swimming and your legs feel like jelly. You make yourself comfortable under the covers until Josuke comes back, handing you a glass of water and prompting you to sip.
"Thanks. Didn't realize I was that thirsty." He chuckles before helping you to your feet.
"C'mon. Let's get cleaned up." You gasp when Josuke leads you into the bathroom and you see the bathtub steaming and filled with bubbles.
"Jojo! This is so sweet..." You beam at him, pecking him on the lips. "You're so romantic." He smiles as he helps you into the tub, climbing in alongside you. As he gently washes your hair, you smile to yourself. You really do have the sweetest boyfriend in the world.
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joestarbooty 9 months ago
NSFW Part 4 Headcanons
no one asked im just horny for them ok ? ok enjoy LOL
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
馃挍 He鈥檚 a sweetheart with a bad temper and this comes in handy for a great time in bed.
馃挍 Soft, rough, dom, sub, Josuke likes it all. He鈥檚 willing to try almost anything once (within reason) if it鈥檒l please you.
馃挍 If you want it rough, be ready. He鈥檒l pound you while whispering the filthiest things in your ear. He鈥檚 good at dirty talk and very strong, so he has no problem fucking you against a wall.
馃挍 His favorite kind of sex is slow and romantic. Expect some slow jams are gonna be paying in the background. Praise him in bed and he鈥檒l lose his mind.
馃挍 He puts on an act but he blushes so easily. He can go from railing you to dying of embarrassment after he realizes the dirty things he said while railing you. Flash him a glance of your lingerie and he just dies.
馃挍 He loves looking into your eyes when you make love.
馃挍 Dirty secret: Creampies are his absolute favorite. He gets off on it like nothing else.
Tumblr media
馃崫 Oku is a tough cookie, but we all know he's a sweetheart so its no surprise that in the bedroom, he is a mess--physically and emotionally.
馃崫 He moans, whimpers, and begs so pretty for you.
馃崫 Please Dom this boy. Pull his hair, slap his ass, fuck/peg him hard. He loves it a little rough.
馃崫 If he's on the receiving end of penetrative sex, Oku loves doggy. Something about your hips pounding against his ass drives him wild. Push his face into the pillows, cause he's not going to stop screaming.
馃崫 When fucking his partner, Oku's favorite position is laying on their sides or good old missionary. He likes anything where he can get as close to you as possible and look into your eyes as you fall apart.
馃崫 Okuyasu is a virgin when you meet, so he's very unexperienced and sloppy in bed, but he's a very good learner. You have to be direct with him in bed. He loves to please you.
馃崫 Has a kink for marking his partner/ being marked by his partner with hickeys and scratches.
Tumblr media
馃惉 He's stoic and rough around the edges, but in the bedroom Jotaro is the very definition of a service top.
馃惉 Any desire you have, Mr. Kujo will fulfill. Want to be fucked within an inch of your life? Made love to slowly? Hell, say the word and he'll go down on you for hours.
馃惉 He's older and wiser, and it shows in the way he pays such devoted and precise care to his lover. He's patient and has an open mind, so he's down for almost anything.
馃惉 For you and you only he'll take on a more submissive role in bed. Boss him around, degrade him a little... he's all for it.
馃惉 Call him JoJo, it drives him crazy when he hears you moan his nickname.
馃惉 Some of his kinks include shibari, dirty talk, and.... a daddy kink.
馃惉 Aftercare king: He is an expert at cleaning the both of you up and helping you recover. He may not be a man of many words, but his gentle caresses and cuddles tell you everything he wants to say. He's definitely a cuddler after sex.
Tumblr media
馃帹 He's a bit pompous, but he's a very caring and sweet lover. His top priority is that his partner gets the most pleasure possible when they are intimate with him.
馃帹 Relentless. He's a smug bastard in bed. He turns it into a competition to see who can give who the most orgasms and he often wins, while you nearly combust after so many climaxes.
馃帹 He has very good stamina and likes to go multiple rounds if he's horny enough.
馃帹 Rohan's spontaneous. Expect to be bent over a kitchen counter or desk and then railed.
馃帹 He has a stash of nude drawings of you. He is obsessed with your body and likes to tell you you're his muse when you fuck.
馃帹 Can get a little greedy, especially if you're sucking him off. He'll shove his cock in your mouth with no manners.
馃帹 Definitely into degrading you a little. He loves calling you a slut while you moan so pretty for him.
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bitterparadise 3 months ago
Rohan, Josuke and Okuyasu nsfw hcs
Tumblr media
a/n: It's been awhile since i wrote nsfw hcs so forgive my sloppy writing.
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 obviously a huge fucking brat both inside and outside the bathroom.
I can鈥檛 see him anything other than a bratty sub tbh lmao
Will never admit it but he finds pegging very hot
Uses sex as a way to relieve sex so expect fucking in his office a lot.
Lovesss to be bitten on his neck. He whines while you do it but enjoys it
He's embarrassed by it but he has a huge degradation kink. He tries to pretend he doesnt enjoy it but his blushing face and hard dick says otherwise
Tumblr media
Josuke is a precious romantic type. He takes everything slow and steady
A very gentle and versatile switch. I don't see him as super kinky but is incredibly open minded to whatever his partner is into.
He's a sweet wholesome guy who prefers missionary
Also lovesss leaving hickeys on your neck and thighs
He takes his sweet time eating you out too~
King of aftercare!!
Tumblr media
Okuyasu was such a nervous wreck when you two first had sex
You needed to guide him the first couple of time and reassure that everything is okay
But otherwise he's quite good at sex and his only concern is pleasuring you only
massive dick
Just tell him he's a good boy while he eats you out. It'll make his day I promise
Favorite position is definitely doggystyle
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randoimago a month ago
Hello! Cute idea if you don't mind:
Can I please request Jonathan, Jotaro, Giorno, and Josuke(and Dio from whatever part you prefer if you have a 5 charactwr limit? I can't remember for sure sorry馃様) adopting a child with stand powers who's afraid of their own powers?
Like the kid has been abandoned and bullied because they have a stand?
Thank you very much!
Adopting a Child That Has a Stand
FANDOM: JoJo鈥檚 Bizarre Adventure
Character(s): DIO, Giorno Giovanna, Jonathan Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashitaka
Type of Request: Headcanons
Note(s): Yep 5 character limit! And I'll probably write SDC DIO because he feels like way less of bastard to me?? He's still a bastard, tho. I also didn't know which Jotaro you wanted so I did Part 4 for him!!
This is mostly just having a child scared of their Stand so I hope that鈥檚 fine!!
Tumblr media
He scoffs slightly when he hears that you're afraid of your gift. Because that's how he views the powers of Stands, they're a gift.
Will teach you to not be afraid of your Stand. He won't be nice or go easy on you though. Especially if your Stand can really benefit him, he's going to make sure you know how to use it.
Would do some manipulation. You're scared of your Stand? Well how about you use it to help others, such as him? That way you're not using the Stand for yourself but for him.
Dio is a bitch so he might also just put a Flesh Bud in your head which'll make you not afraid. That'll easily take care of your weakness.
Giorno understands that it must be really scary for a child to suddenly develop.
聽He is interested in how you got your Stand, did you get accidentally pierced by an arrow or did you develop it due to something else?
He does his best to keep you calm and help you understand your Stand, but also wants to make sure you're able to still have a childhood because you deserve it despite the circumstances.
Would promise you that he'll help you and that your Stand is nothing to be scared of. Think of it as someone checking under the bed or closet to keep the monsters away.
So Jonathan isn't a Stand User and can't see Stands because of it. You tell him and he thinks you're having an imaginary friend.聽
He also knows some people that see things that aren't there so thinks of taking you to a physician to get checked for that just in case.
Again, he can't seen Stands himself so he's worried by how scared you are. He wants to help comfort you but doesn't know how to help exactly.聽
Still does his best to let you know that there's nothing to worry about. Your imaginary person is a friend and won't hurt you.
He's way too young to adopt a child, you kidding me? If anything, he's like an uncle to you and has Jotaro take care of you instead.聽
Josuke just doesn't trust himself with kids with Stands after the invisible bay incident.
Like he does his best to explain what's going on to you. He knows his Stand freaked him out in the beginning until he learned how to handle it. You just need to learn how to use your Stand too.
Again, might pass you to Jotaro as he's better at explaining this stuff than Josuke is. He really did just learn what a Stand really is.
Let's out a sigh when he learns you have a Stand. Because of course you do. Stand users attract Stand users. He had just hoped this kid he took in wouldn't get one.
Would help train you, brings out Star Platinum to show you that he has one too. Just so you know that you're not alone.
Would tell you how he thought his Stand was an evil ghost in the beginning until he realized that it is more of a guardian angel, in a way.聽
It's a very simplistic explanation, but he hopes that it helps you understand a bit better.
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the-cooler-kira 2 months ago
Can I have a fic where Josuke tries to make up with reader after an argument? He is feeling sorry and bad for hurting their feelings.
Apologies || Josuke Higashikata x Reader
cw: swearing, arguing, overthinking on both ends, josuke being mean at first, female reader, unedited
summary: josuke and his gf have an argument and he feels guilty after so he tries making it up to her after they cooled down as requested by @honeyhugs-obssession
sorry it took so long!!
Tumblr media
Some nerve. Some nerve Josuke, your boyfriend, had. The nerve of him to tell you what you should and shouldn't be feeling! How dare he!?
"Quit it. You're overreacting."
His words cut like a razor, they were enough to get you riled up.
"Seriously? So you're just going to allow those fans of yours to get way too chummy with you?"
You couldn't help feeling nothing but jealousy and rage whenever any of his fans would talk to him, fawning over him, acting differently for his attention.
"They're not fans! And nobody is getting chummy with anybody!"
His words fell on deaf ears. You knew damn well they wanted nothing more than to get in his pants.
"Are you kidding me..? You're defending them!?"
You couldn't believe he was actually standing up for those disgusting homewreckers.
"Yeah, so what if I am? They haven't done anything wrong!"
His words made your blood boil.
"They haven't done anything wrong, huh? Oh, apart from constantly trying to fucking break us up because they're so obsessed with you!"
You couldn't stand the fact so many people had their eyes on your boyfriend. Who do they think they are!?
"If anything you sound like you're the obsessed one! You sound like some clingy, possessive bitch!"
Silence fell upon the two of you, it was so quiet you could hear your own racing heartbeat and your boiling blood race around your body. Did he seriously just say that? Is that what he thinks of you? Does he even realise what he just said?
"Is that what you think of me...?" You asked him quietly, raising your eyebrow ever-so-slightly.
"Wait, no-" he realised what he said, immediately regretting it.
"If that's what you think then they can fucking have you." You spat, turning your back to walk back to your house. Originally, the plan was to go to his house as it was after school on a Friday afternoon. You normally had sleepovers every Friday, alternating between each others houses, but you were too pissed off to stay around.
"Baby, please, I didn't mean it." He tried getting through to you. You kept walking, not wanting to hear any more as you bite back the tears and walk in the opposite direction of his house. He reached an arm out but pulled it back, realising you both needed time to cool off. "Fuck!"
You heard his angered shout, but kept walking. It wasn't until you rounded the corner when he turned around and kept walking to his house, hoping his mother wasn't home so he wouldn't have to explain why you weren't with him like you normally were, and explain to her how he just accidentally called his girlfriend a bitch. It would definitely earn him a slap.
Tomoko was home, but she was cleaning the kitchen and the radio was on full volume ,so she didn't notice her son stomp upstairs to his room.
Why did he argue with you? Why didn't he try reassure you? Why did he say that? Why didn't he make you wait so he could apologise? Why? Why!? WHY!?
He let out a loud groan of frustration into his pillow as he collapsed on his bed, not even caring he was still in his school uniform. It was even starting to get dark out, but he didn't bother to get up to pull the curtains or to turn a light on. It doesn't matter. Nothing else matters. He said something horrible to someone he loves deeply and he had to be held accountable.
You should have slapped him. Why didn't you slap him? Damn you and your kind nature! Even in the face of insult you remained somewhat civil. Damn it all!聽
The conflicted boy let go of his pillow, shoving it down on the mattress beside him, to stare up at the shadowed ceiling of his bedroom. His mind was racing with ideas of what he could do to make it up to you, but nothing felt enough.
You, on the other hand, had broken down as soon as you shut the front door behind you as your parents were out of town for the week and wouldn鈥檛 return until next weekend. Is that really what he thinks of you? Had you really been that clingy and possessive? Was he right?聽
Breaking the deafening silence, your stomach let out a low growl reminding you that normally you would be sitting on the floor of your boyfriend鈥檚 living room watching a movie and eating fast food. Your stomach鈥檚 plea for food went ignored as you sighed and got up to go to your bedroom, not even bothering to shut the door before crumbling on your bed. It doesn鈥檛 matter. Nothing else matters. You were insulted by one of the few people you care tremendously for and you wanted answers.
As much as you wanted answers and courage, you also wanted to cry and sleep.聽
What was going to happen? Was he going to ignore you? Break up with you? Act like nothing happened? Surely not... right? These terrifying thoughts infected your mind, making your limbs tremble and your eyes grow heavy.
The next morning, Josuke got up earlier than usual. Normally, he would be cuddling with you into the late Saturday morning, but the cold pillow he was clinging onto reminded him that you weren鈥檛 there and that he had majorly messed up.聽
He groaned quietly into his pillow before getting up and stretching, realising he was still in his uniform. He slept all throughout the remainder of the evening and the night, explaining the early awakening. Disgusted, he tore off his uniform and headed for the bathroom. He wanted, no, he needed to make a good impression. He needed to see you. He needed to make it up to you.聽
When his lengthy shower had ended, he dried himself off and threw on some freshly washed clothes, he could still smell the cotton-scented laundry detergent as he sprayed the subtle vanilla cologne you liked so much all over him.
He walked downstairs to meet his mother, who was sipping coffee on the living room sofa while watching the morning news. Damn it.
鈥淪ince when do you wake up early?鈥 She commented, shocked to see her son awake and dressed so nicely at this hour of the morning. She noticed the nicer-than-usual clothes and the sweet-smelling scents, growing her curiosity by the second.聽鈥淲hat鈥檚 the occasion?鈥
鈥淟ong story short, I messed up and I need to make it up to (Y/N).鈥 He awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, finally meeting eyes with Tomoko.
鈥淢essed up..? What did you do?鈥
鈥淚s this necessary? I don鈥檛 really want to talk about it, mom.鈥
鈥淚 need to know the severity of the situation! (Y/N) is perfect for you, I like her and she makes you happy.鈥
鈥淵eah, I know-鈥
鈥淪o tell me what happened.鈥 She finished her coffee before putting the mug down on the side table beside her and facing her son again.
"I may or may not have...called (Y/N) a bitch-" the teenager looked everywhere apart from his mom, knowing she would immediately become furious with him.
"YOU DID WHAT!?" To say the woman was furious was an understatement, she couldn't believe her son would say such a thing to his own girlfriend! "You are going to go over there and apologise. Immediately."
This was something not even Crazy Diamond could fix.
You barely got any sleep last night: you kept drifting in and out of consciousness, your anxieties keeping you up until you got exhausted again. You were still in shock, denial even. You had hoped it was some horrible nightmare, and that you would wake up in his arms so he could comfort you and tell you he'd never say such a thing. But it wasn't. It wasn't a horrible nightmare and that made it all the more terrifying.
At around sunrise, which was early considering it was summer, you decided to just get up for the day. Maybe taking a long-awaited, steamy shower and making yourself some food would be the answer to your problems. Momentarily, at least.
When you hopped in the shower, the warm water was welcoming. It invited you to stay longer in the enveloping embrace, but you don't like the feeling of your fingertips when they've been in the water too long and they look more shrivelled up than prunes.
You had just finished drying your hair when you heard a knock at the door, making you nearly drop the hairdryer on your foot due to the sudden force. It sounded desperate. Was that possible?
"Coming!" You shouted, letting your mystery guest know that you weren't just ignoring them. Who could it be? It couldn't be Josuke... could it?
Starting to tremble, you walk down the stairs so you could greet your visitor... it was Josuke!
The panicked boy was also trembling, much more visibly than to his liking, and he could feel the sweat running down his back and forming in the palms of his hands. However, he was holding gifts in both hands so you couldn't see the sole reason for your boyfriend's annoyance. In one hand, he held a bag filled to the brim of your favourite treats and drinks, including some snacks from Tonio's. The other hand held a bouquet of your favourite flowers, ready to be put in a vase.
His blueberry eyes met yours for the first time since yesterday's altercation, you could see all the emotion waiting to burst from him and how he looked sadder than a kicked puppy.
"Josuke, what-" you had began speaking but he interrupted you so he could apologise before any tears spilled from his beautiful blue eyes. Damn his gorgeous genes!
"Listen, (Y/N), I am so so so damn sorry about what I said yesterday." That was all you needed to hear, but he kept going, "I never meant a word of it, I swear! I don't know why but I was feeling pissed and it lead to me snapping at you, and for that I'm sorry." He looked down, just the mention of what he did made him feel ashamed of himself. What kind of man treats the one he loves like that? "I understand if-"
"Shut up. Please." You sniffled, shuffling closer to him and looking up at him with a watery smile.
"(Y/N)?" His eyes met yours again, taking note of the tears threatening to spill from your angelic eyes.
"Come here, you big idiot." You opened your arms and your boyfriend, who was also on the verge of crying, put the plastic bag of treats as well as the flowers down at your feet and picked you up in a tight embrace. "I thought you hated me," you mumbled quietly but he could hear you because your head was rested on his shoulder.
"No, I could never hate you, baby!" He hugged you tighter at your confession, feeling guilty for making you feel such a way. He practically worshipped you, so to have you think he hates you? Wrong. Completely and absolutely wrong.
"I'm sorry," you nuzzled closer into his neck.
"Why are you saying sorry? You haven't done anything wrong!"
"I don't know."
"You don't have to apologise, not when I'm in the wrong and I'll do anything to make you feel better. You make me so happy, (Y/N), I really don't know how a guy like me was able to get someone like you. At the same time, I don't know where I'd be without you." He ranted, holding you close as humanly possible. He stopped when he felt his neck become increasingly wet with your tears, smiling softly and cherishing your tight embrace. Afraid that if he let go you would disappear.
"I love you, Josuke."
"I love you too, (Y/N)."
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addictjojo 10 days ago
HCS with Duwang gang please?
A/N: I'm not sure if you're asking for platonic headcanons, or romantic ones, so I'm gonna guess they're dating headcanons!
Tumblr media
Josuke Higashikata
Josuke loves, loves, loves PDA. Hand holding, cuddling, hugging, he is obsessed with it. Any sort of affection you give him, he literally melts. He'll get all blushy if you try anything risky in public with him, though.
Josuke opens up to you a lot, and that's a good thing. He isn't one to hide his feelings. That being said, expect some emotional nights where he's in your arms, spilling his troubles out to you. Josuke doesn't really care if you don't have any good advice to tell him, just listening would be enough for him to vent.
Josuke loves restaurant dates. Oh, and he's a sucker for sharing food. He thinks it's oddly romantic, plus just loves stealing your fries. You must, and I mean must, share a milkshake with him, he'd wiggle in his seat from excitement, face all red while you're both drinking from different straws.
Tumblr media
Okuyasu Nijimura
Honestly, Okuyasu is just surprised he managed to find a partner. He didn't expect to find love like this, but now that he has you, he's like your sweet doggy. He'd do anything to make you happy, and when you do the same, Okuyasu is just so happy.
Hates study dates, but lord, does he love the rewards afterwards. Reward him with kisses, small treats, sappy one liners that will have him all hot in the face. Whenever he passes on a test, he's so excited to show you how good he did.
Okuyasu doesn't have the best family life. It's hard for him to open up about his brother, and father, but once he's comfortable, he'll vent about it with you sometimes. Okuyasu falls deeper in love with you whenever you come over to help with his father, he'd even try to hide his tears. He loves you so much.
Tumblr media
Koichi Hirose & Yukako Yamagishi
Poly relationship? Poly relationship. The dynamic is the best, and there's no jealousy whatsoever. Yukako loves you, and Koichi to death, though she does get carried away sometimes. It's fine though, you, and Koichi both smother her with love, as she does with you two.
They both love when you give them piggyback rides. Koichi won't accept it, but he loves feeling taller on your back. He'll rant about how he doesn't need the assistance, and can handle himself, but he still allows you to pick him up. Yukako is shy, but isn't afraid of hopping on either.
Cuddling sessions are the best. Two people cuddling you at once! Though, you three switch positions everyday to be in the middle, or if one of you three are feeling down. Koichi is usually on one of your laps most of the time, both you and Yukako teasing him. Yukako also loves resting her hair, and head on you guys!
Tumblr media
Rohan Kishibe
Stalker. Rohan Kishibe is a fucking stalker. Before you two even get together, he's creeping behind you in corners, taking pictures, drawing you, writing things down about you. He's so fascinated by you, he truly does adore you. In a very weird way...
Rohan loves bragging, and gloating about you to random people, and the gang. When you're not around, the gang has to hear Rohan talk about how shallow it is here without you, and shows random pictures he took of you earlier today.
Surprisingly hasn't used Heaven's Door on you, like at all. It takes a lot out of him not to take a peek of anything, but you've warned him that if he had, you'd murder him. Loves learning more things about you, it takes time, but he's always ready to listen. He's also very familiar with your body movements, and can read the room whenever something is wrong with you.
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sumatrax 2 months ago
Could I ask for hcs of the Jojos having an s/o that hiccups when they're nervous or scared please?
Jojo's with a s/o that hiccups when nervous
Jojo鈥檚 1-6
Fluff scenario
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He finds it really cute especially if you hiccup around him
Won鈥檛 tease you about it but will always say "what鈥檚 making you nervous? Is it me? Do you need a moment?鈥
Will always lookup methods to stop your hiccups (even if it earns asking Dio to scare it away)
Once he鈥檚 finally used to it he just loves when you hiccup when he surprises you
Loves to give you honey tea to calm your nerves
Dio makes fun of your hiccups but he鈥檚 always there to defend you.
10/10 at making random appearances at your house just to lightly tease you about your nerves around him.
You鈥檒l never hear the end of it. That鈥檚 lol
鈥淗EY Y/N鈥 鈥淐ATCH Y/N!鈥 鈥淎M I MAKING YOU NERVOUS?~鈥 *wiggly sexy eyebrows activated*
Screams, teases, and mocks everything just to make you hiccup.
Might do some extreme pranks just to make you hiccup lol day, not really knowing what e was planning
Caesar r铆es to defend you but even he can鈥檛 deny that your hiccups are kinda cute
After seeing Caesar trying to flirt with you and making you a mess, he can鈥檛 deny how cute it is.
鈥業 want them to do that with me鈥. So now鈥e鈥檚 making a master plan just for your nervous hiccups.
Will get extra expensive and large gifts, giving them to you in public to set off your nerves
8/10 he loves your hiccups but won鈥檛 ever say it to your face.
HE FINDS IT ANNOYING (especially if you encounter an enemy)
When he senses danger his large hand instantly goes over your mouth
鈥淒on鈥檛 start with dose damned hiccups you鈥檙e gonna make us an easy target鈥
When he feels tired or not bothering in covering your mouth, he gives you candy (or drinks with straws)
鈥淭ake this or else you're going to get even more nervous, we don鈥檛 need any more trouble鈥
He always has anything to stop your hiccups
He even scares you with Star Platinum (as a "joke")
After a while he gets used to it, he finds it alluring that you only hiccup with enemies or with him.
8/10 He finds it as a special trait, neither cute nor funny, it鈥檚 just something characteristic of you.
Shows it off to people, making you a mixture of hiccups and laughs
Okuyasu and Koichi also enjoy making you laugh before an exam or something that triggers the hiccups
Josuke loves to hear them, especially in the morning when he waits for you every day
鈥淐ome on Y/n let me see that cute face! There we go!~ No need to be nervous, cuz I got your back babe!~鈥
He鈥檚 simply a sweetheart when your feel nervous and hiccups slip away
Will get you sweets or PDA when you鈥檙e more nervous than usual
When he notices your hiccups sometimes start around him he鈥ight say the same as his dad
鈥淎M I MAKING YOU NERVOUS?~鈥 *wiggly sexy eyebrows activated*
10/10 this boy loves it, and if anybody makes fun of it they better fight him first!
This man will cherish it and sees it as the most unique thing in the world
Are you nervous about a mission? He鈥檇 give you a break before you leave
Still nervous? Mista and Fugo will be your bodyguards when he鈥檚 not around.
If that's not enough. He will personally go with you
鈥淎re you feeling okay dear? That enemy is gone already, do you know what keeps triggering those hiccups, my love?鈥
He loves giving you small signs of PDA to calm your hiccups.
He knows that feeling and doesn鈥檛 want you to be shy about it, he is really open to it honestly
Mista and Narancia are so intrigued by it that it simply triggers them more, even when you鈥檙e laughing they know it bothers you but they can鈥檛 mock it or make fun of it or else Giorno might kill them (literally they鈥檙e afraid of the infinite loop he made once when they made a small comment about it)
When he finally notices it can be triggered when he鈥檚 around he just falls more in love, which means more romantic gestures as well as quality time trying to end the hiccups
10/10, loves it, won鈥檛 judge you, and will say compliments about it 24/7
鈥淵/n shh! We鈥檙e gonna get caught!鈥 *hic* 鈥淒amn it that was cute鈥︹
She kinda likes it but at the same time she doesn't
Like her dad, she gets you a cup similar to the one F.F has just when your hiccups start
When your hiccups appear during a stand battle she simply takes your hand and fights alongside you (she likes to protect you a lot)
She gets used to your hiccups quite easily, so her idea of making them go away, is for one hiccup, you get one kiss. (wich only worsens the hiccups)
After she finally realizes she can be the trigger for them, she simply complies and gives you more kisses
8/10 she took a while to notice but at the same time she took a bit of effort to find a solution
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4kishibe a month ago
Idk if this is like odd I don't put in requests often but I saw your writing and was super into it so I was wondering if maybe I could get like a josuke x reader who moved all the way from Oregon or something to morioh, she's like the girl next door and she's all artsy and shit. Thank you 馃槶
josuke x the girl next door
notes; this was way too long aha sorry for the wait tho anon!
Tumblr media
josuke was very intrigued by you the moment he saw you move boxes into your new house, he was just coming back from school with koichi and okuyasu when he saw you lifting up large boxes, he had offered to help you but you had kindly declined.
the following day, he came over to your house with some snacks as a welcoming present that his mom had made. when he handed it to you, he tried to indulge you into some small talk asking if you鈥檙e gonna join him in school, you answered his questions, you both were getting along quite well, just conversing in your front yard until your mother called you back into the house, you thanked him and went back.
a few days later, you started going to school, to your luck, most of your classes were with josuke, he was so happy when he found out. him and his friends were nice enough to invite you to lunch and give you a tour of the school! you and his friends started to get along so well.
josuke came to your house almost every day, you both spend hours just talking to eachother; sometimes he鈥檇 bring some of his friends along too. josuke was so curious about your life before moving to morioh, he loves to hear about your life back in the US.
as time grew by, you began to fall in love with him, you didn鈥檛 admit to it at first but every now and then, you ended up sketching him over your books, you鈥檇 be embarrassed about it later but you can鈥檛 just throw away those good sketches right? so you just ended up leaving them there.
one day however, josuke came over to your house but to his surprise you weren鈥檛 there, your mom had told that you were off running some errands and that you鈥檒l be back soon so he waited for you in your room, while doing so, he found your sketchbook, his curiosity got the better of him so ended up flipping through the pages.
the last thing you expected to see when coming back from your task was to see josuke sitting on your bed, looking through your sketchbook - the one in which you drew him.
embarrassment took over you - you grabbed your sketchbook from him and hid it somewhere 鈥榮afe鈥 in your room, you were stumbling all over your words, trying to give josuke a possible reason as to why you drew him so much - all while he was just smiling looking at your embarrassed state.
鈥榟ey hey it鈥檚 okay! i think your drawings are very pretty鈥 he said, breaking you out of your thoughts, 鈥榯he way you draw my hair - it鈥檚 so good! i love them鈥 he continued. his compliments were now starting to make you blush; you could only muster out a small 鈥榯hank you鈥 as he continued on and on.
until he finally stopped and asked you if you wanted to go to tonio鈥檚 together, you instantly said yes and he smiled widely replying with: 鈥榠t鈥檚 a date!鈥
who would鈥檝e thought that you drawing your crush would make you end up dating him?
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moonbeamwritings 3 months ago
Tumblr media
josuke higashikata +聽smiling in-between kisses (or saying i love you)
Tumblr media
Josuke鈥檚 stereo loops a familiar Prince tune as he leans into your personal space, his chin hooking over your shoulder with an exasperated groan.聽鈥淐an we be done already?鈥
You roll your eyes and push back against his chest.聽鈥淛osuke, sweetheart, love of my life, you haven鈥檛 even started your homework.鈥
鈥淏ut it鈥檚 Valentine鈥檚 Day,鈥 he whines,聽鈥淲hy can鈥檛 we just do it later?鈥
He makes a compelling argument, and you allow your pencil to stop on the page, hovering over your line of notes. With a sigh, you turn in his hold and plant both of your palms on his cheeks.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e a menace,鈥 you tell him, scrunching your nose in faux annoyance.
Josuke shrugs, a lazy grin on his face.聽鈥淵ou know you love me.鈥
With a roll of your eyes, you drag him in by his collar for a kiss. It鈥檚 short, but dozens follow it, murmured admissions of love flowing between you each time you pull away.
His kisses quickly devolve into wet, open-mouthed smacks against your cheeks and forehead, his fingers coming up to tickle your sides in frantic movements. You can feel his lips morph into a smile after each one, the air of his chuckles fanning across your skin and spreading warmth through your chest.
This is what love is, you decide. Love is in the giggles you tuck into the crook of his neck. Love is the sweet and teasing kisses he plants along your skin. Love and Josuke have become so synonymous, so interchangeable, that you鈥檙e certain their meanings will never become untangled.
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senseiofbullshit 2 months ago
Do you have headcanons of how is domestic/married life with Josuke? It can be both sfw and nsfw ^-^
The absolute dream. Super long because I'm in love with (1) man and have no self control.
Josuke is probably the Jojo most built for domesticity. He wastes no time marrying you, the love of his life, and buying a home to settle down in with his trust fund. (Joseph lives forever and I will not hear otherwise.)
Let's start with the fact that Josuke is a great partner and an even better husband. He's very in tune with his needs as well as yours. Sometimes, it may feel like he can read your mind, often getting/doing things before you get the chance. That dessert you're thinking about going out to get? Yeah, he picked it up on his way home from work. He saw that you were low on your favorite soap so he made a mental note to get some next time he goes to the store.
He's a great person to live with, but he can be a bit messy at times. He may not always clean up behind himself. If he were to make a sandwich for lunch, he would put the bread and contents back where they belong but he might leave crumbs on the counter. He leaves his socks and the couch and his clothes may not always make it into the hamper. "The hamper is RIGHT THERE, Josuke!"
He will flip a coin with you every single night in hopes of getting out of washing dishes. He hates washing dishes. Your dishwasher is put to good use.
Other than that, he's a great partner. He definitely carries his own weight.
Definitely likes to surprise you with flowers and your favorite snacks just because. He'll buy you cute little trinkets and keychains that catch his eye when he's shopping or out with friends. He likes when you know that he's thinking about you even when you're apart.
He'll make sure that you have your own space in the house to do your own thing. As much as he likes being around you, even if you're both doing nothing, he acknowledges that people need their own space to be alone and create. No matter what you like to do, whether it's art, writing, dancing, sewing, etc., he'll make sure that you have your own space to do so. He'll know not to bother you when the door is closed, but if you want him in there while you're working on a project, he'll happily spend time with you in there.
Otherwise, he's right on top of you no matter where you are in the house.
He is all for PDA. All bashfulness about holding hands and kissing in public goes out the window the moment you both say "I do". Josuke will smother your face in kisses in your job's lobby, not caring who sees. It's not even about possession. It's more about Josuke being shameless. "Josuke, I have to go to work." "Wait! Just one more." Now you're five minutes late for work. What can I say? The honeymoon stage never dies with him. How can it when he gets to spend the rest of his life with his soulmate?
Sends you cute, unprompted text messages every once in a while. "I know you're working. Just wanted to say I love you babe."
Also sends photos of cute or funny stuff. Attachment: (1) "isn't this the coolest dog you've ever seen?"
He never really grows out of video gaming. He won't play until the sun comes up anymore, but he'll still play. Buy him headset so you don't hear him yelling.
Josuke's sex drive is high. He could have sex a few times a week, maybe even every other day, but if your sex drive isn't as high, it's easy for him to talk himself down and adapt. The last thing he wants to do is make sex a chore for you. If your sex drive is equally as high then you and Josuke will have to avoid putting your headboard through the wall.
He's also into whatever you're into. He'll try anything (within reason) at least once. He's a flexible lover to have when it comes to experimenting. He's vocal about what he likes and doesn't like and is willing to get into some freaky shit with you.
Dom? Sub? Top? Bottom? He does it all.
Close your blinds. Josuke walks around naked. If he forgets his towel, he does not run to get it. He shakes off as much water as possible in the tub then strolls to go get it. He's hoping that he'll catch your eye on the way to go grab his towel.
As your husband, it's his duty to whisper filthy things in your ear while you're in public and then fuck you until you can't walk when you get home. He's easy to rile up so it won't take much to get him going whether intentional or not. Maybe it's really hot and your shirt/dress is clinging to you. Maybe he can see the curve of your ass when you bend to pick something up. Maybe there's a bead of sweat running from your forehead and down your chest. Maybe he caught the way your arms and neck flexed when you picked up something a bit heavy. It only takes a little before he has a hand on your waist and his lips are pressed against your ear telling you all the filthy ways he wants to take you on your countertop when you get home.
After you get married, his pullout game probably gets super weak. :( If you tell him not to pull out once, he gets comfortable with the idea frighteningly fast. If you are a person who can have children, make sure you've discussed it first.
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4otaro a month ago
Wanna hear your opinions on this since you're the only active writer who writes for sub Jojo characters馃槶but if you had to rate all the Jojos on a scale of 1 to 10 of clinginess, and neediness, what would you rate them all?
jonathan joestar
clinginess - 10
neediness - 10
joseph joestar
clinginess - 8
neediness - 11
kujo jotaro
clinginess - 6
neediness - 5 (usually) 12 (when he鈥檚 horny)
higashikata josuke
clinginess - 15 (a puppy at heart)
neediness - 15 (little baby)
giorno giovanna
clinginess - 9
neediness - 8 (usually) 20 (when he鈥檚 horny)
kujo jolyne
clinginess - 6
neediness - 10
johnny joestar
clinginess - 7
neediness - 8
higashikata josuke (pt 8)
clinginess - 9
neediness - 6
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strawberryvanillablast 3 months ago
Getting to Know You, Crazy Diamond (Josuke Higashikata X Reader)
Tumblr media
For @honeyhugs-obssession. Hope you enjoy!
It started when you skinned your knees on the pavement.
You were playing tennis and in order to secure a win, you slid to catch the ball in your racket. You winced as the rough surface of the court's ground skidded your knees, but you paid it no mind as you secured a win. Of course, after your victory-induced adrenaline, you winced for the second time as you hobbled over to Josuke, who was waiting for you.
"Hey, (Y/N)," He greeted with that ever-present smile before his eyes glanced down at your knees. "Woah, those are some nasty cuts!"
"Yeah," You forced a smile through your grimace. "It'll be fine, though. I'll just go to the nurse's office and get the first aid kit. They'll heal by the end of the week."
"The first aid kit," Josuke murmured before his eyes lit up as an idea. "I have a better idea! Come over to the bench! I've got a surprise!"
You raise your eyebrows in confusion, but head over to the bench as the both of you sat down. Josuke took a deep breath before an odd, purplish glow surrounded his body. Suddenly, a weird man came up from right behind him.
Although was it a human? It looked like it was clad in armor with the white armor interspersed with a pink-looking undercoat. Its eyes, as blue as the ocean, looked at you with a strange intensity. The hands were just like Josuke's, strong and firm, and it touched your knees, a gentle warmth emitting from them.
"Dora." It murmured softly, its voice an echoey version of Josuke.
"Thanks, mister." You whispered softly, not sure what to make of him.
"Huh, mister," Josuke blinked, a look of panic in his eyes. "Wait. You... You can see Crazy Diamond, (Y/N)?"
"Er, am I not supposed to," You asked, confused, as you reach out to gently pet Crazy Diamond's arm. "Who exactly is Crazy Diamond?"
"Crazy Diamond is," Josuke stuttered, trying to get the words out. "I, well I'm a Stand User, (Y/N). Crazy Diamond's my Stand. He's, uh, he is a partner and one of my good friends..."
"Why, Josuke, he's incredible," You say, a smile lighting up your face. "Hello, Crazy Diamond. How are you?"
"Dora Dora!" Crazy Diamond chirped, nuzzling you.
"Aw, he likes me," You smiled, giving him a big kiss. "Isn't that nice, Josuke?" You turn to Josuke. "Josuke?"
Josuke's face was red as a tomato, his eyes were dazed, and his lips were pursed before they cracked into a grin. You were swept off into his arms and he gave you a nuzzle.
"Well then, (Y/N)," Josuke grinned. "I think Crazy Diamond likes you, too!"
"Dora!" Crazy Diamond chirped happily.
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jojoboisimagines 8 months ago
Jojos (1-7) with their S/O Serenading Them
Jonathan was wondering why you were lugging a piano all the way into the living room where you had told him to wait there for a second
He knew you had been taking lessons for quite a while but didn鈥檛 wanna make you nervous by sitting in on one of your sessions (though sometimes he鈥檇 stand outside the door while you were practicing)
Your boyfriend looks so mesmerized while you enjoy singing and playing for him, there are practically sparkles in his eyes
When you鈥檙e done, he nearly knocks the piano over to give you a hug and kiss
鈥淭hat was beautiful, love. I really didn鈥檛 deserve this..鈥
After a great meal at a restaurant he鈥檇 been begging you to go to with him, the two of you went to the park to sit by the lake
Your boyfriend had kept asking you why you brought your guitar with you and you were finally about to show him
When you start, he has the biggest grin on his face. He鈥檚 never actually seen you play before and he鈥檚 been excited to hear it since he found out you played
He claps along to your singing (even if its not meant to have a beat but he鈥檚 trying)
After you鈥檙e done, you have to keep him from pouncing on you, him forgetting just how big he is in the moment
鈥淵ou little scamp! You planned this! And I thought I was the romantic one!鈥
You asked him to sit with you on the school fountain after finishing band practice. He didn鈥檛 have much to do that day so he obliged without complaints
You pulled out your ukelele and told him that you wanted to hear his opinion on a song you鈥檝e been preparing to perform
He taps his foot along, until he stops, realizing the way you鈥檙e looking at him while you鈥檙e singing
This couldn鈥檛 be a song for him, could it?
You lean in closer and closer to him while you play and sing, making him tip his hat over his blushing cheeks
When its over, he isn鈥檛 sure how to react
He puts his hand at the back of your head and brings you into a forehead kiss, saying that it was good with a smile
You show up to his house around 8pm and text him to open his window, He raises an eyebrow at that since you two hadn鈥檛 planned anything prior, but does so
Before he could say anything, you started singing an acapella version of one of his favorite songs
He鈥檚 a bit confused at first but then realizes whats happening
You鈥檙e literally singing a love song to him
legit tears up a bit, he鈥檚 always wanted something this corny to happen to him
After you鈥檙e done, Josuke rushes to the front door and meets you outside to give you a giant hug
If you try to serenade him again he might ruin your solo by singing along though
he鈥檒l admit, this was a surprise. He had never even thought about askng you to sing for him before
Instead of telling him beforehand, you just dramatically walked in his office and started to sing
This brings a smile to Giorno鈥檚 face, and he gets up from his chair to walk up to you
This only eggs you on further, as you grab his hands in yours, and starts slow dancing with him as you sing
When you鈥檙e done, the two of you share a sweet embrace, before kissing
鈥淏ella, you鈥檙e so perfect. I adore your voice.鈥
While the campfire was still lit, you saw the perfect opportunity to sit on a log across from your boyfriend and ask him if he could listen to a song you鈥檇 been practicing on
He agreed of course (鈥檃s long as its better than Gyro鈥檚鈥, he adds), and you started to pat your legs in order to make a beat to start off of
At first he just thinks it some cheesy love song you heard somewhere, until you starts naming traits thats he has
Johnny鈥檚 so flustered he can鈥檛 even look you in the eye while you sing, so you cup his cheek in your hand
He鈥檚 practically on fire at this point
After you鈥檙e done, he smiles and touches your foreheads together
鈥淭hanks, darlin鈥..鈥
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