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Spent the night under the stern of an abandoned boat. It was a little cold, but it was safer that way. When the sun warmed the coast, I went to the sea to wash.

Something was approaching from the horizon. At first, the glare on the water and the light of the rising sun prevented me from seeing it. But he was coming so fast that I soon recognized him.
Jotaro was pulling an old rowing boat with no oars or rudder. Probably stolen somewhere, unless she* was accidentally washed out to sea by some river.
He had a satisfied expression on his face, for the first time.
I`d wish to know how he finds me all the time. However, looks like I have to pack my things. We’re obviously going somewhere that can’t be reached by the shore.


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Good morning everyone 🥺👉❤👈 here is blasian Jotaro and Kakyoin!!! Thanks again so much for the Kofi donations and I’m sorry these two took so long 😭😭 once again, I hope it was worth the wait!!! But yes I made jotaro look a bit like joseph too 👀 and now I’m only missing part 8 josuke , then I can finally draw all the jojos together 😳

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jotaro carrying unconscious kakyoin mood board

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fuck davidproductions for not including the part where jotato shows genuine concern for kakyoin when he gets his eyes fucked up

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- There are no right angles and no straight walls. How does this building still stand?
- … “grumbles and keeps unscrew the lid”
- M-mkay.

When it`s storming outside

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Jotaro is totally not very invested in the game

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Eros & Psyche - Jotakak version made for a secret Valentine’s Day exchange. Based on the original Psyche painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

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This is the extra stories to the main part posted previously. It was supposed to be up yesterday but my computer crashed. Four times in row. I almost cried.

We get more of Kakyoins and Jotaros and an omake for the main story. Poor Kakyoin.

WARNING: R18, NSFW for exactly one (1) panel. And BL, as always.

If you like the story, please support the author!


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Polnareff: Kakoyin, if we survive, you need to finally ask out Jotaro.

Kakoyin: H-huh?!

Polerneff: You either ask her out or I’m setting you two up myself.

Kakoyin: Polnareff-

Polnareff: You two are as dense as bricks! Just do it!

Kakoyin: I-

Polnareff: Just do it.

Like a week later

Kakoyin: *reading a book and minding his business* Interesting-

Polnareff: *Slams the door open*

Kakoyin: ?!

To be continued ->

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