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My friend had me draw jotaro the other day bc I didnt know what to draw. Ive never watched the show and ive never drawn any of the characters but I know alll about it bc of her.

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Il est l'homme de l'ocean

Il est

      [ocean man]

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for some reason— this morning– the thought of Jotaro singing “Touch Me” by the Doors popped in my head– and I don’t know why–

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The concept of Conductaro Kujo is making me go pog and for some reason I thought it would be funny if I drew his,,,, bdvghv stand

,,, Peck Platinum 😂😂

im dying here over this and I absolutely must post it here im sorry

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I’m this close to make a doujinshi

Jotaro really craves a hug but he has no idea how to initiate it. Fortunately his sweet Kak knows what he wishes for.

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jotaro misses jo mama! welcome back haseul from loona, we missed u so much<333!!

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Jotaro Kujo x GN!Reader

no beta


Originally posted by harvnoshiobana

Your story with Jotaro was not like the love stories you’ve read. 

 You two did not meet because you were once enemies, most definitely not because you guys once bumped into each other and then it just started to hit off. You didn’t even realize that he will play a vital role into your life, never knew that you would eventually fall for him. 

Your relationship with him wasn’t perfect, there were a lot ups and downs. 

The two of you barely get to spend time with each other considering your busy lives, but the two of you were content with that.

When he surprises you, there’s always something that doesn’t go right. 

When you go on your dates with him, it’s not always sunny. 

And when you left, the rain was definitely not falling as the tears stream down your cheeks. 

 All the drivers were sober and attentive as you run down the road, neither you nor Jotaro got into an accident after the break up. 

Jotaro was dressed nicely, his hair wasn’t a mess, his eyes weren’t puffy and still looked the same as it always has when he knocked on your door to apologize. 

 And you definitely didn’t run back into his arms nor slam the door to his face, You calmly told him that your relationship just doesn’t work out. 

 He didn’t beg, he didn’t get angry. He just said that he understands and left. 

You waited for him to leave before closing the door and living your normal life without him.

Your love story with Jotaro was not like the love stories you’ve read. For you, it was unique. It was just a shame that it had to come to an end

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SPECIFICALLY THE FIRST VERSE of Pierre by Ryn Weaver RADIATES Jotakak energy

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