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Spoiler warning



Dio: The fact that you’re a girl aside, did you shrink in the wash or something?

Jotaro: Bitch I will break your knees-


Joseph: So you punched him so hard he exploded?

Jotaro: He made fun of my height.

Caesar: Jotaro he basically cursed your mother-

Jotaro: He called me a gremlin.

Joseph: You beat him up because he called you a gremlin?

Jotaro: He pissed me off grandpa!

Caesar: Jotaro-

Jotaro: We were gonna fight him anyways!

Joseph: Yeah but-


Caesar: U h

Joseph: Secret joestar family technique activate-

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Jotaro: I liked it better when I was taller than you.

Kakoyin: Why?

Jotaro: Because I could carry you like a sack of potatoes.

Kakoyin:…. You literally still do that.

Jotaro: Yeah, but it was easier when I was a 6'5 dude. Took like no effort.

Kakyoin: Are you implying I was small?

Jotaro: No, you were small. Still kinda are now.

Kakoyin: I’M 6'1!

Jotaro: Yeah and I’m 5'8, you’re not that much taller than me.

Kakoyin: Is that height even accurate? You wear shoes with platforms.

Jotaro: I don’t wear platforms for height, I wear them because I find them cool.

Kakoyin:…. Jotaro-

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Jotaro:*On Caesar’s shoulders*

Joseph: Get down.

Jotaro: No. I’m the tallest person now.

Joseph: Jotaro-

Caesar: Leave her be, this is fun.

Joseph: Bruh-

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god he’s so pretty i’m part 4-

same audio, different guy

tagging you because it’s he @thisbloghasnoaesthetic

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My god im proud of this :y

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concept: those memes with a man drunk-flirting with an uninterested woman in a nightclub, but it’s jotaro being flirted with & uninterested, and the other person has to stand on their toes to talk in his ear because he’s a tall-ass bitch

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