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#jotun loki
lokis-right-nut · a day ago
Hey, fan you do a Jotun Loki and Fem Reader fanfic where Loki takes the reader to Jotunheim for the first time to meet Laufey, his father?
💙 Royal Welcome 💙
Tumblr media
.Summery: Loki takes you to meet his father.
Warnings: None.
Tags: @casinokitten @lokischambermaid @imnotrevealingmyname @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore
💙 Royal Welcome 💙
. The snowflake laced cold wind buffeted your face as you looked out into the distance. You could see the ice and diamond laden palace.
. You hung onto a lock of your betrothed's raven hair, keeping yourself steady as you perched on his shoulder.
. "Almost there, little one." the giant prince said softly, glancing at you and flashing a smile. His crimson eyes were filled determination and pride, a sight that warmed you. He loved you enough to approach his father and profess his love to the court.
. As you burrowed your nose under the furs you were wrapped in, Loki reached over and gently patted your head with his large blue hand. "You warm enough, love?" he asked.
. You nodded before a little sneeze escaped you. The other giants in your company chuckled, including the Prince. "When we arrive, I'll have someone fetch you a warm drink."
. "That sounds glorious. Thanks." you squeaked from your perch.
. It seemed like an eternity until you finally arrived at the palace.
. With a dramatic flourish, Loki pushed open the large silver doors to the throne room and strode in with his head held high.
. Your eyes widened when you saw the crowd gathered in the throne room. You instinctively tried to make yourself smaller, hiding in your fur.
. "It's okay, dearest." Loki whispered. "Everything will be fine."
. You wanted to believe him, but when your gaze landed on the King, sitting regally upon his throne, your heart began to hammer with fear.
. King Laufey was a intimidating sight. His stoic expression and dangerous aura made you want to hide. Sure, he was to be your father-in-law, but you were still uneasy in his presence.
. "Father! I have returned as you have requested and I bring with me the woman who will one day share my crown as well as my heart!"
. At Loki's declaration, everyone fell silent. The King regarded his son with a look of cold curiosity.
. "Love, would you do the honors?" Loki held out his hands, a gesture you knew well. You slid off his shoulder and stood in the palms of his outstretched hands. You let the fur fall from your shoulders to reveal you to the assembly. Your dress shimmered in the light from the ice chandelier above you.
. A collective gasp rang out from the crowd when you showed yourself. You smiled shyly but pride filled your chest when even the king himself looked astonished.
. You curtsied and bowed your head respectfully. "My Lord," you said politely. "I am Y/N. A humble midgardian."
. Loki couldn't hide the proud smile upon his face. "We come here to ask your blessing, Father. What say you?"
. The silence was deafening. You and Loki shared a quick glance, worry setting in.
. Then, King Laufey rose from his throne and approached his son and you.
. You gulped, praying the worst wouldn't come to fruition.
. "You love her, do you, son?" Laufey said, his voice rough like the sound of ice crackling over a frozen lake.
. Loki nodded. "I do, Father."
. The King then turned to you. "And you, tiny one. What do you have to say?"
. All eyes were on you. All expectations in the air.
. You breathed deep, knowing exactly what to say.
. " I know the weight of your sons responsibility. It's one no one person should endure alone. Not only do I love your son, but I am willing to learn my part so I too can help him and your people. I am willing to taught as well as loved. I may be small, but I am tough. Challenges don't scare me..."
. You trailed off when the king cracked a smile and chuckled softly. You blushed, thinking you had said something wrong. But that wasn't the case.
. "You are a bright Midgardian, Tiny One. You know much and I am positive my son will show you how things are done. But as for the matter at hand," his eyes flicked to his son then back at you. "Isn't there a wedding you should be planning for?"
. A roar of applause and cheers erupted from the crowd at the words.
. Loki laughed joyously and held you close. "Thank you, Father!"
. You smiled with mirth and faced the king. "Yes, thank you!"
. The King gestured to everyone. "My Son has found his bride! This calls for a feast! Maela!" he addressed one of the giants behind Loki. "Start the preparations for tonight! Tonight we celebrate the arrival of Jotunheim's new princess!"
. Everyone clapped and cheered, a joyous ruckus. You turned to your husband to be and kissed his cheek.
. He chuckled. "To what did I do to deserve such a gesture?"
. "Everything." you replied simply.
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harmaahaukka · 2 days ago
hey uhhh I've been inactive again hahah artblock make brain go brrr
....but here's a jotun loki, hope you forgive me 👉🏻👈🏻
maybe i'll get some motivation to finish a few other pieces soon aswell
Tumblr media
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lokis-left-nut · 2 days ago
I have an ask for a simple little idea if that's ok.
What if when jotun loki shows up to thors earth party a group of women are talking about the giants and how sexy they are. They all enjoy hearing the way the women complement them but then one woman, the odd one of the group, says something like. Nah there to brawny. It would be like trying to cuddle a block of ice. She then says loki looks OK and might be nice to cuddle with but nit the others. This hurt the giants feelings and they all look a bit sad so loki confronts the girl wanting her to apologize and he wants to prove she's wrong by having them all hug her saving himself for last.
If this is to weird please ignore it. I just think it would be cute if big strong ice giants had soft sides and got hurt feelings over being called un hugable. Also who wouldn't want to cuddle jotun loki
Cold Cuddles
Loki x Reader
Summary: Reader doesn't think Jotnar look comfy. Loki decides to prove her wrong.
Warnings: None that I know of!
A/N: Jotnar is the plural of Jotun in old Norse!
I look around at all the Jotnar, scooting closer to my friends.
"I wonder how comfy they are? I bet the are the best at cuddling. They're just so BIG. The biggest spoon!" Wanda giggles looking up at one of the biggest Jotnar, who smiles kindly in return.
"Wanda! They are literally FROST. GIANTS. I doubt they're anything like what you're thinking. Just a big person shaped ice cube." I shoot a glance around us and shiver. I feel someone glaring at me, but decide not to look for who.
"Y/N, do you think Bucky's arm is comfy?" Nat raises a brow with her question.
"That's different! Shuri built a heater into it." Nat and Wanda both roll their eyes.
"And in the winter that is great. Just like in the summer a Jotun would be great." I huff in annoyance at their argument, suddenly noticing the silence surrounding us. The Giants surrounding me seem to be shuffling awkwardly.
"Not comfy? Hm... I don't know about that Darling. Though I do know your words have hurt my friends. Now, what to do... Ah, what do you say about proving you wrong? I'm sure some friendly hugs aren't to be denied?" I look up at Loki, who seems to be both annoyed and mischievous in expression.
The Jotnar speak among themselves before looking to me for an answer.
"Fine. But when you prove me right, don't be butthurt." Loki smirks a little.
One by one the Jotnar hug me gently but securely.
Damn, they do feel pretty comfy...
Last but not least was Loki. Who wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close. He then guides my arms to his neck and hugs me.
My face is nuzzled comfortably in his chest as he lets his body radiate cold air. I was confused at how warm he really was, unconsciously nuzzling closer.
"It seems we have proven you wrong, Darling. Now let us continue our celebration. And you, little Midgardian, will come and sit with me so we may discuss this little experiment." Loki smirks and taps my back as he speaks, indicating he was speaking to me. I can hear Nat and Wanda giggling before a pair of Jotnar capture their attention, inviting them to dance.
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zlutloki · a day ago
someone on twitter expressed desire for a video of party thor and jotun loki with this bro sound, and i was bored so i made it happen 🤷🏻
link to the audio that started it all
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casinokitten · a day ago
Would giving Jotun Loki a blowjob cause a brain freeze?
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darkleavesfanfic · 2 days ago
You Can Do This (Jotun! Loki x GN! Reader) Part 1?
All my fanfics are gender-neutral unless specified. 
Summary: You are tailor who makes enchanted clothing with your friend. Things are going well, but you need customers. Enter giant alien party in Vegas where you run into Loki and convince him to come to your shop. 
AN: This is my first fanfic in like 10 years? There isn’t enough Jotun Loki / Reader/ queer Loki stuff so I needed to head the calling. I hope it came out ok. This is more of a slow burn thing, I have a cute idea for a oh shoot I have feelings. Also I hope the grammar is ok, It is late and my brain is slowly shutting down.
Content warnings: Nothing really. Alcohol and innuendo or 2.
"You can do this," you said to yourself, looking at yourself in the bedroom mirror. Your hands shakily buttoned up your shirt. You looked spectacular. Your hair was styled, and your outfit was sharp. Hours of work went into your clothes; you sewed some extra confidence into it. You looked good.
"Shoulda pregamed," your friend and co-owner said as he sat on your bed with a beer already in his hand. "You know you will freak yourself too much to approach people, let alone network," he said, sipping his beer.
He was right. You had opened a little tailor shop with what little money you and your friend could scrape up working dead-end jobs. Then, finally, after serving mediocre burgers, moonlighting at call centers, your dreams, and own your little tailor shop. The business was ok, but not enough to pay to break even. And being on earth meant it was hard to sell the magic end of your business. You needed more customers. And a party full of people from all over the galaxies with important people was exactly what you needed.
When you got to the party, you realized your friend was right about the booze too.  You couldn't talk to anyone things were too loud, there were too many people. Alcohol helped in these situations. It helped you from freezing. After several apologies, you were able to get to the alcohol and drink a couple of strong drinks.  After you were professionally drunk, as you called it, you were able to charm and swap information with a few people.
Three drinks more, and you had already buttoned down your shirt as low as you would go to cool down. The floor was less trustworthy; it started to move on you.
You quickly made a beeline to a wall of building you could lean on and catch your breath. You were almost there until you ran into something face first, something cold. Well, someone cold.
"Careful little one. Wouldn't want such a radiant little thing like you to get hurt, now would we," said the most enchanting voice you've ever heard. A cold hand helped steady you. His touch was heaven on your flushed skin.
You looked up. Shit, he was pretty; you wanted to get his measurements.
He smiled. "Why, thank you, dear one. I am prince Loki of Jotunheim, prince of frost giants and sworn brother to Thor. You wanted measurements? What an interesting request for royalty. What kind of measurements are we talking about?" he chuckled, crouching down to see you better. Up close, his voice washed over you and sent shivers down your spine.
Shit, you had said that out loud. You flushed a deep red. You were suddenly were aware of all your exposed flushed skin. Half of you wanted to hide in the collar of your shirt, and half of you wanted to keep talking to this beautiful man.
You told him you were a tailor and your little shop. You made enchanted clothing always to fit. Your enchanted clothing with intent, either wish of a customer, luck, courage, or sometimes something specific like being specific like protection, durability, or concealment. You told him you made the outfit you were wearing.
"Did you now? Your skill is remarkable; you look stunning." he complimented.  You smiled. "So you're not here for just pleasure...." the blue prince said.
"Oh, It's y/n," you blushed from his compliments and the fact that you went on about your shop without giving the gorgeous man your name. I'm here for both," you said, "I'm networking and enjoying the alcohol.
He chuckled.  "Y/N, that name is radiant as the one who holds it," he hums. "Now, did wanted to make me something, or did you want to measure..."
"I can do it..I- er. Make you something that is," you blurted, interrupting. You really couldn't take his flirting right now; you were too drunk, and god, was he handsome. You wanted the challenge; designing something for royalty would be fantastic for your business. You wanted to see him in something you made, how gorgeous he would be in a suit or a dress, hear him compliment your work. If you were honest with yourself, you just wanted to see him again.
"I can make something for you. Prices vary but are generally based on material cost, spell, and time it takes," you said confidently. "I bet I can make something for you in a couple of months," you challenged.
"I might have to hold you to that little one. I think my brother Thor is smitten with the earth girl already. I may have some parties I could use your talent at," he says.
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vrihedd · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jotun Loki was always my soft spot.
I’m happy that now we have an infinity variations of Loki x)
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alicerovai · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
I just had to
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allaboutloki · 25 days ago
When What if gives you what you expected from Loki series
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dyns33 · 25 days ago
So we can say that this Jotun Loki is the happiest of all the Lokis, right ? 
Only child, future King of Jotunheim, no sibling to be compared to, loved by his dad and accepted by his people. No pressure or competition
He has friends, or at least we know he’s friend with Thor, his brother from another mother. He’s having a lot of fun !
He’s still mischievous, flirty, funny, charming, all the good things, while he’s not jealous, not afraid, not ashamed, not full of hate, all the bad things 
So, to be clear... Don’t steal children from Temples and if you do so, always tell them that they are adopted 
Tumblr media
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orayasan · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🕝 Princes ❄
I hurt my wrist while doing it so I didn't had the time to properly finish it, I guess I draw too much !
Fun fact : I watched an amount of Tom and Owen gifs kissing poeple in different movies to do this. This job can be weird sometimes
For my dear friend @seluvian and @averysiriuschromie ♡
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