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hechizero-emplumado · 3 days ago
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Another relic in Odin’s vault. An AU where Odin keeps Loki but instead of raising him as a son he is kept in the vault along his other treasures. Years later after a risky dare Thor sneaks into the vault to fetch an item to prove his bravery. While there he decides to explore and finds a little jotun behind magic restricted glass.  Thor constantly sneaks into the vault afterwards, curious to learn more about the little runt inside the glass. The two become close, everyday Thor comes to visit his new friend and tells him news about the outside which Loki looks forward to.  When Odin learns about Thor’s nightly escapades to the vault he forbids his son from going near Loki and immediately makes arrangements to have the little snake moved. Worried, Thor with the help of his friends decides to break Loki out from his prison. Having no choice and to further secure Loki’s freedom the two run away from the palace, even if it means denouncing his princeship.
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fanficshiddles · 15 hours ago
Gravity Of You, Chapter 8
Tumblr media
Loud thuds could be heard through the forest, along with the sound of Lyra screaming as she ran through the trees.
But there was no way she could outrun a frost giant, of course.
He loved hearing her laughing between her screams as the adrenaline of being chased kicked in. He deliberately slowed his running down drastically to give her a head start, but then with ease he soon caught up with her.
She was scooped up into his arms in an instant, making her laugh even more as he peppered huge kisses all over her face.
‘Loki!’ She squealed and put both of her hands over his mouth, making him chuckle. ‘You said you’d give me a good head start this time.’
‘I did give you a head start, love.’ Loki said as he sat down with his back against a tree and placed her at his side, arm around her securely.
‘Not very long! Like, that wasn’t even twenty seconds. For our size difference I’d need at least a minute.’ She huffed.
Loki chuckled again. ‘I just couldn’t cope being apart from you for any longer.’
‘It was twenty seconds!’ She laughed and hit his side playfully.
‘Twenty seconds too long.’ Loki growled playfully and he poked his fingers into her sides, making her laugh suddenly as he tickled her.
‘Lokiiiiii!’ She laughed and squealed, making Loki laugh too.
Then he leaned down to kiss the top of her head. ‘Even one second apart from you would be too long, my beautiful Starlight.’ He hummed gently, making her heart soar in happiness.
‘I love you… Even if that is so cheesy.’ She grinned. That earned her some more tickles.
‘I go away for three weeks and return to find that you have disobeyed my orders the moment my back is turned!’ Odin roared at his wife, having heard from Heimdall where she had been.
‘He is our son.’
‘He is NOT our son. He made that choice the moment he decided to let those monsters into Asgard.’ Odin shouted, interrupting Frigga.
‘Those monsters include him. He is a Jotun. That we cruelly kept hidden from him, made him to believe he should fear himself. Don’t you take any blame for what has happened? I know I do.’ Frigga said sternly, glaring at her husband.
Odin just glared back at her, furious. ‘No. This is his fault, not mine. Nor yours.’
‘Where are you going with this? Hmm?’ Frigga asked, crossing her arms over her chest. She was really annoyed now.
‘I am sending Lyra back to Midgard. Loki will come back here and be contained in his old chambers.’
‘Odin. Don’t do that, you can’t split them up.’ Frigga’s eyes widened.
She wished she had never gone to see them, then he wouldn’t have bothered to ask Heimdall what was happening there. He had been surprised and annoyed to learn that Lyra didn’t fear Loki like he had thought she would.
‘I am King of Asgard. I can do whatever I want.’ Odin spat harshly at her, then he slammed gungnir down in final warning.
Lyra and Loki were out under the stars one night, cuddling together on the grass. Lyra wished upon a shooting star that flew over them, wishing that this night would never end.
Loki was speaking, but then stopped dead mid-sentence, looking concerned. Which made Lyra worried.
‘What’s wrong?’ She asked quietly.
‘Get inside.’ Loki said urgently as he stood and quickly helped her up to her feet.
‘Loki?’ Her voice was shaky and worried.
Then she could hear what he heard too. The sound of heavy hooves charging up the mountain, getting closer and closer. Before Loki and Lyra reached even halfway to the cabin, Odin and his army came charging into view and blocked their way.
Loki snarled and moved Lyra behind him.
‘What do you want?’ He shouted at Odin.
Odin smirked slightly. ‘The mortal is to be banished back to Midgard.’ He demanded.
‘NO!’ Loki yelled and Lyra gasped from behind him.
‘She doesn’t belong here.’ Odin spat.
‘Who brought her here in the first place!’ Loki spat back at him.
‘Now I’m fixing my wrong doing and sending her home. Where she belongs.’
‘You are not taking her from me.’ Loki growled.
Odin motioned with his hand towards Loki and Lyra, his army all got off their horses and approached the giant with caution, but with bravery too. Loki jumped into action and fought off a few, but there were way too many for him to handle alone without his powers.
They were able to over power him with strong chains, getting them around his limbs and knocking him to the ground. Lyra cried when she saw Loki chained up like that, she ran towards him but two guards grabbed hold of her before she could reach him.
‘NO! LOKI!’ She cried and tried struggling from them, but they wouldn’t let her near him.
‘I will find you Lyra. I give you my word, I will find you.’ Loki called to her, trying to hold his tears back as his love was dragged from him. ‘My Starlight girl, I promise.’
‘Loki!’ She sobbed, tears falling down her face. ‘I will find you. I promise too.’ She called back to him as she was dragged down the mountain by the guards.
Loki looked at Odin and tried to lunge, but the chains kept him from doing so. ‘YOU BASTARD!’ He roared at him.
Odin chuckled. ‘You should be grateful. You didn’t want her taken from Midgard in the first place. Now she’s going home. And you’re coming back to your old chambers, where I can keep an eye on you better.’
‘No. Just let me be!’ Loki shouted.
‘Guards, get him back. By any means necessary.’ Odin demanded, then turned on his horse and headed back down the mountain, to see that Lyra was sent home properly.
Loki was dragged down by the chains, tied to the back of ten horses to haul him down.
But he didn’t care about himself. He just hoped that Lyra was safe.
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lousysharkbutt · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
impossible to choose between asgardian loki and jotun loki
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itscomplicatedx · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
By Keiidakamya
I highly encourage you to check out the artist! They have a lot of good stuff.
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alicerovai · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I just had to
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zemosimp05 · 7 months ago
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vrihedd · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jotun Loki was always my soft spot.
I’m happy that now we have an infinity variations of Loki x)
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awlba · 7 months ago
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thewritingdoll · 7 months ago
Pls frost giant loki fingering you is just … you getting fucked 💀💀💀
𝓉𝑒𝓂𝓅𝓉 𝓂𝓎 𝓉𝓇𝑜𝓊𝒷𝓁𝑒 | ꠹!ꪶ. ꪶ.
fandom marvel
featuring jotün!loki x small!human!reader
content warning loki’s big fingers, degradation, loki’s a big meanie too, fingering, size kink
summary the frost giant puts you to the test.
word count 620 / drabble
attention do not copy/repost/translate. not proofread. reblog and give feedback 💗 every reblog is another finger loki puts inside reader!
Tumblr media
“Is that it?”
he sounds disappointed, but you were trying your damndest. whining softly, you wiggle your hips, “Please,” you babble, helplessly impaled on his middle finger, “I’m full!”
you wished that you could look up at him, and you try, dangling helplessly over one massive knee, your legs kicking when you feel the thick knot of his knuckle. how the hell was that only half of his finger?
the girth of it alone was driving you mad, stretching your canal over it like a glove, but your elasticity had a limit. one that you knew you were reaching. if this beast wasn’t careful, you’d break. you didn’t think he understood that by the way he forced another inch into you.
“Oh, of course you are,” he coos, his other hand pressing against your shoulder to keep your torso smushed against his knee and your face turned away from him, “because I’d bet those pathetic Midgardian… men… have only disappointment to offer? Is that what it is, little earth girl? One, simple finger is bigger than any thing this warm cunt has ever experienced?” he chortles, watching you writhe helplessly upon it, “For an eager and well mannered little thing, you sure are ill-trained.”
Loki twists his finger, beckoning with a curl that sends a whimper to your drooling tiers. you were certain, had you been lying on your back, you would be able to see the shape and thickness of his digit as a bulging imprint in your belly. your eyelids flutter, “Fuck!” you cry, needy, and use your nails to dig into the icy flesh of his leg you’re perched upon. “What do I have— ah! To do? Tell me, fuck, I’ll do anything if you’ll just— mm, keep filling me like that!”
he guffaws. you’re a pleading mess, arousal dripping from your stuffed cunt down the side of his massive leg and he’s laughing at you for it. “Well well, aren’t you an ambitious and incredibly stupid, little set of holes—“ taking hold of the back of your neck (and half of your shoulder), he forces your face down into his knee, “you’re going to need a lot more training before you’re going to be of any real use to me, I’m certain I’ll need to stretch you out properly. Add another finger each time until you’re completely ruined for any of those inferior earthlings and their microscopic sex organs. You’ll be all mine after that, my elastic, little cocksleeve.” you shudder at the thought, soaking the digit that splits you open.
“I’ll do it!” you cry, glazing his flesh in saliva. one hand coasts over his thigh, and up towards his groin, “Can I… please…?” you’re practically desperate to feel his cock inside you, dying to know how much your body can take before it breaks.
he chuckles, leans back and juts his hips towards you, allowing you to feel the colossal bulge awaiting. you swallow hard, caressing the length takes several strokes to reach every inch, and you would need to use both hands, even then you weren’t sure you could get your grip all the way around it. “Holy… shit.”
“What is that Midgardian saying, again? ‘Your eyes are bigger than your stomach’?” he snorts wickedly and pushes the remaining length of his finger inside of you, biting down on his lower lip when he hears you cry out, “Hear that, little one? That’s my point being proven. You couldn’t take even the head of my cock, no matter how badly you want to.” hunching over, he whispers close to your ear, the breath like a helish chill, “Not until I’ve trained this little cunt to take me and only me.”
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hechizero-emplumado · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Happily ever after from this :P
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theshatteredsilhouette · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
son of nowhere / king of nothing / prince of mischief / god of lies
painted in procreate on ipad pro
instagram | twitter | art tag
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lousysharkbutt · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
how about some more blue loki just for the heck of it
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les-loki · 7 months ago
Me every time Jotun Loki appeared in today’s episode of what if…..👁👁😤
I’ll risk getting that frost-bite ANYDAY😌
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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dyns33 · 7 months ago
So we can say that this Jotun Loki is the happiest of all the Lokis, right ? 
Only child, future King of Jotunheim, no sibling to be compared to, loved by his dad and accepted by his people. No pressure or competition
He has friends, or at least we know he’s friend with Thor, his brother from another mother. He’s having a lot of fun !
He’s still mischievous, flirty, funny, charming, all the good things, while he’s not jealous, not afraid, not ashamed, not full of hate, all the bad things 
So, to be clear... Don’t steal children from Temples and if you do so, always tell them that they are adopted 
Tumblr media
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mostlybuckystuff · 7 months ago
When What if gives you what you expected from Loki series
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anonymousfiction211 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
A/N: So, to answer the question. I decided to NOT be a productive member of society, but be a productive member of the Loki-fandom-tumblr-community. Wrote the fic, enjoy :)
Summary:  Loki sometimes avoid you. You think it is because he figured out you are in love with him. When he isn’t at movie night with the team, you decide to check up on him. 
Word count: 3.050 words (.... may have gotten carried away a bit)
Warnings: Sex (18+), Jotün Loki, oral sex, multiple orgasms, bite marks, sweet Loki
Heat Walking into the living room, you saw the whole team was there. But one person was missing, Loki. You asked about it, but Thor said he wasn't feeling well and would skip tonight. It was strange. After months, Loki finally came to movie nights. He would never admit it, but looked forward to them. The two of you always sat together, shared snacks and made comments about the movie that annoyed the rest of the team to no end. But after a few months, he rarely came. He had always an excuse not to come. You wouldn't see him for a while. And after that he was strutting around the compound, like he never left.  
You asked him about it, but he said it was just a coincidence. If he was lying or not, you couldn't tell. But you didn't believe him. You thought he had figured out that you had fallen in love with him over the last months. You had tried your best to hide it, but didn't know if you were succeeding. The way he looked at you, how he laughed or when he accidently touched you. It felt like you were on fire, and finally understood what people meant by the expression ‘butterflies in their stomach’.  
During the movie, you couldn't concentrate. You thought about Loki and why he wasn't there. Wondering if he was really sick or it was a pathetic excuse to avoid you. You were hurt but also angry. If he didn't want to be with you, he should say so. Instead of avoiding you. But were also feeling guilty. Because maybe it was a coincidence, and maybe he was really sick. Halfway through the movie, you sneaked out. If he really was sick, it wouldn't be weird if you checked up on him. That is what normal friend do after all.  
You knocked on the door.  
‘Go away, I'm busy’ you heard Loki snap from the other side of the door.
He didn't quite sound like himself. There was something up with him. But you couldn't figure it out. For a moment you thought about leaving. You could wait until he was back to his usual self to ask him again. But you were doubting you would get an honest answer from him. Instead, you grabbed the doorknob and turned it. You slowly pushed the door opened and stepped into the room. You closed the door around you, wondering if Loki had heard you come in or not.
You stepped out the hallway and looked around his room. Loki was a very neat and tidy person, but looking around you didn't see any evidence of that. His bed wasn't made, and one of his pillows lay next to it on the ground. There were clothes scattered around the room. On the table there were multiple books, one of them lay open and you saw it was ripped down the middle. It made you realize that you forgot that Loki was a lot stronger than he looked. You were getting more worried. It wasn't like Loki to ruin books.  
‘Loki?’ you asked. You had just heard him from the other side of the door and why he wasn’t in his room. Maybe he gotten to his study in the meantime?  
Suddenly it was the bathroom door that swung open. Loki was standing in the middle of the doorway. Your mouth fell open when you saw him. He was completely blue and covered in strange markings. His eyes were staring at you, they were completely red instead of green. You eyed him up and down. He licked his lips and took a step forward. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and you saw the markings disappear from his chest underneath the waistband of his pants. You swallowed hard and tried to put the dirty thoughts about where those marking would end away in your head. And failing miserably.  
‘I told you to go’ he growled. He didn't look angry at you, but he did look intently. It was a look you hadn't seen before, and one you couldn't place. You got that it was a delicate situation. He was in his Jotün form, you knew he loaded. He only told you about his heritage once. It was a very brief conversation, if you could call it that. He said three sentences about it and afterwards told you he didn't feel like talking about it. You were cursing yourself for not knowing what to say right now.  
Loki took another step towards you and you instinctively took one back. You didn't know why, but all you knew was that he wasn't acting like his usual self. Before you knew it, he was standing in front of you and pushed you back against the wall. With either of his arms next to your head he caged you in. You felt his chest against yours, and even though you were wearing clothes, you could feel his skin was cold. He leaned in closer, trapping you against the wall and his body. You felt his nose nuzzle in your hair and he sniffed you. You closed your eyes and focused on the way his body felt on yours. You had no idea what was going on, but you weren't complaining.
‘Loki’ you whispered.  
It snapped it out of the trance he was in. ‘It is a really bad idea if you stay here’ he said. ‘Last chance, GO!’
He didn't take a step back, he still kept you caged in. But you did feel he would let you if you wanted to go. You only didn’t want to go.  
‘What's happening?’ you asked him.
‘You are happening’ he said.
‘I don't get it’ you said. Loki took a deep breath and a step back. You fought back the urge to whine when you didn't feel his body against yours anymore.  
‘This’ he gestured to himself. ‘Is your fault’ ‘Ever since I have fallen in love with you, I change into this once a month and have the urge to claim you as mine. And it literally physically pains me to be away from you’ his nostrils flared and he was breathing heavily.  
‘And what if I want that?’ you asked.
That was apparently the right thing to ask, because Loki was back on you in a second. He caged you in again. This time you clearly felt his erection pressing into your right thigh. His cold lips were on yours and you started to follow his lead. The kiss grew passionate quickly. His hands were on your shoulders but slowly made their way down to your breasts. You put your hands around his neck. That's when he grabbed your wrists and put them above your head. He stopped kissing you and looked at you with those crimson eyes.  
‘If we do this, you need to know. I will never, and I mean never, let you go. I will take care of you. You're mine’ he said. Before you could answer he swirled his tongue around your earlobe. ‘And I'm yours’ he whispered.  
You didn't have to think about that one. From the moment you fell in love with him, you knew he would haunt you for the rest of your life. You never dared to dream that the two of you would be together. ‘Make me yours’ you said.
That was all the permission Loki needed. And you realized that he was holding back before. He released your wrists and kissed you again. He pushed his tongue in your mouth and started to explore every inch. You moaned into the kiss and felt him press his body harder against yours. He grabbed the V-neck of the t-shirt you were wear and in one move ripped it open. Loki stopped kissing you, giving you a chance to catch your breath. His hand snaked around your back and he clasped your bra open. Immediately freeing your breasts and started to massage them.  
His lips found your neck. When he reached the spot near your collarbone you moaned aloud. He stayed on the spot for a moment. Then you felt his teeth sink into your skin. He didn't stop his bite until you hissed from the pain. ‘Mine’ Loki growled. He started to kiss upwards, but you could still feel the bitemark in your neck. And you knew that it would take a long time for it to disappear. He had marked you. You didn't expect to feel complete at this moment, like the mark was something you had been missing in your life without you realizing it.
While you were lost in your train of thoughts, you suddenly felt two big hands on your hips. You yelped when the lifted you up. In order not to fall, you instinctively put your legs around his waist. He had one hand under your ass, while the other one rested on your back, to keep you close. He started to walk you towards his bed, while his head was buried between your breasts. He put you with your back on the bed and crawled upwards over your body. His lips were on yours again. You put your hands on his back and started to follow the markings downwards.  
Even tough Loki felt cold, you started to get hot. When you reached the hem of his pants he got back up. He sat on his knees between your legs and looked down at you. He made quick work of your pants. Sliding them off of you. He put your legs over his shoulder and started to kiss the inside of your thigh. When he reached your panties, you hold your breath. Loki flashed you a grin which showed his teeth. He grabbed the side of your panties and used his teeth to rip it. Before you knew it your panties were in bits and Loki put his head between your legs.
His tongue slid over the entire length of your slit. You were already wet and moaned his name when he did so. ‘Your taste is driving me crazy’ he said.
That's when he went mad. He grabbed your hips hard, making sure you stay in your place. You were sure it would leave bruises. But you didn't care. His tongue had sought out your clit and he kept dragging the flat of his tongue over it. He did it a few times, until you were panting hard. That's when he started to tease your clit with the tip of his tongue. He locked eyes with you and you felt his tongue alternating pressure and moves. When the tip of his tongue lightly traced an O-pattern on your clit you squirmed in his grasp. He tightened his grip and repeated the move again. And after that again and again. There was no way Loki would let you go from his grasp. The only thing you could do was lie there and take it.  
You grabbed the sheets and clenched your firsts. Your orgasm washed over you. Loki eagerly licked up every little drop. You could see your juice on his chin. He stopped for a moment, and you caught your breath. That's when he showed that wicked smile again and before you knew it, you felt his tongue back on your clit. And he kept going, spurred on by the moans that left your lip, until you came a second time.  
He got up and sat down between your legs. His pants shimmered away and his blue cock sprang free. You bit your lip in anticipation of what was to come. And you got your answer. You stared at his cock and thigh. Following the markings all the way down. Loki grabbed his cock and started to pump it slowly a few times. He put his head back, exposing his throat. You scrambled up, because you wanted to kiss his neck. But Loki pushed you back down on the bed. He grabbed his cock and aligned it with your entrance. He slowly pushed his cock inside of you. You felt yourself stretch wider and he went deeper than you would have expected.
There was no time to get accommodated with the size. Loki started to snap his hips fast. His cock went almost out of you, only for it to ram back deep inside of you. While he was pumping in and out of you, he put his arms on either side of your head. Caging you in again. You put your hands in his hair and on his back. Starting to follow the markings again, while Loki increased his pace. He swallowed your moans by kissing you. He kissed your lips and left open mouth kisses on your cheek and in your neck.  
Suddenly he pulled out. He sat down on his knees and pulled up on his lap. He entered you and you sank down on his cock. He held you close against his chest, while he began to snap his hips upwards again. Even though you were on top, he was clearly in charge. The new position made it able for him to go deeper. It hit your g-spot perfectly. Your walls clenched down and Loki began to grunt. His thrusts increased and he bit your shoulder. The moment you came and moaned his name, his teeth sank deeper and he grunted hard. You felt his cock swell and felt his cold sperm fill you up. Once his cock was down twitching, it stayed hard. Loki released your shoulder and put his arms around you, holding you close against your chest.  
Both of your breathing calmed down. He put his head against yours and looked into your eyes.  
‘Are you all right?’ he asked.
‘I am more than all right’ you smiled  
‘Good’ he said. The swelling of his cock went down a bit, but it still stayed erect. ‘I meant what I said. You're mine now’ he said.  
‘I don't want to be with anyone else’ you said to him.  
‘Then I hope you're up for round two’ he said. He pulled you off of him and turned your around on all fours. He grabbed your hips again and pushed his cock back in. He started to pump in and out of you again, reducing you to a moaning mess beneath him. He pushed your upper body down, making sure he hit your g-spot. You started to moan his name. It made him thrust harder.
‘Louder’ he said.
‘Loki’ you moaned a little louder
‘Louder, I want everyone to hear’ he growled.
You screamed his name. His hand snaked around your waist and sought out your sensitive clit. When he started to circle it, your orgasm washed over you. Loki kept going. He kept pumping in and out of you, kept his fingers dancing over you clit. Until his thrusts were getting sloppier and you felt the familiar swelling of his cock. He came hard grunting your name.  
He laid down on his side and pulled you with him. Your back was against his cold chest. It was nice to cool down like this. His cock was still hard and deep inside of you. But the two of you just cuddled together. He had one arm under your head, while the other one was lazily stroking your breasts. Every now and then you would squirm from the touch and nuzzle yourself closer against his chest.  
‘I'm really glad you came to find me’ he said to you.
‘Me too’ you smiled. ‘Just curious, but how long those your heat last?’
‘Without you, a few days. With you, a few hours’ he answered. ‘We only just begun’ he suddenly growled in your ear. You felt his hips snap up again, making you moan immediately. ‘How can you expect me to do nothing, when your smell is driving me crazy’. The whole night Loki would fuck you. In between he would let you rest and sleep, but never for too long. His cock stayed erect during his whole heat and stayed deep inside of you.  
When you woke up, the sun was shining brightly. You had no idea what time of day it was. The only thing you noticed is the empty feeling inside of you. You slowly got up to sit upright in the bed. You whole body ached, but in a good way. You noticed there was an extra blanket draped around you. You looked around to room, to see it was as tidy as ever. That's when Loki entered his room, with a tray of food. He looked like his normal self again. He was clearly in a good mood, but how he had this much energy, you didn't know.  
‘Morning, love’ he almost sang. He sat the tray down on the night stand next to you.  
‘Morning’ you said, but it came out hoarser and sorer than you thought. The cheeky grin on Loki's face didn't go unnoticed. You rolled your eyes, which made him only smile brighter.
‘I brought you lunch and after you have eaten, I'll draw you a bath’ he said.  
‘I actually prefer a shower’ you said. You grabbed the tray and started to eat. You were starving. Loki got in the bed with you and started to talk about the latest book he had read. When you were done you sat the tray back.
‘I'm going to start that bath’ he said when he got out of bed.  
‘Shower’ you said back.  
‘Darling, a bath is better for your soreness and it will help with the bruises and the marks. Besides, I don't think you're up for standing so long’ he said with the same smug face as before. You got out of bed to argue with him. But you hissed when you stood up.  
Loki rushed to your side and without saying a word pulled you in his arms. ‘Not up for debate’ he said more sternly. You grumbled a little, which made him laugh and kiss your temple. You saw a green glow and heard the bath already running, while he was still carrying you.  
‘Fine’ you reluctantly agreed. ‘But only if you take it with me’ you set.
Loki just playfully rolled his eyes. ‘Like that was ever optional’ he teased.  
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vrihedd · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm making messy redraws instead of watching the final episode.
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orayasan · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🕝 Princes ❄
I hurt my wrist while doing it so I didn't had the time to properly finish it, I guess I draw too much !
Fun fact : I watched an amount of Tom and Owen gifs kissing poeple in different movies to do this. This job can be weird sometimes
For my dear friend @seluvian and @averysiriuschromie ♡
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wolfpup026 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Holidays :)
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hechizero-emplumado · a day ago
Tumblr media
More from the relic au. Thor and Loki at various stages of their lives.
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