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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Day 57

The Uncooperative Internet Strikes Again! There’s been posting trouble. I spent a few minutes pondering why some of my posts were missing. Apparently Tumblr didn’t save my queue properly. *sad pout*
As promised, Inktober Prompt Day 26 + 27: Hide & Music. Heheh I’ve been playing a little bit more these past few days…Dingga Dingga like a Fish DingaLing 🎵 Hehe. We all need some time to relax even for a bit. Let’s stream Mamamoo’s “Dingga” together~!
How’s the filter btw? It’s my first time trying this kind of thing out HAHA
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Traveling far was impossible this year. I was looking forward to going to Portugal and a friend who I haven’t seen in a year was about to visit from the US when the lockdowns happened.

One thing I do appreciate from it is that everything became kind of slower, like no one expects you to do much and going to classes now means getting to my desk and opening my laptop.

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This might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually like that it’s not very much about the “difficulties of being a woman during the time shown”.

I’m mean, it’s not glossed over entirely - there are always more or less subtle reminders about the traps just waiting for Beth as woman in her day, the sad fate of her divorced and abandonned adoptive mother, meeting that classmate who married right after highschool with the baby and the empty bottles in the pram… But I like that the theme doesn’t take centerstage.

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Tinanong ako ni Ate kung ano daw bang award ang natanggap ni C [ HS classmate ko ] sabi ko hindi ako aware. Baka inspiring teacher awardee siya. Alam ko kasi may awarding ceremony last monday, ah oo nga pala baka nga yun. Sa facebook niya daw nakita, tinag daw si C. Tapos nabanggit niya pa na ang galing nga daw sa arts ni C, nakita niya rin daw ulit sa isang facebook post. Ayun, narinig din nila mama yung kwento ni Ate. Bigla akong napaisip, ako kasi mukhang walang patutunguhan ang karera ko. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako pupunta. Kung ano ang gagawin ko sa buhay. Habang si C, umuusad ang career, awardee pa siya besh. I’m happy for her. Kaya rin siguro mas gusto siyang kausap ni mikko kasi goal oriented siya at may sense kausap.

Bigla akong nilamon ng insecurities.

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my anxiety is heightened right now. my head is cycling. i ate something that i had no reason to question wasn’t vegetarian, but i was wrong due to the wording of ingredients. i got curious to this food as this happened last week as well. i have claimed to be vegetarian for almost twelve years, but i feel like a fraud. some food i have eaten over the years has apparently not been vegetarian. i absolutely hate this. the only thing i can think to do about it is unhealthy and isn’t foolproof for me (i tried before). the other idea my head has isn’t healthy coping either. i just need my head to stop this damn cycling and soon.

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