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🍞 — 171020 kdramas are very fun to watch, there are many genres of shows that can appeal to almost anyone! i am in the middle of watching love alarm, but i’ve somewhat put it off because of school, it’s been good tho so far!

fyi i changed my username from halfawak-e to aannaile (this is a queue post), that’s why the @ doesn’t match

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I found this gorgeous linen on Instagram from a.vintage.affair - I couldn’t resist buying it!! Look how gorgeous it is - all those rainbow flowers 💐

I’m in the mood for buying stationery, so if you guys have any suggestions of your favourite stationery shops that sell vintage aesthetic type shops then please let me know!!

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I’ve managed to maintain a decent sleep schedule for over a month. Personally, it is a huge win for me since I’ve been struggling with sleep for a long time.

In the last month, I’ve been managing to sleep by 11pm and wake up at around 5:30 or 6 am. I can’t sleep for more than 6h stretch unless I’m sick or very tired but, I do make it a point to nap in the afternoon if I’m feeling tired or very irritated.

Here are the few things I did/ have been doing :

BEFORE YOU READ, REMEMBER that what worked for me might not work for you, perhaps a combination of some of these things and a whole lot of other things or even entirely different things.

🔹Wake up early and exercise - I run, cycle or workout for an hour

🔹Eat breakfast and shower by 7:30am - This freshens me up and makes sure I don’t lounge on the bed and go back to sleep or feel lazy.

🔹Make a cup of warm beverage before I sit in my chair - It can be coffee, tea or even a cup of hot water

🔹Hydrate/ move around during the day- I used to have a bottle of water on my desk but I just have a glass now. But, I realized that it’s better when I move and stretch every once in a while even if it is just to get water. It also reduces lethargy and ensures I take breaks.

🔹See what you snack - Eating oily/ fatty things makes me feel lethargic. Some great snacking options are: fruits / veggies ( raw or stir fried) with some salt and pepper or a lemon squeezed on it, smoothie, cooked oats with fruits, mix seeds or nuts, bread w/t peanut butter, puffed rice/ lotus seeds (makhana) roasted with light spices.

🔹Go for a walk/ exercise before bed time

🔹Minimize screen time for the last 30-60m before bed time. Instead read a book, sing, sketch, plan for the next day, clean up you room etc. There’s something relaxing about getting into a well made bed and waking up to a clean room. Finally get to know the joy of it.

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Hi Guys!! Just want to let you know that I changed my user from paralumanjournals to cathjrnls :)

Contents will still be the same. Its just that my indecisive self felt that the old name wasn’t working for me anymore 😂

Here’s to more spreads in the future!!!

You can follow me on my ig as well @cath.jrnls 

Stay safe everyone 💕

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