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la-gaille · 3 minutes ago
Ma bouche
Sur la tienne
Rappelle-toi comme je me
Je nous voulais
Nous le sommes désormais
À tourner en boucle dans ma
Je t’attends tu le sais
Je t’aime tu le sais
Ces mots
Adressés à un souvenir pâle
À un fantôme encore
Mais je ne les envoie pas
T’imaginer me lire
Nous imaginer parler
Parler de l’amour qui brûle encore en
La vie demain l’amour
Ces mots j’arrive à peine à les
Je les
Plus que tout dans mon
Je te sais
Pour moi et même j’ai l’impression
Pour toi
Mais tu peux encore te
Je ne sais même pas si je te le souhaite
En fait je m’en
À partir du moment où nos mains se sont dit adieu
Toute ma vie s’est ternie et a perdu un sens certain
Depuis j’ai l’impression que
Tout ce que je fais, tout ce que je suis
C’est pour
Pour l’idée que j’ai de toi
Tu es irremplaçable dans ma tête
Je te voulais
Mes yeux ont aimé
Je sais bien qu’il y a eu d’autres
Mais toi mes yeux t’ont vue
Je me leurre désormais
Je ne cherche plus la même chose ailleurs
Et en même temps je le désire plus que tout
Les mots sont creux et plats parfois
Je les voudrais tournoyants
Nous habitons la même
Et on ne se voit qu’à peine
Tant mieux
Mes mains et mes yeux n’ont pas besoin de
Pleurer encore
Pas pour ça en tout cas
J’aurais aimé qu’on se raconte
Qu’on s’explique
Mais huit ans depuis notre rupture
Cet amour persistant semble pour toi
Il est pour moi un mystère et
Je me déteste souvent
Lorsqu’il me prend
Même si je me laisse parfois aller à une douce amertume
J’aurais préféré parfois mourir que nous voir mourir
Ces mots sont importants je crois
Cette phrase marque comment je ne digère pas les fins de relation
Et pourrait expliquer mes tentatives de fuite
De fuite vers la mort
Mais ne
Mélangeons pas tout
Pour toi je n’ai pas fui
Peut-être est-ce pour ça que
Je n’arrive pas à construire autre chose ?
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tangledribbonssketchbooks · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pink feather square sketchbook, September to November 2020, pages 19-20
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journalgen · 13 minutes ago
Acta Ecologica Australiana
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linwhastic · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
History museum of Qifeng Village // SUP Atelier of THAD
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bestcollegeinranchiumu · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Usha Martin University is offering an opportunity to earn a graduate degree in Mass Communication & Journalism and one can apply right after successful completion of 10+2. One can seek a job in the advertising field including advertising agencies; advertising department of companies in both the public and private sectors. These graduates can also get employed in the commercial section of television and radio, magazines, newspapers, journals, market research organizations, etc. However, one can also work as a freelancer.
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tangledribbonssketchbooks · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pink feather square sketchbook, September to November 2020, pages 17-18
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yeskaprajblog · 50 minutes ago
'Sadness and torment': Apple Daily interns reflect on final days at HK paper
‘Sadness and torment’: Apple Daily interns reflect on final days at HK paper
HONG KONG, June 25 (Reuters) – For a group of interns, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily proved to be a work experience they will never forget. When the interns were less than three weeks into the job, 500 police officers raided their newsroom and arrested five executives as part of a national security investigation that has intensified fears over press freedom in the global…
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curley · 51 minutes ago
6/24/2021 thursday
it rained today, and i felt a peace that i havent felt in quite a while. today was a good day.
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offkilteronbrand · 55 minutes ago
I am supposed to be going back to camp with a grilled cheese, wrecked makeup, dead hoop batteries, and a mile-wide smile.
I miss you guys. Happy Forest, wherever you are. I will see you soon. 💖
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christynorans · 58 minutes ago
If you own a commercial property in any prominent locality, enjoy the benefit of future rentals today itself. We are at your assistance offering loan against rent receivables.
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c-omplex-memories · 58 minutes ago
// TRIGGER WARNING - self-harm
If you're thinking of cutting yourself... please, please don't go forward with it. I know it's easy to say and if you actually do it, you don't need to blame yourself.
But as someone who just cut their arm, it burns and stings even hours after you do it - and even so my cuts are still small. Despite the fact, I'm getting the urge to cut my other arm too.
It becomes a habit. A very dangerous habit. Please seek help if you can. You deserve better.
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realniggalito · an hour ago
Meta phase.
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realniggalito · an hour ago
I miss my old Tumblr. I said a lot of shit on there.
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maipoint · an hour ago
Reaching out to a therapist is nerve racking. The costs are extortionate and time is a currency.
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therosegoldwriter · an hour ago
Only the dead have seen the end of war
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shaicarus · an hour ago
Me: //trying to write
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journalgen · an hour ago
Transactions of the Institute for Hypercensorship
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byeollii · an hour ago
who wants to move into a treehouse or something w me or like q secluded appartment actually omg a little apartment in a city theb i can move here and there everyonce ina while.. the dream
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aureolite · an hour ago
My dear @veilder​ tagged me in a thing, so i shall do the thing~
🎀 Last Song: "Shrike" by Hozier. I know, I know, I'm predictable.
🌺 Last Movie: Code Geass Resurrection! It was SO GOOD, I did not expect that, but I was very pleasantly disappointed, you could say haha~
🎀 Currently Reading: I am mainly reading & re-reading old RPs me and my bestie have amassed through the years~ I don't really have time for anything else as of late...
🌺 Currently Watching: LGBT+ people on YT making fun of bigots tbh~ A very nice way to spend the morning~ Get them idiots with humor and charm! Plus, I am learning SOOO MUCH about other members of the community, things and struggles I have not been aware of before, and I really appreciate that!
I just wish there would be more Aro/Ace content of the sort available... but who knows? Maybe it just means I have to put myself out there~
🎀 Tagging: @sinbrook @thedarkivist @cmajalis @mothomens @guruan @annasdewitts @lluciocorreia && everyone else who's in the mood for filling out a cute little meme~ Tha tag is, of course, optional!! No pressure~ 💖
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