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Lee Mathews 

Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear 

Review by love tori 

Lee Mathews’ knows exactly how to flatter the everyday woman. Not only are her clothes rich in quality and complimentary in colour, they are practical. The silhouettes are forgiving, and the items lined with pockets, proving their ready-to-wear formula. 

Although boxy and masculine in shape, it is the little button, frill and pleat details that give Mathews’ Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear a sweet feminine touch, turning even the toughest businesswomen into something handsome. 


Gender neutral trenches, oversized two-pieces and wool over-shirts are the key to an effortless, minimalistic every day. 

@ love tori | 03.04.2020

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jumping into studyblr!

today’s goals: (4-3-20)

  • send final article to my editor 💻
  • record my speech practice and send to my professor for notes 🎥
  • start The Pink Book, part of research for a professor who I am “dramaturg” for. this is my first time working with a department other than journalism, so i’m very excited! 📚
  • repot my day lilies 🌱
  • coffee, black (3pm sharp!) ☕️
  • that damn essay that’s due monday 🤷🏻‍♀️

Originally posted by post-s

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Drink your friends, their art, try to catch their essence. Make love with the person(s) you love if you have the possibility to do so. Maybe it’s useless if there’s nothing “after”, but it’s better than doing the opposite, isn’t it ?

Meanwhile, if you want (and many have already been doing so), make researches. try to understand what’s going on, where it comes from, what has to be done, now, and after. For the ones who know, I don’t publish anything written here anymore. People know how to find my informations, news, analyses, researches. They are, most of the time, in French, because yes, I’m actually French and it’s my first language even if I have chosen to be Spanish some years ago.

I have corona worked for four weeks, daily, several hours per day. Collected and published news, made analyses, medical in particular. Statistics, questions, obvious evidences on the collusion of the French government, especially the former ministry of Health, Agnès Buzyn, who is linked to a laboratory in Wuhan by her husband Yves Lévy. That labo opened 2 years and a half ago. Buzyn stopped being in the government a few weeks ago, crying. But it’s too late, she and others will be condemned one day or another, even Macron.

On chloroquine and its derivates, on Didier Raoult in Marseilles…later maybe. Anyway, everything is on one of my other sites. Remember : the developements in comments and answers to the comments are as important as the texts and articles.


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This is my Wattpad where you can see the stories I have posted. Currently only one is an actual story and the other is a journal I update with pictures I have drawn of my characters and future story ideas. I must say that the story I’m currently writing will have triggers as it is more on the horror side, though later in the future ( maybe when I finish season 1 ) I will make more wholesome and silly stories. The story will talk about many gore-full things and serious topics and is called Tainted Memory with the drawing on it as you can see in the second picture. Tainted Memory doesn’t start off with triggers that I know of, but I would recommend not reading it if you are sensitive to those type of topics.

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We’ve all gone through it, or so I think we all have. I’m talking about breakups with friends. They’re arguably worse than a breakup from a relationship because even though a boyfriend (or girlfriend, I don’t discriminate) can feel like your best friend, the romance is what ties you to them. But with a “best friend”, it hurts more because you connect with that person solely because you connected with the PERSON. Your likes and dislikes tied you to each other and you chose to keep each other your life.

But sometimes, you get to a point where that friendship is hurting you more than helping you. And no matter how many excuses you make, the good in the person no longer makes up for the bad. This has happened to me quite a few times, and the latest one happened recently.

I had been friends with Anna (name changed for confidentiality) for about 6 years. Things seemed like they were going great until the past year and a half. Whether she had cause to be upset with me or not (even if it was the most minute circumstance) she would immediately go to the an emphatically angry place and borderline abusive. Every time someone asked me why I still put up with her or was the ~better person~ I would say “she’s had rough life, and I know what it’s like. She doesn’t need her best friend stirring things up either.” Perhaps she was always like this and I chose to ignore it…that’s probably the case. 

Here’s how the breakup started:

 I woke up to yet another rage text from her (these had been happening roughly every 3 weeks for a while now). She was hounding me (complete pun intended) about her dog that I had checked on the previous night because it was sick. While I was there, I spent some time on my phone trying to figure something out with my university account. Anna has a security camera installed and apparently she had been thinking for a while that I wasn’t engaging with her dog enough when I watched/checked on her and was taking great offense to it. I will admit, every time I watched that dog, I didn’t always play with her as much as others times, most likely because I had things to take care of (I have no problem admitting when I’ve screwed up). But I will say, undoubtedly, that I let that dog out twice every time I check on her (when I get there and before I leave) while also refilling her food bowl and giving her fresh water. I replied back and said, “you’re right, she’s your dog. And if I had been caring for your dog in a way that didn’t please you, you should have told me earlier so that I could change that behavior.”

She asked me to give her spare key back to her house, which I interpreted as “fuck you, I want nothing to do with you anymore” so I brought it to her house and left it in the mailbox. I then checked instagram, where I discovered that the night prior she posted a “Best Friend Application” on her story. By then I was truly sure she was ending the friendship maliciously. I confronted her about it and she claimed that she was drunk when she posted it. Regardless, this does not excuse the fact that she did it or the intent behind it. She then went on to blame me for her high taxes because I get compensated by the state government to care of my sickly mother who has a laundry list of medical conditions and needs help. Mind you, she’s a restaurant server so her taxes will inevitably be high. She also said, “You live in a naive world. Grow up and stop being so sensitive.” That’s when I truly realized how reminiscent she was of my former abusive step father how had verbally abused me from the time I was five, physically abused from the time I was 10, and sexually abused me from the time I was 15. She was just as toxic as him. She never wanted me to have other friends, threw a fit when I casually mentioned that if I ever got married my cousin would be my maid of honor, and denounced every guy I dated or talked to. Oh, did I forget to mention the fact that she had admitted on multiple occasions that she was in love with me despite the fact that she’s been a committed relationship with a guy for 4 years?

So, I finally told her how I felt. I didn’t appreciate how she defaulted to anger and malice every time she was upset, when I would never dream of reacting that way to anyone, especially someone I cared about and loved. I asked her to return my cardigan that I’d left at her house for a year. Her boyfriend texted me telling me to give back the painting that she made me for my birthday. I bought a Keurig for them, was I asking for that back? No. Because it was a GIFT and I’m not that petty.

So that’s what happened with my most recent friend breakup. Luckily for me, this is one of those friendship breakups where it’s ending for the best. It keeps me from more sadness and stress, when I should feel none of the sort. I eventually began to feel resolve,  emancipation almost.

But what happens when the friendship doesn’t end for the better, or you can’t even figure out why it happened in the first place? Well, your friendly neighborhood Carrie Bradshaw wannabe will tell you. Or at least, I’ll try to tell you (from my experience). Those breaks are the most painful because as far as you know, there was nothing wrong in the first place, it came out of nowhere.    I’ve had quite a few of these breaks and no matter how many times I go through it, it never gets easier. Not once. But I’ve learned a few things that help you move through the healing process, because that’s truly what it is. So, here’s my detailed list:

1. Lean on the positive people you do have in your life, whether one is closer to you than the other. Talk to them about the end of the friendship, ask them to distract you, or talk about something random, but just do something with them!

2. If you have a good relationship with your mom, cherish it and talk to her about what’s going on. She may be able to give you advice. Take advantage of her capacity to listen without judgement. And take advantage of her emotional availability and life experience. Even if you feel like she doesn’t understand you, trust me, she does. And she understands what you’re going through because she’s definitely gone through it. 

3. No matter how much you want to, don’t reach out to the former friend. Don’t do it, it’ll either hurt you more (if they respond back in a mean way) or make you feel pathetic (if they don’t respond back at all). I’ve done both. If they were the one to stop talking to you and they want to rectify it, they’ll reach out to you. Have faith in that but definitely don’t depend on it.

4. For god’s sake, resist the urge to check their social media (at least until you’re in a good head space to handle it). Mute them, block them if you have to! Don’t feel shame. Side note - make blocking them a worst case scenario. Save that for if they continue to degrade/berate/harass you. Because, if they discover that you blocked them, that could create a whole other can of worms that you may not be mentally or emotionally prepared to deal with.

5. This is the last one. Try to be kind to yourself. It’s hard but do your best not to beat yourself up over something that you don’t even understand. Don’t obsess, or at least try not to. There is no way of knowing why the friendship ended in this scenario and hold on to that fact rather than creating reasons out of thin air.

I say all of this when admittedly, I’ve not always followed these guidelines. That’s because they’re guidelines, suggestions even. You’re not perfect. Nobody is. It’s is a absolute cliche but there is also absolute truth to this. Just because that friend didn’t treat you with kindness doesn’t mean you can’t be kind to others and yourself.

That’s all for now.


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I had an opinion piece published yesterday in a small magazine. Getting published isn’t something new for me; I’m a contracted writer and work on regular assignments. But what made this article special is that I chose the topic and pitched it. This wasn’t just an assignment – it’s something I really care about. And I’m proud of how it turned out. My argument’s concise. The writing is solid. It’s a good example of what I can do as a journalist. 

I sent the article to my friends and family and received a lot of positive feedback. But one of my closest friends had trouble celebrating with me because it triggered anxiety for her. It wasn’t what I was writing about – it’s the fact that I wrote at all. Like me, she’s a med student, and like me, she’s been sold the idea that persistent resume-worthy success is mandatory. In med school there’s always someone doing something more and better, and feelings of inadequacy are almost universal. We always think the person next to us is performing to higher standards than we are, but seldom do we acknowledge that we’re watching the highlight reels of our peers. If we watched the whole game – with the fumbles and turnovers – I’m sure their successes would be viewed through a more balanced lens. 

What my friend didn’t see were the “failures” behind my article. It was rejected by no fewer than five other outlets before getting accepted, and unlike my contracted work, I was not compensated. I’m still new to pitching and writing opinion pieces. I did not have automatic success, and I suspect the rejections are going to pile up for quite some time before I get the hang of freelance journalism. The possibility of getting a paycheck from this kind of work even seems laughable at this point. But I’m going to keep trying because I want to grow as a writer – not because I want to stand taller than the equally worthy person beside me. 

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Check out my lastest article!🤓
◼Life After Crisis: More Questions than Answers◼
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Stay Safe…Blessings💜
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This year marks a century since construction on the property started – and it never really finished. Over the years the home of the late media mogul William Randolph Hearst evolved from a small-scale cattle ranch into something so sprawling, ostentatious and outlandish, it’s said to have been the inspiration for Citizen Kane’s Xanadu. READ MORE

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WORDS BY: Thania Garcia 

Hometown: East Los Angeles 

Sounds like: Something off your “sunday afternoon” playlist

Hailing from East LA, Ear Ringers are a five-piece Indie rock band made up of bassist Daniel Romo, vocalist and guitarist Miguel Estrada, guitarist Jesus Mendoza, keyboardist Daftnet Mendoza, and drummer David Bravo. 

“In the beginning we were a band with different styles of music. We had already played a few shows but weren’t well received by the audience. We decided to rename and rebrand ourselves as Ear Ringers. We began taking it seriously when we started recording and performing songs from our ‘First of All’ EP and noticed a positive change in people’s reaction.”

With lyrics in English and Spanish, the band’s influences and inspirations may be refreshingly recognizable to older listeners. Theirs is a sound rich in multicultural expression, made possible through a blend of modern guitar riffs and latin percussion. In form and function, “Porque Lloras” is an act of artistic fusion, including even the traditionality of Univision’s original spanish soaps. 

“Growing up our parents listened to artists like Juan Gabriel, Los Bukis, and Jose Jose. ‘Porque Lloras’ was inspired by old school boleros that we grew up listening to and we filmed the music video as if it were a novela. Living in a heavily based latino area like East Los Angeles has influenced us to incorporate Spanish lyrics in our music.”

It’s a succesful formula that demands big labels cater to the growth of an increased demand in Latinx music. Despite the saturation of music festivals in the U.S., Tropicália’s immense success as an amateur festival seems to be enough proof that there is an audience. 

“With artists like The Marias and Cuco, it makes it a little easier to be accepted by bilingual audiences. We noticed Latinx music is growing everywhere, and our song “Let Me In” is our highest streamed song which includes Spanish and English lyrics.”

Totally Vain: The band started about 3 or 4 years ago now, can you explain a little about your starting point in comparison to your present?

Ear Ringers: “In 2017 we didn’t know about the business side of being in a band. Our vision was simple, playing shows and getting discovered. We didn’t know how to market, brand or sell our image. Today we know a lot more about how to grow and build our audience. We also learned how to compose more expertly with songs like “Let Me In” and “Problems Go Away”. It’s fun to look back at our “First of All” EP to compare how much we’ve grown as musicians.”

TV: Some artists can pinpoint a single defining moment in their music careers, would you say you’ve had one yet?

ER: “In 2018, we had the opportunity to play one of our biggest shows at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. When the day came everyone we knew came out to support and ended up screaming our songs during our set. It was an audience of about 1,000 people and we got the best crowd reaction. It was a dream come true and to this day is our favorite show we’ve ever played.”

TV: What do you feel is the best song you’ve released and why?

ER: “Our favorite release as of now is “Let Me In”. We composed the whole song in 1 frustrating day. We had been stuck on the idea for months and didn’t have a finished product until we sat ourselves down and seriously worked hard on it. The end result was it becoming our highest streamed song, being played on the radio, and being requested the most at all our shows.”

TV: What are some things you attempt to say with sound?

ER: “We don’t like to write sad music, we prefer to keep positive vibes and show our audience a fun time. Our music is mostly upbeat. We love to see the crowd moshing, singing, and dancing to our songs. Based on what we see at our shows our overall message is let loose and have fun.” 

TV: As younger artists, do you find it difficult to find motivation to create in a time where social media and the internet in general are catalysts for noise and distraction? 

ER: “We think it’s the opposite. It has become a lot easier with social media and the internet. We use these platforms as tools to help us build our brand and receive exposure at places we haven’t performed at yet. We don’t let the negativity affect us in any way, people are entitled to their own opinions. 

TV: What can we expect in upcoming releases? 

ER: “We have 4 new songs in the works with 2 almost being completely done. We are really excited to show you these new songs because it’s been a while since we’ve written anything new due to the fact that we are constantly performing. We finally found time to write new music and are hoping to surprise our audience.”

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Carl Kolchack, The Night Stalker by Jeff Rice

 While a Chicago Daily Journal existed from 1844 to 1929, I’ve not been able to find out if Sherman Duffy was real or not. Granted, this is a work of fiction about a character who admits he lies a lot, but it’s still a great line.

Sherman Reilly Duffy of the pre-World War I Chicago Daily Journal once told a cub reporter, ‘Socially, a journalist fits in somewhere between a whore and a bartender. But spiritually he stands beside Galileo. He knows the world is round.’
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Okay guys, I need your help. I’m writing an article for my uni newspaper about post-apocalyptic fiction, and how books can inform our response to the Coronavirus. 

What are your favourite post-apocalyptic/science-fiction books? Especially about climate disaster and disease. Why are they so good?

Drop a message in my inbox or comment on this post if you have any books you want to mention!

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Weird Angeles

In case you were wondering, yes, this is a Subway. And yes, things are getting too weird even for LA. I can’t even get a sub without a side of anxiety. As much as I’m trying to not think about the “invisible enemy” Trump keeps blabbering about, it’s hard to not face the reality because I have a bad habit of reading the news.

I took a “nature walk” yesterday to escape the madness and I still couldn’t stop thinking about how much the world is going to be changed after this whole thing is over. This whole nation is going to shift into an even more heightened degree of narcissism, prejudice, and debt. I just read the other day about how private interest groups are swooping down on weakened companies, looking for fresh meat to exploit. It’s tragic. I know, but I’ve finally accepted the fact that this is the American Dream and despite the current outlook, I still believe this corona thing is gonna benefit big businesses in the long run more than Earl the ER Nurse at Cedars Sinai. It only makes sense. The businesses have to come out of this in the green or it wouldn’t be capitalism. It certainly won’t benefit the people. It’ll all happen in a flash.

The private interest groups blast into COMPANY A with the big guns and hold the whole staff hostage on post-quarantine day one. Next, the big private interest boss man swaggers over the bullet ridden bodies and convinces COMPANY A CEO at 1911 point how their company “can mitigate financial binds like the current coronavirus experience by investing in more automation from COMPANY Z because it’s less of a liability and looks better on paper, especially since they’re thinking about going public next year.” Who wants to invest in a company full of humans in 2021? Nobody…

Thankfully, though this isn’t the part where the machines take over. It’s just the the beginning…

Cheers to a non-intrusive future

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Today I went back to really study and I have so much to do. My teachers are burying us with work because of the online classes and I’m so tired already. But I’ll get through it. Tomorrow I’ll spend all my time studying again, which I love but it’s turning me a little crazy these days.


I studied economic journalism, politics and production and edition in audio. I’m really tired so I might go to sleep now, it’s 12:07am. I miss my boyfriend, my friends, my brother. I hate this virus. Anyway, maybe I’ll write tomorrow.

this is all for today.

eso es todo por hoje.

isso é tudo por hoje.

오늘은 여기까지.

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