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Hong Kong hotels

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Karate training at Main Beach - Nambucca Heads

#nambuccaheads #nambuccavalley #beach #naturelover #nature #coffscoast #getoutdoors #whatevertheweather #marcelrodrigue #trainanywhere #karatedo #shotokan #jkamidnorthcoast #australia #オーストラリア #sunnyday #journey #balance #coordination #fitness #lifestyle #wellbeing #karatefamily #karate@home #karateathome (at Nambucca Heads, New South Wales)

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“Then the world’s weather wages war on winter; cold shrinks earthwards and clouds climb; sun-warmed, shimmered rain comes showering onto meadows and fields where flowers unfurl, and woods and grounds wear a wardrobe of green.”

From: “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (The Gawain poet; translated by Armitage)

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Journal entry #1

Date: 5/19/20

Today’s mood:🙂

Amount of water (cups): 4

Skincare routine:✅❎

Dental hygiene:✅✅




Today’s talk: Had my first actual PT session today and it was tough. By the last exercise, my legs were shaking. Besides how weak my knees are, it also showed that I’m not very good expressing pain or discomfort and my physical therapist knows it. Wasn’t too sore after the session though so that’s a good thing for me. I had my car today so I went to go pick up my mom and bought the rest of my boyfriend’s gift for our anniversary (just candy and a card.) Rest of the day was spent laying in bed to rest my joints and watching Netflix.

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@global_cobra #🌍🐍

🌊🌊 Always face whatever obstacles lie ahead ⚓🛳️👍😎💪

@satriadhony_seaman 🙏🙏👍
Link YouTube : Satria Dhony Seaman ( Like, Subscribe & Share ) 👌🤝
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Uncertainty can be a good thing. Because sometimes knowing what your intentions cannot be helps you to identify what your intentions have to be. Sometimes not knowing a destination makes you aware that you can’t be going on a journey towards that specific place. And so knowing why you can’t be going can help to clarify all the reasons for embarking on that adventure.

It also helps you to see the forest when you’re trying so hard to find individual trees. When you’re not sure the trees are there, you start to realize you’re wasting your time looking for them instead of seeing the amazing forest around you.

That’s what I’ve been learning lately and while I often find myself wanting certainty, it’s strangely comforting to know my true intentions and reasons for doing things. And you gotta find that certainty inside your soul because once can hold on to that, the uncertainty in your heart that wants precise details doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a process I’m learning and it’s hard, but so important

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Draw this again challenge! That’s something that usually lifts my spirit and my confidence in this whole art thing. Also this type of challenge truly motivates me to keep drawing, because even though I don’t draw as much as I should/want to, I still see a difference after 3 years!

First one is the one I did today and I’m truly happy with it, I took my time, drew this whole day (with some pauses), paid attention to more details and just listened to music, imagined how my girls Scarlett and Arrie “accidentaly” wore Kyle’s (their talented friend) merch and took one lovely selfie! ♥ I just enjoyed the whole process.

Second one is from December 2017, I guess and to be honest I hate this one, because my girls look just so bad there! :D Also I can tell that I just wanted to get it done, because there’s so many mistakes and not so many details, their tiny necks holding huge heads…just terrible! :D

I really miss drawing and I really miss the artsy me that enjoyed the whole process and didn’t draw just for likes and stuff. This mindset was just so toxic for me that I needed to take a break and then when I returned I didn’t have a community to return to, you know. Everyone just moved on with their lives just like I did and we didn’t have a time/motivation to be those enthusiastic emo kids (weird term :D) that just enjoyed to draw everyday and comment on each others drawings on deviantART and I guess that’s why I don’t draw as much as I used to, it’s just that I probably forgot how to draw for myself as well. The nostalgia! 

Anyways, hope you’ll like it.

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Hey Everyone!

It was brought to my attention that I should make a second blog for my original works and one for reblogging and sharing and writing! If you wish to see my photography as you’ve followed this one, go show my second one love!! @creationsbyj

That one will only be originals! Here will be a little of everything for my creative outlet!

Come one, come all! Let’s go through a journey together. Comment, share, message and ask away! I’m here to help and to meet new people and learn learn learn!!

Everyone needs something that makes them happy!

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