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strangebiology · 3 years ago
Indoor / Outdoor Cat health?
Can anyone direct me to a scientist/data/research regarding the health of indoor cats vs. outdoor cats? I know the arguments, but I’m looking for hard, unbiased data/studies to cite today. Thanks!
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kaitewelshwrites · 3 years ago
Calling all Mezzo/Opera Fans!
Is Sarah Connolly your musical crush? Are you going to Glyndebourne when all your friends are off to Glastonbury? Do you look at women in trousers and assume she’s a mezzo? Ever reblogged a gif of Christine Rice?
Tumblr media
I’m writing an article for the Guardian about Tumblr opera fandom and how there’s a burgeoning queer female audience that the opera world needs to start catering for. If you’re interested in talking about your love of mezzos, drop me a line at (pseudonyms can be provided!)
Tumblr media
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Asexuality and fanfiction
So I’ve had an article idea... I think the general public (those who don’t consume fan work) often think of fanfiction as purely bad porn as, let’s be honest, that’s the stuff that’s fun to read out on talk shows. So, with International Asexuality Day coming up, I thought it would be super fun to write a piece where I talk to ace fic writers who write and read fanfiction, and their reasons for doing so. Of course I’m well aware that aces may enjoy sexual content, but to those who aren’t versed in the definition of asexuality or don’t know much about the diverse nature of fanfiction, an ace fanfiction writer would seem pretty unlikely (so it’s also an opportunity to get some much-needed definitions in too). With this in mind... ace fic writers, message me! I’d love to talk to you whether you read and write about ace characters and relationships, or if you happily read/write the smutty stuff. I’d actually like to speak to one person from each camp, if possible. I don’t have a publication yet, but I’m thinking The Mary Sue might be a good fit, or maybe just my own Medium... we’ll see. I know there are a tonne of great younger writers, but for this I want to speak to adults only please (18+).
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kilihasparasites · 3 years ago
Why do you read fanfiction?
I’m writing a feature for a magazine about why so many people write slash fanfiction - why do you read it? why do you write it? do you write because your favourite TV shows don’t provide what you’re looking for? Tell me about it. Drop me a message or email, addressing your email to Holly 
I want to hear everything. No detail too big or small. Did you stop reading for some reason? How did you discover your fandom’s characters? Why do you think so many millions of people turn to fanfiction? Do you think the media does enough to provide for the LGBTQ+ community? What has fanfiction taught you? 
Tell me everything you have to say. No answer is too short or too long. I can credit you with your comments, or you can be anonymous, whatever suits you. 
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suswatibasu · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." #JamesBaldwin Hi all! I'm looking for people to record a short 30 secs - 1 min audio clip about a time you did something unconventional, going against the status quo, and what it taught you? Look forward to hearing from you #journorequest #podcast #prrequest #radical #tradition #system #convention #unconventional #culture #expectations #reputation #perfectionism #podcasting #podcasts #podcastlife #podcastersofinstagram #mentalhealth
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geekymerch · 5 years ago
Have you experienced Game Transfer Phenomena?
GTP is when images, sounds or urges from games are transferred into people's "real worlds". This manifests itself in various different ways, for example hearing video game music when not playing, seeing visuals from games in the real world or when you close your eyes, or having urges to interact with the environment in a certain way based on actions you'd perform in a game. I'm thinking of writing a feature about GTP for an online gaming publication and am very interested to hear people's experiences with it. If you'd like to share your thoughts please do so through the form at the page below, which also contains some extra information: Thank you! Sophie
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strangebiology · 4 years ago
Thinking that I might want to do an article or photo project on animal rendering facilities. Maybe that's too gross though. I'm not sure if I have a great angle. Do you guys have any thoughts or specific questions you'd like answered about processing the non-edible parts of animals?
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strangebiology · 4 years ago
Interview Request
Does anyone here work in US medical policy or hospital administration or writing medical release forms, or something of that nature? I’m writing about how to keep your excised body parts after they’ve been medically removed, and I’d like to interview someone who has current professional experience with that sort of hospital policy.  If you know anyone who works in pathology and has to prepare these parts, or who writes the releases, or something like that, please let me know!
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Hello Tumblr, I’m looking to speak to someone about vaginal piercings due to a new law in the UK that labels them as Gential Mutilation, similar to FGM etc... Reply to this or drop me a message.
It’s for a university project.
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smooshyfacedcuddlebot · 6 years ago
Stories wanted!
Hey ya'lllll
So, I'm writing a piece for The Guardian UK in the Experience section for an assignment, and I need someone to write about. If you have a story to tell, whether it's hilarious, traumatic, emotional, embarrassing or downright gross, I wanna hear it. Let me help you tell your story!
If you're in London that'd be brilliant, but I'll take stories from anywhere (: 
E-mail me if you think you'd be happy to talk to me!
Here's a few examples of the type of stories I'm looking for:
Looking forward to hearing from you guys! Please do help a sista out and reblog this (: Thanks everyone!
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