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Even if many gamers were dissapointed in the lack of information on Breath of the Wild 2, and the fact that we ”only” get an HD-remaster of Skyward Sword, and not Wind Waker and Twillight Princess as well, these controllers that are released along with the game on July 16th are like sweets to the eyes!
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l-silvermoon · a month ago
Got the Skyward Sword joycons- I haven't liked any of the bright neon joycons so far, so I've been waiting for something I do like (aside from the animal crossing ones... which only came in that whole set :( ). Switched out the cords on the bumpers- pretty easy, but you do need to take them apart- and the black ones look waaay better than the pale grey.
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Tumblr media
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alydacat · 2 months ago
I need this video, just thought that others who have drifting controls should see this
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level2janitor · a year ago
so the other day i found out some third-party company came out with these switch controllers:
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basically just joycons but using the gamecube’s weird button layout and c stick
now normally i’d really like these and buy them in a heartbeat because i love the gamecube controller
but they fucked it up
look at the control sticks there
if you look at the control stick on a regular gamecube controller, you’ll notice there’s an octagon shape around the stick, like this:
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the reason it has these is to help align the control stick with one of the 8 directions you’d normally use in games without free movement. i use gamecube controllers for games like wandersong or that link’s awakening remake because they use an 8-directional control scheme. like if you've ever played a game and keep going diagonally when you’re trying to go up or right, you can see why this would be useful
now look at the sticks on the joycons.
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you see the octagon there?
look at the angle it’s at
imagine trying to point the stick, say, upwards. when you do that, it hits a wall... and your stick is redirected away from the direction you want to go
it baffles me that they turned like 50% of the reason i like the gamecube controller into a downside
i really hope some higher-quality company comes along and does this properly cause i’ll throw money their way
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royalxiii · 2 years ago
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I forgot to post about this, but Luigi’s Mansion 3 is coming out on Halloween! 
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There’s also two (well four technically four) new Joy-Con colors coming out 10/4; Blue & Neon Yellow and Rimmy Tim (Neon Purple & Neon Orange).
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xeno-odyssey · 2 years ago
Mysteriously depleted Joy-Cons?
Does anyone have this problem?
This morning when I was about to check the eShop on my Switch, and the (original grey-colored) left and right Joy-Cons that are connected to my console have their batteries nearly depleted. I was testing what happened to them in both handheld mode and docked it back to my TV.
I wasn’t entirely sure what’s going on. I’ve always had my OG Joy-Cons connected to my Switch and the batteries never drain, since it’s essentially charging from the console itself. Right now it’s still charging currently, and I’ve turned my Switch from Sleep Mode to having the power off entirely so I can fully charge the Cons.
My other two Joy-Cons (L Neon-Red, R Neon-Blue) and Pro Controller are at max battery so those are fine. I’ve also recently updated all my controllers just in case.
I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it, but I have a Hori Brand Joy-Con charging stand for nearly a year now, and I’ve always charged my 4 Joy-Cons on that stand. It works most of the time, it always has the batteries at max and ready to use & play. I’m curious if that charging stand affected the OG Joy-Cons, but not my Neon-colored ones.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 6 months ago
All the buttons on my Switch fell off like cheap stickers losing their adhesive. I wasn't the only person this happened to, it's a widely known issue with the controllers and when I called customer support, Nintendo's response was to downplay the severity of the issue and tell me to buy another pair of Joy-Cons.
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didyouknowgaming · 5 months ago
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[NEW VIDEO] Joy-Con Drift: Nintendo's Biggest Problem
We take a look at the ongoing Joy-Con drift problem, including its causes, the issues that arose from it, & compare Nintendo's response to competitors who had similar hardware failures.
Watch here:
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twileefairy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I drew these loftwings in Art Academy on my 3DS because my computer broke 2 months ago >:( The blue one is unfinished, but I’m probably never gonna touch this game again now that I have a new computer and I spent way too much time on these to not post them. Also some of the colors looked completely different on my 3DS screen I feel betrayed qwq
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