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#jr trio

i’m a sucker for the junior trio so let’s goooo

Warning: use of “meanie head” is used in this. be warned.

-jin ling is bullied by jin chan. jin chan is a meanie head.

-he talks to a qing & ouyang zizhen of course but they just chill during lunch

-but then high school happens, and sadly, they end up going to different places. if jl had it his way, he would be with them, but his uncle makes him go to this other school.

-jin chan somehow becomes worse during high school, and no matter how many times jin ling tells him to F off, jin chan doesn’t stop.

-sadly, he can’t exactly do anything cause jin chan’s dad works for jiang cheng and jin ling doesn’t want to hurt his uncle’s rep

-he joins the archery club and that’s fun. 

-sometimes he imagines that the target is jin chan’s face. very fun.

-during lunch he kinda just sits in a corner and exists.

-he may be kinda lonely but it’s not like anyone is gonna try and befriend him. and he sure as hell ain’t gonna try talking to anyone.

-a qing texts him memes sometimes and friendship is nice. ouyang zizhen and a qing end up dating (wholesome~)

-jin ling is like “well that only took like 6 years”

-little does he know-

-anyways, about a week into hs and jin ling hates it cause 1. it’s high school and 2. he’s kinda lonely

-seriously the only person he’s talked to is this guy from archery who was actually terrible at it

-jin ling is offended by how bad he is

-they end up arguing and somehow he convinces jin ling to help him practice 

-he agrees to help him cause seriously, he is offended by how bad he is

-next tuesday is the next archery meeting so they agree to meet on Thursday afternoon so newbie can practice

-that thursday, jin chan corners him on the way to lunch

-and since this is a convenient hs au, jin ling gets, well, cornered

-jin chan, noticing that jin ling isn’t getting as riled up lately, decides to up his bullying game.

-he says some things about jin ling’s parents. more specifically, his lack of them.

-jin ling is pissed off but doesn’t wanna upset his uncle. he’s gotta be the perfect jin heir to live up to their expectations, and that means not punching jin chan in the face.

-thankfully he doesn’t have to, cause archery noob does it for him.

-(by now if you haven’t figured out archery noob is jingyi, don’t worry. i wouldn’t have either. you get a cookie. and if you have figured it out, you also get a cookie. virtual cookies for all! 🍪🍪🍪)

-well that worked out.

-jin chan runs away cause the most unlan lan to have ever lan’d in the history of lan packs a mean punch

-he would much prefer his archery tutor to not plagued by memories of his deceased parents, thank you very much.

-sizhui, who was with jingyi, goes up to jin ling to ask if he’s alright

-jin ling is okay (physically, at least), so lsz goes on to ask ljy what the heck he was thinking??

- “You’ll get in trouble if that gets reported, even if we explain that he was a bully. There’s a zero-tolerance for violence and bullying, so you could both be expelled, you know!”

- “Oh. Shoot.”

-jin ling, confused as to why archery noob just punched jin chan in the face, stays silent and watches this madness unfold. 

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Pick Up Lines on MDZS (Pt. 3)

Lan Jingyi: Are you sure this will work?

Ouyang, pushing him forward: Yes! Now go and say it!

Lan Jingyi, to Jin Ling: I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?

Jin Ling: Are you stupid? Your phone is right there a-yi.

Lan Jingyi: What, no it’s a-

Jin Ling, under his breath: Honestly, I can’t believe I actually like you idiot.

Lan Jingyi: Wait, what?

Jin Ling: What?

[insert Lan Sizhui dying in the background at how oblivious those two are about their feelings for each other but also being oblivious about their feelings for him]

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Hanna-Barbera’s World of Super Adventure (1978) - intro

Hanna–Barbera’s World of Super Adventure featuring the most fantastic collection of spectacular super heroic stars ever assembled! They will take you on adventures in space, meeting strange creatures, to exotic lands and fantastic flights of fancy, to jungle planets and mysterious invaders, to prehistoric times and super forces, to honored and winged avengers, to giant, terrifying creatures against primitive power. In space, land, sea and air, it’s a variety of stars – mighty, musical, athletic, extraordinary – from funtastic to the fantastic where amazing weapons, men and robots meet in combat in the far-out reaches of the universe. Dedicated to protecting the peace, these fantastic heroes defend the weak, right the wrong and battle against the forces of evil everywhere. And now it’s take-off time for the gathering of the greatest…Hanna–Barbera’s World of Super Adventure!

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does anybody else think about the fact that even though tony and thor were both out of commission when cap took on thanos one-on-one in avengers: endgame, he had a little piece of all three of them with him, namely his own enhanced skills and tactical prowess, mjolnir (thor) and his shield (which was given to him by the stark family), and it just proves that the avengers have become such a united force that even when just one of them is fighting, the others still help in their own way, no matter how small

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