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:・゚✧ : 🍓 ・゚✧ *:・゚ 🍓 ✧ *:・゚✧:・゚ 🍓 ✧ *:・゚✧:・゚✧

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:・゚✧ : 🍓 ・゚✧ *:・゚ 🍓 ✧ *:・゚✧:・゚ 🍓 ✧ *:・゚✧:・゚✧

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!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

spare j-rock recommendations , thank u

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It’s an hour and a half off in Japan right now so it’s pretty well the day before his birthday so I’ll post this now!

Huge shoutout to those who participated. It’s a shame it didn’t get to travel very far this time around due to covid but the messages sent in for it are so lovely and I’m thankful to every one of them as well. The messages made me emotional going through them so I can’t imagine how he’d feel lol.

I checked the shipping a moment ago and it’s updated still but no scan so it must still be in flight with delay. It should be close now. 🍒✨





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This is the fourth article of many; a psychological astrological series about the members of BUCK-TICK. I’ll be exploring their personalities, creativity as artists, and more.


Sakurai 4:  Moon, Uranus, & Pluto

This is not a simple man.

A major multiple planet T-square takes over his natal chart, and is the source, the engine of his creativity and all that he is. The planets involved are: Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Saturn, the Sun, Pluto, Uranus, the Moon, Jupiter, and with about a 7 degree orb, his Vertex tries to get in on the action, wanting to make a grand cross out of the whole mess… but not really. The Vertex is a point involving fate, luck, and is more of a trigger point mostly used in predictive horary charts, not a planet. There is something important about it however: it’s in Sagittarius, and Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is in opposition to the Vertex with that aforementioned 7 degree orb.

So, on to the T-square.

A T-square is a massive wad of tension that must, must explosively release. You’ll commonly find them in the natal charts of prominent darkly complex Rock musicians (surprise, surprise). It’s the fuel, their driving force that absolutely must be expressed or they go mad. It’s a psychological complex.

The core of a T-square is an opposition, yanking in opposite directions in disagreement with each other. As they yank, a third spot gets involved, where the energy spurts to as it is released violently. I’ll give you one guess which planet that is. No clue?


But let’s look at those oppositions first, before we go there.

OK, so… This is a Mutable powder keg, with water/earth as the tug o’war. On one side, we have his Sun, Saturn, Chiron, Mars, all conjunct in his 8th house Pisces. Mercury is conjunct and definitely involved in this mess too, though  it lands in early Aries.

The oppositions are Pluto, Uranus, and the Moon, all conjunct in 2nd house Virgo. Oh, yeah. Kerblam.

The root of this complex astrologically speaking, appears to likely be a traditional, repressive, nit-picky mother (Moon) opposed to the very fabric of his identity (Sun), and tension with father (Saturn), which he resembles intensely (Saturn conjunct his Sun), doesn’t like it, yet he can’t heal it (Sun, Saturn conjunct Chiron). Based upon this astrological configuration, frustration with agreeing with father about the henpecking, while not liking father’s alcoholic violent behavior, could have made for an intolerable childhood. Intense repression, closing into himself and becoming the quiet kid, the dreamer (Pisces) later turned to alcohol (and perhaps substance abusing) as an adult to process this turmoil.

But it doesn’t stop there.

This is also a massive dark, kinky sexual repression bomb waiting to go off. Pluto, Uranus, and the Moon, all in Virgo want it kinky and unusual, and the details count. It’s gotta be just so. Saturn, Chiron, the Sun all in Pisces in the 8th (Scorpio’s natural home) also want it, but repress the hell out of it. Mars and Mercury are pissed and submissively positioned, and the opposition creates a hellish internal dialogue echoing all the negative judgments dumped upon him over the years; a psychological complex forbidding his needs. You are not allowed to be you.

And the name of the game with T-squares is: something’s gotta give. What happens? That Jupiter in Gemini (incredibly in the Uranus decanate) takes the brunt of it all.

When tensions build, BUCK-TICK happens. Jupiter in Gemini in the 11th house becomes very social with friends, witty, writes, and generally gets verbal: his Mercury finds its voice finally. It’s actually a very healthy placement, a mercy within such an intense chart.

So… do you sense a big old BUT looming? You’re right. The void across the way from the focal spot of a T-square often ends up becoming the dumping ground for it all instead. Sex, party, wild partying, sex. Risk taking adventure. Sex, used to bottle up and withdraw, instead of being vocal and processing stuff under the wings of friendship and BUCK-TICK.

And at the same time, kinky, unusual sex, BDSM, fetish, alcohol, and who knows what else that has been lurking in there as he’s trying to repress it, is much of that initial 2nd/8th house opposition… creating a gigantic explosive feedback loop. Between the planets involved, and the heavy focus on 8th house Pisces, real Tantric sex, and knowing a Piscean 8th, possibly even Alistair Crowley style Sex Magick could be in the offing. Don’t believe it? I have 3 words for you: 「MY BABY JAPANESE」- it’s one hell of a dark goddess Sex Magick romp.

Love may be difficult to keep on an even keel, or could be ditched on instant impulse for something kinky and different. Bottle, surpress, KERBLAM! Surprise! This is not the chart one finds of a person that typically maintains long term relationships. Relationships, when they occur, or more likely, erotic connections, are very very intense, have to be just so… then dissipate in a shock. Healthy, long term, peaceful bonds are difficult with the Moon-Uranus conjunction stuck in that gigantic T-square repression schism.

With this soul wrenching natal chart, it is essential for sanity, emotional survival, to work on coming to peace with the expression of all that’s being repressed, through his music. It calls to mind the opening track, a single from his first solo album, 愛の惑星, 「Sacrifice」, which bares this truth to the world.

Next Up: Neptune & Jupiter!

February 8th, 2021


@mysterioususerx has 17 years of experience as an astrologer at a near professional level. In BUCK-TICK years, that’s just before the release of 「Mona Lisa OVERDRIVE」.


If at any time you wish to not have this series appearing in your feed, it has a special hashtag that you can use to filter it out in your Tumbler settings:

#buck tick astrology

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Hey there, sorry for the delay in getting this playlist post up! My classes have been rather unforgiving lately…

As usual, the playlist below has all the songs I played and are linked to their YouTube MVs for easy listening~ Feel free to send me a message if you have any song requests. Until next week ^^ — DJ Forgetful 


  1. Hanabasami Kyo - Starry - Single
  2. Seraphine - Made Me This Way ft. Jasmine Clarke, Absofacto - Single
  3. Higuchi Kaede - Only - SMASH The PAINT!!
  4. Kizuna Ai and Kaf - LOVESHII (Prod. Enon Kawatani) - Ai to Hana
  5. HimeHina - Sky Puddle - Single
  6. Hololive IDOL PROJECT - Shijoshuji Adtruck ft. Natsuiro Matsuri, Ookami Mio, Shiranui Flare (至上主義アドトラック) - Single
  7. Surii (すりぃ) - Telecaster B-Boy ft. Kagamine Len - パンデミック
  8. Hijirime Laeria - Stroelia (ストレリア) - Single
  9. Kinokoteikoku - Kinmokuseino Yoru (金木犀の夜) - タイム・ラプス
  10. Alice Phoebe Lou - Dusk - Single
  11. Jenny O. -  God Knows Why - New Truth
  12. Hitsujibungaku (羊文学) - 1999 - Single
  13. mikitoP - Shoujo Rei ft. Hatsune Miku (HACHI vers.) - DAISAN WAVE
  14. Orangestar - Kaisei vers. Furen E Lustario (快晴) - Single
  15. *Luna - 8.32 ft. YuR - Dream of Lazurite (ラズライトの夢)


  1. Hololive IDOL PROJECT - Blue Clapper ft. Yukihana Lamy, Momosuzu Nene, Shishiro Botan, Omaru Polka - Single 
  2. Nijisanji ID - into reality - Single
  3. AXiS - HEAVEN’S RAVE - Single
  4. Batsu  - Vanta ft. YACA IN DA HOUSE - VirtuaREAL.00
  5. DUSTCELL - Mad Hatter - Single 
  6. Sister Claire - DOGMA ft. wotaku - Single
  7. Hiiragi Kirai - Bocca della Verità ft. 96Neko - Single 
  8. Aimyon - Conveying Love or Something Like That (愛を伝えたいだとか) - 青春のエキサイトメント
  9. Ambient Jazz Ensemble - Break The Night With Silence - Aura
  10. Kevin Penkin - The First Layer - MADE IN ABYSS Original Soundtrack
  11. Heathered Pearls - Missing Highs - Cast
  12. Evan Call - Never Coming Back - Violet Evergarden Soundtrack
  13. Orangestar - Sunflower ft. 夏背 - Single
  14. Millstones - Kagarabito ft. F9 (カガリビト) - Single
  15. King Gnu - Hakujitsu 白日 (Harano Oni Cover) - Single
  16. DECO*27 - Neo-Neon ft. Hatsune Miku - Single
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