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#juan manuel fangio
frenchcurious · 2 days ago
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#2 Juan Manuel Fangio #6 Stirling Moss - Mercedes 196 & Mercedes 196 2,5 L8 -Grand Prix de Monaco 1955. - source F1 Old And New.
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thechicane · 2 months ago
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Fangio with a well executed hurdle. GP Sverige. 5 August 1955 , Kristianstad, Sweden. He would go on to win the race.
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blackswaneuroparedux · 2 months ago
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Never think of your car as a cold machine, but as a hot-blooded mare.
- Juan Manuel Fangio
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checkeredflaggirl · a month ago
For the zodiac people and the f1 people
Zodiac signs of former f1 drivers some were in 2 teams of this list but anyway
Brought to you by google and me who wrote the post
Former members of Team Mercedes
Nico Rosberg - Cancer
Stirling Moss - Virgo
Juan Manuel Fangio - Aries
Former members of Team Red Bull
Alex Albon - Aries
Daniil Kvyat - Taurus
Mark Webber - Virgo
Former members of Team Mclaren
Jenson Button - Capricorn
Stoffel Vandoorne - Aries
Ayrton Senna - Aries
Former members of Team Ferrari
Nikki Lauda - Pisces
Michael Schumacher - Capricorn
Alain Prost - Pisces
Former members of Team Benetton
Jos Verstappen - Pisces
Nelson Piquet - Scorpio
Martin Brundle - Gemini
Former members of Haas
Romain Grosjean - Aries
Kevin Magnussen - Libra
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brawn-gp · 8 months ago
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in gifs
↳ 1951
Driver’ Champion: Juan Manuel Fangio 🇦🇷  (Alfa Romeo)
Constructors’ Champion: -
[Full story under the cut]
The second season of Formula One saw another Driver in the hands of “The Alfetta” (name given to the Alfa Romeo 158 and 159 cars) win the driver’s championship, but this time the champion was Argentina’s Juan Manuel Fangio. This year though, ended the Alfa Romeo dominance, making this the first year with another team winning races. The British GP at Silverstone saw the first win for the current most successful team in the history of F1: the Scuderia Ferrari, with Froilan Gonzalez (another Argentinean) taking that honor. Ferrari’s Ascari had the race win in Nurburging, Germany and in Monza, Italy; but it wasn’t enough to challenge the lead Fangio had made. Still, the championship was fought all the way to the final race in Pedrables Spain, but a race win there, secured Fangio’s crown.
At the end of the year, Alfa Romeo withdrew from grand prix racing, unable to finance a new car to challenge Ferrari, so the FIA announced that for the 1952 season, the teams would have to run with the current Formula Two rules, trying to prevent an eventual Ferrari domination.
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Poster for the season
Source: The Complete Encyclopedia of Formula One, but written by me [i’m not a native english speaker, so if there are any mistakes please let me know]
Clips used for the gifs: [fangio and the alfetta] [british gp]
* this is a fun hobby, please don’t take this extremely serious as i don’t have all the information
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guy60660 · 2 months ago
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Juan Manuel Fangio | UK Racing History
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itcars · 4 months ago
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Maserati Reveals F Tributo Special Editions
Motorsports in its genes, power rooted in the spirit of pure competition, unprecedented wins and unrivalled achievements, Maserati celebrates its racing past with F Tributo Special Edition.
Maserati’s racing debut was 95 years ago; it was in 1926 that the first racing car to bear the Trident on its bonnet, the Tipo26, won the 1,500 cc class at the Targa Florio with Alfieri Maserati at the wheel.
28 years later, on 17 January 1954, Maserati made its debut in F1 and entered the pinnacle of world motorsports with the 250F driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. An iconic partnership, crowned by many victories, which Maserati is commemorating today in a fitting tribute.
The Brand’s history in competition and its connection with the racing world inspired the new F Tributo Special Edition, which received its world premiere at Shanghai Auto Show 2021. F for Fangio, the driver who made his mark on an Era.  Tributo, in clear homage to the glorious victories of the past.
The special series is available on Ghibli and Levante in two exclusive colors - Rosso Tributo and Azzurro Tributo - and evokes Maserati’s audacious spirit in this sporty version alluring in both looks and details.
The reference to the glorious past is obvious even from the exterior. Red is the color of Italian motorsports, and historically Maserati cars always raced in paintwork of this hue, which represented Italy in motor racing in the early years of the last century.
The bright, vibrant blue of Azzurro Tributo, on the other hand, reminds us that blue is one of the colors (together with yellow) of the City of Modena, the Brand’s historic home.
There are further references to Fangio’s 250F, which had a distinctive red and yellow livery, in the yellow brake calipers and the wheel trims.
To complete the exterior look, Levante F Tributo is fitted with Anteo 21” wheels in Black and Ghibli F Tributo with 21” Titano wheels in glossy black. There is a specific badge in glossy black on the wheel arch and the trident logo in body colour on the C- pillar.
Finally, the shades of the exterior details are reflected on the interior in the red or yellow stitching combined with the Black full-grain “Pieno Fiore” leather.
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blackswaneuroparedux · 10 months ago
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Driving fast on the track does not scare me. What scares me is when I drive on the highway I get passed by some idiot who thinks he is Fangio.
- Juan Manuel Fangio, five time Formula One world champion
**The legendary Argentine racer, Juan Manuel Fangio, wins the 1957 Monaco Grand Prix in a Maserati ahead of Ferrari’s Peter Collins and Vanwall’s Stirling Moss.
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thatbarkingdog · a year ago
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Juan Manuel Fangio
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theivesbustamate · 2 months ago
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On a day like today, 26 years ago, the fivefold Formula 1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio left us.
Always in our memory Maestro.
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