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The Samurai
Pairing : Choso x reader ( Naoya x reader)
Warnings: Smut, domsub, slight choking, some angst, fluff.
Part 4
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8
"Wife!" Naoya screamed.
He came storming towards, each step felt heavier than the next, you could feel each and every plank on the floor shift as he walked towards you.
This was it you thought, Naoya was going to punish you for being so close to the Samurai. This would be your moment of submission to him, of true submission, it was all coming to this moment.
After the wonderful day you had, of course this would be the ending you weren't in a fairy tale so why would you think for a minute that a happy ending would be blessed upon you.
"You're Late!"
"I sent the handmaid to look for you but they say you've been in the town. How irresponsible of you, you don't even have your husband's permission and you venture off. Had it not been for him being with you I would of killed you had the people below not done so themselves"
He hadn't done it, he hadn't backhanded you to the ground how you thought.
"Thank you for your service, leave us now" with that Choso left you and Naoya alone.
You looked at Naoya and he peered down at you.
"Get inside!"
You swiftly opened the door moving out of the way so he could enter first, he pushed passed you and entered your room.
You entered head bowed down, with a face bearing no emotion. He sat on the bed, looking at your form.
"Get done, the ceremony is soon, you've wasted enough time playing local"
You walked to the bathroom to clean yourself up. When you were in the bathroom you looked at yourself in the mirror; hair wild and makeup nearly all but gone from your face, you could only imagine what Naoya was thinking.
You slowly ran water and started moving a cloth underneath it, ringing it out and slowly wiping your face clean. Tears started to form, you couldn't do this anymore, even though Naoya hadn't done anything you couldn't keep pretending to be a housewife. It was slowly eating you up from the inside out. You finished cleaning your face and left the bathroom, eyes red and cheeks puffy.
Naoya noticed, of course he would was he going to say anything of course not.
You opened the long cupboards to look for a kimono to wear to the sake opening festival that the Kamo's held to honour their alliance with the Zenin's and your father.
Naoya pushed you to the side and he began examining the kimonos that were packed in for your stay at the Kamo Estate. He picked up a lilac one then placed it back, then a navy one and placed it back in its spot, he did this with nearly every kimono examining it, touching the fabric looking at the intricate designs that were sewn into each. He had finally picked up a deep red one, he examined it, with its embroidered butterflies that were on the sleeves.
"This one" he said turning towards you, lifting it towards your body as if seeing how it would look on you.
"Yes husband, I'll call the handmaidens to help me" you said looking down.
"Its not necessary"
"Husband I doubt I could put such a magnificent kimono on by myself"
"You won't put it on alone"
With that he began removing you of your previous kimono that was a less luxurious fabric. You stood in your undergarments in front of him.
He slowly put each arm into the kimono, gently as if you were porcelain. He began tying your kimono, pushing you closer to each other.
"Do you know what butterflies symbolize (Y/N)?"
"Why are you doing this husband?"
"Do you?" He asked referring to his question.
"No husband" you said looking into his eyes.
" They represent metamorphosis; change. Change for the better for good health, wealth and prosperity" He said as he tightend the koshi himo belt. He began tying the obi.
"My father has asked of me to produce an heir, that obviously you would be carrying. I know our life back at my father's estate hasn't been ideal, me fucking you like a fertile bitch isn't any woman's dream of true love. I understand that. My father has spoken to me in private about it, while you wonder the Estate. So I'm going to try his way and if by the second season you are still baren then this was all futile" he said pulling your body to his as he tied the obi to is necessary knot.
"So I'm going to treat you like a woman I love even if I don't"
He took his hands off the knot and walked away from you, walking to the door
"Apply your makeup and meet me in the courtyard when you are done, I wish to get this venture done" as he left.
You stood their dumbfounded, only a few minutes ago you were crying in the bathroom about this curse of a life, for the man you were infatuated with you could never be with, only for the man you've wedded to decide that he wishes to treat you life a wife, like a woman he loves.
You entered the caught yard under the moonlight, with the beautiful red kimono with butterfly embroidery motifs, the one Naoya chose for you. Your beauty was evident as even the moon wished to shine upon your face to see you in all your glory.
You kept your gaze down and could hear Naoya approach you.
"You look beautiful, my wife" he said taking your hand to kiss it.
"Thank you" you said finally looking up, you finally noticed who else stood in the courtyard it was your companion from earlier that day Samurai Choso. He smiled at you and you wish you could return the favor but simply bowed your head in his direction.
Naoya grabbed you by your waist and led you to the great dining hall that would host the guests dedicated to your families sake business.
You turned one more time towards Choso as if thanking him for the day even if you knew it didn't mean much to him as it did to you.
You entered the great dining hall, with Naoya by your side as your names were announced.
"Naoya-Sama and his wife " announced the man.
When Choso saw you enter the courtyard he knew it, he knew he had fallen for you. He thought it was something only children did to fall madly in love with someone that they barely knew and only from the few hours the two of you had spent, but he knew it was you.
His mother had warned him about the prophecy that they had foretold at his birth. He would become one of the greatest Samurais that would be known, but he would lose all notibility if he met her. The woman who was seen in the prophecy, unnamed and beautiful she was. He would have no chance when he met this woman as to him it would feel like nothing mattered more than her.
Choso always used to fear this prohecy when his mother told him it as a boy, he always wanted to be a great warrior and defend his people, but to lose it all to someone he didnt know and it was inevitable frightened him. He tried his best to avoid all woman for this but now as he found her in you he felt like a fool, because all the time he had lived without you now felt wasted and it felt as if he could finally breath.
He knew you were the woman his mother spoke of that would stand beside him, he realized that when he saw you in the meadow with your hair flowing about as the sun hit it.
He contemplated it with himself once Naoya dismissed him, how could he be sure it was you, but then he thought of your smile and how everything the world offered made you curious, and then that thought was solidified when he saw you in the courtyard only a few minutes ago. The way the moon shone on your face as if trying to steal your beauty, he could feel the red string tied around his finger and he knew it was leading to you.
Choso had finally admitted to himself, that even though your exchange was brief no more than a few hours, that you were the one that his heart had yearned for, for so many years.
It was you.
The festivities were in full swing after dinner was served, men began drinking, the geisha began playing and the yobai lounged about.
True to his word Naoya didn't leave your side, he treated you like his wife. Like a woman he chose to marry out of love and not benefits.
He introduced you to the people that your father worked with and who were supplying their pubs back at the Zenin Estate and now at the Kamo Estate.
The festival was going well and you were seeming to enjoy yourself even if it was for a moment, that was until you heard the head of the Kamo clan shout in anger.
"Who here has spoken to someone outside about our business opening Sake pubs!" He shouted.
"The people are uprising at the prices, they think we trying to scam them, what is this!"
Everyone stopped their chatter and quietly looked around examining who they thought the Kamo head could be referring to.
"You!" He said pointing towards you.
"It was you wasn't it, I saw you wonder off to that town, spreading false narratives to those people"
"I can assure you she didn't" Naoya said intervening.
"You think you can protect this woman"
"I will and I shall protect my wife against false accusations made against her"
"Let it be known, and as all my witness tomorrow we shall testify this statement against this girl, for now drink her sake and feast my food. If the claims are proven true then the Zenins will have more than Sake to worry about" the head of the Kamo stated.
You looked at Naoya with tears beginning to build.
"Come on let's go to the room" he said dragging you out of the great hall.
"Don't listen to what he said, his a drunken fool, I'll clear your name in the morning and we'll be gone by the afternoon and home by the evening" Naoya said undressing.
"Thank you" you said quietly.
He walked over towards you. Slowly he began to untie your obi.
"Its alright I can do it husband"
"I'm the one who tied it I should be the one to untie it" he said sternly.
You left him to untie and he slowly took it off doing the same with your belt.
His breathing got heavier as he began to drop the kimono from your shoulders. You placed your hand on his chest.
"I can take it from here" you said.
"I haven't fucked you as a proper husband yet" he said lowering his voice.
He knew what it was doing to your body. He slowly began taking it off along with you jubani and then your undergarments.
"I know you haven't husband"
"Would you like me too?" He said with a small smirk.
Even though Naoya was trying the way his father wanted he still couldn't hide that carnal urge to take.
He kissed you slowly passionately.
Your tongues slowly dancing with each other until you submitted to his dominance.
He picked you up, and your legs wrapped around his waist. He walked to the closes wall pushing you against it as he humped you through his garments he still had on.
You moaned with each thrust, even though his member wasn't free you could feel it through his clothes. That large thick member that hit deep inside your aching walls. You kissed him harder thinking about bringing your own body closer to his to feel more of him. It was all to much, you moaned at the pleasure radiating through your body.
"I was never a man of foreplay....but you're changing my mind" he said smirking.
He began playing with your tits, slowly kneading them. He then sucked on one nipple while he still massaged the other breast. The pleasure of his skilled tongue moving along your nipple as he pulled, sucked and flicked your nipple with his tongue was becoming to much. He swapped his mouth and began sucking the other nipple doing the same motions.
"Please!" You begged as tears of pleasure were starting to form.
He pulled his head up from your breast and carried you to the bed, he set you upon the bed and he stood at the foot of the bed, his kimono hung open exposing his toned physique.
He walked to you on the bed. He kneeled at the foot of the bed and grabbed you by your legs. Placing each leg on the side of his head.
"You're leaking all over the bed... don't worry I'll help clean it up"
He began running his tongue up and down your aching pussy, you needed more.
"Please husband, please!"
You weren't exactly sure what you were begging for all you knew you needed to have more of his pleasure.
"My needy wife want more. What would you like my cock shoved in you?" You nodded.
"A pity I'm not their yet" he said diving back at your pussy.
He began sucking on your clit, sucking and pulling which caused your wetness to grow. He inserted a finger inside you while he sucked your clit.
The sensation of his tongue and finger was starting to become to much and you knew you were close as the knot in your stomach was unraveling.
He sensed you nearing and placed his tongue flat at your entrance moving it side to side as his fingers rubbed your clit faster.
You came squirting straight into Naoyas mouth as you screamed and moaned.
You panted as you the feeling calm down you lifted your body up to see Naoya drenched with a look of a madman in his eyes.
"I'm sorry" you said as you began to panick.
He simply stood up and dropped his kimono along with his undergarments.
He once again grabbed your legs wrapping them around his waist.
And with one swift movement he was in you.
"Naoya-Sama!" You screamed in pain and pleasure.
"Come on take it you're wet enough" he said as he started to thrust.
His thrusts were fast as if he needed to cum urgently.
"I'm going to fuck a baby into that womb of yours and you're going to take all my cum" he said as he moved his hand to your neck.
His thrusts were getting harder and the sound of his skin meeting yours filled the room.
He was near his thrusts were becoming sloppy now.
His body fell over yours now, his head in your neck as he rutted into your core.
He thrusted deeply into you and then you felt it as if it was the first time. The hot and warm liquid being shot into you, but this time you welcomed it and moaned at its arrival.
Naoya continued to rut till his high came down. He lifted his head from your neck starring into your eyes.
Naoya starred at you for what felt like forever until he realized he was starring and quickly got up.
He fetched a cloth to clean you. As he was about to clean you off you kissed him, without warning without permission, just kissing him as a woman who loved a man would. He was caught off guard by this action. He melted into the kiss and kissed tou back as he was about to pull away you bit his lip.
You started to giggle.
"Thank you for the evening Naoya-sama" you said as you lied on the bed waiting for him to clean you off.
Naoya was caught of guard by this change in character but he was amazed by it nonetheless.
Naoya laid in bed with you now, you laying on his chest fast asleep as he starred into the abyss.
He knew that this moment of affection you showed him was because of how he fucked you and would be short lived and you would go back to your normal self in the morning.
But the look in your eye when he pulled out, it what his mother told him about as a child. Those sparkles like the stars he use to watch at night as a child were in your eyes.
He couldn't believe it, the small little bud of love was starting to bloom in his heart, even after the last flower that bloomed from it was destroyed, but he knew this time was different.
Naoya moved you into his arms and turned to the side holding you close, enjoying you as much as he could.
Choso stood in the courtyard looking at the star as he thought about you and the prophecy his mother spoke of again but instead of the unnamed woman she spoke of standing by him it was you.
Taglist: @brownskinnedgirll
Hope yall enjoy and let me know what you think and if you have any requests pls feel free to let me know🌸
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Talk To Me
Another shorter fic just to get stuff on this account going!! This is a short Satoru Gojo x GN!reader!!
TW: ANGST, mention of injury, mention of death, tears, abandomnent and distancing
Dw this is hurt comfort!! There IS a happy ending I promise— 🥲
Birds chirp happily outside and warmth fills the quiet early morning apartment in which I live. I wake up to the sunlight softly streaming in though a crack in the dark curtains that hang in my bedroom window. I hum tiredly and stretch my limbs and back, still stiff with sleep. I then go to snuggle into my husband, only for him to not be there.
Satoru’s spot in our shared bed is empty. This is how it’s been for the past two months. He leaves before I wake, comes home late, and barley speaks to me. It feels as though I’m living with a stranger.
Satoru Gojo and I met as young and dumb teenagers, maybe when we were about seventeen and both in the academy. We started off as rivals but we also hit it off. He confessed to me at graduation, straight up telling me that for someone so hot-headed and annoying, I was cute, and that he’d like to take me out sometime.
Here we are, years later. Things were perfectly fine until two months ago. We lived as any normal long time couple, hell, Satoru even brought up the idea of a romantic tropical vacation for just the two of us a few months ago. Where did everything go wrong?
I stare at the dark fluttering curtians. Satoru must’ve opened the window after getting up this morning. I feel the spot where he lays. He even turns his back to me when we sleep. I run my fingers softly over the wrinkles his form made, and then touch his pillow. I take said pillow, a single white hair on it and hold it close to me. The pillow smells like him, although he’s present in my life, he feels absent.
I miss him so much....
I clench the pillow with all my force and cry into the fabric. Why??? What did I do?!?! SATORU COME BACK!!!! Please.....
I lay there and sob my heart out into the pillow, wishing to feel the white haired man with me. To feel his warmth, to hear his mischievous chuckles and to have him kiss me like I’m the only person in the world.
As if whatever’s out there heard my prayers, I hear the front door creak open amidst my sobs. I stop, and then the bedroom door creaks open. Should I fake sleep? Did he hear me cry? What is he thinking? Is he worried?
“I know your awake.” He chimes, walking past the bed and to his side. He enters my vision, dark blue uniform, fluffy white hair, and black blindfold. He ignores me however, and instead he simply goes to his nightstand.
The way he even refuses to say my name is cold and without even a sliver of affection. It’s full of apathy and I feel as though i’ve been stabbed straight though.
He really doesn’t love me anymore. It hurts. I sit up and stare at his back. He continues to ignore me.
“Satoru, we need to tal-“
“I don’t have time to talk, I have a important mission and have got to get going, if this is not complete soon, people could die—“
“NO buts. I’m heading out”
He goes to head out of the room but in a moment of desperation I leap out of bed, grab his wrist and pin him to the ground beneath me. I rip the blind fold off of him but he keeps his eyes closed. His long white eyelashes shimmer in the light, hiding his beautiful electric blue eyes. The eyes that sent pulses of cold electricity though my body the first time I saw them. …He hates me that much that he refuses to even LOOK at me???
“Why...?” My inner thoughts come out now, and my voice cracks as it does. My vision becomes blurry as an ocean overtakes my eyes, running down my dusted cheeks and dripping on to Satoru’s face and chest below me.
“What did I do to make you hate me....? Tell me....I-I can fix it...or at least try....” I sob into his chest, clinging to his shirt as I kneel over his waist. He remains steeled and silent, and I simply sob more into this chest.
Then a gentle hand tangles in my hair. I sit up slowly, still blinded by tears and feel another hand gently wipe them from my left eye.
Below me, Satoru looks at me in guilt and hurt, eyes open, and shimmering like broken glass. An endless frigid ocean. His lips are pursed and he looks afraid to speak. Is he scared of...me...?
I then quickly scramble off of him and back away. “Oh....oh god...Satoru I’m so sorry....I did’nt mean to scare you, I just....wait...” Satoru stands and without a word pulls me close to him.
“Don’t you DARE apologize to an idiot like me....I’m sorry love...I wanted to push you away so you wouldn’t get hurt, not again...” he whispers, voice shaking.
I then think back. He stopped talking to me about two months ago, and the only other event from around that time was a mission to find a special class artifact. He and I were on it together and it shouldn’t have been a problem, however, he was showing off, being cocky, and having fun. I was watching him with a smile.
The curse was not that strong but apparently, it was smart. It had the ability to elongate it’s limbs, nothing Satoru couldn’t handle. The curse apparently went to strike him, but it was a faint, and it went for me instead. It scratched my cheek, I sat there stunned, and Satoru, freaked out. I realize then that:
I was fine.
I thought he was fine too….
I was wrong.
While that curse didn’t leave a mark on me, it apparently left My dear husband shaken. It probably reminded him of the past. The freinds we lost to curses…Nanami, Geto, Riko. It probably also reminded him that we’re both human, and that we can both die at any moment. That’s why he pushed me away, out of shame, guilt, and fear.
I look up at Satoru, clear spring-water tears leaving his eyes. I gently cup his face with my hands and bring my face down to gently and sweetly kiss his lips, then his nose, and lastly his forehead. I wipe his tears as he did with mine and hold him. He hides his face in the crook of my neck, and I play with his soft snowy white hair.
“You’re such an idiot...you scared me for no reason....but I guess I’m an idiot too for not noticing how much that mission two months ago shook you...I’m sorry...” I hum and he shifts, looking at me with his normal, goofy and lopsided grin.
“I guess we’re both idiots then...” he chimes lovingly.
“Yeah, two idiots who will do dumb shit for the people they love...” I giggle. We stand there in silence for a minute simply looking at each other like we did ten years ago.
We’re still young, dumb, and in love I suppose.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I thought we could all use a pick me up today!
Or a grind me down…
Bonus: boomer selfies
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
From the University of Mississippi's 1906 yearbook.
Vintage attempts at self defense and personal protection.
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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rattlestyx · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A small sketch of Geto Suguru because I don’t like him.
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citiair · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
toji fushiguro x black!gender-neutral!reader
-> ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE!!!, modern universe, depressed!sentimental!toji, toji may or may not be on his last straw :/, drug abuse/overdose mentioned, black!gender-neutral!reader, angst, mentions of rehabilitation, toji tries to better himself for reader, heart-break, break-up, they/them pronouns, FIRST PERSON PERSPECTIVE FROM TOJI’S POV for the first half!
*warning: if any of this makes you feel uncomfortable you are welcome to leave this story, your mindset and health comes first!*
i’ll stop… i’ll stop this madness we go through, this storm that doesn’t seem to want to go.
for you…
i’ll learn to love you the way you should be loved…
for you…
when you cry i’ll be there to wipe those tears— but i don’t want those tears to be because of me…
you deserve so much, you deserve love, happiness, goals that are completed, everything your head could dream of!
for you…
i won’t have to make you worry about me being passed out high on drugs, wondering if i will ever open my eyes again but not by a doctor…
for you…
i won’t let you overthink if you were ever enough for me to stop.
because you are. i was just ungrateful. stupid. and only caring about myself.
for you…
i won’t use drugs to cure my “needs”. the only thing i should need is you and i need you…
to not worry about me for right now…
finish living your life.
because for you…
i’m gonna get help— the help i need!
probably by the time you get this letter…
i should be getting settled into my space of rehabilitation.
this will never be a goodbye.
you and i are just on two different journeys right now in life.
i promise I’ll be back, i’ll be better, i’ll be there…
for you…
— with everything i have, toji <3
your face was cascaded with tears springing from your eyes. as you read the letter your love had written to you. as much as you loved him you knew this was the best. you look at your finger that was closured by a ring you and toji got together that matched each other’s. you knew he was wearing his ring. a promise ring you and him each had gotten the rings a week prior to these now events happening.
No you weren’t letting him go… you never would.
for him…
you will wait for him to get better.
for him…
you will wait.
because that’s what he was doing…
for you.
hope you enjoyed!
Tumblr media
© citiair, all rights reserved. no copying of my work! inspiration is appreciated but must be credited! work is modified because of the owning I have to it!
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Spóźnione życzenia dla Getou. 🎉
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
“Stabby stabby, ow you’re hurting me! I’m gonna tell Mom.”
English - Grade 6   1948   (Original title  English - Grade 2   1944)
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roadking1989 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
#karate #judo #taekwondo #jujitsu #kungfu #hapkido https://www.instagram.com/p/CVnUQ0aFe1W/?utm_medium=tumblr
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Cursed Love
Tumblr media
Megumi Fushiguro x F!Reader
(Sorta) Sukuna x F!Reader
Overview: Megumi loves you, and so does a curse. That’s something he’d never thought would be a problem
Warnings: Cursing, veryyy small mention of smut, angst
This is for the anon who requested Jujutsu Kaisen with Fushiguro and Sukuna. Sooo I did that thing where I change it up to fit my comfort zone. I hope you understand (>人<) I’m just not sure how I feel writing for a villain so i’m going to take baby steps. Please still enjoy, cause I had fun writing it :p
Curses were cold-hearted and had no remorse for anyone or anything. They kill and ruin lives without a second thought, some even laugh after commuting devilish deeds. Sukuna was the most deadly curse and had claimed more lives throughout history that he cared to remember. Human lives meant absolutely nothing to him, they served no purpose.
Then he saw you through the eyes of Itadori and felt something he hadn’t experienced but once. His human life was short compared to his time as a demon. The things he’d once felt were all a blur and hadn’t arose in him until you. Before he’d became the king of curses he fell in love, but it was put to a tragic end he doesn’t like to remember. He’d managed to block out the memory all together.
His old love was just like you to the point it actually sent a sting of fear in his chest. Your smile was bringing back so many echos of his first love, the person that had made him feel every emotion that a human can. The feeling of human sensation would shiver throughout him when you’d smile, laugh, or say little things.
Of course he knew he’d never truly get the chance to talk to you. Even if he did, what the hell would he say? Hi, i’m a deadly curse and you make me feel things, nice to meet you! That definitely would not work and most likely have you running for the hills. His form beyond Itadori would most likely have you running before his words, not doubt.
What pissed him off, and who, was your love for Fushiguro. It sent his blood boiling and skin crawling. Jealousy was a whole new thing for the curse, he didn’t even know what it was when he felt it. All he knew was he wanted the sorcerer away from you, but there was nothing he could do. Not to mention his interest in the young boys powers were high and he couldn’t kill him just yet.
A part of him didn’t even want to kill Fushiguro, even with all the envy. It would crush your soul, and he happened to really like yours. It was kind and friendly, it was pure. The feeling your soul gave him was every single warm fuzzy emotion at once, it was like a drug. If he were to be the reason that all that love would leave you and instead you were to be consumed with hurt and regret... he would break himself seeing you like that.
Itadori has heard Sukuna’s whispers about you in the back of his head. Calling you beautiful and other lewd things he tries not to think about. Everyone knew about the curses fascination with you, but only Itadori knew it’s extend. Back at the school when he’d transformed into the king for the first time you were there, and Sukuna was quick to eye you up and down.
“You’re easy on the eyes,” he had said followed by a swipe of his tongue across his bottom lip. Personally you had no interest and would rather him just fuck off. Everytime after that when he’d gotten the chance to act with his own will he made sure to send a compliment your way.
You thought it was all some game to fuck with you, having no clue that the curse actually cared about you. It was so much deeper than anyone knew, and Itadori was having trouble carrying all of this information. So he takes it upon himself to get this all off his chest, and the person he goes to is Fushiguro.
“This is really weird to say,” the light haired boy is feeling off now. He hadn’t really prepared himself on what to say, he just knew Fushiguro needed to know. After all, you were his girlfriend. He’d want to know if some king curse was fantasizing over his love. “What is it? (y/n) is waiting for me at the field.”
Itadori let’s out an annoyed huff, why is he so impatient? “So we all know Sukuna always has a comment to say about (y/n),” Fushiguro nods, still not sure why this was needed to be brought up. “Well he like, well, he likes her. Like a lot, more than just for icandy. This is really weird to say but I think he may love her.” The dark-headed sorcerer’s eyes are narrowed in pure disgust at his friends words.
“Are you fucking serious? You’re trying to tell me an asshole curse wants my girlfriend in a romantic way? That’s a lame ass joke.” Of course he didn’t believe him, who would? The king of curses was in love? No way, that’s some story book shit. “I know it sounds crazy! It actually sounds absolutely insane! But i’m not making it up. He says things and thinks about her all the time and i’m pretty positive he thinks I hear none of it, but I hear all of it. Too much of it.”
The last sentence sends anger coursing through Fushiguro. What does he mean too much? What the hell is this curse thinking about you? Before the boy can think he’s grabbing the collar of Itadori uniform and yanking him close, looking into his eyes. “Okay you little cursed fucker,” he says with gritted teeth, “you can call my girlfriend pretty, you can fantasize about her, you can imagine her in the most lewd ways possible, but at the end of the day i’m the only one who actually gets her. I get her in ways you will forever only dream up.”
Behind his friends eyes he knows Sukuna was listening, wether he wanted to or not. Itadori could feel the curses rage building within him. “You pissed him off.” Fushiguro could give less of a fuck, this was insane. Since when did a curse have feelings for a human? That was never heard of, or even considered to happen. Of course one, that happens to be the king of all curses, just has to want his girl.
“I don’t give a shit, he needs to get over it. It’s never going to happen.” For some reason the words start to sting Sakura in a different way. It was the feeling of hurt and realization. How the hell would he even get you? He’s trapped in someone else’s body and barely gets to show of.
“What’s he saying?” Fushiguro asks and finally let’s his grip go on his friend. Itadori looks down for a second, focusing his mind but it’s blank. Sukuna was managing to hide his emotions, and wasn’t saying a word. “He’s silent.”
Fushiguro leaves, not caring anymore about this conversation. He’d much rather be with you, be reminded that you’re his and he is yours. No curse is going to ruin that, he’s not going to let Sukuna’s rare feelings fuck up what he has. In all honesty, he’s not even worried that it will. He’s just worried that Sukuna may take over Itadori and forcefully take you.
Only if he truly knew how the curse felt. Sukuna would never lay a damaging finger on you, it’d break him to see you hurt. He’d never put you in a position you’re not comfortable with, he’d never force you.
Itadori watches from afar, Sukuna looking through his eyes, as Fushiguro wraps his arm around your shoulder. He pulls you in close and presses a long kiss to your lips. The blush on your face was beautiful in the sunlight, and he wishes he could be the reason for your crimson cheeks. As you walk away in Fushiguro grasp, he realizes what you make him feel deep down.
You make him want to be human again.
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theadorkablescomic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Note from the author: Please jujitsu people, don't come for me... I just really like the idea of strong women squeezing me
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dab1-ex · a month ago
Tumblr media
The Samurai
Summary: You’re in an arranged marriage with Naoya he may not seem like the prince charming but maybe a your knight may come saving you, his the Samurai Choso from the Kamo clan. Will he save you from this disaster you call a marriage or will Naoya change for the better or come to his demise as the worst.
Genre: Historical Au
Warnings: Angst
Chapter 2
1, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7
The next few weeks consisted of your fleeting thoughts of that Samurai you had seen for no longer than two minutes, with no verbal exchange but the way you looked at each other said enough.
You felt guilty in the beginning for having an infatuation with the Samurai, but you were a young woman with a husband that only breed her at night for an heir.
You barely even had an actual conversation with Naoya, the only form of communication is when he yelled at you for your incompetence as a wife and a woman of status.
"(Y/N) get ready we are expecting guests from the Kamo clan in regards to distribution of the sake in the pubs and I need you there to make it look like I care for your father's implications in all this" Naoya said walking into your shared room heading to his cupboard not even sparring you a look.
When he said Kamo your heart skipped a beat, you remembered the Samurai was with Noritoshi a Kamo and his Armour had Kamo colors so the Samurai had to be from the Kamo clan, and the chances of seeing him was high. This thought alone made you smile.
"What are you blushing about?" Naoya said as he was half undressed changing into another Kimono.
"Is my little wife still not satisfied from the fucking I gave her last night" he said smirking.
Remnants of last night were dried on your upper thighs, now beginning to flake. He was persistent every night to cum deep in you.
"Perhaps we could go a quick one, to satisfy your needs so you won't be a nuisance in the meeting" he said walking nearer.
"Naoya-Sama, I'm still very satisfied from last night" you said looking down.
"Then why are you smiling wife" he said forming a frown.
"Are you thinking of another" he said putting his attention back to his kimono.
"No never I was - " you sentence was cut short as Naoya began talking.
"I don't care who you're thinking about, he won't get to fuck you like I do and if he lays a hand on you consider it gone, besides
I will always love one woman above all; you compared to her is as a mole Hill compared to a mountain"
The words he said left you with shock, you knew you weren't the first woman his been with but to admit aloud that you didn't even have some of his affections hurt even if you didn't want them. So there was someone else after all and here you thought he wouldn't take a concubine.
"Why not be with her instead?" You said looking at him now head no longer bowed down.
"She's of lower class and has no advantages of being with"
" So you only married me for the advantages I would bestow upon you" you said feeling a small pain in your heart.
"I'm a man of the clan the clan comes before myself, besides you were beautiful enough to guarantee me good offspring, and besides you are a novelty to have amongst men" he said with a small smile.
You were nothing but a trophy he was holding, you don't know why you felt hurt by what he said, you had already prepared yourself that this was probably the reason he married you.
You sat down next to your husband, wearing the zenin clan colours kimono to represent your alliance, if Naoya not holding you by the waist wasn't enough to show who you belonged to.
The meeting was long and boring, speaking in terms that had little interest to you. You looked at Noritoshi hoping you would see the Samurai next to him, but he wasn't only his father sat besides him.
The meeting came to an end and food was presented on the chubdais in front of you.
"Husband I am feeling unwell"
"What's wrong wife" he said faking worry.
"I feel nauseas rising in me"
"Well my wife if you wish to resign back to our quarters you a may" Naoya said smiling planting a kiss to your hand.
" Child sickness is common but doesn't it usually occur in the morning" the old Kamo man said with a laugh.
The weren't pregnant not yet at least, that joke clearly struck a cord with Naoya, before he laughed at it he had a face of distaste. He couldn't believe that you weren't pregnant yet and yet you were relieved.
You simply smile and nodded thanking everyone and bidding them farewell.
You weren't actually nauseated you just couldn't spend another minute with that men and you hoped that your early departure would allow you to see the man of your infatuation.
You walked throught the corridors until you landed in the courtyard.
There he sat in the garden near the pond he seemed to be inspecting the fish. You starred at him contemplating whether you would continue to stare or actually speak to him.
You knew speaking to him would infuriate Naoya if he found out but you at least needed to know his name he was a guest it be rude not to.
Your mind seemed to be making reasons why you should approach the Samurai, even if they were majority not really a reason.
Your mind had finally convinced you to speak to the Samurai, least get his name. As you began walking up to him Fujiko appeared.
"My lady" Fujiko said with concern in her voice.
"Master Naoya sent word to me from one of the guards saying you're not feeling well and I didn't find you in your quarters" she said coming closer.
He disruption seemed to have caught the attention of the Samurai as he turned his attention for a brief moment towards the two of you and then back to the pond.
"I'm feeling better Fujiko, I just needed so fresh air"
"But still my lady you should not wonder off without any guards at this time, it's getting dark out; people could kidnap you and use you for ransom" She said trying to guide you back to your quarters.
"Fujiko I'm a grown woman" you said getting irritated as she was preventing you from speaking to him.
"My lady I only have my best interests for you, so please before we get into trouble" she said hurriedly.
You pulled yourself away from her.
"Fujiko, you are my lady but do not speak to me as if I do not have authority just as much as Naoya-Sama, so if I wish to stay I shall"
Fujiko was about to grab your arm once again and plead for you to go back, but then you heard another voice.
"Your lady in waiting is correct, Lady Zenin. It may be the Zenin estate but you carry no weapons on you, you would be harmed and that would displease your husband"
You arguing with Fujiko had caused the Samurai to speak to you.
"Excuse me" he said as he was leaving you and Fujiko.
"What's your name Samurai" you said.
" Choso" he said without even turning around.
Choso..... the name imprinted in your head.
You wondered when you would see him again, what did he think about Naoya, what did he think about you, what did he think of your marriage to Naoya, did he think you were irrational.
"(Y/N)" Naoya said loudly.
"Are you listening to me"
"Sorry I was thinking about how lovely the day is" you said looking at him faining innocence.
"Ever since that meeting your head has been in the clouds. Is it the nauseas that is causing this?"
"I'm not sure Naoya-Sama"
"Is it perhaps due to something else?"
You knew what he was implying perhaps hoping for the answer he wanted it to be.
"No Naoya-Sama, it's not due to any reasons that may be of your interests"
The silence between the two of you was unbearable, you didn't know if you should speak, or just continue to eat your breakfast in silence.
"Well my father requets our presence" He said breaking the silence.
" Well my son and my sons wife it's been nearly 6 months and no news of an heir" Naobito said looking at you.
"I'm sorry father, I'll do better"
"I do not wish to hear your apologizes Naoya"
"I shall blame neither of you but before the end of the second season after this, your wife must be with child. Is that understood?"
"Yes father" Noaya said with his head down.
"Good. Now for the real reason I have called upon the two of you. After our meeting with the Kamos a while back consisting of the Sake distribution they wish to invite us to celebrating some of the new pubs opened, I cannot leave of now for my duties here have overcome me, so the two of you will go" Naobito said reaching for his cup of tea.
"Father I can go alone, my wife has been ill lately" Naoya said with a look of concern.
He knew you weren't really sick, he just didn't wish for you to attend. Perhaps you being there would hinder him bedding another woman.
"No I have spoken it's important for both of you to go, (Y/N) has ties with the sake industry, its important her presence is there as well as a representative of the Zenin Clan. And besides perhaps a change of scenery will make your wife feel better and help her bare a child" Naobito said sipping his tea.
Naoya didn't say anything he just nodded to his father and you followed suit.
You left Naobito chambers, silently walking behind Naoya.
"Don't think much of me not wanting you with, if you fall anymore ill I'll have to look for another bride and I dread that" he said hastening his walk.
His words didn't sting anymore, you didn't care about what he said or that he was irritated with your existence, your main concentration was on the fact that you would see choso and perhaps have a real conversation with him.
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ajb-writes · 3 months ago
How To Use Nunchucks
So I won’t show my sensei this series purely because of the fact that obx is the front cover for insta but mentioning it will definitely help convince him to let me and my friend have early grading (it won’t but i can hope for the impossible)
First what are these wooden/metal/rubber weapons (there’s lot of materials my people)
When practising I use the rubber nunchucks because if I used either of the other versions it would be me or my friend who gets a bruise but each version has the same shape pretty much. Nunchucks are basically two batons joined by a chain more often than not and every part of it can be used as a weapon; the base of the batons, the baton and the chain.
The twisting and the manoeuvres of the wrist
So fun fact, my friend actually got free nunchucks (and a bloody $200 book) because he’s a fit boi and can do flips and tricks. He was happy at first and then he found out he had to learn a whole routine he had to perform in front of the parents which was a lot of flips with twisting the nunchucks… the day came and half of it he made up. ANYWAY the non existent point of that story is to explain that using nunchucks has a lot of coordination as you flick one baton so it swings at whatever your target is and then you have to catch it… 12 year old me did not catch it several times. A little quirk for your character if they often use nunchucks is they could just randomly be spinning it over the shoulder mid conversation. (this is done by only holding one baton in one hand and then  swinging the other so that it goes over the shoulder and your other hand is behind your back, palm facing outwards and elbow bent in a right angle to catch it). Nunchucks is also a good tool for choking victims as you have the string in the middle to apply pressure to their throat from behind.
How to damage nunchucks
I’ll tell you this now, the rubber nunchucks do not work against a proper sword for obvious reasons and the rubber is not the sole material used for that version, there’s a plastic base that the rubber can and will slide off of at the most annoying times. I forgot to ask my sensei last night how the other two materials can break so sorry bout that.
Some moves (descriptions not names because I do NOT remember those)
These all are if your character’s opponent is attacking with their hands and one kicking one as well because it would be a bit pointless if they are both using nunchucks. Punching can also be replaced by striking with sai (next post) or tonfa (future post).
- The opponent grabs the wrist of your character that is connected to the hand that holds the nunchucks (holding both batons at first), whilst letting go of one baton flick your wrist to gain momentum for the baton to swing over your opponent's wrist. Grab the baton that is now on the opposite side of the opponent’s wrist with your free hand, tighten the grip the chain has around the wrist as you twist so that the opponent is now bending at the waist. Drag the opponent to the ground and using the nunchucks to hold the arm up, strike down on the opponent's elbow, if strong enough their arm will break.
- Opponent comes in with a left lung punch, (your nunchucks should be in your right hand) block with your right forearm before moving behind them. Keeping the arm with the nunchucks in front of the opponent's face, take one baton with your other hand so that the nunchucks form a horizontal line in front of the opponent's neck, pull the nunchucks towards you so they hook the opponent’s neck and drag the person down.
- Opponent strikes downwards with fist, have batons in separate hands so that the nunchucks form a horizontal line. Bring the nunchuck upwards towards opponents wrist and push backwards until you bend the arm behind their head and your nunchucks can wrap around the back of their neck and bring down until you can knee their head.
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babbyypeep · 3 months ago
When I tell you when I saw this man’s tongue, my puthy lips almost ended up on it.
Tumblr media
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hall-5 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rarepears · 8 months ago
Fix it AU: Getou, Gojo's Instagram cameraman/boyfriend
Gojo the influencer and Getou the long suffering instagram cameraman/(boy)friend in between hunting curses.
Gojo just likes flaunting his money, looks, and everything on the internet. As the diligent friend and mission partner, Getou must take good photos quickly or deal with a longsuffering Gojo for even longer. Yep, they spend half of their mission time for taking photos instead of actually doing the mission. But what’s new with Gojo?
It’s not like Gojo really needs the money that comes from being an influencer and having hundreds of thousands of followers. Getou on the other hand… well, it’s easier to explain to his parents about his money and his travels using the whole Instagram thing than curses and jujutsu.
I just want to have Getou suffering through a sea of thirst comments whenever Gojo manages to catch a tiny part of Getou in his pics and instastory (like Getou's hair, arm, etc.) and Getou learning about fujoshi culture.
Basically, Getou being too lost and confused by what's happening on social media (what are the monkeys doing when they mean "wig" and "slay"????) that he needs those questions answered first before he can kill them all. And take more photos of Gojo from this one specific angle to get the blueness of the eyes even better with that participar outfit. And after Getou gets paid that $100k paycheck for the two sponsored posts on Gojo's account since having extra cash would help fund his mission along better.
Aka a fix it fic.
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latenightsandblankpages · 5 months ago
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oikawalines · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
## jjk layouts! %%
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obitouchihaedits · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sukuna Jujitsu kaisen Wallpaper
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