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#jujus having thoughts
loveyourownsmiilee · a day ago
Let’s talk about Buck and Eddie’s strong nonverbal communication.
This season we’ve seen Eddie and Buck turn to each other when they need some kinda of reassurance about something. We’ve seen them silently ask for some reassurance with just their eyes. They have this very specific nonverbal communication that is so strong that a simple quick look can say a lot to each other. Some key examples are:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In tonight’s episode, we got to see this not once but two times. The first time was when Eddie was opening up to Buck about Christopher’s nightmare. Once again, he is being totally vulnerable and entrusting of his partner. He’s talking to Buck like a co parent would. He asks Buck, “Now he’s waking up screaming, dreaming of his mother?” He looks at Buck with so much emotion and asks him an unspoken question. He’s asking for Buck’s comfort, his reassurance.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And Buck’s immediate response? Is just that. “Shannon came back at Christmas right? Think that’s what triggered it?” He’s backing Eddie up and standing by him in whatever this is.
The last time we see this nonverbal communication between the two of them is in the ending scene. Eddie breaks the news of his impending departure to the team. He purposefully doesn’t tell Buck alone because I don’t think he’s emotionally strong enough for that conversation. He knows Buck will do everything he can to convince Eddie to stay and Eddie will most likely fold and let Buck win. So he consciously made the decision to tell them as a team. The important thing is that he starts off what he’s saying by looking at Buck. But right before he says his words, he breaks eye contact with Buck. There’s so much sadness in Eddie’s eyes that he just can’t look at Buck when he tells them he’s leaving because he knows it’ll crush Buck as well. Then we get a deliberate focus of Buck’s reaction and it’s as expected. He’s confused and upset. Eddie then looks back at Buck, gauging his reaction for a good whole before he looks away at Hen. Eddie was trying to reassure Buck in their own silent way that he’s not leaving him and I think that’s why he was trying to make that prolonged eye contact with him. I’m hoping for a conversation between the two about this but I do believe their nonverbal communication is important to note here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Gif by @whosoldherout)
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teamxdark · 2 months ago
I feel like your writing style is dark academia aesthetic to me. Take this as you will (is a compliment tho lol) 
I've seen some dark academia tags in the knightcore/royaltycore tags, but I still had to look it up to fully understand.
It's a pretty neat aesthetic! Some of the core values I can take or leave but I do like the concept that I'm putting out a sense of danger, self-discovery, and a willingness to learn and grow from reading and from life.
Thank you Juju, this was very kind 💙
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mooshys · 8 months ago
Hi moosh! I hope life is treating you okay. Any fic ideas of jjk? I recently binged all of season 1 and now I’m obsessed. Tokyo Day Off was what I needed. I know you’re busy with life so no pressure to write!
Omg hi heyo hey <3 I’m doing pretty swell thank youuu + I only have one slight character study for gojo that I’ve slowly been working on, but other than that I don’t really have any ideas for a jjk fic! I do like the characters, but at the moment it’s hard to come up with something for them
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lyrebirdswrites · 7 months ago
Hi, Finn~ :)
So, I recently finished the JJK anime and started reading the manga... Do you know wth happened in chapter 64?? Like, was Yuuji getting confessed to?? But then didn't?? Was that just a filler chapter??
What is going on?? 🌀_🌀
I'm confused. Lol.
Hi Robin!! :D
oh yeah I remember that chapter lmao. I’m pretty sure Ozawa did not work up the courage to confess to him in the end, considering the line “I thought maybe the person I am now could... but I’m just doing what the people I don’t like would do...”
It’s possible that Ozawa might show up again later, but nothing has indicated that so far. She hasn’t made a reappearance as of yet, so I’m inclined to consider it just a standalone filler chapter that provides some further characterization for Itadori. I just think of it as some fun first year trio shenanigans hehe.
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toast-gh0st · 2 years ago
Defend yourself vehemently with love from the negative thoughts that intrude so rudely on your happiness. You don’t need to listen to them. You’re doing amazing things!
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xpeachesncream · a month ago
babies with you | bands drabble (jjk)
Tumblr media
↳ drabbles masterlist
yours (ft. the bands!couple) | drabble five: jungkook brings up the topic about kids.
word count: 3.0k
warnings: cussing/mature language, pierced jungkook (yes, brow and lip), short black hair jungkook, dry humping, some dirty talk, unprotected (semi rough) sex, grabbing ass, smacking ass, hair pulling, choking, reverse cowgirl, hitting it from the back, clit play, nipple/breast play, marking, a sprinkle of cum eating, creampie
permanent taglist: @jimidol​, @miinoongi​, @sunflwrxclouds​, @thebeebi​, @ggukkieland​, @bluesharksandfish​, @unicornbabylover​, @preciouschimine​, @codeinebelle​, @shesoldbutcute​, @jikookiekosmos​, @awhnamjoon​, @namjooningelsewhere​, @bunnybearrj​, @jj134340, @babycoffeefire​, @bri-mal​, @sintaethick​, @taejkjoons​, @love2luvya-blog​, @pb-n-juju​, @dianaxnyc​, @fan-ati--c​
Tumblr media
"Does this look okay?" Jungkook leans against the closet doorframe as you tried the second, third, sixth - he doesn't really know anymore - outfit on within the past couple of minutes. You glance at at him through the mirror, catching him ogling at your ass in that skirt, licking his bottom lip before traveling up your body. "Jungkook."
"Huh?" He gets doe-eyed, finally meeting your gaze through the mirror with a small, innocent smile. As if.
"Huh?" You mock him. "Does it look okay? Too skimpy?"
"No, not too skimpy. Baby, seriously. All of it looks good on you. They'll love it, regardless."
"Okay, but I want an honest opinion. Don't just say it if you don't mean it, remember?" He chuckles a bit, crossing his arms at his buff chest.
"I thought you'd know me by now." He does a tiny head tilt. "You know I would never say it if I didn't mean it."
"I just want to look good for when we go meet your parents on Christmas." You turn to him, eyes pleading and lips drawn in a pout as you reach for his sides and tug on his shirt. "I don't want to disappoint them or anything."
"You won't, I've done that enough. I'm sure they're out of disappointment to give." He laughs a bit. "You always look good, sweetheart. You'll look good in any of those outfits."
"Swear?" He cups your cheeks and plants a kiss on your nose before coming down to your lips.
"On everything." He pulls away, foreheads barely touching while you look at his new brow piercing and lip piercing, short black hair draping his forehead. The piercings came as a surprise, not even knowing Jungkook was actually serious about getting them done. Nonetheless though, you thought he was sexier than ever, sporting that new haircut, new piercings, new look— constantly putting out his true, authentic self that didn't give a fuck about what people had to say. It was hot, your man was hot. No doubt. And every day, he continuously taught you new lessons— one being this, being true to yourself to break through those barriers. Show people that shit shouldn't matter. "As a matter of fact, you look really good in this skirt and top." His fingers tug down on your camisole crop top strap before bringing you closer by gripping an ass cheek. You let out a small gasp at the sudden contact, suddenly now being pulled flush against his chest while his large hands continued to cup you from behind.
"O-Oh." Your hands rest on his chest. "Is that so?"
"Mhm. But you know what, sweetheart?"
"Hm?" You hum, finger tracing his plump bottom lip, slightly poking at his lip ring.
"Think you might look even better without it."
"I can't just go to your parents' naked, Kook." You tease, making him chuckle as he lays small, feathery kisses along your cheek and jaw.
"Good thing we're at home then, right?" He smirks, grabbing your hand and leading you towards the bed. "And alone. No kids." No kids, you chuckle as he sits and pulls you in between his legs.
"No kids." And he's right, Kai has been spending the weekend at the Choi residence. You don't have the teenager around. He could be back any minute, but knowing your brother— he probably won't be until later in the evening. No need to suppress the moans, no need to have the long, quiet sex that, don't get it twisted, you loved dearly but also couldn't stand because fuck— Jungkook knew how to ruin you in bed. You smile down at Jungkook who's demeanor changes when he scrunches his nose and rubs your sides, letting out a small laugh before breaking the silence again. You're not sure what's going on in that head of his, and you don't pry to find out. But Jungkook adores you, and is simply taking in your beauty being that you're the love of his life, the one he sees a future with, the one he'd want a family with.
"What if it were real?"
"Us having kids."
"Babe." You giggle. "You and I both know we aren't ready for that just yet."
"But you'd want to? With me, right?" You smile and nod. "I'm just saying though. Imagine, what if? What if all of that were real right at this moment?"
"We'd be a cute, happy family."
"Yeah, yeah we would." He looks down at your tummy and gently presses his hand against. "You'd look so beautiful pregnant." You slightly furrow your brows when examining the mischievous look on his face.
"Don't get any ideas, big head."
"But we're alone. I could do so much to you, baby." His fingers gently dig into your sides, lifting up your shirt ever so slightly to plant kisses along your tummy. "We don't have to be quiet. Could fuck you silly while you scream my name. Fill you up real good." He looks up at you as he grazes his lips against the surface of your skin before continuing his trail of soft kisses, tongue coming out every once in awhile to lick small stripes across. "Wouldn't you want that?"
"Don't act impulsively, Jeon Jungkook."
"I'm not." He laughs a bit, hands now crawling up to completely remove the shirt from you and over your head, tits bouncing free in front of his face. "Just wanna make you feel good, let you loosen up a bit since I feel like you've been having to hold back."
"We have a teenager in the house most of the time, so yes." You laugh.
"Not right now." He smirks. "Let's get these off so you can hop on properly, babygirl." He bites onto his bottom lip, hand now trailing to the back zipper so he can let the skirt fall down to your feet. He pulls you closer, fingers gently running up your back and sending tingles down your spine, mouth gently pecking at your breasts. He makes his way over to a perked nub, taking it into his mouth, nipping and sucking at the right pressure before pulling back with a pop. You let out a soft moan, hands tangled in his hair to keep him close to you. He repeats the motion on your other breast, tongue swirling in and around your nipple, driving you insane. Arousal was pooling quick in between your thighs, wetness seeping through the thin material of your lace thong. His tatted hand travels down to cup your sex, earning another hitch from you as he begins to rub gently at your clit with this thumb. "Taking this shit off." He says, parting from your nipple and looking down. "Baby, what is the point of this?" He slips your thong down, letting it hang from a finger.
"I thought you liked thongs!"
"I do, but now that I think of it, they're pretty useless. Look at you." He smirks, hand spreading your legs out a little further to see your arousal slicking down in between your thighs.
"Shut up."
"Fuck, that's hot." He tosses your thong across the room, who knows where, before pulling you onto his lap and letting you sit ontop of his clothed, hardened cock. He lets out a small 'fuck' when he feels your wetness seep through the material of his sweats, making all the blood and adrenaline rush straight to his cock.
He wanted to pound the living daylight of your pussy so bad. Wanted to show you how much he loved you, how much he loved this life with you.
He digs into your hips, letting you slowly grind on him as you plant kisses along his neck, nibbling and marking the base with a few reddish marks. Your tongue licks a stripe down his collarbone, earning a moan from Jungkook while he tilts his head back and continues to rock you against his cock.
"Kook, off." You say, tugging on his white tee. He pulls away momentarily to drag it over his head and toss it aside before crashing his lips onto yours. The kiss is wet, sloppy. Noises fill the room as he slips his tongue in, Jungkook hungrily biting onto your bottom lip and pulling back.
"You're so fucking wet already. All that baby talk got you riled up, sweetheart?" He quickly glances down to the wet patch on his sweats when you pull back.
"Just wanna feel you."
"Tell me you want it, baby."
"I want it." He laughs, nails digging into your skin as he makes you quicken your pace on him. You moan loudly, your high seemingly closing in on you. You don't want to reach the edge so quickly, but the chokehold your man had on you— shit was beyond what words could comprehend.
"Want, what?"
"You, inside of me. All of this. Want your babies." You whine, holding back your high becoming incredibly difficult.
"That's fucking right. Let me keep hearing you." He says lowly, tongue licking away, teeth nibbling at your jaw. Within the next minutes, you find yourself gripping onto Jungkook's hair as you try to hold yourself steady when your orgasm washes over you. He pants and smiles, quickly raising you to pull down his pants and boxers in one swift motion. He kicks the clothes off of his feet and has you turn in your position, your back now facing him as your feet rest on the mattress. "Sink down. Can you take it?" He watches you from behind, pretty ass in view, watching his cock slowly disappear within you. "Oh fuck." He moans, eyes shutting close while his head tilts back. "Fuuuuck." He repeats. "So tight, and perfect."
You keep your pace slow and steady, rocking back and forth on his cock until you find a comfortable rhythm. Jungkook keeps you close, your back flush against his him, his lips pressing light kisses on your shoulders the more you continue to ride him. The sight is enough to pull you over the edge, a quick glance showing how much you've creamed his cock already just by sitting on top and riding him the way you were; pussy working his length while he moaned and called your name behind you.
"Jungkook—shit—Kook!" You cry, head almost fully leaned back against him. "Fuck this is gonna make me cum."
"Doing so well, sweetheart. You can take it." He praises, hand now coming down to rub at your clit while you continue to ride him. You moan loudly, almost close to a yell, feeling the added sensation against your clit. He knows what the fuck to do with it, knows how to hit your right spots, rub you delicately like you rightfully deserved; deserving of every bit of these tender touches, every bit of those beautiful orgasms he brought you to. A couple of more rolls of your hips and you finally feel your knees give out, buckling at the orgasm that takes over you for the second time tonight— Jungkook holding you tightly as you visibly shake in his grip.
"Ohmmmmmygod." You moan as your chest rises and falls quickly, Jungkook cooing you from behind and praising you as you come back down from your high.
"So, so good, my pretty lady. Look at you, so beautiful. That's it." He says, amongst other praises, hands continuing to rub and soothe you as you keep your position against him. "Let me take care of you, can I do that?" He asks, making you nod in response. "Yeah?" You continue to nod. "Get on the bed baby, on your knees." You do as told, getting on your knees while Jungkook situates himself behind you, pumping his creamed cock a few times. His free hand glides down your back, positioning you so that your ass is up in the air, while the rest of your body met the sheets.
A beauty.
His lady, his baby.
Future babymama, future wife. All of the above.
He lines himself up at your entrance, tip breaching slowly while he lets out a breathy moan and tries to get himself comfortable inside of you. But, you're so wet, so fucking wet, that he glides in easily. Doesn't have to do much, doesn't have to adjust— he fits in perfectly every single time. He begins to ram into your pussy, not really leaving room for any softness, for any mercy. He grips your ass tightly before giving one cheek a good smack, groaning as he fucks into you faster. You have your head cocked to the side, gripping the sheets and yelling Jungkook's name as he pounds senselessly into you.
"Fuck!" He groans loudly. "Pussy so fucking good, so right for me." He bites his bottom lip, lip ring gleaming in the light as he watches his cock sink in and out. "Wanna fuck you like you deserve to be fucked, babygirl. Wanna show you how much you mean to me." He pants. "Wanna give you these babies, fill you up so fucking good. Would you like that?"
"Mhm." You moan against the sheets.
"I can't hear you." He gives you another good, heavy smack to the ass.
"Yes, Kook. Godddd." You whimper after you respond loudly. He pounds relentlessly, sounds of the mixed moans and skin hitting skin bouncing off the walls. You grip the sheets tighter, feeling like your high will come quicker than expected.
"Whose pussy is this?" He grunts, teeth close to piercing his bottom lip with how hard he's keeping himself together.
"Yours." You mumble, but Jungkook has gotten tired of not hearing you. You feel his hand reach for your hair, tugging you back harshly so that your body is flush against him while he thrusts into you at a consistent, quick pace. He wraps your hair around his fist, pulling it tightly so that he can come towards your ear and say—
"You really need to speak louder, babygirl. I need to hear you."
"It's yours, babe. All yours." Tears are threatening to spill at the corners of your eyes with how hard he's gripping your hair.
"Gonna cum for me again? Wanna feel you."
"Y-yes." You choke out. You feel your high nearing the edge the more Jungkook gets rougher with you, whispering praises in your ear while nibbling at your earlobe. Sooner or later, it all comes crashing down, following a loud moan to leave your lips. He suddenly lets go of your hair, letting your body fall onto the mattress and flipping you over. He wastes no time sticking his rock hard cock back into you, his high close and tipping over the edge for him as well.
But he wants you to feel him, wants you to feel him deep in your pussy when he fills you full of his seed.
He fucks into you, no pauses, no slow breaks. The tears finally fall and stain your cheeks, the overstimulation becoming too much for you to handle. Your nails dig into his tattooed bicep when he places his hand around your throat, tapping him lightly at some point.
"Baby, fuck— I can't."
"Yes you can babygirl, one more for me."
"Oh shit— Kook— god." You cry, clit rubbing against him while he sinks in and out. His grip tightens a little more, this being the one thing that throws you over the edge and makes you reach your third orgasm. Jungkook watches as your eyes roll to the back of your head, mouth falling open to let out a silent moan, fingers struggling to hold onto him as you tremble, and you tremble hard.
"Fuck, my baby. That's it. I love you so much." He leans down to kiss you sloppily, pulling back ever so slightly— just enough to feel his lips grazing yours. "Gonna fill you up so good, wanna give you these babies. Wanna do this life with you—shit." He stutters, panting heavily as his cock twitches and releases his seed into you. He lets out a load moan, eyes drawn shut while his head slowly falls into the crook of your neck.
"Kook, I love you." You say softly, hands gently massaging his head.
"I love you so much, pretty lady." He responds, kissing you lightly on the neck before making his way up to your jaw, your lips, your nose, forehead. He slowly slips himself out, the both of you making a small noise at the loss of connection. He takes a look and smiles, watching his cum leak out of you. He sticks it back inside your pussy gently, bringing his finger up to your mouth to clean the remains.
"Sis, hyung?! I'm home!" Kai yells from the living room, making you and Jungkook sharply look at each other.
"Why is the child home early?" You sit up and drape the sheets over your body.
"I don't know, you tell me? I thought he was going to be home later." Jungkook slightly panics.
"I don't know, I thought—"
"Sis, hyung?" His voice gets closer to the door.
"Jungkook the door!" You whisper harshly and shove the sheets up to your body, just in case, while Jungkook shoves on his boxers. "Yeah we're here!" You yell. Kai stands awkwardly in the hallway, hearing you both debate through loud whispers. "What're you doing home early?"
"Um, Yeonjun and his family are going to a family party but I told them I didn't wanna tag along and intrude." He scratches his head. "Are you guys okay in there?"
"Yeah, we're just cleaning up." Jungkook responds. "Your sister made a mess—ow, fuck!" Kook laughs loudly at the impact of the pillow thrown his way by you.
"Okay." Kai shrugs. "I'll be in my room." You hear his footsteps leave and his room door close.
"The fuck, big head!" You pout at Jungkook.
"I didn't elaborate on what mess!" Jungkook scrunches his nose and giggles. "That was close."
"You still want kids?!"
"Of course I do." He climbs back onto the bed, hand to your neck to bring kiss you passionately. "I want all of it with you." He smirks. "Now, put those legs up, gotta make those swimmers get to the goal."
"Jungkook!" He laughs, watching as you walk towards the shower.
"But.. was that a no?" He hears the glass door shut, making him laugh to himself. "Was that a no?!" He repeats, running into the shower and making you squeal.
No, of course it wasn't a no.
Because you'd do this life with Jungkook over and over again if you could choose. Babies and all.
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apocalypticgargoyle · 7 months ago
so, SO, Hear me out. This has been stuck in my head for DAYS. Can i request a Sapnap x reader smut, BUT Incubus!Sapnap. My brain is mush. Perhaps reader doesn't believe in demons etc, so they're trying to prove to themselves that these things indeed don't exist by trying to summon a demon, what type of demon? they don't know. Unfortunately(fortunately) for them, the ritual works and Sapnap is summoned. Afab reader with any pronouns, and Dom or switch Sapnap.
i literally love this idea sm. thank you for trusting me with it. [thank you to a friend of mine who helped me w some of the plot elements.] I hope you enjoy and happy reading! xx
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑 𝐑𝐄𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐓. ⛧ 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐮𝐛𝐮𝐬!𝐬𝐚𝐩𝐧𝐚𝐩 (18+)
pairing: incubus!sapnap x afab!reader
warnings: nsfw (minors dni), mentions of an Ouija board, blood, oral (fm. receiving), smut, domination, choking
Tumblr media
Your fishnets clung to your legs, yet provided little protection against the nipping breeze dragging icy fingers across your skin. You rubbed the arms of your jacket, attempting to generate more warmth as your breath fogged around you. Your friends giggled and kicked at each other, hanging around their shoulders and acting drunker than they actually were. It felt like icicles picked your heart each time you faintly felt like you were enjoying yourself, all because of Him.
His words echoed in your head each time a man approached you, finding yourself nearly too suspicious to believe they wouldn’t end up like He did: cold, distant, and arrogant.
The club had been too loud, in your opinion, but you’d be damned to let one of your friends know. They were focused on finding you a squeeze to preoccupy you while you got over Him. You didn’t need a distraction, you just needed to get rid of the thought of him.
One of your friends grabbed your arm, dragging you down a portion of concrete steps and into a lower-level shop. You briefly caught sight of the neon sign above the door, LOCAL PSYCHIC blinking in bright pink piping to welcome in tourists. You scoffed to yourself as you shrugged through the beaded curtain over the door.
The shop smelled of incense and a potpourri of unfamiliar herbs. A slender woman with long black hair looked up from a magazine, gold eyeliner sparkling in the dim lighting of the store. She watched the group of you carefully as your friends went straight for the Ouija boards in the corner. As you looked over her various shelves of exotic species of crystals, you could feel her eyes burning into your shoulder.
You sighed quietly, grabbing a green hued crystal and approaching her in lieu of your group. “So, this will get rid of my bad juju if I stick it in my bra, right?” You quipped jokingly, making her smuggly grin.
She straightened up, revealing a metal band t-shirt that you couldn’t pronounce the name of, let alone knew. “Gorgeous, you’ll need a fist full of moldavite to cleanse what you’ve got going on,” she jested, voice raspy and surveying. “Give me your hand,” she stated, more than asked. You reluctantly reached for her, her boney ringers cupped your hand, rings catching the candle light beside the cash register.
“Does it say I’ll disappear mysteriously after a boating accident?” You leered, making her bite her lip.
You could practically feel her breath on your skin. She studied your palm closely, wetting her lips. “I think I have something better than moldavite, though,” she quirked before digging her nail into the center, making you hiss. She drew a bit of blood from the wound, placing a business card against the spot. The center of the card oozed the crimson color seeping from the cut. “Call this number when you get home and all your bad juju will clear, my love. Him included,” she whispered. “You don’t believe in demons do you?”
“Of course not,” you answered, your eyes locked on hers as she smiled darkly at you, almost forebodingly. You flipped the card in your hand, a number plastered on one side and “REVERSE YOUR REGRETS,” printed boldly on the other. Your eyebrow perked at her. “What, is this a demon calling card?” You quizzed almost sarcastically.
Her dark, full lips twisted up. “I guess you’ll have to find out.”
Your mouth ran dry as she smirked, fingers brushing against your own as your hand slipped from hers. You found it hard to speak on the bus ride home, or even form sentences while you were crammed between two of your friends as they all sparked chatter about their upcoming finals. One of the main reasons they bought the Ouija board was to ask a ghost to write their history and philosophy theses.
Your apartment was dark and alluringly quiet compared to the night of bright lights and ridiculous EDM you had endured for most of the night. You let your jacket slip to the floor as you switched on a lamp, washing your hands as your mind relayed what the woman from the shop had said. As you dried your hands, your eyes traveled towards the living room, the dark fabric of one of His hoodies peeking out from between the couch and the wall. You bit your tongue, anger flashing into your veins. “Even Him…” you thought, remembering what she had told you.
You grabbed your phone, slinking over to where your jacket was and fishing the card from your pocket. The red smudge of blood almost perfectly split the phone number in half. “You don’t believe in demons do you?”
“No, what kind of respectable adult believes in demons,” you grumbled to yourself, dialing the number. You turned the card over again, eyeing the words as you waited for the call to connect. Instead of ringing normally, three long dial tones sounded over your receiver, sending a shiver down your spine. Dogs of your apartment complex began to bark, sending feral noises of discomfort into the air.
An automated voice began to speak, startling you slightly. “Thank you for your call. Your sacrifice is pure and has been accepted. Congratulations.”
Sacrifice? The line went dead, your power fizzling out as well. You froze, your feet feeling as if your shoes were filled with cement. In an instant, your array of candles sparked to life, brightening the room. Your heart thundered in your chest, unsure of what was happening. Sacrifice?
You held your breath, waiting for what was to come. It seemed as if your apartment had been removed from the city outside, instead an eerie silence settled in the room, making it almost suffocating to be alone.
“Hello, dove,” a dark voice called from behind you, making you jump a foot in the air, chest wheezing from the jump scare. A man smirked at you, resting his chin in his hand as he looked at you. He dominated one of your chairs, his other hand drumming his fingers against the leather. His suit was well tailored, but he wore it rather lazily with his crisp white shirt unbuttoned. He wore dark nail polish, making his fingers appear longer.
His eyes trailed your body, pressing his lips together as you realized how tightly you were clutching your phone and the card. “How did you get in here?” You asked, your voice barely audible.
He stood, straightening the sleeves of his suit jacket. He walked over to you, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. Your breath was measured, your body drawn to him as if you were an animal in heat. “You summoned me, puppy,” he answered, voice dipping an octave before dragging the card from your fingers. Your skin burned and sparked at his touch. His smell was intoxicatingly enticing, making your mouth water.
He held the card between two fingers, his eyes locking to yours indefinitely. “You even bound yourself to me,” he noted, letting his finger pad draw across the blood stain on the card. “Little minx,” he mumbled.
You swallowed. “What are you?” You managed, words uneven and almost jumbled.
He turned slightly on his heel, circling around you slowly, fingers dragging against the fabric of your shirt before snaking around the back of your throat. His thumb teased against your skin almost as if he was restraining himself from ripping you in half. “They call me Sapnap. Some might categorize me as a demon, but that seems rather exaggerated, don’t you think?” He responded. “I’m here to help you reverse your regrets.”
You inhaled sharply. “What does that mean?”
He chuckled darkly, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear. “Baby, I’m here to make you feel good again,” he divulged, the heat of his breath skimming against your neck, urging you to submit to him. "I'm here to make you forget all about Him."
In an instant you found yourself pinned beneath him, the sheets on your bed cast aside along with most of your clothes. He watched you sternly as he slipped his jacket off his shoulders, unbuttoning his collared shirt, pupils blown with lust at your hungry appearance.
Sapnap ground his hips against yours, tugging on your thighs to bring you closer to him. Your back arched slightly, fingers digging into the sheets as his lips traveled from your neck to your chest, one of his large hands palming your breast. You stifled a moan, hips bucking against him. He pressed his tongue against your navel, licking a strip against your skin before he was in your ear again. His fingers curled around your waistband. "Uh uh, dove. I wanna hear you."
He leaned back on his knees, teeth nipping at the inside of your thighs as he trailed towards your core. His eyes danced up to yours, briefly gauging your reaction before slipping his finger between the skin of your hips and your lacy undergarments, tugging them down your legs. He pressed open mouth kisses to your thighs once more, teeth grazing the sensitive flesh with a restraint you had half a mind to egg on.
He hooked his arms around your thighs, burying his face where you needed him the most. Your body reacted to the pleasure of his tongue almost instantly, fighting to clamp your legs around his head as your toes curled. Sapnap was taking his time with you, eating you out as if you were his last meal, humming slightly to send vibrations against your nerve endings.
You threaded your fingers through his dark hair, rolling your hips against his mouth and muttering his name. He moved, teeth sinking into your thigh as he pressed his finger into you, making you moan incoherently. You tugged at his hair, earning a groan in pleasure as you noticed him grinding against the mattress. His lips were back on your heat as his finger curled inside of you.
He added another finger, finding your sweet spot almost as if your body had been made for him specifically. With each swirl of his tongue and his moans at the sight of you enjoying the chase of your orgasm, the more the tension began to build within you. He quickened his pace as he watched you pant, coaxing you closer to the edge.
Sapnap moved his head from side to side, flattening his tongue for more friction, pumping his fingers in and out of you. "Cum for me, baby," he commanded, breath hot against your core. You relinquished control of your body, letting your climax rip through your body, leaving you breathless and stunned.
He wore the devil's smile as kissed the inside of your knee, praising you heavily for heeding to his demands. "Good girl," he cooed, voice dark and drawn with lust as he moved to press his lips against your shoulder. "Such a good girl."
His lips traveled beneath your ear, nipping at the skin before pressing his tongue into your mouth, one of his hands holding your chin.
He discarded his pants, spitting in his hand and stroking himself a few times as his eyes burned into yours. He dragged you towards him, gripping onto your hips before driving himself into you. You groaned at the pressure, grinding against his hips and earning a smirk from him. "So needy. Have I not been good to you thus far?" His words dripped with a god complex you had yet to taste.
You whimpered slightly before he rolled his hips against yours. He retracted himself before slowly thrusting into you, watching with pride as you writhed for more of him. "I could kill you, you know?" He stated, thrusting into you harshly, pressing his hands into the mattress on either side of your head.
You chuckled breathlessly, your fingers wrapping around one of his wrists. "You won't," you moaned as he set a pace, digging his hips into yours.
Sapnap's other arm moved, wrapping his hand around your neck and squeezing slightly, as if showing you he could do worse. "Says who?" He provoked, pressing his lips against yours, teeth dragging against your bottom lip, eliciting a moan from deep in your throat.
His thrusts were becoming sloppier, deeper as he buried himself into you. "Me," you answered. He grinned deviously, pinning your knee to your chest and pounding into you, basking in your moans like they were personalized ego boasts. "I can take it," you groaned quietly, enticing him. He tightened his hold on your neck, causing your vision to blur in pleasure as heat rushed through your body, his roughness a perfect catalyst to your cardinal hunger.
"That's right, sweetheart," he grunted, eyes seeming to burn brighter with your submission. "Take it," he mirrored, his pace relentless against you as if testing your limits. He pressed his thumb in your mouth, moaning as your teeth rested against it, tongue darting out against it. You focused on his eyes, trying not to roll your own as your body ached to climax.
You could see the veins in his neck becoming more prominent and he removed his thumb only to grip your jaw in his hand, shoving his tongue into your mouth to lap at your whimpers. His hands moved to pin your forearms to the mattress beside you, his lips melding against yours as the two of you pushed each other to orgasms. You could feel his pleasure coming undone within you, finally acting as the jumping-off point for your second climax.
You panted, hurriedly attempting to catch your breath as he pulled out of you, sighing in pleasure.
He moved to begin dressing, holding your card between his teeth as he buckled his belt around his waist. Your mind blurred in bliss, still riding your high. It didn't really bother you if he left or stayed.
He finished buttoning his shirt as you sat up on your elbows, watching him straighten his appearance. "I'll call on you soon," he stated, tucking the card with your blood on it into his breast pocket.
You quipped an eyebrow at him. "This is a normal thing now?" You questioned, the situation seeming different.
He patted his pocket to gesture to the card. "You're mine, dove. I get you whenever I want," he smirked. He rested his knee on the edge of your bed, leaning down to press his lips against yours possessively.
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loveyourownsmiilee · a day ago
I still think we’re gonna get a Buddie confirmation by the season finale. I’ve always speculated that Buck and Eddie would confess their feelings by season 5 finale. The storyline with Eddie is somewhat on par with that. Add in Buck and his disaster of a relationship, I really do think they’re going to use this Eddie leaving bit to reaffirm how much the boys mean to each other. Idk I’m just thinking about all the other seasons mid season finales and trying to connect it to tonight’s.
S2: Doug reappears, huge Maddie storyline where she deals with her past trauma and works through it with the support of Chimney. They went through a shared trauma with the stabbing/kidnapping and slowly built their relationship. We saw their story unfold in front of our eyes. Now they’re together and have a child.
S3: Michael tells Bobby he has a brain tumor. We end the midseason with that, not knowing how serious it is. We come back and have Michael dealing with the tumor, going through up’s and downs with his family. With the support of said family, he is able to successfully work through that. He even ends up meeting David when they’re stuck together in an elevator. Once again we saw their story unfold in front of our eyes. Now they’re together and are engaged to be married.
S5: Eddie tells his fire family that he is leaving the 118. He has a lot of unresolved things connected to the shooting. Both he and Buck went through that trauma together and seem to have not worked through it yet. With him leaving, we have the opportunity to work through his trauma and issues with the help of Buck. We know Buck won’t let Eddie go through this alone and will be there ever step of the way for Eddie and Christopher. And guess what’s going to happen? We’re gonna have their love story unfold in front of our eyes as well, thus possibly leading up to a love confession by the end of the season!!
I just keep thinking that it’s very likely we can still get a Buddie confession by the season finale! If they’re going the same route as all other seasons then it makes sense for Eddie to find love in his one support system, Evan Buckley.
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seakicker · 24 days ago
hi juju!! please consider childe x camgirl reader and him being their sole source of income because he just keeps sending loads of donations every stream and if they ever opened private shows..? oh boy
OH YES I AM CONSIDERING. i love love love camboy and camgirl aus... even if im not currently writing for enstars i still miss my camboy rinne au lolol
Tumblr media
to say you've never seen someone spend so exorbitantly and almost... flippantly and carelessly would be an understatement. the cynic in you wants to say that it's careless of one single person to spend so much at once, especially on someone like you, but the opportunist tells you to take that money and run— clearly they want you to have it, so why not use it? it'll certainly help you pay for your college classes, textbooks, rent, and groceries.
on the other end of the stream, there exists a confident, cocky rich boy who stumbled across your page one night while he was looking for someone or something interesting to jerk off to. he's a man who keeps setting the bar higher and higher— he's looking for someone who's always full of surprises, bringing a new toy to each stream or offering new, fun little events like Q&As and the like. when he stumbled upon you one night, he was smitten from the start— maybe it was the way your lingerie so perfectly clung to your body like it was custom-designed and custom-fit for your measurements. surely it was the way the underwire pushed your chest up in a way that makes your nipples look like they're just begging to be sucked on and nibbled, the way your stockings hugged your thighs so deliciously and did that little "the elastic of the stockings squeezing your thighs so they puff up" that drives dudes crazy, the works. it absolutely wouldn't be a stretch to say that your body was what first reeled childe in— your entire job as a cam streamer is flaunting your body and playing with yourself for an audience— and he found himself staying for your coy, flirty personality (which may or may not be an act, he doesn't mind, he loves you either way) and, most importantly of all, your ability to always keep him on his toes.
he's never seen such a wide array of toys, and he's sure that his increasingly generous donations are to thank for your growing collection. he's begun to grow excited at the thought of tuning into your stream to watch you play with something new, wearing something new, or just doing something new for your adoring audience— and he feels a strange sense of pride in knowing that he's directly funding all your new outfits, toys, as well as all of your needs off-screen. his donations, and by extension him and his username, have become a source of equal parts envy and equal parts scorn from his fellow viewers. they're all both amazed and jealous that he can afford to spend so much on you, because that fact absolutely cements childe as your favorite, and what they wouldn't give to be able to be your favorite too. when childe drops donations of 50,000+ mora like it's absolutely nothing, he's met with both "lmfao come on"s and applause from the fellow viewers, but he couldn't care less about how they react to his splurges— all he cares about is how you react. when you praise him and thank him for always being so generous and supportive, he sits back with a sly, proud grin and pats himself on the back as well, lmao.
when he first dropped such a large amount in one of your earlier streams, he was amused by the way your coy façade dropped momentarily to reveal a bit of genuine shock. it was cute to see you stare blankly at the screen, as if trying to figure out whether the number you were seeing was real or just a glitch of sorts— but when childe dropped another generous donation in that exact moment to prove himself, you knew it was all for real. it was cute to watch a flustered you collect yourself before returning to your flirty persona, calling him "lover" and thanking him for his support while silently praying he'd become a regular. it's okay to be selfish here, isn't it?
when you announce your plans for a little competition with the top prize being a one hour, uninterrupted, personalized, and private show, childe already has his wallet in one hand, cock in the other as you begin to explain the stipulations. honestly, he doesn't even need to go that all-out, as no normal person could ever get anywhere close to the amounts of money that he casually drops on you, but it's go big or go home, right? he's playing for keeps, and he wants the gap between him and second place to be so mind-bogglingly huge that you treat him to free little gifts as thanks for his oh-so-generous support. imagine his delight when you offer your phone number so he can get nudes and sexts from you whenever he wants... oh, the joys of being in the top 1%.
Tumblr media
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carmen-riddle · 4 months ago
What are some very important life advices that you know ?
'aight this is gonna be a long one -
As opposed to what motivational gurus might tell you, a lot of people are in fact happy working 9-to-5 jobs. Everyone doesn't want the same things from life. Many people prioritise having a good work-life balance over hustling, and you shouldn't feel like you have to achieve spectacular things to make your life matter.
I don't think "school doesn't matter" is the full story. School might not matter for you if you choose a career path where what you learnt in school or the grades you got don't play any role. But it will matter if the path you need to take to pursue your goals requires you to have good grades. Also, what you learn in school might lead you down some interesting paths. For example, being good with chemistry could allow to be better at running a makeup production business someday.
Keep Your Life Private. Now i don't mean don't have social media and just don't let people know anything. But keep your decisions, your thoughts, your next step. Stay under the radar because once you are on the radar, it can be very difficult to get off it. Keep it private until its permanent. We don't want bad juju. For example- if you are applying to universities and everyone is explaining which ones they have applied to and discussing and judging and commenting. Once you got into the Uni of your choice go ahead post that shit if you want to !
Don't gossip about your relationship with your girlfriends like you can talk about something with your best friend but don't tell everyone about your relationship, your fights, etc. Keep your relationship private but don't hide the fact that you are in one.
If they verbally abuse you, they will physically abuse you. if they physically abuse you, they will k-word you. it's not a matter of if, but when. Read that and read it again. it's true. they're not gonna change. you can't fix them or help them heal. don't believe a single promise they make because more often than not they will break it.
Don't send him nudes. I would give the same advice to anyone, no matter how long/ serious the relationship is and especially if they don't feel comfortable doing it. There is no way for you to predict how your relationship will develop. I'm not saying we should always think the worst about someone, but what if you break up and he will want to take revenge by posting the pictures on social media? Or even if you don't break up, but someone else (his mother, his best friend etc) finds those pictures? Or if his phone/ email is hacked? There is always a risk when photographing yourself unclothed and even bigger one when sending those pictures to someone else. He cannot ensure 100% safety. So unless you don't mind the idea of your body becoming public knowledge, don't do it.
Stay unplugged and disconnected from the society for at least 1 week every 6 months. How? Probably go camping without any technology or gadgets with you. Eat, sleep, make out, make love, read stories, read books (not kindle, actual books!), tell stories, make up stories, talk about the universe, talk about time-travel, talk about aliens, talk about sex, talk about interstellar, talk about anything, cuddle up, make out again, sleep, wake up again, watch the stars, make a wish on a falling star, do something impulsive, explore each other, or just explore your inner-self (if you're alone).
All those people you see around enjoying all their success, have worked really hard at some point in their life. Don't agree?! Just stop reading and think for a moment. Remember all the opportunities that you missed and all the bad performances of yours, how many of them you could have been better at, had you worked a little harder, a little more dedication and focus from your side was all it demanded.
Stop giving a damn about what people think of you. Seriously, just be who you are. Random strangers really don't give a crap about what you do, what you look like or what you say. You are not being watched every time you step outside.
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empyreanwritings · a month ago
stucky x reader: reader comes home to stucky trying to conjure a spirit using a ouija board 😀
Warnings: language, overall a crack fic bc this is how any sane person should react to this moment askldjflsdk
"What the fuck are you doing?" You shriek when you find your two idiot boyfriends sitting behind the coffee table with an ouija board on top of it.
Bucky smiles sheepishly, and Steve starts to come up with a cute remark to distract you, but you hold your hand up to stop them. No. You are standing your ground for this one. You did not want your house to become the next Amityville horror, and who knows what the two himbos could have accidentally invited it.
"What is the one rule I set during October for you two?"
Steve sits back on his knees and grumbles, "If a white person would condone the behavior in a horror movie then we shouldn't be doing it."
"Mhm, and what would you call this?"
"Something a white person would do in a horror movie," Bucky speaks up this time.
You nod. "I'm too good looking to get eaten by demons, okay? I love you both, but if I ever see you trying this again, I'm going to chain you up outside and hope a werewolf eats you. Got it?"
They pout but don't argue. They should have known you were going to react this way. You've never been the type to deal with anything paranormal; you don't even like horror movies revolved around ghosts or demons. You always thought it was bad juju and asking for something bad to be invited in.
You could deal with aliens and just about everything else. But demons? Oh no. Absolutely not.
"And throw that board away," you order, making it a point to slap their asses when they walk past you. "I swear, I can't leave you two alone for more than five minutes."
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fruitcoops · 16 days ago
Hey Eve I just realized that I have a little cousin named Julian and his nickname ever since he was born is Juju and I thought you might enjoy that. I can so easily imagine Remus at like 15 following around a tiny Julian who can barely walk and calling him “Juju”
Baby Jules? Oh, I have been waiting for a request like this!!! SW credit goes to @lumosinlove!
Lyall woke with a start at the sound of a baby’s cries. Next to him, with her head on his chest, Hope grumbled and wrapped her arm tighter around him. “Time ‘s it?” he asked nobody in particular, fumbling for the alarm clock with a clumsy hand. Waking up at god-knew-when was so much easier when he was young and stupid. Well, younger. 40 wasn’t exactly pushing him into his grave.
“Just sleep,” Hope mumbled as he carefully extracted himself from her hold, though Lyall didn’t think she was talking to him. He scrubbed at the inner corners of his eyes and padded blindly toward the office they had converted into a nursery, doing his best not to bump into too many walls in the meantime.
He was almost at the door when he realized the crying had stopped.
Lyall paused, frowned, and blinked in the darkness. He could have sworn he heard Julian crying. Is this it? he wondered as he stared at the painted clouds on the walls. Is this where I finally go crazy and start hearing phantom babies?
A voice that certainly did not belong to his beautiful wife who was passed out harder than a frat boy in their bedroom made a gentle shushing sound in the other room. “What the hell?” Lyall muttered to himself as he squinted first into the nursery, then down the hall. Remus’ door was ajar. Julian’s crib was empty. The slow, sleepy synapses in his brain began to fire, and he tiptoed down the short hallway.
One single lamp was on, illuminating the living room in a soft orange glow. The baby whined, only to let out a short giggle as Remus tapped his tiny nose and murmured something too quiet for Lyall to register. “—my buddy,” he caught at the end of the phrase while Remus bounced his knees and paced the well-worn carpet, clothed only his flannel pajama pants with Jules bundled up tight against his chest.
That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen, Lyall thought without a single moment of hesitation. Julian had started to cry in the middle of the night, and rather than letting Hope and Lyall take care of it, Remus had dragged himself out of bed in all his lanky teenage glory and stepped in to help. Lyall closed his eyes as a prickling warmth gathered behind them—he heard Jules babble and Remus laugh quietly, and his heart tugged hard.
“I know, JuJu,” Remus whispered, still croaky from sleep. His hair stuck up in an impressive cowlick along the back of his head and Lyall smiled. Some things hadn’t changed from when his oldest son was just a baby, himself. “There you go, bud, it’s bedtime. You just needed a cuddle, huh?” Jules made a burbling noise and Remus waved his chubby baby hand around. “Gotta be quiet, J. Mom and dad are sleeping. Shhh.”
Remus jerked and, if he hadn’t been holding the baby, Lyall was sure his spin around would have been much more abrupt. “Did we wake you up?” he asked with a guilty look. “Shi—shoot, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have turned the light on.”
“It’s okay.” Lyall kept his voice low and steady, praying Remus couldn’t hear the tremor he felt building in his throat. Remus had been nothing but ecstatic since they broke the news of his baby brother, but this…well, not every fifteen-year-old would lose precious sleep just to comfort their sibling in the middle of the night. “Go on back to bed, bud. I’ve got him.”
“I think he’s okay now,” Remus said. He seemed rather reluctant to pass Jules back over, and never broke eye contact with him as Lyall carefully slid a palm under the swaddling. The baby yawned and curled his hands into little fists; he heard Remus’ breath catch before he leaned over and pressed a kiss to Jules’ forehead. “God, he’s so small.”
“He’ll get bigger,” Lyall chuckled. Jules snuggled closer to his chest and he felt his own heart skip a beat. Both of his boys had technically been accidental, but there was nothing he wouldn’t do for them. Nothing. The baby in his arms and the young man standing barefoot in the living room with absolute fascination on his face were his whole world.
“I don’t want him to,” Remus murmured. Jules’ tight hold on his fingertip loosened as he dropped into a doze.
Lyall sighed through his nose and adjusted the baby to lay in the crook of his elbow, then wrapped his other arm around Remus’ shoulders and pulled him in for a side hug with a kiss to his bedhead. “We never do, but it happens anyway. Happens damned fast, too, I’ll tell you that.”
That drew a smile from him; the crooked canine that had been knocked around during his last game was growing to suit him more with each passing day. Lyall gave him a light shake and a squeeze, then held on for just a moment longer. “Mom’s still asleep?” Remus asked a few seconds later. He made no move to squirm away from Lyall’s hold.
“Out like a light.” Just like one more of us, he thought as Jules scrunched his little face up in a dream. He patted Remus once more on the shoulder before releasing him with a half-smile. “Get some sleep, Re, I’ve got him.”
Remus nodded sleepily and knocked his forehead against Lyall’s shoulder one more time before wandering back into his own bedroom. Lyall waited until he heard the door squeak closed before letting the first few tears slide down his cheeks, and kissed the baby’s forehead as well.
“You are going to be so loved,” he said for just Julian to hear. Hope’s soft snoring leaked through the thin walls; Remus’ mattress creaked once, twice, thrice before he settled down for good. Their same auburn-gold hair was starting to fan out over Julian’s head, and his wide hazel eyes sometimes reminded him so much of Remus at that age that it gave him déjà vu. “So loved. And you don’t even know it yet.”
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hxseok-honee · 2 days ago
sundress || part 36
written portion under the cut!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sundress [part 36] || "... Are we in love?"
previous || masterlist || next
a/n : [just read the signs, it’s clear to see // i’m tryna make you mine] sundress x asap rocky
taglist [open] :
@deepseavibez @thetrueghostqueen @reddeathraven @sopebubbles-replies @skyrro @unadulteratedlyunique @ramyagovindraj @itismochirice @wwhseokjin @drpepperobsessed @monamone @thekookiecorner @army-moa75 @burningupp @lele-bb @pb-n-juju @red-kebab @heonsbebe @peachyyoongs @superloverpielamp @marifujioka @butterflylion @heyitsgigi @lochness-butmakeitsexy @miki-chi @cahowlkook @worshiphoseok @lilacdreams-00 @bongsbeforebibles @miriamxsworld @oasiswithmyg @peonyplace @annewrighthglc @calling-dips-on-j-hope @yoongiofmine @loveyoongles @instantspot @missmadwoman @x-xjaeminx-x @luvtaeha @vanillxangxl @renhold-nightspear @taeshuworld @lvrseok @supahumbreon @a-noona-mous @echointhelibrary @secretlycrazyhummingbird @simpinforyoongi @ireallylikeyourwriting
Tuesday, 15 February, 4:12pm
“Are we in love?!”
Y/n’s just finished reading over the group chat messages, wondering what Yoongi’s contemplative nature’s all about, when the door to her bedroom slams open with enough force to rattle her wall decor. It’s Yoongi, stance panicked and eyes wide. His chest heaves with his breathing, and Y/n can tell he’s just run up several flights of stairs, which is interesting considering Yoongi thinks cardio is ‘against the laws of nature’.
She’s so busy looking him over, startled by his sudden presence, that it takes her a moment to realize what he’s just yelled - loud enough for the whole house to hear, she might add. Now that she registers his words, however -
“Are we?!”
Equally as loud, well done Y/n.
She becomes slightly embarrassed when that thought crosses her mind, but it doesn’t really matter all that much. Hopping up from her bed, she mirrors Yoongi’s stance, and they regard each other with caution. She can’t help but think they probably look a bit silly right now.
Yoongi steps further into the room, letting the door swing shut behind him. He approaches her, eyes narrowed in confusion. When he’s within touching distance of her, he leans into her face, their noses brushing. It sends a shock of nerves down both of their spines, being so close to each other like this, and that’s something that alerts them even more to the fact that things aren’t totally right between them.
Are we in love?
“That’s what I asked you.”
Blinking, Y/n realizes she’s said it out loud.
“I mean, I don’t exactly have all the answers…”
“Why not?! You’re in charge of all the sappy shit here!” Yoongi leans away when he says it, seemingly upset that they don’t have it all figured out yet. Y/n only groans, moving back to the bed and flopping unceremoniously onto her back.
“I’m not some love guru, Yoongi - I don’t know what’s happening here.”
“Well, what about when you were with Jungkook? Isn’t this familiar?”
She almost laughs - the fact that she’d never felt this way with Jungkook is more telling than she’d like to admit.
Yoongi perches on the bed next to Y/n with a sigh.
“What’s happening to us, Loser?” It’s said with an airiness that makes Y/n think he’s trying to keep things light between them, but this conversation is going to change everything, and they both know it. “What Jimin said… about us seeming like we’re more in love than we were before… what does that mean?”
Y/n sits up, hearing the anxiety creeping into Yoongi’s voice. He needs answers - he hates being uncertain, and he especially hates being uncertain when it comes to her. Because it almost never happens, and yet - it seems to be happening all the time these days.
All the lingering glances, the kisses that they both know are lasting longer, becoming softer, filled with a feeling they haven’t been able to place. Or maybe it’s that they didn’t want to place it… until now. Y/n sighs, rolling her neck as she thinks.
“Why did Jimin say that stuff about us? What’s different now…?”
Yoongi scoffs under his breath.
“We’re different now, dumbass. Everything about us is… you’re not the same anymore.”
Those words feel strangely like a punch to the gut. Y/n turns to him, the look in her eyes betraying how hurt she feels. Yoongi’s quick to correct himself, shaking his head rapidly back and forth as he reaches for her hand.
“I don’t mean that you’ve changed - you’re still you, you’re still Y/n, it’s just…” He scratches at his brow, unsure. “You feel different to me. I don’t see you the same anymore…” It’s weird, he feels so nervous saying that to her. He’s never had feelings like this - the kind that make his stomach flip when he wakes up next to her and when he sees her waiting for him after class. When she focuses on him, attention fully his, when he walks into a room. He’s never felt something this terrifying, this electric. Which is why he needs her to know what’s happening, because if she doesn’t know what this means, they’re fucked.
Yoongi’s accidental confession - because that’s basically what it was - doesn’t affect only him. Y/n may not know fully where this conversation is going, but hearing that he sees her differently now is as close to a confession that he’s ever come, and she’s experienced enough to recognize that much at least. A breath of laughter leaves her, because her toes are starting to go a little numb from the nerves and Yoongi has no idea he’s the one causing it, too lost in his world. She can’t help but take a moment to appreciate that, for someone so well-versed in seduction, Yoongi really is so inexperienced with love.
Why had she thought of it like that? Why is it so natural for her to feel like this conversation is heading toward a relationship? Was Jimin right? Was Hoseok right - were their friends right?
But this had all been fake. Even though they’d ended up becoming friends with benefits, they’d never established any feelings, any attachment-
You really thought you wouldn’t get attached?
Y/n blinks, the voice of reason in her head all but laughing at her. It’s annoying because the logic is there. The signs are all there. The adoration, the jealousy, the inherent need to always be by his side. The fact that she never feels right when he’s not there - the fact that it had always been that way.
In retrospect, it’s kind of obvious why Jungkook was so jealous of Yoongi during their relationship. Because, even though things had been purely platonic then - even though there’d been nothing between them - Y/n will always choose Yoongi, and Jungkook had known that. Why hadn’t she?
She’s so lost in her thoughts that she doesn’t even notice Yoongi’s gotten up and started rummaging through her desk. Only the noise of the drawers opening and closing draws her back.
“What’re you doing?”
“Looking for our list - where’d you put it?”
Eyes widening, Y/n makes a noise of recognition, reaching for the bedside table.
“It’s in here - I totally forgot we made that…” When Yoongi glances over at her, meeting her eyes, the expression there tells her that he had, too. And that alone is telling in itself, the fact that they’d both forgotten about the piece of parchment that should have reminded them of what their goal was the entire year. It’d just been sitting in her drawer this whole time.
Yoongi returns to his seat, watching as Y/n unrolls the small scroll. They look it over together, eyes skimming the five rules as Y/n reads them off under her breath.
“Number 1, ‘no- …” She stops there, facing warming beyond belief. She doesn’t even have to look at Yoongi to know he’s having just as hard of a time. “N-no sex…”
Yoongi laughs awkwardly at the way she mumbles the line. They’d broken that rule just last week… and then again over the weekend once they’d stopped being weird around each other. That period of peace really hadn’t lasted long.
Nudging her thigh with his knee, Yoongi urges Y/n to continue. She reads on, her voice a little shaky now that the list had proven to be more of a mockery than anything else.
“Number 2, ‘romantic affection is to be kept to public situations as much as possible’.” Memories of the last few months flash through their minds, full of one simple truth - that they’d been all over each other any time they’d been alone. Yoongi clears his throat, taking over reciting.
“Number 3, ‘Saturday Night Routine is to remain untouched and untainted’…” He only clicks his tongue in mild irritation, rushing through to the next one. “Number 4, ‘Min Yoongi must keep his scumminess to a minimum in priva- God damn it.” He cuts himself off with a growl, and Y/n hates that, even in a moment this pivotal, she’s thinking about how attractive he sounds.
Ridding the thought from her mind, she glances over the last rule, added haphazardly by Yoongi in his chicken scratch.
“…Number 5… ‘Make Jeon Jungkook suffer’…” They sit in a silence that’s loaded with realization.
Everything they’d decided to do - every choice they’d made - had started with Jungkook. They’d been faking it entirely for him. But… this had stopped being about Jungkook months ago. Which means-
“Hobi was right. We stopped faking it a long time ago…” Y/n lets that information hang between them in the unsettled quiet. They don’t look to each other, both too afraid to face the consequences of what they’ve been doing the entire year. Struggling to understand that this conversation wouldn’t change anything at all. They’d changed a long time ago.
When Yoongi finally builds the courage to look up at Y/n, he finds that she’s already eyeing him, her gaze a confused mix of hesitant and hopeful. But it is there, that hope. And that’s enough to push him to ask the question he’d come here with, the one that had started this whole conversation.
“… Are we in love?”
The words, though familiar, send a new shock of nerves down Y/n’s spine. Because now that she’s looking at him, she’s seeing everything about him - the way his eyelashes brush over his cheeks when he blinks, the way he nibbles at the corner of his bottom lip in contemplation… the way he’s looking at her with an expression she’s never seen before, one that leaves her with a racing heart. She sees everything, and she realizes.
It’s him. It’s always been him.
The realization that she’s in love with Min Yoongi is oddly freeing. Because she can’t help the upward tilt of her lips, the way she just accepts it immediately. She can’t help that she only wants to smile more when Yoongi gives her a look of confusion. She can’t help that she leans in slightly toward him, smiling knowingly when his eyes drop to her lips in anticipation. Smiling knowingly at the jolt of excitement that fills her when he starts to grin back.
“I think I’m in love with you, Yoongi.”
The small smile that tugs at Yoongi’s lips is blown wide, his eyes almost disappearing into his cheeks when he lets out a laugh at her confession, his chest bubbling with a kind of elation he’s never felt before. He likes that feeling quite a lot.
Reaching out, he takes a piece of her hair that’s fallen in front of her face and runs it back behind her ear. His hand lingers, slipping down to cup the side of her neck.
“You only think you’re in love? You need to catch up, babygirl.”
Y/n snorts, rolling her eyes at how annoying he manages to be in the sweetest of moments.
“Don’t lie, you’re an idiot just like me. It took you just as long to realize-”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about - I’m ready to put a ring on it right now.” Yoongi grins sneakily when he says it, and Y/n knows it’s a joke. But knowing it’s a joke doesn’t stop her heart from jumping at the implication. She lets out a quip to cover the way her breath’s definitely just gotten caught in her throat.
“Yeah? The Great Min Yoongi’s ready to settle down for life? Seems a little suspicious.”
“I thought we already established that I belong to you. All that’s left is to give Hana that wedding she asked for.”
He’s so blunt and honest - just as he’s always been, but it feels different to her now. Now, it has her warming and dropping her forehead to his shoulder, lightheaded. She breathes out a laugh, clinging to him almost out of a desperation.
“You’re an idiot.”
There they are again - those three little words that never fail to make Yoongi smile. Those three little words that, to anyone else, should mean something different. But to him, they mean nothing less than-
“I love you too, Y/n.”
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tomatograter · a month ago
Do you think that Jake and Jane are sort of like destined to destroy each other? It's this weird thought that's kind of been in my mind for a while, about how incompatible they are and how in The Condesce's eyes they were like, soulmates and i was like 'now why would she think that' and more thinking eventually caused me to consider: what if she thinks that *because* of all of this and The Condesce is just Like That (sorry its unorganized i have a lot more to say but i do not have the space ty)
I do believe there is a bit of shadowplay with Jane & Jake's storyroles. It's a bit messy to explain, but here's the gist of what we know to be undeniably true; 
1) Jane's name comes from Calamity Jane, HIC's nemesis - who was a cherub. 
2) Jake's (last) name is part of a paradox loop that delivers Lord English his famous moniker. LE is also a cherub, and besides that, HIC's despised immortal contractor.
3) Jane & Jake can be reliably associated with the colors "red" and "green", in that very order. 
4) Their courtship, however one-sided, always involves the aggressive subjugation of one party for the ultimate benefit of the other. (See: Candy, if the trickster arc in Homestuck as-is isn't enough)
You know what that reminds me of? 
Tumblr media
There's also the finer print, such as "in cherub reproduction, the loser is entasked with the egg."; Jake is shown as the primary caretaker for their kid in Candy, and his entire life is defaulted to Jane, which also matches with our description of "The loser side forfeiting all their territory to the winner."
And then there's also the fact that Caliborn & Calliope's juju is only made whole through Jake & Jane getting the passwords for each side, and that Jane is using said juju whenever she pursues him - point being, their metaphoric cherubic associations feel pretty damn strong. The cherubs have wings shaped like the Hope symbol. Beta Jake has the cherub portal. They both get the silly accents. It goes on and on.
I don't think they're destined to destroy each other on any tangible sense, no, but thematically speaking, they are positioned to be at odds in a way that serves the general story's symbolism. red vs green, good vs evil, the inherent horror of traditional heterosexuality, you have it all!
Which brings me to the next part of this question: Jane and Jake are *destined* to have two children. Those two children are June and Jade, and those two children grow up to "save the world." - this is truly non-negotiable so far as our story goes, as far as what Homestuck needs to begin as a comic proper, and this is what *HIC knows* too, be it through LE or Doc Scratch giving her spoilers. This is also very bad for her personal plans, because she doesn't need any planet to be saved; she just needs all planets to be hers.
She can't do much to stop this though. It seems like she's missing information, so maybe Jake being away will help? The logical leap taken here is that to have a baby you need to be star-crossed lovers and also marry -- which we know doesn't really happen, thanks to ectobiology being responsible for all the Beta Kid births.
I think it is relevant to point out that our cutesy romancey cheesy version of a fairytale story where Jake and Jane are ~Meant for each other~ is relied to us, the audience, by none other than Jane herself - In form of Nannasprite, as she explains how Jake ran away and never called back and actually never got in contact with her past that at all but she still looked at newspaper clippings and sighed dreamily about it because 'destiny', I guess. She's a bit of an unreliable narrator, her information is incomplete (and it turned out to be entirely inaccurate, anyway.) And then there's the thing: we don't actually know if HIC thought they were star-crossed lovers. This seems like something Jane could've easily misinterpreted on her own via hearing about the baby stuff and jumping to conclusions, and it's likely enough that's what happened.
But since this is Homestuck, characters being out of the loop when it comes to the lore at large and still acting like they know everything there is to know is kind... of norm for our cast. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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jojoangelley · 6 months ago
Hi guys,
Here is another astrology observations. These are based on my observations so take whatever resonates to you. Thank you as always and enjoy reading 💜🧡
💜 Check out my masterlist 🧡
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Tumblr media
💜 Nothing suprises Aquarius placements but when somebody says the line "You should be more careful"  they will jump inside. They will be like "There is someone who cares about me?" but still act like "Oh like you care".
🧡 Neptune in 12th listens to music all the time to help them escape the sound of reality.
💜 Mercury/Neptune dominants should really careful when driving as they often get caught up in their thoughts/daydreams.
🧡 Pisces risings have straight hair, like really straight as if they just flattened it.
💜 Sagittarius risings have brooked teeth and it's cute.
Tumblr media
🧡 The more Virgo you have in your chart, the messier you are. You will keep your hygene well but will be messy with things around you (your car, your room, your phone,...)
💜 Meanwhile having stellium in 6th house can make you a clean freak. I don't think because it emphasize the traits of Virgo here but the traits of the house itself. The 6th house is about focusing on health and daily routine so you can go all out worrying about your health by keeping things clean af. (Virgo is more focus on work and self-growth).
🧡 Pisces stop holding onto the memories of people who did you wrong. They don't deserve you. (Who hurt you? Tell me I'll punch that person for you 👊)
💜 When Scorpio placements say "I'll slap your face broken" they mean "Ahihi I love you a lot I'm showing you my humourous side". Please don't misunderstand them. 🥰
🧡 Capricorn lowkey enjoys barbie movies. (I know you do please don't lie 👁👄👁)
Tumblr media
💜 Aquarius risings often have strangers coming to them and ask if they are someone the strangers know. The reasons could be either you look like that person or your voice sound similar etc... Aquarius risings will be like "Oh sorry you got wrong person" but inside they will be "Gotta kill that bitch. I don't want a look-a-like, I'm unique" *take out water gun 🔫*
🧡 Venus in 8th/Venus-Pluto aspects people really know they hold the power of seducing that's why they never settle for less in relationship.
💜 Uranus-Ascendant aspects injure themselves without realizing. They will be like "Wow when did I get this bruise!? Nevermind!". Yeah, absolutely no idea and also give no fuck.
🧡 Not only Libra, but Pisces and Gemini Mars also look for mutual satisfaction in sex (they all present twins symbol). Give-and-take is important to them.
💜 There are two types of Aries I noticed: Aries Sun who doesn't believe in tarot but still ask out of curiosity and Aries Ascendant who over-uses tarot for everything 👁👄👁
Aries sun: "I don't belive in tarot! Wait but can I ask one question to see if it's true 👀?"
Tarot reader: 🤡
Aries Ascendant: "I want to ask tarot whether I should take a shower or not!"
Tarot reader: 🤡
Tumblr media
💜 Mononoke "モノノ怪" directed by Nakamura Kenji (2007) 💛
Photos belong to their owners/credits
Happy Weekend to you all 🥰🎉 Here is a photo of my cat and his surprising expression 🥴🥴
Tumblr media
© @jojoangelley all rights reserved 2021
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thesummerpetrichor · 2 months ago
🧚🏻‍♀️✨Bippity boppity bow chicka wow oww! You’ve been visited by the Shameless Hoe Fairy, and now you must pick one fictional babe and share a hoe thought including the prompts: sleepy + quiet purr of satisfaction. 😏 Go on and spread those shameless hoe vibes & your legs 😘
My my. The shameless hoe fairy?! I thought she was nothing but a legend until this day! Haha! Thank you for this Siri! It’s lovely to see you in my inbox. 😚💗
Okay I decided to fit this little Drabble in my “insufferable Rapture” universe. Forth and most recent instalment out now. Shameless self promo but you can find it here 😌😏
Stress Buster
18+ Only under the cut, minors DNI. Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, vaginal fingering, frenemies au, College au, soft ass Ransom.
Tumblr media
You were woken up by the rude smack of your forehead against your text book. Your head falling forward into the pages as you fought sleep with every fibre of your being.
“Fuck, I thought you said reading in bed would help me focus better.” You narrowed your eyes at Ransom, who was watching a movie on his laptop as unbothered as ever.
You had an important quiz the next day, and life had a way of making jokes, because Ransom and yourself ended up getting paired up.
“I was kinda hoping you’d fall asleep and get your bad juju outta here.” You rolled your eyes at his emotionless voice, groaning as you shut the book and chucked it across the room and on the desk beside your bed in protest.
“Im such an idiot, watch me fail tomorrow.” You huffed as you sat up from the bed, preparing to walk back over to your desk and continue studying. Swallowing your pride and immediately backtracking.
“Okay… Jesus what did your parents do to you growing up?” How could he be so unbothered before a test? You smacked him on the head as he pushed you back against your mattress. With how tired you were it wasn’t difficult to get you to lay down.
He propped himself up against the headboard with some pillows, winking at you as he spoke. “It’s okay kitten, I guess we’re two sides of the same coin.” He pulled you to lay against his chest, your nose nuzzling his neck.
“Hugh I need to study.” Your words contradicted your actions because you were melting into Ransom’s warm touch. His right hand rubbing soothing circles on your back and his left moving to hike your leg around his waist.
“Just shut the fuck up, it’s two am, you’ve studied enough.”
“I wanna sleep but I can’t.”
He pressed a kiss to your temple, his hands kneading your flesh and playing with the hem of your sleep shorts. You let his hands roam your body, relaxing into his touch.
Eventually you felt his hands slip under your panties, hovering over your mound.
“Hugh. I don’t have the time or the energy to fuck.”
“You don’t have the energy to study either.”
You sighed contently as Ransom’s fingers slipped along your folds, spreading your growing wetness. Your eyes closing with a mix of satisfaction and exhaustion.
His fingertips rubbed gentle circles on your aching nub, occasionally dipping to your soaking entrance, teasing you ever so slightly. Your quiet whines and breathy sighs beside his ear consumed him completely.
Your muscles relaxed as the tension left them, and you nuzzled further into Ransom’s hold. Drifting in and out of sleep as he worked you over with his touch.
You let out a quiet purr of satisfaction as he slipped two digits into your weeping entrance. So slow but surprisingly not agonising. You were coming to enjoy the gentle laziness of it all.
His fingers pumped into your tight channel, and you felt him muffle groans as you clenched and pulsed around his fingers, soaking them in your slick.
He curled his fingers inside of you, his fingertips brushing your sweet spot over and over as you leisurely climbed the steep hill of climax.
You barley noticed you were cuming. Your body tensing up one second and going slack against Hughs the next. He worked you through your high, thumb rubbing at your clit and fingers stroking your throbbing walls as your sleepy moans and whines reached their peak and completely subsided.
You were in a daze, so much so you didn’t even notice him tuck you in and stuff the “divider” pillow you two used to “mark your territory” anytime you slept over at each other’s between you.
Unexpectedly you felt a little fuzzy inside. Like you were floating on a cloud. You would never say it out loud. But he did help. “Good night Hugh.”
“Good night kitten, and don’t worry, if anyone has a bigger ego than me it’s you. We’re gonna do great tomorrow.”
“You know what you ass-”
I love these two so much pls save me. Thank you Siri for this. It was so fun. And I’m sorry I’m so late to it. Life has been kicking my ass recently. 💗😚
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loveyourownsmiilee · a day ago
The thing that I took from that cliffhanger was Eddie’s behavior towards Buck. Yes he let the team know he’s leaving the 118, but the way he kept looking at Buck? The way he looked at him first and then spent some time gauging his reaction? I think he wanted to tell Buck, to reassure him that he’s not leaving him. He knows this is a fear of Buck’s and I really do think he was trying to reassure him with his silent communication. Buck is stuck with Eddie and I really do think we’ll see some kinda conversation between the two of them when we come back about this.
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