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Tumblr media
━━━━━━━━ toji fushiguro.
☁︎ warnings; trainer!toji, drabble/headcannon?, chubby!reader, exercising, sweaty sex, gym sex, size kink, insecure!reader (very minimal), cockwarming, squirting.
☁︎ taglist; @dejwrites @indiecursor @gabzlovesu @massivelynervousprincess @erentoes @tojisfangs @gumipawz
Tumblr media
trainer!toji who gently shakes your hand as he introduces himself to you, scanning you head to toe as you’re dressed in your cute black yoga pants and a white sports bra that showcases your piercings. he listens as you tell him key points of your body you wanted to target, already coming up with strategies for an easy first day. it’s the afternoon, meaning the gym was close to empty considering it was a sunday. more space to do what was needed. he started out with stretches first, and this is the part where your mind has a brain of its own. when he’s on his knees before you as you lay on the mat, bending you in lewd ways to stretch you out, you think inappropriately. he was just being professional. you shake your head, trying your best to keep your head out of the gutter as he pulls your legs to rest on your tits. he notices your reaction and slyly grins, cracking a joke about how you left your contacts home or something, focusing on him a little to hard. his laugh his handsomely devilish, and has you thinking things you shouldn’t.
trainer!toji who’s muscles tense as he shows you a new workout, your eyes shamelessly drifting to the thickly trimmed hairs peaking from his sweats that rested on the tint in his crotch, molding around his cock and making your face swelter with heat. he’s sweaty, strands of hair sticking to his forehead. droplets streaming down his godly sculpted abs and absorbing into his shirt and pants. he doesn’t kill you for the first day, but the numerous squats and slapping the extremely weighted ropes with both arms has you breaking a sweat. toji let’s you take a water break after a fifteen minute workout, giving you a high five after which somehow makes you stumble back a little from tiredness, toji quick with catching you with both hands on your hips. the action makes you die inside, saying sorry with a laugh that you both reciprocate before sitting down.
trainer!toji who says he just wants to make you feel good about yourself after you tell him a story about your recent ex that shamed your body after gaining weight and proceeds to delicately pinch at your pierced nipples after folding your sports bra over your taut chest where he crouched to his knees and swallows his mouth around the velvety skin. he tells you how good you taste, flicks his tongue rapidly over the hard buds until your fingers are dancing in his charcoal hair and you’re practically fucking the seat like you’re in heat. you haven’t been fucked properly by a man in a while. and you weren’t going to stop this one.
trainer!toji who grabs your hand like a gentleman but yanks your clothes off like you’re a whore. a very pretty one he’d love nothing more than to sheath his thick cock into and call you his for the night. have you moaning his name on repeat like a broken record. the scar on the side of his mouth twitches into a smirk when you squeal after he lifts you up, light as a feather to him. he can’t comprehend, and mostly never will, the negative thoughts you have about your body, ex aside. he thinks you’re the prettiest woman he’s ever seen. voluptuous curves. soft, silky skin. you’ve had this grip on him ever since those big eyes of yours came in signing up for private lessons, always admiring him with fascination, and to his unknown knowledge, a puddle in your panties.
trainer!toji who has his sweats hanging barely at his waist as he buries his cock inside you, carrying you while still standing, strong forearms locked under your kneecaps. his height scares you a bit, cuddling your arms around his neck and pressing your noses together as you whimper and sink on it, warming his cock for the next two minutes until he feels like you’re ready to take it—or he’s too needy to wait. he’s lifting you like nothing, slamming your small body down onto his dick that nearly has you fainting from the size; swollen fat head bruising your gummy walls. heavy, just the perfect amount of thickness to fucking ruin you. blabbering nothingness into his mouth as you claw at his back, toji grunting and balancing both your weights like the gym freak he was.
“fuckbabyfuckbaby—fuck,” your sweet soppy pussy squelches and drips down his balls, full with just enough cum to breed you like he wished he could. another time, he thinks. he doesn’t want to scare you away, although he highly doubts it by the way you’re screaming and taking every hard pound to your poor little cunt. he chuckles amusingly at your whines, mashing his lips on yours as he squeezes his eyes shut the same time he molds your ass in his wide hands.
trainer!toji who calls you good girl when you squirt messily over his torso, soaking his nike’s and the gym mat he stood on. telling you breathily in your ear that your pussy wraps around my cock too fucking well. damn. fuck. shit, you’re gonna make me cum like that, when you rock up and down with a content smile on your face. you feel so much more confident now. you’re watching him with fascination as he hisses and takes you off his dick, hovering you above it as the two of you stare in between to watch his cum shoot loads of amounts onto your cute chubby stomach, a broken and final fuck singing past his cherry lips. you gasp as he plunges you back onto his still pulsating and awake cock, smacking your ass and walking towards a bench he lays you down on and sets your legs on his shoulders, hugging your thighs with both biceps bulging and enjoying your pussy just a little while longer before he had to lock up.
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I kind of want to see Gojo in a big Pikachu suit. Or a Pikachu hoodie. Or just hugging Pikachu~
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When someone hits on you..
For your guys date night Suguru wanted to treat you to an extremely fancy dinner. He made reservations at the most expensive place he could find, bought you a new formal outfit, and even paid for you to go get your nails done beforehand. You two get there and walk into the waiting area but unfortunately the hostess wasn’t there so you had to wait a moment. Geto’s phone starts ringing and he apologizes and tells you he’ll be quick as he walks back outside. You pull out your phone and start scrolling away on social media to pass the time before you’re quickly interrupted.
A man dressed in a bright red suit walks up to you “Hey, so sorry to bother you, but do you have the time?”
You look up from your phone “Oh it’s uh.. 7:53”
He quickly thanks you checking his watch “You look absolutely stunning by the way”
“..thanks” You roll your eyes and continue looking at your phone
“What’s a pretty thing like you doing here by yourself?..” He laughs “Why don’t you have dinner with me?”
“Thanks, i’ll pass” You bluntly state
“You’ll pass?” He scoffs “What, am I not good enough for you?” He says in disbelief
“Yeah you aren’t..” Chimes a well timed Suguru just now arriving behind him “I leave for two seconds and you can’t help but bother her huh?”
The stranger turns around looking Suguru up and down. “And who are you supposed to be?” He laughs
“What are you, deaf? We’re here together” He states unamused “Listen man, it’s a nice try..” He leans in closer quietly saying “there’s no way in hell you’re ever going to pick up someone like that in such a tacky suit..”
“What the hell did you say to me?” The stranger raises his voice
Suguru sniffs the air “God is that smell coming from you? Even your cologne is cheap” He laughs “Don’t even get me started on that ugly ass watch..”
You can’t help but laugh and the stranger turns around to face you. “Oh you think this is funny?”
Geto quickly grabs his shoulder pulling back away from you “I don’t think you should get any closer..” The stranger's face winces in pain as Sugurus' grip tightens. Annoyed with the situation, Geto decides it’s not worth it to stay here anymore and leads you out of the restaurant.
“Aw i was kind of excited for super expensive food that’s definitely not going to fill me up” You joke
Suguru smiles and kisses the top of your head “I know i know… It’s too bad, you do look beautiful tonight..”
You two went for a walk in the park and stopped by a food truck selling crepes. Gojo bought you one and you walked over across the path from the truck and sat on the vacant bench to eat it while you waited for him to get his. You were enjoying your night out with your boyfriend until some guy sat next to you trying to start a conversation.
“Sweet treat for a sweet lookin lady” He smiles winking at you
“thanks?..” You groan taking a bite
“Your hair looks gorgeous, I bet you’re a model, aren’t you sweetheart” he laughs
At this point Gojo overhears the conversation and nonchalantly turns around to find his very annoyed lover being pestered by some creep. Gojo can’t help grinning ear to ear at a “great idea” that passes through his mind.
“Excuse me miss!” He calls out waving to you “i can’t help but notice you love crepes as well..” He sits down on the vacant side by you. Choosing to ignore your irritated glare he continues. “I just had dinner not too long ago and i don’t think i could finish this crepe by myself, would you mind helping me out?”
Before you could answer the stranger from your other side chimes in “Listen pal, i think the little lady needs someone with more… experience..” He smirks
Gojo can’t help but laugh hysterically, nearly dropping his freshly made crepe. “Experience!? You’ve got to be kidding me!” He stands up grabbing your hand still stifling giggles “Like she’d waste time with some shriveled dick douche bag like you..” His demeanor changes as he sternly warns “Don’t ever talk to her again..” Before quickly returning to his cheery personality and walking down the path with you hand in hand.
“You couldn’t have told him to fuck off sooner?” You ask taking a bite
He shrugs “I thought it would be funny to mess with him, but if he does bother you again i’ll beat his ass”
You laugh a little “Thanks Satoru”
“No problem” He brings your hand up and gently kisses the back of it..
You two were enjoying some quality time on your day off at a cafe. Drinking perfectly crafted coffee while reading some good books. Nanami excused himself to use the restroom and you sat alone for a short while.
“Wow a woman’s reading Immanuel Kant?..and a beautiful one at that!” A voice from next to you laughs
You look over and see someone has taken the liberty of sitting in Kento’s seat while he’s away. Annoyed, you spit “Excuse me?”
“Oh I mean no offense, it's just that i’ve never met a woman with your..” His gaze wanders up and down on your body “Intellect..”
You look at him in disbelief before finally saying “Listen you’re in my boyfriend's seat.. Please leave” You attempt to return reading your book
“Come on sweetheart don’t be like that” He huffs “There’s no need to lie..”
“She wasn’t lying” a voice from behind him sternly says “I believe she told you to leave..”
The guy turns around and awkwardly laughs holding up both of his hands in surrender “Listen man, i was just kidding!” Nanami just stares at him in disdain. The stranger stands up to leave but bows before saying “You two enjoy your evening” He turns around laughing to himself as he walks away. Nanami just glares at him until he’s out of sight.
“Glad that’s over..” You sigh, picking up your drink, before you can drink it Nanami’s hand is covering the top trying to lower it from you. “Kento!” You groan
“Don’t drink it” He gently takes the drink from your grasp “I don’t trust him, and i’m not sure if he did anything to it while i was gone” He grabs his cup as well and discards them in the nearest trash can “I’ll buy us new ones that we can drink unbothered at home..”
“Ooh i like that idea~” You muse giggling
He smiles and places his hand on the small of your back leading you back to the counter to get two fresh new drinks..
He took you to some dirty ass sketchy bar on the edge of town. You’ve never been in this part of town nor have you ever seen this building before. He swears it’s a great bar, but by the dilapidated look of the building and half glowing neon signs, you’d beg to differ. Upon walking in you hear old rock music at a surprisingly normal volume, however there’s greasy skeevy looking men covering just about every seat in here except a booth in the corner. Toji tells you to go sit there while he orders you guys some drinks. You can’t lie, you're kind of nervous because from the moment you walked in you’ve had multiple eyes watching your every movement. You try not to let it bother you as you promptly walk over and sit down pulling out your phone. You hear someone shuffle over and sit down across from you, unfortunately when you look up you realize it isn’t Toji..
“Now what’s a pretty little thing like you doing here by yourself” He smirks with his nasty half toothed grin “You’re lucky i’m the one who came here first, there can be some real creeps here ya know?” He leans forward on his elbows as his eyes wander down to your cleavage.
You groan in disgust “Fuck off”
“Oh come on now!” He laughs “Here i am just tryin to be your friend, and you’re being awfully rude” His leg finds yours under the table “Can’t say i don’t like a chall-“ His eyes go wide when someone grabs the back collar of his leather jacket before promptly throwing them out of the booth onto the floor. The stranger, still dazed, stands up ready to fight whoever just did that to him. He turns around and looks up at Toji before awkwardly laughing and walking away muttering something under his breath.
Toji looks around the bar, noticing all the eyes suddenly hiding their gaze from the two of you before sitting down and putting two bottles of beer on the table. He opens the bottle and takes a swig before sighing “I can take any of these pissants.. If they bother you, just say the word”
You laugh and thank him as you both spend a relatively nice rest of the evening together…
You two went to a new bar that opened up down the street. It was fairly nice inside and you two managed to get seats right at the bar. Choso was browsing the drinks and didn’t notice the man sitting down at the vacant seat beside you.
The man leans over and whispers in your ear “It must be my lucky day.. You’re just my type”
“Gross..” You groan, pulling away reaching over to grab Choso’s hand. Choso’s still not paying attention and mindlessly just holds your hand thinking nothing of it. He orders you two a fancy bottle of definitely overpriced rum to share throughout the night.
“Aw come on baby don’t be like that” The stranger laughs “I promise i could show you a good time” He looks you up and down taking in your features
“I’m here with someone, piss off” You bluntly state turning around to face Choso in hopes of ignoring the creep. Your eyes widen in shock when you feel the creep lean forward grabbing your hair and start smelling it.
“Mmmm you smell divine..” He hums “I promise i’ll take good care of ya..”
Thoroughly grossed out you squeeze choso’s hand really hard and hiss “Choso this guy won’t leave me alone”
Choso leans back watching the man fiddle with your hair. If that’s not enough to make his blood boil he just managed to catch the guy snaking his hand around grabbing your ass. Not saying a word and just grabbing the bottle he stands up and swings, shattering it along the side of the stranger's skull. The stranger falls off the stool in a daze and you can hear several gasps throughout the bar.
“Who the FUCK do you think you are?!” Choso yells at the stranger who’s whimpering on the floor. All eyes are on you two at that point and it was making you very uncomfortable. You slide off the stool carefully avoiding the spilled liquor and shattered glass before grabbing Chosos arm and begin pulling him from the bar. Once you two are outside you both just look at each other in silence before suddenly bursting out in laughter.
“Marking that down as yet another bar we can’t go back to” You lightly smack his shoulder
“Sorry it took me so long to notice” He pulls you into a hug “Are you alright?”
“Yeah just a little grossed out”
He lets go and wraps his arm around your shoulder. “I know this great place not too far from here, wanna check it out?”
“Only if you don’t cause a scene” You laugh
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saturnsepiphany · 23 hours ago
Vocal In Bed w/ the JJK Men
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNING: this is technically smut, so minors and ageless blogs will be blocked if you interact.
Tumblr media
The loudest bitch in town, like I wouldn't be surprised if all of Tokyo could hear him.
Will not shut the fuck up to save his life, and it will leave you in a state between "will this man ever shut up" and "I am laughing and I hate it here."
Moans are so breathy and echo throughout the entire house.
Probably uses degrading nicknames, but uses them as he praises you.
He would probably try to have an actual conversation with you at some point and it's up to you if you would be over it or not. I know I would be.
He is a pretty good balance between moaning and grunting. Isn't too loud but isn't too quiet.
He talks during sex, but it fits the mood and oh lord does it make the entire thing better. Seriously would be one of the best at dirty talk.
He praises you a lot and is really gentle when it comes to talking to you. Not so much in the act of actually fucking you.
Don't worry, he does degrade you as well but he seems like a big praise guy.
Will randomly let out a low chuckle and honest to god, that alone could make you cum immediately.
Rarely ever moans and mostly grunts with a lot of heavy breathing.
Degrades you and will very rarely praise you. Sorry but it's true.
Dirty talk game is really fucking good.
He won't be the most vocal guy, but you will be screaming and crying and maybe even throwing up. And he absolutely loves it.
Like Suguru, has a tendency to laugh sometimes during sex, but don't worry it's weirdly really hot.
Nanami the love of my life
Is probably the quietest of the bunch who mostly just breathes heavy and every once and a while with grunt.
BUT he is constantly praising you throughout the entire thing and is really gently and loving.
Although he switches up when you ask and he will degrade you like there is no tomorrow.
Every once and a while after he gets back from a long work trip and decides he needs you, there is a very small chance he will let out a loud moan as he cums. and it is truly the hotest thing to ever happen in all of existence. or maybe im just a simp.
Like Toji, he may be quiet but he absolutely loVES to hear you get vocal. It makes him want to stay entangled with you forever.
Tumblr media
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sakuraryomen01 · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Oh...oh this was good good😳😳👌 if you made this into a series I would die🤤"
Ok, that actually doesn't sound that bad..
I've never really seen many Bully! Sukuna stuff. Plus, I could make Y/n a bit of a pervert and go into why Sukuna is your bully too. Ok, now I might start something dammit-
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volvare · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
gojo my beloved! posting some old drawings from last year. new stuff coming soon ;)
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njisano · 4 hours ago
I absolutely LOVE your Scarlet Witch series! It's so cute, especially the Tokyo Rev Crossovers omg q(≧▽≦q) Speaking of that, that's actually my request! A scenario where reader and the firsts years save Toman from a grade 1 cursed spirit? If possible, taking place in the Mikey x Reader fic you've previously created? Then after they're saved it's like a little wholesome greeting? Thank you and hope you have a good day/night/afternoon ~(=^‥^)ノ
scarlet witch! fushiguro! reader saves toman
jujutsu kaisen x reader x tokyo revengers
masterlist of the series
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning(s): possible spoilers for jjk and tokyo revengers, mentions of violence, injury & blood
i'm glad you love the series! thank you so much for requesting and the feedback, tbh jjk x tokyo revengers requests are a favorite of mine to write (prolly bc i simp for mikey 😭) enjoy reading this prompt <3
before you read: as mentioned in the request above, this written work is a jjk x tokyo revengers crossover and it takes place in the same universe wherein scarlet fushiguro reader is a teenager and is dating mikey.
Tumblr media
mikey and the rest of toman already knew about the existence of cursed spirits thanks to you, from how they are created and how they can cause harm to jujutsu sorcerers and non-jujutsu sorcerers alike. it was something that toman had learned to be careful of asides from unnecessary gang fights but never have they thought they would ever encounter one and it just had to be a high leveled curse too.
you were supposed to meet up your boyfriend, mikey, after toman's fight with another gang this afternoon when your phone chimed, indicating a call.
you immediately picked up your phone, thinking it was mikey. "hey, mikey. how did the fight go? are you guys alri—but instead of hearing your boyfriend's voice, you were cut off by gojo's voice.
"kikufuku? it's dad."
"hey, dad! sorry, i thought you were mikey." you smiled sheepishly. "what's up?"
"[name] this is urgent, i'm gonna need you and the first years take on a mission right now asap. i'll send you the location, go meet up with your brother and his friends there." gojo's orders alarmed you. it's been a long while since you've gotten yourself a mission. if it's one thing, you knew they only tag you along when it's a curse they can't easily exorcise or when there are a number of victims involved that only your power can solve.
"on it, dad! i'll be there in second."
"be careful, alright?"
"i will dad, love you."
"love you too, kikufuku."
with that, you ended your call with your father and checked the location that he sent you through text. the feeling of dread washed over you when you saw where it was—it was the place where toman was supposed to fight. panic rising your throat, you searched for mikey's number and dialed as you utilized your chaos magic to teleport you to the said place.
"come on, mikey. pick up, pick up. please." you muttered to yourself.
looking around as soon as you arrived at the abandoned parking lot and to your surprise, you could feel multiple presences that weren't visible to the naked eye. mikey and the rest of his comrades were here, but not quite. and it wasn't just their presence, you feel an immense cursed energy radiating from the area which could only mean one thing—they were trapped in a curse's domain.
the number you have dialed cannot be reached, please try again later. the phone stated.
"fuck." you cursed audibly, "mikey's not answering."
"[name]-chan!" "[name]!"
turning around, you saw megumi, yuji and nobara hop off the black vehicle and make their way towards you. running up to them, you shoveled your phone back in your pocket. "guys, bad news. the curse took mikey and toman. i can feel their presence along with the curse."
"all of toman?" megumi inquired, which you nodded your head at. "all one hundred fifty of them."
"that's a lot of people." yuji's eyes widened at your answer.
"mikey told me they were fighting a gang today, so everyone's here." you shook your head, involuntarily biting your lip from worry. "we need to get to them fast, they're probably injured from the gang fight and knowing them—they must have attempted to fight the curse."
"we'll save them, it will be okay. we're with you [name]-chan." nobara ruffled your hair comfortingly, reassuring you with a determined smile.
once a veil had been set to cover the entire abandoned parking lot, you put your chaos magic into play. with red glowing eyes and hands, you and the first years were able to find and enter the innate domain. megumi, yuji and nobara were reminded of their past mission that was very similar to this current one. the domain was big with lots of corridors and overlapping foundations.
"this presence—it's a special grade curse. it's no longer a grade 1." you informed the first years as they trailed after you, running.
after for what seemed like hours of running without any lead, you began to break through the walls of the domain with projectiles of red psionics. the domain turned out to be too big for you to be able to locate mikey and the others properly despite your high sensitivity to energies. wall after wall, you finally found the place where they have been trapped.
"there they are!" nobara pointed at toman members from a distance.
before the four of you could come close and reach them, a pure cursed energy was unleashed at your way. you generated a force field out of your psionics right on cue, shielding you, megumi, yuji and nobara. once the smoke from the collision of the cursed energy and your chaos magic dispersed, you broke down the force field and came face-to-face with the curse who dared to hurt your boyfriend and his gang.
looking past the curse standing in your way, your eyes met mikey's. your stomach churned at the sight of him battered and bloody. in fact, all of them were in casualties, even draken and the captains. just as you had anticipated, they most likely tried fighting the curse, but was rendered powerless. they didn't have jujutsu or chaos magic like you to hurt the curse.
caught off guard, you flung backwards from an attack sent at your way in a blink of an eye. yuji immediately reacted, running to you on time and caught you before you could hit your head as megumi and nobara readied putting themselves in front of you two as the curse proceeded to attack.
yuji's eyes widened as they darted towards the bleeding, open wound the curse gashed across your torso. "[name]!" he yelled in a worry.
wincing in pain, you twitched your fingers and used your chaos magic to stitch yourself up as you got off from salmon pink haired boy's arms. "i'm fine, thank you yuji-nii."
once you had patched yourself enough to maneuver again, you lunged towards the curse together with yuji. using your chaos magic, you made the curse's attacks towards megumi and nobara miss right before it almost got them. with your aid, you paved the three an opening. yuji used black flash and severed the curse's arm. megumi made his divine dog bite the curse's leg as nobara made use of jujutsu imbued nails, launching them towards the curse's torso.
a barely conscious mikey and gang members watched in awe at the scene before them. although your boyfriend has met your brother and his friends before, he had never seen them in action. even you—this is was the first time he and everyone saw you fought off a cursed spirit. you saving mikey and fighting against those delinquents was nothing compared to what you were doing right now. you were agile and seasoned in fighting; synchronized with the other three jujutsu sorcerers.
before the special grade curse could do anymore damage, you delivered the final blow—you sent a large blast of red psionics imbued with black streaks. the entire place trembled at the intensity of your power. once the curse was reduced to nothing, you landed back on your feet after attacking the curse from mid-air, slightly panting from exhaustion.
the toman members were not just in awe, they were petrified—well, just a bit. they just never thought their leader's significant other could be this terrifyingly strong. you were always seen smiling, laughing and being kind to others. this side you were displaying constrasted that.
once the innate domain had broke down and with the mission accomplished, you reunited with mikey. megumi, nobara and yuji watched and smiled at the sight of you embracing. you proceeded to tend to their casualties afterwards, helping severely injured members' bleeding stop. as you diverted your attention towards them, you caught the captains, along with mikey, draken, takemichi and the other members, talking to megumi, nobara and yuji.
monetarily glancing at them, you watched as they conversed with one another. exchanging warm greetings, thanks and compliments. you couldn't help but smile to yourself, recalling how they reacted when they first found out how you were dating a gang leader.
you could tell how megumi, yuji and nobara's impression on these delinquents changed as soon as they got to meet and talk to them more casually at this moment. they realized how these young boys saw each other as family and how they fought to protect each other. it made your heart incredibly happy to see them warm up to toman and not just mikey.
you continued to watch toman and the first years interact with one another as you tended the last member with your chaos magic, smiling as you listened to their wholesome conversations. you listened to mikey, draken and mitsuya introduce everyone to megumi, yuji and nobara; chifuyu, takemichi and angry commented how cool and strong jujutsu sorcerers were; baji and pah-chin wanting to fight just like them; other members thanking them endlessly and then there was nobara and yuji who suddenly wanted to join the gang after hearing toman's stories and seeing how genuinely nice they were despite being delinquents.
"[name]! help me out here, kugisaki and itadori wants to be gangsters!" megumi hollered at you, prompting to you laugh at their antics.
Tumblr media
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gojosimpehe · 2 days ago
The Other Half
Ch13 (the moment you've been waiting for)
Links to previous chapters at the end :)
Summary: It is a Mikasa-Eren like situation. Y/n was taken in by the Itadori family and raised with Yuji. Once Yuji goes to Jujutsu Tech, y/n begs to come along. It turns out y/n is part of one of the most powerful ancient clans. yada yada
"But there was a lot of energy. An overwhelming amount coming from your opponent. Your eyes snapped open in time to see a red cloud speeding towards you. You felt the impact of the energy and then the lights went out."
Tumblr media
Never had you felt like this in your entire life.
Powerful. The second your eyes snapped open, you felt electric. You felt strong. You felt...dangerous.
Looking down at your hand you saw the hot familiar glow, brighter than it had ever been. The glow of strength. The glow of power. The glow of freedom. Your feet were no longer on the ground. You were just a pulsating orb of badass-
Your brain came back to reality and you remembered the events that led up to this. Yuji, the curse. Oh, dear. How could you be so selfish and forget? You searched desperately around you, but there was no sign of him. Nononono. Where is he? Why isn't he here? Your heart leaped into your throat. How could you let this happen? How could you be so useless? You had one job: keep Yuji safe and no he was gone. Wait. If his body is not here that means he's not dead, at least not yet.
"Yuji, hang in there," you whispered, concentrating. When you shot into the air through the building, however, you realized just how strong the curse must have been. Gosh, that hardly took anything. You shivered. If these powers got in the wrong hands? That would be a bad day.
Your eyes were tightly shut as you catapulted through the walls. The domain was gone now so it was just concrete (ouch, by the way). Wall after wall after wall after wall after-
Sunlight! You opened your eyes and nearly cried with gratitude. You were outside with the sun, the grass, the trees, the-
TREE! Before you could figure out how to stop, you slammed face-first into a solid oat tree.
"Owwwww," you muttered, hand raising to feel your now broken nose. But fixing it would just have to wait. You needed to find Yuji. You tried to stand up but fell onto your face. Your vision was doubling and blurry and it felt like a few bones in your legs were broken. Nonetheless, you had one mission: find Yuji. But it was Yuji who found you, or rather Sukuna
"You!" The curse spat, pointing a claw in your direction. "The most annoying creature on the face of this planet!" You gasped. That was outta pocket, man.
"You!" You accused, stumbling to your feet, pointing in the vague direction of his vicinity, vision swimming too much to clearly see him. "The 'almighty curse' who can't even control a teenage boy's body!"
"Ha! Not anymore. This body is mine now."
"Yes!" He cackled. "Obviously...wait can you not see this at all?" He asked waving an arm.
"See what?"
"Yuji-my body."
"What about it?"
"I- this is really no fun when you do this," he sighed, coming closer. "Look. Here... No, I'm to your right... Other right. Dear, God can you not tell your right form left... yes good...Look now." You gave your eyes a second to focus on his figure. What were you even looking for? You had no clue. Wait. What was that blotch in the-
You gasped in shock. On the side of Yuji's chest, there was a gaping hole. No. Nononono. This isn't true. It can't be.
"Now you see it! I ripped out his heart. So if he switches out, he'll die!" You didn't know what to say or do. You just stood there. What was the point anymore anyway? What did it matter if Sukuna killed you? Your life only had one purpose anyway. And now it was gone. So...
"I might as well kill you," you sighed.
"What?! Oh, this is going to be good! I can just FEEL it!" Sukuna smiled evily, cracking his knuckles.
"No, Y/n. Stay out of this," Fushiguro's voice commanded. You turned in shock as he appeared around the corner. He had some cuts and a slight limp, but his heart was still in his body so not too bad. You a small wave of relief before remembering the situation you were in.
"Trust me, Fushiguro. I need to do this." You raised your arm, shooting a ball of cursed energy at the curse. He dodged, but you kept them going. Faster and faster, fueled by the curse from before. Your mind was blank. You were running on pure instinct, instinct you didn't know you had. You ducked, barely avoiding getting slashed by Sukuna. He was smiling, laughing, enjoying this whole thing. But your eyes were ringing too much to hear what he was saying. You didn't care anyway. But as the fight went on, you could feel yourself slowly running out of cursed energy, and you weren't producing your own fast enough to keep it up. You needed sukuna to hit you. But all of his hits were lethal right now, you couldn't fight if you were cut in two.
"Someone's getting tired!" He laughed, bending down to taunt you. You were stood, blood seeping from your mouth. All around you was destruction from the fight. You gasped for air, feeling like your lungs were underwater. From the corner of your eyes, you saw Fushiguro running to you. But with a single flick of his hand, Sukuna sent a rock flying at him. It crushed him against the prison wall and pinned him there. It was for the best. You didn't want him to get hurt. "Come on now! What are you going to do next? Huh?" Sukuna questioned, pacing around you casually. "I have to admit, you're stronger than I thought. But... alas...not strong enough. So what is it? How are you going to avenge him, hm? It's your fault he will die anyways. You weren't strong enough to protect him. Not then and not now. But it's for the best. The brat deserved to-" You felt your mind snap. You knew you had gone too far. Your mind was to the point of no return, just as Gojo-sensei had warned. But who cared anymore? Not you.
Your hand reached up, lightning-fast, and clasped Sukuna's throat. You had no idea if you could actually do this or not. Gojo had predicted that you could not only absorb and use energy indirectly, like from an attack, but also directly, right from their body.
~~~~~~A FEW DAYS BEFORE~~~~~
"Oh, so I can just take someone else's energy if I run out?" You asked.
"I mean sure. But it would kill them. Most likely." Gojo responded, nonchalantly. "As well as possibly kill you. Think of it as a balloon, right." He said, pulling one from his pockets.
"Don' ask. You are this balloon. The air is cursed energy."
"Right now," he said, blowing to fill the balloon a few times. "You're absorbing someone's energy directly. But all a sudden," he breathed a few more times, the balloon growing large. "It becomes too much. You explode. Or. You expell the energy and it kill everyone else."
"Ahhh. So I probably shouldn't use this technique."
"Yea. It's more of a last resort thing."
"Cool. Gotcha."
~~~~~PRESENT DAY~~~~~
You felt your hand glow hot. Then your arm. Then your whole body. You felt the power surging from him, you were absorbing it! Straight from him! Gojo was right! You watched the curse's body tense and struggle in your grip, but you didn't let go. You were going to take the life out of this curse.
"Y/N!" Fushiguro cried. "IT'S TOO MUCH! YOU'LL DIE!" A tear rolled down your cheek. I'm sorry, Megumi. But I need to do this. Please forgive me. You felt the power surging through your veins as Sukuna choked for air. You knew it was close. Soon you would pop, just like that balloon.
"This is how it feels," you hissed, dangerously. "This is how it feels to get your heart ripped out. Do you like the feeling? No? Good!" You shook his neck a bit in your grip. "That is how I feel! Because when you took Yuji's heart, you also took mine." You raised your eyes to look directly into his, one last time. They were cold and dark. Full of evil. So unfamiliar to you. Not at all like the eyes that were supposed to go with that body. You raised him into the air.
And then you let go.
"I can't... do this." You sobbed, collapsing to the ground. The eyes. Yuji. You just couldn't. Sukuna stumbled back, coughing and holding his throat.
"Y/n," Fushiguro was suddenly at your side. He placed a hand on your back and whispered into your ear. But you heard nothing. You just sat there, doubled over. Gasping silently.
"I...will... KILL YOU BRAT!" Sukuna raged, turning to you suddenly. He looked angrier than before, eyes gleaming with death. This wasn't a game for him anymore. He was serious. Fushiguro sprung to his feet and stood in front of you, prepared to fight as if he stood a chance. Sukuna shot through the air, straight towards you both. But just before Fushiguro, he stopped. You looked up and let out a sob. It was him.
"Yuji." You couldn't get your legs to work, so instead, you reached out to hold his hand. You looked up into his eyes. Soft, gentle, and kind. The eyes you had grown up with, the eyes that you loved.
"It's me, y/n. Don't worry. Take care of yourself, k? None of this... was because of you." You cursed your stupid brain for being so dull. You couldn't even form words. You couldn't even tell him how much you loved him or how grateful you were or how much he meant to you. How you were nothing without him. How he was your other half. How he was your only friend. Your only happiness. Your only hope. Your only life. You had so much to tell him. But nothing would come out. He looked down softly at you and placed his hand on your cheek. He stroked your tears away with his thumb and smiled. "Promise you'll forgive me?" You nodded, a few more sobs escaping your chest. "Live a long life, okay?" With those words, he fell forward onto the ground next to you.
"Yuji?" You crawled over to his body. "Yuji! Please." You shook him. "Wake up! Yuji. YUJI!" You started shaking him more frantically, tears flooding your face. "FUSHIGURO DO SOMETHING! Please! Fix him." But Fushiguro just stood there, looking down sadly at you.
"Y/n. He's dead."
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Tag List: (I LOVE YOU ALL <3)
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I wasn't expecting this actually-
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Dabi hawks of version school days pt 5
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bro i love nobara so much it’s not even funny
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toukatan · a month ago
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Happy Birthday Gojo Satoru! ✧ 07.12
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jjk first years doodle dump
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please take a moment to look at new Inumaki stills 🥺
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Jujutsu Kaisen
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vocal in Bed w/ the JJK Men (this is smut)
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sakuraryomen01 · 12 hours ago
| JJK Hcs | Gojo Satoru Edition 🤞😎
I was thinking of this goofball and was just thinking of some headcanons at make me laugh for no reason at all : )
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My brain: SO... Gojo Satoru, huh?
Me: Yes. 🤞😎
Gojo Satoru Headcanons!! 💕 [ NSFW WARNING! ]
Sfw Headcanons 🥺
Gojo probably looks at himself in the mirror and thinks 'How the hell can someone be so fucking hot?' just cuz he is, and knows it.
Btw, he has a God complex 🤪
Appears in random places and spooks some passerby by saying hello.
"Oi oi, Nanami, oi oi oi- OIIIIIIIIIII~" ✨
If you're with Gojo, he'd let you use his hoodies since he finds it cute as hell when you're in one of them. And if you like a certain one, he'll get it out and probably wear it for an hour before taking it off and handing it to you
(Or tossing it to your face and laughing about it ;-;)
He loves to tease you, so expect dirty little jokes or a hot breath against your ear when he's around
Gojo loves doing a kabedon randomly cuz he think you look cuter when he's pressing you against a wall and threatening a kiss
Btw, his lips are soft as hell- 💀
If you're shorter than him, he's going to use you as an arm rest to tease. But he also likes to be the big spoon, and your shortness makes his easier for him to cuddle
Nsfw Headcanons 😏
He likes cock warming, I just have a feeling he just enjoys it. The warmth of your tight hole just comforting him
Definitely has a daddy/master/God kink
Finds it sexy when he sees you get dressed in nothing but his hoodie and some lacy panties
He's not big on exhibitionism, but it's been done on occasion (got jealous of so many eyes on you, took you home and pressed you against a window to fuck you against)
Likes to torture you with cum denial-
Length: 9 - 10.5 Girth: Can just barely wrap your fingers around it-
He likes to take videos and pictures sometimes during sex, so, he'll whip out his phone and just start snapping pics and recording. (Gojo will use these against you if he doesn't get what he wants-)
Dacryphilia and somnophilia are kinks he probably wonders why he has, but then again, you just look good that way- 😏
He's a sadomasochist, but he denies it
If you're into pegging, you're going to have to deal with him being a brat for a while. Gojo likes being in control (a lot like Sukuna) so he doesn't go down without a bit of a fight.
When you do get him all broken though, he's crying and pressing his face into his pillow. Blushing up a storm and praying you let him cum his brains out. (Now's the time for paybay with denial and over stimming!!)
Thank you for reading these! I don't know why these just popped up in my head, but I'm just counting it as content 🤪
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rating my fav animes from “b!tch what comfort” to “safe place”
a masterpiece but at what cost
Tumblr media
9. Neon Genesis Evangelion 
visually perfect, mentally processing what happened
Tumblr media
8. No. 6
still surprised that this is so underrated and still crying
Tumblr media
7. Devilman Crybaby
‘why do I keep liking sad stories’ but at least we go party meanwhile
Tumblr media
6. Tokyo Revengers
too violent imo but absolutely in love with (almost) all the characters
Tumblr media
5. Jujutsu Kaisen
switching from comedy to teen cursed monster drama real quick
Tumblr media
4. Soul Eater
my kids, that’s all, I love them and the characters design so much
Tumblr media
3. Yuri!!! On ICE 
this is perfect thanks for coming to my ted talk
Tumblr media
2. Lovely Complex
my first anime and still so comfy
Tumblr media
1. SK8 the Infinity
i’m not even gonna explain this one, watch it yourself because oh my it’s so worth it: the charisma, the soundtrack, the plot, everything!
Tumblr media
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tatakaeeren · 25 days ago
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Gojo Satoru | Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie (tvcm)
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leepoon-06 · 5 days ago
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kyscaqe · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# PAIRING businessman!sukuna x f!reader
# TW/CW unprotected sex, breeding, belly bulge, semi-public sex, mirror sex, rough sex, degrading, praising, obsessive!sukuna, dirty talk, overstimulation, edging, slight fingering, creampie, impregnation
# SYNOPSIS A small gathering at the office leads to an unexpected, steamy fuck session with your husband in the bathroom. What else is there to do than waiting for the party to end?
# read the sequel for no guidance, WITHOUT THE RING
Tumblr media
“Remind me why you dragged me to this shitty event again?” Sukuna asked against the shell of your ear, as you strolled along the table with little snacks placed on top of it. “Because it’s even more shitty without you here,” you replied, linking your arm with his. “Not to mention that it’s the company you’re working at.” He scowled at your remark.
His company was holding a small party because of its rising success recently. Sukuna being a big reason why so, which eventually encouraged them to offer him to speak at conferences to raise the profile of the company. So inevitably, your boyfriend was invited to celebrate his diligence work as a businessman. And as stubborn as Sukuna is, he declined their invitation for this event you were currently stuck in. You tried convincing him in participating the event for a matter of ‘respect’ to the company, but to no avail. It was until he’d seen the outfit you’d be wearing for the gathering. Even if Sukuna wouldn't come, you, as his wife, most definitely would. The way the fabric hugged your body perfectly, lace upon silk, the material is cozy to your body, its touch both light and soothing when he first set his hands on your figure. You alone had a little part in him debating his inner urge to ignore all of his co-workers, and join you in this pointless event, as he would put it. Sukuna did attend some other parties like these, and knowing how they went by, he’s certain that he wouldn’t want to experience this for another time again. But now things took a turn, because you were here.
“At least the buffet is nice,” you muttered, bending forward, reaching for the mini sandwiches at the end of the table. The fabric on your ass tightening and stretching with every move you make, which Sukuna didn’t fail to notice. He internally cursed at himself when he felt the bulge forming inside his pants. You were driving him feral by simply existing.
Sukuna placed his rough hands on your shoulders, slowly traveling down your arms and stopping at your waist, pulling you closer to his body, so you could feel his erection firmly pressing against your ass. “You better not be thinking about sex right now,” You muttered under your breath, afraid that others might hear. “How can I when you look this good, sweetheart?” He mildly swayed your bodies from side to side. “Let’s just get out of here,” His hands went to your breasts and you felt fire when you felt him slightly squishing one tit in his palm. “We can’t go home,” you told him. “We were barely here an hour.”
“Who said anything about going home? We have some great private bathrooms here,” he smirked, and you were so close to letting out a moan when he massaged the soft flesh in his hands. In any other situation, you would have said no straight away. What would happen if anyone found out? Would they fire him? Worries ran through your head for a few seconds. But you were horribly worked up. The way his lean body pressed up against yours. You feel his warmth and already your mind has placed your lips together. But instead he leans in to caress your neck, slow and gentle. He's purposely edging you with little touches and you can hardly bare it. You want his lips now, you want his kisses, his bare skin on yours, you want to feel him inside you. The thought of Sukuna stuffing you full with his cock has your thighs clenching together.
The hallway was empty, luckily. You could never look anyone in the eye if they saw what you were about to do. Sukuna dragged you with him into the bathroom stall, and now that you’ve seen it, the bathrooms really were nice. They were modern, and every stall was big, completely closed off like a separate room. Expensive, gray tiles and a wall length mirror. And with the lavender in the vase it was most welcoming to the senses.
Your hands went through his hair as he grabbed your waist roughly, shoving you against the surface next to the sink. The marble was cold against the back of your thighs when you met the stone. He glides his hand down between your legs, teasing you with small touches but strong and fast enough to make you quiver. “So sensitive,” he chuckles, nipping slightly at your earlobe. “And so fucking cute.” He pumped his long fingers into you, the wet sounds driving the two of you insane. They were slightly crooked, digging against parts of your fleshy insides that had you drooling. “You’re gonna take my cock like a good slut, yeah?” His words spur you on and your eyes widen to a desperate, pleading look. The sounds of his fingers in your pussy are downright lewd. They echo around the bathroom and it makes your cunt clench around nothing. It’s a slick sound that mimics the sound of your sopping cunt when Sukuna fucks his fingers into you so deep that it makes your toes curl.
“Please- don’t hold back,” you hold his face, with trembling fingers. “Just do what you want.”
The neediness in your voice had Sukuna trembling in the immense lust he felt for you. He withdrew his hand, already tugging down his pants along with his underwear, his rigid length sprung up, tip reddened and leaking with his own arousal.
“I’m gonna fucking break you.”
He used his slick, coated fingers to lubricate his length, stroking himself slowly, positioning himself between your spread legs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down your slit, forcing your folds to spread for him. He scrunched his nose in a small smile at the annoyed whine you let out when he kept teasing your swollen clit with his mushroom tip, before finally pushing inside. Sukuna’s thrust is both deep and hard, knocking your breath with each pound as he holds you by your hips, nails clawing into the skin. Everything felt so unbelievably good. His touches, his kisses, his thrusts, and the way he moves his hips faster and faster until you can’t properly breathe- everything felt amazing. You laid back on the counter, keeping yourself up on your elbows as you watched the crease between his brows grow more prominent. He was focused, determined to find the angle that would make you feel as good as possible. He forces his cock into you so forcefully that it knocks all wind, all thoughts out of you.
“Huh? Are you already giving up from just this much?” The words he spoke in such well intentioned mockery triggered something in you that came from lust.
“Is my little angel already breaking apart on my cock?” Sukuna grunted in pleasure when he felt your cunt clench harder around him, and his pace picked up in speed. He thrusted with more greed of his own, your body jolting in his grasp. Sukuna suddenly pulls out of you, making you whimper from the loss, and turns you around, forcing you to land on your feet again, your stomach pressed against the edge of the counter. You place both hands on the marbled surface as he pulls your hips closer to him, pressing his hardness against your behind as he presses his chest to your spine.
“Come here, take a look,” he says, holding you by the chin and lifts your face so you can gaze directly into the mirror. “Look at how beautiful you are,” he whispers in your ear. It’s both embarrassing and arousing to see yourself being held domineeringly by him, the curves of your body fit his perfectly even from behind. “And only for me” Before you can retort anything back, he pushes the head of his cock into your heat again, agonizingly slowly at first but slams the rest of it with one snap of his hips.
“I can never get used to the feeling of you taking me in like that,” he murmured against your ear. “You’re so fucking tight.” You audibly gasp when a particularly hard thrust smacks against your ass. Sukuna’s cock rubbed and prodded your insides, the lewd, slick sounds of his length being only half way pulled out before he slammed right back in, skin smacking together harder and harder as he grew greedy for your shameless moans. You catch the sight of your reflection, noticing how he throws his head back in pleasure, his strong hands gripping on the sides of your waist as he rolls his hips again and again, thrusting into you until you can only cry out his name and nothing more. It’s too obscene, too erotic for your eyes to witness, and when he locks his gaze with yours in the mirror, you nearly faint.
“S-Sukuna–” You reach out a hand back, trying to find his for support but he holds your wrist against your spine, pumping into you with strong strokes, leaving you with no options other than pressing the side of your face against the marble countertop, mouth parting in a silent scream. “Shut up” You were startled by the sudden tension and the intensity in his tone. “I can’t fucking stand it–” He continues, his scorching cock rubbing and prodding your insides, not leaving a single inch of you untouched. “Can’t fucking stand it when other men stare at you, as if you don’t already belong to me.” He growls, drilling even harder and deeper into your cunt. “The thing you pulled off earlier– with your cute ass on display. I wasn’t the only one staring, baby” Sukuna was releasing his anger out on you, remembering the way his co-workers’ stupid scar on his lips stretched into a smirk when you bent over the table. “I’m the only one to touch you like this, to kiss you, fuck you, be inside you– understood?” You could only nod, too much of a daze from Sukuna and his cock, but this only made him snap his hips into you even harsher, displeased with your answer.
“Are you serious? Do I need to spell it out for you?” The pink haired man punctuated his words with swirls of his hips, his bright red tip prodding at your g-spot, eliciting a series of moans. “Y-yes, fuck– I understood. I only belong to you”
“You know what? I’ll just fuck a baby into you,” his words thrum in a burst of heat as he growls into your ear. “So everyone can see what’s mine, because being my wife apparently isn’t enough.” Sukuna’s thrusts became erratic, the force behind them more powerful. “The next time we’re attending one of these shit events, we’ll arrive with our baby growing in your cute tummy.” He said with one hand on your stomach, pressing down to feel his fat cock lightly bulging your lower abdomen. “Right here– Can you feel it? Can you feel me inside of you? I’m about to knock you up, sweetheart.” He released the tight grip he had on your wrist to move down and focus on your throbbing clit, rubbing it in fast motions in tandem with the way he fucked you. “Y-Yes, please. I wanna have a baby with you.” Your words were incoherent at this point, eyes fluttering shut as you felt your orgasm build up.
It’s with one swift thrust of his hips that has your orgasm hitting you like a ton of bricks. It feels as if your soul leaves your body. A silent cry that didn’t leave your throat, choked on a sob as you bit down on your lips as hard as you could muster, cunt spasming around his slick cock. Sukuna felt your orgasm squeezing him in a pulsating pattern, your legs tensing up as you gushed on his cock. He didn’t falter in speed, continuing to thrust into you faster, harder, and greedier than ever before as he chased his own orgasm. “Gonna pump you full of my cum, my beautiful baby, oh– fuck.. yes” His words choked into a strained moan, as his hips stuttered. He wrapped his arms around your waist, squeezing your body tightly against his own while his cock throbbed desperately inside, ropes of cum gushing out to fill you up to the brim until some of it was forced to drip out and pool at the floor beneath. He came so, so hard. A throaty moan slipped past his lips, the attempt to muffle himself into your skin was useless– you felt too fucking good. “Shit, I love you so much,” he said, staying still as he allowed his cock to rest inside of you for a long moment.
You’re returning to earth and fall back to rest on his chest. Breathing is hard, you’re panting to catch up. He remains inside you; he prefers to stay inside you as long as he can, pressing kisses to your head.
“My sweet baby, you took it so well.”
You allow the wave of approval to wash over you as it soothes any aches or pains in your body and in your heart. He holds you like you’re precious to him, because you are. He rubs the skin of your back and sore ass. He whispers his love into your ear, reminding you you’re the love of his life, the woman he wants to bear his children, the girl he fell in love with so long ago. He coaxes you back to reality, back to here and now.
You’re in the bathroom with him, sweaty and your cunt stuffed full with his cum. He’s kissing you, praising you. He’s holding you so close with his cock softening inside you.
“Thank you for dragging me here.”
Tumblr media
note. surprise! this is a impromptu collab with my lovely @poe-daydreams . it can be read as a tiny series and/or individually <3
Tumblr media
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