leepoon-06 a day ago
I kind of want to see Gojo in a big Pikachu suit. Or a Pikachu hoodie. Or just hugging Pikachu~
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sakuraryomen01 a day ago
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"Oh...oh this was good good馃槼馃槼馃憣 if you made this into a series I would die馃い"
Ok, that actually doesn't sound that bad..
I've never really seen many Bully! Sukuna stuff. Plus, I could make Y/n a bit of a pervert and go into why Sukuna is your bully too. Ok, now I might start something dammit-
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primavera-allegoria 2 days ago
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Got that hot Kakashi/Maki/Bakugo shirt
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urfaveisgoingintheplinko 2 days ago
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Gojo saturi from jujutsu is going to plinko hell for gay war crimes!
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juniperarts 10 months ago
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camillemoonchild 10 months ago
Shibuya Station in commemoration of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga's Shibuya Incident Arc
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//dearainbow 8008_chamcham on twitter//
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giyyu 5 days ago
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藯藦藡 Nanami Kento麓藥藯
鈥渨ork is shit鈥
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aikk00 10 months ago
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Ill head back to work now..
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humanitysbiggestbaby 10 months ago
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鈥滒潙仇潚嗮潚曗欚潚 饾拡饾拹 饾拤饾拹饾拵饾拞, 饾懘饾拞饾拡饾挅饾拵饾拪-饾拕饾拤饾拏饾拸鈥 鈥 Gojo Satoru, Ep. 23
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foodhunterx a year ago
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Satoru Gojo mood icons on manga
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leepoon-06 5 days ago
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sakuraryomen01 10 hours ago
| JJK Hcs | Gojo Satoru Edition 馃馃槑
I was thinking of this goofball and was just thinking of some headcanons at make me laugh for no reason at all : )
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My brain: SO... Gojo Satoru, huh?
Me: Yes. 馃馃槑
Gojo Satoru Headcanons!! 馃挄 [ NSFW WARNING! ]
Sfw Headcanons 馃ズ
Gojo probably looks at himself in the mirror and thinks 'How the hell can someone be so fucking hot?' just cuz he is, and knows it.
Btw, he has a God complex 馃お
Appears in random places and spooks some passerby by saying hello.
"Oi oi, Nanami, oi oi oi- OIIIIIIIIIII~" 鉁
If you're with Gojo, he'd let you use his hoodies since he finds it cute as hell when you're in one of them. And if you like a certain one, he'll get it out and probably wear it for an hour before taking it off and handing it to you
(Or tossing it to your face and laughing about it ;-;)
He loves to tease you, so expect dirty little jokes or a hot breath against your ear when he's around
Gojo loves doing a kabedon randomly cuz he think you look cuter when he's pressing you against a wall and threatening a kiss
Btw, his lips are soft as hell- 馃拃
If you're shorter than him, he's going to use you as an arm rest to tease. But he also likes to be the big spoon, and your shortness makes his easier for him to cuddle
Nsfw Headcanons 馃槒
He likes cock warming, I just have a feeling he just enjoys it. The warmth of your tight hole just comforting him
Definitely has a daddy/master/God kink
Finds it sexy when he sees you get dressed in nothing but his hoodie and some lacy panties
He's not big on exhibitionism, but it's been done on occasion (got jealous of so many eyes on you, took you home and pressed you against a window to fuck you against)
Likes to torture you with cum denial-
Length: 9 - 10.5 Girth: Can just barely wrap your fingers around it-
He likes to take videos and pictures sometimes during sex, so, he'll whip out his phone and just start snapping pics and recording. (Gojo will use these against you if he doesn't get what he wants-)
Dacryphilia and somnophilia are kinks he probably wonders why he has, but then again, you just look good that way- 馃槒
He's a sadomasochist, but he denies it
If you're into pegging, you're going to have to deal with him being a brat for a while. Gojo likes being in control (a lot like Sukuna) so he doesn't go down without a bit of a fight.
When you do get him all broken though, he's crying and pressing his face into his pillow. Blushing up a storm and praying you let him cum his brains out. (Now's the time for paybay with denial and over stimming!!)
Thank you for reading these! I don't know why these just popped up in my head, but I'm just counting it as content 馃お
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kyriun a year ago
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鈥淚 will kill you!鈥
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satorunista 9 months ago
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jujutsu kaisen 鈽 ! wallpapers.
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juniperarts a year ago
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I watched Jujutsu Kaisen recently so here is my contribution to the fandom
The memes:
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camillemoonchild 10 months ago
Dear Yuta, welcome back!
Tumblr media
artist: ooreonii on twitter
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fxshigurosbae a month ago
PRETTY BOY ! megumi
Tumblr media
鉃 synopsis: your pretty boy shows you his vulnerable side.
tws: mdni, gagging, oral sex, deep throating, praising, female domination, detailed smut.
pairing: adult megumi (19!) x female reader
Tumblr media
Soft touches, admiring his perfect naked body as you only covered your private parts with underwear and a bralette, sitting on his legs, hair down and slightly arched back. Him almost leaning against the bed frame, laying on the sheets.
It took way too long for you to end up in that position and it wasn鈥檛 important to remember how it happened.
You just knew he wanted it, you heard him say it, you saw him beg with his eyes, you quickly see him rise, getting hard just at the simple vision of you on that cute sexy pair of underwear.
Teasing Megumi鈥檚 lenght just to make him suffer a little, feeling him contracting his pelvis and contain his groans, staring at your hand struggling a bit to completely wrap around him. Touching his tip with your index finger, circling so vaguely it made his chest go up and down, glancing both at you and at what you were doing from time to time.
You pretended not to care and that you were being careless and unexperienced, acting innocent, yet he knew you, he knew all of your tricks, only hiding his anxiety which only you could trigger it on him.
鈥淕umi, is there something wrong?鈥 Barely pumping him up and down, with such a sweet voice.
鈥淚 know what you鈥檙e doing.鈥 He replied blushing, you can鈥檛 help but let out a giggle.
鈥淲anna see you crumble Gumi, for me, m鈥檏ay pretty boy?鈥 You bit your lip, smiling too, you never knew his cheeks could become such a red color.
Slowly leaning forward, making eye contact with your boyfriend, you suddenly took him in your mouth, leisurely licking his rosed tip, kissing it gently as he tried bucking his hips up but your arms held his waist down, trying not to chuckle at his cute reaction. You were killing him by sliding his cock inside your mouth in such a measured way, his knuckles turning yellow from his hands fisting and holding onto the sheets.
Your little wet warm mouth felt wonderful even if not doing much, embracing his thick cock, concentrating on doing so. Once finally having reached a tolerable length you waited a few seconds to get used to the feeling, which you had already experienced before.
鈥淒ear, please, do something.鈥 He mumbled, his voice was so needy, you couldn鈥檛 make him wait any longer, otherwise it wouldn鈥檛 be fair to him.
Your head began finally going up and down in a more rapid and average pace, hearing Megumi groan louder for the first time, sending shivers down your spine.
That鈥檚 when you decided to continue pumping his shaft with your most skilled hand, bobbing your head faster, his back lifting a bit from the bed, making you excited.
鈥淗m, fuck.鈥 He repeated several times lowly, still hearing only that wasn鈥檛 enough, you wanted more, you needed more.
Pulling your hand away, you held his waist down and almost entirely pulled your mouth out, lips touching only his tip now, staring at his eyes that looked back at you, breathing heavily.
Your heart was beating so fast, it was thrilling, him nearly coming undone to you.
Having his cock twitch once again, you immediately then took him all in your mouth, all the way down, feeling it deep down your throat, leading you to gag and hear an accidental moan come out of Megumi鈥檚 lips.
Fucking your throat, it began to burn, eyes water and back arch yet he was trying so hard not to moan, it was delightful.
鈥淔-Fuck, Y/N, fuck.鈥 He whispered, trying to keep his composure, one of his hands unconsciously gripping your hair, not pushing, not pulling, simply following your movements.
You backed up a bit, going once again at a tolerable limit, tears streaming down your face, whining lowly to send him vibrations.
Never imagining that out of a sudden, Megumi would start whimpering like that, it drove you insane, you instantly pulled out, pumping him with only one of your hands quickly, staring at him covering his eyes with his forearm, he noticed that you had stopped using your mouth so then he looked at you.
While you had tears drying on your face, salivated mouth and strings of the liquiddripping from the corner of your lips, Megumi, that nineteen years old guy looked so fucking vulnerable it was unbelievable, eyebrows furrowed, eyes barely open, mouth anxiously open, often biting his lips while fucking moaning and whimpering like a dog as you fucked his cock that seemed to have become harder at every second, his chest moving up and down non-stop searching for air, his legs slightly shaking and abs contracting repeatedly.
It was the most wonderful view of your entire life, even though he looked at you from above, you were the one in charge, the only one that could make him feel that way, your smooth lips kissed his tip covered in pre-cum with such love and passion, his hand once more intervening with the strands of your hair, throwing his head back, showing his sharp jawline and the veins on the side of his neck as well as his adam鈥檚 apple.
Slopping your pace as your hand became tired, you also let your tongue out, noticing how high pitched his whines became.
His hips thrusted up, trying to have your mouth around him once more but it didn鈥檛 work, you heard longer and lower grunts coming from him as he for the last time moaned and suddenly shot his cum all over your mouth, tongue and cheeks. Before he could finish you took him in your mouth like he wished you鈥檇 to get some of his warm liquid to fulfill you.
Once he calmed down, groaning as you pulled out, showing him all the cum inside your mouth.
鈥淪wallow it.鈥 His voice was now raspy, eyes getting intimidating like usual, he changed completely and you did as he demanded. 鈥淕ood girl.鈥
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100frogsperhour 10 months ago
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鈥楽orry, I overslept鈥櫬
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kiroz a year ago
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GOJO SATORU - The Strongest.
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