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#jujutsu kaisen

yuji and junpei study session that is actually a date and they both realize that about halfway through but neither says anything because they dont want to make it awkward not to mention they rather like sitting closely enough so that their thighs touch 😳

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HELLO! i’m soleil (or just sol) and i’m a new writer for jujutsu kaisen. on this blog you can expect reader-insert headcanons, imagines, drabbles, and timestamps for:

  • gojo satoru 
  • nanami kento
  • fushiguro megumi
  • itadori yuuji
  • sukuna
  • maybe fushiguro tori

sfw requests are open! please specify:

  • if you’d like headcanons, an imagine, drabble, or timestamp
  • which character(s) (3 maximum; more you choose the shorter it gets for each)
  • and any more details!

i’ll try to keep it gender neutral, but if your request is obviously gendered then i’ll write it as such.

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a curse like you (ryōmen sukuna x reader)


REQUEST:  Hello! I really love ur sukuna fics and i was wondering if i can request a yuuji/sukuna x fem reader where mc is a curse that sukuna knew from many years ago?? Can be fluff, smut or angst. Up to you 😁 thank you so much!! 🤗

| PAIRINGS:  ryomen sukuna x fem!reader

| WARNINGS: little suggestive but nothing bad, grammar errors

| WORD COUNT: 1,653

A/N: i focused this more on sukuna idk  if that’s ok with you !! if not you can send me a message or reqeust and tell me what did you expect so i can change it if i can😭!! anyway i like yearning and ex lovers to lovers prompts so uhh yea 😳 might even write this better with yuuji being more involved and more things happening lmfaosh !! i hope you enjoy!!  ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

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Thank you for specifying!

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General prompt #46&#48 “Are they really just a "friend”? “I won’t hurt you”

Thank you for requesting!


You cross your arms, staring intensely at a kneeing Gojou. As he sits in the floor in a kneeling position, feeling your eyes drilling holes into him. This was not what he expected when he got home.

“Who was that?”

“Who are you specially asking about?”

“That woman!”

“What woman?”

Coincidentally, on your way back home with Ijichiーyou happen to see Gojou in front of a bakery with an unknown woman you have never seen before. You press your face closer to the car window trying to get a better look at the two. The closer you look at the woman, you had to admit that she was pretty and had a great style. You see them talking and then take a picture together. Your eyes widen, you could feel the jealousy creeping in, making you furrow your eyebrows as you stare at them intensely. Ijichi could only sweatdrop, feeling the anger radiating from the backseat of his car.

“I won’t hurt you, if you tell me who she is.”

“But I don’t know who you’re talking about…?”

“The one with you at that bakery!”

Gojou shrinks back at your voice and tries to recall his past events earlier that day then the information hits him. “ Oh, you mean Komatsu Yuki?”

You raise your eyebrow at him, looking at him to explain more about this “Komatsu Yuki.”

“She owns a dessert blog and she reviews various desserts across Tokyo. I read her reviews pretty often and I happened to stumble upon her today. So I asked her for some recommendations for any good cafes around Tokyo to bring my girlfriend too and then I asked for a picture with her. We sort of became dessert friends. I swear that’s all what it was!” Gojou pleads with you with puppy dog eyes.

“Here, let me show you!” As Gojou brings out his phone to show you the picture he took with her and her supposed dessert blog. You squint as you read the details of her blog, “huh, so he isn’t lying...” you thought to yourself as see Gojou practically begging you to believe him.

“Is she really "just a friend?”

“Yes, I swear!” Gojou then crosses an X across where his heart is supposed to be. You sigh and uncross your arms, ashamed that you have given into your jealousy.

“Fine, I believe you…”

Gojou practically leaps from happiness from his position on the floor and embraces you tightly.“You’re the only one I love (Y/N)!” While peppering kisses across your face, you try to fight back the urge to smile at his confession.

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I had another dream about Jujutsu Kaisen. I woke up early and fell asleep and wake up. It’s a sad one to be honest. I also thought it was an opening.

Gojo was there, floating on water that looks like a puddle. Then it shows him lying on the ground covered in blood and is badly hurt. His head is on Yuji’s lap. Nobara and Megumi are there, looking devastated.

Sukuna is in a fight against someone who looks crazy and bloodthirsty like him. Sukuna lost three of his hands but he can get them back. That person is not one of the villains I had seen in this series.

Choso saved Yuji from being killed.

The dream ended with Gojo wearing white and smiling at his students before going to the afterlife. A picture of him is seen with a bunch of flowers of white and blue.

I swear I woke up with tears running down my face.

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Originally posted by kozuuki


a/n: My dearest 🦐 this one is for you! Pls enjoy while also being healthy and safe!

Mints rattled in his pocket.

They weren’t for him. Megumi never needed a mint it was actually weird considering no one knew when he found the time to brush his teeth. No one questioned him about his religious teeth brushing just as they never questioned him about the mints he always carried around.


He held open the container to you. It was obvious, you were doing it again. 

Hesitant to take the mint. Doing so would be so incriminating. Megumi already knew though. He didn’t need you push it away out of pride. This was something he’d already gone through with you. The mints were simply just that. Mints.

 Megumi watched you with tears threatening your eyes as you took one of the mints he offered. Some part of him was relieved. This was the quickest you’d taken one of them before. He wondered if he caught it quick enough.

Holding the little white mint in the palm of your hand. Both of you know you aren’t going to eat it. The taste would be too strong with the sour linger of stomach acid on your teeth.

More of a non verbal sign. Megumi exhaled slowly through his nose. Pocketing the mints once more. 

It hurt this time as much as it did the first time. Like waves. Sometimes it got easier. Others it felt like being crushed under the water. 

Megumi takes you in his arms. Knowing that familiar scent of vomit you always try to hide. It was this bad again and he let it get that way before noticing.

Closing his eyes the shaman rests his chin on your head and hugs you close to him like he could change it all right then and there. But Megumi is a realist. He knows this takes time. He knows it might not be the last time. He knows you don’t mean to hurt him. But deep down, something in him always breaks. A crack at a time. Maybe if he hugs you tight enough it’ll keep him from falling apart too.

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Me, whispering softly under my breath: “Damn, he’s fine.”

My mother, who suddenly has bat hearing: “Who’s fine?”

Me, looking at fanart of Gojo Satoru, panicking: “NoOnE”

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