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Hey there! Your Jujutsu Kaisen s/o is Fushiguro Megumi!

When you first met, Megumi was intrigued by your caring and bold attitude. When he saw how you acted with friends, he felt an inclination to be near you. He found you hilarious! You had such a way with words in his opinion, he loved your bluntness because you were honest.

Fast forward a bit, he found himself the center of your teasing nicknames and subtle flirtations!

He’d become aware that you closed up a bit after you started dating, but he wanted to be respectful of your boundaries so he didn’t push you. Like you, his actions speak louder than words. Megumi’s love language is acts of service and quality time! He wanted to show you that you were loved and enough in his own way, so he:
- Would take initiative to plan your dates! You might watch horror movies together (he likes analyzing the endings) or settle for a good, bad movie for laughs
- Would ask you what your favorite foods were so he can prepare it for you, but he’d probably end up asking to cook it with you :’))
- Would keep lots of blankets and plushies around his living space to make sure you’d be comfortable during movie watches

The first time you gifted something it was so suited to his taste and he was flattered by how well you seemed to understand him. He would thank you with a small smile, but trust me he’s feelin’ all mushy on the inside!

Megumi fell for you fast and hard like wow you were in his head all the time. But because he was so smitten, he began realizing smaller details like how you often give more than you take. So, he would always try to assure you that he was there to meet you halfway so that you could give yourself the same amount of energy and love :’))

You’d make the cutest pair!


Thank you for requesting!
- Admin Mars ❀

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Cat and Mouse

The first time you saw Naoya Zen’in was at the home of the Zenin’ clan. There was nothing special about the man as you passed by him in the corridor, other than the haughty glint in his eye and the arrogant smirk dancing on his lips. Your eyebrow raised at the sight of him, not in a good way, I presume. But before you could look any further, Maki was already far down the hall and you had to catch up to her.

The second time you saw him was in a meeting with Maki sitting by your side. You scoffed into your sleeve from hearing his outrageous claims. The man was a clown. You could barely stifle the laugh bubbling inside and now it was his turn to raise his eyebrows at you. You looked to the side, comically pretending that nothing happened. He was truly impressed at your antics.

The third was when he ambushed you in the hallways, cornering you into a wall. His minty breath fanned your face and his body heat was emanating onto you. He was dangerously close. The orbs of his eyes gazed intently at yours but before you could open your mouth to ask what his problem was, his elderly assistant was calling his name.

“Til we meet again” and down he went through the corridors of the home.

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just realized Gojo does a dice roll while dancing and i’ve suddenly fallen more in love

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Speaking of Satoru, he kinda reminds me with Shirou (BNA) and Fushimi (K Project). Like I don’t necessarily love them (except for Fushimi) and there’s nothing that made me feel relatable to them. But I do love to see them smiling and happy, especially after all the hardship they’ve been endured. I just want them to stay that way and being with people they hold dear.

Now time to bully them.

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HI!! Well I do this even when I don’t have time during classes lol ^^

I match you with…

Maki Zenin


Originally posted by jjkdaily

  • I think Maki also prefer small groups and quiet interactions. Though she also doesn’t mind if it’s loud.
  • She will accompany you when you hike so the two of you sometimes hike together. But, sometimes you may also hike with the second years and sometimes the first years join too.
  • Maki is an expert in martial arts so you and her spar together sometimes. Or sometimes you and Maki train the first year on martial arts together.
  • When you and her spar it easiky become a competition. The two of you doesn’t hold back when you do this because you both know that the two of you are strong.
  • The first year really admire you being a competitice and paid fighter. They will ask you lots and lots of question about it. Especially Itadori.
  • She will take car of your pets with you especially if you have a dog since it is canon that she is a dog person.
  • Maybe you sometimes pet panda and Maki just stares at you like *pikachu face* like whaaaaa?????
  • Maybe you are also like her you know like don’t have a curse technique but is very strong so the two of you can relate to each other a lot and bond over it.
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Thank you so much for writing this anon, and remembering my headcanon breeds even after writing this, that was amazing. 😁 (I do like the sound of Gogo being a shepherd’s name and for some reason, pom being named Peggy is haunting me, even though I feel it doesn’t fit…)

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“Gogo-chan, your papa made a dad joke!” I am going to cry anon. This is adorable. X)

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…what if Yuuta ISN’T really trying to kill Yuuji? What if he’s testing him to see if what Gojo told him about Yuuji was true and not an exageration?

What if he’s had that sweet, sweet character development, and learned to question what the Assholes in Charge say and order?! Wouldn’t that be grand…

Yes, I’m a bit in denial SHUT…

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…And now I picture Nanami working with Jake from b99. It’s beautiful. 😁

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Yes, absolutely. This 100% happened at Nanami’s office. :D

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