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arinavah30 minutes ago
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I made Christmas paper garland 聽with jjk
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eraser-baby4 hours ago
鈥 饾憞饾憛饾惔饾惣饾憞饾憘饾憛
THIRTEEN: You鈥檙e being paranoid
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a/n: that鈥檚 not very cash money of you gojo :(
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enelo23 hours ago
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shoko commission for @jjklesbians ! 馃崅
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venussins23 hours ago
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鉂 prompt: There's nothing sweeter than baking Christmas cookies with your boyfriend. Y奴ji disagrees with this sentiment of yours and shows you his favorite sweet treat.
鉂 word count: 1,9k
鉂 cw/tw: all characters are aged-up!, fem!reader, fluff, praise, oral sex (female receiving), vaginal fingering, come eating, lack of skills when it comes to baking
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Tumblr media
鈥淒id you actually measure the amount of flour you鈥檙e about to put in there?鈥
With that, Y奴ji鈥檚 hands stop mid-air, a bit of the flour raining down into the mixing bowl. He looks like a deer caught in the headlights, as he realizes that he did not measure the amount. Slowly, he puts down the little bowl of flour on the kitchen counter and turns to you again, pouting.
鈥淚 thought we were supposed to pour it in slowly and just mix until the consistency is right. Sorry,鈥 he explains, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment at his lack of knowledge. A soft smile replaces the stressed one on your face and you pat his chest comfortingly.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it. It might be like that when we cook together, but when it comes to baking we better stick to the recipe. I don鈥檛 have too much experience with it myself,鈥 you rationalize, before moving to get the kitchen scale, so you can properly measure the correct amount.
Just like that, the both of you work together in unison to finish the dough. You busy yourself with getting all the ingredients and measuring them, while Y奴ji kneads the dough.
Initially, it was supposed to be the other way around, but after your boyfriend admitted that he didn鈥檛 even know you had to measure the ingredients and after your first attempt at kneading the stubborn dough resulting in a cramp in your hand, this division of labor seemed the most logical 鈥 and the safest way to actually produce edible cookies by the end of this ordeal.
At last, you finally get to roll out the dough. You touch your cheek with the back of your hand and your breath leaves you in an exhausted huff as you feel how much your face has warmed up. Baking Christmas cookies didn鈥檛 seem like a strenuous activity, but it seems you were wrong about that.
Y奴ji notices your exasperation and the unmotivated glance you take at the rolling pin, which causes him to break out in hearty laughter. He gently gathers you in his arms and presses you close, not mindful at all about his hands that still had some dough and flour stuck to them.
It鈥檚 not like you care either. You slump against him, ignoring how your furnace of a boyfriend isn鈥檛 really helping you with your problem at all. A gentle kiss is pressed against your temple and he hums contently, before bargaining with you,
鈥淗ow about this: I roll out the dough for you and then you can cut out the cookies. Would that be okay, baby?鈥
It鈥檚 a good suggestion and you nod, burying your face against his comfortable hoodie. The both of you stay like that for a little while, before Y奴ji moves to roll out the dough.
You help him by spreading some flour on top of the counter and as he starts up, you notice he鈥檚 being very careful about it, his teeth nibbling on his lower lip in concentration. So focused on such a silly task 鈥 it鈥檚 adorable.
鈥淔eel free to use more strength, Yu. Like that you鈥檙e not going to be ready before Christmas,鈥 you tease, a giggle leaving your lips.
Lips pulled into a pout he looks at you in mock offense, before he bears down on the rolling pin, planning on properly rolling out the cookie dough.
With a crack, both wooden handles split from the rolling pin, and your boyfriend is left standing there, both handles in his hand and the wooden roll laying on top of the dough, which is far from being flat enough to cut into.
There鈥檚 a dumbfounded expression on his face that causes you to erupt into laughter and you have to steady yourself against the counter, lest you completely break down and land on the floor.
鈥淗-how would you 鈥 Why would you..? Why would you 鈥 haha 鈥 put that much strength into it?鈥 Your tummy hurts and there are tears in your eyes, the words barely manage to leave your lips coherently.
Y奴ji鈥檚 ears burn with embarrassment and he starts rolling out the dough with just the big wooden roll. 鈥淵ou told me to put more strength into it,鈥 he mutters.
As your laughter dies down, you smile at him fondly. Fingers moving to stroke over the shell of his ear, you delight in the way he shivers at your touch. He turns his head to look at you in anticipation, his eyes being entranced by the way your lips move as you speak,
鈥淒idn鈥檛 know Rudolph had a cousin whose ears are bright red instead of his nose.鈥
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
The clock is deafening in the quiet kitchen and as your lame jest registers in his mind, Y奴ji鈥檚 expression changes into one that just seems to scream 鈥淩eally?鈥.
Another burst of laughter threatens to leave you, but you stay strong and keep it down, moving to get the cookie cutters instead.
In no time the dough is rolled out perfectly 鈥 you make sure to praise Y奴ji for this 鈥 and you quickly move to cut it into many different shapes. Hearts, Christmas trees, stars, little reindeer, whatever you could find inside your shared home.
A bit of egg yolk is spread on top of every cookie and the both of you work on decorating them with sprinkles, chocolate chips, and icing. When all of them are ready, you finally stand up straight and arch your back to properly stretch, groaning at the way you can feel your back crack.
鈥淵ou okay there, grandma?鈥 Y奴ji asks, wrapping his arms around you from behind and putting his hands into the front pocket of your hoodie 鈥 his hoodie, which you took from him.
You decided to put it on in order to be able to forego the need of wearing any pants. Panties and his oversized hoodie were the most comfortable attire anyway and your shared home was warm enough for it.
Gently you nudge him at his comment, before settling in his arms. Playfully you ask, 鈥淎re you into older women then, young man?鈥
A gentle bite on the neck is the answer you receive and you squeal, fighting him off of you. Easily relenting, he lets go and shoots you a cheeky grin. You touch the place where he bit you, ready to reprimand him, but you feel a sticky sensation.
Realizing you still have some icing left on your hands, you move to wipe them on your naked legs to get it off for now, before you can clean your hands properly. You still got some cleaning to do and utensils to put away, so you don鈥檛 bother with that just yet.
Before you can get to cleaning up though, your boyfriend grabs a hold of your wrist, stopping in your tracks. Confused, you look up at him, before quizzically raising a brow and speaking up, 鈥淲hat is it? Don鈥檛 want to clean up?鈥
Seemingly in a daze, the man shakes his head, leaning down to latch on to the spot he bit earlier. You feel his tongue darting out to lick up the icing you accidentally smeared on your skin and you can feel heat shoot up your spine.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not it,鈥 he argues, 鈥淚鈥檒l do all the cleaning. Don鈥檛 you worry your pretty little head about that.鈥 His breath is heavy and hot against the wetted skin of your neck
With that, he goes down on his knees, grabs a hold of your thighs, and gets to lapping up all of the icing that鈥檚 sticking to the skin of your thighs.
You steady yourself against the counter behind you with one hand, while the other moves to grab on to his pink tufts of hair. The sudden change in mood makes your mind hazy, your thoughts running a mile a second trying to keep up.
Y奴ji鈥檚 fingers hook into the sides of your panties, pulling them down your legs completely and putting them in the pocket of the sweater he鈥檚 wearing, shooting you a wink as he does this. Heat rises up high on your cheeks and you whimper, pulling his head closer to where you need him.
Immediately complying, in a rush as if he was a starved man, he surges forward, burying his face between your thighs. While his hands grab onto your ass, pulling you impossibly close, his tongue delves between your folds.
He鈥檚 loud with it too, making sure you get to hear just how wet you get for him and how much he enjoys doing this. One of his hands moves to dip a finger between your folds and enters your hole. A moan falls from your lips as you clench around the intruding digit.
鈥淵es, yes, yes 鈥 Just like that Y奴ji, feels so good,鈥 you encourage him, grinding your hips against his face and delighting at the way he moans against your wet folds.
While he busies himself with inserting another finger, Y奴ji鈥檚 lips move to wrap around your little bundle of nerves, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around it, while he pushes his fingers in and out of you.
Your hand moves away from his hair, choosing to pull the hoodie up, so you can get a better view of his face between your legs. Deep, brown eyes lock onto your own and you shudder at their intensity.
Continuing to slowly finger you, he curls his fingers with every push and you gasp. His lips leave you in favor of opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue right above your puffy clit. His spit and your essence drip down onto it and he watches 鈥 fascinated and mesmerized.
鈥淟ook at that 鈥 fuck. Such a pretty pussy. All mine to ravage, all mine to play with. Tastes so sweet too, can鈥檛 get enough, princess.鈥
With that, he moves back to sensually lapping at the sensitive pearl, now even more eager than before.
The erotic visual and the combined sensations he鈥檚 giving you finally send you over the edge and you come undone for him. The muscles in your legs are struggling to keep you upright and you almost collapse, but your boyfriend moves to stand and catches you just in time.
You hold on to him, still shaking and breathing hard as you try to gather your bearings.
It鈥檚 quiet for a while, until Y奴ji speaks up again, 鈥淵ou okay, baby?鈥
With a breathless giggle, you nod and he presses his lips against your forehead over and over again, mumbling against it in between every kiss,
鈥淵ou鈥檙e the sweetest thing ever, baby. Not even the sweetest icing could ever compare. I love your taste.鈥
You dreamily look up at your handsome boyfriend, moving to gather up the wetness on the corner of his cheek with your thumb and slipping it into your own mouth. There鈥檚 a pregnant pause as his gaze is focused on you and you feel his confined cock twitch against your body.
Yet, before you can offer to help him out, Y奴ji speaks up,
鈥淲e forgot to put the cookies in the oven.鈥
Now you鈥檙e the dumbfounded one and you鈥檙e quick to inquire, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 everything you have to say right now?鈥
With a shake of his head, he denies the hidden accusation in your question, before further explaining his current dilemma,
鈥淚nstead of cleaning up, it seems I made even more of a mess.鈥
Tumblr media
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happyuchannel15 hours ago
Tumblr media
I can't wait for the movie to be released!
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augustinewrites23 hours ago
Domestic drabble prompts? I鈥檓 a sucker for characters comforting their s/o or alternatively comforted by their s/o when they have a nightmare 馃 I think it鈥檚 the soft gentleness of the whole thing that gets me 馃様
oh this is so soft 馃ズ i hope you don鈥檛 mind if i go the jjk route with this
Tumblr media
gojo is a relatively light sleeper. it doesn't take much to rouse him in the mornings, or in the middle of the night.
he blinks awake the first time he hears you gasp. the watch on his nightstand reads 2:16am. you must have been dreaming (given the season, maybe it's another dream about itadori dressed as a giant candy corn).
he waits to see if you'll poke him lightly and tell him about it, or just drift off back to sleep and save it for morning.
but you don't do either of those things. he hears the rustle of the duvet and feels the dip of the mattress as you sit up, drawing a trembling breath.
so he rolls over to face you, reaching out to rest a hand on your thigh, voice still scratchy with sleep as he murmurs, "hey, what is it?"
even in the dark, he can see the glitter of tears in your eyes, but you swipe them away before they can spill over. "just had a bad dream, that's all."
gojo hums, tracing idle patterns on your skin as you calm yourself down. "do you wanna talk about it?"
you just shake your head, wrapping your arms around yourself.
"hey," he urges, shifting onto his elbow. "c'mere."
before you can protest, he wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you in until you're laying beside him again. he's got you tucked comfortably against his chest, a hand gently smoothing through your hair.
"just promise me you're not going anywhere," you mumble against his shirt.
"who do you think you're talkin' to, sweets?" he chuckles, pressing his lips to the top of your head. "i'm not going anywhere."
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brightymir8 hours ago
饾悥饾悋饾悇饾悕 饾悩饾悗饾悢 饾悐饾悎饾悞饾悞 饾悡饾悋饾悇饾悓 饾悗饾悢饾悡 饾悗饾悈 饾悕饾悗饾悥饾悋饾悇饾悜饾悇 [ 饾惉饾悳饾悶饾惂饾悮饾惈饾悽饾惃饾惉 ]
Tumblr media
cw: none, i think
word count:
characters: satoru, kento, suguru, x gn!reader
Tumblr media
饝亶 satoru gojo
satoru was on the couch, playing on his phone while waiting for you to finish some paperwork, he doesn't want to start the movie without you. he would pop his head in your room every 10 minutes to check you, but he got tired so he opted to just waiting.
moments later, you finally finished and when you went to the living room, you saw a satoru who was already scanning movies. you went to the kitchen to grab some snacks and drinks to last you for the entire movie.
returning to the living room, satoru engulfed you in a hug as soon as you took a seat on the couch, finally settling on a movie to watch for the day.聽
you both watched the movie, lying in each other鈥檚 embrace and arms, occasional comments on how dumb the character is to not notice the killer or how you both agreed that he was the first one to die in a horror movie and you鈥檇 turn out to be the murderer.
in the middle of the movie, you got a sudden urge to kiss him, so that鈥檚 what you did. planting a kiss on his cheeks, you smiled and felt warm inside, he doesn鈥檛 activate his infinity around you.
upon feeling a kiss being planted on his cheeks, he froze and smirked, taking his eyes away from the movie momentarily to give you a playful stare. he then straightened his back, letting go of you.聽
you thought he was annoyed that you pulled him out of the movie, but you quickly shook that thought away when your back was met by the soft cushion of the couch. a rather large figure hovered above you.聽
you expected kisses all over your face but nothing like that came. instead. fingers found their way to your side as he began to tickle the life out of you. you thrashed and laugh, heaving for breath as all the laughter was beginning to tire your lungs.
he stopped when your face was a mixture of red from too much laughing and blue from the lack of breath. he then planted kisses all over your face before wrapping you in his arms.聽
鈥渨ait so, who鈥檚 the killer again?鈥
鈥渋 think it was the adopted child鈥澛
鈥渙h my god, that鈥檚 terrible鈥
Tumblr media
饝亶 kento nanami
he was sitting on his desk while fixing some paperworks that he needed to finish before the day ended while you were in the kitchen, fixing dinner for the two of you. after a few minutes, it was done and you called for him.
with no response, you went up to the second floor to coax him to take a short break, dark bags appearing under his eyes from sleepless nights.
arriving at his room, you entered and sauntered to his desk, where his head was buried by stacks of paper. you took a file folder that he was about to reach and removed his eyeglass before planting a kiss on his temple.
"dinner's ready, love. i cooked your favorite" you said, making him stand up immediately and hold your hand, making your way towards the dining area. before digging into the food, you kissed him yet again, this time, on his soft cheeks
after the meal, he offered to do the dishes but you insisted that he just take a seat in the living room and watch a movie to unwind and take his mind off the pile of papers.
you finished moments later and accompanied him, planting a kiss on his cheeks. he noticed that you were giving him more kisses than usual. he took this as his cue to cuddle you while watching the movie. !
"you don't have to kiss me repeatedly, you can just ask for cuddles, darling" he said, planting a quick kiss on your lips.
"hmm, my kiss seemed to work though. and it seems to ease your stress" you replied and pressed your body closer to his, making him hum in return.
you both turned your attention back to the movie while giving comments here and there, sharing thoughts on what could've made the scene better.
"anne hathaway is really beautiful"
"not as much as you are"
Tumblr media
饝亶 suguru geto
he already noticed that you kept giving him random kisses since early in the morning. it was totally out of nowhere and there was no occasion nor concise reason for the kisses. he isn鈥檛 complaining though, if anything, he鈥檇 gladly accept more.
but he knows well that you have your own reason for these kisses and he was itching to know why. are you pissed off? did he do something to upset you? did he forgot any occasion or event? he was racking his mind for reasons and it was your kiss yet again that brought him back to reality.聽
鈥渟omething on your mind? the water is on the hottest setting" you said, signaling to the sink that was smoking because of the hot water being used to rinse the plates. you wrapped your arms around him, resting it on his stomach.
he hummed and sighed inwardly, relaxing into your touch and finishing the dishes quickly. he stiffened when you pressed a kiss to his nape. you won't stop pressing kisses randomly, huh?
upon finishing the dishes, he turned around and hoisted you up by the legs, placing you on the counter before leaning on you, resting his head in the crook of your neck as you ran your hand through the smooth strands of his hair, which is freed from its bun.
"hmm? what's the matter, hon?" you asked, no response. you lifted his head so that his eyes met yours and you asked again, more firm yet still gentle.
"it's just, you keep giving me random kisses" he replied sheepishly, returning to hiding in your neck, making you laugh.
"do you not like it?" you retorted and smiled when he littered kisses all over your neck, a silent reply of "i love them", and so, he lifted you up and brought you to your shared room before browsing the tv for movies.
he clicked on a familiar movie, making you snort and laugh as he gave you a playful glare.
"this movie again?"
"hey, that card trick in that one scene was insane"
Tumblr media
author's note: firsr attempt at writing the jjk men with fluff. oh my god i'm sorry if i'm bad with characrerization but i hope you guys liked this! notes and reblogs are highly appreciated! also, can you guess which movies you watched with them?
Tumblr media
漏 饾悂饾悜饾悎饾悊饾悋饾悡饾悩饾悓饾悎饾悜 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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percivore2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The boys aren鈥檛 alright 馃槪
New prints !
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itsiitsu15 hours ago
Tumblr media
When he is not intended first murder, judgeman tell him not guilty
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sxtooru10 hours ago
Tumblr media
no, because imagine dancing with him to "can't help falling in love with you" by elvis presley,,,,,,, his arms around you tightly as he rests his cheek on your head, a peaceful expression on both of your faces. occasional kisses he'd lay on your face, them growing into slow and deeper kisses that last long and taste sweet. i love you's shared between you two and ugh, it's just such a dream...
Tumblr media
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kurootoot21 hours ago
at the mercy of - professor toji (4/4)
before we get started鈥
if you guys can get this part to 20 reblogs i鈥檒l post comprehensive art for all the parts ;)) wink wink
you decided to avoid the professor at all costs, but he has other plans for you. when you top the class on the assignment, he decides to reward you. well.
pairing: fem!reader x toji fushiguro
warnings: age gap, teacher-student relationship, DUB-CON, oral (f!receiving), unprotected sex, degradation, praise
previous parts:聽part 1聽part 2聽part 3
Tumblr media
you heard the door bang shut. you scoffed. so he just comes and goes, classy. it was just you in the lecture hall now.
you looked down and grimaced at the sight. it was obscene. thick strands of white cum streaked across your thighs, so much so that it trickled down them.
you took pieces of tissue and hurriedly wiped them clean. when you saw that most of it was gone, you pulled up your underwear and flipped your skirt back. trying to look as unsuspicious as you could, you deftly opened the door and walked down the hallway.
even though you鈥檇 cleaned yourself up, you could still feel the sticky remnants of the professor on your skin.
when you reached your dorm, you quickly showered to wash away any memories from the past hour.
plopping your hair into a towel and wearing a clean set of clothes, you hopped onto bed. opening your laptop, you see a pop-up of your gmail.
Professor Toji Fushiguro 11.05pm
2 attachments
you just couldn鈥檛 get away from this bitch.
the email contained some articles and links about the previous assignment. i guess he鈥檚 not that useless after all. it was sent last night, probably after you went to his office鈥 you were too distracted to check your email.
that was it.
you closed your laptop and made a determined face. you promised yourself to pretend nothing ever happened between the two of you, and would keep your head down. you settled on focusing on the next assignment.
as much as possible, you tried to ignore professor fushiguro every time you saw him. whether it was in the hallways or across a room, you avoided eye contact and kept your distance.
no distractions.
you studied the links he sent you well, and worked on your assignment day and night鈥攚riting drafts and redrafts. in his classes, you took listened attentively and took notes, nothing more.
however, despite your efforts to cold-shoulder him, he never stopped bothering you.
while you looked at your desk, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice his piercing stare lingering on you for a little too long. you could see the smug expression on his face, not trying to hide the fact that he would blatantly ogle at you.
when he gave the class time to work on certain things, he鈥檇 almost always come around near you. he checked on the students sitting next to you, then proceeded to examine you.
he precariously leaned over you, hand on the handle of your chair. he鈥檇 drop random criticisms like 鈥渢oo wordy鈥 in a low voice, then circle round back to the front.
the attention made you uncomfortable. you just wanted him to leave you alone. nonetheless, a small part of you revelled in the excitement, that he had chosen you.
you were his girl.
you pushed the thought away.
other times, he stole touches from you. while walking around, his leg often brushed against yours. he always made a conscious effort to do all these things without people ever noticing.
this was a dirty little secret just between the two of you.
he鈥檇 drop pens near your leg and rest his hand on your inner thigh when he picked it up. you gasp at his touch and bite down your lip, your nervous expression earning smirk on his face.
two weeks went by like this. 锟
you kept him out of your sight as much as possible, while he continued to pursue little expeditions on you. despite these small occurrences however, you never spoke to one another or met alone.
when the deadline of the assignment came around, you felt relieved when you submitted it. it was a good assignment. you were sure you鈥檇 do well this time.
a few days later, you were sat in professor fushiguro鈥檚 lecture, looking down at your things.
鈥渂efore we start class, i鈥檇 like to congratulate certain people,鈥 the professor said into the microphone, his deep voice reverberating through the sound system.
鈥渨e saw a lot of improvements this time around, and i鈥檓 sure some of you would be pleased when you get back your results.鈥
he continued, 鈥渋n particular鈥 i鈥檇 like to single out miss y/n鈥. he said your name in a sultry voice that other students would have just taken as being dramatic. your breath hitched.
you looked up shyly, trying to ignore the stares you were getting and definitely not making eye contact with the professor.
鈥渟he topped the class this time around. good job.鈥
a few scattered claps echoed.
when you finally looked at his face, it was that stare again. the look he gave you when he wanted something from you. you gulped and bowed your head down once again.
after class, just as you had done umpteen times before, you quickly packed your bag and prepared to be one of the first ones out of the hall. you made swift steps towards the door鈥攗ntil you were stopped.
you bit your tongue when you felt the rough, large hand rest on your shoulder.
every touch of his intoxicated you.
he leaned in, just slightly, and said close to your ear, 鈥渕eet me after class, i have something for you.鈥 then, he walked out of the door.
for a while you stood rooted to the ground. here we go again.
when you entered the door, you sheepishly managed a 鈥測ou called for me?鈥
the professor was sitting at his desk as he always was, looking up at you with a large grin. 鈥渃ome on now, sit down.鈥
you gulped, and slowly made your way to the seat across his. your hands nervously fiddled with one another on your thighs.
the professor leaned over the table, arms outstretched but still sitting down.
鈥渋鈥檓 impressed miss y/n, you improved a lot.鈥
you nodded your head, not looking at him.
鈥渓ooks like someone鈥檚 been studying hard. or maybe you learnt a good lesson from me.鈥
he leaned back on his chair now, twirling his pen absentmindedly.
you nibbled on your lip.
you heard him chuckle before standing up and coming round the table. he leaned against the table, just next to your chair.
鈥測ou鈥檝e been avoiding me,鈥 he said in a low voice.
you looked up at him now. he鈥檇 noticed? what a fucking weirdo.
鈥渨hyd鈥檡a do that for?鈥 he almost whispered, leaning in and taking a lock of your hair in his fingers, twisting it endearingly.
he let his finger drop to your face, slowly tracing down your cheek to your chin, before taking a thumb and placing it softly on your lip.
you were completely transfixed, just letting him do whatever he wanted while looking straight into his eyes.
鈥測ou鈥檝e been such a good girl, working hard. do you want a reward?鈥 he whispered, cocking his head to one side to look at you, then the other side. his thumb gently rubbed at your lip.
you gulped, and slowly nodded. you hated yourself for being like this, but you couldn鈥檛 deny yourself anymore.
you wanted him. and you wanted him badly.
the professor marvelled at your innocent expression. your eyes were wide and glistened when you looked up at him, and the fact that you wanted him amused him greatly.
鈥済ood girl. i鈥檒l give you what you want,鈥 he said, stroking your cheek with his index finger.
鈥渉ave you been thinking about me?鈥
your face froze. you didn鈥檛 want to admit to him that in the past two weeks, he never left your mind.
you ached for his small gestures of affection in class, and you thought about him while you were in the shower.
almost every night, your fingers travelled below your waistband, and you came on them hard to the thought of him fucking you.
it was sick. you鈥檙e sick, you thought to yourself.
when you didn鈥檛 respond, he softly tightened the grip on your face. 鈥渁nswer me, baby鈥
your lips parted. 鈥測-yes.鈥
he smiled. 鈥渁nd what do you do when you think of me?鈥 he asked.
鈥渋- i touch鈥 myself,鈥 you barely hiccuped this out.
he closed his eyes and dropped his head, smirk growing wider. the thought of you masturbating to him turned him on so much. you little slut, he thought. pretending you don鈥檛 want me and then creaming yourself when you鈥檙e back in your dorm.
he looked at you again. now, he put his face close to yours. his nose brushed against yours and you felt his breath on your mouth.
鈥渟o what do you want me to do to you, miss y/n?鈥 his lips slightly grazed yours when he spoke.
鈥渒- kiss me. please.鈥 you begged softly. your eyes shimmered with anticipation.
he chuckled loudly and throatily. before you knew it, his lips came crashing down onto yours. harshly.聽
immediately, your mind went blank. the feeling of his lips on yours made you ecstatic. you鈥檙e his girl.
he pressed his face into yours, mouths intertwining and moving together. the rough scar on his lip contrasted to the softness of your plump ones. you head bobbed back and forward has he took your neck into his wide palm, tilting your head to shift into the kiss before changing positions.聽
this attention he was giving you drove you mad. even if he was being brash, he鈥檇 never shown any affection towards you like this.聽
then, a soft, warm muscle prodded brutally at your lip, forcing them to part. professor toji鈥檚 tongue dipped into your mouth, hot and heavy. he moulded his tongue against yours, twirling around and sucking hard. your eyes rolled to the back of your head, completely blissed out.聽
he parted from your lips suddenly, a trail of saliva still connecting to it.聽鈥測ou鈥檙e so desperate for me, huh kitten?鈥 you hummed at the pet name, brows furrowed to indicate that you wanted more.聽
two large hands wrapped around your waist and picked you up from the seat. the professor placed you onto the table and stood between your parted legs.聽
he rested his forehead against yours, your noses brushing each other gently.聽鈥測ou鈥檝e been such a good girl, i can鈥檛 help but make you feel good.鈥
his face went down your neck, nuzzling into it and placing harsh bruises. he sucked at your skin hard and nibbled it with his teeth softly. you knew he was purposely doing this to make his mark on you.聽
he decorated your collarbone and neck with hickeys, before trailing back up the side of your head.
there, he took your earlobe into his wet mouth, and sucked on it gently.聽the contact on this sensitive area made you throw your head back and close your eyes in pleasure.聽
his vast palms roamed around your body, rubbing up and down your sides and back, occasionally reaching for your ass and squeezing gently. his body was now plastered onto your front, and you could feel every one of his firm muscles.
then, without warning, he slipped a hand through the waistband of your pants and into your underwear. you gasped at the sudden movement and the feeling of his fingers against your clit.
鈥渟o fucking wet,鈥 he hummed into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.聽
in one swift motion, he tugged your pants and underwear off completely, leaving you completely exposed. your cheeks reddened. he moved away from your neck and stood in front of you, making it dead obvious that he was admiring your pussy.
he stared intently, a smirk on his face. his fingered dipped into your folds experimentally, sliding up and down your pink pussy and spreading it wide to get a good look.
鈥渟o pretty...鈥 he cooed, taking in the sight in front of him.
suddenly, he grabbed you by the hips and threw you further inward of the table. you were now leaning backwards, elbows supporting your weight and legs splayed on the table. it was embarrassing just how you opened your legs for him, letting him take in every inch of you without putting up a fight.聽
then, he slowly lowered his face towards the table, and right in front of your sex. he stayed there for a while, unmoving, just letting his hot breath blow softly onto your clenching pussy, making you wait in anticipation.聽
鈥渄o you want daddy to make you feel good kitten?鈥
fuck. your pussy pulsed.
鈥測-yes daddy. please.鈥
at once, he swiped a thick and firm line across your pussy, flattening his wide tongue. you threw your head back and moaned loudly. he sucked harshly on your clit, before dipping his entire face into your folds, making out with your hole.
his tongue slipped up and down your folds, grazing unyieldingly against your sensitive nerves.聽
鈥渄oes this feel good kitten?鈥 he didn鈥檛 move his face away,聽humming into your pussy. the vibrations caused you to groan loudly.
鈥測es professor! it feels- so good!鈥 you coughed up, his tongue still lapping at your pussy.
suddenly, he stood up and you groaned at the loss of contact. when you looked up at him, your body tensed at the burning glare he directed at you.聽
a tight slap hit your pussy. you screamed just a little in pain and pleasure. before you knew it, he slapped it again, hard, making you gasp.
鈥渨hat do you call me?鈥
you gulped,聽鈥渄-daddy. i鈥檓 sorry daddy.鈥
he lowered himself in front of your sex again, his warm tongue soothing the stinging pain on your cunt.聽
this time, he was unrelenting. he picked up the pace, his mouth and tongue moving mercilessly and not giving you time to catch a breath.
鈥渉-hngh! daddy! oh- it鈥檚 too much-鈥 you gasped.
he continued to bury his mouth into you, nuzzling his mouth periodically to create more friction.聽
soon, you felt your climax building up. he was just not letting up and you felt yourself get closer and closer. with the skilfulness of his movements and the softness of his wet tongue, you were growing weak, and pleasure radiated from your pussy.
at once, you came undone.聽
鈥渁hHhh- oh- oh...鈥 you groaned loudly. waves of pleasure pulsated in your body. you grabbed a fistful of the professor鈥檚 hair, shoving his face downwards and rocking your hips onto his mouth.
still riding his face gently, you let yourself fully immerse in your orgasm.聽
but this ended swiftly, when the professor took you by the wrist and tugged your hand off his head. he squeezed your arm tightly, making you writhe in pain.聽
鈥渁h-鈥澛犫渒now your fucking place you whore.鈥 he hissed.
grabbing you by the hips once more, he easily pulled you off the table. he spun you around and pushed you, making you fall onto the table, your ass up.
at an instant, a loud resounding slap reverberated in the room. you let out a soft whimper, your ass stinging smartingly. before the pain had a chance to subside, another slap was felt against your soft and delicate cheeks. tears welled up in your eyes.
then, he rubbed his calloused hands gently over the stinging area, soothing the pain. his hand dipped back into your folds, spreading you out playfully and squeezing at your lips.
you could hear him take off his pants and looked back to ogle at the sight. once more, you saw his cock freed from his boxers, thick and massive. you loved his cock.聽
he walked forward, placing his tip onto your cunt playfully.聽
鈥渉ow much do you want my fat cock kitten?鈥 you replied a little too quickly,聽鈥渟o much, daddy. i need your cock in me now.鈥
he obliged, immediately pressing all the way into you.
you wanted to scream. he was enormous, and didn't give you time to adjust at all. asshole.
his thick cock spread your pussy wide, and your walls ached. he reached places you didn鈥檛 even know existed. you鈥檇 never taken a cock this long before.聽
it hurt like fucking hell, but you wanted鈥攏o, needed him to move. whimpering, you rocked your hips forward desperately.
鈥渨hat do you want kitten? beg for it like you mean it.鈥 he hissed.
鈥渕ove, move please- i need you to fuck me..鈥 you begged, eyes watering.
鈥渋鈥檓 going to fuck you dumb you whore.鈥
he listened to you alright.
he pulled his dick out slowly, before slamming right back into you, hard. the force shook your whole body forward, before he drew out, and shoved his cock into you again.
soon, he picked up the pace, thrusting faster and faster but not compromising on the strength. with each thrust, his dick dug into your core, hard.聽
the pleasure was making you go giddy. the way his dick stretched you out felt like heaven. you loved being used by him like this. you wanted him to do nasty things to you, to fuck you like you were just his toy and nothing more.聽
his fingers dug into your hips as he pounded into you from the back, bruising your skin.
without taking his cock out, he carried you onto the table and spun you around to sit on it. he lifted your legs up to his shoulders. your pussy was completely at the mercy of him.
he was now looking directly at you while he continued to fuck you hard. a large smirk was plastered on his face as he drilled into you again, and again, and again. uncontrollable moans slipped out of your mouth and tears were streaming down your face in ecstasy as well as pain.聽
the professor looked down at your cunt, watching himself disappear into you repeatedly. he rested his palm on your abdomen, pressing down hard. you screamed in pain. you could feel every crevice of his cock like this.
鈥測es kitten, you take my dick so well. you should feel lucky you get to take my huge cock. no one will ever fuck you this good i promise.鈥
he was fucking cocky but you knew he was right.聽鈥渇uck- fuck yes daddy you have the best cock in the world. fuck-鈥 you could barely get your words out. your pussy was getting so sore and you felt your climax approach for the second time.
with a few more thrusts, you were coming undone around his cock. lewd moans fell from your mouth and your eyes rolled back. you could barely breathe.
鈥渟o pretty when you come. i could just watch you come all day, again and again.鈥
with each 鈥渁gain鈥, rocked his hip forward especially hard, before resuming his previous pace. you were so overstimulated but he showed no signs of stopping. fucking stamina.
the walls of your pussy throbbed and twinged. you didn鈥檛 know if you wanted more or if you wanted him to stop. either way, it didn鈥檛 matter to him.聽
you felt his cock twitch into your cunt. grunts escaped his mouth with ever thrust. he leaned his body onto yours, causing you to fall back onto the table. his large arms caged you down, and he hovered above you as he pounded.聽
he was getting close, and his movements were rocking the whole table. loud creaking sounds echoed threw out the room, and the table shifted backward ever so slightly.聽
please... please just come already. i can鈥檛 take this anymore.
a loud groaned ripped from the professors throat and his hip rocked so hard that his dick nestled into the deepest crevices of your cunt.
warm liquid coated your walls, streaking white on your insides. he came, a lot.聽
he bucked his hips forward harshly, riding out his high.
you were going to come again, so he pressed his fingers firmly against your clit. this was the last thing you needed to come undone again.聽
you both heaved, mesmerised in absolute pleasure.聽
cum continued to leak into your sex.聽by then, you were stuffed full with his seed. you didn鈥檛 know that someone could cum that much. it made you feel full and warm.聽
you were shaking at this point. your legs twitched and your pussy clenched uncontrollably. he had utterly wrecked you.
you were so sore from coming so hard so many times, and from being fucked senseless by his massive cock.
his face buried into the crook of your neck, thrusting slowly. your breath was heavy and you heaved against his firm body as he wrapped his arm around your waist.
鈥渕mm... you take my cock so well kitten,鈥 he hummed.
鈥測ou make me feel so good. did you like your present?鈥
you nodded your head vigorously, whimpering. your neck felt hot from his breath.
he let out a ghastly chuckle.
鈥渢hen you better keep working hard if you want daddy to fuck you again.鈥
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veenxys5 hours ago
銆孒ow JJK Characters would confess to their s/o銆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
猡 Gojou
gojou鈥檚 confession is all bright smiles, blithe laughter, and a ring-shaped snack that he put on your ring finger. you laugh at the absurdity of it 鈥 the sound of it sweet and warm and filled with fondness 鈥 he can鈥檛 help but just鈥tare. and when you grow self-conscious under his gaze and jokingly say, 鈥測ou know people are going to think we鈥檙e a couple or something if you keep doing things like these.鈥 he can only smile at that, 鈥渃ompletely fine by me,鈥
猡 Itadori
itadori鈥檚 confession is a little out of nowhere. it鈥檚 more of a party for just two in the kitchen than baking a birthday cake for a mutual friend. and it鈥檚 your favorite songs playing a little too loud in the background and singing on top of your lungs, the sight of you using a whisk as a mic making him laugh. and between all the laughter and carefreeness, he turns to you with a happy smile and soft eyes before yelling over the music, 鈥渋 need to tell you something,鈥 he can鈥檛 help but laugh at the pure joy in your eyes, 鈥渋 like you, i really like you,鈥
猡 Fushiguro fushiguro鈥檚 confession is all softness and laced with sleepiness. he鈥檚 on your bed and you鈥檙e playing with his hand while he just lazily watches the way your fingers move around his. it鈥檚 all platonic, you tell yourselves, except there鈥檚 a heavy sense of something else in your gazes. and when you suddenly ask him what keeps him up at night, he pauses for a long while. years of tip-toeing around his feelings leaves him hesitant but if not now then when exactly. 鈥測ou, mostly,鈥 he hums, 鈥渂ecause you鈥檙e a pain in the ass鈥ut also because you have the most beautiful, ridiculous laugh and mind, and i like you a little too much,鈥
猡 Nobara nobara鈥檚 confession is barely above a whisper in the dead of a cold, winter night. there鈥檚 nothing romantic about it, no big gestures with bouquet of flowers or a long poetry with your name in it. but she notices you鈥檙e cold and she holds your hand and when your gazes meet, a soft smile tugging on her lips and just like that, the words leave her mouth so comfortably like they were always meant to be said, 鈥渦nfortunately, i like you.. like a lot, y/n,鈥
猡 Nanami nanami confession would be something traditional and clich茅 but at the same time so beautiful it would make your heart melt; he would take you to dinner at your favorite restaurant and he would hold your hand gently all the time, stroking lightly as he looks at you with his eyes shining. at the end of the night, he would take you to a quiet place, just the two of you surrounded by the immensity of the stars in the sky - and honestly, he鈥檇 be a little nervous for fear of rejection, but he鈥檇 say whatever his heart is asking for say so long.
Tumblr media
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ambrodias7 hours ago
Don't you love me, mommy?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
嗉 Megumi Fushiguro x Reader
Megumi steals his dad's pretty gf
銋も Warnings. AFAB reader, MOMMY KINK, DEGRADATION, edging, dacryphilia, slight size kink too bc he's got toji's genes hehe, creampie, possessive 'Gumi, pussy slaps, unprotected sex, cheating, objectification, age gap mentioned (y/n is of Megumi's age, early 20s and toji in his 40s), spit kink, bita angst ig, mean dom! Megumi :(
銋も Note. This is my toji smut's reverse. Y'all wanted reverse? Y'all get reverse in every sense. And I blame @oikawabreakme and this post here for this idea lmao. Pfft, I'm not even here to see the damage. Have fun finally getting it on queue.
#tags. @manjiken @s-zu
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"What's the matter, mommy?" Your cheek's pressed to the couch, a hand over your flushed face to shield your obvious embarrassment,"Am I too much for you?"
Talented fingers move inside you at a fast pace,"'Gumi, sto-ah!" You can't even finish your sentence because the dark haired man above you is curving his fingers, the pads of his index and middle fingers nudging at your sweet spot,"Please," You beg as you feel him press his thumb on your clit. Your arm's yanked away, exposing your heated face to your boyfriend's son,"Please what?" A snicker brushes against your lips before a teasing kiss lands on your panting mouth.
His tongue is shoved inside your wet cavern, tangling yours up in a tango. Wrist flicking harshly on your pussy had you pouring muffled cries in the kiss. Megumi moans against your lips at how good you feel wrapped around tight on his fingers. His deadbeat old man didn't deserve this pussy, he didn't deserve you.
His thumb rubs smooth eights on your nub while his digits plunge inside you with vigour. Breaking the kiss, Megumi rests his wet lips on your jaw, breath moist on your skin, "Ya' want me to stop?"
Before you process his words, he's pulling his fingers out with a wet 'pop'. A breathy chuckle hangs in the room following your whine,"'Gumi," He loves how you seem confused like you can't decide. To him, there's nothing to decide, he's the better man for you, not his fucking father. And he's gonna drill that into your mind, even if he has to fuck your brains out before that.
"Just fuckin' saying my name like that," His palm lands roughly on your fluttering cunt, you crying out because of the slap and he smirks,"And yet you chose him." Dark eyes filled with unbridled hatred stare down at you,"Over me." He spat, malice intertwined with hurt in his voice. Your eyes fluttered, lips parting to tell him how you had pinned for him since you both were in Tokyo High but he never showed any interest. So, when you met his father at an unexpected jeopardy of a mission-"I only chose him 'cause-" But he doesn't want an explanation.
"Yeah? You wanna be a whore for my father?" His fingers press on your jaw. Bruising. Punishing,"Then I'll treat you like one." Mouth crashing on yours in a rough kiss, all teeth and tongue. He bit your plump lower lip. Hard. You tasted metal at the tip of your tongue. His eyes spoke for him,'I want to hurt you. Feel my pain.'
You're breathing hard from the intensity of the kiss when he delivered another slap to your pussy. With a yelp, your legs sandwiched his arm. A grin spreads on his lips, expression borderline sadistic when your eyes squeeze shut and you turn your face to the side,"Aw mommy, did that hurt?"
You sob out an unintelligible murmur for response. You don't even recall how you ended up under your boyfriend's son, on his couch, clothes thrown across the room- probably ripped. You were supposed to have dinner at some fancy restaurant Toji was taking you to tonight. It's not uncommon for him to pamper you like this. He'd usually take you out after he gets a job done. His job's dirty but pays well. Yet you're here, almost cumming on his son's- your long time crush's- fingers,"Speak up, whore."
"Yes, Megumi!" Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes from humiliation,"Then apologize," His hand wretched from between your legs only to be replaced by his cock. Slapping the cock head against your sensitive entrance, he chuckled,"You want it?" The tip hit your wet folds with a squelch,"You want my cock?" Your hands are around his neck, holding onto his body like your life depends on it,"Yes, please."
"Then apologize for choosing that old man when you coulda' done better." You can't help but notice how his eyes remind you of Toji's, the same green hue, while it had been the opposite when you first kissed the older man.
"'M sorry, 'Gumi." Your whimper doesn't satisfy him,"Not good 'nough." Another cock slap on your sensitive pussy and you're wailing, babbling,"Please, Megumi, I'm so sorry," He laughs, breathy and bitter,"Beg like the little whore you are, c'mon, mommy." You wanted him to stop calling you that but it's weirdly arousing, you don't understand why your cunt clenched at the title from his lips. But you had wanted your first time with Megumi to be sweet, for him to moan your name while you tell him how you love him- have loved him since forever.
"Sorry, 'Gumi, 'm sorry for being a whore n' choosing your dad,"
"Yeah, good enough for me," He sneered, thrusting inside you and bottoming out with one deep stroke. A scream tore through your lips, back arching off the couch. He might not be as huge as his dad but he's long, stretching you just right.
Megumi marveled as your breasts pressed to his chest and oh, he felt like he's gonna cum right now because you were squeezing his leaky cock so nicely,"Ah fuck," Pulling out till just his tip was breaching your entrance, he pushed in roughly, with a punishing pace at that,"He's been having this every night, eh?" Head thrown back, your toes curl at the sting when he talks about you like you're just an object,"Well, this pussy's mine now." Grabbing your jaw, he brings your face to his,"Open your mouth." He delivers a deep thrust when you fail to comply. Your jaw slackens in a loud yelp. Eyes shoot open when you feel a large drop of liquid wet your tongue with a soft thud,"Swallow." Megumi warned,"You're mine now." He jeers when you swallow his spit.
The drag of his cock is slow and deep against your walls first, a tantalizing pace that made you go mad,"Faster please," Your legs wrap around his waist and pull him in deeper, holding him close,"Yeah?" Spreading your thighs open, he drills into your pussy,"You asked for this." Your nails dig on his shoulders and back, drawing blood as a purchase of how he's jackhammering inside you, hitting your spot again and again. Cries and grunts fill the room, the couch scratching, creaking on the floor from his force. A hand squeezes your breast harshly, teeth clamping down on the other. Your walls tighten from the pain, and you feel the veins running along his cock pulse inside you.
You're gonna cum and he can tell from how your breathing picked up and how you're thrashing under him. So he stopped his pounding, grinding his hips in circles against yours, cock twitching deep but not deep enough to press against the rough patch inside you. You hiccup, whimpering in denial and try to buck up into him but Megumi's bigger hands hold down your hips firmly,"Fuck, take it." Spurts of warm ropes shoot inside you as he thrusts lightly with shallow bucks of his hips,"Take it all," Pulling out, Megumi watches in amusement as your cunt clenched around empty air, his cum pouring out, dripping down your ass and making a mess on the couch.
"Need you," Your sob breaks his trance. Glancing at your tear stained face, he feels a pang of guilt in his chest,"'Gumi, please, need to cum," His hand finds your ruined hole, fingers brushing lightly over the wet folds as he watched you squirm,"Yeah?" Thumb fiddling at your clit, he watched every reaction of yours,"Then beg like the good little whore you are."
Pleas bleed through your lips before he's plunging two of his fingers inside your pussy,"That's right," Digits ram against your spot as he fucks his seed deeper inside you,"You're just a whore who's only good for being a toy." His words hurt, you bit your lip to keep your sobs in- unsure about what your tears are of, his words or his actions. When he kisses you, it starts out rough like everything he's doing to you but turns passionate by the end, fingers burying knuckles deep within you,"Don't you love me, mommy?" There's still a tone of condescension but the desire of approval, the desperation didn't go unnoticed by you,"Yes," You breathe against his lips,"I love you, 'Gumi."
"Then cum for me, y/n." Your heart fluttered at the mention of your name, cunt gushing on his hand. The hint of adoration in his green eyes was gone as soon as it had appeared,"What a filthy slut ya' are, mommy." Megumi holds up his hand, drenched in the mixture of his and your cum,"Clean it up for me, will ya'?" Not a question. Even if he phrased it like one. Because he's shoving two of his digits past your lips. Your tongue swipes around the pads of his fingers, tasting the sweet tang.
Your phone ringing had his attention,"Would you look at that," Megumi snarls, pulling his fingers out of your mouth,"It's your boyfriend." Lips press against yours, possessively,"Dear ol' dad."
Your hands push at his chest lightly,"What? You still wanna go back to him?" The anger fades to a taunting smirk,"With my cum dripping down your thighs?"
Tumblr media
2021 漏 all content belongs to ambrodias. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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getougender15 hours ago
neither megumi nor yuuji was a leash kid growing up but i 100% believe that yuuji would wander into weird places鈥攈e鈥檇 find his way out just fine, but you鈥檇 look up and he鈥檇 be Gone鈥攁nd megumi bit people
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poe-daydreams7 hours ago
sukuna with a very non-confrontational/introverted s/o (this finna be OOC yall, tbh much like all my other content 馃様)
he usually drives but the one time you do, sukuna ends up butting heads with a shitty driver that nearly crashes into yall - oh he would cuss them out so bad.聽
if you happen to be driving next to them afterwards;
鈥淵/n, roll your window down-鈥 鈥淣o- it鈥檚 okay-鈥 鈥淵/n, roll your聽window down鈥
always watching carefully for the first few moments whenever someones showing any kinda attitude towards you, and then intercepts at the right timing - aint nobody talkin to his lover like that
youre too afraid to tell the waiter abt being given the wrong order? he鈥檚 got you. afraid of making phone calls? be not afraid, calling does not bother him in the slightest. will also tell everybody else to shut the fuck up if youve got something to say and theyre not listening
yea he鈥檇 prolly sigh and tell you that聽鈥測ou鈥檙e helpless鈥 but u know he does this shit for u anyway,, develops a sixth sense of telling whether somethings wrong bc u never say whats on your mind smhh hes been observing closely ever since he started liking you
truly doesnt understand why youd rather sit and suffer in silence than tell somebody abt the damn problem but ig thats all the more excuse to always keep an eye on you lmao
sometimes maybe he takes it a bit far tho, like punching someone in the face bc they did/said smth mean to you (kinda rare tho bc uhm who鈥檇 wanna mess with someone that has a scary tattooed man looking over them) - you dont like causing a scene so obviously this was a distressing experience, maybe he realises hes not using the best solution when he sees you crying abt it tho
yall talk it out and he tones it down a bit lol i say a bit bc we all know this man cant tolerate bs from others LMAO
he finds it intriguing that you do an almost 180 indoors in private - more cheeky and playful, unafraid of opening up now that youre comfortable in the little bubble you and him have. i think he鈥檇 also like that its a side of yourself you show only to a select number of ppl, and he鈥檚 one of those people
sometimes, he does get frustrated however, simply bc he just cant relate to these fears of what he thinks are just mundane things, no biggies an argument occurs at one point and he raises his voice at you but feels bad abt it afterwards (this man would probably say smth hella mean in the spur of the moment too tbh) and apologises in his own way after you stop looking at him in the eye for days
highkey wouldnt leave you tho bc he loves you and he cant stand the thought of you closely relying on someone other than him oop (like 鈥渉a??? why are THEY ordering your super specific bubble tea order for you?? thats MY job鈥)
anyway i see that ppl agree that sukunas highly extroverted and shit but imo? i dont think this man would particularly like mingling with lots of people and dealing with crowds (would he even like people in general??) so i think that indoor dates would work well with him haha聽
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Yuji: Hey, do you want to know who's amazing? Read the first word.
Yuji, ten minutes later: I fucked that up.
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