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Character(s): Satoru Gojo, Megumi Fushiguro, Kento Nanami
Form: Headcanon
Genre: SFW contains suggestive content.
Synopsis: In which they get jealous when you flirt with others.
A/N: Hihi beautiful,, thanks for requesting!!

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“When I get back I’ll give you a ton of kisses okay?”




“I love you!”

“I love you too…!”

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Oh my god 💀

Gojo Siwa is real and you can’t tell me otherwise

credits to Alyhria Yui

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Originally posted by frailuta

-ˋˏ [] ˎˊ- 𝐒𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐍 — pride

night after night, all your dreams consisted of satoru. could they even be considered dreams at this point? every single time he ends up killing you and you can’t escape it. “stop it! i can’t take it!”

mai couldn’t ignore it any longer. she didn’t want to see her sister suffer because of her stubbornness. “have you heard the phrase pride is going to be the death of you?”

you tilted your head, “yeah?”

“i think it was written for you and only you.”

“you’re annoying,” you huffed.

“you really don’t feel anything?”

does she even listen when you talk? “have i not already explained this multiple times? my feelings do not matter. my feelings do not pay the bills.”

“you’re going to drive yourself to an early grave, you know that?” even with your answer, she already got what she needed. “you have a funny way of saying you’re in love with him.”

“i’m not in love with my riv-”

“hasn’t he told you this already? he doesn’t want to be your rival. he loves you but you’re too busy focusing on everything but him.” you didn’t want to hear her speech but you had no choice. “i think you’re afraid of him. you can go on dates with satou but with gojo you can’t do shit because you’re so afraid of fucking up.”

she sounded ridiculous. who the hell fears satoru? “i’m not afraid.”

“then what? what is it? i’m your sister, i know you. what is holding you back?”


satoru wasn’t doing too well without you. at first, he thought he could replace you with yua but it didn’t work. every time he held her, he thought of you. he thought about placing kisses on your neck, hearing you say his name, tasting you one more time. god he loved how you tasted.

he missed hearing your voice and seeing your smile. it hurt knowing that every time the two of you went to work you did everything in your power to avoid him.

“i thought we were doing better,” his face fell into his hands. “i’m such an idiot. it’s my fault for agreeing knowing how much i love her.”

all he could do is hope satou loves you the way he does. unfortunately, satou loves you. he loves you so much that it’s insane. he loves how passionate you are about your job, he loves how when you’re nervous you crack your knuckles; he love the way you look at the moon; he loves how happy you get when you eat strawberries; he loves how warm you are.

is it possible to love a woman this much? is it possible to love someone that you forget how to speak?

both gojo and satou knew how much of an effect you had on them, but you didn’t even notice. you didn’t notice that you were slowly killing these two men.

doing their best to not reach out to you and hide you from the world. they knew you’d never agree–well, not without a fight. you were strong, you could lead twelve armies on your own. you could win wars without trying because you were just that amazing but, that’s not why they loved you. anyone could be strong, but you knew you weren’t perfect. you knew you had shit to work on and that’s what you did. you worked until your eyes became heavy and your mouth became dry.

“yua?” he mumbled into his phone, confused why she was interrupting his pity party. “sure. yeah, come over.” he said it without thinking. he didn’t want to have sex with her when all he could think about is you. it was unfair to her.

he waited silently. practicing how he’d break the news that their little entanglement is over.

╭ ◜ ୨୧ ◝ ╮

it’s clear that these dreams had no intention of leaving you alone.

you sat in a dark and empty room. a light shined on your face, but there was no one behind it. “so tell me…” the voice began. “who do you have left?”

“no one,” you held back tears.


“no one!” you were truly alone. you’ve turned into the woman that you’ve never wanted to become. alone and bitter, with no one left by your side.

it forced you to watch images of your life. “this isn’t working, y/n,” it was satou. “you don’t have time for anyone but yourself.” you wasn’t selfish for wanting to make a living, was she?

“i’m tired of trying to help you when you don’t listen.” you tried to reach out to mai, but she vanished before you could touch her.

this last one hurt. “i’m tired of the silly little games.” it was gojo, but he didn’t disappear. you watched as he grew old with yua, forgetting all about his little coworker.

“so tell me,” a mirrored version of you stepped out of the shadows. this version of you leaned down so the two of you could be eye level, “who do you have left?”

“nobody.” those words echoed for what seemed to be centuries. 𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮, 𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮, 𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮, 𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮, 𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮, 𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮, 𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮, 𝙣𝙤𝙗𝙤𝙙𝙮! the more you resisted, the louder they got.

when you finally woke up from this nightmare, you realized you couldn’t live like this any longer. you would not lose satoru, your job will always be there but he will not–well maybe the job would go too but jobs are replaceable–and you don’t want a repeat of your second year.

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gojō satoru | jujutsu kaisen [watermark cosmicvoeux™ added]


Disclaimer: The image/s used are my own screenshots. However, I do not own Jujutsu Kaisen. All Rights Reserved and full credits goes to the rightful owner/s.

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gojō satoru | jujutsu kaisen [watermark cosmicvoeux™ added]


Disclaimer: The image/s used are my own screenshots. However, I do not own Jujutsu Kaisen. All Rights Reserved and full credits goes to the rightful owner/s.

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rendezvous - pt. i

- pairing: student!gojo x student!reader

- warnings: child abuse, abusive parents, violence, swearing

- genre: sorcerer!reader, high school, fluff, angst, basically a mix of everything lmao

- summary: ever since you could even remember, you’ve had the ability to see cursed spirits- grotesque creatures that the average person was clueless to. before your father went missing, he left you with a single item to remember him by, and now living with your abusive mother and step-father, you’ve kept it to yourself unbeknownst to its true identity. 

- a/n: this ‘series’ is probably gonna be around 5-10 parts? lol i honestly don’t know where it’s gonna go yet, so updates will most likely be pretty slow;( i’m also pretty new at this whole writing thing, so please leave comments with ur opinions!

- wc: 2.3k


Stepping off the bus at your regular stop, you smoothed down the creases in your uniform skirt, pulling at one of your white knee high socks to make it seem like you’d been wearing them for the whole day. 

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pairing : gojo satoru x gender neutral reader

warning :
reader smokes cigarettes (doesn’t really affect story tho, just a little detail)

wordcount : 794

a/n : wanna preface this by saying the concept of seeing jjk men for the first time is entirely from @violetnotez​ ‘s headcanon so pls go check that out if u haven’t alrdy! anyways i’m so sorry for not posting this week at all asiudaskdaskmld i’m suffering from writer’s block and this was the most i could muster


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Gojo seems like the guy that spanks ur clit.

I’m not taking creative criticism.

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request: Hello! Hello! Can you do a a father! Gojo with a daughter and he spoiled her rotten? I need some fluff with the things that going on with the manga. I really love your blog keep up the good work!❤

note: honey, i’ve got you. as a fellow manga reader, the thing we all need rn is a fucking break. but am glad you like my blog love! TT makes me super happy and wanna try harder to put more stories out cx but i enjoyed this prompt! it is very cute and definitely what we all need. i decided to make it into an entire headcanon, since that brings more joy cx i hope you don’t mind love~

pronouns: she/her

note: gojo is a single father here, because we need to give single fathers some love~

  • gojo satoru with a child - god, this is so freaking cute TT of course it’s hard to imagine this man child having his own child, but the sight alone can have even nanami softening at how happy the usually pain in the ass is
  • because your mother is no longer in the picture, gojo has to juggle not only his responsibilities as a jujutsu sorcerer, but also as a father of a young child
  • you spend most of your time in jujutsu tech, mainly under the care of ieiri since gojo trusts that she will take care of you when he is a little pre-occupied; which she does, since she is the god mother of the child
  • gojo loves, and i repeat, loves, to spoil you rotten - if you want a toy, you will get it no matter what. if he spots something in a baby store that he thinks is gonna be cute on you, he will get it, even if he is in the middle of a mission
  • if you want a new cooking set from the mall? sure, let’s go and get it. want a bigger doll house for your doll? he can get a custom one build for you if you want. see a cute dress in the store? why don’t you two go and try it on
  • he doesn’t mind if people give him weird looks - his daughter is currently dressed in a cute dress and twirling around like a little princess. do not disturb him as he basically tears up at how adorable you look right now
  • a very affectionate father - he loves cuddling you and kissing all over your face, and you love all the attention you get too, giggling and hugging him tightly when he presses kiss all over your face
  • records every moment he is with you; his entire camera roll is filled with pictures and videos of you - he just doesn’t want to miss the small moments with you since he can get really busy with work
  • it was because of this habit that he had accidentally caught a lot of moments - your first words, which was ‘baba’, standing up on your own, taking your first few steps, when you spilled water all over your self because you tried to drink from his tall glass
  • if you inherited his Six Eyes, he is never going to stop bragging about it to everyone that he makes great babies - and people want to strangle him even more 
  • speaking of nanami - he trusts his kouhai with his life, so it wasn’t hard to trust him with you. and you love nanami by the way; you always perk up whenever you see the usually stonic man, who’d crack a small smile as he carefully took you from your father’s arms
  • “no fair! why do you give little y/n-chan a smile and not me? your favourite senpai?”
  • “because being around her is a pleasure while being around you is a headache.”
  • is not above using you as an excuse by the way - he uses you to get out of things like long meetings with the higher ups of the jujutsu world, family gatherings with the gojo clan, and sometimes even meetings with principal yaga when he isn’t in the mood
  • “sorry - Y/N had decided that today is our father-daughter date night. we plan on going out to watch a movie and shop for a new cooking set for her. can’t make it~”
  • speaking of the father-daughter date night - every week, without a fail, he will clear one day out of the week to bring you out on a normal day. carnivals, walking around the city, visiting a new theme park. just a day where you two can bond together and do everything you want
  • megumi, who was brought up under gojo’s care way before you were in the picture, would treat you like the younger sister he never had
  • he would probably be the one to discipline you, since gojo is absolutely shit at saying no to you, and will teach you more practical skills like cooking and how to iron clothes - all the mundane and boring things that your father is hopeless at
  • would probably let you meet all of his fellow classmates and friends by the way - and the student body will become super protective of you because you just stole all their heart the moment megumi introduced you to them
  • gojo will bring you to class and let you colour on his desk while he teaches a lesson, since sometimes you can be a little whiny and refuse to be with anyone else but your father
  • the students didn’t mind too much, and even enjoy the moments where they can see a more mature and even softer gojo satoru then usual - the certain coldness and animosity that lies beneath his façade crumbling the moment he sets his eyes on you
  • as you grow up, he’d give you the choice of either staying in his world and becoming a sorcerer as well, or living your life as a civilian - he will always let you choose what your heart desires
  • if you choose to stay as a shaman, he will make sure you train you up under his care - sure, he trusts others to help you hone your skills better. but he will make sure that you learn the basics of your Inherited Technique from him so that you can become as strong as he is 
  • if you choose to live a normal life, he will not oppose either - making sure that you can live as normal of a life that you can with you being his daughter
  • if someone does so much as touch a strand of hair on your head? gojo will literally obliterate the person before they can even take another breath - he will not tolerate anyone or anything trying to hurt you
  • never hides anything from you - if he is seeing someone, he will tell you. if you ask him something about a mission, even if it’s top secret, he will tell you. if you want to know more about your mother, he will tell you whatever he knows about her
  • there are no secrets between the two of you, since gojo understands how important it is to have trust when you’re building a strong relationship with each other
  • however, if there is one thing that doesn’t change, is his lack of care when it comes to handling his finances
  • even now, if you ask him for money to get a designer purse that your favourite model raved about, who was he to stop you? he’d just hand the money to you with a simple, “show it to me when you get home.”
  • he will bring you on shopping trips if you want, both of you getting custom matching pieces done together just because it looks cool and pretty much buying whatever you set your eyes on - no matter how practical or how expensive it is
  • with that being said though, no matter how old you get, if you come running to him crying about a stressful day at school, he will drop everything he was doing and just pull you into a warm hug. shushing you softly and letting you cry all the pain and stress out while he just holds you close
  • he’ll always be your pillar of familiarity and comfort, especially when he knows that sometimes you feel out of place without having a maternal figure to release all your problems on. 
  • even though you have ieiri to help you with more female issues like your first period and boy issues, it’s not the same - and he knows that
  • but he tries his hardest, and you show your appreciation for just how far your father will go for you to make your life easier
  • in conclusion, a super c dhilled dad that pretty much lets you get away with anything, and tries his hardest to give you as normal as a life he can. sure, he can be busy, but you’re always his number one priority, and someone he’d take a bullet for. he loves to spoil you with monetary means, but will always show you that he loves you through small actions like a long hug after a long day or a good cuddle on the couch if you’re stressed out
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feel free to use for anything even tho they’re low quality <3

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Additonally: (sorry for adding on!) Despite my rough personality, I’m a pretty sensitive person. I can make jokes about myself, but I get hurt when someone else adds onto it and makes fun of me. I have a really hard time sleeping. The only I can sleep is if I’m on the verge of passing out. I have bad mommy issues where psychical and verbal abuse was in play when I was a toddler and up. I’m an only child so I never got a happy childhood. I was spoiled with items but not love. I look for validation because it makes me feel better about myself.

Hello!! It’s ok for you to add some to the ask ^^

Sure! JJK matchup coming right up lol

I match you with…

Gojo Satoru


Originally posted by yuuki-ko

  • You and Satoru both have dirty thoughts ‘cause have you seen this man?? This manchild??
  • Will have a movie night with you every week he like you also love barbie movies and the two of you sometimes sang together to the movie’s soundtrack. Once in a while he also invites his students and all of you just watch movies together.
  • He also has a big crackhead energy so you don’t have to worry being the only one with crackhead energy. Nanami is probably tired of the two of you because he may be the victim of you and Satoru’s pranks along with Inumaki, Panda, and Itadori.
  • Satoru loves it when you are being blunt especially to the elders. He thinks they reallt deserves it and they do deserve it.
  • Satoru will love squishing your cheeks and hugging you even though he needs to bend down. He makes fun of your height sometimes when it is him that is too tall. (being short is a pain when you have tall friends T_T)
  • Knowing you love soft things satoru will bring you many plushies as a souvenir when he has to go on a mission.
  • Satoru will tell you he loves all of you 24/7
  • When he notices you start to feel empty he will get close to you and just hug you because he doesn’t know what to do but he wants to help you.
  • He won’t touch you if you don’t want to and will ask for your consent all the time.
  • He loves your dark sense of humor and the two of you enjoy teasing each other.
  • Satoru probably doesn’t notice that you feel that way at first because he can be dense sometimes (all the times) but when he knows that you feel that way he will stop.
  • He probably relates to you a lot with your problems I feel like he is also spoiled as a kid with many offerings but little to no affection. So he bonds with you in that aspect.
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