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#jujutsu kaisen imagines
have you considered,,,merman gojo? do you think he’s interested in the human world too? or already knows abt it?? omg I am softTM for merman gojo concepts tonight (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
Hmm honestly I've never thought about it 🤔 but now that you mention it I do find the concept appealing hehe 💙
Merman! Gojo x Reader
Tumblr media
Gojo would definitely be a beautiful merman with ocean blue eyes and snow white hair. While his tail is long and strong with scales that glow when reflected in the light. His beauty would be out worldly.
Gojo would definitely be interested in the human world even though he was warned many times not to. He can't help but sneak off to see the beautiful lights illuminating the quiet oceanside town.
At night he'll lean on a rock and admire the stars up above, it's a sight that always manages to calm him.
He's always careful to not let any humans see him but he'll curiously poke his head out of his water to listen to their conversation.
When things from the human world end up in the sea, Gojo would definitely take an interest in collecting and studying them.
One day when he wanted to gaze at the stars he spotted a single figure sitting by the rocks. Curiosity got the best of him so he decided to take a peek. He always wanted to see a human up close. Hiding behind the many rocks he peeks and immediately widens his eyes at the sight of you.
You hair gently flowing against the breeze, your two feet dipping into the water. Your eyes staring up into the sky just he was planning to do. Until you felt an usual presence staring at you-that's when your orbs meet his crystal blue ones. You let out a small gasp while Gojo quickly sinks into the water.
You've heard the tales the town spoke of the mermaids and mermen who's beauty was exquisite but once you become bewitched by them. They will bring you into the sea with them, never again seeing the sun.
You couldn't help but be captured by his orbs, slowly glancing around you to find any signs of him. Calmly calling out to him "is anybody there? I promise not to hurt you!" Gojo couldn't forget the sight of you, he never seen a human this close. As he mulled over your words, he slowly swam towards a rock in front of you. Hiding behind it, he spoke softly "hello?"
You head snapped towards the sudden voice and once again your eyes met his. Your breathe hitched, as you take in his sight of his beautiful features especially the scales that glow underneath the moonlit sky. He was more beautiful than you could of ever imagined.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @the-fandoms-georgie @crapimahuman @annie-acadia @iwanttobefuckedbysatorugojo @spicyyren @asmaeackerman1 @clearlynotellie @clearlynotasimp @josie-jovan @your-waifuuuuu @dokiwoki @armiihhh
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sugawara-sweetheart · 3 hours ago
❣︎toji fushiguro❣︎
❥warnings: like tiny tiny tiny angst but it’s cute okay bear with, toji is kinda a bit of a dick but like🥺
❣︎inspired by my results from a uquiz and also koyanagi and kabakura from wotakoi and also i just want toji to have some happiness bc i read the manga and my man deserves so much better <33
“hey, babe, do you want a cup of tea?”
there’s a scoff and even though you refuse to look at him, you can see the smug smirk tugging at toji’s lips, the scar on the corner distorting as he raises a brow with amusement.
“the cold shoulder? very mature of you, babe.”
you merely twist away from him, huffing as you focus on your phone more blatantly even though really, nothing’s going in. you can never focus whenever toji’s around- but your chest still stings with more than just sheer pettiness as he groans, obviously rolling his eyes.
“come on. stop ignoring me.” you stiffen as he approaches, his hand gentle as he taps your shoulder. “come on, babe. are you really sure you want to ignore me? really?”
his breath is hot, dancing along your skin as he lowers his face, pressing his lips to your neck. your body trembles as shivers run along it, butterflies fluttering in your stomach as your heart skips a beat- but no. he always does this.
“fuck off.” your voice is venom as you bat toji away, icy cold flashing in your eyes and he looks surprised as he stands up straight.
“what, you’re seriously annoyed? really?”
you don’t want to meet his eyes as you can feel your eyes sting with the hot tears but it’s too quick- a tear drips down your cheek and toji’s hand is quick to grip your wrist before you can wipe it away.
“why are you crying?” it’s one straw too many. your tears are hot as they stream down your face, your sobs loud and choked as they fill the room, your vision blurring as you stare at toji.
“why can’t you just apologise for once? you know you take it too far every time so why can’t you just ever say sorry?”
you tug your hand away as you wipe your face roughly with the hem of your sleeves but toji’s gentle as he slowly pulls your hands away from your face. his touch is soft as he brushes the coarse pads of his thumbs against your cheek, wiping away your tears with a smile still lingering on his face.
“okay.” he says, rubbing your back soothingly before pressing a kiss to your blotchy, tear-stained cheeks. “i’m a dick, arent i?” you nod in agreement as you hiccup, lowering your head onto his chest and fisting his t-shirt as his arms wrap around you, holding you close as you stain his clothes with tears.
“y-yeah. the actual worst.”
“yep, you’re right, babe.” you can hear the smile in his voice as you hiccup, inhaling in his cologne as you bury your face in his chest.
“a-and you smell. and your hair’s funny.” toji hums, holding back his chuckles of laughter as he pats your head, nodding.
“yep. definitely.”
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shingekiyofeels · 3 hours ago
Hi :D can I request a Jujutsu Kaisen matchup? 👑
Appearance: I have dark brown eyes and hair, I wear glasses and have a long curly mohawk haircut. I'm 1.64 cm tall and have a slim body type but I would love to gain more muscle!
Love language: I think my love language would be Quality time and Acts of service.
Personality: I'm often quiet but when I'm comfortable enough I love to make others laugh and can be sassy and sarcastic. I'm often told I have a resting b!tch face but when I talk to someone I tend to smile a lot. I also take my studies really seriously so I'm often stressed and in a bad mood because of not sleeping well so I prefer to avoid others so I don't end up being mean.
Sexual preference: I'm a straight girl! :3 so a male matchup please.
Interests: I'm studying animation so I'm into any type of art and my dream is to become a writer and create my own characters and stories. Right now I'm learning how to draw anatomy correctly but I also enjoy drawing flowers! I also love dancing, superhero movies, playing videogames and love learning languages, whenever I hear someone speaking another language I get super excited and love learning the meaning of interesting words.
Dislikes: I dislike those type of relationships that are too clingy or overly sweet.
What I look for: I like some romance but I would also like someone that I can joke around with and annoy them like we're best friends. I would also appreciate someone that helps me relax more often and enjoy life and helps me be more independent (for example I would love to learn how to drive but I still get scared of crashing again).
Confidence and insecurities: My main insecurity was how my nose looks, for many years I've been told I should change it to look better but I honestly have heard enough and have decided to accept how I look and what I love, I was also insecure for loving anime but I'm also over that fear, sometimes this insecurities come back but now I remind myself that I shouldn't care what others say or think about them.
Right now I'm only insecure about my artistic abilities but that's why I'm studying so hard to be better!
Sorry for any grammar mistakes and Thanks! :D
Jujutsu Kaisen Matchup Event | OPEN
Thank you so much for participating! I’m sure your art is amazing! Keep up the work, I believe in you ( •⌄• ू )✧. I hope you enjoy these, I’m such a noob with matchups heh ^^;; Thank you so much again!!
Out of everyone in Jujutsu Kaisen, I pair you with…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Megumi is the type of man that would look at someone for who they are, not what they look like. He isn’t picky, but for the love of god, you are the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He thinks your glasses make you look sophisticated and your hair is just the cutest! Will definitely enjoy playing with it in his down time as a means to relax. When it comes to your body type, Megumi doesn’t have any comments aside from wanting what makes you happy. Supportive boyfriend 101. 
In the beginning of your relationship, it’s safe to say things were awkward. You were quiet, he was quiet so opening up took some time. But once that happened, the pieces fell together and Megumi was sure he found his one. His potential best friend that would be able to handle him even at his worst. Your resting bitch face didn’t bother or deter him, if anything he could resonate because of what and who he deals with daily. Honestly how you guys even got close was due to him helping you study one day. You guys are precious, I will admit that. 
Megumi would definitely fit in the same categories of your love languages. He’ll cover you up if you end up falling asleep at your desk one night, or even going as far to put you to bed if he happens to stay the night. He can cook! So expect some type of dish in the morning before he has to leave and if he’s passing by, he’ll bring you something. It’s the little things and plus seeing you always makes his day a million times better. Quality time for you two is simply being in the same room. You don’t have to be huddled together even though that is nice, but just the presence alone is enough. You can do your own thing while he does his, idle chatter and peaceful silence follows depending and it’s just so so amazing.
One the days you avoid others due to your mood, Megumi respects that and gives you the space you need. Though he will message you throughout the day, just to check on you like the good boyfriend he is 🥺
Megumi isn't the type to be clingy. He values his space as much as you and admires that you don't expect him to be too sweet. He can be himself and that's enough for him to say he loves you dearly. And it goes both ways, he wouldn't expect you to be anything other than yourself. Independence is something Megumi has been familiar with for a long time, so he doesn't push but rather encourages when you need it. If you're scared, he's the one to attempt uttering reassuring words. Megumi struggles sometimes so be patient 😌 but he's by your side for any support you need until you feel confident. [As someone who is 24 and still doesn't drive, I can relate with the fears lemme send you all the hugs 🤗]. 
When it comes to your insecurities and how you got past them, Megumi is very proud even if he doesn't directly say it. If someone offends you though, he's quick to defend. He's good at being a bully if needed hehe so he'll protect you from anyone that tries to bring you down. I'm not sure if Megumi would be a fan of anime, but you will definitely catch him paying more attention if you're watching it one night. If you call him out, he'll just shrug you off and say something dismissive but..You'll catch him again later for sure. 
You're an artist? Holy hell Megumi is amazed. Like his girlfriend can make beautiful pieces and they're just so good?? Will praise you anytime he sees something new and will brag in his own way to his friends. When you're feeling down about your abilities, Megumi will reassure you and say that it takes time and not to give up. A typical response yes, but he has so much faith in you to succeed and achieve your dreams it's unreal. 
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haikyutiehoe · 7 hours ago
OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY WHAT IF SUKUNA WANTED TO FUCK WITH ITADORI so he took over itadori's body and managed to lay someone itadori either has the crazy hots for or crazy hates and then sukuna is "peace hoe" and then itadori wakes up with his dick in someone he either adores or hates with strong emotions and somehow has to explain where all the enthusiasm and sexy dirty talk went, while he's a stuttering mess, still, with his dick buried inside you, and to make matters worse, Megumi and Nobara walk in.
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timeisasocialconsturct · 7 hours ago
idk if anyone knows but i write fics on ao3, and i have a request form for them too!!
ive been pretty bored lately so itd be cool if i could write something for someone!! all my rules and regulations are in the form <33
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itafushiweek · 9 hours ago
Itafushi daily life, pt: 20
Yuji: Hey Megumi? What's your favorite color?
Megumi: That's random
Yuji: Yeah well, me and Sukuna are in the middle of argument about your favorite color
Megumi: !!!
Yuji: He said red, because you let yourself be beat up until you're covered in your own blood,
Megumi: Excuse me what-
Yuji: And I said blue, cause your hair and eyes are blue, and your closet consists of 30% of blue clothes, and 50% of blue underwear
Megumi: What the actual-, WAIT, you went through my underwear?!
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lesbofeels · 9 hours ago
Congrats on 100!! Is it alright to ask for a cute drabble for Choso and how he realizes that he has a crush on reader chan? (*´ω`*)
Thank you so much love! It is more than okay to ask for Choso! :3 I hope that this is what you were wanting 💞 I apologize for the wait as well! 💞
Tumblr media
It wasn’t often that Choso woke up before you. You were an early riser and it always amazed him about you. That wasn’t the only attribute he admired, there were many more and words couldn’t explain what he felt around you. Anytime he wanted to admit his love to you, he would freeze up and get embarrassed about the attempt. 
Choso turns on his side and looks over your sleeping form. If he moved a muscle, would it wake you from this beautiful slumber he was admiring? He takes that small risk and gently runs a finger down your jaw. He watches the way you react, shifting slightly in the bed before tilting your head toward him. His breath gets stuck in his throat when he is faced with your beauty. You managed to do it every time.
“You’re staring..” You mumble, scaring Choso as he didn’t realize you were talking. Your eyes slowly open before giving him a warm smile that makes him want to get closer to you. He doesn’t know what to reply with besides sliding closer to you. You open your arms and welcome him immediately, pressing him gently against your chest. 
“I’m sorry..” Choso starts, inhaling your scent to relax. “You are so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself.” He silently gushes. You giggle before shaking your head, playing with his hair that was let down for once. His eyes start to close but he shakes his head. He didn’t want to fall asleep again. You just knew how to lure him into a slumber. 
The silence between the two of you was peaceful, it threatened to put you both to sleep. You graze Choso’s scalp with your nails, gently, before kissing his forehead. He feels his cheeks start to feel the heat and he pushes away from you, unable to say anything. He sits up and looks around the dimly lit room, the sun providing a nice atmosphere.
“Did I do something wrong?” You question, sitting up beside Choso. He looks at you and quickly shakes his head. He didn’t want to worry you because he was getting too flustered. 
“No! You haven’t done anything wrong.” Choso admits with a small smile. You return it and reach forward to gently grab his face. He leans into your hands, nuzzling them before reaching forward as well. His hands lay against your hips and he massages the flesh underneath his fingers.
There’s another silence before you yawn, taking your hands away from Choso’s face. He frowns but watches you get up from the bed. He follows and admits that curiosity is going through him like water in a river. What were you wanting to do?
“What do you want for breakfast?” You question, turning around to meet Choso’s gaze. He didn’t mean to be staring at you again. He fumbles with his wording before closing his mouth, looking at you like a little puppy. You can’t stop the laugh from emerging. 
“You really are the most adorable person, you know that?” You state, earning a dry laugh from Choso. He looks away with a pout but couldn’t stop the smile that settles on his lips. You walk toward him and rest your hands against his broad shoulders. “Breakfast ideas?” You question again, hoping that he would have some type of idea. None were going through your mind and having the same thing as yesterday, wasn’t a fun idea.
“I think I have an idea..” Choso whispers, leaning down toward you. Was he going to whisper the idea to you? He notices the confusion, so he quickly puts his lips to yours. You squeak into the kiss and return it, closing your eyes so that you did make him feel awkward. When did he develop feelings for you? You have had them for some time, but you never realized that he could possibly feel the same way.
“Ooh..” You mumble, reaching up and putting your fingers against your lips. Choso smiles before getting away from your grip. He starts to head downstairs before turning back to you.
“I do have an idea, let me help today?” Choso asked and all you could do was nod in agreement. He shocked you to silence with one simple action. A kiss. 
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sakeomi · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
it burns— it burns yuji’s lungs a lot. regardless of his urge to fall and slam against the concrete floor, he can’t give up. not when this was your last few minutes in tokyo before returning to your faculty. yuji curses the fatigue in his knees, the stuffy smell of monoxide, and how fast the time ticks without waiting. he doesn’t mind owing an explanation after sprinting out the car during a heavy traffic. he knows that he doesn’t want to lose this chance with you for good upon finding out that the next goodwill event might not happen.
“eh, what are you doing here, yuji?” your cheeks heat up, not expecting him to return after they supposedly left half an hour ago.
“to give you this,” your eyes widened at the sudden plush of his lips on your cheek, but quickly recovered when he pulled away. “can i have your number?” he asks, leaning into your palm just seconds before the train arrives, leaving you two less time to exchange numbers.
“text me when you get back!” he waved.
“okay!” you managed to answer before the doors slide close.
Tumblr media
©  2021 sakeomi, do not repost or plagiarize.
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bestiesenpai · 10 hours ago
thigh riding choso
Tumblr media
I went with a lil scenario for this one :) femme reader, I tried to appeal to the lads with a praise kink here lol
Content warnings: kind of possessive if ya squint, I use the term princess quite a bit
Choso didn’t think himself a greedy man. He tried to be helpful and auspicious, not ask too much of another person if he thought he could complete the task himself. But there were just times when that side of himself just disappeared like it had never been there in the first place.
“Such a pretty fucking girl.” Choso groaned breathlessly, pushing you further into the wall of his bedroom. He’d drug you in as soon as you got to his place, taking your shoes and coat off for you with barely a word spoken between you.
Kissing hard right below your ear, Choso pressed his face as close as he could to yours, inhaling your scent loudly and leaving sticky wet kisses along your skin. His hands were working under your top, fondling your breasts and getting your nipples hard.
“Ch-choso!” You gasped loudly as his thigh shoved itself between your legs, nestling right against your cunt like it belonged there. The pressure alone was enough to have your mind spinning, fingers desperately clutching the fabric of his thick hoodie.
Dropping one hand down to your ass, Choso ground your hips onto him, nipping at your throat and thrusting up against you. There was a greed clawing at Choso’s mind, a greed that had him insatiable for all you could give him and more. He wanted every last moan you made to be because of him, whenever your eyes screwed closed from too much pleasure he needed it to be because of him. And every time you came he wanted his name to be the only thing on your tongue.
Undoing your bottoms and shoving them down your thighs, Choso shoved his hand into your panties. Finding your clit with practiced ease, Choso rubbed it in tight circles, sucking harsh marks onto your neck and shoulder as he did.
“Choso, please!” Throwing your head back, your hands were tugging at his hair now.
“What is it, princess? Tell me.” He was as breathless as you were and his cock was aching painfully in his pants.
“Want you, I want you.”
“But you have me right here.” Teasing you with feather light circles on your clit, Choso chuckled at the distressed groan you let out. “You’ve gotta be more specific, you know that.”
“I want you inside me.” Dropping your hand to the front of his pants, you cup his prominent  bulge. Your fingers are almost able to curl around the waistband of his pants before he bundles your fingers together, pushing them against the wall and laughing at your childish whines of protest.
“I’ll give you what you want, but I need you to do something for me first.” You’re nodding before he can even finish the sentence. Whatever he wanted would be easy work, Choso never asked for too much.
Letting him fully undress you, you licked your lips excitedly as he stumbled back, knees hitting the bed and folding, bringing you down with him. Choso was still fully clothed as he remained in an upright position, pushing and pulling you to straddle his thigh instead of falling onto the bed like you wanted.
“What’re you doing?” You whine, getting frustrated the longer this goes on. Choso wrapped your arms around his shoulders, putting a hand on your ass and getting you fully seated onto him.
“I want you to cum on my thigh.” He said smoothly, pushing your head to lay in the crook of his neck. “Can my pretty girl do that for me?” Lightly raking his nails down your back, he hummed when you shivered. “Well, can you?”
“Yes.” Nodding softly, you pressed a kiss to his throat. “But take your pants off, please? I wanna feel you.”
“Alright, one sec.” Quickly stripping down to his underwear, Choso had your bare cunt pressed his thigh once again. Placing both hands on your ass, he took a deep breath, enjoying the feeling of your slick coating his leg more than he first thought he would.
The first drag across his thigh made you gasp. The brief friction on your clit had you readjusting, eager to feel more of the pleasure that shot up your spine and made your nails dig into Choso’s shoulders a little deeper.
“There you go, you’ve got it.” Choso whispered. He couldn’t take his eyes away from your ass seated in his hands, the flesh squeezed between his eager fingers as he helped you push and pull yourself on him.
He tried to stay as quiet as possible to catch the soft whimpers and short gasps you let out. You were able to adjust yourself to a position that let your clit get all the stimulation it needed, every thrust forward making you cry out.
“Fuck princess, you’re so sexy.” Unable to hold back anymore, Choso slapped your ass, biting his lip as you yelped. “Are you going to give me what I want?”
“Yes!” You replied immediately, breath coming out in short huffs as you clenched your own thighs around his. Pressing a kiss to the top of your head, Choso slapped your ass again. The greed inside him was starting to make him impatient, impatient and keen to see you fall apart just on his thigh alone.
“Princess, let me help you.” Grabbing onto you more firmly, Choso pushed you up his thigh much faster than you had been going previously. Tightening the muscles in his thighs, Choso moaned along with you.
Little babbling sounds left your mouth, words not fully formed dripping down your tongue never to be deciphered. The direct attention on your clit superseded the growing burn in your thighs, pleasure edging out the pain of Choso’s nails digging into your skin.
Pressing your face snugly into Choso’s neck, drool dripped down the corner of your mouth and onto his collarbone, leaving the beginnings of a shiny streak down his chest reminiscent of the trail of slick on his thigh.
“Choso - fuck, fu-!” Gasping suddenly, you came with a long groan and eyes tightly squeezed together. Your thighs threatened to lock up, stopped only by Choso’s incessant dragging of your hips.
“There you go, princess.” Refusing to let you slow down, Choso helped ride out your high. Your cunt clenched around nothing, slick gushing out and further coating Choso’s skin in a sticky clear mess that smeared down the sides of his thighs and yours.
You didn’t stop him from moving your body however he pleased. Your legs had gone weak, numb from the aftershocks and dangling limply beneath you. Gliding your cunt against his thigh, you were nearly brought to a second orgasm had it not been for Choso’s greed getting the better of him.
“You did so well for me, princess.” Slowing your hips to a stop, Choso smoothed his sweaty palms down your thighs and massaged the tense muscles there. Helping you off his lap and onto the bed, Choso stood up and yanked his boxers off, stroking his cock a few times to relieve the pressure.
Opening your arms to him once again, you welcomed the added weight of his body atop yours as he settled back into the bed. Wrapping your legs around his waist, Choso kissed you deeply, pressing you further into the mattress.
“Can you give me one more?” He whispered against your lips, grabbing the base of his cock and dragging the tip along your messy cunt, making you squirm as he pressed the tip of his cock against your clit.
“Mhmm!” Nodding desperately, you bucked your hips up and tried to slip his cock into you.
“That’s my girl.” Kissing you again, Choso filled you up in one fluid motion, easily bottoming out. “So fucking good to me.” Sitting up and pulling you down the bed, pressing your ass flush with his hips, Choso smacked your outer thigh.
Little did you know, one more would turn to two...three...four...
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angelyuji · 10 hours ago
hey so ive done dancing with bokuto...heres some dancing with some of my favs :)
loki knows how to dance. hes literally a royal, so he’s obviously learned how to slow dance. (that one scene in crimson peak) he’d grab you by the waist and pull you close. he’d move elegantly, leading you across the floor. he’d either have a small smile on his face or be smirking as you try to keep pace with his movements. he’d think you look adorable trying to keep pace with him, instead of just letting him take control. he doesnt do slow dances like shuffling in place; he either ballroom dances or doesnt dance at all. (lowkey kind of a party pooper) but dancing with him means just following his lead as you stare at him with love. his elegance doesn’t mean he’ll take things slow. he wants to fall for you, but if he lets u have control, it’ll mean he’s changing and change is different. change means love. change means family. change means that he’s not who he was when he came to this planet. loki needs control after being controlled for so long, and giving up that control means he trusts you. he doesn’t know how to trust without fearing, so he’ll keep you in his control, hoping you’ll give up on loving him like everyone else has.
gojo doesnt slow dance. he’s actually a menace to society, so he’s that one bitch at a gala who’s twirling around, bumping into people and pissing people off. he doesn’t normally go to galas, so ur gonna be bopping to music alone and spinning around. he doesnt like slow, he goes fast. slow means having to think about consequences and feelings, but fast means go, go, go! and he doesn’t want to fall in love with the way you smile and giggle at all of his antics. he doesnt want to fall for the way ur ready for all of his adventures. he doesnt want to fall for you only to endanger ur life because of him, so he keeps spinning and spinning. maybe you’ll let go and leave him, so he wont have to leave you first.
matt dances with u like ur made of glass. he lets you lead the way and he follows. he listens to ur heart and ur footsteps to make sure ur near. near him, keeping you safe is his priority. he let you in believing he can keep you safe, so he wont truly let u in. he’ll hold your hands as you sway in time with the beat all around the room. he’ll hear you hum and listen to you as you both sway in each other company. you’ll pull him to you and lay your head on his chest, unaware of his inner turmoil. unaware that he’ll keep secrets and hold at arm’s length no matter what. no matter how long you’ve held him in your arms as he screams in his sleep. no matter how many lies you’ve let pass, in fear of losing him. he’d never tell the truth, dreading the thought of breaking you.
saeran dances like the moment he’ll let go, you’ll leave. he holds you like a lifeline, like you’re going to disappear the moment he loosens his grip. you’re safety, you’re comfort. you’re both in place as you lay your head against his chest and he keeps his chin on your head, swaying. losing you means he’s losing a part of him. he’ll hold you close and won’t let go, no matter how long ago the song ended. you’ve kept him sane, you’ve taught how to love and live, and if you leave, he’ll lose the one person that taught him to feel.
mammon holds you at a distance as you dance. no matter what the dance is, no matter how long you’ve known each other. he’s too afraid to show that he cares for someone. but as the song goes on and ur face brightens at each spin, he’ll inch closer and closer till you can hold each other in peace. he’s so afraid of being hurt by someone he loves, but he’ll always come back to you. he can breathe easily when ur around, he can laugh without that feeling in his chest, that feeling that he can’t be happy without ruining happiness for others, like he’s done to his brothers. but with you, no matter how hard he tries to let go, you’ll hold on to him and he’ll hold on to you. giving in to your jokes and giggles, blushing as you praise him, and feeling the warmth of you as both of you hold each other close.
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fairydollsteps · 11 hours ago
Kugisaki Nobara as your Girlfriend
Tumblr media
Okay. Here’s what I though on how Kugisaki would be like in a relationship. Enjoy reading.
I believe that both of you and Kugisaki would have been close friends and have known each other for so long right before your relationship with her. 
I don’t think so she would be in relationship with someone that she has met for a while like first in love sight and
We have seen her being picky with others such as her first meeting with Fushiguro and Itadori so consider yourself lucky if you were to stole her heart.
So your relationship with Kugisaki will start out naturally considering both of you are close until it gets serious.
Your first date with her would totally be out shopping together after you both finished and come back from a mission. The date feels natural cause you and Kugisaki had hang out together a lot of times in the past right before the relationship.
Kugisaki would always try to get you some matching clothes and accessories to wear when hanging out together. 
Some dates would include walking around Tokyo with shopping bags, visiting the cat cafe and as well going to the stationary shop to buy some cute notebooks and pen. You would also get Kugisaki to have a movie night together.
Sometimes, you both would attempted do makeup on each other. The result was satisfying.
Just doing what couples would usually do together and its cute.
Kugisaki definitely take a bunch of photos of you while you both in dates, or studying with each, or literally what you are doing. She thinks whatever you do is perfect and adorable.
She is just so smitten for you.
Whenever someone talk about you a bit during a conversation, Kugisaki would talk proudly about you. Just mentioning how gorgeous and perfect you are.
Kugisaki would for sure talk a lot about you, how exquisite you are to Fushiguro and Itadori, bragging that she is in a relationship with someone unlike them, who are still single.
Itadori would of course ask her a lot of questions about you and Kugisaki would answer them all  while Fushiguro is tired hearing her endless rambling about you but both is happy and supportive of her relationship with you.
I believe her love language would be word of affirmation, quality time and receiving gifts.
Words of Affirmation: You and Kugisaki are would always shower each others with compliments and love and sometimes it can be chaotic like you says you love her and she says she love you more. Now you both are fighting who love each other more but don’t worry, is harmless and you both would reconcile quickly. She absolutely love every sweet words you say to her, even the smallest ones she would still remember it.
Quality Time: Being a Jujutsu Kaisen, she is often busy fighting curses during her mission so she would love to use seconds of her free time with you, only with you. She just wants to create precious memories with you.
Receiving Gifts: No matter how small or how big your gifts is, Kugisaki would cherish and appreciate it dearly. It can be a clothing, stationary sets, some snacks and drinks, anything. She would love it anyway as the it was gifted by her favorite person.
In short, relationship with her would always be supportive and chaotic at the same time but is fun either way. Memories with Kugisaki would always be precious and unforgettable as you both are always smiling and laughing while holding hands. 
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading and have a good day. Stay safe during this pandemic!
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superhero--imagines · 11 hours ago
Edward and Jason could be connected thru romantic poetry and classics???
Tumblr media
I made a vin-diagram, they actually probably have more in common then I thought. Anyone have any thoughts?
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glorifiedweeb · 12 hours ago
How The Sorcerers and curses are at the humane society.
Fluff 🐇🐇🐇
Cuteness ☺☺☺
( this gif is so perfect I love it)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳↳↳ Yuji, Nobara
They need a freaking leash, spray bottle, and behavior classes because they can't control themselves. They embody " they're so fluffy I'm gonna die". Runs from animal to animal to animal happily
Tumblr media
↳↳↳ Inumaki, Maki, Gojo,Yuji
Will. DEFINITELY. Try to steal an animal. The really are grateful for the humane society......but they would prefer for the animals to live with them.
Tumblr media
↳↳↳↳Gojo, Todou, Fushiguro, Sukuna
They will definitely go straight for the dogs and pet them all twice. Not just dogs, cats, horses, snakes, any animal there really. They just have so much love to give.
Tumblr media
↳↳↳Geto, Mahito
I can see them pretending to be a worker and convincing people to adopt a pet. They actually get alot of people to adopt too. They have a heart of gold when it comes to animals and want to see all the pets that need to be adopted find a happy forever home.
Tumblr media
↳↳↳Mai, Noritoshi, Fushiguro
Definitely will not leave without adopting a pet. They will be completely serious when they ask why they can't adopt them all. Turns into a pouting mess when you tell them no exotics "But there's a pony". Only gives up when they find a 'regular' pet to adopt that is there spirit animal.
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satorucomfort · 12 hours ago
Could we please have little Satoru scenario with his s/o being jealous? 🤭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: thank you so much for the request hun! this was so much fun to write aaa ヽ(▽`)ノ
⚠️warning: gojo himself is a warning bc of how much of a tease he is, grammar errors probably, implied nsfw at the end but nothing too bad
Tumblr media
All you wanted was a nice dinner with your husband. But no.
With you and Gojo both being sorcerers and having busy lives, you two decided that on the rare days where you both were off, you would have a date night at home or go out to a new restaurant to try. This night your husband picked a fancy restaurant to go to, which made you excited because you finally get to really dress up for once and look nice instead of your regular daily work attire you we’re always in. Satoru knowing this even picked out a dress for you to wear; a silky short black dress paired with heels and then him in a all black suit, you two matched perfectly. Everything was perfect. Until being seated.
You we’re having a great night until the waitress you had came over and start outwardly flirting with Gojo infront of you. Complimenting him, twirling her hair between her fingers, winking at him, ignoring you anytime she comes to the table, and even going as far to ‘drop’ her pen infront of him to pick it up slowly and making eye contact with him while smiling. You’ve known since the beginning of your relationship that everytime Gojo walks into a room or down the street all women, men, and enbys we’re staring at him because of his good looks, and there has been instances where people have flirted with him but you have only laughed about it, never taking it seriously or getting jealous. Both of you love each other and no one can break that, you know this. But with the way this waitress has been acting, its making you boil with anger as you hold your wine glass, glaring at her.
And what set you off was your husband laughing at one of her little jokes at the end of your dinner. She came over to give your check, but she started to only flirt with him once again telling some dumb joke while doing so, making Gojo laugh a little too hard for your liking. It was obvious he didn’t know what was going on, but at this moment you we’re burning with jealousy and him laughing only made it worse. You ‘accidentally’ kicked Gojo under the table, making him yell out an ‘ow’ and slamming his hand on to the table making a tiny disturbance and the waitress jump.
“I’ll take the check, thank you.” Your voice was sharp and venomous, finally making the waitress looking at you and her finally understand to back off
She quickly set the check down and walked away, you pulled out your wallet and throwing cash down on the table. Gojo looked at you confused and shocked as he rubbed his leg where you had kicked him. You didn’t want to look at him, all you did was get up and walk away leaving him to quickly follow behind you.
“Baby, wait!” He yelled out for you, but you only ignored him and kept walking out of the restaurant, down the sidewalk to find your car letting the night breeze hit, only making you feel more bitter
Gojo was right behind you trying to catch up to you, but you we’re walking too fast for him.
Finally making it to the car, you opened the door quickly and slamming it in the process while Gojo quickly getting in the drivers seat.
“Bunny please talk to me...” He reached over to hold your hand, but you only pulled away and said nothing, looking out the passengers window with a pout
He only sighed and started the car, he didn’t want to pry but he knows your upset. Also, he is kinda scared of you at this moment.
The car ride home was in pure silence. He didn’t say a word to you, only thinking about what he could’ve done to make you so upset. You don’t get upset a lot, so to see you this way always hurts him. Was it the food? Maybe the restaurant wasn’t cool? Did he say something to you? His mind is racing the whole way home.
Once arriving home and Gojo parking in the driveway, you quickly got out and unlocked the door. Kicking your shoes off walking into your house and hanging your purse up then making your way to the living room only to have Gojo teleport behind you, grabbing your waist gently and pulling you closer to him.
“Let me go. Now.”
“Not until you tell me whats wrong.”
“Nothings wrong.”
“You cannot tell me somethings not wrong when you just kicked me, stormed out of the restaurant and not speak a single word to me in the car.”
Silence fell over you two again, but only pulled you closer leaning down to place soft kisses on your neck to your cheek
“Bunny.. Please tell me what happened.. If it was the food or something I said-“
“It was none of that..”
Gojo turned you around and gently tilting your head up to look at him, making you feel suddenly small under his gaze
“Then what was it bunny?” He coos softly, wanting you to speak more
“It.. it was that stupid waitress!” You yelled, letting your anger hit you all over again
He only blinks at you with a confused expression, taking him a minute.
“I- What do you mean-“
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘what do you mean?’ SATORU! SHE WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU THE WHOLE TIME! Especially with all those compliments and the little drop the pen stunt with her big tit-“
“Oh my god... your jealous? YOUR JEALOUS~” Gojo only smirked, as he started to die with laughter which made you smack his chest in the process
“I am not jealous! And its not funny Satoru!” You glared at him with your arms crossed
“Baby, sweetcakes, honeybun, sugar, bunny, the love of my life; I’m so sorry, I need to be better at noticing these things. But I hope you know that I only love you and you only. No one or anything can make me stop loving you, okay? I love you so much.” He pulled you back closer to him, pulling you in for a real kiss making you melt under his touch, then placing small kisses all over your face making you laugh
“okay! okay! I love you too!”
“Good! Now, how about I show how much I love you hmm~”
Tumblr media
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yuuhta · 19 hours ago
pairing: okkotsu yuuta/reader
genre: fluff
short description: okkotsu yuuta as a boyfriend hcs (contains spoilers)
warnings: none, just slight cursing
Tumblr media
ok first of all, oh my fucking gosh...... he is very very VERY sweet and caring, sometimes you get worried you might just melt with the amount of love he gives you!!!
boy loves you a LOT
AND yes our shy boy yuuta can sometimes be unknowingly very clingy!!
sometimes when you're both just chilling on the stairs beside the school's track field, he'll pull you by the waist and then lean his head on top of yours as he rub random circles with his other hand on your palm.
or when u two r just chilling on his/your bed, he'll play with ur hair or he'll wrap his legs around yours to lock your body with his and he loves staying in that position!!!!!
he loves feeling ur breath on his skin whenever u're wrapped around each other, it never failed to comfort him/put a gentle and soft smile on his face :""")
and when the other three r there seeing u both flirt, they’re like 😳🤮😦 what is this soft pda we r witnessing here rn
k i might have overused the word "sometimes" there but it's true, he's not rlly clingy all the time!!!!!
HE'S V THOUGHTFUL UGHHH (yuuta is setting the standard here ok!! strong and powerful sorcerer but really sweet and kind boyfriend shfsjjffGjK BITCH WHO WOULDN'T WANT HIM!!!!)
he would often bring you your favorite food, esp when u say u're hungry!!!! he'll definitely rush to your fave restaurant right away just to get you some food 😭❤😭❤
and like, b4 u two had ur first kiss, OF COURSE he asked u first if's ok with u!!!! he didn’t just uncontrollably launched humself to u (which was totally OKAY with u even if he did lmaoo he’s just too precious pls) (honestly u’re the more aggressive one in here....)
he’s submissive in general BUT NGL if u want him to take control of things HE WOULD TAKE CONTROL I'M TELLING U
ok but tbh he's actually very clueless when it comes to romance..... he might have made promises to marry a childhood friend back then when they were KIDS but honestly, other than that, he's got no other experience with dating.... or romance, in general.
speaking about childhood friends, he would often reassure you that he's over rika!!! you don't really bring it up but he KNOWS it would sometimes cross your mind (esp when he still wore the ring rika gave him, even after you two started dating (u only started dating yuuta after the curse was broken !!!) ...... the amount of reassurance he gave you just to make sure u aren't bothered by it is just 😭❤)
ok it's not like you're some v possessive bitch who thinks rika, who has already passed away, can still steal yuuta from you. u know v well that yuuta has moved on already.
it's just that the bond they shared over the couple of years, before the curse has been broken, is different. it's definitely not your typical childhood friends kinda trope.
the circumstances here r totally different !! if it was just a normal childhood friends trope, it would've been a bit easier to weave though. BUT yeah, after what happened and all, ofc it's impossible for him to just suddenly erase rika in his brain. it's not like u’re forcing him to do that, u don’t even bring the topic up but yeah
he just simply reassures u that he is over rika and that's that.
he tells u that even if rika was still alive, and then he met you, he would choose you, and that he was sure of it.
u wanted to tell him that it was unnecessary for him to tell u that but if u were being honest, that really did cross ur mind. u thought that if rika was still alive, maybe ur relationship with yuuta would turn out differently.
u didn't really feel v bothered by the thought bcs it was pointless to think abt that now, but still, the thought still came to your mind and yuuta just made sure that u know he loves u so much.
ANYWAY ur relationship is very healthy!!!! the two of u have a rule to always communicate if something's bothering the other.
IN THIS RELATIONSHIP the fear of speaking out doesn't exist OK!!!!
yes the TRUST u both have on each other is just very big!!
yuuta going abroad doesn't mean y'all r going to break up!!!!! it's not even permanently, just for a short amount of time. u miss him a lot and he misses u too but him going abroad temporarily doesn't rlly mean u'll both lose feelings bcs of the distance!!!!
as for u two, the heart just grew fonder :")
so anyways as mentioned above, HE IS CLUELESS ABT DATING!!!!!
he's really just so sweet and IS A BIG GENTLEMAN so he seems like he's v knowledgeable about dating bcs of that
but yea whew.... he knows u love him a lot but he DOES NOT realize the things that he can make u feel......
ok big simp alert big simp alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨
he seems like a quiet and timid person, but when hanging out with you, he actually talks A LOT!!!
and is super enthusiastic abt it !!!! LIKE when a person really seems interested in a conversation ???? IYKYK
he's definitely the opposite of a dry texter
sometimes he can unintentionally reply v late bcs he's not really someone who checks his phone much but when u actually send him a chat and he's holding his phone, the two of you can go on hours just chatting about random topics!!!!
and y'all know that the students stay in a dorm, right????
yuuta would greet u good morning and good night in person !!!!!
if he can't say it in person (like, if you or him went out on a mission early), he would just text u or call u :")
oh my fuckin gosh my heart????? yes okkotsu yuuta maybe u can take it ???
he was v shy at first and even struggled at pronouncing the three words but now that he's way more comfortable with u,, HE SAYS I LOVE YOU EVEN AT RANDOM TIMES
he will randomly knock at ur door around 2am, still groggy from just waking up, just to tell u to go to sleep !!
he knows when u're still awake!!!! bcs u often stay up late just to watch or read some stuff, he just knows if u’re still at it
he says sleeping late isn't good for u
and since u're a gOoD girl, u try to go to sleep, but now you're on bed with your eyes wide opened, thinking abt yuuta.....
i mean who wouldn't think abt him after he just made u go to sleep bcs he thinks it's not healthy for u
the concern makes u feel GIDDY every damn time
lucky HOE
so anw u would sometimes go to his room just to give him some food or some sweets, or to just hang out tbh
and every time he would open the door and see u, his face would TOTALLY LIGHT UP !!
honestly simple basic stuff like this definitely warms his heart!!!!
whenever u play with his hair or scratch on his scalp lightly, he would MELT
this guy is such a sucker for affection u have no idea
you're such an intoxicating presence for him and he loves u so much
SO ofc ofc u give him all the love and affection !!!!
yuuta wasn't really as confident as he is now compared to the the start of ur relationship
he just got bolder as time passed but he used to be such a shy boy
as i said he can be v clingy!! but sometimes, he would still get flustered when u would suddenly hold his hand or peck him on the cheek or lips !!!!
ok so in general, he would get flustered whenever he's not the one initiating the affection.... such a cutie oh my beloved
he doesn’t really use endearing nicknames a lot and prefers to call u by ur name BUT U DON’T CARE
on the other hand, u would sometimes use some really sweet nickname for him like "beloved" or "sweetheart" and tbh yuuta gets flustered when u do so dhkshdskjd but YEA y'all both just call each other by the name usually bcs it just hits different IYKYK OK
overall, u're in a very healthy, genuine, and wholesome relationship with okkotsu yuuta!!! he’s a very adorable, loving and caring boyfriend <3 pls protecc at all cost (even if he doesn’t rlly need protection ksdfjskj)
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hajimine · 19 hours ago
hi!! i saw that ur jjk requests is also open so can you do this post but with gojo megumi and yuuji pretty please? thank u i love u and ur writing!!! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: gojo satoru, fushiguro megumi, itadori yuuji + fushiguro toji (bc i love big beefy men)
!! warnings: veryyyyy slightly suggestive in toji’s part bc.. yeah.
a/n: thank u for the request and the kind words!! ily too mwah i hope you like these nonnie <33
-> masterlist | requesting rules | taglist form
Tumblr media
GOJO SATORU ➞ the grin on gojo’s face is genuine and bright—he’s so excited to see you that he can’t even be bothered to hide it. he has absolutely no issues with PDA so he’ll welcome you with open arms, completely unfazed by the stares of others around him. he’d make a big show out of it, twirling you around, a laugh escaping from his lips. “i’ve missed you, gorgeous.” he says, voice breathy. gojo tugs you closer to him, his body flush against yours as he smiles down at you. when his eyes inevitably fall to your lips, he doesn’t hesitate to close the gap between you and him. gojo would only let you gasp for air for a short moment before pulling you back in, the grip on your hip tightening as the kiss becomes more desperate. “hi.” he’d whisper when you pull away, resting his forehead against yours, pupils dilated and a warm flush in his cheeks.
FUSHIGURO MEGUMI ➞ megumi’s eyes widen as you run towards him, but he quickly puts down anything he was holding at the moment to prepare himself. he catches you in his arms with relative ease, ignoring gojo’s playful whistle, opting to rest his chin on your shoulder as he holds you by the base of your butt. a light blush spreads across his face when you raise an eyebrow at his hand placement. “i’m just trying to stop you from falling down.” he grumbles, averting his gaze. you laugh, arms interlocked at the back of his neck, “i didn’t even say anything.” rolling his eyes, he blows on your neck, causing you to squirm away from the ticklish feeling. megumi smiles to himself, resting his cheek against your neck, his heart fluttering as you trace the lines of his back with your finger.
ITADORI YUUJI ➞ he catches you in his arms with absolutely no trouble, laughing lightly as he spins you around. he beams and presses a kiss on the tip of your nose, snuggling against your cheek. itadori doesn’t seem to notice that other people are staring—or he just doesn’t mind it. “hi baby, what’s up?” he asks, voice light. “nothing much, i just miss you a lot.” you mumble into the crook of your neck. he laughs, giving you a tight squeeze, “well you don’t have to miss anymore, i’m here!” he grins at you, eyes turning into little crescents as he props you up with one arm, using his other hand to rub soothing lines down your back, heart warm when he noticed that you seem to melt under his touch.
FUSHIGURO TOJI ➞ toji smirks as he sees you approaching, arms wide open to prepare for your jump. by the way he shows absolutely no signs of struggle, you’d think that you’re as heavy as a feather. his hands find their way on your ass, completely unapologetic and unashamed. giving them a firm squeeze, he wiggles his eyebrows, “looking good, gorgeous.” you glare at him, smacking his arm, but he pays it no mind. “can you put me down now?” you shake your head and sigh, biting back a smile. toji pretends to think before gripping your jaw, pulling you in for a kiss, pulling away quickly after. he smirks at your pout and the warmth in your cheeks, loving the effect he has on you. “you’re not going anywhere until i say so.”
Tumblr media
a/n: coughs toji makes my brain go brrrrr im sorry KEHDKWNS
Tumblr media
please reblog if you enjoyed! <3
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m3hgumi · 21 hours ago
— after a mission
Tumblr media
a/n: lwk word dump because i was in my feels <3333
pairings: okkotsu yuta x f!reader, fushiguro megumi x f!reader
word count: 354
Tumblr media
okkotsu yuta
the dim light hanging directly under the infirmary bed revealed a slender, calloused hand caressing yours, wrapped in bandages to cover the many scars left by today's mission. to say that the feeling of warmth radiating from your injured hand relieved him was an understatement, especially when they were cold and limp hours before. his mind dulled at the remembrance of the day's events, hoping they would drown from his memory and never return. the heavy sigh resulted from this faltered once his ears registered the sound of your breathing, faint yet steady. his eyes turned to you, head on his shoulder as sleep took you over, his eyes holding great concern for your wellbeing. with your roughened hand still in his touch, he brought it close to him and planted a small peck from his lips, gently wrapping your arm around his neck before laying his head on yours. sleep now came as soon as he wished, knowing you were safe in his arms.
fushiguro megumi
your body hit the pillow once your eyes made contact with the bed in his room. the exhaustion from the day's mission presented itself once the adrenaline that flowed in your body like cursed energy had died down, blocking all other responsibilities in your mind and spreading it with the need for sleep. next to you, megumi had neatly folded his uniform and placed it in his hamper after putting on a hoodie. now in more comfortable clothes, he deemed himself able to lie in bed with you, bringing the blanket above his chest. turning his face, he could see the small shivers from your body, throwing the remnants of his blanket onto you. shuffling into the blanket, the distance between you and megumi was closed, foreheads touching and eyes locking into the other's. his emerald eyes brimmed with endearment that was exclusive; one that wasn't sourced from the man in front of you during any other time but now. you shot him a small smile before shutting your eyes, and was replied with sense of heat pressing on your hairline before slipping into unconsciousness.
Tumblr media
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sirthisisa-wendys · 21 hours ago
The General (part 4): Geto Suguru x Fem!Reader
synopsis: escape sounds good. but is it better than staying?
wc: 2.6k
tw: sexual assault and death
a/n: please don’t kill me. This is plot. Not smut to be found quite yet. I’m really trying to save up my smut cards for something really big lol
part 1 part 2 part 2.5 part 3
Tumblr media
 Everything is on fire. Everyone is running around you, because for some reason, you’re walking toward the flames. Screams echo in your ears and the feeling of something tugging you into the burning building that looked like your home is too strong to ignore. When you push the door to your house open, your mother is hovering over your father, who is bleeding out as you watch in horror. When your mother looks up at you, she’s crying fat tears of sorrow, then she whispers:
“You did this, y/n. You let that monster into our town, and now look at what you’ve done.” 
A hand smooths over your face as you twist and turn, but you don’t realize it’s the General until you open your eyes, the light from the moon blocked by his body. “You’re okay. Don’t worry; no one’s going to hurt you here,” he whispers, despite having hurt you before. You push his hand away and sit up, clutching your knees to your chest as you catch your breath. “Nightmare?” he asks, and for a second, you’re wondering if he’s saying that he had a nightmare. But then you feel the sweat around the nape of your neck and on your chest, and remember the feeling of helplessness you just emerged from. You nod, looking around the tent at the table, papers, the ink, the discarded haori near the seat…
“You’re up late,” you mention - trying to change the subject - and the General huffs a laugh, pushing back his hair like he always did before he launched into an explanation. Why didn’t he just tie it up? 
“I do my best work right before the midnight hours. You’d be surprised at the formations I can create with just a hint of alertness left in my body.” He turns back to you, touching your foot with a broad hand. “Do you want to talk about your dream?”
“No,” you answer quickly, hoping he would drop the subject. 
“Then let me have Kaori fetch you some water for a bath. I would hate for you to remain as sweaty as you are.” You slide off the bed, walking around to the little desk area that held stacks of papers and diagrams and sliding one free from the stack. 
“You draw maps?” 
“Cartographers are not cheap, little one. I’ve canvassed a massive effort to make a map of every place I’ve been to… Nanami is very helpful with this, as well. He’s so attentive to details that I might have missed, so I rely on his help more often than not.” 
“And Haibara?” 
“Yu? He’s pretty easy to get along with as well. He’s my mentee, if you really consider it. If I have no children, he will inherit the throne after me.” 
“What about Gojo?” you question, sliding a map of the surrounding area forward and examining it carefully. As he drones on about the blue eyed man, you make sure your eyes cover every inch of the map and memorize the routes in and out of the camp. If you could just find a way to get over to the edge of the camp, you could easily hitch a ride back to your hometown and tell everyone about the General’s whereabouts. And expose Yuko for the traitor he is. 
“But do you enjoy your time with Kaori? I purposefully made her the head of maids so she would tend to you and you alone.” 
“Ah,” you push the map away and smile up at Geto, having finally found your escape route. “She’s lovely.” 
And Kaori would be even more lovely once she helped you with your plan to run away. 
“How do you feel today?” Kaori wonders as you dress in your standard blue kimono.
“Quite well,” you answer, smiling back at her. She raises a brow, a grin forming on her lips. 
“Might this have anything to do with Master Geto?” 
You look back at the maid, and give her your best fake grin. “Maybe.” Kaori hums in surprise, then gathers her things up before leaving you alone again. “Oh, I almost forgot,” you begin, tying the kimono closed. “Could you bring me an extra pear or two with lunch today? I have a craving for them right now.” Kaori nods and bows slightly before walking out of the tent. 
Map? Check.
Clothes? Check.
Extra food? Check. 
The entire morning is spent pouring over the map, tracking your path in and out of the compound. You would have to walk a considerable distance, but it was perfectly fine. If you could manage to secure a horse, you’d probably get halfway home before anyone noticed you were missing, and that was a considerable head start. 
Your plan went into effect as soon as they announced dinner, and you wait patiently for Geto to come fetch you for the evening meal, laying in his bed with a pained expression. When he comes inside, he sees you clutching your stomach and hanging over the side of the bed a little. 
“Are you unwell?” he asks immediately, stooping by the bedside and smoothing your hair away from your face. You shake your head slowly, all of it an act, and he grumbles something about ‘knowing the food was undercooked at lunch’. Little did he know that you had stowed it away, along with a spare kimono of his and rudimentary copy of the map. 
You fake a cough for emphasis, and his hands fly to your face, patting the tender flesh of your cheeks and forehead. “You’re warm. I’ll have Kaori come and attend to-” 
“I don’t want her to catch what I have,” you moan, rolling over on your left side. 
“You shouldn’t be alone like this,” Geto urges, eyes frantically looking around the tent space for something. “I’ll… I’ll eat dinner here, then. I’ll stay with you.” You shake your head weakly, ignoring his panicked expression. 
“I can’t bear the smell of food right now… I just need some rest.” 
“And you shall have it,” Geto whispers, placing a tender kiss on your left hand. “I’ll be back within the hour to check on you.” And with that, he leaves you in the tent. When you suspect that he - and as a result, his friends - are all gone to eat, you slide out of the bed and retrieve your sack of things hidden underneath it. 
It isn’t escaping the camp that’s hard.
It’s running through the dead of night with only a sliver of moon to guide you that is most difficult. 
Without the daylight, you could easily mistake a patch of trees for a forest and river for a ravine. But it doesn’t matter. Your father had taught you how to tell the North from the South and the East from the West, and you relied on those skills now to guide you out of the camp. First, you have to locate the brightest star in the sky and just follow it to get on the right path. If it is directly overhead, you’d be on your way to determining which way to go. The makeshift map you have is telling you that you should wander northeast to get out of the confines of the camp, and you would be well on your way to your hometown. 
You look back at the lights dotted around the camp behind you. 
What if you stayed? What if you stayed and made friends with the General? What if you stayed, made friends with the General, and then lured him in with a false sense of security? You adjust the sack on your back and think for a moment more.
He had let you remain in the tent by yourself. Not only was it a sign that he was finally beginning to trust you while you were alone, but also while you had all of the opportunity to escape, like you were now. Either that, or he’s more than confident that he would be able to find you and drag you back so he could execute his plan properly. 
The only thing that would come from you attempting to run away would be a chase, and you would more than likely be caught without a horse. Then, Geto would not hesitate to discipline you and make you submit to his will, and possibly never trust you again. 
“Flattery is the best persuader of people,” your father used to murmur, but you didn’t believe it back then; rolling your eyes at his old sayings. But now… perhaps you could work this to your advantage by staying. 
You trek back with the pack, dumping everything except the kimono nearby to avoid any suspicion. The kimono is placed back where it had been before, and you slump onto the bed - facing away from the tent opening - groaning with exhaustion and anxiety. 
The General returns what feels like a few minutes later and runs a hand down your back with care, humming in the darkness. He’s unsteady on his feet, it sounds like, and he anchors himself on the bed with one knee, leaning over you to brush a lock of hair away from your face. 
“If there’s one thing I know about Yuko,” he breathes, words tumbling out of his mouth like a bucket of apples. “He didn’t lie about beauty or character.” Geto slides in next you, wrapping an arm around your waist protectively and nestling his face into the crook of your neck. He places a kiss below your earlobe, then almost instantly afterward, he’s asleep. 
And although you want to squirm out of his arms and give him what-for, you don’t. The resolve in your new plan has set you on a path of compromise, and you would see this through until the end.
Lips. They’re everywhere. On your face, trailing down your neck and accompanied by touches that stoke the flames of a fire you didn’t realize you had burning inside of you. 
When your eyes flutter open, it’s still night, but the General has let the wine go to his head. You let out an involuntary moan at the feeling of his fingers gripping the skin underneath your kimono before you snatch yourself out of his grasp, tumbling to the floor below and remembering how much you hated him. 
“Y/n… are you..” he hiccups a little. “Are you alright?” You push off of the ground in a fury, dusting yourself off and facing away from him as you yell:
“How dare you go back on your promise to not defile me, you filthy swine! Touching me in my sleep is low for even you, Your Majesty!” You spit the last two words at him, then stomp towards the flaps of the tent, which open with a flutter before you can get to them. 
Geto steps inside, his eyes meeting yours in a confused stare. 
“I heard you yelling and I--” He looks over your shoulder and frowns, squinting his eyes at the figure in the bed. “Get up.” When the man stumbles to the floor, Geto pulls you in behind him, shielding you from who really occupied the bed. 
“M-Master Geto, I can expla--” 
“Silence.” The deep bass of the General’s voice is unmatched, deadly, and practically telling of the punishment to come. Haibara and Gojo walk past you into the tent behind Geto, making lanterns glow and illuminate the tent space. “Do you know this man?” Geto roars, pointing an accusing finger at the offender as he turns to you, throwing daggers with his eyes. You look at the soon-to-be dead man, nostrils flaring. But you don’t recognize his face, nor his body. Nothing about this person is familiar.
“No, sir,” you state, and Geto starts a little at the sound of the formality falling from your lips. 
“Has he touched you in any way?” Your skin is crawling with what feels like a thousand little bugs, and you clutch your elbows instinctively. In one smooth motion, Geto turns to Gojo, who nods his head once and grabs the man’s hair, dragging him past you and Haibara as his screams of pain echo into the night. You feel two hands resting on your shoulders as you stare at the tent flaps, the fluttering of them barely revealing the man’s fate. It’s only when the screaming stops that you turn to Geto. “Are you hurt?” he asks, dipping his head a little to look into your eyes with his piercing black ones. 
“No, I’m fine.” 
“Where did he touch you?” You look over to Haibara, and Geto does as well, before waving the youth off. “Make sure Gojo takes care of…” 
“Of course,” Haibara replies, and with a sad smile thrown your way, he departs. Geto turns his attention back to you, taking your wrists in his hands. 
“Show me.” You move a hand across your chest and down your right thigh, grazing the spot where the man had grabbed you roughly. Then you swipe at your neck and face. “My gods,” he breathes before pulling you close. Tears threaten to leak out of your eyes, but you hold them at bay, trying to maintain the hysterics for later when you were alone. “I should have stayed.” 
“I should have let you.” 
You awake enveloped in Geto’s warmth, unsure of when you fell asleep for the second time, but thankful for the body heat that wards off the night-time chill. When you move away from him, he does not awaken, but does stir a little. 
And that’s when you see it. The dragon on his arm is moving it’s head back and forth, eyes blinking lazily. At first you think you’re hallucinating, but when you rub your eyes and peer closer, it’s still moving; the entirety of its body doing a little dance side to side. 
“You should see it after a battle,” Geto murmurs sleepily, eyes trained on your astonished face. “Dancing is just how it wakes itself up.” You stare at the mythical being in silence, unsure of whether the true beast was the man before you or the tattoo on his arm. “How are you feeling?” Geto finally breaks the silence, sitting up and pushing himself out of the bed. 
“I feel alright.” He takes your hand, lifting it up to his lips and pressing a soft kiss to the back. You pause, unsure of how to respond to such a gesture, but Geto keeps moving around the tent, adjusting the sheets and running his hands through his hair. 
“Have you ever thought about braiding it?” you wonder, and Geto looks over at you with an amused look. 
“I have; but no one here is skilled enough to braid - not even Kaori.” 
Wordlessly, you trek over to him and thread the locks of hair through your fingers. 
“How do you keep it so clean when you’re on the battlefield?” you wonder aloud, and Geto chuckles. 
“Water is a resource that I take full advantage of, little one.” He instinctively stops his movements and angles his head back so you can work the strands one over the other, finally ending the long braid with a simple strip of fabric from the edge of your kimono. 
“There.” Geto pulls the braid over his shoulder and examines it carefully, humming at the sight of your handiwork. 
“This is interesting, to say the least.” 
“It will keep things from getting caught in your hair, and I’m sure it feels much less ‘all over the place’.” 
“Indeed, it does,” he breathes, then reaches a hand out to touch your cheek affectionately. Without thinking, you lean into his touch, and after taking half a step forward, Geto places a kiss on your forehead. After this signal of affection, he leaves, making you wonder what was wrong with your face and if you actually had a fever - because your cheeks felt hotter than they had ever felt before. 
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Stand by me
Tumblr media
Chapter 7/?: My one and only love Nanami Kento x Reader
Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Summary: Some ideas dance around Nanami's head as he finds someone to share with his favorite music record
Warnings: Depictions of nudity and sex, mention of alcohol. Mostly Dometic fluff
Will you come tonight?
You smiled while you were watching at the screen of your phone, you were holding it in front of you when a cherry leaf fell on it, you didn't know exactly when spring had arrived, the warmth of the weather and the landscape reminded you of that warmth that had grown fond of, you sighed and took that little leaf in your hands, you took from the bench you were sitting the book that you had been reading for a few days, you put the little leaf on the same page as your bookmark and put it inside your bag, you smiled distractedly while you took a last glance at the park, you got up and stretched a little before returning to the office routine.
Nanami was in front of the stove, he was alternately looking at the pot on the fire and the recipe book on the side, Stir constantly to prevent the sauce from sticking, once he turned off the fire brought a small plate, poured some of the sauce on it and blew a little before bringing it to his lips, Nanami celebrated low, although he considered himself quite skilled in the kitchen the last time he had tried to make béchamel sauce it had been a disaster.
He glanced back at the book to make sure everything was going well and absentmindedly drank a little from the cup he held to the side, he was incredibly nervous, and he knew exactly why. Although it was normal for him to cook and dine together, this time he wanted that to be a truly romantic evening. Nanami smiled as he imagined your small face and your lips curving up slightly, his mind started to wander a little further, but he came back to reality when he remembered that he must preheat the oven.
Before knocking on the door you arranged your hair and ironed your pants a little with your hands, then you stretched your sweater down, cleared your throat and put your hand on the door, you were just about to knock with your fist when it opened, your hand remained in the air while Nanami appeared to meet you, he leaned with his arm on the door, slightly over you, a wave of warmth ran across your face as you noticed something unusual about him, he was wearing glasses which looked amazing on him, not to mention how handsome he looked in the white t-shirt and open blue shirt combination, your tongue instinctively touched your upper lip as the distance between the two of you was cut by you moving closer to kiss him softly on the lips.
Without a word Nanami reached out his hand beckoning you inside. No sooner had you crossed the threshold of the door than the softly spiced scent of dinner reached you
"Smells good"
You put your bag on the floor and took off your sweater while Nanami contemplated the spectacle, he was totally lost in the way the blouse you were wearing underneath framed your silhouette, he had to make an effort to bring back his thoughts to earth and walked behind you to the living room.
"Sit down for a moment, this is almost ready."
"Can I help?"
"Don't worry, can I pour you some wine?" he asked as you settled back on the couch
"Yes, thank you. How was it today?" you heard the wine dropping into the glass.
"It wasn't too bad, actually, I was able to escape and ate at the park across the street" Nanami knew well which park you were talking about, the one where he used to eat alone.
"What about yours?" You asked him as he held out the cup for you to take.
"I saw Gojo today" You grimaced sympathetically, he looked at you and smiled
"I know" -The oven clock chimed- "Oh, I think it's ready" Nanami went back to the kitchen, put on his cooking gloves and took the glass container out of the oven, you stood up a little on the couch to see.
"Wow, did you make lasagna? You smiled as you got up and approached the table, Nanami put the lasagna in the center as you looked surprised, it looked like it came out of a recipe book. He took off the gloves and pulled the chair for you to sit down.
"Mmm, it looks delicious" You smiled as you waited for Nanami to serve you a piece on your plate. He had taken the incredible detail of putting a basil leaf on it, he cut another piece for himself and sat down on the other side of the table.
"Thank you for the food" Nanami blushed faintly as you tasted it.
"My goodness... Kento..." You covered your mouth with your hands "This is delicious, I love it! Nanami smiled in satisfaction
"I feel like Remi discovering the taste of strawberries and cheese" Nanami looked at you not sure of having understood what you meant.
"I can't believe you haven't seen Ratatouille."
"The dish?"
"The movie" You laughed uproariously "We'll have to work that one out" You picked up the bottle of wine to pour yourself some more and noticed it was almost empty, you shifted your gaze from the bottle to his face.
"You drank all this by yourself?" Nanami smiled broadly, you noticed the wine had took effect.
"It wasn't that much" you couldn't help but laugh.
You had gone for your bag, you took the book from earlier and went back to the sofa with Nanami, you sat next to him and hand held the book out to him while laying down on his leg.
"Look, I was reading this book today, you might like it, when I'm done, I can lend it to you." He opened the book right where you left it and saw the leaf in it, he remained silent for a while
"What's wrong?" you asked as Nanami closed the book and put it on the table.
"Come, get up" he moved you slightly to incorporate yourself, he got up and walked over to the vintage turntable he had on a table next to the shelf of his books, he looked through some records and chose one of them, he took it out of its packaging and played it.
A slow, soft ballad played by a saxophone and accompanied by a piano that sounded familiar to you, began to emerge from it, you smiled as he approached you and held out his hand.
"Dance with me" You laughed, you knew Nanami didn't like to dance and you stood up with the intention of confirming it, but it wasn't so, Nanami pulled you into his body and delicately slid his hands down your back to your waist, his grip was firm but delicate, you brought your hands to the back of his neck, you looked up to find his eyes shining slightly behind the glasses.
Nanami began to sway gently from one to the other of his feet, you followed the rhythm as your bodies stayed together in sync, you knew that tune well.
"I thought you didn't dance"
"I had no one to dance with... and no one to share this song with."
You made the gesture to move towards him so he would lean a little, you reached his lips and let yourself be absorbed by them, warm and moist, they still held the taste of wine, you couldn't help but smile, you knew wine was involved. Nanami leaned his forehead against yours as they continued to sway in the middle of the room, one of your hands released him and you slid it down to his chest and then to his hip, drawing him closer to you, close enough for him to feel your heat, and to feel his desire, Nanami then slid his hands a little lower, pressing you hard against him, you let out a small moan as your mouths joined and your tongues swirled against the other, more and more eagerly, making it necessary for you to pull apart a little to catch your breath, your mouths joined by a small trail of saliva, you swayed in your way to his room, smiling to each other as the music continued to play. 
That night you made love to the accompaniment of a John Coltrane record.
The soft sheets barely covered you, Nanami was lying on your chest, your fingers caressed the back of his neck and the soft and straight texture of his hair while he told you how when he was a child his father buried fossils made of clay in his garden and made him believe they were real fossils, you looked at him with a look of amusement trying to visualize him as a little boy with long blond hair, full of mud and scrapes on his knees, all while the actual Nanami waved his hands in the air and made very funny gestures, you settled a little and he moved a little making sure you were comfortable, you caressed the pronounced features of his face and he attracted your hand to his mouth to kiss it.
"I like the drunk Nanami" Both burst in laugh "And when you plan romantic dinners" He smiled.
"I like to hear that" He lifted his chin a little to catch a glimpse of your smile
"You want to take a shower?" You made an ok gesture with your hand
"I'd love that"
Nanami dampened a small towel and then moved your hair aside to rub your neck and back with it, he watched carefully each of the marks on it, including the line your bra had left as he pampered them one by one, you turned a little, just enough to find his mouth and kiss him while he couldn't take his eyes off you, you made him to turn around to take care of his, you took another towel and put some lavender soap on it, you liked it because it reminded you of the sweet smell of the countryside, you rubbed his neck gently and then moved down his back along the furrow that formed between his shoulder blades to his hip, he had more than one scar on it, including his arms, you moved closer to him and put your lips on the skin of his back, while you brought your hands to his chest under his arms pulling him closer to you. The sensation of your wet breasts against his skin made him to shudder and his desire grew as you caressed his chest with just the tips of your fingers, teasing him by stopping just at the level of his lower abdomen, you could even feel how his muscles flinched at the sensation. 
When you finally decided to end his torture you slid your hand to his crotch, you could feel him fully erect between your hands, you gently bit his arm while you stroke it from the base to the tip, he let out a moan, which he tried to contain by biting his lower lip, then you made him to turn to see his eyes being consumed by desire, Nanami brought his hand towards your mouth, caressing the edges of your lips with his thumb, you couldn't help but smile widely as you moved back towards him to run your lips down the front of his body going lower and lower until your knees touched the floor, you lifted your face up before immersing yourself entirely in it as those blue eyes glowed with exorbitant lust.
Nanami rubbed his eyes, for a moment he didn't know if he was at his home or at yours, he turned to look for you, but you weren't there, he was about to get up when one of your feet pushed the door to make way for you, you entered the room with a tray in your hands
"Good morning, sleepyhead."
"Good morning..." Nanami sat on the bed as you brought the tray over to him.
"And this?"
"I made cocoa waffles with oatmeal, I tasted them just to be sure they weren't too sweet, and... I made coffee, but I left it in the kitchen because I was afraid to throw it on you and burn you, but now I'm bringing it..."
Nanami reached to grab one of your fingers before you left and beckoned you with his finger to come closer, he beckoned you with his finger to come closer, you complied, playfully, and leaned in for him to plant a delicate kiss on you.
"Thank you."
"You haven't tasted it yet."
"For taking care of me" You blushed dimly.
"My pleasure, I'll get the coffee now"
You had breakfast in bed, laughing as you showed Nanami an audio with him snoring.You had planned to spend the afternoon out, but Nanami's phone rang not long after you finished breakfast
"Yes, send Ijichi to pick me up please... Yes" "Thank you."
Nanami hung up the phone a little disappointed
"Sorry, something came out, but I hope It doesn't take so long, will you stay here while I come back?" You nodded
Nanami dressed quickly and went outside after saying goodbye to you. You found yourself alone in his house, and after thinking about it for a few minutes you decided to pick up the mess you had made the night before.
Before starting to clean up you approached the shelf from where he had taken the Coltrane record and inspected some titles until you found one that caught your attention a lot because you didn't know Nanami had a preference for that kind of music. 
You put it on the record player, it didn't sound like anything you had heard before, you made the bed, washed the dishes and turned on the vacuum cleaner all to the rhythm of son cubano, it was already the second time that you played it when your favorite began, suddenly you realized your feet had been to marking the rhythm of the song while you hummed it, you weren't even sure how to dance to it but your hips tried to follow the rhythm.
Nanami was walking down the hallway when he distinguished the music coming out of his apartment, he put his ear close to the door to make sure and then slowly opened the door to find the spectacle he didn't know his life was missing, you were in the middle of the living room dancing with your eyes closed while you printed a touch of sensuality to each of your movements, Nanami had to close his mouth to avoid drooling.
When the song ended you opened your eyes only to find Nanami's eyes staring at you.
"What are you doing in here, didn't your parents teach you to knock?"
"Yes, but since it's my house..." Nanami watched sweetly as you blushed and folded your arms."
"I didn't know you could dance like that."
"I don't know how to dance..."
"You don't? I thought you were doing amazing, in fact, you looked extremely sensual..." Your face blushed even more
"You came back too soon."
"I can leave if you want..." he pointed out the door "No!" Nanami smiled
"I'll change and we'll go" You nodded as he went into his room to change, while you turned down the volume and removed the record wanting the earth to swallow you up.
Nanami was undoing his tie when a certainty hit him, he wanted all of this, the dinner, the chat, the sex, the mornings, the breakfast in bed, the kisses, the music, seeing you around floating over the mess life was, hanging out, everything, with you.
The weather outside was beautiful, the breeze caressed your face and the sun burned just slightly your skin, you walked down the street, took the train and went to Sotobori park, you found a place to sit under the shade of a cherry tree, you had even bought some food on the way, you were taking out of one of the bags the boxes of food when you noticed that he seemed a little distracted.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, yeah, it's been a long time since I've been here, that's all" You sat down across from him, stretched your legs out under the table and turned your eyes to watch the people walk by, you were watching amused at a little boy walking a dog bigger than him
"Mhm?" you turned to look at him with a smile on your face, a strand of hair had gotten caught in your mouth and you pushed it aside
"I've been thinking that... well, we spend so much time at each other's house that maybe..." Maybe it would be good if... we consider moving in.. together?"
That one took you by surprise, but you didn't have to think about it too much, you knew exactly what you want.
"I'd love to."
A small cherry leaf fell to the center of the table.
If you're wondering which record are they listening is this: I know Nanami would love it.
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