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mina yes omfg werewolf!toji mating press 👀
Tumblr media Tumblr media
cw. pwp, werewolf!toji, afab!reader, kabedon, mating press, breeding, size difference 
an. based on this | rbs are appreciated | m.list
Tumblr media
he had been so kind to show you the path to the village when the fog had grown heavier and you could no longer see an inch from your nose.
only to end up completely lost in that forest surrounded by fierce beasts, lying on your red cape with legs wide open, eyes rolled back and mouth open in spasms.
now, that he's panting on top of you and his big hands are on either side of your head as he holds you pressed against the ground and plunges his cock deep into your cunt, he doesn't seem very kind anymore.
he snaps when you press your hands against his chest to push him off, "slow down please .... he's to-too big" you mumble sobbing.
werewolf!toji painfully grabs your tiny wrists pressing your hands above your head, "I've waited so long mh I can't control myself now, shit" he murmurs licking a strip of your tender neck sending shivers down your spine. He sucks and bites leaving purple marks down your neck to your soft breasts.
the way your eyes roll back as he angles and sinks deeper into your tight hole makes his cock throb and sink its claws into the fat of your thigh, "so fucking messy" he growls watching as his girth spreads your slobbery cunt and his cock comes out coated in white cream every time he pulls back.
it sends him over the edge the way you tighten your thighs around his ass and arch your back as the thick head of his cock presses against your cervix. "I'm gonna fill you so good," growls balls deep as your pussy flutters around him, "...so much ... fuck."
werewolf!toji lets go of your wrists only to grab you behind the knees and press your thighs to your chest while rolling his hips to catch desperately your puffy clit.
"let me cum ... so close ... please," you sob. He winces at your needy pleas rubbing more roughly against your hard nub making your body shake and escape a squeak from your lips.
his body is so heavy on top of yours that you find it hard to struggle as he fucks in your warm cunt slamming into your clit making you gush over him, "you're so good ... so tight," he babbles with a smirk on his lips fucking you even harder.
your teary eyes make him moan as he sinks into your sensitive cunt. Your hips arch under a rougher thrust and your mouth snaps open as you cum around his thick girth.
your vulnerable cunt spasms and clenches around his cock, swallowing every inch of him making a mess. Your cum slides over your ass and onto his thick balls as he continues to pound incessantly, "so greedy mh" he growls giggling.
"you will take all my cum yeah? Like a good girl, mh?" he moans sloppily thrusting his hips against yours.
your lower lip is trapped between your teeth as werewolf!toji empties his load into your twitching cunt, cooing with each fierce thrust trapping you under his mighty body and kissing you sloppily.
teeth clash as tongues slide over each other. your belly swells as he finishes cumming and lifts off you, pulling his thick cock out with a pop watching as your slit throbs around nothing and his cum slides out of you.
werewolf!toji licks his lips at the sight of you, messy and stuffed full of him — when you try to awkwardly lift yourself up and put your red cape back on — when you stand with trembling legs and his cum drips down your legs — when you curl your lips and greet him with a "see you tomorrow" waving your hand, picking up your way home.
finally, werewolf!toji no longer has to dream, your soft breedable cunt belongs to him.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𐚁 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: all x fem!reader
𐚁 𝐂𝐖: virginity loss, fingering, lots of pussyeating, male masturbation, praise/degradation mentions, missionary, doggystyle, uncut cock, creampies, faking orgasms
𐚁 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒: Geto, Gojo, Sukuna, Nanami, Toji, Naoya, Mahito, Choso
"little dove, your cunt's not clenching the way it usually does."
geto studies each of your bodily movements and has trained his senses tremendously. while the two of you hadn't engaged in intercourse yet, geto spent enough time prying you open with his fingers until you let him in. arching your back seamlessly, you roll your hips across the gentle slope of geto's wrist. panting heavily, you attempt to rid yourself of the orgasm in your system. though, it just wouldn't let itself exist. crashing your head onto the pillow, you claw into geto's wrist, pushing his fingers further inside of you as you let out a wanton moan. geto's aware of your uncanny movements. he's so used to your cunt contracting in such violent spasms, that when it barely flutters around his fingers, he raises an eyebrow. the man attempts to pry your cunt open even further, exposing your clit. he flattens his tongue against the sensitive bud, lapping up the droplets of essence that have migrated from your clit to your folds. it's not enough, geto decides. he wouldn't nearly be satisfied with himself if he couldn't make you orgasm. it partially hurt his pride, though he took into account your previous negative experiences.
"you know. you don't have to fake it around me, sweetheart. i can make you feel real good if you'd just let me play around with you some more."
"you're a virgin, huh. bet you've never had your sweet cunt eaten like this before."
gojo's a master at eating pussy, and it's when your cunt dares to flutter around his tongue that he pulls away to tease you. each ruined orgasm after ruined orgasm pains your body and ultimately sends shivers through your veins. your brain is unable to function as you force yourself to orgasm, almost painfully. you couldn't even call it an orgasm due to how agonizing it was to release some tension. gojo notices, and withdraws his tongue from your soaked pussy completely. he's quick to flip you onto your stomach, a part of him angry as a result of his bruised ego. inserting himself balls deep, he's eager to make you orgasm legit. each thrust of his hips and every sopping smack of his testicals coarsed through your delicate body as gojo intends to prove his point. your body aches wildly as gojo pounds away, ensuring that each bump against your cervix is to be felt in your lower tummy. gojo growls the moment his cockhead slaps your womb, with full intentions to empty hot, thick spurts of seed inside. he pins your flailing body to the mattress, hot and bothered by a slut who couldn't orgasm.
"fuck, you want a good fucking? you're to take this cock in your used and abused hole."
"you're a dirty little bitch. you know, most women can't cum from penetration."
your very first time having sex was with a man by the name of ryomen sukuna. he tainted your body with sin and poisoned your bones with lust. sukuna carried you to his bedroom bridal style, your back falling upon satin sheets and soft cushion. sukuna holds his sexual prowess in high regard, and becomes shocked once he reaches the fate of you faking an orgasm. it was during a particularly rough session, where sukuna was viciously slamming himself into you from behind. his heavy balls clasping together with each jolt, aching to be emptied into your hole. you were quite the vocal lover, a deviant of praise and degradation. it felt like an orgasm, it really did. but sukuna had much more experience. he could tell when a woman truly felt her best. sukuna found himself licking and lapping at your bundle of nerves for hours after he released himself from the prison of lust. his tongue maneuvering itself throughout the sandwich of your folds and the velvet tingles that spread throughout your walls. after a few moments, you clench down on the tip of his tongue authentically, and a large grin forms across his face.
"see, what did i tell you. now, ya gonna stop lying to me? that's not being a good girl, is it?"
"you just faked an orgasm? didn't you, angel. i thought i was doing everything right, what happened?"
it was nanami's first time having sex with a virgin. his balls, once empty became full of life and handled with care. you took each one of his testicals into your mouth, slobbering over the flesh as it protruded against the insides of your cheeks. taking nanami's member into your mouth, you begin to slap at your clit. desiring it to be nanami's hand instead, you rub the sensitive bud more harshly. nanami orders you to give it a couple senseless slaps for him, which you eagerly obey. the oversensitivity begins to set in, and your slick pools onto the floor from your dripping folds. nanami identifies the problem, and takes it upon himself to position your legs over his shoulder as he went down on you. claiming that were near your little death, you force faux cries of pleasure past your lips, not wanting to make nanami feel worthless. he greedily laps your fluids into his mouth, though he's curious as to why your cunt's not clenching around his tongue. even your folds seemed to deliver quick jolts as the electrifying feeling roamed your body. nanami disregarded the issue, figuring that if he couldn't have you come undone on his tongue, he'd have you milk his cock instead.
"pretty lady, how about we see how you handle my cock? i'm sure you can take what i give you."
"you in for a good fuck? should make it quick, though. don't have much time."
warmth bunches in between your legs upon toji's initial touch. his fingers are skilled and nimble, instigating each and every sensual feeling and morphing it in physicality. you're almost too eager to orgasm, body molded into the mattress as toji shoves his cock into your cunt. his hips move precisely. dangerously, even. they're hitting all of the right spots, swaying in all the right directions. it's almost as if you felt awful that you weren't cumming on the spot. tightening your nails around his shoulders, you gasp loudly. toji instantly recognizes your sounds as uncanny, and can immediately infer that you're faking it. he withdraws, pulling out with a squelch as he looks down upon you in subtle shame. your legs eventually become hoisted over his broad shoulders and thighs stationed around his ears as he delicately strokes your cunt with his flattened tongue. drawing out your much needed orgasm as slowly and deviously as possible until you were a squirting and discombobulated mess on top of the sheets.
"aww, my poor baby's so frustrated she can't decide whether or not she wants to cum... but why fake it, darling?"
"poor baby, look at you. you're a fuckin' cockdrunken mess."
naoya nearly cowers in shame the first time you fake an orgasm. it was during a sensual missionary romp when you decided to wrap your legs around him, clenching your cunt voluntarily in order to pull him inside deeper. you wanted his load more than you needed to cum, and feeling naoya's warm entrance of seed almost toppled you over the edge. almost, was the key word. naoya stumbled upon finding words, his pride ruined and his prowess faulted. he's almost angry at you, let he lends his thick digits to your cunt with second thought. he's desperate to turn you into a tear ridden mess, as he batters your cunt with his fingers, curling them up and down while jutting them inside. naoya begins to stroke himself as he does so, his sensitive cock being thrown into overdrive, resulting in yet another orgasm for the starved man. you're disappointed, to say the least. until you detect naoya's cock at the center of your tummy, ready to lower itself and push its way back into your warm, velvety walls. naoya thrusts himself inside, the sopping wet warmth dissolving his member. he'd for certain have you cumming on his cock the second round.
"i'll make you feel real good, just lie back and relax. let my mouth and fingers do the work."
"pretty sure i've never made a woman cum. hell, all i do is play with my cock."
mahito. that damned, pussy starved virgin. he's able to use his fingers and tongue to get you off to your liking, though. he's not particularly proficient at doing so. mahito's calloused fingers open up your lips, sliding between your slippery folds. he brings the honey essence to his lips, tasting your sweet slick on the tip of his tongue. mahito growls at the taste that only feeds and drives his hunger. he reveals his huge, uncut cock and dangles it in front of your face. boxers around his ankles, he climbs on top of you. given that he's a virgin, you decide to give him a much needed ego boost. you thrust your hips upwards to meet mahito's, slick cream dribbling down your thighs. you reach your "orgasm" about at the same time as mahito's, and the venemous spilling of his seed inside of you almost awakens a monster inside of your nymphomaniacal mind. you clench down involuntarily around his member, crying out in faux bliss. the drag of mahito's cock inside of your velvet walls starts to feel... nice. and you're certain he will able to induce an orgasm until he's quite often pushing and pulling them out of you.
"you're so perfect, y/n. even when you're not cumming."
"i'm ready to fuck that tight little cunt, make her wet and hear my girl scream."
he's crude in the way he treats your body. he abandons it recklessly only to force you into a mating press and absolutely destroy every last cell of your miniature frame. he gathers his thoughts together, scanning the bedroom before his glance falls upon your eyes. your deviant, lustful glare that illuminates the surfaces of each wall. choso approaches you as if you were a deity. or, someone that wasn't to be tainted by sin such as himself. he lowered his heavy cock, pumping it in his fist before entering you. as you cry out, lewd noises emmitt from the joined efforts of both your pussy and his large cock. you hold choso close, yelping out as you fake your first orgasm. choso comes down from his suspected high almost immediately, turned off by the inauthenticity of you cries and the tarnished reprisal of your wails. he withdraws, the final drag of his cock almost painful as you attempt to repeatedly clench your walls together in order to suck him back inside. choso lets out a satisfied moan as he is once again pulled back into sweet goodness. though, you promise him never to fake an orgasm ever again.
"i'm astonished that you were able to trick me that well! your pussy had quite the grip on me."
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“Come hell or high water, y/n l/n. You’re my woman, and you’re going to come home to me everyday and sit at my table and warm my fucking bed.”
TOJI FUSHIGURO, Draken, Suna (ofc), Getou, Eren, Reiner, Mikey, Mattsun, IWAZUMI, Gojo, RAN & RINDOU, Dachi
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Studying @ Nanami’s
A/N: Part of the jjk studying series for you to read when you take a break from all the studying you’ve been doing! <33
Tumblr media
Studying at Nanami’s is a serene and sweet atmosphere.
The orange and pink hues of sunset hit your notebook as you made revision notes, old classic songs playing from Nanami’s radio as background noise.
Suddenly you felt a large hand tuck your hair strand behind your ear.
You smile, knowing it’s Nanami when he continues to tie your hair up more neatly. “As pretty as your hair is, it’s gonna be in your way” he mutters in his deep voice.
Your smile widens as you look up at him from where he’s standing over you “thank you kento” you say, puckering your lips playfully for a kiss.
He chuckles at your antics before leaning in to mould your lips together, he hums satisfied, before pulling away.
“You’re not stressing yourself too much are you?” He asks and you shake your head “nope”
He hums again. “I don’t believe you”
“You’ve been here since morning, it’s now evening. Come get some rest love” he says, leaving no room for argument as he picks you up so easily from the chair, his muscular veiny arms that were displayed from his rolled up sleeves wrapped around you tightly.
You yelped slightly as you sling your arms over his shoulders so you don’t fall.
He lays across the sofa and places you in between his legs, allowing him to give you a shoulder massage and press wet kisses across your neck.
You melt into his embrace, momentarily forgetting all about you work until you felt his breath in your ear.
“All this work is going to give you a headache, at least let me help you out with the work, okay angel?” He says and you smile, knowing it’s not negotiable.
“Okay love” you replied, before pressing a kiss to his hand that lay on your shoulders.
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𝐒𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐆𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐦𝐬
Tumblr media
SFW - all fluff but there is a daddy kink!
🌸Word count: 1.4K words
🌸AU: Toji is tired but you're not, so he tries to help you go to sleep.
🌸A/N: This idea just came to me after 'Sleepy Girlfriend Problems' because the idea of Toji dealing with the opposite of a sleepy gf is so cute????
Tumblr media
You tilt your head up to see Toji dozing off, his head resting on the back of the couch, his scarred lips slightly ajar. Trying not to wake him, you move your head to return to rest on his chest. However, being so alert as an assassin, even in his sleep, you feel Toji taking a deep breath, his arm around you moving to place his huge palm on your side. You glance up again and see him lifting his head off the couch as he blinks sleepily at you. 
“Hey…” His voice is low and gravelly. “S’getting late, kid.”
You check the time and see that it is almost midnight. Usually Toji sleeps around 11, and you stay up a little later. But he indulged you tonight in a movie because the both of you didn’t have to be up early tomorrow. He’s already stayed up way past his bedtime, so you understand why he is so sleepy. 
You nod your head and turn back to him. “You can go to sleep first if you’re sleepy,” you tell him softly. 
Toji takes another deep breath and groans as he cracks his neck. You move away from his body. You watch him yawn and stretch, then he moves forward to grab the remote to turn off the TV. You stare at him in confusion. 
“Let’s go to bed,” he mutters, slowly standing to his full height. “Daddy’s tired.”
“But I’m not.”
Now that he is standing over you in all his tall, hefty glory, he looks more intimidating than the big, cuddly bear he once was just a few minutes ago. He ticks an eyebrow up at you. 
“I am.”
“I’m not.”
Toji rolls his eyes, tired to put up a fight. He sighs and holds his hand out to you. “I want to hug you to sleep, baby. Come on. Go to bed with me.”
Happy to hear him getting vocal about his wants, you send him a cute beam and jump up to take his hand. You follow behind him as he switches off the lights before heading to your shared bedroom. The room is lit with the soft glow from your candle warmer, at the same time making the room smell like apples. (You used to have a cotton candy scented candle which you loved, but Toji always complained of a headache every time it was being burnt so you had to get rid of it to switch it out for something less “sickeningly sweet.”)
Toji lifts the blanket and you duck under his arm to climb into bed. You scoot over to your side while he climbs in after you. He lowers the intensity of the candle warmer to the dimmest setting and finally settles his head on the pillow. You immediately snuggle up to him. He lifts his arm, lets you burrow your head in his armpit, and curl up by his side with your hand on his warm torso. 
“Night, Princess,” Toji mumbles before pressing a kiss to your head. 
“Night night, Daddy.”
Toji pretty much falls asleep instantly. You try to get some sleep as well. But your mind is active and though your body is exhausted, you’re just not sleepy. So you turn to the other side to get your phone, on which you start watching some YouTube videos. 
You’re down the rabbit hole of YouTube where you’re suddenly watching a video on what may lay in the unexplored regions of the ocean when Toji moves in his sleep. You jump in shock, your heart thumping fast and hard in your chest at the sudden movement. You quickly pause the video when you hear Toji humming. He turns to his side so that he is spooning you now. 
“Baby not sleeping?” he mumbles groggily in your ear as he circles his arm around your waist. 
“Can’t sleep,” you answer softly. 
He hums again and you just know that he has fallen asleep again and will not remember this when he wakes up. So you continue playing your video and by the time you are sleepy enough, it is already close to one in the morning. 
You lock your phone and put it aside so that you can finally get some rest. But after 20 minutes of restlessness, you realise that you’re just not going to sleep so soon. Trying to clear your mind isn’t helping. Counting sheeps isn’t helping either. You’re still wide awake, but mentally and physically tired. 
Frustrated, you let out a quiet whine and curl up in a ball, pressing the heels of your palms into your eyes. You don’t even hear Toji rustling behind you. Which is how you choke on a gasp when you feel a heavy hand rubbing your arm. You take your hands away from your face and look up to see Toji hovering over you from behind, his face so close to you. 
“Everything okay, baby?”
You immediately uncurl your body to lie on your back so that you’re staring up at him. “I can’t sleep, Toji,” you lament. 
Toji grunts. “C’mere,” he mumbles as he lays back down, at the same time scooping you up easily to lay you on top of him. 
Your boyfriend reaches down to bend your knees so that you’re in a frog-like position, straddling him by the hips. He curls his calloused hand on the back of your head and positions it so that you’re resting your cheek on his chest, your head tucked under his chin. With his other hand, Toji rests it on your ass and starts patting you to help you go to sleep. 
He has never once done this before, and you have never asked for it, or even wished for it. But being in this position now, feeling so close and so comforted by Toji, you just know that you will not be sleeping any other way now. 
He is quiet for a bit, which makes you think that he might be sleeping. But then he hums to let you know that he is listening. 
“Do you think ants think they look different?” There is a very long silence that you think he might be dozing off, so you quickly continue. “I mean, do you think they look at each other and go ‘you look just like me’? Or do they have features that differentiate them? Like a mole on their eyebrow on something.”
Toji still doesn’t say anything for a few seconds. Then, he finally huffs and grunts, “Go to sleep, kid.”
He starts patting you a little bit harder to help you fall asleep. But you’re so curious. “And do you think ants would find out if another ant from another colony infiltrating their colony?” You lift your head off his chest to look at him. “Like a spy ant! Since, you know, they all look the same.”
Toji sighs and gives you a hard pat on your butt that you’re sure is meant to be a slap. He rests his palm on your bottom. “Where are these questions coming from?” he wonders in his tired, scratchy voice. 
“From me!” you chirp, bobbing a little in excitement. 
Your boyfriend grunts and lets out a long groan. “Stop talking and just go to sleep.”
“I wish I could,” you sigh. 
“You can. Just shut up and close your eyes.”
You make a face at his choice of words. Realising he can’t see you and won't say anything else, you huff and lay your head back on his chest. Toji’s hand starts moving again so that he's back to patting you to sleep. He is probably half asleep while doing this for you. Yet you are still as restless, twitching and moving every few seconds. 
But you freeze when you feel a rumble from Toji’s chest. You hear a low, almost unrefined humming. You stop breathing to focus on what he is doing, only to realise that your boyfriend is humming a lullaby in a way that is so flat that you don’t actually have any clue what song it is. But you’re still grateful as you move to snuggle into his chest. 
You know that Toji is unfamiliar with humming lullabies, just from the way he does it. And he is never an openly affectionate man. But then he goes and does little things like these, just for you. He always acts like he doesn’t care but he is always so observant, and he makes the effort to do things for you even if his words might not correspond with his actions. 
So with Toji patting your bum while humming a lullaby, you fall asleep in the next minute. Your overworked brain finally shuts off and you finally get your rest. 
Toji has succeeded in getting his girlfriend to sleep. 
© chocochipsushi 2022 all works are mine, please do not rewrite/plagiarise
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thots: “draw a heart with your tip.”
♡ note: this is based on that one tik tok trend <3
♡ featuring: fushiguro megumi, gojo satoru, itadori yuuji, nanami kento
♡ warnings: gn reader, crack, dicks, no explicit content but ageless blogs + minors still DNI
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♡ fushiguro megumi.
you text fushiguro sweetly asking him to draw a heart with his tip for you, and he responds with a short and succinct no, shutting you down right away. you didn’t expect him to agree right off the bat, but the quick rejection still brings a pout to your face.
so you spam fushiguro with a flurry of messages, begging him to send you a drawing. you even promise him that you’ll take him out to that new café that opened in the area (the one that he eyes every time you pass by but doesn’t say anything about going in).
you don’t need fushiguro to send you a drawing of a heart done with his tip, in fact, you don’t expect him to do it at all. but you’re curious if your partner will cave in to your pleading or remain steadfast in his original decision.
when fushiguro texts you saying that there’s no way he’s going to draw a heart with his dick for you, you jokingly reply “you’re so lame, megs 😔” and toss your phone off to the side, thinking that’s the end of the conversation.
it’s only a few minutes later that your phone dings, and when you open up your messaging app, you can’t believe your eyes when you see that fushiguro sent you an image of a sloppily drawn heart, followed up by a text that reads “you better be paying for lunch tomorrow.”
you laugh in slight disbelief. man, you really didn’t think he’d give in.
♡ gojo satoru.
you send a text to gojo asking him to draw you a heart with his tip, and he replies instantaneously. you’re a bit surprised that he was able to respond so fast considering that your partner is supposed to be on a mission right now, but knowing him, he must have already taken care of it.
you still have the messaging app open when gojo texts you a string of images. you click on the first one and scroll through them.
one is a heart (like you asked), one is your name, and another is what looks like you? and gojo? it’s a little difficult to tell since the drawing isn’t that well done, but you’re pretty damn sure that the picture is supposed to be of you and gojo.
after going through the attachments, you send a text to gojo asking why he already had these lined up for you. (what are they doing in his camera roll? is this what your partner does when you’re not around?)
he sends you another swift reply saying that he saw it on tiktok and wanted to try it out. before you can respond, gojo texts a quick follow up message asking if you liked the portrait he drew of you and him.
you jokingly tell him that it could be better, but you do a double take when gojo replies and says that the reason he didn’t do a nicer job was that his dick was too hard while drawing it.
once you get over your mild surprise, you shake your head to yourself, amused.
your partner is nothing if not shameless.
♡ itadori yuuji.
he asks if you want to see the drawing of the heart he’s made with his tip before you can even ask for him to draw you one.
itadori saw the trend on tiktok while he was scrolling through his “for you page” and thought it might be something that you’d ask of him. (funny how right he is.)
itadori doesn’t draw only one heart. he draws one big one surrounded by a bunch of messy smaller ones. in the middle of the big one are both of your initials together.
he sends a follow up text, excitedly pointing out how he drew everything in your favorite color.
it was supposed to be a joke, just some silly thing to ask of itadori, but he’s so cute. you knew he’d agree to send you a picture of heart drawn with his tip, but you didn’t think he’d send you one before you could even pose the question to him. and you didn’t expect him to put any thought into it.
it makes you laugh, but it’s also so sweet of him that you can’t help but falling a little more in love with itadori.
♡ nanami kento.
nanami thinks he must be misinterpreting your text when he first glances it over.
surely, you can’t mean what he thinks you’re insinuating.
he reads it over one more time, seeing if he can glean anything from your text. eventually, nanami decides to send you a message in return asking for clarification. when you reply and he realizes that he made no mistake with his line of thinking, nanami heavily sighs to himself, feeling every bit as weary as he sounds.
what did you think he was going to do? say yes?
there’s no chance of that happening, especially since he’s at work.
he sends you a simple text that says “No,” turns on do-not-disturb mode, and puts his phone screen-down before returning to his work.
(you knew that nanami wouldn’t do it, but you were curious what he’d say. frankly, you’re surprised that he didn’t block you again.)
Tumblr media
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Ditching friends to go to the beach
Note: omg??? Me??? Posting????
Genere: fluff
Characters: kuroo tetsurou, hawks(keigo takami), benkei, gojo satoru, Atsumu miya, suna rintarou, Jean kirstein, tendou satori, denki Kaminari, ran haitani, itadori yuji
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"Woah", you spoke, eyes fixated on the ocean. "It's beautiful, isn't it?", your boyfriend grinned, eyes glancing to your direction before quickly returning back to the road, "Just as beautiful as you, darling." You chuckled, rolling your eyes in response, "wow, what an original sentence. Haven't heard that one before." He nodded, "yeah, I know, I know. I'm just different, I'm not like the others, you see."
Your hand came in contact with his shoulder, slapping him lightly, "yeah, you're different. You're more menacing than others." Mirroring your expression, he grinned before nodding once more, "aaaand you love it." To not feed into his ego even more, you decided to ignore him, you're focus returning to the bright blue water.
"It looks so pretty and shiny, and warm, too", you sighed out, wishing you were at the beach, but instead you two were on your way to your friends' house. You loved your friends, but the beach just looked so much more inviting, you thought. "You wanna go to the beach, baby?", he asked, his hand squeezing your thigh. Meeting his gaze for a moment before leaning your head back against the seat, you groaned loudly, "I'd love to, but we can't. Don't forget that we're on our way to meet up with those idiots."
"And who says we can't just ditch them and instead go to the beach right now?", he questioned. "You wanna go to the beach right now? Yes? Great! Then on our way to the beach we are!", he cheered, laughing at your deadpaned expression. "And what are we gonna tell them when they ask where we are?"
He hummed, thinking for a short while, "hmm how about that by some unexplainable wonder, we ended up at the beach and an inhuman force had us trapped there for the next three hours?" You place your hand on your chin, acting like you were in deep thought, "and therefore we were unable to come to the meet up. We really were trying our best to come, but it just wasn't posible.", you finished his thought.
"You know what? I think, that it will absolutely work out and they'll belive it.", he laughed. "We are geniuses. No one can compare", you agreed, taking his hand from your thigh in order to place a kiss to it. "I wanna hug you so bad right now, sunshine. Let me just hurry up a little bit", he said before stepping on the gas and speeding up.
"Oh no, something is taking over the car, it's forcing us to take a right, what is happening?!", his voice dramatic as he made a right turn toward the beach. His smile only growing wider as he heard you laugh due to his poor acting. "Oh my, this is so strange! It's so strong, can you fight it?", you joined, acting just as shoked. "I'm trying my absolute best, I don't think we can win against it!"
Parking the car close to the beach, he got out and quickly made his way to your side. Opening your door, he grabbed your hand to pull you out and into his arms. "Now lets go, baby", he kissed your forehead before pulling you along with him.
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mrskenmakozume · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Spicy Chocolate
pairing: Okkotsu Yuta x f!reader
genre: smut (with fluff)
wc: 2.0k
tw/cw: 18+ MDNI, characters are AGED UP, porn with plot (cliffhanger* in the end), established relationship (Yuta and reader are married, househusband!Yuta), food play, use of pet names, slight dacryphilia (Yuta cries), m!receiving (oral, overstimming, edging); let me know if I missed something 🙇🏻‍♀️
a/n: for two of my beloved Yuta simps @mitsuyaya and @danibby ♥️ the househusband!Yuta agenda that Yumi fed me months ago lives rent-free again in my mind, thanks to @cirigiri’s Leaked Files collab (file no.10 - “Househusband makes a mess in the kitchen”). Thank you @tetsukentona @portfolio-of-dreams (another fellow Yuta simp) for beta reading this ilysfm mwah mwah tsup tsup ♥️ tagging @hanayanetwork
*will continue writing this in another post some other time (burnt out 💔), since there are points that still need to be tackled (especially the ✨thing✨ the reader wants to show to Yuta).
Want to be a part of my general taglist? Form link here.
Tumblr media
It’s a nice Sunday afternoon, and a sweet and delicious aroma is wafting from inside the kitchen. A plate of fresh whole strawberries is placed on the table as Yuta gently stirs some melted chocolate in a saucepan over the stove, humming. You should be back around this time after meeting with Maki at the nearby coffee shop, he muses, blushing a little thinking about his lovely wife.
It still feels like yesterday, as Yuta glances at the cool silver band that’s sitting around his ring finger for six months now. A few years ago, Yuta met you through Maki, your childhood friend, who (together with Panda and Toge) then deliberately set the two of you up on a date. You two are compatible with each other: same interests, similar personalities, likes, dislikes… and soon after, you two become a couple and have dated ever since. Eight months later, he proposed to you in front of his and your friends and families while celebrating your birthday; the engagement lasted for two months, and the wedding that came after was very simple and intimate yet a memorable one for you and him.
“Yuta, I’m home~”
“Y/N, welcome home!” Your husband greets you with a smile in the entryway, wiping his hands dry with a table towel. “How’s your ‘date’ with Maki-san? Is she still as grumpy as ever?”
“What do you mean ‘date’? Silly Yuta~” You chuckle, placing your ankle boots properly before wearing house slippers. “And I’ll tell Maki you said that—“
What you see next as you turn around to face him makes your face go warm and your heart race fast. You take a deep breath while you glance at Yuta wearing your cute pink frilly apron that you’d ordered online. Your throat suddenly went dry.
“T-That apron looks good on you, pretty boy. You’re so cute wearing my apron,” you say coolly, yet you can’t keep your cheeks from blushing; your hands start shaking also.
Yuta looks down, embarrassed and fidgety, and mumbles, “Please don’t say that—I-I’m a guy… you’re making me feel embarrassed, stop it!”
You slowly walk up towards Yuta, causing him to stumble a bit backwards and lean on the wall. “Why should you feel embarrassed, just ‘cause you’re a guy?” you whine, a pout forming on your lips, pinning him on the spot. “Do you… not like me telling you you’re cute?” You tilt your head sideways, looking at him.
Yuta’s heart throbs at the adorable sight that is you. He’s not the one you should be saying ‘cute’, but the other way around! He is a very lucky man to have a wonderful and adorable person like you as his wife, and he’s very thankful for that.
“I like it,” he whispers, locking eyes with you, as he caresses your cheek. Your husband then slowly leans down to you, his lips inches away from yours. “I really do. But I… should be the one saying that.”
You close your eyes, feeling his soft chapped lips meshed into yours, your tongues brushing and playing around each other. He tastes sweet, like chocolate, you think as you push yourself closer to him and tilt your head a bit, deepening the kiss.
A string of saliva connects between your lips, the two of you flushed red and breathing heavily. Yuta looks at you like a lovesick guy and smiles. “You’re so cute like this, Y/N. And I love that about you…” He wraps his arms around you and cuddles, gently stroking your hair with his hand. “I could get through the day just by hugging you, you know?”
“Yuta…!” Your cheeks feel hot after hearing that, so you bury your head into his shoulder, nuzzling your face at the crook of his neck. You don’t mean to but catch a whiff of chocolate through his clothes, the smell making you feel intoxicated as if you’ve drank alcohol. “You smell of chocolates, Yuu…,” you mumble, taking another sniff of the sweet aroma on his neck, your hot breath slightly tickling him. “So sweet… mm…”
He shudders, feeling something wet as you lick a spot. “Ah, t-that? Well, Panda-san and Inumaki-san came in for a short visit earlier and b-brought some strawberries while you’re—fuck!—while you’re out visiting Maki-sa—ngh!” Yuta feels your dainty hands brushing against his pants to and fro, gradually stimulating his bulging cock and prompting him to buckle his hips a bit, wanting for more friction. “Y-Y/N… stop…,” he bites his bottom lip, stifling a moan.
You continue on feeling him and licking stripes on his neck, not wanting to stop. His delicious taste, his sweet smell… all of Okkotsu Yuta is intoxicating. You are the only one who can make him go putty under your touch, as much as you are with him. A perfect match…
You slide a hand under his shirt and caress his strong built chest, lightly touching a nipple; Yuta’s body twitches at your touch. So sensitive…
“Ah… f-fuck, Y/N, please…” He thinks his legs feel as if they have turned to jelly, panting as your hands work quickly on him. “S-stop… it… ngh…”
You lick another stripe on his collarbone before sucking it hard. “Hm? You say something?” you hum, palming his now-tightening balls through his pants. He’s close… I can feel it through my hands.
“Y-Y/N… feels… feels so good—ah!” Yuta leans his head up on the wall, moaning and panting so lewdly. He places a hand on your shoulder for support and grips it a bit harder.
You look at him, smiling so deviously seeing his flustered sexy face. “Oh my darling Yuta… you should look at your pretty face,” you whisper in a sweet, hushed tone. “So erotic just from teasing and touching you.” You hover your lips close to his ear and lick his earlobe. “A-are you close?”
“So… close! I-if you continue on touching me any further, I might…cu-cum—”
“Okay~” You stop, retracting and raising your hands up away from him, before he could cum.
“—huh? W-what…” Yuta staggers a bit, his twitching thighs clenching hard. “Y/N, why—I’m so close to cum…!” He whines, tears start trickling down his cheeks. “Please let me cum…” He lets out a sniffle, which makes your heart feel a pang of sadness; you feel terrible for not letting him cum.
“I’m sorry, love…” You wipe his tears away with your thumb, and place a gentle kiss on his forehead before resting it on your own. “We can continue this later, okay? Please endure it for a little bit, like a good boy, and refrain your hands from touching it.” You smile genuinely at your husband, helping him stand up on his feet. “I-I’ll let you cum inside me as a reward, plus I have something to show you later… something that we can both enjoy,” you whisper into his ear, hot breath blowing through.
A sickly sweet grin forms on Yuta’s lips, thoughts of his hot white load dripping down your soft and sexy thighs making him shudder with delight. Something that we can both enjoy, huh… I wonder what that something is, he thinks as you both walk towards the kitchen, the bowl of strawberries and chocolate fondue waiting on the table.
– – – –
Yuta’s cock throbs hearing your sweet moans while the two of you are enjoying your afternoon snack in the kitchen. He casts a subtle glance at you, who is sitting near him, licking chocolate off the strawberry you are currently eating like a lollipop, before looking away… flushed red from embarrassment. He’s dying to touch himself, to relieve the pent-up feeling leaking between his legs. You, on the other hand, know that he’s itching to jerk himself off, sending you surreptitious glances and silently begging you to let him cum; you enjoy teasing him though, given your husband’s current predicament, and love seeing his pretty face looking sexy and frustrated.
“Y/N…” your husband mewls, his head resting on the table facing you, his voice cracked and laced with want. “I wanna cum, please…? Let me cum…”
You look up at the wall clock hanging above the kitchen door. 20 minutes have passed, that should be enough for him to show some self-constraint. You dip the strawberry in chocolate sauce again and glide it through your open lips, lustful eyes looking at Yuta. “Do you really want to cum, pretty boy?” you ask, your hand traveling through his pants and forming small circles around his erection with your finger.
He hisses, quickly grabbing your wrist, and buckles up his hips in response. “I-I do, Y/N, please! Don’t… tease me—mnff!” You stuff the whole strawberry into his mouth, muffling his pleas; Yuta can taste a mixture of your saliva, strawberries and chocolate as you start to thrust it in and out of his lips.
You get a glimpse of drool seeping at the corner of his mouth as you continue on thrusting, and smile. “My naughty husband, his pretty mouth getting fucked on with a strawberry… how erotic~” you whisper breathily in his ear, pulling out the strawberry from his mouth with a loud pop! before finally popping into your own mouth. You chew it slowly, your hand cupping Yuta’s cheek, before feeding it to him with your lips in a deep kiss.
“You taste so sweet, like strawberries,” you say as you lick your lips clean after the kiss; your other hand, meanwhile, unties the knot on his pants before slowly lowering the waistband.
“Ah!” Yuta’s cock—fully-erect, its head an angry red-colored and leaking with pre-cum—hits his torso as soon as you pull down his pants halfway over his thighs, some of the pre staining his shirt. You bend down slightly near it and gently blow air on its leaking tip, making him shudder hard and curse under his breath. “Fuck…! No… don’t… I-I might cum if you do that again…,” he cries, whimpering and panting heavily on his seat.
You lightly trace a prominent vein on his length, feigning innocence, before taking its whole girth with your hand and stroking it at a painfully slow pace. “Huh? Yuu~ what’s this? I thought you said earlier you wanna cum? You’re contradicting yourself, you know…?” You let the tip of your tongue out of your lips and hover it above the cock head while your eyes are on your husband, wriggling it down until it touches the slit.
“Y-Y/N… no, I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing—! Ngh!!!!!” White ropes of cum spurt high from the head, smearing your face and Yuta’s shirt and pants. Some of the cum had splatter over your hair and the tiled kitchen floor.
Chuckling, you swipe your lips clean of cum as you glance at your husband panting heavily after he came, hiding his flushed face behind his arm, away from your lustful stare. His body is still twitching from the stimulation yet the cock’s standing up, raging for more. You smile.
“...ngh! Fuck—!” Yuta suddenly curses under his breath, his hips jolting upwards, as he feels the warmth of your mouth slowly engulfing him inside. He flails both his hands in front and brings them above your bobbing head, pushing you away from his overstimulated cock. “Y-Y/N, stop… it’s too much, I-I just came…!”
You swat his hands away from your head while you continue on giving him head, his whining pleas getting painfully louder and lewder, making your thighs press together to ease the growing wet ache on your core.
“I’m… c-cumming again…,” Yuta tells you breathily, accompanied by a few loud moans. “I’m… cum...ming—“
You quickly grab his whole length by the base, tightening your grip a bit. You pull your lips away from your husband’s cock with a loud pop! before releasing it from your grip. “Don’t cum on my mouth yet,” you say, earning a whine from Yuta again.
You shyly stand up and strip yourself of your skirt and panties, exposing your wetness in front of him. You then get up and carefully straddle yourself onto his lap, your hand guiding his cock near your hot entrance.
“Didn’t I promise you earlier that I let you cum inside me?”
Tumblr media
Likes are okay, reblogs are nice, reposts and plagiarism stuff are frowned upon 🥰 | ALL WORKS BY MADKITTYBLOSSOM © 2022
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zawasbf · a day ago
Guardian Demon
synopsis: after having a really bad day you’re begging for someone, anyone, to help you and a man with horns and wings shows up beside your bed.
pairing: demon!sukuna x gender neutral reader
word count: 946
warnings: none
authors note: it’s shit, i apologize. it’s a repost and was one of the first things i wrote.
Tumblr media
It was most certainly not your day today at all. For starters, your phone died in the middle of the night so you ended up being late for work. On your way to work, that you were already late for, your car broke down.
You unfortunately knew nothing about cars so you forced yourself to tread the rest of the 5 miles there- only for a car to speed through a puddle getting you and your suit tremendously soaked. When you finally managed to arrive, your boss fired you and you had to walk all the way back home.
You almost began to think someone put a curse on you- because when you stepped into your apartment, the power went out. Your body was slouching and your feet were aching, you didn’t have the energy to get mad. To get mad at whatever decided to take the time to ruin your day, week, even.
The fabric of your clothing was dried so you instantly plopped down onto the mattress the minute it was within your reach. Your apartment was quiet, the only sound being the soft huffs and puffs coming from you.
“Why me?” You spoke to no one in particular. You huff and kick your shoes off, listening to the plop they made when hitting the hardwood floor. “Someone help me please.”
Your head was cradled by the pillows on your bed and your eyelids started to feel heavy as they started to droop. The heaviness of your body was much more apparent and you didn’t have any desire to move or get up.
Before you could slip away you noticed a figure illuminated by the candle lights that sat in cages. You were almost too far gone to register that you’d seen a figured standing beside your bed. It was only until your eyes had been closed for a minute that your body jerked up and quickly moved into the corner of your bed.
The man had horns that twisted up, paired with big black wings and tattoos on his face and arms. His hair was pink and deliberately messy and he was really tall. He had to be around 7- maybe even 8 feet tall. “What.. the fuck- who the hell are you?”
“Oh right I see your hostility,” his teeth were shiny white and they were all sharpened. Almost like shark teeth, just without the number of teeth sharks actually have. “Woo! Do you know how many angels I had to fight to get here first? They’re pretty fast!”
He bounced on the mattress and you cornered yourself into the wall, eyes still trained on him- still cowering away from the man you did not know. “Oh don’t worry pretty, I won’t hurt you. You asked for someone to help you so here I am, though I had to beat the angels to get here first.”
“Your life is about to get a whole lot better because I’m your guardian demon.” Your eyes were fixated on the wings that sprouted from his back and the horns that were rooted into his head. His hair framed the base of them perfectly, almost too perfectly. “I’m Sukuna…” His sentence trailed off when he followed your gaze,
“Do you wanna touch them?” He had to have his wings slightly wrapped around the frame of his body so he wouldn’t hit you with them. Had he spread them out, the right wing would surely be in front of you covering your body with the size of even just one.
You slowly scooted further up the bed whilst he uncurled them from around his body. They made slight wind even with the pace he was moving them at. “They’re soft I swear.” He didn’t have to point it out for you to notice. Even though you had yet to feel them, you could very clearly tell they were extremely soft.
The man- Sukuna’s- voice never raised above a slight whisper. Enough to not scare you but enough so you could hear him clearly. Your left arm moved before you could control it and your fingers carded through the individual feathers.
They felt as soft as the clouds in the sky looked, the feathers fluttered underneath the pads of your fingertips. You traced along the bone at the top until you could no longer reach it. His eyes darted from item to item in your room- not noticing that he wasn’t looking at you, you rubbed at the base of one of his horns.
His head- clearly startled- quickly snapped to look back at you. Though the ridges in them made them look rough and scratchy to touch, they were quite surprisingly smooth as you glided your fingers up to the top. The tips of them were piercing sharp and could hurt someone if he tried.
“You like them?” Before you could think you gradually nodded your head as you continued to feel along the medium-length horns. The separation between each one wasn’t too large nor was it too small. You figured you could most likely fit your hand between them.
You retracted your arm after realizing you’d been touching them for longer than you would care to admit. The both of you were barely acquainted with each other, going on for far too long would be embarrassing on your part- considering you assumed he’d be around for a while.
“I’m here to help you believe it or not. Some demons and the angels heard you so we all had to fight to be the first one here, and I made it.”
“And you’re…” “A demon, yes.”
“Your life is gonna get a lot better from here on out.”
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yuutakittie · 2 days ago
hi guys! this is my first piece of writing ever posted! be gentle lmao, this is extremely self indulgent
pairing: yuuta x fem!reader
summary: as homework starts to consume you, yuuta is the only one to pull you back into reality. 
rating: sfw, fluff
CW: anxiety, pet names (darling, baby), lower case intentional
a bubble forms around you slowly, encroaching,  consuming you as you continuously type away. words slowly forming into one another, the essay you are working on becoming one mass on the screen. hours of reading, notes, videos, lectures, and this essay becoming all that you know. the bright, cheerful morning light dissipated into gold, comforting rays that surround you now, engulfing you in its warmth.
just get this done, why is this not finished? take me away, please, make it stop, what am i looking at anymore, did that sound right? what happens if you don’t finish in time, what happens if
“darling, you’re in the same spot that i left you in. how about we take a break?” yuuta’s voice and slight giggle enters your bubble, popping it and showering you in mist. 
“not yet, yuuta, i’m not finished. i still need to complete these points and-”
“you deserve a break, even if it’s short. come on darling, let’s stop for now.” yuuta whispers as he bends down, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and burying his face in your neck. his dark hair tickling your cheeks, his warmth outweighing the cold fear that the deadline has created. 
yuuta takes your hand in his, guiding you to stand with him. he pulls you in, placing your arms around his neck as he wraps his around your waist. the loving embrace turns into a slow sway, back and forth in the golden light. 
“there’s no music yuuta,” you mumble into his shoulder. “this is silly.”
yuuta places a kiss to your cheek, smiling against your skin as he spins you around. you gasp, causing yuuta to laugh. as his laugh bounces around room, it settles into your chest, lifting the worry that has nested in, even if just for a moment.  
“we don’t need any, baby. let’s bring this dance into the kitchen, i think we both deserve a snack.”
Tumblr media
i finally did it, if you read this thank you for reading!!!!
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izu-fi · 7 hours ago
note: for dilly, thank you for giving me the push to finally write out my geto brainrot… i love u <333 (also this is a repost bc the tags were broken)
warnings: MATURE CONTENT (18+ ONLY), afab language, minor spit-play, slight choking kink, dacryphilia, edging, overstimulation, use of princess and bunny, creampie(s) ;)
Tumblr media
GETO who forces your chin up to look him in the eye as he slips his dick inside you. reveling in the glassy look in your eyes, tears threatening to spill over your cheeks because he's just too big, sugu-! his smile sharp in all the right ways, hair falling over his shoulders like spilled ink, and you've never been more enamored.
GETO who’s drunk off the way u say his name. soft pleas turning to harsh whines when he slows his thrusts down as you're about to orgasm. sliding his cock out of your dripping pussy oh-so-slowly just to hear you cry out for him.
GETO who kisses at your calf resting on his shoulder as he pushes his cock back into your plush walls— inch by painstaking inch until his leaky tip bumps into ur cervix, and he has to hold his breath when you squeeze him too hard.
GETO who holds your jaw in place and coaxes your lips open with his thumb. letting his spit drip onto your waiting tongue, his dark eyes never leaving yours. shoving his fingers inside your mouth while you drool all over his hand.
GETO who slides his palm down from cradling your jaw to wrapping his fingers around your neck. chuckling something deep and a little wicked as he watches your eyes widen when he squeezes lightly— the anticipation of not knowing his next move making your pussy throb hard around him.
GETO who angrily pushes your fingers away from your clit because who told you to touch yourself, huh? you’re only cumming on my cock tonight, princess— and he knows what’s he’s doing by making you worry... making your tummy twist and your heart pound with anxiety at the thought of him pulling out and not fucking his previous load back into you until he cums again.
GETO who can't resist making you beg. there’s a fire in his gut that rivals the magma underneath mount fuji, and it only grows stronger when you attempt to lift your hips to meet his. you ultimately fail when he pushes your thighs out wide, fingertips pressing bruises into the backs of your knees, fat cock sinking into you fully to feel him heavy in your stomach.
GETO who has cum three times already but still isn't satisfied. not until you're desperately clawing at his back, your body hyper-sensitive to every touch, and your hips twitching from overstimulation. you can't do much else besides gasp out his name, trembling at the kisses he presses into the flushed skin on your chest, up your neck to your lips.
GETO who mumbles mindless praise into your mouth, kissing you deeply because he's gotcha, bunny, i'm right here. your eyes big and doe-like, fucked and blissed out all because of his cock pounding his cum back into you.
Tumblr media
🌀 jjk masterlist :; mega-masterlist
🍯 replies + reblogs appreciated !
@atsumeii @wakatshi @tetsukentona @emiliaserpe @tenijku @bbyatsumu @meowzfordayz @dabipawz @katsoon @yuutakittie @asmos-pet @elciaelie
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stupidthecupid · a day ago
How about doing the "Kiss your bestfriend" trend with the jujutsu characters, you can choose your favourites :) fluff (it can be sugestive too) please <3
Thank you :)
hello anon! thank you for your request! (first one too ahehe)
this is a lot of pure fluff and little to no suggestive content. (of course if you would like a more suggestive version, feel free to ask! i don’t bite (hard))
*lowercase intended!*
inumakis is a short, this whole thing us short. i’m running in 3 hours asleep and have to get on a plane tomorrow at 7 so i’m tired auauaua
characters included: itadori, megumi, maki, inumaki
Tumblr media
- manz didn’t expect it. like at all. he was playing mario kart with nobara when you waltzed in the common room and set your phone up on the table.
- you sat next to him, his eyes still on the tv and lips pressed together in a thin line. (you knew he had the mindset of needing to win, as nobara would probably bully him for loosing against her for the end of time.)
- as soon as the round was over and he threw down his controller, he looked over to you and was about to greet him when you grabbed his face and placed (smashed) your lips onto his.
- his hands shot up in defense, nobara screaming in the background
- in the end he placed his hands against you, and smiled at you when you pulled away.
- “uh.. did you mean that?” GEOSHDH he’d be CONFUSED
-would shove you away.
- kind of with itadori, he’d be chilling in the common room scrolling through twitter when you came up and sat next to him.
- he noted nobara and itadori “secretly” peering past the door frame as they tried to hold back laughing/ruining the moment
- you sat next to megumi, leaning your head on his shoulder while he just casually scrolled through his phone, trying to ignore you.
- eventually after you kept poking him he looked over at you and was about to say “what” before you leaned up and kissed his lips.
- que nobara and itadori yelling about how you actually did it and weren’t a pussy
- anyways he’d also be confused and would confront you about it later and ask what it was about
-maybe the start of a relationship??
- gotta at my wife here
- would probably be in defence and hit you in the head if you tried to do this AON HDHEI
- no no but fr you’d be so casual about it, walking up to her and gently placing a kiss on her cheek, and when she would turn her head to you, you would place one on her lips.
- panda would ship
- anyways she’d be stunned like “my best friend just kissed me wtf??” and would question life but if you had a crush on her and wasn’t doing it for the trend she’d 100% would be “cool” with it.
- i feel like he’d be the one to do this
- like—middle of training panda would dare inumaki to go kiss you and probably confess his feelings, so he just walked up to you training with Yuta and Maki and just pulled down his mask and kissed you AUFIBE
(face all red too)
- he’d casually walk away too like nothing happened, spinning around on his heel and walking back to panda. WHIDHDH he’d be whipped for you
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nutterbuttermother · 9 hours ago
Gojo: go comfort your mother she's upset
Gojo and YN’s child: The fuck am i supposed to do
Gojo: I don’t know, shouldn’t you know? You came out of her
Gojo and YN’s child: YEAH AND YOU CAME IN HER
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njisano · a day ago
Hi!! So I’m kinda new to your account and let’s just say I’m in LOVE!!😍😍 EVERY SINGLE STORY OF BABY FUSHIGURO SCARLET WITCH IS AMAZING 😻 I seriously read your page everyday!!! Can I ask for a request? So I’m rewatching jjk rn and remembered Principal Yagas curse is dolls! I wonder how bb fushiguro is when Principal Yaga babysits her haha❤️
principal yaga babysits scarlet witch! baby fushiguro! reader
jujutsu kaisen x reader
masterlist of the series
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
╰➤ CW(s): possible jujutsu kaisen spoilers, major themes of fluff, just principal yaga looking after baby/child! reader ^__^
╰➤ PAIRING(s): platonic! principal yaga x reader
hello dear anon :) thank you so much for the feedback it really means a lot and welcome to my blog!! thank you for requesting this and for being patient, enjoy reading ♡
Tumblr media
you know how yaga masamichi appears so intimidating and is always stern and serious in general? well, yeah that flies out the window when it comes to you. he has a soft spot for children and cute things, so expect the principal yaga to care for you with so much love.
he may not say it allowed to anyone, but he sees you as his grandchild :(
yaga has taken care of children before. he used to be a teacher before he became a principal, and if he was able to handle suguru, shoko, and especially satoru, your father, then looking after someone like you was no big deal. tou might be a bundle of mischief who always likes to do zoomies and disappear off with your special cursed energy or chaos magic all the time, but you aren't that much trouble. you generally behaved and you listened to yaga. 
yaga's babysitting you consisted of spoiling you with food. if you thought gojo spoiling you was nothing, he's the typical grandparent that spoils you. while gojo and the students are busy at jujutsu tech, he takes you outside and feeds you whatever food or restaurant you want to go to.
"can we go eat curry udon?"
"of course, little one. do you want some ice cream after too?"
but, most of all, what made you love yaga wasn't just the way he treated you, it was his cursed technique combined with his expertise in crafting dolls. you have always been fond of stuffed animals and plushies. in fact, your room housed dozens of them, from pikachu to bleghh, the ikea shark plush gojo got you. you loved them. you were practically bouncing off the walls from surprise and joy when you learned about it.
"you make dolls and you make them move too?!"
"yes, it's my cursed technique." :)
you know the room that yaga has where he has all the dolls he made, he took you there and ever since then, you always looked forward to going there to play with the cute dolls he made. it was practically heaven for you. you even adored how yaga had names for them like cathy and tsukamoto.
yaga was quite a bit surprised when you asked him to tell you about his cursed technique and dolls more, as he let you played with them, but was genuinely happy to see you interested and curious.
he's so glad that he even makes dolls for you, and lets you name them too. eventually, dolls and cute things had become a thing you and yaga had bonded over.
"what do you want to name him, little one?" yaga asked you as he sowed up a doll just for you, smiling softly.
"can we name him osamu the bunny? i feel like he would go well with chuuya the fox over here." you suggested as you embraced the adorable fox plush with a black fedora yaga had just made you. "i think a brown coat would go with osamu too."
"i think it's perfect, you're good at giving names." yaga praised you, causing you to giggle and place your hands on your hips proudly.
"of course! thank you, ji-chan—i mean, principal yaga!" you watched him pause from stitching up your new bunny plushie and immediately correct your mistake. 
you could see a faint blush across his cheekbones, but he was smiling.
"you can call me ji-chan if you want to, i don't mind." yaga extended a hand towards you and ruffled your hair affectionately.
"o-okay! thank you, i will!" you chimed, nodding your head.
while he was making dolls or having his dolls play with you, the two of you would also bond by him asking how satoru was, how you were, if satoru was taking good care of you, and you spilling everything to him.
"daddy's okay! he took me to [favorite restaurant] the other day and he bought me mochi."
"that's nice, is he taking good care of you? because if he isn't, i'm going to gave a word with him in private."
"mhm! daddy makes me meals now! they are a little burnt and taste weird sometimes, but i still think it's good."
however, at the end of the day, especially if you've had stayed with him for the entire day, by the time gojo comes in to get you and take you home, you've got another whole army of dolls in your arms.
"kikufuku, daddy's done with work! did you have fun with principal yag—?!" gojo's sweat was dropping.
"daddy! meet my new friends!" you ran up to him, bouncing up and down as you showed him each of the dolls yaga got you. "this is osamu the bunny, chuuya the fox, atsushi the tiger, kunikida the penguin and ranpo the cat!"
"did you really have to make [name] this much?" gojo scratched the nape of his neck, smiling down at you as he knelt to your height and take your new stuffies from you.
"yes, and besides, those dolls are special. as long as [name] has them with her, they'll protect her." yaga cleared his throat, nodding his head.
and since yaga can give "life" to dolls, you may or may not have asked him to make pikachu and bleghh the ikea shark plushie alive more than once, and yes, he did it.
Tumblr media
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daddy-suguru · 11 hours ago
𝐦𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫 ▸ 𝐭𝐨𝐣𝐢
𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠/𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ▸ nsfw, cockdrunk!reader, pussy drunk!toji, praise, squirting, breeding, daddy/mommy/baby girl/princess titles used, mirror sex, toji was fucking you in the air, toji pushes his cum back into you, fingering, begging, dacryphilia
“Baby girl do you see how much of my cum is dripping out of your tight little puffy princess pussy?” Toji is holding you up in front of the bedroom mirror, with your legs over his arms. And his softening cock hanging between his legs, while his cum is dripping from your pussy onto the floor.
You look like a mess, sweaty and your face wet with tears. While your breathing roughly from the harsh pace Toji was just bouncing you on his cock for. Looking into Toji’s eyes in the mirror and the predatory grin in his face, his scar pressing into his lip as he does. You don’t Toji wouldn’t mind another round so you whine,
“Daddy, need you! Don’t want to stop, want to feel you some more please. You’ve been gone for a month. And I’ve been so lonely and needy.”
Toji arch an eye brow as he sits on the bed of the bed and places your legs on the other side of his own. So you can watch him slide your hand up your thighs towards your pussy. As he asks you? “You need more? Do you need daddy to finger your sweet soft pussy till she squirt again?”
You start rambling, “Please Daddy want to squirt again, want to feel your fat finger filling me up. Want to make your cock hard again so you have to fill me full of more cum. Want your babies Daddy please.” As Toji slips three of his thick fingers past your lips. Which is just shy how how thick his cock is.
He curls his fingers and starts pumping them quickly as the loud wet squelching of your pussy greets your ears. You are whimper out for him. As you place your hand on his thick upper arm, digging your nails into his muscular arm.
The blood is starting to rush back to Toji’s cock as he rubs that sweet spot inside of you he says, “I bet you get lonely when I’m gone. Daddy will give you his babies, maybe you round and fill with my cum over and over till your belly and breasts start swelling. Then I’m going to suck the milk out of your fat tits your going to be such a beautiful Mommy for Daddy aren’t you?”
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drabbledealer · 16 hours ago
I feel like at one point they bit your tongue while kissing and continued as if they didn't do anything.
SUKUNA, Toji, Gojo, Nanami, Dabi, BAKUGOU, Shigaraki, Shinsou Kirishima, Xiao, GOROU, Itto, Kaeya, CHILDE, SCARAMOUCHE
Tumblr media
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slatoru · a day ago
lights, camera, action!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⋆ ˚ ☆ ˚ jade‘s 500 mini event masterlist ˚ ✧ ༊*·˚
Tumblr media
ever wondered what your favourite character would be like as a pornstar? or being his personal cam girl? or what kind of lewd images of you would fill his secret camera roll?
to celebrate 500 followers, i’d like to thank you all by writing drabbles/short fics with your favourite jjk or haikyuu characters!
how to participate: send me an ask (age MUST be in bio), your favourite character and a role you’d like to see. feel free to include kinks and dynamics (optional)!
e.g. -> oikawa + inexperienced pornstar (+kink)
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated! ღ mdni!
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nezii-chii · 2 days ago
Ways to gain Trust
Cat! Gojo Satoru x Reader
When Satoru and Megumi bonds, but chaos with Toji
Tumblr media
Here you all are now at a hardware store. Toji walking a bit ahead the three of you, Megumi right by your side holding Satoru's leash as he was now walking, wanting to be put down after being carried all the way here.
Starting off with taking a cart for the smaller materials before going for the larger materials. Toji stopped right along with the three of you, waiting.
Opening the child's seat of the cart you looked at your side to see Megumi staring up at you and the cart with wide eyes, his face neutral but his eyes told a lot. You smiled at this, patting his head, taking the leash off of his hand and placing it on yours before carrying him up to put him on the cart seat. 
Pressing a kiss onto his cheek and giggling at his flushed face. Before looking down at Satoru "Do you wanna keep walking Satoru?? Or would you like to sit with 'Gumi here?" Seeing him sit down on the floor made you guess that he wanted to continue walking, you smiled at this reaching down and scratching his chin as he closed his eyes and purred.
Standing back up to push the cart when Toji grabbed a hold of it and instead pushed the cart, Megumi pouted a little as he wanted you to push it but kept quiet. You watched this interaction and smiled to yourself, softly tugging Satoru's leash as the two of you followed the father and son.
So here you were all now, looking around each and every isle for the things that you would be needing. Nails, Support Brackets, rope netting, screws, drill and hammers.
"Toji-kun would it be alright if I borrowed your wood cutter for this instead?" You looked at Toji as you held up a wood cutter from the store. "Yeah…" you sweat dropped at his short response but nodded in thanks. Satoru, getting jealous by this, stands up on his hind legs his front legs clutching onto your leg, meowing for your attention. 
"Satoru?" You tilted your head at his sudden seek for attention, you picked him up into your arms and giggled a bit as he nuzzled you. "I love you too~" 
You didn't notice this but Satoru was looking smugly at Toji for this, as Toji had an irk mark on his head. I'm killing this cat, I swear to G*d.
Meow~~ (arson~~)
Megumi seeing all of this interaction sweat dropped. Tugging at his father's clothing to be put down from the cart "down…" he simply responded. Toji looked at him, sighing and lifting him up and out of the child's seat of the cart, letting him down. Megumi then walked over to you tugging at your clothing. Opening his arms, making grabby hands for Satoru.
"Hmm? What is Megumi-kun?" You looked at him with a curious look, "Satoru…" he answered. You then squatted down to give him access, placing Satoru in his arms, removing the leash off of your wrist and giving it to him before he then ran over to the cart and guided Satoru on the child's seat.
Meow?? (What??) He tilted his head, questioning the child's intention. You smiled at this, amazed at Megumi's interactive self. You then went over to the two of them, carrying Satoru from Megumi's arms and placing him in the cart, Satoru standing up on his back paws, his front paws leaning on the cart, looking at Megumi. 
Meow!! (Push me!!)
Megumi grinned and began to push the cart away. You and Toji made eye contact with each other, as you smiled at him and Toji looked away from you with a light blush on his face. Immediately walking after Megumi as Satoru let out meows on the cart. 
You smiled to yourself, pulling out your phone and taking a picture of the moment. Before going after them to continue with your shopping of the materials. 
Tumblr media
Having already finished shopping for the smaller materials it was now time for the bigger ones, currently it was just the three of you, Megumi and Satoru. Toji had gone off to find a worker to ask for a cart for the woods that you would be buying. 
So here were the three of you waiting for him to come back, Megumi and Satoru keeping themselves occupied with the cart as you kept watch of them, making sure they didn't go far or hit someone. "Megumi-kun!" You called out for him, pulling out a handkerchief from your bag and wiping his face and back down. "You okay? Try not to run so much, I can't have you getting sick bubs." You continued to wipe his sweat before letting him go.
"Thirsty?" You asked the two of them. Megumi nodded and Satoru responded with his tongue hanging out a little of his mouth. You pulled out two water bottles from the bag and gave Megumi his while you assisted Satoru with the tumbler meant for pets, pressing the button for the water to dispense to the cup and giving it to him, holding the cup as he drank his water. Megumi watched Satoru as he drank his own.
Meow…~~ (water...~~)
You then saw by the corner of your eyes, Toji walking towards the three of you with the cart, patting Megumi's head as he arrived at your waiting spot. Taking the bottle from Megumi as he finished and wiping the child's chin with his hand as water dripped a little from his mouth.
By this point, Satoru had also finished drinking, emptying his tumbler's cup of the dispensed water. You wiped the cup from the excess water droplets before returning it to your bag along with Megumi's bottle. 
"So what wood should we pick??" You asked Toji as the two of you looked at the arrangement of woods all over the isle of different sizes and grades. Also holding tightly onto the cart as you saw from the corner of your eye that Satoru planned to hop off of it onto Megumi's arms, Immediately picking him up before he leaped as the cone around his neck would make it difficult for him to jump. 
Meow~~ (Gumi~~)
Satoru purred as he was in Megumi's arms. Megumi made a bit of a face at the display of affection. Don't get him wrong, he liked the fact that they played and Satoru liked him, but affection is still a huge no.
"Plywood, furniture grade. We'll just apply varnish to make it even more durable than it already is, considering it's a cat we're talking about that would use it…" Toji replied to you, picking up a sample of the plywood and handing it to you for you to feel it. 
"Yeah… I like the texture of this, I'm sure it'll be fine for Satoru's paws and claws." running your palm across the wood feeling it. "Yeah this should be fine." You informed Toji as you placed the piece of plywood to the cart. 
From there you and Toji picked out some of the small pieces of plywood and a few of the huge ones to be able to just multiply the bigger one into smaller ones. All of you then headed to the counter, Megumi and Satoru running with you and Toji pushing the carts to the counter. Paying for all of the things.
A worker then went over to all of you, taking a hold of the cart to help you get the bought woods into the back of the pick up truck with Toji taking the plastic bags from your hold and you guiding Megumi as he held onto Satoru. 
Finally reaching the pick up truck you placed Megumi and Satoru onto the back seat, placing Megumi in his seat belt as Toji and the worker handled the goods. Leaving the door open so that air would still be inside the pickup truck as it was still not open. You stayed beside the two -outside of the pick up- waiting for Toji to come, as you pulled out a small change for the worker that helped you and Toji. Paying the worker, closing the car door as you sat at the back seat with the two. Toji went to the driver's seat, starting the pick up and looking at the three of you only to see the drowsiness within your eyes. Staying quiet because of this and just driving home. 
Tumblr media
Toji continued to drive home, every once in a while looking at the mirror to look at the three of you, smiling to himself at how Megumi leaned onto you with your arms wrapped around the child and Satoru beside Megumi, onto his back purring in his sleep as Megumi held onto him to prevent him from falling off the seats.
Toji parked the pick up to the side for a bit, pulling out his own phone and taking a picture of the three of you snuggled up. Pocketing the phone and going back to driving home. 
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soilaluna · a day ago
— willow. ∙ geto suguru x gn!reader. ∙ angst. ∙ 375 w.
Tumblr media
a declaration of war.
that's what it is.
geto's at jujutsu tech, broad and imposing. everyone's eyes are on him. he scans the crowd. the number of sorcerers surrounding him and ready to confront him doesn't appear to unsettle him (your absence does).
"eh? won't they come out and say hello?" his question is drenched in mockery.
gojo is seething at his smile (he won't even say your fucking name). he wants to curse the shit out of his friend (friend?) but his students are all within his range and he can only hide his clenched fists in his pockets.
"no," he deadpans.
geto is about to speak once again but one of the girls who rode inside of the bird's large mouth complains about a store closing soon and it appears that his time is up.
"well then, everyone. see you on the battlefield," he beams.
geto climbs into the bird and is about to take off.
satoru's quick to note before he does, "if you really want to see them, they're right where you left them."
nothing in the curse user's posture or expression shows that he's heard him.
(he did).
so geto goes and visits you. right after dropping the twins. his heart beats with excitement (it's not love, not anymore) (just twisted pleasure, he swears).
because that place —the willow on top of the hill.
that place was yours.
first kiss, countless dates under the stars, and just one heartbreak (he wants to see you) (he's not so sure he wants to see you like the day he left you).
the sun is setting and he doubts you'll appear for a second, but as he climbs, walks through a pile of leaves and reaches the tree, you're there.
have you waited for him all this time?
he hopes not. he always thought you deserve better. better than him, better than those monkeys (you still gave it all for both).
he blinks and swallows, and his voice shatters the quiet, "sorry i'm late."
(he's as still as the stone before him).
it's not his place anymore.
(but it's still yours).
Tumblr media
ty for reading !
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bananaminbaby · 14 hours ago
Nanami x gn!reader
Minors dni, 18+ content
Note: phew where did this come from
Tumblr media
My imagination is running wild at the thought of Nanami catching you in the middle of purchasing a dildo because either you or he is going away for business trip soon.
He'll probably get offended and almost angry, but definitely horny now. He won't bother with moving you to the bed (if you're not already on it). He will just take your lips by his and forces his tongue in, instantly making your head dizzy with how his wet muscle move around between your mouths.
He'll have his hand around your throat and tugs it up as a sign for you to stand up. His other hand would be busy taking of your shorts and undies, then his own pants, just low enough for his cock to slip out.
He's not fully hard, yet. So he makes you work for it. He guides your hand to your wet cunny to gather some of the slick and then uses it as a lube to stroke his cock.
When he's hard enough, he steps away from the kiss, making you lean forward to try to chase it. In your daze, you see him sitting down on what was your seat, his hand pumping his cock and his eyes challenging you.
"Go on, use it like you were going to use that dildo."
Tumblr media
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