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#jujutsu kaisen x reader
mari-the-bimbo · a day ago
ex-husband gojo with a troublesome kid? like he always gets in to fights and his parents get called? i know its daughter but maybe an exeption for this one? :)
Ex husband! Gojo: your troublesome son
A/N: Absolutely loves this idea! Kinda had to do it in a rush though :( But I hope you guys enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
“Ms. y/n, this is the third time your son has fought another child this week, would you be able to come in to discuss this matter?”
Only 2 mins ago, you received a call from the school asking you to come in to discuss a fight your son had just got into.
You huffed as you headed towards your front door. As much as you loved your son, he was starting to inherit the problematic traits of his father.
But as you opened the front door, you were met with a not-so-surprising surprise. “Oh god, speak of the devil” you muttered under your breath, as you saw Gojo’s new limited addition Bugatti pull up to your front drive.
You grumpily headed over to his car, watching him pull down the window, and being met with his unnerving, wide smile.
“Come on darling, I don’t have all day”
As you both arrived to the school building, Gojo walked alongside you confidently, almost unbothered. One hand in his pocket, another hand on your back, which kept travelling downwards…
You scoffed, quickly reminding him the reason you guys were in, “Do you even know why we’re in Gojo? It’s because-“
“Because my son kicked ass, I know.” He cut you off, staring down at you with an unsettling smile, causing you to look away at it’s intensity.
“There’s nothing to smile about” you mumbled.
“Awww you’re such a worry wart y/n” Gojo cooed mockingly as he roughly pulled you into his embrace, his long pale arms pressing you against him, causing you to blush and attempt to move away, but he groped your breast as a warning before you both entered the room.
Your son’s teacher finally looks up as you both enter the room.
“Ah hello Mr Gojo and miss..” the teacher trailed off, forgetting whether you guys were divorced or not, because the arm over your shoulder and bodies pressed up against each other affectionately confused the woman.
“Mrs Gojo” Gojo lied with a wide smile on his face.
“Ah yes, please take a seat” the teacher said.
And as the teacher spoke to you about your son, you look over at your adorable small son who looked guilty as he watched his teacher tell his loving parents about his wrongdoings. You couldn’t help but look disappointed.
Gojo surprisingly listened to every word the teacher said, nodding along according.
“Well thank you for informing us about his behaviour, we’ll talk to him once we get home” Gojo said formally.
You were impressed by Gojo’s maturity, the sorcerer usually always favoured and spoiled his children, refusing to ever believe his children were wrong.
You both bid goodbyes to the teacher and you held your son’s hand leading him back to his father’s car. And once you got back, you sighed, rubbing your temples in concern.
You knew one day Gojo’s spoiling and traits would catch up to your children one day.
You could feel Gojo’s presence trailing behind you as you entered your house, but you were too tired to tell him to leave.
“Sweetie, you do understand what you did was wrong righ-“ you tried to explain to your son.
“DID YA WIN, SON?” Gojo cut you off from behind, running up to you son and holding him up in his strong arms with a smile.
Your son’s guilty pout was now replaced with a smile that resembled his dad. “Yes daddy! I won!” He giggled, as his dad rewarded him with kisses.
“Good! Now go get dressed buddy! Then we can get some McDonald’s okay?” Gojo said to your son, ignoring your glare, your son nodded enthusiastically, heading upstairs.
“Gojo! What the fuck are you doing?! We’re supposed to give him a talk on why he’s wrong! And I-“ you were once again cut off by Gojo’s long, slender finger softly pressed against your lips.
“Be quiet” he said.
“Good girl” he sighed as he stared down at you, sinking his fingers into your mouth to shut you up, “now listen carefully, no one will ever scold my son”
“You understand?” He said but he didn’t expect you to answer the question, after all, you were too busy gagging over the fingers in your mouth. You struggled pathetically in his hold as saliva dripped from your mouth, but Gojo was quick to catch it with his own tongue.
Gojo watched your messy state fondly, his other hand caressing your blushing cheek, a pervy smile on his face.
“I’ll take that as a yes”
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suhweetdreams · 2 days ago
taking care of gojo when his six eyes becomes too much <3 when cute gojo scenarios are scarce i come through. hints of manga spoilers! i love him so much :(
Tumblr media
your knocks against gojo’s door wear out the other out, where the combination of your voice and your knuckles sound like nails on a chalkboard. uncomfortable, jarring, discordant. it was everything gojo hated, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask you to leave.
“gojo? you there?” a series of groans are your reply, and you have to refrain from wincing at how ghastly they sound. you can hear padded feet from the other side, unlocking the door just a bit before the bundle of blankets waddle back to their place on the bed.
“holy shit... gojo,” even now, you can’t help but gape in disbelief. not the time, but your mouth itched to insult the man, no matter the circumstance. you barely held back, though, “you look like shit.”
gojo doesn’t even bother to roll his eyes at an insult that he would usually deliver, because he knew they would hurt. his head already spins from another person’s voice cutting in through the never-ending bout of information that swam in his brain. the room falls into feigned darkness, brought about by the curtains drawing close.
“there,” you hum, “better?”
no answer.
you’d never wish the six eyes on anyone. having access to endless information would be ideal, right? it was far from that for gojo satoru, who had destiny pinned on him the moment he was born. for all his life, he had to endure ear-splitting headaches. for all his life, he had to act like nothing was happening, like all of the gojo clan who’d done it all before.
well, it didn’t work out so well for him, because no one who had the same set of striking blue eyes and stark white hair told him anything about the repercussions of being the strongest, and satoru hated it.
every minute where he wasn’t exorcising curses with geto, annoying shoko, or simply hanging out with you was every last bit or torture. and now that you were here, he couldn’t possibly drive you away with little to no knowledge on romance despite the all-knowing brain he has.
“i brought you some sweets, following yaga-sensei’s instructions. he told me you-”
“stop talking.”
you frown at the order, but stubborn as you are, you bring the bag of confectionery to rest right where the bunch of blankets end. gojo didn’t have it in him to tell you to leave, but he had no strength to tell you to stay either, and with that, you quietly stalk out the door.
you come back the very next day, clutching onto a bag with the same brand of sweets as you stand outside gojo’s door. he senses your cursed energy before you even ask whether you can come in.
“come in,” you don’t give it much thought, knowing how detailed his vision was even when his eyes were closed. like before, you place the plastic bag right beside him, but before you take your leave, gojo manages to croak out.
those quiet afternoons spent in each other’s company turned to pats on the blanket. it turned to stroking his back to running your fingers through his hair. it went on to become hand-holding to head massages, where your heart pounded and rang in your ears and you never realised that he’s switched off infinity. it turned to...
gojo buries his face deeper into your torso, naming anything close to light his enemy. it would be soon that you’d need to find some covering for his eyes, because the strongest can’t be handicapped for this long. they couldn’t just keep sending geto and nanami and haibara for missions, either.
peeling himself off your torso, he contently looks at you from below, smiling when your hands make contact with his temples. you’d always been a bunch of red and orange and yellow in his vision, only ever opening his eyes when he wanted to look at your beauty.
gojo’s been doing it more often and often.
“keep your eyes closed!” you giggle, rubbing at his temples to soothe the migraines that came with having the six eyes. that’s the last memory he has of you — and the next only drives him to suck up and endure this stupid technique of his because the next time you enter is when you’re terribly wounded and bloody.
it’s nothing shoko can’t fix, but you’re adamant on dropping off gojo’s bag of sweets before you go to the doctor.
“how was the—” gojo stops at the sight of you, lighter on his feet and more independent ever since you visited.
“what— what happened? y-your mission? how did it go? why are you so...” you flash him a sad smile, mildly surprised at the uncharacteristic anxiety on the male’s face.
“it went fine, satoru, just... it was a pretty stubborn curse. it had the power to reproduce fast, and we figured it out pretty late that we had to get to the source. that involved being drenched in disgusting curse blood.” gojo makes out the purple blood that wasn’t just your clothes.
“but here!” fishing out the fabric, you presented some black cloth. “c’mere.”
he lets himself enjoy the tenderness of your fingers, which slips on the blindfold onto his head. securing each side onto his head of hair, you laugh at the messy hair that’s got tangled up.
“y-you look so dumb! even worse than when you had your s-sunglasses!” your tone is soft, cautious even when you joked because you worried that his head would hurt. “how do you feel though?”
closed up, choked up, nervous, he names all the things off his mind, but it’s not what you want to hear. he swallows, “it’s... comfortable. did you get this for an expensive price or something? the quality’s really good.”
“i made it,” you scratch the back of your head in embarrassment, “been working on it for days, now.” and the breath is knocked out of him, faintly making out your shy hands that wanders around your body, to tuck your hair, to fiddle with your shirt.
that same sight never goes away years later, in his own apartment, in the comfort of his home, in your arms like before. nostalgia hits hard.
“don’t you know how to do this, satoru?” you tease, barely paying attention to the drama on TV, instead focusing your attention on the male below you. “why’d you need me to do it?”
gojo whines, thankfully not contributing to the headache he has. over the years, he’s become much better at handling the technique, even making your blindfold a daily part of his fashion. you just wished he wouldn’t parade around with your badly sewed blindfold that you learned from WikiHow. satoru says it’s for “sentimental value” that he uses the only blindfold you’ve made him.
“but you do it better! can’t my partner just indulge me just this once?”
your tone is still soft, gentle, full of love and gojo falls even more, “once? you got me doing this for years now, dude!”
gojo pouts, “ouch. dude? what am i, your homie?” you roll your eyes with a smile, smacking his chest lightly as you turned down the volume. in the midst, you switched to Spotify on your smart TV.
“shush now.” gojo happily shuts up, long body tucked into the sofa of his apartment while he melts at your fingers doing their magic. they always have such a calming and lulling energy to them, just like your voice, your personality.
gojo didn’t believe you possessed any cursed energy, because if humans gave out cursed energy, you only did the opposite. he fully believed you were an angel sent down. his eyes flutter open to see you looking down at him.
“hey. you should close your eyes, you know,” you whisper another warning. you can feel as his cheeks spill into your palms when he smiles — it’s not the large ones he gives his students, but it’s... there, and small because the softest of smiles are reserved only for you.
“how can i, when there’s the epitome of beauty right above me?” your cheeks heat up, and even after all these years, satoru’s compliments always makes you bashful.
“please shut up.” gojo laughs at your comeback. “you mind if we lie down?”
your lover’s lack of answer tells you that he’s not opposed to it, and soon you manoeuvre him until he’s in between your legs, fingers never stopping the massage.
“anything from your mission today?”
“standard, but a stubborn curse,” gojo smiles from where he was on your chest, “if someone didn’t say that we needed to defeat the source years ago, i, too, would come home bloody and bruised.”
“yeah, yeah, but you won’t, because you have your stupid infinity.”
“because i have my stupid infinity, yup.” gojo echoes you.
from here, gojo looks anything but a teacher, a sorcerer, a menace (you say so but he disagrees, says his presence is a blessing). he looks like a little boy, forced to grow up at such a young age, forced to shoulder responsibility and a zen’in kid at such an age where he couldn’t enjoy what other teenagers did. everything came late for gojo in life.
a calling to teaching, realisation of how fast friends would betray you, love.
but gojo wants anything but pity, and rather, more of your unconditional love that he never really knew what to call it back then. when your fingers work out the knots in his locks, he realised it was love. when your fingers suffered the pricks of needles, he realised it was love. when your hands closed the curtains in his room in jujutsu high, he realised it was love.
the four-lettered word scared him, but when he looked at you, it was all he wanted to say. i love you, i love you, i love you, like a mantra until you were giggling at him to stop or muttering the same thing back.
gojo raises his head off your chest, looking at you through his bangs and azure eyes that always captivated you. they just shone more, tonight. gently he leans forward to capture your lips with his. they move against yours languidly, taking his time to savour all of you, and tables quickly switch: from your hands on his temples to his on your cheeks, from his body laying on yours to you atop of his larger, lankier one.
your skin tingles, your heart soars, your laughs are swallowed by the other. gojo kisses you like it’s his last day on earth and he knows that you’d accompany him to heaven, even if he doesn’t deserve to go there. he’d claw and burn through hell just so he could get to the angel that is you, again.
“i love you,” it’s whispered breathlessly from his lips, like it’s taboo and forbidden and in his world and profession, you knew it was just that much when things can get ugly any second.
yes, love can be the most twisted curse of all, but when gojo satoru looks at you — the way he looks like you hung the moon and stars — he can only see a damn blessing.
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seindou · 2 days ago
backstage quickie with rocker!nanami and cums inside you three seconds before curtains open for good luck 😗
tw;  fem!reader / afab!reader, unprotected sex, semi-public sex, exhibitionism, mirror sex, creampie, biting
notes; get ready bonnie because rocker!nanami OMG (also idk if you’ve seen the rocker!nanami fanart because THATS WHAT I IMAGINED) 
(nsfw below, MINORS DNI)
Tumblr media
Backstage quickie with rocker!Nanami —
It's like he doesn't feel any shame in this very moment when he pounds deep into you, a shocker honestly as he wasn't this bold and hasty in your first few months of dating.
True — the backstage room was empty.
True — it was merely meters away from the stairs leading up to the stage.
But that does not change the fact that the door remains unlocked — slightly opened even. It was unbelievable how no one came barging in or felt bothered enough to close the door, considering the whole room was filled with noises of skin slapping and wet sexes, groans and moans. Deep inside, you and Kento know that the others have heard it all.
You squeeze your eyes shut, feeling his warm hands going up to your bouncing tits, fingers rubbing and twisting your hardened nipples.
"Gah- Shit! Ken!"
It was fast, all too fast.
His hips continue to thrust at a quickened speed and your arms that support yourself against the vanity slowly weakens. Kento moves his hands down, placing his vice grips to your hips you swear there'd be bruises tomorrow. Except it felt right knowing he would tend to them tonight.
Broken up cries leave your lips when he lifts your leg up, placing it on the vanity. He doesn't stop and instead opts to circle his fingers around your clit. "Gonna cum for me, eh? Better make this quick — gonna start soon."
"Mhm!" You whined, sentences barely able to form in your head as your brain focuses on reaching your high as quickly as you can.
He groans, his hands now helping to fasten the pace upon feeling your velvety walls clench hard on his member.
"Think — you deserve another one-" Your eyes roll to the back, enjoying how he manages to hit that same sensitive spot over and over again. The addicting feel of curling and tingling grew inside you. "— after this."
"You sure-" You moaned while biting your index. "You got- the energy for that?"
He hisses. "Who said I couldn't?"
"Fuck 'm gonna cum —" his thrusts turns sloppy, yet its pace remains the same. "Gonna give me some g'luck, yeah?"
"We're about to start the show —"
You inhale sharply after hearing the staff's voice from outside.
"Almost there, beautiful." He heaves out. "Take it all in, hm?"
For once you look at the mirror before you and notice how strands of his hair were plastered against his forehead. Heat rises up your cheeks at his sudden glance, an eager yet sly grin spreading across his lips.
"In 3 —"
"Agh! Y/n!" Kento continues to slide his length along your tight walls, the tingling feeling he's been chasing at now pours into his body.
With one last thrust, the two of you came undone. Quick as you first started, you trembled, the high covering the ache from his bite on your shoulder. You didn't care, only gasping at his length sliding out of your cum-filled pussy.
"2 —"
Despite lacking energy, with force you made yourself face him. You watched as he took the damp towel that was somehow prepared prior to this and swiftly cleans his length.
Maybe you were too focused on the way his lips were on yours, his tongue that slides along yours in such a quick manner that you don't realize that the towel's now in your hand.
He leaves a hard peck on the crown of your head. "So good for me..."
You barely blinked, to see him almost headed towards the door.
"1 —"
Biting his bottom lips, a grin displays itself on his face while he shoots you a wink.
There, he heads out, making sure to close the door shut.
Tumblr media
©  2021 seindou, do not repost or plagiarize.
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suget · a day ago
mrs. venecia, mrs. venecia <3 i've been thinking a lot about pussy job with gojo... like, imagine him using it as a punishment instead of a reward. he teases, saying: “i bet i can fuck you only using the tip and you'll still make a mess, won't you?” :( and he's right, because as he slides his cock down your pussy lips, teasing your pretty 'n puffy clit, you're close to almost squirting all over his dick :( just so needy :( care to elaborate further?
˚ ୧ WORD COUNT : 0.9k
˚ ୧ CONTENT : f!reader, mentions of tears, use of pet names once (sweetheart), very slight praising.
˚ ୧ A/N : so you decided to attack me directly with this, so I'm giving you a little bit of everything back in the form of a thank you
Tumblr media
"Ow look at that," Gojo mumbles to the room, talking more to himself than to you. "Stay open for me, I want to get a good view of that glistening pussy."
You're on your back on the sheets, your knees narrowly touch your chest and Satoru says with words disguised as a request that you hold your legs out for him, spread them a little wider so I can get a better look at you.., that's it, good girl.
You're on your back on the sheets, your knees narrowly touch your chest and Satoru says with words disguised as a request that you hold your legs apart for him, spread them a little wider so I can get a better look..., that's it. Good girl.
Meanwhile, he is at the edge of the bed. His bare feet are on the floor and one of his hands grips his cock firmly to run it through the middle of your moist slit, you feel it heavy and wet dragging and messing up your juices, squeezing it a little above your hole and then laughing when he sees the way your pussy flutters for him, followed by a broken gasp that no matter how hard you try to smother through your teeth it ends up coming out.
"What's the matter? Use your words."
All this time Gojo hasn't bothered to look at you, too interested in the reactions your body has whenever he speaks to you— he knows you so well at this point that he doesn't need to see your face to confirm that you're enjoying it as much as he is, since every time his big palms caress your tummy, encircle your soft thighs and your muscles contract beneath his touch he does nothing but smile.
One of your forearms covers the shame on your face, you don't want to beg him, you're not going to beg him, though the way the heavy head hits your little clit and those slapping sounds fill the room make you throw yourself off the cliff and embrace your defeat.
The mushroom tip crushing your nub of nerves moves to your heat, Gojo slides the head inside and your toes curl and you are forced to lift your head to observe what he is doing or why he is not moving and it's then for the first time during the elapsed twenty minutes that he dares to look at you. A crescent shaped smile peeks out of his face and his eyes sifting like a wild animal create flames in every fiber of your body.
"I bet you could cum with just the tip of my cock," he tells you without looking away from you. The depth in his timbre of voice makes your dripping pussy clench again in a signal for more. You need more and he knows it. "Let's try that..."
Satoru begins a delcidious torture in which only the tip of his cock goes all the way in and out again, in an endless thrusting in and out that has your juices dripping down your thighs and staining the clean bed.
"Yeah? My baby wants more? Tell me what you want."
"You fucking me." You're quick to give voice to your thoughts.
"How? Like this...?"
The moment you try to speak Satoru takes a small thrust backwards and pulls completely out of you only to fill you with him once more, but this time he goes all the way in you, so deep that he steals a scream that was probably heard by the neighbors —something that pleases him— and that made you able to feel the curly hairs tickle your puffy clit.
And then he does it again. He goes out and in and expands your walls to their peak and makes a mess of your arousal.
A third time: the veins around the girth stimulate places inside you that almost make you release your grip on your legs and try to run away from the immense pleasure.
"Please!" you moan as he does it one last time, this time the curve of his cock torturing that sweet spot inside you that makes your eyes crystallize.
"Or like this, huh?"
From one moment to the next Gojo is hammering his hips against you, sinking your weight against the mattress and making the perfect pose you hold for him end up unraveling. He grabs your legs firmly and locks them with both hands to push your knees against your chest once again, this makes your cunt even tighter and his thrusts can go deeper.
"There you go, sweetheart," he cooes as he feels your twitching become more frequent, more violent.
He knows you're close so he decides to change the pace, now he's not going so fast but harder, he seems to know exactly how to move so he knows which places to touch to get exactly the reaction he wants from you, it's like he's reading the palm of your hand, every corner, every detail, he can see it all with those intense eyes of his.
"Yeah? Like this?" Gojo licking his lips to get some moisture on his tongue, having his mouth open panting like a dog thanks to how fucking hot you look has his throat dry, he's dying to get close and eat your mouth.
His thrusts go in deep circles and in short back and forth, you're almost there but he stops.
"Baby... baby, Satoru—" You call out to him desperately, every single particle of your body yearning for his touch. You feel empty, frustrated and confused.
Gojo returns to the task at the beginning. His dick soaked with your fluids rests on your tight hole, you feel it throbbing so hard you could cum with the vibration of it. There's a trickle of precum spilling through your folds and you grunt, dropping your head back.
God. How you hate him, you can't win a single time when you play against Gojo Satoru.
"Squeeze your thighs, I'm gonna give you a nice pussy job. If you cum without my permission... your punishment will be much worse."
Tumblr media
© suget — all rights reserved. please do not copy, translate or repost my work. don't share it on tiktok.
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minouyujis · a day ago
omg i love ur lovestruck reader so much T__T they're so cute!!! cccan we pls see lovestruck reader with jealous gumi ? <33333
a/n: yesyesyes!!! thank you for your sweet feedback <3 i hope this fulfills what you were looking for! lovestruck reader is probably my favorite thing atm! i can't really see her canon with anyone other than gumi <3
Tumblr media
JEALOUSY . . . megumi x lovestruck!reader
Tumblr media
"do you like cuddling?"
"i'm not gonna cuddle you, y/n."
"but why?"
"there's no reason needed. i'm busy."
she puffed her bottom lip. "gumi-bear, you're being so.. goomi today," he rolled his eyes at the new nickname she made for him, not really paying attention to any attempt she tried to throw at him as he continued to fix the clogged sink gojo had caused, since apparently he 'forgot' to dispose of his left over food into the trash instead of the disposable for the dishes.
y/n watched him from across, herself sat onto the island, hands set onto the rails each beside her and her feet crossed. "you know you've been at this for almost three hours by now, right?"
"for the love of god, y/n," he was starting to get aggravated, and she knew it. "please."
everyone knew it doesn't require megumi much to say anything for them to know how he feels. if he is going to feel pissed, it's going to be evident just by his body language. it didn't take a genius for anyone to come to terms with his evident mood swings. he could tell y/n was in a mood too. she wasn't being as lovey as she usually was with him, the consistent amount of agigating questions was never ending. she never really got this irritable unless she was doing it on purpose. it was only because his attitude starting making her gain one as well, and he was not having it.
the girl sighed in exasperation, tired of having to try to gain his attention when she's never had a problem with doing that in the first place. this had definitely been a new thing to him, but he didn't think it had been that serious until she got up to leave him before mumbling "i'm gonna go cuddle toge. at least he knows how to have fun," under her breath.
if megumi wasn't already mad enough as is because the garbage disposal wouldn't co-operate with him, he was fucking livid.
"tell him i said good luck. he's gonna need it dealing with you."
he wouldn't have felt like such a dick if he were to say it to itadori. to gojo. to panda. but after coming to terms with the fact that he heard small sniffles coming from the front of her cheeks, he finally gave her the attention she came to halt with wanting.
but this was y/n we're talking about. the girl who was head over heels for anything anybody did in front of her, especially when it came to him. they weren't even dating yet and now he feels like he's just made his significant other cry over a fly.
"i hope you feel better fushiguro," she spoke without turning to him, his eyes slightly widening at the last name terms. "because you deserve a break after working so hard."
and even after how ignorant megumi was to the poor girl, it was evident that she was always going to be such a kind hearted loving person towards him. this is how she's always been.
deciding to let her run towards inumaki's dorm without a fight, he sighed. megumi is not the type to chase after someone, so what's the point of doing it now?
so back to fixing the broken garbage disposal he did.
Tumblr media
what's wrong? "takana."
"oh, no toge-kun, i don't have a katana on me right now, sorry."
no. "okaka."
"oh!" y/n spoke, realizing that she misunderstood his limited vocabulary for a sword. "i'm sorry! can you repeat that? i spaced out," she said, snuggling closer into his arm as they both laid on his bed, watching whatever video that was displayed on the laptop placed onto his lap. he gave her a small nod. what's wrong? "takana."
"ugh, gumi-bear is just being grumpy right now. but for some reason, i don't want to be around him when he's like that, and i usually can always tolerate him when he's grumpy..." she mumbled, placing a finger on her chin as she looked up to his ceiling as if she were thinking hard. inumaki hummed in response, his way of telling her to continue as he kept his gaze onto the video that was playing on the screen, letting her keep her hold on his arm. "call me crazy but, i think i'm probably just being way too clingy with him."
talk about the obvious. maybe he's busy. "ikura." he responded. y/n, having been taking out of her state of trance, looked up at the boy who was still watching the video. "you're right my love. maybe i'll just give him a break. you want something to eat?"
yes. "shake."
Tumblr media
"where ya goin, y/n?"
the girl turned her head towards her name being called only to reveal gojo who had been keeping megumi company ever since she left his side. he's still working on this? "u-uh oh! i'm going to go and get me and toge food real quick, we're having a movie night in his room."
"oh?" gojo says in a teasing manner, his hidden eyes under his mask now towards megumi. y/n looks at them in confusion, megumi never leaving his vision off of the sink as he continues to work. "do you need any money for the food? i'm not a cheap, you know. if you want something expensive, just use my card~"
"it's okay sensei!" she spoke, waving him off as a decline. "i still don't know the difference between debit or credit. you're so kind, did you know that?"
"y/n-chan, you flatter me so much!"
"i can't help it when you're the best sensei! you're literally offering to pay for our food!"
"anything for my favorite student, y/n-chan!~"
"aw sensei, please! you're so–"
"are you leaving yet?" megumi fumes. of course he had to be the one to ruin the fun. the only thing that could be heard from the three was the small chuckles that gojo had oh so tried to cover up under his mouth. y/n pouted, making her way out of the area causing the first year to sigh, putting his focus back onto the disposal. the teacher takes this as an opportunity to mess with him. "jealous much?"
this earns gojo a punch in the face. rule number one in his book (which he completely forgot about) never mess with a zenin when they're pissed. "i'm trying to fix your mistake, and with you two bickering like children it's hard to concentrate."
"good job megumi. but it's embarrassing that it's taking you this long to fix it."
"i'm going to make sure that blindfold is permanently around your eyes."
"harsh, gumi!" gojo whines like a toddler. "why don't you let me fix it for you, yeah? since its 'my mistake'. geez, kid's these days! where are your manners, huh?" his taunting is never ending, but it takes off a stress that sits on the teen boys shoulders, him finally being able to leave the area that was keeping him busy for the last few hours of his day. "oh! i'm not dumb by the way. i heard what you said to her."
as if he couldn't been more annoyed. "what?" megumi speaks. gojo looks up from his task with an eyebrow raise. "don't act dumb fushiguro. it's not likely of you to do that. go say sorry to that poor girl!" megumi takes this as an excuse to keep walking away from the scene, blocking out the voice of the white-haired man. "oi- i'm talking to you! you better say sorry or i'll feed you to sukuna!"
i'd rather be eaten alive by sukuna himself than hear you say another word, megumi thinks to himself with a dull expression.
Tumblr media
the walk back to the dormitories was shorter than y/n anticipated.
toge's food was still warm enough for him to tolerate, just a simple bento box he requested on her way back. she wasn't in the mood to eat hence why she had only asked the cursed speech user if he was hungry.
megumi thinks she babying him, he thinks. but he doesn't admit that out loud.
if it hadn't already been much of a coincidence, running into said boy on her way to the second years dorm room was adding onto her list. "hey gumi.."
giving her a slight nod in notice, he paused and looked towards her bag. she immediately realized, "oh! these are for toge bear. he wanted food so i got it for him."
"toge bear?" megumi cringed. it had probably sounded indifferent towards him because he was so used to her calling him nicknames like that only. the girl would only nod in oblivion. "yeah! we're having movie night. i'll see you around, okay?" hearing this had made him sulk in his spot. he still felt bad. there was no chance of him apologizing with the amount of times she's been blowing him off without even realizing it.
he can't really blame her. he was being a dick to the poor girl earlier.
"oh!" y/n stopped in her tracks, getting ready to turn her head to catch the boy before they both parted ways. "i almost forgot. i'm sorry for being annoying earlier—gumi?" she paused.
megumi was literally sulking in front of her. in between them, this was a hidden message that only she understood in his body language. he felt guilty and she knew it. so suddenly, the food had been forgotten as she kindly left it on the floor instead of dropping it in itself.
speed walking towards him, she quickly embraced him in a warm hug, not minding if he didn't return it. it wasn't usual for him to do it in the first place. even if she had always been appropriately physical with him where he wouldn't reciprocate, y/n knew that he meant well. he was shy when it came to this stuff. "gumi, what's wrong?"
breaking the silence was a first. looking up from his chest she put her face in, megumi looked back down at her, still not returning the feeling of her embrace as she had her arms around his waist lazily. "i don't know how to explain it."
"does it have something to do with earlier?" she continues, never breaking eye contact. he sighed in response, the girl taking this as a yes. y/n knew that megumi was terrible speaker when it came to having to be affectionate, and even if they weren't together in the first place she respected his boundaries and so did he.
he always enjoyed it when she was lovestruck over him, so having her act so suddenly towards inumaki makes him envious. "you know i'm not mad at you, right gumi?" y/n speaks. he nods.
"yeah," he sighs. "i shouldn't have acted so brash towards you in the first place." this caused her to let out a small giggle. megumi was letting his guard down, something he only usually reserved for her. "wanna have our own movie night? i can just cancel on toge tonight. i know he wouldn't mind!"
"okay," megumi speaks in a softer tone, finally wrapping his arms around her. turning to leave hand in hand, he retracks his steps, forgetting on what he was going to do in the first place. but it didn't matter anymore once he was going to be content with letting himself fall asleep in her arms.
Tumblr media
New message from: Toge
"inumaki-senpai just texted me," megumi speaks, disrupting the comfort both him and y/n had been in as they watched a random romance story she was intrigued in.
"what he say gumi-bear?" she speaks, lifting her head slightly off of his chest where they had been for cuddling. megumi stares at his phone, cringing at what he was witnessing with the amount of messages inumaki was sending back to back.
"oh... my god."
toge: ur kidding
toge: ur kidding right
toge: first u steal my movie buddy
toge: and then u make her make my FOOD COLD
Toge has blocked you.
Tumblr media
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kocoir · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⪧ wc: 2.4k
⪧ cw: f!reader x underground fighter! geto + descriptions of fighting and injuries + blood + praise + cockwarming + mentions of Gojo.
⪧ a/n: just a repost from my old blog, really proud of this one so hope you like it<3
⪧ tagging: @bajimi @suget
Tumblr media
His big, rough hands covered in the typical white bandages to protect his knuckles, but at the same time stained with his opponent’s dried blood. Each blow is harder than the other, muscles flexing every time he bends his arms to hit the occasional uppercut straight to the other’s bruised chin. Between those bruised forearms and scarred fists when he gets into a blocking stance, you can see that wild look of determination overflowing his dark eyes.
His hair, the one he had arranged in a perfect bun at the beginning is now completely undone, letting the unruly locks fall over his shoulders and part of his back, sticking to his forehead and the sides of his face thanks to the uncomfortable sweat at the same time his cheeks were stained with a bright crimson color. Those soft, pink lips now marred by small cuts thanks to the hard punches, his left cheekbone somewhat swollen with a purple stain adorning it. The image of his heaving chest, rising and falling in a desperate attempt to bring air into his lungs is what gives it away.
A direct punch on his nose is what makes him stagger for a few seconds. The screams and your voice calling out his name are a very distant noise, feeling a small buzzing in his ears which makes him shake his head and blink a couple of times to come back to himself. He doesn’t realize he is bleeding until he feels the familiar metallic taste of the blood invade his palate and the small crimson drops slide down his chin to touch the ground.
He looks utterly defeated, but he’s not going to lose, especially not when his girl is in the front row witnessing it all. The euphoric cheers of encouragement from the crowd and your comforting face just on the other side of the circle of fences surrounding them, is what ignites that fiery flame in his chest and once again, the heat rushes through his entire body along with a sudden spark of adrenaline. It’s as if a current of electricity runs down his entire spine, through his strong arms and into his nervous system, flowing through his veins all the way to his hands.
He swore he didn’t enjoy this, that it was just something to earn money to pay for college since he couldn’t get a steady job, but the smile on his face at the exact moment his knuckles hit his opponent’s cheek, causing him to fall to the ground with a thud echoing throughout the place, makes him realize that it’s something that makes him feel completely and utterly alive.
His face lights up the moment he sees the referee bow to the other person lying only half a meter away, counting to three to finally approach Suguru and raise his arm in a victory sign to which instinctively his face turns to see you with a warm smile. I win, is the last thing you see him mutter before disappearing into the wild crowd.
Tumblr media
“Ouch.” A pain-filled hiss fills the silence of the small room one of the leaders assigned to him so he could recover.
“Can you stay still? That’s the third time you’ve moved.” The annoyance in your voice is quite noticeable, accompanied by your furrowed brows.
“But it hurts.”
“No one told you to let him split your lip open.”
“It was a direct hit, what was I supposed to d—” A small choked gasp escapes his throat the moment your fingers press the alcohol-soaked cotton back onto the bruised skin.
“Dodge it you idiot— You’ve been doing this for months, you’re supposed to know what to do by now.”
You can see his eyes drop to the floor, breaking the contact with your gaze. “Aren’t you… Aren’t you proud?”
You bite your lip in regret, had you been too harsh? “No, it’s not that. Of course I’m proud, it’s just that—ugh, I just don’t like seeing you all hurt… You look like you came back from the war.” A snort of defeat escapes your mouth, looking around your surroundings until your gaze falls back on his unrivaled figure. Sitting on a small couch almost on its last moments, his body dressing only a pair of worn out black shorts that he most likely stole from Satoru, the fact that he’s not wearing a shirt lets you see the bruises adorning his abdomen and above his ribs while small scratches along his arms don’t go unnoticed. “But I’m proud, I always will be.”
The room fills with silence for a few moments until you hear that typical mocking laugh roll out from deep of his throat. Your face full of confusion is what makes him laugh even harder, the melodious sound reaches your ears but you can only find it irritating. “Of course I know you’re proud, I just needed to hear you actually say it.”
“You’re insufferable.”
“You still love me.” You can see his eyebrows go down at the same time his eyes almost close completely as he smiles, a genuine smile, plastered completely across the width of his face to which you can’t help but curve the corners of your mouth as well.
He shakes his head as all the laughter fades into the air. Geto settles into his seat, leaning his back fully against the back of the worn leather chair to which he lands an elbow on its armrest, taking the opportunity to rest his chin on his right hand. You can see his legs slowly spreading apart, as if he wants to give you some kind of invitation without saying a word.
His jovial black eyes rest on your figure, slowly making their way up and down without any remorse, taking note of how short the black skirt you wear is and how well the delicate fabric accentuates every inch of your rigorous hips until they reach your chest. You can feel his gaze eating you alive, feeling your skin burn as if he is undressing you even though he is not laying a finger on you. His dark irises shift along your t-shirt, Suguru’s girl, hoarsely murmuring under his breath reading the text to himself.
“My eyes are up here, you know?” It’s the only sentence you’re able to formulate amidst the few nerves that wash over you.
“I know exactly where your eyes are, sweetheart.” He lets out a deep sigh as his free hand taps his legs, and you can see out of the corner of your eye how the corner of his lips lift slightly, causing the familiar dimple to make its presence known on his cheek, “C'mere.”
You silently obey, your footsteps making the old wood creak beneath your feet until you are standing in front of him again as at first. Straddling his lap at the same time you feel his thighs tense as you place your full weight on them without breaking the strong contact of your gazes.
He straightens up a little more, peeling his body from the comfort of the old-fashioned seat back, taking the opportunity to run his rough hands over your thighs. You can see his bruised and slightly injured knuckles clearly, taking a note to scold him later for not protecting himself properly with the bandages. But no matter how many fights he’s been in, no matter how many noses he’s broken, his palms run over your body gently, as if you were the finest china in the whole world, as if he were afraid you’d break at the slightest touch.
You feel his fingers finish tracing your waist to intertwine themselves behind your back as he looks at you softly. “Did I already tell you already how sexy you look today?” And there goes the softness.
“You need to stop hanging out with Satoru, you’re getting more and more annoying.”
A smirk creeps across his face, “You think I’m annoying? You think this—” His hands quickly sneak under your skirt, gripping your ass tightly, squeezing between his digits the flesh as he pulls your lower half towards himself, forcing you to rub your clothed core against his, enjoying the proximity of your body to the point where your chests are only inches away from each other, “—is annoying? ” A small moan rolls from your lips at the sudden contact. “You don’t seem too bothered by that, baby, or am I wrong? Do you want me to do it again?”
His hips move upward again, letting out a low growl that is barely audible to what you press your center even harder with his growing erection. Even though you are separated only by the thin fabric of his shorts along with your panties and his boxers, you can still feel him throbbing hard beneath you.
“Suguru, wait—”
“Take them off.”
“What?” Your face full of confusion only makes the impatience grow more.
“I said—”, his long fingers tangle around the edge of your underwear, stretching the thin fabric between them tightly until the sound of clothes tearing fills the silence of the place along with his agitated breathing, “—take them off, or didn’t you hear me?”. You can feel your panties slip down between your legs until you see them resting in his hands in front of you, only to see them disappear into the right pocket of his worn shorts. “You don’t need them anyways. You know I can fight.”
You swallow hard at his words, picturing in your head the image of you walking out of the small room to walk among the people, mostly men, with nothing covering you underneath, with the risk of the slightest breeze lifting your skirt exposing you to the hungry eyes of others. The mere thought makes your heart crash hard against your chest and your cheeks burn from the sudden heat.
Your thoughts are interrupted by Suguru’s palms landing on your hips, helping you move in a back and forth pattern on top of him again and again, feeling his fingertips bury themselves into your skin. Soft grunts and moans filling the air as his breath collides with yours, feeling his warm breath make contact with your half-open mouth, impatiently rubbing against his prominent bulge. He pauses for a few moments to look at you, wetting his lips with his tongue at the image of your flushed face and your perky nipples showing through your white t-shirt, leaving little and nothing to the imagination.
His breathing is heavy, feeling the heat coursing through his body like a flame as he palms his member over his pants. A small chuckle reaches your ears as he sees your eyes looking straight down, “Looking at something you may like, princess?” His voice is husky, somewhat deep, causing a wave of shivers to run down your spine as you move on top of him. “Do you want to fully see it? Mhm? Is that what you want?”
Without a second thought you nod enthusiastically, feeling your heart pounding hard against your ribcage. The blood flowing through your body fluidly and quickly, feeling the heat invading your entire being as Suguru slowly pulls down the hem of his thin shorts.
Eerything feels in slow motion and you grow more and more impatient, until you hear the familiar sound of skin colliding against skin, leaving the imposing cock standing tall in front of you in full view. The tip tinged with an angry red color, at the same time you can perceive the small slit spraying precum, making the sticky liquid run freely along its entire length until it reaches the prominent vein resting at the bottom of it. It has an slight curve going up that you know from experience that serves perfectly to hit that sweet spot deep inside you.
“Stop looking and sit on it.” His raspy voice snaps you out of your trance, lifting yourself up as you grab the edge of your skirt, lifting it just a little above your hips to give him a better view. His rough hand grips the base of his member to line it up at your entrance, not before running the tip against your wet folds, collecting your warm juices with it, pleased by the way the little moans come out of your mouth effortlessly. “Fuck baby, you’re so wet…. c'mon do it, I— Mhm, that’s it, God you feel so fucking good.” His head falls back heavy, enjoying the way your gummy walls hug him perfectly, as if they were made for him. Feeling you contract each time you sink deeper and deeper, almost filling you completely. Almost. His big hands cup your ass, massaging it between his thick fingers hard as he pushes you harder. “Spread your legs a little wider for me, I know you can take more of it.”
His palms make their journey to the junction of your hips and thighs, squeezing the flesh of this area hard, forcing your body to go a little lower. Small agitated sighs reaching your ear, pulsing inside you hard with the slightest movement. “Yeah… Just like that, sweetheart.” A smile creeps across your mouth at the sweet praise in between the little gasps, encouraging your body to slowly move up and down patiently, feeling the stretch burn your insides with every tiny move, until you feel a pair of warm hands take hold of your waist, bringing your body back to its starting position, sinking you deeper onto his cock.
“What are you doing?”
“I thought that—”
“Oh no baby.” His voice cuts you off mid-sentence, in a soft tone, just for you to hear but at the same time he’s hiding a hint of sorrow at seeing your helpless expression plastered all over your face. “I said sit, I didn’t tell you to move, did I?” One of his palms happens to take place on your cheek, stroking the warm skin tenderly with his thumb, then hiding a lock of hair behind your ear. He leans in a few inches until your noses barely touch. You can feel his warm tongue lick your lower lip until your mouths meet in a small peck, feeling the metallic taste on your palate thanks to the small cut on his lip. “I won’t fuck you properly till we get home, but I know how much you like being full of me so here we are… Now—”, his light touches against your skin make you shiver, his fingertips gently grazing over it until he pulls away from you. Reaching on the small table next to you for the forgotten absorbent cotton along with a small bottle of alcohol, “—be a good girl and help me clean my wounds. Will you?”
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ambrodias · a day ago
What do I do when I love you and want somebody else?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ— Summary: Jjk x threesome
ㅤ— Characters: Gojo, Geto, Toji, Naoya (kill me pls), Yuji, Megumi, Nobara, Maki, Mai.
ㅤ— Warnings: AFAB reader, All characters aged up to 21+, double penetration (both in one hole & anal), dom/sub dynamics, slight femdom, MFM, FMF, FFF, dacryphilia, blindfold, cucking, degradation(?) lmao, dom! & sub! Reader, fingering, oral (m. & f. Receiving), slight possessiveness, overstim, that's all I think.
ㅤ— Note. Too many drafts, too little patience, ya know how it's with me. Btw the sexy ass header pic is found by @s-zu
#tags. @fiftyshadesofpurple @manjiken @yuujispinkhair
Tumblr media
reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
➣ Satoru Gojo & Suguru Geto
Gojo's blindfold hung loose around your head, covering your eyes and still giving Geto enough reign to pull at it from behind. Your jaw slackens as you feel both of them start thrusting inside you. Gojo snickers at your flushed body, naked under his blue eyes. Long fingers pinched your hard nipples,"Aw, baby," His hand soothes your heated cheek,"Are we being too rough for ya'?" He purrs, snowy strands soft and ticklish on your jaw and you soon feel his mouth on your neck,"Ah, slow down," Your hands push at his chest. Geto chuckles behind you, hips slapping faster against yours. The force had you stumbling into his friend's chest. The black haired man's hand slips down from your waist to your clit, pinching it harshly.
Satoru's eyes travelled down to see what made you cry out like that, an evil grin on his lips when he saw his friend's antics. That's before he noticed the bulge in your lower belly. Pressing his hand on it and pushing slightly, he gasps. Geto felt the albino's cock pulse beside his. Whatever inquiry was bubbling on his lips, gave way to a loud groan when Satoru pushed down harshly at the bulge,"Holy shit- Suguru," He can feel both their lengths moving inside you.
Your head leans forward, falling on Satoru's shoulder as your mind goes dizzy from the border of pain and pleasure,"Please,"
"Fuck, you're so tight," Geto's chest heaves at the feel of your walls snug against his and Satoru's cocks,"Ya' gonna cream on our cocks already, darlin'?" Tugging you back against his chest, he presses his lips to your ears. Satoru's hand is pushing down at your lower abdomen and with both their cocks relentlessly pounding into your poor pussy, you can't hold back anymore,"Ah, that's so hot-" Suguru brings up his wet fingers to your lips,"Clean 'em up," Even through your hazed mind, you obey. Moving your tongue lazily around his digits when Satoru chuckles at the confused furrow of your brows,"Oh, baby, you squirted." Shoving his friend's hand away, he devours your mouth, tongue licking at yours only to moan at the taste,"Sweet as ever."
➣ Naoya Zenin & Toji Fushiguro
Brown eyes watched your face in awe, he's never seen you make such pretty expressions for him- even when he's all rough with you,"He's never fucked ya' like this, has he?" Toji's large shoulders enveloped you, hands pinning yours down on each side of Naoya's torso. The younger Zenin is propped up on his elbows, a light blush dusting his cheeks as he watched you topple over him with each thrust from the man behind you,"Daddy asked ya' something, baby." Toji pushes his cock deeper with a hard thrust till you're yelping out a jumbled response,"No, daddy."
Your head falls forward, warm forehead resting on your fiance's,"Only you." Toji chuckles,"Yeah, that's right." Nudging his face into the crook of your neck to steal a bite at the sensitive skin,"Only I can fuck this tight pussy s'well." And he's not wrong, his thick cock hits all your good spots with each stroke and you can't bite back the moans even with your teeth gnawing at your poor lower lip,"Yes, daddy."
With your face so close to his and the way your eyes are squeezed shut with your lip in between your teeth- oh, and the way his cock is straining against his clothes, tenting to rub at your lower abdomen with each thrust from toji that had your body pushing up against his. Naoya can't restrain himself. Cradling your burning cheek, his thumb tugs your lip free and tilts his chin up to capture your mouth with his. Your sweet sounds are now muffled vibrations on his lips.
A large hand weighs heavy on the blond's neck and he's soon pushed down on your bed,"No touchin', I wanna hear every whimper from her." Toji's fingers wrap around your fiance's throat as your cunt made the filthiest wet squelches on his cock, lewd moans falling from your lips,"Hear that? Your fiancee prefers me, brat."
➣ Satoru Gojo & Naoya Zenin
"You must be outta yer' mind, Zenin." Satoru's breath is hot on your lips,"To think that you can pull her. She's clearly outta your league." His cock drags against Naoya's with each buck of his hips against your ass,"What were ya' thinking?" The man whimpers in response, cock throbbing in your pussy from the added pressure of the other man's length, separated by nothing but your thin walls. Naoya's hands resting on your waist moved down to squeeze your thighs that straddled his twitching hips.
Leaning down, you brush your lips against his parted ones,"Answer him, Zenin." You clench your pussy around his dick and he's babbling,"Yes, Satoru-kun," Gasping for air when you slip your tongue in his mouth, moaning against his lips,"Apologize to my bunny, you fuckin' filth." Satoru thrusts into your ass, hard, your holes clenching around both cocks in response,"'m sorry! Y/n!" His shaky voice tapering off to a sharp groan as your hands pinch his nipples,"Close, I'm close," Brown eyes glossed over with desperate tears are looking up at you and your boyfriend who hums into your shoulder, teeth giving the skin a teasing nibble,"Ask her."
"Can i-" Your lips descends on his neck, mouth making him writhe underneath.
"By that I meant, beg." The snowy haired man snaps,"Beg her to make you cum, lowlife scum." And Naoya begs, pretty pleas falling from his lips which had your heart and ego fluttering. Pressing your palms flat on his chest, you move your hips to Satoru's fast rhythm,"Cum for me, puppy." Your fingers wrap around his throat. His adam's apple bobbing under your palm,"Look at me, look at us." Dark lashes flutter open as he cums inside your warm cunt, a breathless whine on his tongue.
"Don't ever think that you can have her," Azure eyes on him and he feels like time has slowed down and each sensation is infinitely modified,"She's mine, Naoya-kun."
➣ Yuji Itadori & Megumi Fushiguro
Fingers dug into the flesh of your ass, squeezing tightly before sliding up your spine,"Yeah, show him how good you are, baby." Yuji's voice is breathy, hand heavy on your shoulder blade, pushing you forward and onto the moaning mess of his friend,"She's good, ah- so fuckin' good," Megumi moans, holding your head down as you press your tongue flat on the underside of his dick. Flicking the tip against the vein running from the base of his shaft, you hum, pleased at the slight twitch of his cock in your mouth,"Fu-ck. What a good girl.”
"Yeah?" Your precious boyfriend slurs, his cock drooling precum inside you just from hearing the other man sing praises for you,"Doin' s'good for us, y/n." As his pelvis smacks against yours, you're hurled up against Megumi, his cock hitting the back of your throat. He's biting back on a broken moan at how tight your throat feels around him, fingers carding through your hair,"Taking me like a pro, hmm?" Half lidded eyes look down at your glassy ones with a droopy smile. You garbled up a muffled "yes" Which made Yuji chuckle,"Still a sucker for praises, eh?"
"Can feel ya' tighten up around me everytime 'Gumi praises you."
"That true, honey?" Blue eyes catch on yours,"You getting off on it?" His thumb wipes away at the tears pooling on corner of your eyes,"Then be a good girl," Yuji groans, unable to hold back the twitch of his hips, his balls hitting your clit with each thrust,"And make your boyfriend cum soon."
"'Cause I'm gonna fill up that pretty little pussy of yours."
➣ Nobara Kugisaki & Yuji Itadori
Yuji's muffled whines mingled with filthy wet sounds,"Mhm please," He's not sure what he's begging for but must be the lack of air from having Nobara sitting on his face or his overstimulated cock aching in your pussy.
"Aw Yuji," You coo, lips parting from Nobara's to pay attention to the man writhing under you both. Ginger strands fall in front orange orbs that stare at you with desire. Your fingers are wrapped tightly around Yuji's wrists, holding his hands down while you bounce on his cock, milking him for all he's worth. Your pussy won't stop clenching around him even after he came and he can't help but slide his tongue inside Nobara's cunt, her essence dripping down his chin,"C'mon, make us cum, or will we just have to use you like our toy?"
Yuji whines against her pussy, lapping at her slit like an obedient pet. Tangling your fingers with his, you grind down on his hips as your lips find Nobara's breasts, enveloping the bud in your warm mouth,"Oh," Her hand wraps around the back of your neck, thighs trembling around Yuji's face,"Ngh y/n," Your eyes flick up to take note of the cherry tint on her cheeks,"Hmm, sweetie?"
"Gonna- ah!" Loud gulping noises flood the room, accompanied by Yuji's cute whimpers. The lewd expression on her face and how Yuji's hips are bucking up against yours makes the coil in your belly snap. The pink haired man sobs as he's pushed to a second orgasm with you,"Did so well for us, puppy."
➣ Maki Zenin & Nobara Kugisaki
"What's the matter?" Maki's grip on your jaw is bruising,"Not so much of a brat now, huh?" Your lips chase hers as she pulls further away with a mean chuckle,"Nobara," The orange haired girl grins at her senior.
"Fuck her harder." Slender fingers working in your cunt feverently now at the command,"Please!" Nobara's legs straddle your thigh, humping against you for some friction,"You're s'tight 'round my fingers, y/n." A sultry purr whispered into the shell of your ear sweetly,"Are you about to cum?" Her eyes fluttered up to meet dark green ones,"Without her permission?"
You fall into a tangle of moans when her thumb rubs on your clit,"Maki, please, can I cum? Need ta' cum so badly," Your cheeks press against the cool sheets, flushed from embarrassment or ecstasy, you're not sure anymore,"No." Your eyes catch a glimpse of her wicked grin just as Nobara's digits push you over the edge,"What a bad kitty, you are." The ginger head tuts above you, pulling away her fingers from inside your squelching cunt before popping them in her mouth. Maki grabs the back of her head and pulls her in a kiss. You can only watch in awe as their tongues tangle above you, fresh gush of arousal coursing through your skin.
"Now c'mere n' sit on my face, brat."
➣ Mai & Maki Zenins
Mai sharing u with Maki to show that she's better at something
Your back pressed flush against Maki's chest, her glasses askew on the couch somewhere. Her knees held your apart for her twin to devour you easily. Tongue slurping at your pussy as Maki held you still. Her fingers playing with your breasts, kneeding the plump flesh,"Say my name, y/n." Mai purrs against your skin, her name bounces off with a shy moan from your tongue.
"Stop fuckin' squirming." Maki's voice breaks through, hands holding your body still before pinching your nipples as a rebuke,"Ah Maki!" Your thighs shake when Mai slides her fingers through your slit,"Maki," She purrs, looking up at you both, dark eyes focused on your face,"Don't be so rude with my girl."
"Yeah?" Her lips press to your neck,"Then why'd ya' agree to share her with me?" Mai just hums, kissing your thigh tentatively, curling her fingers up inside your tight walls,"To prove that I'm better." Leaning forward, she gives your clit a teasing lick,"That no one can please my pretty girl better than me." A proud smirk forms on her wet lips as you writhe between the twins.
Maki turns your chin towards her, lips crashing on yours to dissolve the moans and whimpers Mai pulled from you, "Ya' think Mai is good? Wait till you have her Onee-chan."
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to ambrodias. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
coming home after work with nanami and it's just silence between the two of you at some point. like the ride home is filled with soft and quiet duscussion of your and his day, then it's some childish giggling in the elevator of the apartment you live in because he's got you cornered, looking down at you with so much fondness as you focus your gaze on his tie, still shy under his eyes even after so much time in a relationship with him. he is fairly amused, thinking about kissing that small smile on your lips away but he's always been a patient man. like the gentleman he is, kento holds the door for you, helps you out of your coat and shoes and helps himself too as you mumble things about dinner under your nose, which makes him crack a smile, you're cute. you walk into the living room and sit down on the couch; a heavy sigh escaping both of you as you lean your head on nanami's shoulder. for a moment it's silent again, just listening to each other's breathing and all, and it feels really nice. thighs touching, your hand locked with his and nose buried in his neck, exhaling the rich scent of his cologne, - he wants to stay like this forever. he loves you so much, your softness and sweetnes and your whole existence, your ability to ease the tension in him effortlessly, just like you did now. after a few minutes he feels your breathing getting deeper, realizing that you must be falling asleep. nanami turns his head slightly, burying his nose in your hair, and nudges his chin forward slightly, making you hum in question. "we have to get changed, angel." but how can you stand up when the sound of his feathery voice hits your ears pleasantly, the desire to just curl up in his lap growing with every second,,,, "don't wanna-" and suddenly, he is tugging you up gently; you barely balance yourself but a hand on your lower back steadies you, golden eyes observing your reactions. you look confused and so cute, rubbing your eyes and murmuring something. kento wants to kiss you so bad. so he does. and later, when you are sleepily trying to change your clothes with closed eyes, nanami thinks that you are too good to be true.
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renaissansse · a day ago
                      # she’s bad as hell #
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: Choso, Fushiguro Toji, Geto Suguru, Noritoshi Kamo, Tōdō Aoi, Gojō Satoru, Nanami Kento, Sukuna Ryomen, Zen’in Naoya, Mahito & Higuruma Hiromi x fem!reader.
cw: smut and fluff; having them wrapped around your finger, in a way where stringing them along, playing with them, showing them love - making them want you is just at every day’s routine.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
##.Choso loves seeing you in his clothes, hanging loose over your shoulders, mixing your scent with his and triggering dirty thoughts than just keep on running through his mind. He wants to bend you over the table and fuck you senseless when you are just waking around the house; he wants to grab you and pound you against the wall when you are putting things on a high shelf and the only clothing item you’re wearing shows limbs of your forbidden skin; he wants to immerge his face in between your thighs when you’re leisurely sitting on the couch, screaming louder than in whatever the program is you’re watching, your eyes on his only, your pussy his to pleasure, break and mend. So he follows you around the house, waiting for you to notice him, waiting for you to acknowledge him - waiting for your eyes to meet his, waiting for you to finally decide that he is worth your attention.
##.Fushiguro Toji has a knack to drive you insane, that scorning smile always on his lips, and yet - the moment you start saying him that no, he cannot put his cock in your cunt, his expression sours and his bold tendencies become all but inexistent. He sulks and pouts, his bulked up body making him look like a sad giant because he needs you, and to feel the warmth of your touch and the tightness of your pussy - and you denying him that is synonym for his whole world crashing. He asks time after time and every time you gently refuse him, a bit of a challenge and a bit of pettiness coating your words, the disappointment on his face grows and so grows your expectation and arousal at thinking how much can you milk this and how much of it will explode in your face (possibly literally). It is a dangerous game you are playing, that you know will come to an end sooner or later, but looking at his bulging erection every time you purposefully bend over to adjust inexistent shoes or socks, or feel your shirt raise up when you are not wearing you bra is just fucking worth it.
##.Getō Suguru is a cuddler and is very serious when it comes to aftercare. He loves to play with you in bed, teasing and taunting, but he drags it too far - and revels in the fact that he is playing in-house, while you struggle understanding the rules of the game. So you decide to change the rules altogether because fuck this stupidly gorgeous man who cannot keep his hands away from you as if life depended on it. You straddle his hips and kiss his jaw, caressing his silk-smooth hair, yanking on it from time to time only to hear him moan in your throat; you paw his naked abs and his full on attention cock, but you never slide it in, just keeping the tip near your hole, distracting Getou and keeping his hands away from you. When you are finally done with the push-and-pull you seem to have been playing, you just ask him whether you could tie him to the bed so you can have full access to him - and who is he to deny you anything. Already picturing the delight you will perform on him he eagerly agrees and what a mistake that is, because as you as he is tied you just dress up again and bid him goodbye, who sits there naked and blue balling while you enjoying a nice vibrator session right in front of him, where he can watch, but not as close, never as close as he would want to.
##.Noritoshi Kamo is probably the most whipped man ever in existence. All you have to do in order to get a thing out of him, is ask. You don’t do that often, but when you do want something and working for it sounds just like too much work, using the situation in your favour is not above you. In the bedroom, it happens more often than you might want to admit; Toshi is a gentle, caring lover and he is attentive to every need you might have (or not even know you need). But it’s up to you to spice things up to keep it interesting: making Toshi angry or annoyed is generally difficult to do, and even when it happens you are not sure of how it does or what it is triggered by. However, when stars align and Toshi is in a less than his usual happy-go-to mood, he has the habit of directing the angry into the force he uses to fuck you - which brings about the best sex in your entire life. Manipulating him into that, because you need so bad his cock to perforate and ruin you for good is just a hard job, and so you whine and try to behave in the ways that for sure will get a reaction out of him. It does not work, but when you plead him nicely to just destroy you, and he puts his soul into pounding into you, you think that maybe it is true that Toshi is perfect and you don’t deserve such a man.
##.Tōdō Aoi might look like a harsh man from the outside, but you fully know that you have only to swing it in front of his eyes for a couple of times, before he comes around and starts being clingy, bratty and whiny as only a large and tall man as him could. He loves to hug you from behind, get his warm hands under your shirt, walk around with his arms full of you, frustratingly rubbing his half hard cock against you ass, hip and lower back with an innocent face and plucked lips. You know he does it on purpose to walk around naked, like a Greek ancient sculpture taking life, and flex that or another muscle when he knows you are looking, whispering dirty thoughts about what he would do to you passing by: it is all a teasing game to him, foreplay to boot. It also does not help that his flirty tendencies are both subtle and extreme and he is just everywhere: you can feel his presence even he is not there with you, which annoys you to no end. And deciding to let him work for it seems just so tempting, because he is so effortlessly attractive and attracted to you - and using it to your advantage is just your payback for the hell on earth Aoi makes you go through. It comes with the spur of the moment when unironically you call him ‘sir’, ‘daddy’, or ‘master’ and fake not seeing how his eyes widen, letting him believe that he just has been hallucinating and that this game that you started, which makes Aoi even more feral and primal than how he usually is, and with him asking you whether this is what you wanted when you dared to call him like that, is not your personal ruin.
##.Gojō Satoru being denied is such a rare event, it is not even in the realms of his considered possibilities. You love seeing him frantically think why this is happening, and you tried to hide your smile, wanting to keep this game going (because Satoru might be a clement man, but it is so rare seeing him helpless, that it’s almost cute). He racks him mind thinking about what he did wrong, or whether he forgot something (again), but the sheer fear of you not wanting him painted on his face, is both hilarious and very telling about the fact that he is a gone man, and that it does not matter how attractive he is, because the man chose you. You caress his head, and kiss his forehead - hugging him and whispering in his ear that you want him to make you feel good again, and drive him to bed - while he is still trying to process the situation, still asking himself whether you just want to fuck him. But he just cannot escape your spell, falling under your touch and finding himself squeezing his cock in you, pounding and playing with you clit, wanting to make himself feel irreplaceable, unique and absolutely the only one you want and need.
##.Nanami Kento is hard to read, and harder to interpret whether what you saw is something he wanted you to see or not. You’re not insecure, but sometimes it just feels like you’re putting more in than he is - and you think that’s okay too, but looking at him on his knees makes you feel like the goddess he secretly mistakes you for and you crave that sensation more that you’re comfortable with admitting. You don’t expect big gestures, nor anything special - but Kento is a romantic man deep down, and when he does things, he does them good and on fucking time; not an anniversary or anything of the sort, but when he does get home, and just throws his bag somewhere on the ground, rips his tie off his neck and kisses you deep, tongue and all - you can’t help but feel yourself letting out a small moan. After a few seconds, Kento’s body slumps and relaxes against yours, as if just touching you makes him feel whole and calm. After licking into your mouth, Kento just drops on his knees and saying that he missed you so much - puts his nose right in between your thighs, smelling it out and once again making your legs shake. He puts a leg over his shoulder, before getting you out of your clothes and immerses himself into the foils of your sweet, warm candy - eating you out still in his work clothes, moaning and grunting when he sucks on and tortured your clit and sees you cum on his tongue - making you feel special, like only he can on a normal stupid day.
##.Sukuna Ryōmen is an asshole, and a great one at that. You never know whether your punches land or whether he even cares about you, on normal occasions. Of course, everything is different with Sukuna in the bedroom: he is the master of a dungeon, and you’re there to stay at his own whim and pleasure - but still in his dominion, in a way where you can’t escape even if you wanted to. He takes it for granted, and so he worships and pleads, counters and enlarges - pounds and makes you cry by the sheer force he thrusts into you, stuffing you with his cock so good, so well, so full that you don’t have time to think, because your brain and pussy is so full of Sukuna. The problem is out of there, when your mind has time to wander, and you feel his body encircling yours - a frown on your face, and his fingers just distending the skin on your forehead, hugging your tight to his body, trying to convey everything you know it is hard for him with words, through sheer contact. He places a kiss on your bare shoulder, which means that he is not going anywhere and a kiss on your collarbone, meaning that he knows sometimes he is not the best; a kiss on the cheek which means that he is trying and a final kiss on the lips, before bidding you good night, meaning that he is just yours to have, toy with and that there is will no one else who has or even will have this amount of control on him.
##.Zen’in Naoya likes to pretend that whatever you do, he is not affected by it - because he is so ashamed, deep down, of how dependent and how much of a sucker he is for you. He likes seeing you from the corner of his eye, checking whether you are done doing whatever you are at that moment, following and checking out your figure up and down; and when he catches you in compromising positions, he tightens his fists, because he wants to touch you, fuck you against the wall not letting you breathe in nothing but his own breath, choking on his cock and the knowledge that you are going nowhere stuck on him as you are. His pride never lets him approach you first and he looks almost shy whenever it is that you do, not daring to let go of himself or ask for more, because he is both afraid of you denying him and because he just could not bear the humiliation of asking you something. And since you know that all too well, beating Naoya at his own little game becomes of essential importance, because you’re no less prideful than him and from time to time a bath of humiliation can only do him good. Therefore, when he starts dropping hints about anything he wants to do, or do to you (as he usually does) - you start pretending not getting it, or suggesting the most stupid things in order to anger him and let him admit in his rage whatever it is that he wants. Because you want it too, but you’re not about to serve this spoiled man whatever it is on a silver plate (unless he begs you for it).
##.Mahito is just addicted to you, and he knows it well himself - not even trying to deny the way his obsession with you shapes his day by day behaviour. He loves having his hands on you, marking you in front of others - because you are his and no one else’s and he just enjoys throwing tantrums like those of a kid, and when you scold him and turn cold as he behaves that way, he answers that he wants you for himself. Being selfish as he is, Mahito is often annoying, and dealing with his sometimes it’s too much - because he would just start to stare into your eyes and get lost, his own heterochromatic ones swirling with deep feelings he himself is not ready to acknowledge. And yet, despite everything you just can’t tolerate about him, teasing him, play-fighting, annoying him by touching his hair and ears, messing with his fingers and tracing his scars is so ingrained into your whole being that you find yourself doing it unconsciously, wanting to feel the man and also wanting to see how despite everything you might put him through, his level of co-dependence and being smitten with you, won’t change. It makes your heart warm the way he smiles and enjoys your intimacy bits, and when instead you say no because you’re not up to it - he is not afraid to masturbate himself in front of you and offer you to join, because he is just as sly and calculating as they come, but at the same time Mahito gives you the freedom of choice, which you will never be not grateful for.
##.Higuruma Hiromi has a sweet spot for you, which is huge and everyone knows about it, except him - that is. He thinks he is subtle, or even that he is a tsundere of sorts, but his soft eyes whenever he glances at you or the delicate touches he gives to your cheek, the slight kisses on your forehead and the feather touch caresses to your hair speak tons more than his words do. It has always been easy to know what is going on his mind, because he is just that kind of man: willing to give, never asking for anything in return, never being able to say no to help someone out. Your heart swells with everything it can whenever Hiromi smiles to a kid when you are walking on the street, and the kid smiles back, making Hiromi blush. The man blushes easily and you love it when he does it - especially if it is because of something you said, like a compliment (which you do rarely) or a subtle realistic affirmation of how great he is (which you do often). He blushes often when he is deep inside you, because he loves the sensation of being tightly wrapped into your warm cocoon, inhaling your scent and trying to melt into you, seeking to memorise this feeling of union and your traits in the back of his eyes, so whenever you are far away, he can instead cheer himself up by remembering those. It’s actually cute how unaware of his own gestures he is, and that makes it all the funnier to tease him about everything he does, and more.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading and reblogs and interactions are much welcome and appreciated!
© renaissansse, 2021.
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miracl3girl · a day ago
More dilf nanami please omg the proffesor fic was just chefs kiss 🥰🥰🥰i am also on my knees for more nanami content
thank you for your support. i will probably make multiple dilf!nanami posts because this gave me a lot of ideas so please stay tuned 👍
Such a cliche that you first meet him at your part-time job: the local cafe. You’re immediately drawn in by his mature aura; you feel like he could protect you and take care of you. Luckily for you, he thinks you’re very cute. When you take his order, your voice trickles to his ears like a babbling mountain stream and he finds himself asking for your number out of the blue. He’s flustered by his sudden action, how unprofessional! How childish! But he’s pleased when you blush and shyly write it down on his receipt. A phone call leads to the first date, which leads to many more. About five months into your relationship though, you answer your door to Kento wringing his hands and he says he needs to talk to you. He sat stiffly on the couch, very different from how he usually lounges when you two are together. He tells you he has a kid, but it’s not that he’s a deadbeat dad or anything! The separation was difficult and they hadn’t even been married, but she managed to convince the court that he was too busy to be a good parent and it’s not like he didn’t fight for the kid, his biggest dream is to settle down and be a father but she was manipulative and controlling and he’s sorry he kept if from you this long he just couldn’t get the courage to tell you and he totally understands if you want to breaku- he stops at the feeling of your lips on his as he melts into your warmth, knowing that it would be okay. You reassure him that you hadn’t cared about the slight age gap and you definitely won’t care about him having a child. So when the time comes and you both are ready, you will create a family together. Until then, he can take care of you! Giving you all the kisses he can, cuddling you when you’re sad, and of course fucking you whenever you need him to. Even if you can’t get pregnant, he’ll breed you every night if you want. He makes you fall apart with a certain expertise that only comes with age. His dilf dick might have something to do with it as well though. He has you twitching and thoughtless when he says, “you getting’ off on the fact that i’m old enough to be your dad, sweetheart?”
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luvnitec · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
What jjk men hands look like + how they use them(toji,gojo,nanami, sukuna)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Big and veiny
Made for choking
Those hands be all over you
Loves to stick his thumb in your mouth
He has you pressed up against the wall next to the front door with a hand on your neck. So close making you feel his hard dick press against your thigh. His other hand has a nice grab of your ass you know you too are not going to make it to dinner tonight.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Long and smooth
The feel so nice
Rubs your thighs when driving
Favorite thing to do is finger you
It was a night drive back to the house and you were spread open while gojo was fingering you. Two orgasms has already past. His middle finger and ring finger pumping inside your cunt. His palm constantly hitting your puffy clit. This was going to a long night.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nice with expensive rings
Has them in your hair or playing with it
Sometimes grabs your chin to have you look at him
Has them making a ponytail in your hair
Hands in your hair softly pushing your head down to deep throat him more. Slow up and down motions. You come up and give him a couple cock kisses. “Stop teasing” he groaned pushing you down harder.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reddish with tattoos
Purple,black or red nail polish
Spanks you for being a brat
Will slap you cunt as a punishment
Has you over his lap skirt pulled up so your bare ass would show. Sukuna has been spanking you for last hour. “Make sure you count love” he mentioned before starting the next 20 on you left cheek.
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lexinympho · a day ago
Just thinking about Toji letting you decorate him with hickeys. He'd always been the one to do such a thing to you on a daily basis, while you'd only scarcely do it during your "late night endeavours" with him. Further down the road however, you're more open with him about your desires, practically drooling over his neck from how eager you are to mark him up.
And Toji is just eating the attention up, enjoying how often you nick him and leave little bruises in your wake. He's not ashamed either, outright telling you to do it the few times you forget or he's feeling the need for the bite of your teeth on his skin.
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i-cant-sing · a day ago
Imagine yandere yuuta or toji with a darling who's like a powerful magical girl?
I know that you meant reader is someone like a mage, super powerful but I cant help imagining my 2 homeboys falling for a reader who does... voodoo magic. Like reader is so superstitious, does tarot card readings for a living, with the crystal and the whole nine yards okay?
Imagine reader casting protective spells on them whenever they leave the house, or putting some sort pf charm on them to ward off evil spirits and their heart are like just bursting with awe because they didn't think someone would be so caring towards them.
And like... our simp yanderes try so hard to explain it to her that all of this shit that she's doing is not real, and if anything, makes her seem a bit fruity, without really hurting her feelings and all.
But reader just tells them to shut up, and whats ironic is when reader calls their cursed techniques and powers bull, saying that there is no such thing as curses. So both Yuta and Toji better have a good reason for keeping those big, sharp weapons on them, and come up with a lie that explains what they do for a living, because reader doesnt believe them when they say they kill curses for a living.
You know what would be even funnier? If the yanderes come to visit reader one day, only to see them surrounded with curses. Turns out you too have cursed energy, and your cursed technique has something to do with your voodoo magic. Now homeboy Yuta immediately has a panic attack as he whips out his katana and kills the curses with one swipe. Same with Toji, only he is a bit more calm and collected as he pulls out the appropriate weapon and kills the curses, despite your protests not to because these are peaceful curses that mean no harm.
They dont listen to you then, and they definitely dont listen to you when you tell them you'd be going away for training to become a sorcerer. They'll knock you out swiftly, drag you to their home and keep you in a room, put some sort of magic lock on the door so that only they are able to open it. Both have them have lost so much, they wont risk losing you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yuujispinkhair · a day ago
Tumblr media
The songs you grow to like never stick at first
Falling for your best friend is a blessing and a curse at the same time, especially when it's painfully obvious that your friend doesn't feel the same. So what is Yuuji supposed to do? He doesn't want to lose you but also can't help wanting to get out of the friendzone. Maybe his other friends can help him. Or he just has to wait because sometimes the songs that become our all-time favorites are the ones that don't stick at first.
Pairing: Yuuji x Reader (female) Genre: College AU, fluff, my attempt at humor, friends to lovers Playlist: College AU Word Count: 4.6 k Warnings: A lot of cheesiness, pining, unrequited love in the beginning. Yuuji has smutty fantasies, so it's 18+. All characters are of age. The story and my blog contain 18+ content, so minors don't interact.
Tumblr media
This is my entry for the Fall Out Boy collab by @katsupeach . Thank you so much for organizing this amazing collab! My prompt is from the song Dead on Arrival:
The songs you grow to like never stick at first. So, I'm writing you a chorus, and here is your verse
I got very inspired, and so this turned into a multi-chaptered fic. I'm planning to post a new chapter every week! Here is an overview of the chapters you can expect:
Chapter 1: This is side one, flip me over. I know I'm not your favorite record. Chapter 2: The songs you grow to like never stick at first. So, I'm writing you a chorus, and here is your verse. Chapter 3: A rivalry goes so deep between me and this loss of sleep over you Chapter 4: Hope this is the last time, 'cause I'd never say no to you.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
This is side one, flip me over. I know I'm not your favorite record.
Yuuji can't say when it started exactly. There isn't one big moment that changed everything. It happened gradually, sneaked up on him until he was in too deep. You have been best friends for almost three years now. Ever since Yuuji started college and got paired with you for a group project. You were both new to the city, and it was nice to have someone to meet up with and discover the busy streets with. Soon the two of you were inseparable. Of course, people kept commenting on how close you were. Raised eyebrows, knowing smiles, cheeky winks. But they all got it wrong. You were just friends!
At least, that's what Yuuji had been telling himself all this time. Until now. Maybe everyone else was right after all. They saw it sooner than Yuuji did. But they only got half of it right. Because this is strictly one-sided. Only one of you fell in love. And that idiot is Yuuji.
Being in love with your best friend is a blessing and a curse at the same time. A blessing because you know the other person loves you too. Not in a romantic way. But still. They don't hate you. They want you in their life and care about you. And you spend lots of time with them. You are allowed to touch them, hug them, ruffle their hair, shove them playfully, kiss them on the cheek for a greeting. You can do sleepovers and share clothes, go out together. It's nice and warm and feels like home. It is home.
But it's also a curse. No, it's mostly a curse. Because all of those things are suddenly not enough anymore. It's like a meal with all the best ingredients, but there's one little spice missing, and without it, the whole meal doesn't taste quite right.
Yuuji feels guilty about it. He appreciates your friendship beyond anything else. He doesn't want to be one of those guys who complain about being friend-zoned. He likes being friends with you! But he can't stop his heart from aching for more.
It's not like he didn't try to suppress those feelings when he first became aware of them. He probably looked like an idiot when you rested your head on his shoulder one day during lunch, something you'd done lots of times before, but, all of a sudden, there had been a weird feeling in his stomach. So Yuuji drained a whole bottle of ice-cold water because he thought the butterflies in his stomach would stop fluttering so much if he just put enough cold water on them.
And he definitely made a fool out of himself when he tripped over a bag because he was busy trying to count the clouds so he would distract himself from the feeling of your warm weight on his lap five minutes ago when there hadn't been a spare seat left on the park bench.
So yes, Yuuji tried to fight it, but nothing worked.
And that leaves him there he is now. He just has to accept it: he's hopelessly in love with his best friend. His best friend who doesn't want him that way.
But Yuuji will be damned if he lets this affect your friendship! He loves you, as a friend and as more. So he will make sure you are happy. He will be there for you and take care of you. Do anything a best friend does.
Currently, he's strolling towards where you are leaning against the wall in front of the economics lecture hall. The big boyish grin on his face gets even wider when you catch sight of him. Yuuji stops in front of you and shoves a cup of iced coffee into your hand. Two shots of vanilla syrup, one teaspoon of sugar, oat milk. He knows every order of yours by heart. This is your favorite, so he always gets you this when he stops at the coffee shop before classes.
"Good morning!"
"Ooh, thanks, Yuu! You're an angel. I wouldn't know how to get through my economics course with Mr. Nanami without this. That man is so exhausting!"
"Shut up. I think he's nice!"
Yuuji elbows you playfully, which you return by ruffling his hair, making him lean into the touch like a puppy eager for affection. You pull your hand away too soon and chuckle lightly.
"He is! And hot! But he's so...serious all the time."
Yuuji pulls a face. He knows it's stupid, but somehow it stings that you so openly announce your professor is hot in your opinion, but you never once said anything close to that about Yuuji. Sure, you call Yuuji cute sometimes, but hot? Never.
Five minutes later, the two of you part ways so you can attend your course with hot Mr. Nanami, and Yuuji can head down the hallway towards his film analysis course.
But before he walks into the classroom, he takes a detour to the bathroom just to stand in front of the sink and stare critically at his reflection in the mirror.
Why do you think your professor is hot, but Yuuji isn't? Is it his pink hair? Do you think it's childish that he dyes his hair in pastel colors? Or is he not tall enough? Mr. Nanami is really tall. But on the other hand, Yuuji is tall too, right? He sighs and frowns at his reflection. What is he lacking?
Mr. Nanami has really broad shoulders. He looks like he's working out. So is Yuuji, though! But maybe he's not as fit as you like? He grabs the hem of his yellow hoodie and lifts it to inspect his exposed upper body in the mirror. Yuuji actually gets a lot of compliments from his gym bros for his immaculate biceps. And Fushiguro told him just yesterday that he would kill for pecs like Yuuji has. So this can't be the problem, right?
Just to be sure, he flexes his muscles, watches the way they become even more accentuated before putting a hand on his abs and tracing the taut muscles with his fingers. What would you think if this were your fingers? Would you like the way Yuuji's muscles feel beneath your fingertips? He closes his eyes, tries to imagine how it would be for you. Feels nice...
He jumps when the door opens and turns around to see Junpei stopping in his tracks, hand still on the door handle, staring at Yuuji with big eyes.
"Um.. good morning, Yuuji?"
Yuuji stares back at him with a matching shocked expression, quickly letting the hem of his hoddie drop, covering himself up again.
"Shit! Junpei. I was...I am...I'll just leave! See you in class! Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the movie!"
He grabs his backpack hurriedly, rushing past his friend with a slight blush tinting his cheeks.
Great, just great! He absolutely had to make a fool of himself, right? Maybe that's part of the problem, he realizes. He's the type of guy who's good for a laugh but not the type to date. No wonder you don't want him!
But how can he change that? How can he become someone you look at and think, "Woahh, I want him to be mine!"?
He's still deep in thought when he enters his classroom and plops down on the chair next to Fushiguro's, sighing deeply and slamming his battered backpack onto the table, which earns him a glare from his friend.
Yuuji smiles apologetically and shrugs,
"Sorry, miscalculated my strength, I guess."
Fushiguro just fixes him with one of his stern, deep gazes that always unsettle Yuuji because it feels like his friend can see right into his brain. And sure as hell, the dark-haired boy leans a bit closer and lowers his voice to a confidential tone:
"Are you ok? Did someone upset you?"
"Aww, no, it's ok!"
He grins brightly and scratches his hair, but Fushiguro's gaze still bores into him unrelentingly, and of course, Junpei chooses that moment to sit down behind them and doesn't hesitate to inform Fushiguro:
"He was standing in front of the bathroom mirror checking himself out. Shirtless."
Fushiguro's eyebrows almost disappear in his hair. And Yuuji feels the need to explain.
"Hey, I wasn't shirtless! And I just did a little once-over. On my looks..."
Both of his friends still stare at him as if he's crazy, and so he adds:
"Guys, do you think I'm hot?"
The response is immediate.
"Where is that coming from, Itadori? But yeah, you are."
"Absolutely, Yuuji! You look gorgeous!"
The praise makes him relax for a moment before his face scrunches up in worry again.
"But I mean...can you even judge that? Maybe I should ask a girl? I'll text Nobara!"
He's already pulling his phone out of the back pocket of his jeans, ready to send an embarrassing text, but is stopped by Fushiguro's hand on his arm.
"Don't make a fool of yourself. Also, I am literally pansexual. I like men too, so I'm a good judge. You don't need a second opinion on this. Get a grip, Itadori, seriously! I didn't have enough coffee for this kind of shit."
Yuuji looks at him and nods, setting the phone down on the table,
"Yeah, ok, right! Thank you! You too, Junpei!"
Junpei smiles happily at him while Fushiguro sighs exasperatedly and rubs his temples as if he has a headache. But Yuuji feels a bit better. He has to trust his friends. Maybe he just needs to be a bit more self-aware and confident in himself. It will be ok!
His enthusiasm gradually fades again during the film analysis course, though. By the end of the lecture, he's almost gnawed through his pencil, and before his friends can escape, he asks in a miserable voice:
"What can I do to be more dateable?"
Junpei is quick to pat Yuuji's back,
"You already are dateable! Did you forget about all the girls who constantly ask you for your phone number no matter where I go with you? You just never text them back, but I think they'd all be very willing to date you!"
Yuuji blinks at him in honest confusion.
"Wait a think they would go on dates with me? I thought they just wanted my number for the movie discussions, or that one girl yesterday was just interested in where I got my shirt from. Junpei, I think you got it wrong."
He gets interrupted by a pained groan coming from Fushiguro.
"Just stop! You are hot. You are dateable. Why can't you just get it into that thick head of yours? I'm so done."
"Oi, bro!"
Yuuji smacks his arm but then looks at him with a thoughtful expression.
"Ok, thanks. But like, for real. Am I someone who people meet and think, wow, I want him!? Like, as in rip my clothes off and break a bed? Am I just the nice guy, or the sexy one?"
Junpei makes a squealing noise, and Yuuji wonders why his face is so red. Maybe he shouldn't drink that much coke. Fushiguro, on the other hand, is glaring at him, looking as if he's seconds away from punching Yuuji.
His voice is calm and controlled though when he answers, but it's clear that it takes everything in him to stay so cool:
"I have to go to my literature class now. But you are a fucking catch, man. You're a good guy, ok? That's what's most important anyway. You don't have to change."
"But.. but..."
Before Yuuji can finish, Fushiguro is already gone, practically fleeing from the classroom. He's already halfway out the door when Yuuji yells after him:
"But would you FUCK me, Fushiguro??? Answer me!!!"
Yuuji doesn't even hear the snickers and roars which start around him because his attention zooms in on the doorway, where you are standing, peeking into the classroom and looking at him with a curious and amused expression on your face.
Oh god, no! He wants the floor to swallow him. Your timing is really the worst. He slings his backpack over one shoulder and strides towards you, hoping that he isn't blushing.
But you just laugh when he catches up to you, and Yuuji forgets about feeling embarrassed when you wrap your hand around his arm and fall in step next to him, perfectly in sync, because the two of you are practically attached at the hips anyway. Your head rests against his shoulder, the scent of your perfume and hairspray making his heart twist.
"Hey, do you want to go shopping with me this afternoon? I need a strong guy like you to carry all my shopping bags."
"Count me in. I'm a professional shopping bag carrier!"
Your lighthearted laughter and the way your fingers tighten around his biceps send butterflies flying in Yuuji's stomach.
Tumblr media
It's during the shopping trip when the two of you are taking a short break and sit in a coffee shop slurping iced coffee when you grin cheekily at Yuuji and finally ask:
"So what was that earlier, when you yelled after Fushiguro if he would fuck you? Is there something going on between you?"
Yuuji almost chokes on his drink, coughing and messing up his hoodie as some of the drink he had in his mouth spills out over his chin. He taps his fist against his chest and splutters:
"That was nothing! We were just being stupid."
"Oh really?" You raise an eyebrow and lean closer conspiratorially with a devilish gleam in your eyes. Gossip mode activated, apparently. "Or is it that someone's desperate for some action? So you're planning to get laid at the party this weekend?"
"What? No!!"
"Why are you so sensitive about it? Come on, Yuu, it's ok to admit you are horny!"
He is trying so hard to fight his blush. But there's a pounding in his ears, and his breath is coming out in short gasps. To hear you say the word "fuck" and talking about Yuuji getting laid is too much for him. He has to dig his nails into his knees to stop his body from reacting in a totally inappropriate way.
But you aren't finished yet. You bump Yuuji's side with your elbow and chuckle good-naturedly before adding:
"Now that I think about it, you've been a bit on edge lately. Maybe you should really take someone home. Would be good for you. Why did you stop doing that anyway? I haven't heard you talking about your bedroom adventures in what seems forever."
He wants to die. It's true. Right after starting college, he was rather active in the sex department. He wouldn't call it sleeping around, but he had maybe three or four encounters that ended in the bedroom, a swimming pool, or on a bathroom floor. And of course, he told you all about it! You are his best friend!
But that was before! Now he is in love! In love with you! How could he fuck someone else?? He couldn't do that! And he doesn't even want to! He doesn't want anyone else, only you!
Inwardly he's screaming but tries to shrug it off and grins and shoves you playfully too.
"Oh, shut up. I just don't want to fool around with strangers at the moment."
"Just not with strangers? What about people you know, huh?"
"Are you volunteering?"
His eyes widen when he realizes what he said in the heat of the moment. He hopes you will just see it as part of your usual banter. But a small part of him wants you to take it for what it really is. At least the secret would be out then. And in an ideal world, you would smile and put a hand on his thigh while you lean closer and whisper in Yuuji's ear that you've wanted him for a long time too.
But unfortunately, this isn't the pastel pink world of a rom-com. And instead of a love confession, you snort and burst out laughing loudly as if Yuuji made the best joke ever. Your hand does indeed land on his thigh, but only to slap it as you shake with laughter.
"You're so funny, Yuu! That's why you're my best friend! We can talk such dumb stuff and laugh so much with each other!"
Yuuji's heart clenches painfully at your words. Not for the first time, he wishes he could flip himself over like a mixtape because maybe side two would have what side one lacks. Maybe you would see side two as someone who can be more than a friend. Someone who would be able to make you get flustered when he makes a suggestive comment. Maybe the Yuuji on side two would be someone you desire and would like to take to your own bed and have him over and over again every night for the rest of your life.
It hurts knowing that this isn't going to happen. But Yuuji tries his best to act like everything's fine and joins in on your laughter.
You finish your drinks and the cupcakes before proceeding with your little shopping trip.
This basically means that Yuuji spends most of the time sitting on chairs and benches waiting for you to come out of the changing booth to present to him several shirts and jeans and some dresses.
The tight-fitting jeans and the short dresses are particularly bad for his mental stability. Your ass looks too juicy in those jeans, and why do you have to turn your back to him and wiggle your ass in front of his face? It's too much. Yuuji's hand finds the collar of his hoodie unconsciously and stretches it to get a bit of air.
His mind runs crazy about what he would like to do to you. How good it would feel to slip his hands into the back pockets of those tight jeans, pull you against him, and kiss you while his hands knead your cute ass.
Or how sexy it would be to let you sit on his lap while you're wearing one of those short dresses. His mind short-circuits at the thought of feeling the warmth of your naked thighs seeping through his sweatpants, letting his hands slip under that dress and explore what's waiting for him there. Feel your heat through your cute panties before he pulls them to the side to caress you where he wants to the most, feeling you get wet for him, grinding eagerly against his fingers, coating them in your arousal, moaning his name needily, wanting him...
Yuuji squints his eyes shut for a moment as if that could get rid of the imaginary pictures running through his mind. He hopes he can distract himself before this becomes a bigger problem, literally. He shifts around uncomfortably on the pink plush couch he's currently sitting on, silently begging his dick to please be nice and not do anything embarrassing. He curses himself for his poor fashion choices because the grey sweatpants he's changed into for the shopping spree do nothing to hide his growing boner.
"Earth to Yuuji! Did you hear a single word I said?"
He looks at you with big startled eyes, hastily putting his hands in his lap, hoping that you won't see that he is half-hard.
You cross your arms in front of your chest and roll your eyes.
"I guess I took too long trying on clothes. You're already zoning out. I said I'd either take the yellow dress or the pink shirt with the black print. What do you think?"
"The dress!"
Maybe his answer was a bit too enthusiastic because you burst out laughing, but you look so pleased, so Yuuji doesn't have it in him to feel bad about it. Instead, he spends the next minutes making a mental list of the worst movies he's ever seen to distract himself from his dirty thoughts and will the problem in his pants away, so he'll be able to get up from this fucking pink couch and carry your shopping bags.
The next thing on your list is makeup and Yuuji tags along, happily carrying your shopping bags now that he feels normal again, and voicing his opinion anytime you ask for it.
He actually enjoys your shopping trips. It's nice to spend time with you, and he likes the feeling of pleasing you and being needed by you, even if that just means that he's your personal bag carrier and advice giver. That's an excellent job in his eyes. He gets paid in warm smiles and happy laughter, and he can't see anything wrong with that.
And luckily, you are so busy searching the stores for things you like that you stop pestering Yuuji about finding someone for him to get laid.
He's following you through long pastel-colored aisles lined by mirrors and bright lights. Stops to swoon over different nail polish shades with you and even lets you paint his nails at one of those tester things. Anything to see that happy smile on your face!
You look so cute when you stick the tip of your tongue out in concentration while applying the nail polish. Yuuji can't stop looking at you.
Two girls are passing by, and Yuuji overhears them talking about how they wish they had a boyfriend who went shopping with them too.
Yuuji smiles at them gratefully. Hearing someone call him your boyfriend makes his heart beat faster. It's a bittersweet sensation, though, since you aren't really dating, and Yuuji will probably never be your boyfriend for real. But the fact that they saw the two of you and assumed you are a couple makes him feel exhilarated.
You don't bother correcting them, or maybe you didn't hear. But you laugh and admire Yuuji's black nails.
"Just like your brother. You should send him a picture!"
Yuuji joins in on your laughter and really snaps a picture that he sends to Sukuna, his edgy big brother who has too many tattoos and is never seen without black nail polish. Come to think of it, though, he never complains about pining for someone he can't have. Usually, Sukuna is the one who gets chased by everyone.
Yuuji blinks at his phone. Maybe he should try to be a bit more like his brother. Does he have to change his style? Should he get a tattoo? Or is it the rude arrogance that makes Sukuna so attractive to everyone? Yuuji doesn't think he's capable of being rude.
His phone beeps with a new message and Yuuji looks down to see his lovely big brother replied to the picture:
"Aww, is my wittle baby brother trying to be a bad boy now? You are so pathetic, brat."
"Fuck you."
Yuuji shoves his phone angrily back into his pocket while looking for you and sees you standing in front of a display of a limited lipgloss launch.
"What do you think, Yuu? Cherry or strawberry?"
The innocent question makes his head spin because now he's imagining kissing your glossed lips to get a taste of the different fruit flavors. Why does everything have to be so fucking complicated because of how much he likes you!?
"Take strawberry. Or both. I have money left. I could buy one for you if you want both."
That's technically not true. Money is always sparse, especially towards the end of the month. But for you, Yuuji would give his last penny.
You smile at him, and your hand lands on his arm, squeezing it lightly.
"Trying to become my sugar daddy? Nah, for real, that's really nice, I appreciate it, but I won't let you spend your lunch money on an overpriced lipgloss. I'll just take the strawberry one, and that's enough."
You grab the light-pink tube of lipgloss and head towards the checkout as Yuuji quickly takes the cherry-flavored lipgloss once your back is turned. He will give it to you for your birthday. He smiles to himself, thinking about the look of surprise and the happy glint in your eyes you'll have when you get his gift. He makes sure to go to the checkout furthest away from yours, so you won't see what he's buying, making sure to grab some hair wax on his way, so he has an excuse for what took so long.
Once he catches up to you in front of the store, you smile brightly at him and point at your lips:
"Look! I love the color! And it tastes nice."
Yuuji's eyes widen as he is forced to look at your lips. Oh god. They look so delicious, wet and juicy, glistening from the thin layer of lipgloss, and he can smell the strawberry flavor from here. He wants to kiss you so bad. Close the distance between you, press his lips against yours and kiss the lipgloss off them. Trace your sweet lips with his tongue, sucking on them, licking all the sticky strawberry flavor off them, and letting it fill his mouth.
He hopes his voice doesn't sound too strangled when he answers you:
"It looks pretty!"
He isn't able to tear his gaze away from your lips. But he'll make such a fool of himself if he doesn't stop! He gulps hard and shoves his hands deep into the front pocket of his yellow hoodie to keep himself from reaching out to you.
But you take a step closer to him now with a wide grin on your face.
"Thank you for being my shopping companion! I can always rely on you for these things."
You lean closer until you can press a quick kiss on Yuuji's cheek.
This shouldn't be a big thing, because this is your usual way of greeting or saying goodbye. But lately, it makes Yuuji's heart skip a beat anytime you do it. And right now, you are wearing that damn lipgloss, and the smell of strawberries is overwhelming and turns Yuuji into a complete mess.
His self-control is gone, and before he can stop himself, his arms encircle your waist, hands sprawled over the small of your back possessively as he kisses your cheek too.
He is aware that the kiss lasts too long, his lips pressing against your soft skin tenderly, eyes closed and breathing in your scent deeply as he savors the little moment where he has you in his arms, where he can pretend for a little while that you are his, that you are more than friends.
But of course, the moment is over too soon, and he has to let his arms drop to the side again, letting go of you before it becomes awkward and he gives himself away. You are still smiling at him, and Yuuji answers your smile with one of his own while his heart is hammering in his chest and his fingertips tingle with the urge to touch you again.
Yes, being in love with your best friend while they don't love you back is really a curse.
The two of you make your way home. Yuuji insists on carrying all your shopping bags for you, making you laugh and tell him he's such a gentleman. And once again, the annoying butterflies are back in his stomach.
Your lipgloss left a sticky stain on Yuuji's cheek, but he doesn't wipe it off all the way home. Even lets it stay there during dinner and only reluctantly lets the warm water wash it off when he's taking a shower before bed. He's got it bad, and he knows it.
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it! When I saw a Fall Out Boy collab, I HAD to join because I really love their songs and lyrics, and I knew it would be super fun to think of a story that fits the overall feeling I get from listening to their music. I hope you enjoyed Yuuji's college adventures and his pining. There will be more soon! In chapter 2, Yuuji tries to flirt and ask Reader on a date. Let's see how that will go! I would be super happy if you left some comments and reblogged this story! Let me know how you like it so far! Thank you!
The amazing @brautschnitzel made some super hot fanart of Yuuji in his grey sweatpants 😍 Thank youuu! I love it so much!
Tumblr media
Tag-list: @babe-im-bi @peach-memoirs @yuujiskitten @christalcake
@eva-gates @lawfulrhi @manjiken @brautschnitzel @cyancherub
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hatsue-exe · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jujutsu Kaisen men with a reader S/O headcanons:
warnings: one curse word, gn!reader.
Tumblr media
Fushiguro Toji:
He doesn't care much but enjoys doing stuff like sharpening his knives while you're in the same room reading.
He likes to share the silence.
10/10 will get scared if you gasp out of nowhere because of the story
"The fuck is so good about that anyway?"
You proceed to explain the story to him, and he will pretend he's not that interested, only to wake you up at 3 am saying: "Yo, finish the book, I need to know the ending."
Geto Suguru:
Geto was a bookworm as a child, and you can't convince me otherwise.
He lost his reading habit throughout the years, but he loves to listen and comment on what you are reading when you gush about it with him.
It wouldn't take much to convince him to read something with you, a little book club forming between the two of you.
However, once he gets the hang of it, he will finish the books first and tease you about it.
"Not my fault you're so slow, sweetie."
Gojo Satoru:
BULLIES YOU (you know it's true).
"Hey, nerd, what you're reading now?"
He's a little menace. If he thinks you're paying more attention to the book than to him, he will snatch it out of your hands and hold it above your head.
"There's nothing more interesting than me! Now give me my kisses."
At least he does buy you tons of books, collector editions included, so you can't complain much.
Kamo Choso:
Choso came from a time where books weren't exactly popular, so it takes a while for him to get used to the idea of everything being so accessible now.
If you like reading digitally, be ready to do a lot of explaining.
"How do so many books fit in such a small device? Is this your special technique?"
Lays on your lap and asks you to read for him all the time. He loves the proximity and the sound of your voice.
He enjoys poetry a lot and might gift you some poetry books to have you read for him.
Nanami Kento:
We all know he has a lot of books he hasn't read yet, so if you ever run out of books, he will offer his to you.
Kento reads a lot of classics and non-fiction books, but he'll give a chance to other genres if you insist a bit — he will not pretend to like it, though. Be ready to hear some critics of your favourite book.
Takes you on bookshop dates and enjoys debating about the recent launches. Will buy you something when you're not looking.
He reads for you as a way of getting onto his to be read list. Always pretends to be annoyed at your comments, though you can see the smile in the corner of his lips.
"Did you know Tolstói used his wife's diaries as inspiration?" "And where did you learn that?" "Booktok." "Darling, what have we discussed about TikTok information?" Someone help him.
Tumblr media
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delvine · 2 days ago
author's note : cute but messy ass drabble don't mind this pls.
warnings : caps lock, that's it ??? i think?
characters : yuji, megumi, nobara, maki, toge & gojo
Tumblr media
yuji itadori
OPPOSITE AESTHETICS. he absolutely adores your style of clothing ! he isn’t the biggest fan of shopping, but for you, yeah baby we’re going to all of the thrift stores. the music he also likes a little bit, he has some songs in his own playlist. would absolutely serenade you with love songs from the cure, the smiths, etc.
megumi fushiguro
since he’s lowkey emo as hell, he would 100% support your style & music. you two definitely share a playlist with a big mix of dark wave, gothic rock, but also indie & hiphop. you’d get him into gothic literature also and now he’s a lil bit obsessed. the two of you SEEM like a scary couple and kinda are i’m not even lying, but that’s cause you are only soft for each other.
nobara kugisaki
YOUR NO.1 SUPPORTER FROM NOW ON. absolutely adores your style! she would try and invest in the subculture and the history behind it a little bit, but for the majority, she’d just want to be your shopping buddy. though you can look scarier than her, she’s still the scariest one out of the two of you. SUN AND MOON GFS !!!!
maki zenin
wouldn’t really get it, but loves the look of it. she’d probably let you be, secretly admiring you and the way you carry yourself. you two are terrifying to strangers and even your friends sometimes, both very intimidating and secure in yourselves. very much power couple vibes (complimentary).
inumaki toge
GAMER BF GOTH GF GAMER BF GOTH GF. he loves all of it! i just think y’all would be so cute. he’d take pictures of you (no the cure pun intended) nonstop!! i also believe inumaki has a thing for bats, black cats, possums & raccoons even, etc. he just thinks they’re neat, so expect memes of them and bat plushies.
gojo satoru
y’all are the “ ‘someone’s gonna die…’ ‘of fun!!’ ” couple. idk why but i think gojo either has a thing for people that are hot in a scary way or he just attracts them cough cough toji COUGH COUGH GETO COUGH. would be one of those fools that would try and get into the same music you like, tho he isn’t that fond of it (he hates it but shhh). this tiktok is literally him tryna hit lmao. loves the way you two just look beside each other and absolutely adores the way you carry yourself.
Tumblr media
© delvine , all rights reserved
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anime-nymph · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Gojo x f!reader
Tags/tw: likely false depictions of the porn industry, general nsfw, Gojo is a shithead but it’s in a better light this time
WC: 1.4k
A/N: Kicking off Kinkmas with a drabble featuring Pornstar Gojo! Thanks again to @vanille--kiss + @meiansmistress ily
Tumblr media
"Well?" The ivory-haired man purrs against your lips, one hand snaking its way up to grab your chin to make you look him in the eye. "You heard what I have to say. Do you want to be a good girl or not?"
Everything is much too hot. Hot fingers teasing the spongy patch that makes light flash behind your eyes, lips searing against your neck, sucking hot bruising marks into your skin.
"Oh fuck!" You pant, chest heaving as the man before you begins to paw at your tits, expertly pinching and rolling your nipples until they are red and puffy. "Sir, please!"
"Please what?" He grins, bright blue eyes glinting smugly. "I can't help you if you don't say it properly."
"Please… get me off the naughty list, sir." Your lower lip wobbles as you fight to contain your expression.
The man grins broadly, lips tightening over perfect teeth, sharing a tense look with you.
Neither of you manage to repress your mirth, laughter and giggles bubbling to the surface. 
"Cut!" The director calls, exasperated. "Back to start!"
"You really can't get past that line, can you?" Gojo teases as a cacophony of sounds begin to fill the set, everyone preparing to restart the scene.
"Oh, shut up, you can't either!" You complain, rolling your eyes in return. 
"A little more professionalism please," the director sighs while glaring right at you. "We need to get this scene done today."
You puff up indignantly, but Gojo cuts in. "I don't think the actors are the problem here, our work speaks for itself. I suggest a rewrite, maybe a script without such cheesy lines."
"No one who's watching is there for the script." The director says scathingly, glancing at the pair of you with thinly veiled disdain.
Your eyes begin to glitter with rage, but Gojo beats you to the punch again.
"You're right," Gojo agrees smoothly, taking a step towards the director. Somehow,he manages to look intimidating wearing only a pair of slim fit Santa pants, the poor costuming just another crack at how terrible this production is. The director's smug demeanor begins to crumble under Gojo's pointed words. "They're there to watch me, and they're there to watch her. So, I wonder what would happen if we were to leave this set right now?"
You stare at Gojo with admiration. This industry is known for being cutthroat, and porn actors and actresses are never treated with the respect they deserve. They’re judged harshly, sometimes even by the very staff that film them. It could beat down even the best, but Gojo never seems swayed by any of it.
You had done several shoots with Gojo Satoru before. You both worked at the same agency, and he never failed to amaze you. He is one of the most highly sought male porn actors in the business. His brand is his flirtatious personality and his ability to make his co-stars beg, and his fans clearly love him (based on his 400k+ social media following). The best part is, you've never had to fake an orgasm when you do scenes with him. He is definitely high on your list of favorite co-stars.
But it isn't just his sexual prowess and screen performance that make you look up to him. It’s also the aura of capability and confidence that he exudes off the set as well. He goes out of his way to make sure whoever he’s working with is treated well.
"You—you wouldn't get paid!" The director splutters, facing turning beet red under the stress of confrontation.
Gojo chuckles, eyes glinting. "We would lose our viewing dues of course, but surely you read the contracts? You would still have to pay us for our time, which isn't cheap I must say. Oh, and I bet these studio fees were nothing to sniff at either." 
The other man flushes angrily. "I'm not changing the damn the script, just do your fucking jobs!"
"Touchy," Gojo comments lightly. "Seems you need some time to cool down. Let's revisit this tomorrow." He glances back at you with warm eyes, calling your name. "Let's go. We'll film the rest in the morning."
He hands you a robe, which you put on gratefully. By now exposing yourself is nothing new, but it’s nice to have something when the cameras are off. You’re in nothing but a pair of bright red lingerie bottoms, and it’s starting to get cold without Gojo's touch and the burn of the set lights. 
The director's temple begins to pulse as rage takes over his expression. "You bastard, I'm the—!" The director exclaims furiously but Gojo is already turning away, addressing you instead. 
"You know what? Let's just get out of here, I don't think this one is going to be good for our image." He tosses his parting words over his shoulder, calling them out cheerfully, "Our agency will be in contact with you."
He slings an arm over your shoulder, talking to you, but your eyes twinkle playfully because you know it's all for the asshole director's benefit. "Man, my followers are gonna be disappointed when I tell them about the cancelation. They thought they were getting a new video this week."
"Your poor fans," you agree with faux sympathy, failing to hold in a laugh. 
It’s chaos behind you as some of the staff rushes around trying to calm the director's rage, while the rest mill about in confusion at the change in plans. 
"’Toru, that was so cool!" You finally exclaim as you get back to your dressing room. "You're such a badass. Are they really still going to pay us?"
"Gotta love that fine print," Gojo winks. "It's too bad though, I was really looking forward to filming with you again. It's been a while, hasn't it?" 
Heat crawls up your cheeks, pleased at the salacious look he’s giving you. Outside of work, you and Gojo occasionally have no-strings-attached sex. The chemistry between the two of you is undeniable. It’s hard to find a stable relationship in this industry, and they always had to be under the radar. Porn actors and actresses who aren't single, for whatever reason, never got as many profits.
Gojo is probably the closest thing to meeting that mark with you. If you were braver, you would have asked him out a long time ago.
So maybe it was time to be brave.
You subtly grab your phone off the nightstand before pushing Gojo back onto the couch. You crawl over him as he lays down, letting the robe slip from your shoulders before capturing his lips in a heated forcefulness. He swallows your moans as you exchange spit and tongue in a blazing kiss. Gojo feels his head swim dizzily from the lack of air but refuses to break away from you. He groans as you bite his lower lip, nails raking down his chest, teasing and seductive. 
He continues to let you lead as you nudge his chin up to expose the flushed column of his throat, nipping and sucking at the sensitive flesh, feeling his cock twitch as your soft lips find that soft spot just behind his ear that always makes him moan.
Gojo's eyes remain closed for a moment after you sit up, straddling his waist, blissfully enjoying the fading remnants of your touch. When your hands don't return, his eyes flutter open and he sees you grinning at your phone. He's unbothered, but feels a small buzz of curiosity.
"What was that?" He questions, sucking in a short breath as you rock your hips slowly against his straining length.
"That was for me," you purr, and his eyes darken with pleasure as you kiss him again, teasing his lips with your tongue before pulling back. You flip your phone to show him the photo you took. "And this is for your poor, disappointed fans."
The picture is of him from the waist up, skin flushed, eyes closed in obvious pleasure. His lips are red and kiss-bruised. There are faint lines on his chest from where you scratched him, and a set of hickies lining his throat. With his messy hair and sculpted body, Gojo looks downright sinful. 
"Too bad they won't see it. It's a good photo, but it makes me look like a total bottom." Gojo smirks at the picture, gently tossing your phone aside, before sitting up with a quiet grunt, dragging your hips to straddle his lap. You moan as hot lips encase your aching tits and expert fingers snake into your panties and ind your clit with practiced ease.
"Seems I gotta remind you what I'm known for."
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ladytheorist · a day ago
Jujutsu Kaisen
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru
A Night to Remember: One-night stand with the strongest NSFW!!
A normal day with Satoru: After mission set-up with Gojo
One-side love: but it was just what you felt
Gojohime analysis: my pov Headcanon
Love is the greatest curse of all: Headcanon
Birthday with Gojo: Headcanon
Nanami Kento
Unexpected date: impromptu confessions
My favorite headcanon
Significant other: Headcanon
Use me as a pillow: Headcanon
Grocery shopping: a sleepy shopping
Getou Suguru
Getou time: having a little hair styling session with Getou
Broken promise: Loving the fallen angel
Blood, sweat, and your death: when the love of your life decides to say goodbye
Fushiguro Toji
Release the stress: Toji in sweats got you all riled up NSFW!!
Cuddling: The sorcerer killer has his favorites
Cop Toji: Because his beefy arms can choke me
Dad Toji: Headcanon
Husband Toji: Headcanon
Backstory: My version
Random Drabble: with Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara
The kiss: Common
The smell: Gojo, Nanami, Toji Headcanon
You can find random headcanon here and there. Too bored and sleepy to copy-paste the links. Anyway, follow for daily posts.
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thusspokeshan · a day ago
Gojo with prompt 19 (fem!reader please)
500 followers event
Satoru Gojo + "Are you drunk?"
Tumblr media
"...and I absolutely hate it when you accompany me on missions and then just leave me to do all the work while you sit on the sidelines and tease me non-stop!"
Gojo looks at you amusedly, leaning against the wall of the entrance of the estate that belongs to the Gojo clan. He's wearing a white long-sleeve, its sleeves rolled to his elbows, forgoing his usual blindfold with his sunglasses perched on top of his nose instead.
"Are you drunk?" He asks the obvious with a chuckle
"No, I'm not!" You said, stopping for a while when you recognize that he was giving you a look that means he doesn't believe you before you eyebrows scrunch again, "I hate that about you too! You always act like you know everything!"
"Do I now?" Gojo eggs on, wanting to hear more of your unfiltered thoughts about him (which mostly consists of just complaints), your words slurring and mixing in with each other while the other man who was trying to hold you upright glares at him.
"Gojo-san," Nanami tiredly calls out as he tries to keep you upright, Gojo doesn't know whether he should feel bad or be amazed at how his kouhai is constantly tired. Is that even possible? Or is it just a Nanami thing?
"Shh- shh, I'm the one talking to the blind mouse." You placed your finger on Nanami's lips to shut him up, which he instantly removed with his free hand. "As I was saying-"
"Please just get your girlfriend off me."
Finally taking pity on the blonde, Gojo moves closer to the both of you, placing his hand against your waist as Nanami removes your arm around his shoulder. The taller man then presses your body against his to keep you upright, and you absent-mindedly wrap your arms around his neck, resting your cheek against his chest while still going off on a tangent on the things you hate about him.
"What happened?" Gojo asks the other man who's fixing his tie, Gojo notice just now that Nanami is devoid of the beige suit jacket he always wears.
"She tried to out-drink me and Shoko-san." was Nanami's short and concise answer, and Gojo couldn't stop the laughter that bubbled from his throat. Looking down at you, the white-haired man flicks your forehead, and you glare at him for doing so.
"Dumbass," he affectionately says under his breath,
"I'll be going then," Nanami politely bows, turning on his heels and approaching what Gojo assumes to be Ijichi's car. The poor guy, Nanami must have called him since he can't drive a car himself due to having a couple of drinks.
"Thanks, Nanami!" Gojo calls out to him sincerely. He swears he tried not to push Nanami's buttons since he actually is genuinely thankful for the man for taking care of you, but at the same time, teasing the blonde is already Satoru's second nature.
"Give me a call when you finally feel like agreeing to the threesome I talked to you about!"
"I already said my farewells to you, Gojo-san; that meant shut the fuck up and stop talking to me" Nanami calls out from the car, not even looking up at Gojo who had a wide, teasing smile on his face as the blonde gets in the car. Ah, Nanami must be a bit drunk as well for him to cuss him out like that in the open.
"And I hate your stupidly handsome face..."
He looks down at you once again, scooping you into his arms and carrying you inside the Gojo estate bridal style. Welp, time to take care of his drunk girlfriend and think of ways to torment her with the words she said herself the next morning!
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renaissansse · a day ago
Tumblr media
oh, to feel choso’s bulge rubbing your thighs, him not realising it - when you innocently drop in his lap and he can’t keep his hands to himself - trying to steady you by touching your waist and make you sit comfortably, while creating a hard position for himself and feeling him getting harder and harder by the minute, his breath getting laboured and ragged and him shifting again and again so that you don’t feel his erection, red in the face, hands clammy, when instead all you want to do is press your ass harder and ride his clothed cock until you both moan each other’s name, staining your pristine clothes.
Tumblr media
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