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Bestieeee, writer's block sucks so bad 😭
Soo to help you with it, i might spam you.
Can I request, "yelling 'because I love you' in the middle of an argument with my dearest Megumi???
(also tell me if I can spam or not, i don't want to trouble you.) Oh and if you want, you can make it short as well, whatever you are comfortable with.
Love yaaaaaaaa
Stay hydrated btw <3333
❥ yelling “because I love you!” with megumi
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ᴀ/ɴ: WIFE WIFE I MISSED YOU MWUAH and you are not troubling me, actually PLEASE SPAM ME WITH JJK REQUESTS GORGEOUS THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME; take care of yourself baby <3💕💕 i am back biches
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“you should stop taking missions that are too much for you.”
you direct your gaze to your friend who has been sitting in silence for a while. what does he mean “too much”? did he think that you couldn’t handle yourself? you huff out in annoyance and look away “it wasn’t that bad; i just let down my guard for a second.”
“and that second could’ve gotten you killed.”
“but it didn’t.”
“but it could’ve.”
“why does it matter so much to you anyways” you snap while he just stares at you in silence. you’ve known megumi for years now and it’s always like this. “,i get it that we are friends, but can you stop doing that?”
you are met with no reply and it only fuels you to say more “it’s not the first time i got hurt and won’t be the last,” he sighs “i am aware—“ “no, you are not,” you and him lock eyes, the only thing happening is your tears of frustration threatening to slip out. megumi hesitantly reaches out to wipe them for you only to get his hand held by you and moved away.
“megumi, you can’t keep doing this,” you shakily say, “i am not as weak as you think, stop stressing over it and stop treating me like i am fragile piece of glass.” you continue trying to breathe through your now suffocating shirt and lump in your throat.
“you think i do it because you are weak?” he stands up, “you think I don’t have the right to worry?” and with every step “is the only reason I can do it is because you are weak?” his voice gets louder “y/n are you hearing yourself?! i worry, tend to you and stay by your side at all times because I love you!”
“do you expect me to just watch from the sidelines and see you die in front of my eyes?!” he calms down a little before running a hand through his messy hair “dying can be done slowly, you know…inside or outside,” you nod your head slowly, calming down a bit before gathering the power to speak again “what did you say?”
he looks at you in shock and clearly offended “did you seriously not hear what i said?” you start to let a smile slowly creep up your face as you remember “no, I did, but there was something that caught my attention.” megumi can’t help but stare at you like you’re insane, he was just screaming his heart out and you are just smiling here? you were also crying just a moment ago.
“i worry, tend to you and stay by your side at all times because I love you!”
as he slowly realizes what he says, a red hue paints his cheeks. “megumi, did you mean it?” you inquire only pressuring the boy who’s on the verge of dying from embarrassment. “megumi—“ he turns, giving you his back, and quickly walks away, but to no avail as you run after him, “tell me you meant it, you blue pineapple!”
he steps come to a halt, and he looks at you and nods “yeah, i did, but can you try to look at things from my perspective?” you catch up to him , hand slowly inching towards his “i am trying, but you need to also look at mine.” “how would you feel i always made you feel like you are weak?—“ his eyes lashes flutter gently, but not his heart “how would you feel if someone told you i was on death’s door?”
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a sweet accident.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
๑.pairings: fushiguro megumi x fem!reader
๑.genre: angst, fluff, crack, second year au, timeskip au, sorcery au + sfw!!
๑.synopsis: in which, megumi happens to meet you after mistaking your room in his sisters' room.
๑.warnings: character death, medications, some minor jjk spoilers, violent words, bloods, gore, anything mentioned in a hospital cause i think someone will get triggered by this, time almost doesn't exist here [slow updates!!]
๑.links: navigation | jjk.masterlist | taglist form (general)
๑.series taglist
— ^^ limited to 15 slots!! [ 0/15 ]
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episode lists:
— episode one: encounters
— episode two: small talks and a special commision!
— episode three: closer
— episode four: new bestie
— episode five: feelings?
— episode six: denial
— episode eight: threat
— episode nine: secrets to tell
— episode ten: a sweet accident.
[Parts may be edited depends on the plot]
Tumblr media
© 2022 loving-august. All Rights Reserved. Do not repost. Do not plagiarize. Do not share on other platforms. Will get slapped if u do.
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shopping - megumi x reader
idk if my english is getting better but i'm still doing my best, hope it's good!
Tumblr media
"I'm coming."
She was surprised, looking at Megumi with a little frown.
"Didn't you hate shopping?" she asked, not understanding why he was offering this.
"Nobara is busy, right?"
"Yes, but-"
"So I'm coming. Let's go."
This is how they ended up in the street, Megumi carrying some bags for her after they did already something like six different shops. She was kind of a compulsive buyer, purchasing so many useless things that she would probably never use in her life. He didn't understand why she was doing that, but she seemed so happy that he couldn't ruin this moment.
This is also the reason of why he offered to come with her. He already saw her coming back from shopping with Nobara and it was probably the moment she was smiling the most. And if Megumi had to choose one thing he loved about her, it would probably be her smile. It was so contagious that even himself could smile when he was seeing her. She was a ray of light.
"You didn't have to do that." she said to him after almost an hour.
They were at a coffee shop, taking a small break before continuing for some time. Megumi looked at her with his usual neutral face.
"I know, I wanted to." he simply said.
A soft smile appeared on her lips, making him look away a bit. This one. This was the reason. Her smile was worthy of anything he could have done. Even hours of shopping.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading!
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Megumi x reader - Starfull night
Art by kynjaii on Deviantart
Tumblr media
It was a normal day of free in Jujutsu high. You were teasing Megumi all afternoon just from boredom. You were doing little braids on his hair, trying to tickle him... Unsuccesfully and convice him play some game.
You wanted to play hide and seek because why not. Everyone wants to be a kid again si you thought Megumi would like to, but he just answered you as usuall: ,,No, I have something to do,"
He doesn't want to play with you because of simple reason. He is planning something for you... The problem Is that he doesn't know how to show it you.
Meanwhile he was thinking you've got a new idea in your head. You tap on his shoulder slightly he gave you all his attention now: ,,If you will find me till the sunset you can wish whathever you want," He blinked on you confused, but then he got a idea how to show you his suptise: ,,Whatever?" He asked.
You start to smile when you find something he finaly agrees with. ,, Whatever," you said with happy tone. He nod with his head and said with confident tone: ,,You should hide, I will count 30 seconds,"
You ran out of his room with light speed. He start to count. You hide in some forgoted place in Jujutsu high. Brooms and cleaning products around you.
,,29 and 30, I am going Y/N," Megumi start fidning in his room first. under bed, table, in weardrobe, under covers... Your room weren't your hidding spot.
He get out and start finding everywhere. Gojo sensei were windering what got into him and Yuji with Nobara just thought he made you angry.
It was about six at evening and he doesn't find you. Like you disapeared from Earth. His suprise for you mean a lot to him, he wants to thank you for being with him and making his life better. This little game is opurtunity to show you his suprise.
He start to gets nervous about time. So his last hope is that you will give him some hint: ,,Y/N, where are you?" He knows this is one of the stupidest things to do, but he is helpless. He called for you like this for half hour while walking and looking around.
You saw him trough key hole in door. It was funny see him like this. You can't help, but chuckle on this. Then you realized you make a mistake...Megumi heard that and he start finding around your hiding spot.
Megumi smiled when He heard your laugh. Now he knows where are you weird exactly. He opened the door you were behind: ,,Found you," he smirked: ,,So, can i wish whathever I want?" You accpeted your loss and nod with your head: ,,Yes, it was promise,"
He pretend like he was thinking and then he whisper in your ear: ,,Meet me on a beach around nine," then he walked away leaving you behind with confused look.
You walked on the beach as Megumi told you. He waited in you and prepare everything he planned: blancket to sit on and your favourite sweets and juice. You came to him and he gave you warm smile: ,,Come here and sit next to me," He said with joy in his tone.
You weren't sure if you know this Megumi, but you like it. You sat down next to him and he wrap his arm around your waist to pull you closer to him. Your cheeks were blushing mess... Megumis too, but this was his dream... To watch stars on night sky with you in his amberance.
You hugged him and rest your body on his. Megumi lied down with you. Your head on his chest and hearibg his heart beat. He start softly brushing your hair with his fingers.
First stars apeared on the sky. Your eyes were shining by light from them. Megumi weren't alble to speak. He was amazed by this moment. And it was maybe better. No words, nothing to care about... Just two of you till the sunrise
Hiii everyone!!! <3 Another story for this day!! Hope you like it. Your support mean a lot to me <3 ALMOST FIFTY FOLLOWERS... I LOVE YOU GUYS. ALL OF YOU DESERVE A BIG KISS ❤️❤️
With love, Mantao <3
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Tumblr media
Toji: Whoops, guess I gotta sell my kid
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one-cherry · 3 months ago
I couldn’t wait anymore for season 2 so I took matters into my own hands 😭😭😭
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gojogotswag · 6 months ago
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I’m sensing a pattern here…. 
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guardians of the sun and moon
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he11ort · 6 months ago
his type is grumpy and gloomy
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tameshrimp · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧˚ · .☾Fushiguro Megumi☽* ˚ ✦
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chifemi · 25 days ago
𝐅𝐀𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐀𝐒𝐋𝐄𝐄𝐏 𝐎𝐍 𝐇𝐈𝐌 — f. megumi, i. toge, g. satoru, n. kento
Tumblr media
-> how he reacts when you fall asleep on him
-> no TWs
-> this is a repost even though the other post was almost to 1k notes <//3
Tumblr media
fushiguro megumi —
his face grew hot as he carried you on his back, the lack of sleep from the night before taking hold of you. your face had almost met the concrete before his demon dog caught you, his initial reaction not being fast enough to catch you by himself. he hid his face in the neck of his uniform, walking past the crowds upon crowds of people wandering all over the town. his hands on your thighs keeping you up and your arms wrapped around his neck, his thoughts in the back of his mind go rampant. though he went through embarrassment, he couldn’t stop his lips from forming into a small smile as you hugged him closer, nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck.
inumaki toge —
it was his time to relax, finally being able to do so with you after weeks of being the busiest he’s ever been. and in just a few short days he had yet another dangerous mission he had to go on, maki and panda too. he sighed, leaning his elbows on his knees as he watched the lake in front of him. he flinched as he felt a bump on his shoulder, you who was previously sitting right next to him now leaning on him, mumbling a small “‘m sleepy..” before your eyes fluttered shut, your soft breathes hitting his arm. “salmon.” this was his last chance to be with you for a while, so even if you were just asleep on his shoulder, he wouldn’t want to spend these last moments any other way.
gojo satoru —
he laid his back on the bed, his arms behind his head resting upon the pillows that were underneath him. a small smirk appeared on his lips as you laid on his chest, tired from the exhausting day you had had. your eyes had closed, fluttering shut as your body felt light but also heavy with fatigue. “aww look at you,” he cooed, poking your back a few times. “falling asleep on me how adorable~” his insufferable teasing continued until you simply began ignoring him, offending him in the process. he was close to pushing you off him, but as he realized you had drifted off, he couldn’t help his softening features as he brushed a hair from your face, admiring the beauty he was so grateful to see everyday.
nanami kento —
a sigh fell from his lips as he took off the outer part of his suit, his tie coming undone and loose in the process. he had just gotten home, making his way to your shared room to see you asleep on his side of the bed. with just a single glance he could tell how tired you were, the dark bags under your eyes prominent. he set his things down on th dresser, sitting down gently on the bed as to not wake you. your soft breathes making him smile to himself as he smoothed back your hair, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. “good night love, i’ll see you in the morning.”
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A/N: happy october ninth, the second official entry of kaitlyn's kinktober <3 this one is in collaboration with @nkogneatho's dilftober event [gumi is dilf aged, that means aged up besties]
↳ 🎟 Day 9 - fushiguro megumi x fem!reader - daddy + breeding kink
CW: single dad dilf megumi, feral gumi, mommy kink, daddy kink, unprotected sex, breeding, rough sex, manhandling, slapping, fluff
Banner Credit: @/ing_vall on twitter
✨Kinktober Masterlist | Masterlist✨
You look down at your phone, pouting slightly at the text message that’s popped up on your screen.
< raincheck? my babysitter bailed and i don’t have anyone to watch my daughter mizuki >
Megumi and you were supposed to be going out to a lovely dinner this evening, while you were disappointed about the sudden change in plans, the text message piqued your interest. Daughter? Megumi has a kid?
< why not bring her? you have a daughter?! id love to meet her! >
< she’s pretty shy… do you mind doing dinner here instead? >
< ofc i dont mind :) send me what you need i’ll stop by the store on my way >
While you’re absent mindedly twirling your phone in your hands, pleased you’ll be able to spend some quality time with him on a more personal level, Megumi is staring down at his phone in one hand in shock, cradling his sleeping toddler in the other.
It had been a few years since he had split from Mizuki’s mother, her fleeing the country in the months following, refusing to accept the responsibility of the child they shared, plunging him into the life of a single father.
He never had issues attracting women, but every single possible serious option found a reason to escape as soon as they found out he had a small child at home. They never stayed, let alone offered to have his daughter join their date night.
He looks up at the clock, trying not to let the warm feeling spread through his chest. As the anticipation settles into his bones.
The paper grocery bag balances precariously between your arm and your shoulder as you transfer it so you can knock on Megumi’s front door. You tap your foot with anxious impatience, excited to meet his little girl.
Wanting to make a good impression, you had thrown a small fancy cupcake from the local bakery near your apartment into the bag, wanting her to have a treat and be comfortable around you.
You look up to meet his gaze from behind the paper bag with a small smile when he opens the door, his gaze widening as he scrambles to take the groceries from your grip.
“Come in!” He holds the door open with his hip long enough for you to slip in. “I’m gonna bring these in. Go ahead and take off your shoes and make yourself at home.”
You step up from the entryway, taking in the clean, modern surroundings. The furnishings were simple, a black, white, and grey theme spread throughout the open concept.
You briefly see Megumi emptying the contents of the bag onto the kitchen island before moving onto taking in the rest of the space. Your gaze was interrupted by the small child standing silently in front of you, she couldn’t be more than five years old.
Her wide eyes sparkle up at you before a grin spreads across her face and she launches herself at you.
You stumble to compensate for the weight as you support her in your arms, smiling wide at the bubbly giggles that erupted from the toddler.
“Are you Mizuki, love?” You move your head back to take a good look at her; black hair, green eyes, she was the spitting image of her father. She nods excitedly, the sparkle never leaving her eyes.
“Are you daddy’s girlfriend? What’s your name? Will you play fairy princess with me?” You blink in hesitation, barely hearing her over the roaring in your ear.
First date isn’t girlfriend level you know that…
“Yes. (y/n). And of course I’ll play with you babes!” She starts to squeal in excitement, before you continue, seeing Megumi start to approach to see what all the commotion is about. “But aren’t you hungry? I’m gonna need help and you look like you make yummy food.”
“Oh my god! Yes!” She shrieks, hopping out of your arms, sprinting into the kitchen to wait for you. Approaching the kitchen you pass Megumi, confused at the unreadable look in his eyes.
All that was circling in his mind was how gently you held his daughter against your waist as you gave her your undivided attention, how kind you were to her, how you let her be a kid while including her into your plans with him.
Megumi hadn't been making excuses when he asked to meet her. Mizuki was only like this at home, her true bubbly nature only coming out when she was with him. Even her kindergarten friends didn’t see this side of her.
He trails after you back to the kitchen, starting to set out the pots and pans needed to make the dish. When he senses you behind him, turning to see you and his daughter in matching sassy poses, hand on your out jutted hip.
“Go relax, Megumi! I’m sure you don’t get many breaks. We got this!” Your caring tone orders him to comply with an undertone of sass.
“Yeah daddy! Get out!” You see the start of a blush form on his ears as you chuckle at his daughter’s spit fire response.
He stares transfixed as you walk her through the process of cooking the meal. He had you pick up ingredients for broccoli chicken alfredo, knowing Mizuki was obsessed with noodles, liking to make silly slurpy noises as she sucks them into her mouth to eat.
You don’t just tell her what you’re doing for steps, you give her the crown of broccoli, letting her rinse it off herself. When it's time for the more dangerous steps, you pull out her step stool, placing her in front of you so you can watch her, arms coming around her so she has a front row seat to your mini culinary show.
“You see, knives can give you real big boo boo’s.” You explain while you separate the florets of broccoli, tossing the scraps. You pull out an empty bowl, sitting in front of her. “Can you put the pieces in here for me, honey?”
After the vegetables are completed and set to the side, you take the chicken breasts out, continuing to teach her when you can.
“Raw meat can make your tummy do a yucky.” You explain patiently, placing it in another bowl when you’re done. “So you have to make sure you wash your hands and cook it through!”
You gently set Mizuki on the counter next to the stove where the water is boiling the fettuccine noodles, turning away your attention for a second to grab the chicken to sear. In the time it took you to look back, she had poked the metal on the pot, burning the tip of her little finger
“Megumi, can you hand me my purse?” Your tone is slightly rushed, trying to be calm in the face of her tearful eyes. You snatch it from his outstretched hand, quickly applying a small amount of burn cream to the affected area on her finger, capping it with a bandaid.
“S-sorr- m’sorry.” Her little voice hiccups through her crying, pulling at your heart strings.
You reach up gently to cup her cheek, wiping away the remaining tears. “You’re allowed to cry, you know that? But you don’t need to be sorry. I just want you to be ok.”
“I’m going to have you watch the rest.” You gently boop her nose before picking her up, taking her off the edge of the counter. You feel her little form attach itself to the back of your leg, gripping at the edge of your shirt as she peaks around you to watch the last few steps, as if she could use you as a shield.
Fuck… you’d make a good mother. Megumi shifts uncomfortably in his seat, thanking god that you are turned around, plating the meal you’re about to eat, occasionally looking down at her with a smile on your face. He didn’t want to explain the painfully obvious bulge in his pants.
“Don’t you dare get up.” Megumi throws you a look when you go to shift his dozing daughter off your lap to grab the dishes. “I’ve got it…”
He quickly removes the two bowls from in front of you; one from you, the other from Mizuki. She had insisted on sitting on your lap at the kitchen island for the duration of the meal.
Her eyes trained on your every move, endearingly copying the technique in which you slurp your noodles. She even went as far as asking you how you swirled your pasta around the fork.
He comes out of his reminiscing to see you standing next to him with a passed out toddler on your shoulders. When your eyes meet, you're suddenly incredibly self conscious. Kicking yourself mentally, you realize you’ve barely paid attention to Megumi all night… Surely he wanted attention. This was a date night after all.
You look down, hiding a hot flush tingling the tips of your ears. A hand comes up to cradle her head and cover her ear as you whisper, trying not to wake her up.
“Megs… w-where’s her bedroom? I’ll go put her down for the night.” If you had the courage to look him in the eye, you would have seen his gaze slowly turning dark or may have caught his pants tightening once again.
He took a deep breath, steading his thoughts and reining in the self control you had no idea was slipping inch by inch with each passing second.
“First door on the left, through the living room.” He points further into the house before turning back to the sink and dishwasher before you could queue into his feelings.
Trying not to second guess the gruffness, you calmly rub Mizuki’s back, lulling her further into her sleep with a light hum of a lullaby. Cradling her neck, you place her on the bed, pulling up the comforter to her chin before you brush the hair from her face.
Your weight shifts off the mattress with a content sigh when small fingers wrap around your hand, insistently pulling you back. You look back to see her pouting face, shining with new tears.
“Mommy, p-please don’t go.” She pleads with a light whimper.
“I’ll be right outside, baby.” Your thumb grazes the top of her hand lovingly, ignoring the title she gave you. “You can come get me if you get scared. Don’t worry.”
You wait until you see her nod to leave a kiss on her forehead good night, working on slipping out quietly so as not to bother her. Too focused on his daughter, you fail to realize Megumi had been watching the interaction, the entire situation fueling the slow burning fire that had been lit within him this evening.
With your eyes on the ground, focus aiming at shutting the door shut with a hushed click, you ram straight into his chest with such force you feel your feet start to slip from under you.
You would have fallen flat on your ass if not for his quick reflexes. He almost immediately snakes a strong arm around your waist keeping you upright.
A beat of silence passes between the two of you, both panting from the surprise and close proximity. You meet his eyes seriously for the first time that night and hold it, watching his already dark stare go black, the pupils swallowing almost every sliver of the gorgeous green hue he shared with his daughter.
Too focused on his predatory stare, you gasp in surprise when his free hand fists into your hair, hauling your face to his is a desperate kiss as the arm around your waist slides down to palm at your ass through your pants. The force at which he manhandles you has you stumbling back into the hallway wall, pressing you up against the painfully hard member ready to explode out of his zipper.
The hardness against you has you meeting his growls with groans of your own. Megumi moves down to nip harshly at the column of your neck, making sure to leave marks claiming his territory.
“Ah- Hnnng- d-daddy please…” you moan out without thought as your head meets the drywall behind you.
Any efforts he had made to not frighten you flew from his mind with a single phrase. No longer concerned with scaring you away with his status as a single father, about it being a turn off for you he bites harshly into the juncture of your neck, leaving a mark larger and darker than the rest.
He grins wildly, a possessive rumble emanating from his chest when he suddenly ducks to grab you behind the legs, tossing you over his shoulder, stealing away with you towards the master bedroom. You cover your mouth to catch the yelp of surprise, biting into your fist to keep the sound of pleasure from echoing down the hall when his palm connects to your backside.
Megumi practically slams the door to his room shut, locking it to spare any unfortunate interruptions. He tosses you onto the bed with such force that your body bounces up off of it from the momentum.
You scramble back along the covers, propping yourself onto your forearms to obtain a better view of his clothes flying off, leaving him in a pair of briefs. You take a second to appreciate his toned arms, his chiseled chest, down to the v that connected to his-
A yelp flies from your lips when you feel a searing hand clasp around your ankle, yanking you down the bed while remaining standing at the edge, the very same hands rip your clothing to shreds, only caring about the rush of seeing what lays underneath.
“Daddy, huh?” His grin turns shit eating, smug, drunk on the power trip you were giving him over your willing body. He leans closer to coo at you as he pushes your legs back to expose your center. “You wanna be a mommy, baby?”
He mocks your moans, slapping your exposed pussy with two smacks in quick succession, not caring for the pause in your response.
“Answer me.” He applies immediate pressure to your clit, keeping up the ever mounting pressure building in stomach, sending jolts of electricity through you with every flick. He watches your sweet cunt clench around nothing with fascination, marveling at the wetness pouring from your sopping hole.
Reeling from the sudden change giving you whiplash, you manage a small nod, the place where your legs are pinned only allowing small, shallow breaths.
“Y-yes want it d-daddy.” You rasp out, quivering from the intense waves of pleasure he was forcing upon your body. “M-make me a m-mo- ah!” Your sentence is interrupted when he rubs you furiously back and forth, catapulting you over the edge.
“I’ll give you one of your own.” You watch him through blurry eyes as he drops his boxers to join the rest of your clothing, whimpering in your aftershocks as he grips your hips, pulling them to hover over the edge of the bed. “Think Mizuki deserves a little sister, right?”
You cry out when he drags the tip of his cock through your already ruined pussy, catching your swollen clit with each pass.
“Fuck, mommy… you’re so good with her.” Megumi groans, watching your poor used body twitch beneath him.
Your back arches as he sinks his throbbing length slowly, inch by inch so you can feel exactly what he’s giving to you.
“Let me hear you, mommy. Wanna hear you begging for my cum, want you crying and pleading for me to breed this cute fucking cunt.” He doesn’t wait for you to respond, using his incredibly strong arms to pin you into a press, legs trapped at the side of your chest, your cunt still split in half around his girth.
“You take my cock so well.” You let out a gutteral groan as he rears back, finally setting a bruising pace, fucking into you at full force. “Tell me who’s gonna fuck a baby into you, use your words, mommy.”
Your response follows in a breathy whisper, too out of breath to speak at a higher decibel. “Megumi… you’re gonna f-fill me up daddy.”
“This is where I'm gonna put it.” He grabs your hand and presses it to your navel where his cock is bulging your stomach, rising and falling with each buck of his hips into you.
He makes sure to leave your hand there, using the other to furiously rub your clit again. You can’t help but scream out for him, tears streaming down your face as you teeter right at the edge, crying out from the stimulation.
“Please, Megumi! Gonna cum! Want it- wanna be a mommy! P-please daddy- fuck” You’re sobbing from the immense pleasure as you convulse through your orgasm, sucking his cock in deep to kiss your cervix.
Megumi waits til you’re spasming around him to let himself explode into you, the force at which he spills has his cum seeping out, creating a ring around his base as your spends mix together.
Numb is too weak of a word to describe how limp your body is and how far gone your mind is, wiped blank from the mind blowing orgasm that made you see white.
You barely process him moving the two of you up the bed, keeping you plugged up with his cock as he willed your womb to accept his offering. He pulls a blanket over your unconscious form, your body giving out before he can properly tuck you in a say goodnight.
When you open your eyes, the first thing you notice is the dust floating in the sunbeams that leaked from the closed blinds. Daytime? You groan inwardly, confused as you take in your surroundings.
The second thing you notice are the male clothes covering your body, Megumi’s boxers for shorts and one of his t-shirts for a top. The smell from them tells you they’re freshly cleaned.
The last thing you notice is a small pair of sparkling green eyes peeking over the edge of the bed, perking up when you make eye contact. You quickly notice she’s holding a glass of water, which she excitedly hands to you, crawling up to cuddle with you after she sees the cup safely transferred to your hands.
“Daddy’s making pancakes.” she explained, looking up at you from her new spot. “He said, ‘Bring mommy water and get her up.’ They have chocolate chips in them, mommy!”
Your ears struggle with the volume as you grin at her rambunctious attitude, present even this early in the morning. The loudness doesn’t stop the happiness flooding your system or the content sigh as you cuddle her to your chest.
Tumblr media
tag list: @sugarbooger513 @sugarmapoops @roughwithfluff @severelytalentless @yelzoldyck @silversslut @aazaard @dreamyyholland @wobblewobble822 @vantastic210
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my kind woman
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Tumblr media
Fly high Fushiguro ☀️
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pretty. || fushiguro megumi.
Tumblr media
↠ pairing: fushiguro megumi x gn!reader
↠ words: 2.3k // warning: megumi melt mush prepare yourself
↠ synopsis: the three ways you find megumi pretty and the three ways you find out you like him and he likes you. (OR reader just staring at megumi’s eyelashes, hands, and mouth 🥹 and megumi going from 😐 to 😵‍💫🤭🫤)
↠ tags: fluff, v fluff, friends to lovers, mutual pining, slight crack at end
↠ a/n: (1) this fic is just me going on about how pretty megumi is sorry not sorry (2) i haven't written in a while/consistently hopefully this is coherent
Tumblr media
fushiguro megumi is pretty.
pretty, pretty, pretty.
he is pretty in many and in all ways to you, but he is prettiest in three.
i. his hands are pretty.
the breeze that stirs the grass feels almost as light as your feet on the ground as you twist and turn to avoid being hit.
megumi is relentless with his attacks, and it is all you can do to avoid his shikigami. nue erupts into shadow just as you jump to attack it, and you land at megumi’s feet gracelessly, chin a millimeter from his boots and back hoisted into the air clumsily.
megumi’s brown boots recede from your vision and in their place appears his hand. for some reason, you stare.
well, no, not for some reason. megumi’s hands have always caught your eye. not in like a creepy, hand fetish kinky sort of way, but rather, because they look so contradictory to megumi as a whole. fushiguro megumi looks ot be anything but gentle, or careful, but his hands are exactly that. lithe fingers, soft nails, a considerate touch.
your eyes stray to his hands more than you would like. when he leans over to your desk and raps his knuckles on your table, signalling you to pay attention, you can’t help but think about how it would feel if those knuckles were trailing the skin of your cheek. when he waves you over, fingers swaying lightly, you can’t help but envision how his fingers would feel wrapped around your own. when he flicks yuuji’s forehead, fingers jutting out and retracting so fast you almost miss the movement, your mind can’t help but conjure up an image of megumi flicking those fingers in areas he maybe shouldn’t be flicking them in (okay so maybe you’re a little hand-kink-fetish-y but you blame it on the cursed energy constantly surrounding the school—hormones and feelings and pretty dark-haired boys have nothing to do with it).
megumi snaps his fingers in front of your face, and unfolds his hand. you grunt unintelligibly as you push yourself up and curl your fingers into your own. megumi pulls you up swiftly, and you only get to revel in the feel of his warm hand in yours before he yanks it away.
“why are you making a face like that?” megumi raises an eyebrow as you dust off your uniform, flicking away strands of wet grass and random clods of dirt.
“like what?”
“like the face todo makes when itadori runs away from him.”
“i am not making such a mopey face!”
“i’m literally looking at it right now. your face is all mushed up and your lips are pursed all weird.”
“fushiguro, you—!” you shove at his shoulder, and he catches your hand and does that weird curve of his lips that’s somewhere between a smirk and a smile, and your heart catapults in your chest, and oh no.
oh no is all you can think as megumi brings your hands down, letting go slowly.
oh no is all you can think as you start walking to school, warm digits brushing against your side.
oh no is all you can think as fushiguro megumi leads his way to the school and walks his way into your heart.
ii. his frown is pretty.
fushiguro megumi looks pretty when he smiles, but he looks prettier still when he frowns.
that’s what makes him special, you think, because he can make even a frown look as pretty as a smile.
maybe it’s that he’s always frowning a little, and maybe it’s because you like him, but his frown is just so pretty to you.
sometimes, you do things on purpose to make him frown.
when you hop on to yuuji’s back as yuuji jumps from tree to tree. a test of endurance, he calls it. megumi is on standby with nue in case the two of you fall and he frowns as you jump up onto yuuji and his arms come up under your legs. part of you hopes megumi is frowning because part of him is uncomfortable with yuuji carrying you like this (maybe jealous?), but part of you knows it is probably because the two of you are doing “dangerously stupid dumb shit,” as he put it. still, once you make it through in one piece, megumi tugs you a little farther away from yuuji and closer to him, and your heart does its catapulting again.
when gojo-sensei clowns around with you. which is almost always. you are the one who indulges him from time (he buys icecream after!!), and megumi hates it. gojo-sensei is always prattling on about something or the other, an arm swung around your shoulders as he guides you to the nearest konbini. he keeps on looking back though, and smirking, and you’re 99% sure it’s megumi because gojo-sensei loves to press his buttons. (you look behind once, quickly, and all you see are shadows like wild black strands.)
when you’re on missions and you always volunteer to go headfirst into danger, though megumi wants you to standby as support. it’s not that he knows you’re not capable (the incident when you moved into the dorms proves you more than fully competent). it’s that you know he only protects the people he cares about. and somewhere along the way, you had fallen into that category (the thought makes you warm). so you know why he wants you to stay behind. but you also make sure he knows why you can’t. because you also want to protect the people you love, and he is very securely in that list. and when you tell him this, not in those exact words, and he frowns and looks away, his nose red, tells you to stay near and stay safe, you think that’s when you realize how much you like fushiguro megumi.
iii. his eyelashes are pretty.
class with gojo-sensei is, quite frankly, a nightmare.
he’s all over the place, a twenty-eight year old bundle of boundless energy and annoying jokes. by the time class ends, you are too mentally exhausted with the chore of sifting important information from his rambling to think about anything other than the long, warm nap you’re going to take in the afternoon sun.
swinging the classroom door shut behind you, you yawn loudly as yuuji and nobara rumble past you. the latter is dragging the former down the hall, excitedly chattering about her next shopping conquests while yuuji throws out a confused or surprised “huh????” every two minutes.
you slog along behind them and just before they take a left to the exit, nobara elbows yuuji and both turn around and grin largely, holding their thumbs up.
you make your own “huh????” face and nobara snorts as yuuji clamps a hand over his mouth and they run off to the exit together, both chortling over something that will no doubt land you in trouble later on.
eyebrows twitching, feeling like an extremely large burden has settled itself on your shoulders, you trudge on, clueless to the hesitant footsteps that follow you.
having slept only four hours the night before (catching up to the attack on titan manga takes work!), your vision blurs as sleep-induced tears line your eyes. deciding to just push open the first door you see, you reason it should be fine since megumi is nowhere to be seen, nobara and yuuji are off planning your demise, gojo-sensei’s room is far away, and only first-years reside on this floor, so fuck it.
you ram your shoulder into the first door to your right, and the moment it swings open, you take two, three steps forward and promptly collapse on the bed.
and then you’re dead asleep, unaware of the the actual owner of the room standing behind you, red blanketing his cheeks.
when you wake up, the first thing you think is, oh my god wtf why does my bed smell so nice?
you’re lying on your front, hair covering your eyes so that all you can see is dark black and the white of the bed covers. and eyelashes, fluttering softly. they look pretty. and fluttery.
and wait, why can you see eyelashes? why are there eyelashes in your room?? eyelashes that definitely, probably aren’t yours??
you press two fingers to your eye roughly, wincing as you almost jab your eye, but no, yeah, your eyelashes are. right. there.
so what the hell are eyelashes doing near your bed??
if this is some weird sort of curse with pretty eyelashes, that is just wrong and it will die for daring to have eyelashes longer than yours.
you inch back slowly, lifting a hand to push your hair out of the way, careful not to disturb whatever thing is on your bed.
that thing, as your vision becomes unobstructed, turns out to be the prettiest human being you have ever laid eyes on.
fushiguro megumi’s head is somehow slanted across your bed, resting on one arm as the other dangles somewhere below the bed—in what looks to be a very uncomfortable position which means you should probably wake him (but not before taking a picture)—and he is sound asleep.
before you can melt into mush at the sight before you, a thought occurs.
what the hell is fushiguro megumi doing in your room??
a picture of two dogs catches your eye, and shock drums in your heart as you slowly observe your surroundings.
this is…not your room at all. this is megumi’s room! megumi’s bed??? megumi’s smell????
you feel like a fangirl embarrassingly, but you have quite literally died and gone to heaven.
you lie back down slowly, on your side, and close your eyes as you breathe in the clean, nice smell imbued in the bed covers. megumi’s smell.
megumi smells like the word “breeze.” he smells like cool mist and sun-soaked almonds and the faintest hints of wildflowers.
wistfully, you sigh and open your eyes.
megumi’s sleeping face greets you and a smile traces a path across your cheeks, unbidden.
megumi looks so soft. his eyelashes flutter against his cheekbones as he breathes quietly, and your heart thumps in quick succession.
the same softness you see in megumi’s face swirls up inside you. you want to hug him or see him smile or just curl your fingers in his.
you want to kiss that space where his eyelashes meet his cheek so badly.
and maybe it’s because you’re still drowsy from sleep, or drowsy on affection, but you place a hand near megumi’s, and lean forward and press a kiss as soft as the boy in front of you. one to his left cheekbone, and one to his right.
just as you’re drawing back, those eyelashes flit against skin and megumi’s eyes open.
he slides his eyes open so smoothly it’s like they’ve been open all this time.
navy blue pools.
your mind is blank, so blank, and all you can think is pretty, so pretty, i want to just hold him, i like him too much, i want to kiss him, he’s so cute, i wish we could stay like this.
“stay pretty.”
the minute you realize what you’ve said, your face burns and the alarm system in your brain is ringing so loud you’re sure everyone within a twenty-mile radius can hear.
oh god, if gojo-sensei walks in, you will literally throw yourself off a roof.
“i will.” megumi nods, almost automatically, and then his face catches on fire.
and now there are two fools caught on fire staring at each other, and the room is burning.
neither of you know what to say, but maybe neither of you need to say anything. your nose is a centimeter from megumi’s and you don’t know which of you shifts forward but then you’re pressed against each other. and his mouth is on yours and his eyelashes are gliding against your skin and his hand is on yours. and you really are on fire in this cool, dusky, mist-scented room.
every press of megumi’s mouth to yours overwrites your brain with thoughts of i like you, i like you, i like you, i like you, i like you.
you pull apart, and megumi’s expression is as soft as it was in sleep, something you didn’t think you’d see while he was awake.
and as you stare at this soft, pretty, dark-haired, quietly loud boy in front of you, you can only think of one thing to say.
“i like you.”
megumi’s expression doesn’t waver.
“me too.”
“you like yourself too?”
“shut up, (l/n). you know that’s not what i meant.” he frowns that pretty cross between a pout and a scowl, and you smile as you lean forward to kiss it away.
fushiguro megumi is prettiest when he is kissing you.
kugisaki nobara is nothing if not observant.
“that’s what you like to think, though. i don’t think that’s true.” yuuji is instantly smacked, and he whines as nobara marches him along to (name)’s room.
the room is empty, and the bed doesn’t look like it’s been slept in. or made. the covers are haphazardly thrown off and a whirlwind of objects makes its presence known in the room.
“must be from this morning when (l/n) was late.”
“when is (l/n) not late? c’mon, let’s ask megumi if he knows where they are.”
nobara marches yuuji down the hall again, and he follows obediently as she slams megumi’s door open. nobara shrieks, loud, and yuuji slides into her in his haste to see what’s wrong.
when yuuji sees what she’s looking at, his own shocked scream fills the hallway.
megumi’s hand is on your face, and yours are curled around the collar of his uniform, and your lips are dark.
“i knew it!! god, i told you, yuuji, i have an eye for these things!”
“fushiguro, are you DEFILING (l/n)????!!!!”
“i’ll kill you, itadori.”
“kugisaki, if you were rooting for me, why did you come in?!”
“hell yeah!! yaga owes me 300 yen, SCORE!”
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Tumblr media
Credits to : umi__ko on twitter
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tsukkicansteponmeperiod · 26 days ago
S/0 that sleeps a lot
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff
Gojo x reader Nanami x reader Itadori x reader Megumi x reader
A/n: not proof read
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He finds you so cute whenever you sleep, but he'll definitely annoy you while you try to sleep.
Gojo has so many pictures of you sleeping and keeps one of them as his lock screen, which annoys you since you're drooling in the picture.
But he thinks you look so cute like that though.
And because you sleep a lot everyday there's always new pictures on Gojo's phone.
Gojo may lay down with you and cuddle you at times, but if he wants your attention he'll bother you until you give it to him.
Good luck on trying to ignore him. He's relentless and would lay on top of you with his full body weight.
Throwing pillows won't stop him with or without his infinity
I feel like he would have whole ass conversations with you while you're sleeping and they're not even deep just about random shit 😭
Tumblr media
For your safety he does not like when you sleep in random places
Nanami just doesn’t want anyone to hurt you
Is another that doesn’t get much sleep, but will unwind if he sees you laying in the bed
He’ll let you lay in his lap while he reads a book
May play with your hair a little when you sleep, but nothing too much since he does not want to wake you
Is another who will carry to bed if you fall asleep in some other place
Tumblr media
Sweet baby probably sleep with you too and keep you as close as possible.
He’s another character that has a lot of energy, but he feels so bad if he wakes you up from your nap.
So he’ll end up staring at you and gently poking you, if he really wants something from you
But Goddamn you look so cute while sleeping Yuuji just ends up cuddling and falling asleep next to you
Would also take a ton of pictures and with those snapchat filters too
If you end falling asleep at random places that aren't your bed he'll definitely pick you up and carry you back to your dorm
He just finds you so precious
Tumblr media
Is slightly concerned with why you're sleeping so much.
Megumi just wanted to make sure you weren't sick or anything.
Won't take naps with you all the time since he doesn't find himself sleepy a lot and wants to be productive when he's up.
He'll summon his divine dogs so you could cuddle up with them when he's not sleepy.
Doesn’t have a lot of pictures of you because he feels like it’s invading your privacy.
But may have 1 or 2 pictures if you said you’re comfortable beforehand, but the pictures are only for his eyes.
Megumi just wants to keep your sleepy face to himself
Gets the softest looks when he looks at you napping
Gojo teases him about it when he catches Megumi
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pushistkiy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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flwzai · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
oh my gosh! don’t you know I’m a Savage?...(fanart) % !! (𖦹﹏☆)っ
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tameshrimp · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
JJK ★ The Main Quartet
Collab with my sis @miya-twins​
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