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thedeathdeelers · 10 hours ago
soft early mornings
he doesn’t remember falling asleep, but when he opens his eyes he’s greeted by the sun’s rays filtering through the mass of curls tickling his cheek and blurring his vision.
it takes him a moment to reorient himself, to realise he had fallen asleep in julie molina’s bed, and another moment to feel his heart rate pick up. so many questions and impossible thoughts pop into his head, but the second he breathes in, a familiar scent fills his lungs, grounding him almost immediately.
it snuffs out any panic he started to feel from the revelation, and helps him refocus his thoughts on the girl in his arms.
he exhales slowly, watching as his breath ruffles the curls that cross its path, leaving behind a small trail of goosebumps on the back of her neck.
he feels her shiver against him at the disturbance, the curls previously tickling his cheek shifting and moving away as she turns around in her sleep to face him. he barely has time to readjust his cramping arm before she’s facing him, burrowing her face in his neck while her fingers come up near his heart to bunch up the fabric of his t-shirt in their grasp.
he tries not to move, tries to control his breathing, but at the feel of her breath on his skin, he can’t but help the shiver that makes its way down his spine. all he wants to do in this moment is savour in the warm weight snuggling up to him and enjoy the private bubble he finds himself in - one where real life and unrequited love and possible heart ache don’t exist.
one where it’s just him and julie under the warm glow of the rising sun. one where he has the courage to tell her the truth, and have her miraculously love him back just as much as he does her.
maybe one day, but for now he’ll let himself melt into her sleeping embrace, taking in every single detail on her carefree sleeping face for as long as he can.
he’s only shaken out of his thoughts when two deep brown eyes turned golden in the sunlight flutter open, long eyelashes brushing against soft cheeks.
he holds his breath, expecting her to pull away, to break the bubble he woke up in. he gets ready to school his features, to hide any pain he might feel but instead he’s — he’s in shock.
her eyes are trained on his, a small smile curling her lips.
luke blinks at her a few times, his brain struggling to catch up.
“uh- uh hi. hey,” he tries to quietly clear his throat, struggling to calm his racing heartbeat.
“i’m glad you stayed. you’re definitely more comfortable than my pillow.”
and he can hear it in her voice that she’s still not fully awake, sees her eyelids start to flutter shut once more, but he can’t help the hope rising in his chest.
is this- does she want this?
“of- of course jules. i- ya.”
“mm, very articulate, boy band.”
he can feel her drifting off again, her face snuggling into his chest, her fingers holding onto him to keep him close.
“love you,” she mumbles, right before he feels her press a whisper of a kiss right over his heart.
his heart drums against his ribcage at the contact, at the words, singing to julie and only julie just like it always does.
“love you too, julie.”
he presses his face against her mass of hair, kissing the top of her head.
maybe it’s not as hopeless as he thinks it is.
maybe he’ll tell her soon.
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sanssssastark · a day ago
Chapters: 10/? Fandom:  Julie and The Phantoms (TV 2020) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Julie Molina/Luke Patterson, Willex (background) - Relationship Characters: Julie Molina, Luke Patterson (Julie and The Phantoms), Reggie Peters (Julie and The Phantoms), Alex Mercer (Julie and The Phantoms), Flynn (Julie and The Phantoms), Willie (Julie and The Phantoms), Bobby | Trevor Wilson, Carrie Wilson Additional Tags: The Boys Are Alive - AU, Alternate Universe - High School, Unbeta'd: We Die By Streetdogs, (except in this one they don't actually die by streetdogs), Luke is a Soft Boi, Julie is a BAMF, Luke frequently trips over himself in her presence, who can blame him honestly
Luke Patterson, frontman of Sunset Curve, runaway, drop-out, crawling back with his tail between his legs after nearly getting laid out by food poisoning of all things. He needs to pass his classes to keep up his end of the bargain he made with his parents: stay on track to graduate and stay in the band.
Julie Molina, the soulfulness of her voice matched only by the dexterity of her fingers on the keys, silenced for a year after her mother's death. She needs to play, to sing, to do something if she wants to keep her spot in Los Feliz's music program.
And together, they just might do both.
Snippet below the cut:
“We say we’re friends,” Julie sings out, hands reaching above her head while Luke drags his fingers up the inside of her arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake, particularly when the tips run along her wrist and over her palms. It makes her shiver every time he does it.
“We play pretend,” he answers her, his voice soft, but strong, chest vibrating against her back.
“You’re more to me,” she responds, extending her arms out to her sides as he follows and then wraps his arms around her into an embrace as her head rests against his shoulder, tucked in close.
“We create,” he calls back, his fingers curl around hers and then he spins her away from him toward the studio doors.
“Perfect harmony,” they finish together, obviously, in harmony, as they walk away from each other.
She turns to him, a slow smile spreading across her face to find that Luke’s already headed back in her direction. “That was perfect.”
They’ve worked on the song every day after school for the last week and as the song developed, the dance came along with it pretty easily. Writing together on this one came just as easily as working on Bright which is basically locked and ready to go for Luke’s own midterm next week. Perfect Harmony is recorded and ready for Mrs. Kelly to play for them while they perform their choreography in dance class.
“All except the lift,” he says, biting his lower lip. It’s not that he’s had trouble lifting her, in fact it’s almost comical how easy it is for him to hold her in his arms and spin around. Those biceps are not just there for aesthetics. Luke is strong in ways that kind of blow her mind. Really though, it’s the getting down that’s been the problem. It’s one thing when they’re in the privacy of her home studio and she’s wearing leggings for his hands to slide from the backs of her thighs up over her curves, sometimes finding her hips, but about half the time running over her backside instead. The first couple of times he tried to apologize, but a quirked eyebrow from her had him admitting that he wasn’t sorry in the slightest.
Either way though, they need to make sure that doesn’t happen at school, especially since she’s wearing a dress for their performance.
“We have till Friday. We’ll get there.”
“You just gotta trust that I won’t drop you,” he says, his hands falling to her hips, grinning down at her.
“I know you’re not gonna drop me,” she explains with a grin and a tiny eye roll. “We just need to figure out how you’re gonna let me down without lifting my skirt around my ears.”
Luke lets his eyebrows bounce theatrically at the idea and she laughs. He’s so good at that, taking something that only a few days ago she would have been blushing like crazy over and just making it normal for her, for them.
Read the rest on AO3! 
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bluefirewrites · a day ago
Has there ever been a piece of JATP fanon that just feels canon to you?
For me, I keep thinking 'The Hills' is a Juke song @pearlcaddy
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merry-the-cookie · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Julie and the Phantoms 1x02  ✨Bright ✨
this week’s Fantom Friday prompt was “favorite scene” and i couldnt choose, so. i drew three from one of my favorite episodes lol. i hadnt done lineless stuff in a While but it was a lot of fun!!
check it out on instagram :3
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thedeathdeelers · 11 hours ago
idk man i’ve always liked the idea of julie offhandedly mentioning to luke a snack she had while on a trip to a different state or different country and bemoaning the fact that she’s craving it can’t find it anywhere in LA
and let’s say they’re lying down at night in her bed, julie drawing circles on his stomach as she rests her head on his chest, slowly drifting off to sleep. luke steals her phone off her nightstand, and googles the snack she’s talking about. after struggling to get it right a few times he finally finds what it looks like and exactly where they sell it (in a different state or country)
he’s always been meaning to check how far they can teleport/poof out anyway
he waits until julie’s deep in sleep, her breathing slow and even, her fingers no longer moving against his shirt, and slowly extricates himself, quickly replacing a pillow under julie‘s head
fast forward him seeking willie’s wise ghost guidance, failing a few times and finding himself in the weirdest landscapes, until he manages to find himself right where he needs to me
the next morning, when julie wakes up, she doesn’t find the face she’s gotten so accustomed to seeing first thing in the morning, but her favourite snack impossibly staring right back at her
😌 the end
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jonespea · 5 months ago
The only M/F ship dynamics that matter:
Himbo/Cool as fuck woman
"I love a woman that can kick my ass" guy/ woman that could and has kicked his ass
Man whore/Exasperated girlfriend
" I love my wife so much"/ "I love my husband so much "
" My wife is a bitch and I like her so much"
Huge dork/ Huge nerd
Goth bitch/ soft pastel bitch
Jessica and Rogers Rabbit where the guy has Jessica vibes and his lady is a huge fucking dork
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luke-pattersons · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LUKE APPRECIATION WEEK ★ DAY FOUR: FAVORITE RELATIONSHIP ★ Luke x Julie (Luke thinking Julie Molina is the greatest person to walk the face of the earth edition)
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jatp-rules-my-life · 7 months ago
Ray: These are my kids, Julie and Carlos
Tía Victoria: Yes, I'm aware
Ray: This is my other son you have never met, Alex
Tía Victoria: ....
Ray: This is my lovely child, Reggie.
Tía Victoria:
Ray: And both of my soon to be son-in-laws Luke and Willie.
Tía Victoria: You can't just adopt kids when you're sad.
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julieandthequeers · 2 months ago
wait we—— we didn’t get your name
it’s julie 😐
cool eheh, i’m luke 😁-
b-by the way 😟 and this is
Reggie☝️! i’m reggie 😄 hey 👋
how’s it… going
ba-da 👐
okay? 😐
👁👄👁 👁👄👁 🙂
🙂julie seems nice🙂
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frazzled-bi · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
✨Julie✨ and the Wake Up scene
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