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That was part of my evil plan all along! Spamming your timelines to get at least one of my followers to watch it and be a part of our cult! Now there’s no turning back, friend! You surrended your soul! Muahahaha!!!


Originally posted by clarkgriffon

Seriously tho, I’m glad I convinced someone to watch it! I hope you enjoyed as much as the rest of us fantoms did! Welcome to the club!👻🌭

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Luke Patterson has never written a love song, and he never will. 

(No, seriously, quit laughing. He doesn’t write love songs, and he isn’t going to every get the chance to – not when his last night on earth is tomorrow.)

The crumbled pieces of paper in his hands don’t even hold the musings of a love song, regardless of whatever Alex and Reggie have said to him as they’ve peered over his shoulder. It really is not a love song. 

It’s a proper goodbye. 

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“And maybe for this part we can do that mic share thing you always do,” Luke mutters, pointing at the bridge in his songbook.

Julie pulls her nose up. “I don’t always do that.”

He ignores her exclaim. “It’s good though. Playing it up for the audience and all that.”

It comes out before she wants to (cause she knows what he means, but she wants him to say it). “Play what up?’

He freezes, eyes trailing from his chicken scratch to her expectant gaze. “Huh?”

“What are we playing up?” Say it, say it, say it, please don’t make me belief I’ve been delusional for a full year.

“Uh- you know-” An awkward chuckle puffs from his lips, the action making her look at them. It doesn’t help her in the slightest, but lately everything about him made her look. “Our, uh, chemistry. Stage chemistry.”

She smiles. “Right.”


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wait why did i just realize that julie and luke are wearing the same colors the first time they all meet ??

julie has a yellow crewneck, and a white shirt with a blue collar. luke has as a white shirt with yellow font (the same shade of yellow!) and a blue hoodie (also the same shade!)


Originally posted by harusdanoh

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THIS IS COMPLETELY BC @lydias–stiles PEER PRESURRED ME BC THIS CAME IN MY FEED (if this is shorter and isn’t as good as my usual ones, my apologizes, it’s just my brain started going and wouldn’t stop and I was peer pressured in the best way possible into writing this) A heatwave, no air conditioning as the band practices in the garage

They were a dedicated group. Most bands would call it a day if the weather wasn’t in their favor. However, Julie and the Phantoms was not like most bands. For one, a quarter of their band was the only alive one in the group. Although, it did beg the question. If there was only one lifer in the band, why were all of them sweating?

The garage had turned into a sauna. When the garage was built, the builders probably didn’t keep in mind that in a the future a band, primarily composed of ghosts, would be using it to practice in during a heat wave.

They were practically drenched in sweat. Sure, Reggie had ditched his leather jacket and opted for his black tank top. Alex ditched his signature pink hoodie for his blue shirt. Julie wore her crop top and Luke… well… Luke was still sleeveless, what a shock. None were spared from the heat though.

“Can’t we be done yet?” Reggie huffed through the wet strands of hair that had fallen over his eyes after the ending of a measure.

“I’m telling you, this is the last time.”

“That’s what you said the last five times.” Alex ran a hand through his soaked mop of blond catching Luke’s bluff.

“You know how he is.” Julie directed her comment about Luke towards Alex, which got a smile of agreement.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The guitarist looked over to the girl on the keyboard.

“Nothing. Just,” she shrugged, “how nothing gets in your way even a heatwave.”

“Yeah speaking of that,” Luke interjected, “out of all the changes you couldn’t have at least included an AC in here?” He grabbed the bottom edge of his shirt, brought the fabric up to his forehead to wipe the sweat away.

Julie tried to avert her eyes.

Right, they were originally a band from the 90’s who practiced in here all the time that consisted of all guys. If there was ever a heatwave when Sunset Curve practiced they probably would have other means of staying cool… that involved less clothing… on the top half. The section she did see as he wiped away the sweat left much to the interpretation. Maybe if he pulled it up just a little bit- WAIT! NO! NO! She was not imagining that. Nope! Not at all. At least in was in her head. Well, based on Alex and Reggie’s looks of exchanges to each other, there was also probably a large possibility that a hint of red was on her cheeks and they knew exactly why.

After what seemed like forever, also coincidentally when Luke finished wiping his forehead therefore the shit came down, she finally found the words after clearing her throat. “Maybe I would have if I would have known I would be in a ghost band who apperently can sweat.”

“Yeah, I don’t get that.” Reggie agreed.

“We’re made of air yet can still feel the heat?” Alex added. “This ghost stuff is all too weird.”

“You know what else is weird?” Luke brushed a hand through the soggy mop on his head directing his question at Julie. “How are you not hotter?”

…That… did not come out right.

“TEMPERATURE! I MEAN TEMPERATURE!” He instantly corrected his sentence after getting a wide eyed surprised expression from Julie and his friends rolling in laughter behind him. “REAL MATURE GUYS!”

“What do you mean?” Julie tried to ask in a way that sounded like she wasn’t about ready to combust right then and there.

“We’re over here drenched and you’re just sitting there looking-” he stopped himself from pretty, “-not drenched.”

Smooth… real smooth there.

“How about you?” She directed the question back.


“How are you drenched when you…” she decided to gesture to the lack of sleeves.

“Yeah.” Alex agreed. “How?”

“I’m sure you have something up there.” He suddenly poofed up the loft to prove his point of Alex being clearly a little annoyed that he was in just a t-shirt compared to the others.

Alex got up from his drums and stood next to Julie, who was sat at the piano, to be able to see Luke more clearly in the loft. Reggie also joined Julie at her side to also be able to see Luke more clearly.

Alex saw the Duffel bag, which had his items in it, be thrown over the railing onto the floor at his feet. “Hey!”

“I’m just saying, you probably have something in there.” Before he went to poof down, something caught his eyes. “Hey! I’ve been looking for this one!” He exclaimed excited, clearly forgetting he had an audenice, kneeling down pulling his shirt over his head.

Julie’s veiw was obstructed by Alex and Reggie’s hands shielding her eyes, which immediately came once Luke pulled his shirt up over his head.

“If you were blushing like crazy the last time-”

“I was not.” She defended Reggie’s statement.

“Tell that to your bright red checks.” Alex chimmed in.

“…how bright were they?”

“Reggie’s bass bright.”

“Well he didn’t notice.”

“Yeah he’s kinda oblivious to things like that.”

“Uhh?” The pair dropped their hands hearing Luke’s voice. He stood in front of them, new sleeveless shirt and all.

“Oh yeah!” Reggie recalled seeing his shirt. “That’s a good one.”

The three could see him trying to work it out. “You two were… when I was…”

“Sixth times a charm as they say!” Alex gave him no more time to work out why him and Reggie had covered Julie’s eyes. They didn’t want their lead vocalist to combust in the middle of rehearsal. If her cheeks were any indicator of seeing the sneak peek earlier… Julie Molina would have passed out right then and there and Luke Patterson would have been completely oblivious to the reason why.

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Luke said: imma play it up for the audience but my very unsubtle eye contact will hopefully let you know im not actually playing it up and im just halfway in love with you

and julie is wholeheartedly accepting it so- yeah- that’s the discourse, i guess. 

17 notes
  • alex and reggie’s parents
  • alex’s sister (we all know he has one)
  • luke has to wear sleeves for some reason
  • please god just give me ray saying rose’s name/verbally confirming that she’s julie’s mom
  • carrie redemption arc
    • carrie redemption arc
  • nick character development
    • nick danforth-evans
  • all kinds of canon sexualities
    • bi julie and reggie and nick
    • lesbian carrie
    • pan ace luke
    • pan flynn
    • just give me all of it
  • more carlos content
  • ray meets the guys
  • nick can see the guys after the Caleb Incident
    • he’s ridiculous about it
    • ‘you can see us?!’
    • *covers eyes* no
  • please kenny,,, willex forehead touch,,,
    • willex rain kiss,,,,,
    • willex hug but happy
      • parallel to the goodbye hug but an ‘i can’t believe you’re okay’ hug
  • alex breaks willie’s curse/soul entrapment
    • 1) he could just kiss him/ tell him he loves him/ pull a julie
    • 2) he could outsmart caleb
      • in this scenario caleb’s like ‘we’ll play a game for his soul’ and alex is like ‘can i pick the game?’ ‘well i guess so’ 
        • and he picks either Twister or Campaign for North Africa
    • goddamn paul becker cannot pick a genre to save his life
      • perfect harmony is unstructured tango meets russian dancing meets a Mess
      • dirty candi’s numbers are all just my little pony meets cell block tango
  • a full-on hadestown scene at the club
    • willie as eurydice, alex as orpheus, caleb as hades, and the glitzy flapper/burlesque dancers (seriously becker pick a fucking style and stick to it) as the three muses who like try to pull the guys into the club
  • flynn/carrie (:
  • alex finding his sister
  • reggie gets a cat
  • after ray meets the guys,,,
    • the guys babysitting carlos
  • alex is a dancer
    • when he was little his sister did ballet and he wanted to dance too
    • his dad was a dick about it at first 
    • but his mom was like
      • ‘you know there is a sibling discount’
  • julie gets to be more of a main character
  • dirty candi continues to hit different
  • more old sunset curve songs
  • someone punches caleb in the face
    • by someone i mean julie
    • julie punches caleb in the face
  • willex perfect harmony reprise
  • bobby/trevor (is his legal name trevor or is it a stage name?) sad reprise of all eyes on me
    • just a bobby storyline
  • more unsaid emily style flashbacks 
    • specifically an alex song about his family/past
  • a really well formed love triangle with julie, luke, and another female love interest for julie
    • i love juke but god i want wlw julie
  • family backgrounds/siblings for more characters
  • wrightforth
    • @localspacelesbian is the only one who’s gonna really get that but it’s important to me
  • more absolute bangers
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Hi guys! I am currently apart of a new jatp RP server. It’s a college au and the band is still a thing.

Currently we’re looking for:




Bobby (Young)

And Flynn

Currently we have:



If you’re interested, please dm me or @ren-in-ven-tion

Please join :)

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Julie x Luke Fic

ok i did it

i finished the song inspired fic (my first attempt at writing Juke lols) (also my longest fic posted to date?? over 2k?? what)

find it here on my AO3, otherwise under the read more cut below :)

let me know what you think!


i’ll go wherever you will go


Saturday morning found Julie wide awake tossing and turning at 7:30am. Which was odd to say the least, as Julie definitely enjoyed a good lie in just as much as the next person.

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(After Luke tries to make up for doing something stupid)

Julie: how dare you tempt me with a small bookstore

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