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Originally posted by andyquhyn

  • When Jules first moved to your neighbourhood, you were immediately enamoured by her
  • You loved her style, and the fact that even after only exchanging a few words, she brought a smile to your face
  • You like how with Jules, you can just be yourself
  • Having Maddy as your sister can be a little intimidating, seeing as she has such a popularity status, and you always feel like you’re in her shadow
  • Hanging out with Jules all the time as you show her around the school and the town
  • You kind of become protective of her, because she’s new, and also you just want her all to yourself 
  • Having sleepovers where you just do each other’s makeup and style one another
  • Not telling Maddy about your crush on Jules, because you feel as though Maddy is too busy with Nate to care, but Maddy catches on pretty quickly
  • “Where are you going?” “Uh…” “You’re hanging out with that new girl again, right? Are you two, like, dating or what?” 
  • You and Jules officially start dating after you confess your feelings to one another whilst you were walking her home from a party
  • Although you’re not trying to hide your relationship, the two of you stay pretty lowkey
  • You’ll hold hands in the hallway occasionally, and sometimes Jules will sneak in a kiss while you’re at your lockers
  • Maddy gets mat at you when she has to find out you and Jules are dating through Kat
  • “What the fuck? Why didn’t you just tell me?” “Well, it just never came up!” “What is that supposed to mean?”
  • Although Maddy wishes you were more open to her about it, she is happy for you
  • She already likes Jules, and she thinks the two of you are super cute together
  • And Maddy thinks it’s adorable how happy the two of you seem
  • And you are incredibly happy with Jules, since the two of you always make one another smile and just generally make every day more enjoyable 
  • You’re there for each other’s bad days, and Jules appreciates how she can talk to you about anything and everything on her mind
  • You couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend

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I don’t think I ever posted this drawing on here, awhile ago I drew hunter and zendaya in colored pencil. I wish I had new stuff to post but I’ve been focusing on school and napping quite a bit, surely soon that will change when this semester ends.

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Jules: Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it changed your life?
Rue: I saw you.
Jules: Wow, that's really sweet and it also makes this really awkward because I was going to show you a video a chicken riding a skateboard down the street while a cat chased after it.
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