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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#julia michaels

12/100 days of productivity 30th June 2020 🌸

I thought a change of environment was needed, so I studied in my garden today. It was so refreshing and I’m gonna start doing it more often now.

  • I’m done with all my pending notes.
  • Started revising for the tests and assignments that are due (cram school)
  • Could’ve had a major panic attack this week, but I prevented it! ✨

🎧 ~ Heaven by Julia Michaels

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late night summer playlist

Someone To You // BANNERS

Everything I Wanted // Billie Eilish

Bored To Death // Blink-182

Darkside // Blink-182

Rollercoaster // Bleachers

Run // COIN

Haunted // The Band Camino

What I Want // The Band Camino

Love You Like That // Dagny

Summer Is a Curse // The Faim

Follow You Down // Gin Blossoms

3am // Halsey

She // Harry Styles

Hurt Again // Julia Michaels

I Think I’m In Love // Kat Dahlia

Crazy // Kat Dahlia

Never Really Over // Katy Perry

Wait For Me // Kings Of Leon

Revelry // Kings Of Leon

Doin Time // Lana Del Rey

BITCH // Lennon Stella

Kill My Mind // Louis Tomlinson

Broken // Lovelytheband

Cross Your Mind // Niall Horan

Heartbreak Weather // Niall Horan

Say It Right // Nelly Furtado

That’s What You Get // Paramore

Circles // Post Malone

Lonely No More // Rob Thomas

Happy Together // The Turtles

Are You Bored Yet? // Wallows

Blinding Lights // The Weeknd

Hope for the Underrated Youth // Yungblud

Ruin My Life // Zara Larrson

Thin White Lies // 5SOS

No Shame // 5SOS

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This song just breaks my heart with each note. No matter if I’m in love, happy or confused… when that first piano key cues in, my heart takes a dive and mourns automatically for all the lost lovers that I never really found thru the years. This song shows me a flashback of all the chance encounters with love that never made it. JP and Julia makes moving on hard (even when you’ve moved on).

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