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#julian alfred pankratz
spielzeugkaiser · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[Masterpost] Thinking back, this is the first time I truely drew Jaskier in this AU, not Julian. (Also I got all your prompts and I love them.)
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underpreparedbard · 2 days ago
Jaskier sits with his lute, unaware that Geralt, the man he’s been in love with for 20 years is listening outside
He doesn’t quite know what to say, so he lets his heart sing for him
“Drawing the blinds, thinking of you, poor lonely mind, it’s getting confused, will you ever lie next to me in the bed that I dream of us in?”
His heart breaks, and unbeknownst to him the heart of the man outside his door breaks too
Because how can they ever truly be together?
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persetoni · 23 hours ago
not to be a simp or anything, but I just cried thinking how nice Jaskier is. I mean, he befriended a man whose biggest passion is to make himself miserable. and that said man would go so far as hurting people around him so he could confirm this sick idea on his head that he's a heartless monster. being friends with people that have this problem isn't easy, but Jaskier stayed with Geralt anyway. even though if he wants to walk away, he could just do that. and no don't come at me and say 'well he needed Geralt for his songs!' cos I don't believe that. do you think a couple of songs really are worth the struggle, the pain, that came with them? it's not like traveling with a witcher is the most glorious way to live. like, do you genuinely believe in that twenty years, the only time Geralt ever exploded and say cruel shits is that one time in the mountain? cos I don't think so. I think he sees Geralt, his every detail, his goodness and flaws, the things that the witcher hides, and decided that this man is someone that is worthy of praise. his praise. that this man is worthy of his company, his time, his devotion. and so he shows it.
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obliviouspoptart · 2 days ago
my “spotify movie” literally reads like a post-mountain geraskier fic
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
like hello???? spotify did you hack into my WIPs folder to pull this out??
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darkverrmin · 2 days ago
*Lambert and Eskel after meeting Jaskier for the first time*
Eskel: So, Jaskier? Seems like a good human, I like him.
Lambert: Looks really good, too.
Geralt, blinking: What?
Lambert: What "what"? Don't tell me you can't see it.
Eskel: Yeah, I agree with Lambert on this one.
Geralt: He looks... Nice.
Lambert, laughing: Nice? Huh, if he wasn't your friend, I would definitely-
Geralt: Please stop talking.
Lambert: Don’t lie to me that you've never thought about it.
Geralt, glaring: He's just a friend.
Eskel: ...Lambert and Aiden were just friends, too.
Lambert, smirking: And what a beautiful friendship it was.
Geralt, rolling his eyes: I am not going to sleep with my bard.
Lambert: "My bard". Eskel, can you believe this moron?
Eskel: I really do think Jaskier is very nice. He has a good heart, he's sharp, funny. Seems to care about you a lot, too.
Eskel: If he was your type, you could've been good together.
Geralt: What do you mean if he was my type?
Eskel: Well... I've only seen you with certain type of lovers.
Lambert: The I'm so fucking intimidating, I'm may rip off your balls kind of type. *cough* Yennefer. *cough*
Geralt: I do not have a type.
Lambert: Yeah, you do. Admit it, Jaskier is too sunshine and rainbows for you.
Eskel: Lambert, maybe we shouldn't-
Lambert: You just wouldn't be able to stand someone who's actually nice to you.
Geralt: Well fuck you, because I've been in love with him for years!
Geralt, softly: ...Fuck
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spielzeugkaiser · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm a simple thing, you all. You give me whumped bard? I draw whumped bard. (Also give him a blanket! And I first had some speechbubbles included, but I think it's pretty clear who he's giving this look...)
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milf-maximoff · 2 months ago
geralt: i think you have ptsd.
jaskier: yeah i have ptsd; proficient talent for sucking dick.
geralt: i think we also need to talk about your use of humor as a coping mechanism.
jaskier: i don't think you understand how genius what i just said was.
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mistahkato · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
-Mending clothing-
Yay I'm participating too :DD
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the ideal yennskier dynamic isn't jaskier looking at yennefer and thinking "I could fix her" or even "I could make her worse" no no no it's jaskier looking at yennefer and thinking "SHE could make ME worse"
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