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#julian blackthorn
youngreckless · 17 days ago
cassie's live summed up
"secrets of blackthorn hall" novella-type collection based on julian and emma will start coming out in august, and will be updated every monday, going on till august 2022.
it will be canon and there will be references to it in twp.
it will be set around a year and half after tda (after their travel year), so in, like, 2014.
KIT AND TY ARE IN IT! (they definitely talk about each other, and could or could not be in it at the same time.)
all the stories will be shared online and will be completely free. they will also include artwork and other things.
it will help connect tlh to tda and twp.
chain of thorns release date will be in the july newsletter.
name of the blackthorn sword will be revealed in cot.
lucifer will show up in twp.
cassie said that "something happens" with the tmi gang in the first book of twp that "kicks them out of the story they are in with other people."
cassie thinks that julian and emma will probably hyphenate their names like malec.
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anya-mi-corazon · 17 days ago
no but imagine julian finding some of tatiana’s old necromancy stuff and showing them to ty like ‘wow i can’t believe our ancestors would do something like that’ and ty just standing there like ‘yeah couldn’t be me🙄✋’
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toka-sketch · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
"And there is Jules. You might like him the best. He is the one who takes care of us all. He is the reason we're all okay and still together. I don't think he knows we know that, but we do. Sometimes he might tell us what to do or not listen, but he would do anything for any of us. People say we’re unlucky because we don't have parents. But I think they're unlucky because the don't have a brother like mine.
Don't think I'm asking you to do us a favor for nothing in return. Julian can help you. He can help anyone. You can't want to be running and hiding. I know what happened to you, what the Clave and Council did. Things are different now. Let us explain. Let us show you how you don't have to be exiled or alone. You don't have to give us the book. We just want to help.
We're at the London Institute. Whenever you want to come, you'd be welcome.
Yours, Tiberius Nero Blackthorn"
-Lord of Shadows
This letter makes me cry .... every time!!!!
I found this little sketch and decided to color it! Something cute and nothing to serious 😊😊😊😊
Characters belong to @cassandraclare
Tap for better quality.
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lxcieherondale · 2 years ago
anyone vaguely related to the Herondales: *breathes*
Jem, Tessa and Magnus, crying: WILL USED TO DO THAT ONCE
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oblivionsdream · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
My Top Ten Books of 2018
6. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare
“Shining figures were emerging from the fire. Not Julian and Emma, or at least, not Julian and Emma as they had been.
“The flames had risen at least thirty feet in the air, and the figures that emerged from them were at least that tall. It was as if Julian and Emma had been carved from shining light....”
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clockwork-angels · 2 years ago
TSC characters as of 2019
In honour of the new year here are the ages and years of events/characters in the TSC:
Clary, Jace and Izzy are: 28
Alec is: 30
Simon is: 29
and has been a Shadowhunter for: 11 years
Max has been dead for: 12 years
Sebastian has been dead for: 12 years
Jocelyn and Luke have been married for: 11 years
Magnus and Alec have been married for: 7 years
Will has been dead for: 82 years
Tessa is: 157
Jem is: 158
Emma is: 24
Julian is: 24
Helen is: 30
Mark is: 28
Cristina is: 25
Ty is: 22
Kit is: 22
Dru is: 20
Livvy has been dead for: 7
Tavvy is: 14
the Jessa baby is: 6 (most likely)
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mariakaestner · 2 years ago
City of Bones, page 62:
Jace was seated at the grand piano…She must have made some noise because he twisted around on the stool, blinking in the shadows. “Alec?” he said. “Is that you?”
Clockwork Angel, page 100:
A boy with a violin propped against his shoulder. His cheek rested against the instrument, and the bow sawed back and forth over the strings, wringing notes out of it, notes as fine and perfect as anything Tessa had ever heard. His eyes were closed. "Will?" he said, without opening his eyes or ceasing to play. "Will, is that you?"
Queen of Air and Darkness, page 19:
A door opened at the top of the steps, and light spilled onto the dark landing. "Julian?" Emma called. "Julian, is that you?"
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mercutio-stan · a year ago
Magnus Bane every single time an eccentric Shadowhunter that reminds him of an acquaintance from a bygone era shows up at his doorstep asking for an outlandish favor:
Tumblr media
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