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#julian devorak
courtmajulian2 days ago
A drunk Lucio aggressively trying to fight/climb the stairs: YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME?!
Nadia, just watching: you think I should try and calm him down?
Asra: nahhh
Asra: Oi, Lucio! Those stairs just said fur makes you look fat!
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augustwhiskey2 days ago
Tumblr media
There are plenty of otome games with various characters and different genres but nothing catches my attention because im still in love with this pathetic awkward man
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apprentice-vissenta3 days ago
No one:
Me, a person who insists on only drawing cursed images: Arcana Muppetsonas
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 so sorry.
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xayahagressive2 days ago
We all know that Julian's mother language is russian, and he has bad handwriting.
So, just for you guys, this is a cursive of a russian doctor:
Tumblr media
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arcana-vines2 days ago
Asra: Oh hey are you listening to the Russian theme song?
Julian: Are you...are you talking about the Russian ANTHEM??
Nadia: What is an anthem really but a country's theme song?
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lettersfromvenus2 days ago
Tumblr media
Love Letters | Julian Devorak x OG Female Character | 3K
What's this? The first piece of Arcana fiction I've ever published? 馃グ Given how long I've been invested in this game, now, that probably deserves some kind of celebration. All that aside, though, this little ficlet started as a brain-worm and then developed into something sweet and soft for the absolutely wonderful @timmys-and-scribbles! As such, Julianne (the apprentice in this story) was created by and belongs to her! I hope you all enjoy!
Loving Julian Devorak comes with its challenges.
As it stood, this was quite simply a fact. It had always been common knowledge that the doctor could be a bit of a handful, even despite his good heart and his even better intentions. The things and the situations that surrounded him had a tendency to spiral out of control rather quickly 鈥 whether it was an good-natured round of cards at the Rowdy Raven, or an innocent debate with Valerius about some court-related thing or another, chaos had a habit of following Julian.
Now 鈥 nobody knew any of this better than Julianne did. Asra had gained a fair amount of experience on the topic, and goodness knew Portia understood, but even still: Loving Julian Devorak came with its challenges, yes, but oh鈥 being in love with him was a challenge all its own.
This wasn鈥檛 to say that Julianne regretted falling for her dopey, dramatic, thespian lover; she had never regretted that, not for a second. But, gods, there certainly were some days that were much more trifling than others.
And this鈥 this just so happened to be one of those days.
In Julian鈥檚 defense, this particular incident wasn鈥檛 exactly his fault. His intentions were just as pure and loving as they had always been. His heart was in the right place. There really wasn鈥檛 a damn thing he could do to change the situation - even if he had wanted to. It was just鈥. well, his handwriting was awful.
She had never thought that it would become an issue, not really; they lived together, and where Julian went, Julianne tended to follow. It wasn鈥檛 as though they communicated very much in writing, and she hadn鈥檛 even been sure that he had remembered her having claimed to be able to read the letter he had written to Portia years back.
Quite unfortunately for her, though, her lovable ruffian had remembered, and now, he had let his adorable, romantic streak get the better of him.
It wasn鈥檛 that she didn鈥檛 love his cliches, and his grand, sweeping gestures of romance - because she did. She really, really did. At the moment, though, she was holding what she thought might have been a sweet note, addressed to her from Julian. And that was all well and good. She loved that, but damn it鈥 she couldn鈥檛 read it. She couldn鈥檛 make heads nor tails of it, and it was downright sad.
Her understanding of the what was written began with what she could recognize as her own name, scrawled near the top left corner, but ended abruptly just beyond that. She could pick out a word, maybe two - 鈥渟leep鈥, 鈥渟oft鈥, maybe even 鈥渓ove鈥 - but that was about it, apart from his scrawled signature near the bottom.
And she... she hadn鈥檛 a clue what to do about it.
He was going to ask about it at some point, wasn鈥檛 he? That was a given. And Julianne wasn鈥檛 sure she鈥檇 be able to get away with making like she had been able to read it again. Julian knew her better than that, now, and there wasn鈥檛 any way he wouldn鈥檛 see through the facade in an instant. The next best option would have been pretending she had never found the letter at all, but even that would be difficult. And besides, odds were Julian would only continue to try. He was nothing if not persistent, after all, and鈥
Gods, she was screwed. Well and truly.
After something close to an hour of fretting and then another hour of debate, she winds up going to Portia for help. She doesn鈥檛 come to the decision lightly by any means, but she does trust for the most part that asking for Julian鈥檚 sister鈥檚 help won鈥檛 immediately backfire on her. The youngest of the Devoraks did know how to keep a secret, after all. And anyways, it stood to reason that she鈥檇 have been able to read his messy scrawl 鈥 that was, if Julian had in fact written her letters as frequently as it鈥檇 seemed he had.
It was logical, and sound, and there was a fairly good chance that she could depend on her sister-in-law-to to help her out of this mess. And she had felt rather good about the plan, in the end. That was, until she鈥檇 actually turned up at Portia鈥檚 cottage with the letter in hand, and Portia had laughed. She had laughed, loudly and merrily, and it had been clear then and there that she would be of no help to Julianne.
鈥淵ou鈥 you can鈥檛 read it either?鈥 Juli had squeaked, defeated once more.
鈥淕ods, no,鈥 Portia had giggled, squinting as she had eyed the letter for a long moment before handing it back to a rather wilted-looking Julianne. 鈥淚lya sent me one, maybe two letters in all of the time he spent away. And even then, I had to have Lilinka help me read them. She was the only one who could ever make any sense of his chicken scratch.鈥
Julianne only sighs heavily at that, dragging a hand through her hair as her gaze falls to the letter in her hands. She loved and hated it in equal measure, because it really was incredibly sweet, but on the other hand鈥 what, exactly, was she supposed to do about this?
鈥淚鈥檝e half a mind to get in contact with The Hanged Man himself,鈥 she grunts. 鈥淢aybe he鈥檒l be able to help me out.鈥
She鈥檚 only half-serious 鈥 because asking one of the Arcana for the power to read her own husband鈥檚 handwriting is downright silly, and she knows it 鈥 but Portia still cackles, dropping onto the couch next to her unceremoniously.
鈥淗ave you considered telling him you can鈥檛 actually read it?鈥 she suggests with a smirk.
鈥淣o!鈥 she squawks, indignant as ever. 鈥淚 can鈥檛! That鈥檚 鈥 it鈥檚 鈥 鈥 Embarrassing, was what it was. And the last thing she wanted was to admit to it. It was looking more and more like that would be her only option, though, and鈥 damn it.
Portia never stops snickering, not even as she stands from the couch and finds her way into the kitchen (where Pepi has been 鈥榤ewing鈥 her desire for lunch for a handful of minutes, now).
鈥淲ell, you could always distract him with sex,鈥 she suggests with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. 鈥淢aybe he鈥檒l forget all about it.鈥
Normally she might have blushed in response to Portia鈥檚 teasing, used to it as she may have been. But distracting Julian with sex? That wasn鈥檛 a bad idea. It wasn鈥檛 like she hadn鈥檛 done it before, anyways, amidst petty arguments and on days she felt like dragging him home from the clinic without a fuss. And so today, instead of blushing, she grins.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a genius, Portia,鈥 she says, grinning as she stands from the couch and heads for the door 鈥 though not before pausing to tug the shorter woman into a one-armed hug.
Portia only laughs harder, and with that, Julianne scurries out the door.
Rather luckily for the stubborn magician, Julian doesn鈥檛 actually wind up coming home until well after sunset.
It had been a very busy day at the clinic, evidently, and by the time he comes sauntering through the front door, it鈥檚 dark out. He looks positively exhausted, and he heaves a thick sigh as he sheds his coat and then ducks to work at the buckles on his boots.
鈥淒arling, I鈥檓 home,鈥 he shouts halfheartedly, and Julianne pauses. As it was, she had only just started getting ready for bed. And that was rather lucky, too, she supposed, given her situation. Normally, she鈥檇 have slept in something loose and comfortable 鈥 one of Julian鈥檚 shirts, more often than not 鈥 but she hadn鈥檛 taken any risks, tonight. No, tonight she had purposefully worn something much more revealing. It was skimpy and soft; the straps were thin and the neckline sinfully low, and the fabric was primarily a lovely, translucent lace. It was a beautiful sage green in color, and it was downright distracting.
Or, well. She hoped that it would be, at least.
She delicately combs both of her hands through her hair 鈥 purposefully left down to fall across her shoulders 鈥 and with a soft sigh of her own, she wanders down the stairs to meet Julian.
鈥淲elcome home, Ilya,鈥 is what she decides to lead with. He鈥檚 not noticed her yet, too busy struggling to remove his obscenely tall boots to have looked up just yet. 鈥淟ong day?鈥
His response is a soft groan, as his boots are finally kicked aside. He stands upright a handful of seconds later, dragging a hand through his hair as he nods his agreement. 鈥淰ery long,鈥 he laments, tugging his eyepatch off and tossing it aside in a manner that clearly indicates his happiness to be rid of it for the evening. 鈥淎nd hardly as exciting as you might assume. Some of these patients, darling, I鈥檓 telling you鈥! I鈥檓 not sure how many more times I can tolerate having to explain that there isn鈥檛 a cure for allergies, or a common cold. Not even leeches can 鈥 oh.鈥
He鈥檚 looked up, now. Smack in the middle of his frustrated rambling, he鈥檚 managed to catch a glimpse of Julianne, smiling softly at him and presenting herself just so, and鈥 oh.
鈥淲elcome home, indeed,鈥 he purrs, and immediately strides forward to meet her. His still-gloved hands settle at her waist, first and foremost, and his touch is warm and appreciative as he spends a handful of moments looking her over more thoroughly. 鈥淭o what do I owe this absolute vision?鈥
鈥淥h, no occasion in particular, darling,鈥 she responds, melting right into his touch just the way that she always does. Perfect, she thinks. It鈥檚 working, then. 鈥淚 just thought you deserved something nice. What with that long day of yours.鈥
One of his hands wanders upward, touching and tracing the length of her torso reverently. He only pauses when the palm of his hand reaches her neck, and the smile on his face grows all the more mischievous as he threads his fingers into her hair and ducks forward to kiss her lips.
鈥淢m, you spoil me,鈥 he mumbles into the kiss. In the next instant his hands are on her hips, gracefully lifting her up and hauling her in close. Her legs wind themselves around his waist on instinct, and her lips curl into a delighted smile against his as she clings to him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 only fair that I do the same for you, isn鈥檛 it?鈥
It鈥檚 not another moment before they鈥檙e up the stairs and off to the bedroom, then, and鈥 Gods. It鈥檚 a win-win situation through and through. There鈥檚 never a word said about the letter, and Julian spends the next several hours doing positively filthy things to her with his tongue and his fingers alike.
It鈥檚 perfect, and more importantly, she鈥檚 safe.
Or so she thinks.
It鈥檚 in the early hours of the morning that Julianne finds herself being tugged in close to her beloved doctor鈥檚 chest, peppered in loving kisses and brought to consciousness both by the affection and the warmth of the morning sun.
鈥淢mf,鈥 she mutters, tucking her face against his neck insistently as she comes to. 鈥淚lya?鈥
鈥淕ood morning, my love,鈥 he murmurs into her hair. It sounds as though he鈥檚 been awake for some time, and there鈥檚 a hint of a smile in his voice. It makes her smile, too, even as she yawns widely, and then proceeds to groan at the obviously early hour.
鈥淲hy鈥檙e you up,鈥 she asks, returning a handful of his kisses. 鈥淪鈥檛oo early to be up.鈥 He laughs softly, then, and presses another to the top of her head.
鈥淚 was just鈥 admiring, that鈥檚 all,鈥 he sighs. His hands wander the length of her back, fingertips delicately tracing the lacy little thing that she鈥檚 still wearing. He had never taken it off of her the night before 鈥 not at the start, and not as he鈥檇 held her beneath him and showed her exactly how much he appreciated it.
She smiles softly as she gathers her wits about her. It鈥檚 achingly sweet, and she鈥檚 definitely about to respond with some flirtatious quip or another, but he beats her to it before she has the chance.
Though she can鈥檛 see it just yet, there鈥檚 a hint of mischief in his smile, and it only grows as he speaks. 鈥淚f all of the silly little notes I write to you result in this, I might just have to do it more often.鈥
And 鈥 oh. Oh no.
She laughs softly perhaps a touch awkwardly at the suggestion. It鈥檚 certainly something of a challenge to bite back her panic, but she manages it quite expertly. Her expression is cool and calm as she leans back to meet his eyes, and she even manages to keep a hint of subtle flirtation in her tone as she speaks.
鈥淥h, I don鈥檛 know,鈥 she says with a smirk. 鈥淒o you really think you could keep that level of charm up for so long?鈥
Despite her cool, collected facade, her panic only rises. Because oh, Gods 鈥 of everything she could have said, she had gone with that?. It wasn鈥檛 wise. Not in the least. Julian was as competitive as he was persistent, and 鈥 and 鈥 fuck. She was fucked.
鈥淥h, darling, you wound me!鈥 he sighs, as dramatic as ever. He leans in and presses a kiss to her forehead anyways, though, laughing softly as he drops the act. 鈥淪till, though鈥 perhaps I did peak with that first one.鈥
Relief washes over Julianne at that, and she nods her agreement. 鈥淲ell, it isbest not to overdo it, isn鈥檛 it?鈥 she suggests with a smile.
鈥淵ou may be right,鈥 he agrees with a nod, and she relaxes further at that, because thank goodness. If she could just鈥 casually talk him out of the idea just as quickly as she鈥檇 talked him into it鈥
Quite unfortunately, however, she comes to find out soon enough that her relief had come very prematurely, because another few seconds later, Julian is grinning again. 鈥淚鈥檓 rather curious, though 鈥 did you have any favorite bits? Tidbits I could revisit in the future, perhaps?鈥
And she鈥 she doesn鈥檛 have a good response to that. She doesn鈥檛 have an alibi, or a white lie, or an escape route, because in truth? She hadn鈥檛 been able to make sense of a single line of the letter. He鈥檚 asking her for specifics, now, and she鈥檚 got nothing.
鈥淚 鈥 er 鈥 uhm,鈥 she stammers, clearly floundering. In the midst of her panic, she fails to notice the amused gleam in his eyes 鈥 the way that he鈥檚 biting back soft laughter as she struggles to put together a response.
鈥淪peechless, are you?鈥 he teases, leaning in to kiss her cheek. 鈥淥r鈥 perhaps it wasn鈥檛 very good after all?鈥
鈥淣o! I 鈥 it was! It鈥檚鈥 ah, the way, um 鈥 that line where鈥︹ she continues to try, stubborn as ever. Positively refusing to let herself fail.
However, it isn鈥檛 very much longer before Julian himself can no longer keep up the act. He dissolves into delighted laughter roughly thirty seconds in, and it stuns Julianne into silence.
鈥淢y dear,鈥 he says, once he鈥檚 caught his breath. 鈥淵ou could have just told me that you couldn鈥檛 read it.鈥
Julianne makes an indignant noise at that, and the shock in her expression dissolves into something rather more like a comically angry pout as she looks up at him.
鈥淲hat鈥! How鈥斺 she begins to ask, but it hits her before she ever gets the question out. Portia. She curses under her breath, and another moment later, she nudges him halfheartedly. It only makes him laugh more, and she grumbles and rolls her eyes at that. 鈥淭hat鈥檒l be the last time I trust your sister with my secrets, then.鈥
鈥淐ome now,鈥 he grins, brushing an errant strand of hair out of her eyes (even though she鈥檚 still refusing to meet his gaze). 鈥淚 thought it was adorable, how hard you tried to be convincing.鈥
She makes another disgruntled sound at that, though instead of pulling away, this time, she rolls into his arms with a forlorn sigh.
鈥淚t鈥檚 embarrassing,鈥 she whines, forehead pressed firmly to his chest. He rumbles with soft laughter, again, and she pouts. 鈥溾nd to be fair, we live together! I never thought that fib about being able to read that old letter of yours would ever come up again.鈥
Julian just grins, though, and presses another adoring kiss into his silly little magician鈥檚 hair.
鈥淥h, I don鈥檛 know,鈥 he sighs, cuddling her close. 鈥淚鈥檇 dare say that little fib was downright cunning of you.鈥
She blinks, raising her head a fraction at that and eyeing him curiously. 鈥溾ou would?鈥
He鈥檚 still smiling at her, and though the embarrassment of it all hasn鈥檛 faded just yet, it鈥檚 rather reassuring.
鈥淚t got me to talk, didn鈥檛 it?鈥 he points out, and she huffs.
鈥淚t did,鈥 she admits, and though her tone is still a touch reluctant, the smile on her face is soft and fond.
鈥淎nd now we鈥檙e here. Married and terribly domestic, all because of your embarrassing fib,鈥 he goes on to say, and that鈥檚 what breaks her. Her small smile brightens into a grin, and another handful of seconds later she鈥檚 giggling, flush with laughter and clinging to him as she nods her head.
鈥淕ods, that鈥 it really is the little things, isn鈥檛 it?鈥 she snickers, and Julian hums.
鈥淭hat it is,鈥 he agrees, giving her a squeeze.
Her laughter settles soon enough, and as she relaxes into his arms once more, she sighs.
鈥淚t really was sweet, though,鈥 she promises. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l read it to me sometime, won鈥檛 you?鈥
鈥淥f course I will, darling,鈥 he promises, sealing the words first with a tender kiss to her forehead, and then another to her lips not a moment later. And she鈥檚 perfectly content with that, sated and just about ready to sink into another few hours of sleep. Julian, though鈥 Julian has other ideas.
His hands wander toward the small of her back and then dip lower, and his smile grows devious as his touch shamelessly lingers on her ass for a very long moment before sliding toward the backs of her thighs, instead.
鈥淪o long as it gets me more of this?鈥 he asks. His tone is low and sultry, and Julianne ignores the slight hitch in her breath in favor of swatting at him playfully.
鈥淥h, you鈥檙e a menace,鈥 she complains. There isn鈥檛 any real fight behind it, though, and the moment he laughs and begins to pull away, she moves in closer. Presses him onto his back, and swings a leg across his hips. Indulges him.
She鈥檒l always indulge him, as big a menace as he might be.
And鈥 well, screw it. Love letters were overrated, anyways.
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courtmajulian20 hours ago
Vlastomil, peeling a banana: may i take your jacket, sir? Haha
Vulgora: do you think other people can鈥檛 hear you?
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shadow--writera day ago
Happy birthday! May I ask for the main 3 celebrating the MC's birthday? GN please? Thanks!
Of course you may <3. And thank you for the birthday wishes! I know it鈥檚 been a wee bit since my birthday and you sending this in, but I appreciate it!聽
Julian, Asra, Nadia x MC birthday celebrations
He loves celebrating your birthday with you, and is always super sweet about it聽
Bringing you breakfast in bed (with Maz鈥檚 help of course <3) and will just sit and talk with you as you eat
He鈥檚 been planning what to do for your birthday for a little while now, taking you two to your favourite spots around town聽
Stopping by the baker for a quick snack, saying hello to friends聽
He鈥檚 very sweet and dramatic the whole day, picking out little trinkets and presents for you as you shop around for a bit聽
Will do anything you want to do, and do his best to take you anywhere around town you want to go聽
Sets up a little show at the theatre before dinner, the two of you getting dressed up and giggly as you watch it聽
It鈥檚 a sweet thing, about the raven and the witch, defeating a god, and being together (*wink wink*) I wonder who could鈥檝e possible written it...
After he takes you to dinner and then the dock聽
Staring out at the water and the island that was more of a dull ache by this point, he softly whispers that he loves you
While holding a little cake he made without any help. The frosting is a bit messy, the cake saggy and crumbly. The candle half melted for it was all he could find聽
But it鈥檚 so sweet you can鈥檛 help but almost cry, hugging him so tightly and letting out soft murmurs of聽鈥業 love you鈥檚
You fall asleep warm and content in his arms, with him kissing the top of your head
The cake, even with the messiness, was delicious
Asra is the type to wake you up on your birthday by jumping into bed and kissing you sloppily聽
Loud wet kisses against your face and neck and chest, making you wake with a start and fall into giggles
Slow early morning kisses while they tell you all the fun things you two are going to do for your birthday聽
The house smells sweet, like vanilla and sugar, the air holding a thickness to it that makes you feel like you鈥檙e on cloud nine
Faust curling around your shoulders as he hands you a sweet tea with still warm pumpkin bread, doing a little happy wiggle聽
He can鈥檛 resist giving you some of your gifts early, lighting up and wiggling as you open them
Of course, as the day goes on they give you little ones randomly, just to see you giggle and kiss his cheek聽
Takes you sightseeing, holding your hand and letting your arms swing as you two chatter on excitedly
Most of your day takes place at home, with little scavenger hunts to find presents and sweets, and spending time warm in one another鈥檚 company聽
You help them make dinner, them wrapping their arms around you and leading you into a soft yet sloppy dance around the kitchen聽
Smears frosting from your cake on your nose to kiss it off, entangling your fingers together聽
Falling asleep perfectly happy with them slurring their聽鈥業 love you鈥 with a voice thick with sleep
Kissing their neck and murmuring聽鈥業 love you鈥 back as you slowly drift off, Faust curled up around on the pillow above you two聽
One would think Nadia would throw a party and have a celebration, but she prefers the soft and sweet morning, waking up to your lovely face聽
The two of you sneaking out of the palace as dawn touches the dew turned earth, holding hands with whispered giggles聽
Going out of the city for once, to enjoy the beauty of nature in one another鈥檚 company
Relaxing in the sun on a picnic, picking flowers and putting them behind Nadia鈥檚 ears and twined in her hair
Nadia stumbling into a cold creek and dragging you in with her
Screams from cold water and giggles as you two splash one another, getting muddy and soaked
Going back to the palace chilled to the bone and still laughing, bent over and holding one another
Nadia kissing you softly in front of the fire as you two are snuggled under a blanket, skin pressed against skin聽
Laughter as you eat dinner and cake, opening gifts and just talking with her聽
Her lips tasting sweet like buttercream and skin as soft and cold as snow, pressed against one another with soaking wet hair聽
Soft聽鈥業 love you鈥檚 said between kisses and bites of cake (that she probably feeds you)聽
Falling asleep like that, in front of the fire, your head on her shoulder and her head on yours, your hands clasped
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solarsystembitch21 hours ago
Julian: [laughing smugly] looks like I've bested you, Apprentice.
MC: ...
MC: you're literally tied up, face down on my floor.
Julian: and it's the best.
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thearcanathinga day ago
*Julian taking Mc out to the Rowdy Raven for some drinks*
*15 minutes later*
Julian: "Am I cute enough yet?"
Mc: "What-"
Julian: "Or do you need more to drink?"
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