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thecraftymagician · 2 days ago
M6 with a clingy MC? Like MC always wants to be around them and holding their hand or holding on to their arm out in public but then koala hugs them in private. Who just wants to at least be in the room with them if they’re working/reading or otherwise occupied
I'm so sorry for the wait, my dear. I felt like everyone would have similar reactions but didn't know exactly how to make each distinct but I think I finally got it!
M6 With A Clingy M6
They find it honestly very adorable and endearing. It's just sweet and nice that they get to show off their affection for you.
They'll never say no to holding your hand or to getting koala hugs even in public. It actually makes them feel better if/when they take you somewhere potentially dangerous.
This gives them a great excuse to cuddle you constantly, too not that they need it.
The only time it might be a problem is if they need to leave for a bit but to make you feel better they'll leave a shirt or blanket that smells like them for you while they're gone and water skype you whenever they can.
Mostly they'll accommodate whatever you feel you need when you need it because they really love physical touch too and find it comforting as well.
She also finds it incredibly sweet but given her position it requires a bit more delicacy.
While she may not be able to do much more than hold hands in public, when you're alone or behind closed doors she will cuddle you close to your heart's content.
She loves to shower you with affection and attention but it's usually more subtle or in different ways/love languages (i.e. gifts, words of affirmation, and quality time when she can).
In passing or when no one is looking she'll squeeze your hand, brush her finger to your palm or touch your arm when she knows you need it.
She might have half a mind to give you a seat when she has meetings next to her or otherwise just so you can still be around each other.
It's not that he's uncomfortable, he's just not used to it. He still questions why you want to be close to him so often more so from self doubt but he honestly loves it.
Sure he's blushing as red as his hair but he's also just melting because your so sweet.
Holding hands? Of course! Koala hugs and glomps? You're just doing this because I'm tall, eh? If you want to make him laugh latch on to his lanky legs. He will make it a point to try walking with you on him.
The only issue may occur when he's working. Of course you're welcome to visit but you can't really be in the room with patients.
Literally any other time is fair game as he doesn't mind PDA in the slightest. Honestly he's not a huge fan of being alone often himself so he enjoys just being around you as well even if it's like 3am and you're alseep.
Definitely the only one to feel a bit uncomfortable but more so embarrassed. Not that it's embarrassing or that you are just, he won't stop blushing.
Quite honestly he loves it but still feels awkward in public more than just friends around. Even then it still feels a bit weird but he doesn't hate it.
He lots holding hands especially because yours are so small in comparison and so cute. He likes it when you hug him a bit more than him hugging you because he doesn't have to hold back any strength to not hurt you. I swear he would hug you so tight if he could. (But tbh he would probably give you piggyback rides everywhere if you want.)
Muriel is more than likely to shadow you if he has nothing to do but otherwise loves you following him around and especially just being around you even just sitting in silence together.
Also finds it incredibly sweet and adorable. You might get tired of having sweaty hands because she'll make sure to hold your hand constantly. She's also one who loves physical touch and will make it a point to do so, even just brushing hair out of your face or dabbing something off your cheek.
Will equally be all over you especially in public. Doesn't remotely ever care what anyone thinks.
She might get busy with work or her own chores but she will always come back to you every day happily with lots of hugs and cuddles. You might not be able to be with her while she works but stuff like gardening is kinda fair game and you can always pop by for lunch.
The only worry here is Pepi might get jealous of you but it's more so extra cute headbutts and extra loud mews for attention.
As if his ego wasn't already too big to fit through the door. Loves the attention from you, it's his life force. The extra you give the more extra he'll be I swear.
Will absolutely go out of his way to make a show of you holding his hand or hugging him because that's right Vesuvia! The best human to grace these streets is adored by the other best human to grace these streets!
You want to go with him where he goes? Say no more! His favorite person watching him practice fight or just hang out and vibe? A dream.
Out of everyone Lucio is probably the clingiest too so he'll insist on following you around and being near you- for.. protection of course! He's definitely needy and needs alot of reassurance and attention too so he is very understanding.
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theartofsabrinak · a day ago
Tumblr media
I was wondering how Julian might feel when he's alone and everything that's happened is coming crashing down on him especially after he got the mark on his hand.
If you wanna see more, follow me on Instagram. ✨♥️
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xaharadesert · a day ago
Arcana Characters As Interpreted By An Abstract Art Generator Part 3 But This Time I Use The Sprites
A/N: it’s officially a ✨series✨— feel free to leave a comment or ask if you’ve got a suggestion for what to do next :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thearcanastuffv · 2 days ago
Y/n: Are you nervous?
Julian: Yes.
Y/n: Is this your first time?
Julian: No, I have been nervous before.
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i-wish-i-was-consistent · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ASRA who never wishes to leave your side, but he adores the way you react after he comes back after a long journey. Your eyes light up like the stars as though he was the one who hung them there himself as soon as you see him. You pull him into one of your hugs that he loves so much— a silent mutter of I missed you in the air as you welcome him home.
NADIA who loves making you feel like the world, like the center of the universe; the only thing that matters. Your reaction when she showers you with gifts and praise (which are all warranted) will never not make her feel butterflies. And the mere fact that she can make you as happy as you deserve leaves her feeling soft.
JULIAN who is smitten with you and the way you make him feel. He's never had high self-esteem— but the way you go out of your way to tell and show him how wonderful you think he is makes him feel things he's never really felt before. And of course, he'll always make sure to return the favor.
MURIEL who's always been fond of the way you look cuddling up to him and Inanna, the light from the warm flame hitting you just right to make his breath catch in his throat. It's at these moments he thinks about you— about what you've done to him, how you make him feel safe and loved in ways he never thought possible; especially for someone like him. But he knows he'll do anything for you, and he'll always be grateful.
PORTIA who often comes home late because of her duties, and no matter how hard her day was— seeing you there waiting for her to come home is enough for her to feel like she's sailing across the ocean again. And there are no words needed to satisfy her, just you is all she really needs.
LUCIO who is selfish, and he knows it (despite how he acts). He wants to make you feel happy because he's euphoric when you are. He wants to tell you all his stories— from the ones that actually happened to the ones that he made up to impress you because he loves the sound of your laugh. But despite that, he hopes you'll stay with him— accept him with all his vanity and selfishness and countless other flaws. He doesn't know what he'd do if you didn't.
Tumblr media
What is this.
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courtmajulian · 14 hours ago
Lucio: in my defense, i was left unsupervised.
Nadia: weren't you with MC??
MC: in my defense, i was also left unsupervised.
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epoch-smog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Scrapped animation piece
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memaidraws · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
AND HERE THEY ALL ARE! The Valentine’s Commissions have all been completed and approved! Thank you so much to the lovely commissioners who have reached out <3
@thana-topsy @ceilingcow @lildrawsart @storyknitter @venusmage Mim, Cosmi, Alex, Dmitri, Vee and Lithium!
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0missedcalls · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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galaxa-13 · a day ago
Downloaded The Arcana game after having deleted it from my phone a year or two ago. Started rambling about the story and characters to my datemate. Ended up with this explanation:
Julian is a little bitch (affectionate). Lucio is a little bitch (derogatory).
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lilythevoidkeeper · a day ago
If you chose Julian from the beginning... Your type is the sweet broken baby who would do anything and everything for you and in return you tell said person that they are the most wonderful thing... I need my sweet broken baby to be real, dammit!! Hes too perfect for his own good!! 😭
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drakonishe · 2 days ago
More headcanons on courtier AU Asrian 🥺🥺
I've been thinking lately about how their relationship would transform as Asra gets out from under the Devil's influence, and oooh boy.
Considering that swap!Asra's whole self-esteem is built around their magic skills and social status (unhealthy, I know, yikes), having them taken away almost completely as punishment for past crimes would be an enormous blow to their mental state. Coupled with them getting human emotions back, after semi-successfully repressing their feelings towards Ilya for a long while.... Yeah, they go from an overconfident puppeteer to feeling like a scared wounded animal. At first they think Ilya will leave them, because he should, how can he not after all they've done? They can't think of anything worthwhile left in them as a person. But he stays, and it's almost annoying to them, now that they can admit to themself that they care about him. They want what's best for him, and staying with a conniving disempowered villain is far from that.
They grumble, call him a silly bird, but accept his affection, and reciprocate it too. They feel awful for not doing it earlier, now it looks like they're clinging to the only asset they have left, but the thing is - they don't see him as an asset anymore. Nor as a pet they keep around for amusement. They see a man, an honest doctor, a person recovering from being under the Devil's heel. If prior to that their secret affection was laced with pity, they admire him now. They understand that they're the pitiful one, and feel like they don't deserve him.
They get angry when at some point he dares to mumble out that he doesn't deserve THEM. They hiss, and squeeze him in an almost constricting hug, burying their face in his neck, grumbling about how foolish he is, how much more he deserves, and how they wish they could give him more. He laughs it off, admitting that he's just a silly bird, but that he's happy as long as he's Asra's silly bird, and kisses the top of their head.
They feel so incapable and poorly adapted to the simple life now, after spending years in the palace and relying heavily on spells. They're annoyed at themself for needing Ilya to teach them basic things, like doing dishes or dusting shelves. They turn out to be good at cooking, but they need a very precise recipe for every dish, they treat it as seriously as brewing potions.
A part of the redemption arc is Asra and Ilya working at Devarshi's clinic, under very strict supervision. The magician is annoyed at Devarshi too, for them being too kind and patient. Asra is very thorough and unexpectedly enthusiastic about their work, trying to restore their self-worth, first and foremost in their own eyes, but also in the eyes of vesuvians. Appearing weak and useless in front of the commonfolk would be humiliating, after years of being condescending and dismissive towards the "peasants", plus it's simply unsafe to have so many people hate you without the magic to protect yourself. That's what they tell themself. It's too hard for Asra to admit that their conscience is eating them alive about experimenting on people in the past, but eventually - they will. Hopefully, they'll do enough good by that time, so that it softens the blow.
As for Ilya, at first he feels like he's walking on eggshells, like any wrong move can ruin everything, so he's very careful around Asra when the Devil's chains fall. He can't believe his dream of a simple human life with Asra is coming true, but he'll be damned if he doesn't do everything he can to make it happen.
He tries his best to not remind Asra about their magic abilities, or rather inability, but it's just way too hard, magic used to be intertwined with their whole life. He knows they're not angry at him when they throw tantrums, they're angry at themself, but it still hurts to see them like this. They pull their own hair, hiss and growl when something that used to be insignificantly easy before presents a challenge for them now.
Softly, carefully, he approaches them and takes their wrists into his hands, then gently pries their fists open so that they'd stop hurting themself. Sometimes they breathe in deeply and apologize for letting him see them like this, sometimes they end up crumbling, sobbing into his chest and holding him tight. If he's really lucky, they end up talking about their feelings. He could never imagine Asra could experience the same emotions as him, and yet here they are, two former demons, ashamed of their past crimes, feeling useless, but most importantly - caring deeply for one another.
They now treat him as an equal, show genuine interest, care and support. Ilya also gets mental health lows, and then it's Asra's turn to comfort him. I don't think there are therapists in Vesuvia, but I wish there were, they both really need one. I believe they can manage to cope with their issues eventually though, with mutual support and befriending other people.
Asra ends up being the first one to say "I love you", because Ilya keeps hesitating, not sure if such gesture would be off-putting for Asra in their fragile mental state. It happens naturally, not in one of those moments when Asra feels like they need Ilya, but when they're just happy that he's around. They're both laying in bed after a long shift, he's quietly humming a song he's heard recently at the theater, his hand lazily pets Asra's hair. Warmth fills the magician's chest when they look up and see the smile on his face. They smile in return, the words drop from their lips effortlessly, like there's no way they could say anything else. "I love you". They stare at each other for a moment. "YOU DO??" - is Ilya's first reaction, "I MEAN- I LOVE YOU TOO" - he corrects himself, his cheeks turning red. Asra snorts in laughter. They didn't need to hear a response, they've known how he felt for a while.
Ok it's 6 a m, I haven't slept yet, I should stop. I know you asked for headcanonS but it turned out to be a long description of one about their post-demon life?? I hope you enjoy Q-Q
TL;DR: I just want them to take care of each other and help each other recover mentally and socially
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bastart13 · a month ago
Tumblr media
It's Julian's birthday month, so why not draw him being domestic
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timmys-and-scribbles · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy belated Valentine’s Day lol
Based on that one post by @thearcanagame 😉
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flekh · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
you have been visited by Julian Devorak
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portiaandpepi · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
brain: do arcana characters w their patron arcana’s outfits
me: are we really gonna do julian like that
brain: yea he’d probably like it
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courtmajulian · 2 days ago
Asra: muriel, what are you eating?
Muriel: eating a family sized bag of chips
Asra: that's not family sized.. that's regular sized.
Muriel: everything's family sized when you don't have a family
Asra: muriel, nO
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epoch-smog · a day ago
Why isn't the video working on my end? Anyways. The lyrics in grey were to help time the frames (I have space outside of camera view which is why they're cut off)
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nabesthetics · 3 months ago
The Arcana characters as AI-generated candy hearts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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spaghettidrawing · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Finally decided to draw Julian in his gladiator outifit :D
Hope you enjoy!
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