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When I finally write the words “Because I care about you, Willie” you all better read it the exact same way Willie said it in 1.08

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“We’re Not Dating!”

paring: platonic alex mercer x female!reader, bobby wilson x female!reader

warning: the boys being stupid (per usual), teasing, reggie peters being the cutest thing to exist

request: Everyone thinks they’re dating (even tho Alex has said multiple times that he is gay). Forehead kisses, cuddles, you name it. The reader can have a crush on one of the other band members if you would like, maybe Alex can help her/them through that. - @kmsmedine

note: this takes place in the 90’s

taglist: @dumble-daddy @kmsmedine @n0wornever



Originally posted by evaneddie

“I’m gay!”

“We are not dating!”

Alex and (Y/N) both shouted when their friends had caught them hugging.

“Then explain what happened there! That didn’t look like platonic hugging!” Luke shouted, “If you guys are dating them just tell us!”

Both (Y/N) and Alex broke apart from the hug with a fast speed.

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charlie gillespie tommy bracco


the fan favorites who are constantly getting bullied

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Julie Molina from Julie and the Phantoms is going to super hell for bisexual crimes!!!

requested by: Anonymous x3

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About a thousand times a day

I say to myself

If there was an angle that you had to learn in math class to be acute

It would be that cute

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Tumblr has turned me so much into a Willie/Booboo simp I think at this point there’s no turning back

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So I know I have done this duet before…. a couple times…. but I feel like my voice is improving a little so I wanted to try it again lol! Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you 💜💜💜

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I love how the JATP fandom have basically universally accepted so many things as true: 

- Bisexual Reggie

- Luke and Alex used to date

- Luke’s love language is touch

- Cuddle piles are a thing that the boys (and Julie) do

(And my personal fave)

- Julie is a clothes stealer 

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Share Your Address by Ben Platt lives in my head rent free 24/7 and is absolutely a Willex song. I will not be taking criticism at this time, thank you

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A/N: Beware- angst ahead. 


He was warm. They all were.

None of that here nor there, chilly air that consisted their ghostly forms. They were solid.

They were alive.

Luke’s hands felt his face, sliding it down until they framed his chin, then to his neck, where he felt a pulse. A pulse! And it was beating. His heart was beating. He had a heart.

But why the hell it did feel like it was being torn out?

Maybe it was the sobering thought, the one to squash the initial elation of being living, breathing people. That it hadn’t been possible if it weren’t for-

Luke looked up, Alex and Reggie too, to where Julie was rooted to the spot, her hand still in Caleb’s grasp-

Having had just sealed the deal.

The exchange.

A soul for a soul.

(Or three).

“Julie?” God, it didn’t sound like it came from him. Nothing felt real because what he was seeing couldn’t be- it shouldn’t be, Julie with Caleb-

She should have stayed in the car. She should have stayed in the goddamn car and not charge in after them.

His gaze locked onto Caleb, fury emanating from his newly human form.

“What did you do?!”

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