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sapphicjuliemolina · 2 days ago
i cannot believe there are people in this fandom who hate willie. like the words ‘i hate willie from julie and the phantoms’ sound like a literal crime.
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mouse-fantoms · a day ago
When you’re just casually scrolling on insta and you just come across the cast wanting season 2 just as much as you do,
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thereigning-lorelai · 2 days ago
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but if you decide to, i'll ride in this life with you i won't let go 'til the end
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latinposeidon · 2 days ago
Being a JatP fan and a Heartstopper fan rn is just
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thedeathdeelers · 2 days ago
anyway i know it’s silly but i think there will always be that small part of me that’ll still hold out hope for more jatp, no matter what
it’s as if i somehow believe that even when something dies it can still come back….somehow……..
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the-emotional-one · 2 days ago
petition for them to put a jatp song in the heartstopper soundtrack for s2/3
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fiddlepickdouglas · 2 days ago
Actually I dare Heartstopper to show Tori or somebody watching Julie and the Phantoms in the background just to make things super spicy
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pearlcaddy · 8 hours ago
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JULIE MOLINA & LUKE PATTERSON Julie and the Phantoms 1.07
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saltylittleace · 2 days ago
okay but willie laying with alex in the beautiful, sprawling backyard of some celebrity alex doesn’t know. both lying on their backs, willie’s head on alex’s stomach as they look up at the stars.
alex’s fingers tap a rhythm against willie’s shoulder, then move to willie’s scalp so he can comb his fingers through willie’s hair, all the way through to the ends, ending back up at willie’s shoulder again. the process repeats.
if he needed sleep, willie thinks it would be enough to help him drift off.
and it’s peaceful and willie’s soul feels so light, no longer bound by caleb’s curse, and there are thousands of stars in the sky above them and they’re beautiful, but willie still doesn’t want to know what’s beyond them. he doesn’t want to cross over at all.
(if he ever did, though? he wouldn’t go without alex)
and he knows alex is curious. he knows alex considers it sometimes; that he doesn’t really want to leave as much as he just wants some answers. he thinks about it often whereas willie is content with the little heaven on earth that they’re creating for themselves.
“you know what?” alex says quietly, fingers paused against willie’s neck. “I’m glad you never wanted to cross over. we wouldn’t have met. that’s - terrifying to think about, actually.”
and willie just smiles softly. closes his eyes and reaches a hand up to tangle his fingers with alex’s against his neck. “felt like I was just here, serving caleb, skating wherever I wanted. it should’ve been enough. and it was ‘til you showed up.”
willie glances up to alex’s face, heart skipping a beat at the love there in his smile. “I messed it all up for you, huh?” he asks.
“no,” willie answers. “just made me realize that - that all that time, I was just waiting for you. finding you gave me, like. peace. you know?”
alex’s eyes soften. his voice is just as quiet when he replies, “yeah. same way for me.”
willie presses a kiss to alex’s knuckles. breathes a soft love you into his skin. he rests his head on alex’s stomach again and closes his eyes.
he doesn’t need to stare up at the stars. his heaven’s already here.
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garc-i-a · 2 days ago
Should We Get Out The Clown Suits?
For anyone that is on Instagram, I am sure you know orpheumphantom, otherwise known as Erin. Erin is one of the people behind the Orpheum Tour project. If you don’t know what the Orpheum Tour is…what are you doing here? But seriously, go to savejatp.com to learn more.
Now Erin posted bits of an article about wanting the show back. It was posted earlier today, 20 May 2022. And for some odd reason, it got attention from several people from JATP. Here is the link to the post in question:
And then here are the people who liked and commented on it from JATP.
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As you can see, Kenny commented. Is there something in the works behind the scenes we don’t know about? 🤔
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tangledstarlight · a day ago
keep thinking about this dumb downton abbey x juke au so now i'm making it everyone elses problem. and by au i basically mean taking the jatp characters and shoving them in a grand ol' house and giving juke a lil 'forbidden'/starcrossed romance à la sybil and tom. fully aware this is very niche but when do i write anything that isnt. this got long my bad oh well.
to fulfil my need for reggie to be a molina always, he's the adopted son of ray and rose, and the heir to the molina estate because he's also the son of rays, now dead, cousins. he gets named the heir before carlos is ever born because neither of them think they'll have anymore kids. (then carlos comes along and when he grows up and people ask if he feels cheated out of his 'rights' he just laughs because why would he want that stress when he can just live his life)
because reggie is the one who most people will be judging, it means julie has a little bit more freedom with her life and who she wants to end up with. but she's still also the only daughter of the earl so people are always trying to woo her. she's very good at idle small talk and making up excuses to avoid dancing with certain young lords.
she spends her first season in london being invited to all the balls and teas, and spends as much time as she possibly can watching bands play and learning the newest songs. one time she confesses to being a 'pretty decent singer' and spends every other tea or dinner singing for people.
rose dies very slowly, but also very suddenly a month before julie's 19th birthday. the house and local area go into mourning, the door to the music room at the house is closed and julie doesn't sing.
a year later luke patterson is hired as the new chauffeur for the family. he gets the job because he's known footman alex since they were kids, and because he's known reggie for nearly as long who used to sneak out when he was younger and met them both throwing rocks into a river. luke doesn't want to be a chauffeur, doesn't care about aristocrats and is terrible at remembering all the proper rules. he takes the job because the family don't really go out that much so he has lots of free time to write.
julie and luke have a rocky first meeting full of accidental rudeness, luke nearly hitting her with a car door, a lost glove and A Lot of glaring. things become a little more civil after luke learns it's approaching the year anniversary of her mums death and he says he's sorry.
anyway you fast forward a couple of weeks and luke is snooping through the house when he thinks the family are out, he finds for the famed music room and spends a while looking at all the different books and instruments before ending up at the piano where he finds a song left out on the stand. he's never been a great pianist, but he can pick out the notes slowly on the keys.
which is where julie finds him, demands to know what he's doing, asks him to leave. there's a lot of hurried sorrys and explanations and he heads towards the door, leaving his notebook behind. just as he's about to leave just asks "where did you find this?" holding up the song, to which luke frowns a little "it was just on the piano when i came in." and then leaves while julie is looking at the song.
he's sneaking around the outside of the house a little while later, hoping he can sneak in through a window to get his notebook back when he hears the piano. he's looking through the slightly open window when he hears julie start to sing. all thoughts of his notebook are gone as he listens in awe.
two days later julie finds luke in the garage, his notebook clutched tightly in her hands, and it's the second thing luke notices because he's so captivated by the way the sun is shining behind her and making her glow.
julie returns his notebook to him and luke apologises again about the snooping, and julie confesses to having looked through his notebooks and luke can't stop himself before he's asking her opinions on some of his songs.
they become friends, and slowly, without either of them really realising (though everyone around them has) they fall in love. luke proposes they run away and julie almost agrees, before alex, reggie & flynn tell them both that's dumb and to just tell ray. which they do. there's some arguments and disagreements but eventually things are settled and ray just wants his kid to be happy. they get married, move somewhere fancy and become a super famous singing duo.
they live happily ever after the end😌
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YES i am bouncing off the walls excited for heartstopper season 2 and 3, YES I am bitter that julie and the phantoms wasn’t renewed
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mouse-fantoms · 2 days ago
I am happy for ya’ll don’t get me wrong but a part of me is just a lil bit salty,
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Less than a month of airing and was renewed
Tumblr media
…over a year of silence only for them to come back 15 months later and say it was cancelled
Netflix: “yes yes renew this inclusive show.”
Also Netflix: “No, cancel the inclusive show that we could have on our platform that shows inclusivity so then we could say ‘hey look at our representation!’ But not cancel that one.”
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thereigning-lorelai · 9 hours ago
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julie and the phantoms + incorrect quotes (bring it on edition)
» for @xxprettylittletimebombxx
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latinposeidon · a day ago
Alex started using gay as an insult after he came out because he finds the irony funny, and Julie's absolutely just a tiny bit chronically online
Like he calls something gay in a super deadpan voice in front of her before he comes out to her and she has a moment of ?????? dude that's really not cool anymore???????? As Alex is just there like :| Julie I used to wear pink in the 1990s. :| Do you really think I'm straight. :|
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thedeathdeelers · 2 days ago
feeling nostalgic about the days when we were basically 100% sure we would be getting a renewal and were so full of hope and energy and the engagement in general was at an all-time high
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writerownstory · a day ago
"You kissed me." "And you didn't stop me." The best part is, WHICH ONE WOULD SAY WHAT???
hi sweet friend!!! I’m sorry this took so long, but here is some (hopefully) cute juke for you <3 the first line is misleading, but hang tight lol
“You’re being ridiculous, Luke.”
“If being honest makes me ridiculous then so be it.”
She crossed her arms over her chest. “No one’s forcing you to.”
“Jules, I’m only saying this because I care about you. This guy is bad news.” Luke has been acting weird ever since she’d casually mentioned that she and Nick had been hanging out more often outside of school. She’d never seen him like this before and it didn’t help that Reggie and Alex had just exchanged a look and left quickly after they’d finished rehearsal.
“You don’t even know anything about him.”
“Trust me, okay, I know guys like him.”
“Nick’s a sweetheart.”
Luke shook his head. “That’s what he wants you to think. Then he’ll demand all your time and attention. He’ll be make you feel bad when you spend any time apart.”
“He would never do that.”
“Missing rehearsals? Skipping band movie nights and hanging out with your best friends? That doesn’t sound like the Julie I know. Smells like a dorky little lacrosse player to me. You know Reggie takes that stuff really personal—“
Julie rolled her eyes before deciding it was time to put the boy out of his misery. She reached up to cup the back of his neck, closing the space between them as she captured his lips in a soft kiss. After a minute she pulled back slowly, looking up at him cautiously to gauge his reaction.
His eyes opened as if in slow motion, his pupils blown wide in surprise. “You kissed me,” he said, looking dazed.
A smile gradually appeared on her face, her fingers tangled in the hair at the back of his neck, stroking gently. “And you didn’t stop me.”
“But—But Nick?”
“I meant what I said. Nick’s a sweetheart. But he’s not my type.”
She watched his eyes flicker to her lips before he asked, “What is your type?”
“Stubborn, over-protective guitar players who aren’t very good at boundaries.”
Luke grinned sheepishly. “Sounds like his hearts in the right place?” he asked, leaning in again.
She pushed him away slightly, looking up at him. “I only missed all that stuff because I realized that…” She trailed off, only just noticing how much awe was in his gaze when he looked at her. She hadn’t done anything, except kiss him, yet he was looking at her as if she’d just told him the best news of his life. Had he always looked at her like this? “It’s you, Luke. It’s always been you.”
“So you’ve been avoiding me?” His eyes widened, but Julie wasn’t sure he was aware of it. He was doing his accidental puppy dog eyes that made her melt every time.
“I just…Nick tried to kiss me the other day and I realized I didn’t want him to kiss me. I wanted you to kiss me. But I didn’t know if you felt the same or—”
He cut her off with another kiss, before his grin became too much, he rested his forehead against her’s. “Jules, I have wanted to kiss you I first heard you sing.”
Luke chuckled, all traces of the puppy dog eyes gone. “You seriously underestimate how in love with you I am.”
The words hadn’t been out of his mouth two seconds before it seemed to register in his head what he said. “I—I mean, you don’t have to—“
“Luke.” It was a lot. She wouldn’t deny that. But she knew Luke, trusted him more than anybody. So if he could wear his heart on his sleeve for her… “I love you too. Even with your boundary issues,” she teased.
His lopsided grin made her heart beat faster in her chest. “You mean it’s not a dealbreaker?”
“I think we can manage.”
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sapphicjuliemolina · 2 days ago
the wlw ships in this silly little fandom are ??? so ??? good ??? like julynn?? perfect, my best friends to lovers excellence. jarrie, oml, THE ANGST, THE PINING, ITS JUST UGH I LOVE THEM. flarrie?? the slow realization that you’re in love w the person you’ve ‘hated’ for an entire year. kayrie??? BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS:((((. AND AND AND JULIEFLYNNCARRIE????? AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, MY FAVORITE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.
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princebenvi · a day ago
now that netflix has proved that it can in fact renew queer happy shows, they should bring back jatp
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nbvethbrenatto · a day ago
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moodboard: willex (willie x alex)
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