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#julie and the phat ones
nothazellevesque · 7 months ago
Ranking JATP songs by how much reggie is simply vibing during them
Other Side of Hollywood: look at reggie’s face. that boy is ASTOUNDED. he is ENTRANCED. the jazz. the tuxedoes. the DANCING. he is vibing on a level unknown to us mere mortals. Rating: 15/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Edge of Great- Peak Reggie Vibes. he’s bopping, he’s smiling, he’s interacting with his friends and doing what he loves. Absolute King Behavior. Rating: 10/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Finally Free- our king is VIBING. He’s bopping. he’s smiling. He’s jumping around. he is singing his heart out not only into his own mic, but Luke’s as well. hit those high notes king. Rating: 9/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Now or Never- he’s more subdued as it is a sound check, but look at him go! the mic sharing! the bouncing! the bopping! he is certainly having the time of his Very Short life! Rating: 8/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Bright- he’s a little confused at first, but he gets over it and starts vibing pretty quickly. a slow start, but our Vibe King bounces back RAPIDLY. Rating: 7.5/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Flying Solo- is vibing pretty heavily, but is also slightly concerned for julie and flynn’s relationship. He is certainly bopping, but no mic sharing, proving that he CAN be serious when the situation demands it. Rating: 7/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
This Band is Back (Reggie’s Jam)- this song is called REGGIE’S JAM, and he proves it! he is dancing! he is goofing around! he is happily making music with his buddies! man may have been sad prior to this, but he bounces back and he RALLIES. Rating: 6.5/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Stand Tall- our king is back, and he’s going to cross over! the vibes start off rather slow, and his vibe dies a bit when Luke is having issues, but Reggie brings it RIGHT back with his killer bass solo and pure WILLPOWER. did you hear his solo? our boy is performing his little undead heart out, and we must reward him for it! Rating: 6/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Wow- he isn’t playing here, but look at our boy’s face! he is absolutely ASTOUNDED. the choreography! the showmanship! alex overshadows him with the dancing, but reggie is doing a little bobbing himself! a quietly vibing king! Rating: 5/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
All Eyes On Me- Alex is king of the vibes for this song, but reggie is certainly vibing as well, if not to the music, then to Alex’s vibes. look at his smug little face and his crossed arms. he is LOVING seeing his best friend having the time of his afterlife. Rating: 3/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Wake Up- reggie isnt present for most of the song, but when he is, at the very end, he is just standing there. not a vibe in sight. just this poor awkward boy experiencing the feeling of accidentally walking in on someone. Rating: 1.5/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
I Got The Music- reggie isn’t here at all, but i’m sure he is vibing elsewhere with his friends. i cannot rate his Level Of Vibery as we do not see him. Rating: 0/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Perfect Harmony- again, reggie is not present in the slightest, but he is probably vibing with his friends. cannot rate the unseen vibes. Rating: 0/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Unsaid Emily- reggie’s barely seen, but when he is, he looks sad. he isn’t even bopping to the music he just looks like he is Going Through It (not nearly as much as luke though). cheer up sweetie it’s going to be okay. Rating: -0.75/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
Nothing to Lose- NO. NO. our king is SCARED. he is not in control of his own body! look at his face! he is trying his hardest to vibe and have fun, but he can’t! he is confused, and he is terrified. caleb KILLED his vibes. the vibes are DEAD and nothing to lose is driving over them with a steamroller. HELP HIM. Rating: -9000/10 on the Reggie Peters Vibe Scale
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thedeathdeelers · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
julie keeps their one combined brain cell in relative safety under lock and key
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raisedbylibrarians · 28 days ago
Watching the JATP fandom collectively lose it over a last name has me Big Worried that they are gonna turn on the show/creators when their version of Bobby gets Jossed real bad.
Like we know almost nothing about him. And fandom saw an empty vessel to pin all these hopes and dreams on and THAT’S FINE as long as people realize that creators and actors are not responsible for your headcanons.
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ritz-hell-hotel · 8 months ago
Retail Therapy - Luke Patterson
Julie and the Phantoms
Tumblr media
Request?: Nope.
Word Count: 4.8K+
Summary: Alive!Luke x Alive!Reader/ Alive!JATP x Reader. After a fight with your parents, you go out for a little retail therapy and meet a certain Rockstar. I think I will prolly do a part 2 or more let me know if you want one, btw this is not proofread or edited. Luke sings to you in this chapter and he sings ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, so you can listen to that if you want.
Warnings: I don’t think there’s any.
“Julie please, my parents and I just got into another huge fight about my art and I need moral support.”
“But my dad wants me to watch Carlos and I can’t bail again.”
“Please just get here! I need you, Jules,” Y/N radiated distress and it was clear to all the people in the Claire’s she was currently in.
“Fine, I can call my tía. I’ll be there in an hour, but you owe me an ice cream cone!” Julie said laughing, Julie had been Y/N’s best friend since they met in the seventh grade when they both accidentally wore the same shirt three days in a row and became friends, they often would laugh about it. Y/N told her where to meet and thanked her friend quickly hanging up the phone. She heaved all her shopping bags up and looked around.
“Why am I even in this store?!” She hmphed loudly drawing the attention of the other shoppers once again. She marched out of the store towards the food court where she was meeting Julie. A new store caught her eye and she stopped for a minute debating if she had enough room for more bags. She quickly made her mind up deciding that she could make room, after all, she had her dad’s Platinum Amex and she was not going to waste this opportunity. Y/N walked quickly to the entrance of the quaint book store. She turned into the book store slamming into something, it was just her luck to run into a wall today and I mean why not seeing as the rest of her life was falling to pieces around her. She fell onto her back looking at the ceiling her bags scattered around her. 
“Oh my god! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” A boy came into her sight. He had shaggy brown hair and was wearing a light yellow apron with a name tag. Guess she didn’t run into a wall after all, but again that was just her luck. Her eyes began to water as all the emotion crashed upon her like a tsunami. She gritted her teeth pulling herself together.
“I’m fine,” Y/N looked at his name tag. “Luke.”
“Woah how’d you know my name?” Luke stepped back and Y/N let out a breath of laughter.
“Nametag,” She said as the tears began to pool in her eyes.
“What? Oh my god, why are you crying?” Luke looked at her panicked, he didn’t do the best around crying girls. She held up a thumbs up. 
“I said I’m- I’m,” She coughed lightly trying her best to get out the words. 
“Here let me help you up,” Luke stuck out his hand to her nervously. She grabbed it and using her other hand tried to wipe the onslaught of tears off her face. Luke kept a hold of her hand pulling her to the back section of the store. 
“Um you can stay back here as long as you’d like,” He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and accidentally running into the desk behind him knocking a book off the desk he looked at it quickly.
“Here you can read this maybe it’ll make you feel better,” he picked the book up shoving the book into her arms. He ran out of the room quickly.
“Oh? I- Thank you!” Y/N called out into the store. Luke ran back into the room his arms heaving all the girl’s bags.
“How were you carrying this much?” He wheezed dropping the bags by her. She laughed wiping more tears away and smearing her mascara. Luke backed up again.
“I have to get back to work but just leave when you want and if you need anything I’ll be up at the front counter,” he nodded at the girl giving her a thumbs up, and walked out again. She sat at the back of the store composing herself. She picked up the book looking at the title. It was ‘The Outsiders’ and a pretty beaten up copy at that the book was filled up with loose pages, she flipped through it and set it down on the table next to her. She turned to grab her bags. She didn’t notice but the book slipped off the table into one of her bags. She also didn’t notice her journal/ sketchbook drop from her purse as she grabbed everything trying to flee as quickly as she could. She collected the rest going out into the main store and heading to the counter.
“Thanks again for the help,” She leaned on the counter gazing at the boy in front of her.
“No problem, um you can come back anytime, that is if you want to of course no pressure,” Luke stumbled over his words.
“Of course, yeah,” She nodded, but she was not going to come back, not after that humiliating experience. He smiled dopily at her.
“Can’t wait,” he leaned on the counter as well.
“Um yeah,” she felt a twinge of guilt at the totally sweet look he was giving her. Her phone chimed loudly and she pulled it out.
“That would be my cue to leave,” She turned quickly dashing out of the store making her great escape.
“Bye then,” he waved confused. Y/N pulled out her phone checking the text.
‘Where are you? I got here 10 minutes ago.’ - From Julie. Y/N sighed speeding up her strides to get to the food court quicker. She spied Julie sitting at a table in the middle of the court. She made her way through the throng of people and sat down at the table setting her bags down under it. 
“What happened?” Julie asked eyeing the girl.
“I had a bit of a break down in a store, but a nice employee helped me out so I’m good,” Y/N laughed quickly.
“Are you okay, your eyes are really puffy. Do you need eye drops?” Julie stuck her hand in her purse and Y/N stopped her laughing again.
“I don’t need anything I’m good I promise, I just want to spend time with my best friend,” Y/N laid her hands down on the table in front of her. Julie rested her hands on top of the girls.
“If it’s any consolation I am supportive of your art,” Julie smiled sweetly. Y/N’s heart melted at the girl’s words, it did mean a lot to her.
“Thanks, Julie, now if you could convince my parents to do the same then that would be a dream come true,” a weak smile crept its way onto Y/N’s face. Julie squeezed her hand.
“How about we go get that ice cream and we can talk a bit and walk around, I think we both need it,” Julie stood up interlocking her hand with Y/N’s and pulling her towards the creamy treat.
It’d been a few weeks since the mall incident and things were not getting any easier for Y/N. Fights seemed to be on the daily now and the yelling was beginning to drive the girl insane. So she spent as little time as possible at her house only going over to sleep and do school work, other than that she was at the park painting or reading through the book that had slipped into her bag. She had planned on returning it to the booking clerk after she had read it, but now it had been three weeks and she had yet to. She would have hung out with Julie, but she was busy with her new band and nonstop rehearsals, they were set to debut at a spirit rally at school next week and they needed to be perfect. She still hadn’t met the band, but she had permission from Julie to crash anytime she wanted and she was planning on taking full advantage of this pass soon.
Her favorite pass time though was reading the book though so she had kept it, she loved to just read and look at the little notes and doodles in the margins, it really gave her a view of what was going on in Luke’s head. Although sometimes it was hard to decipher the hieroglyphics that was Luke’s handwriting.
She had discovered that the writings of S.E. Hinton were not the only thing hidden away in the eggshell-colored pages, there were journal entries and songs. She didn’t feel comfortable reading through the entries but she sure did love reading the works of musical genius, Luke’s, songs. They were so well written and heartfelt it helped her understand this boy that she barely knew, this boy so full of passion, feeling, emotions, and kindness.
And that’s where she was now reading a song of loss and regret under the cloudy sky. One that she related to personally, it reminded her of her parents and that even if she was having a hard time with them she would always love them even if they weren’t in the picture.
“If you could only know I never let you go,” she hummed along to the words, and sure she didn’t know the tune the words were initially meant for but she could sure try and make her own melody. But her phone interrupted her startling her out of her own little world within the words. She hurriedly wiped at her tear-stained cheeks and took the device out. It was 4:30, Julie and the Phantoms were at rehearsals right now and this was the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the jam session, so Y/N hopped on her bike and sped towards the Molina residence.
Y/N stopped on the cobblestone path leading to the studio loft and set her bike against the stone wall. She could already hear the music drifting from the open window of the studio. She crept to the porcelain white door and stood on her tiptoes looking through the long windows. Y/N could see Julie on the piano and three boys surrounding her. There was a tall lanky one wearing a pink shirt and had a fanny pack slung across his chest, he had blond hair and was on the drum, there was a raven-haired one clad in flannel and leather he was on bass guitar and another one that wasn’t facing Y/N, from what she could see he was a brunet and was wearing jeans and a blue sleeveless hoodie, and he was on a guitar she thought. Julie looked up and jumped a little but she just laughed it off stopping the music and gesturing for Y/N to come inside. Just as Y/N was about to move away from the door the brunet turned around her her heart stopped she could hear all the blood rushing and it was deafening.
It was Luke from the bookstore. Y/N felt herself pale and she quickly hid from view she slid down to sit against the door and the pavement, her eyes darted around looking for a place to hide, any place at all. But before she could move the door gave way and she fell onto her back. Julie had opened the door at the whole band formed a circle around the starfishes girl. Luke broke out into a fit of giggles.
“We have got to stop meeting like this,” he managed to get out through the laughter. Y/N deadpanned and scoffed.
“Tell me about it,” she sighed. Luke came to a stop and offered her a hand. She did not grab the hand though instead opting to roll onto her stomach and push herself up. Luke lowered his hand awkwardly and Alex snickered.
“You two know each other?” Julie asked looking between the pair.
“Kind of,” Y/N shrugged looking at the dopey grinned boy. “We met at the mall a few weeks ago, you remember Julie we had an ice cream cone that day.
Julie nodded and looked at Luke.
“Oh, so this is the guy you stole a book from!” Julie laughed at the panicked face you made. Luke sent Y/N a confused look.
“Oh my god! I’m so sorry I’ve been meaning to return it,” Y/N dug through her backpack and pulled out the book victorious. She handed the book to Luke quickly and added a quick explanation and a sorry.
“Hey it’s okay, you kind of left something too, I had been wondering where it had disappeared to though,” he laughed and snatched Y/N’s journal from his bag handing it to her. Throughout their exchange Julie, Alex, and Reggie just stood awkwardly shuffling their feet.
“Oh! I thought my dad took this... Oh My god wait please tell me you didn’t look,” Y/N paled again. Luke and Y/N stared at each other for a minute silently.
“Um only a little,” Luke looked down to the ground guiltily. Julie coughed and clasped her hands together.
“Why don’t we play something for Y/N while she’s here!” She said sitting down at the piano. The rest of the boys picked up their instruments, Alex sitting at the drums, Reggie standing with his bass next to Alex and the door, and Luke standing next to the piano and the couch. Y/N took a seat on the couch farthest away from Luke, she was feeling a bit awkward.
“So this is Bright,” Julie said to Y/N as well as making the boys aware of what they’d be playing for her. Julie played the first notes on the piano taking a breath and smiling, she was really in her element right now and it showed.
“Sometimes I think I’m falling down. I wanna cry, I’m calling out,” Julie sang out hitting each note with perfection. Y/N got goosebumps on her arms while listening to Julie’s voice, it was really breathtaking.
“For one more try, to feel alive.” The boys still hadn’t played their instruments and Y/N looked at each of them confused. Luke sent her a wink and threw his guitar over his shoulder with finesse. Y/N smiled brightly and gave him thumbs up. She reached into her bag pulling out a paper and a pen. She wrote a 9.5 
“What?! I deserve a 10,” Luke frowned strumming a note as Julie sang, “Life is a risk but I will take it, close my eyes, and jump.”
“It’s because you’re a show-off,” Y/N held out the f sound. Luke laughed and threw his head back.
“I’ll you show you what showing off really looks like,” he grinned at her. Just ask he said that Julie sang, “Come on let’s run!”
And that's when the boys hopped into action the music hitting Y/N like a wave. Luke played the guitar his hands moving effortlessly on the frets, he had so much passion in his eyes and Y/N couldn’t tear hers away. Luke looked at her holding her gaze intently.
“Life is a risk but we will take it, close my eyes and jump,” Luke’s voice came out gravely and husky, giving Y/N goosebumps once again. Reggie sang along with him dancing around the middle of the loft. Y/N felt like the breath was knocked out of her, the band was, to put it simply, dazzling. She had so many thoughts for them but she knew she it’d be impossible to tell them how amazing they were in words. Luke walked closer to Y/N kneeling in front of her while still playing his instrument. 
“Come on let’s run!” Luke sang to her, the rest of the band along with him. He hit the high note with ease and Y/N breathed in deeply. Luke continued to sing, but he pulled her up quickly and they danced together, it was a mess of rocking together and lots of spinning on Y/N’s part while Luke jumped up and down still having to play. Reggie came in and joined them, and he and Alex shared a look. They all jumped around in a circle and Y/N jumped onto the couch singing along with the chorus.
“Shine together bright forever!” Y/N picked up her water bottle using it as a mic. Luke couldn’t keep his eyes off her, she was electric. 
“In times that I doubted myself, I feel like I needed some help,” Luke sang and the only instrument playing was coming from the piano. Luke walked up to the couch below Y/N and they stared at each other.
“Stuck in my head, with nothing left,” Luke sang to her. Julie shot Y/N a look telling her to sing with him.
“And when I feel lost and alone, I know that I can make it home,” Y/N sang nervously fearing she’d mess up the words, but Luke just smiled at her and Y/N instantly felt at ease. Y/N looked away from Luke for a minute nodding at Julie and they sang together.
“Fight through the dark, and find the spark!!” Julie raising her voice and held out the note. Luke still couldn’t pull his gaze away and he lifted Y/N off the couch spinning her and making her squeal, she was set on the ground and she started dancing again. 
“We will fight to shine together! Bright forever!” They all sang out and the song ended. Y/N laughed with glee and jumped up and down.
“You guys are amazing!” She smiled at Alex and hit Reggie’s shoulder, feeling at home with the guys already, even if they only met a few minutes ago. 
“I’m gonna run inside the house and grab some snacks and we can hang out!” Luke ran to the door and exited. Y/N laughed, he didn’t even ask if she was free, she was but still. She enveloped Julie in a hug and they laughed together. Y/N’s phone rang in her pocket and she pulled it out and looked at the screen, her mom was calling. A deep frown set into her face and she clutched the phone.
“I’m gonna take this,” She said and made her way out sitting against the stone wall and taking a deep breath trying to prepare herself. She hit the answer button and held the phone to her ear.
“Hello?” She whispered.
“Y/N Y/L/N, you need to get home right now, you have been gone long enough. Get over yourself, you will not become an artist and you will do what we say we are your parents,” Y/N’s mom and dad said, not even letting Y/N get a word in. She breathed in deeply and shut her eyes tight willing herself not to cry.
“Mom, Dad, I’m not coming home,” Y/N got out her voice faltering. Her dad scoffed.
“Don’t be ridiculous you will come home immediately,” Her mom sighed. Y/N shook her head even though her parents couldn’t see.
“I’m not coming home not again and not ever, not until you support me,” she almost lost herself there but she shut her eyes again keeping the tears at bay, she wouldn’t cry for something she needed to do.
“I’m gonna be staying somewhere else from now on, I’ve already got all the stuff that I need and you won’t see me again until I prove you wrong.”
“People will like my art and even if they don’t I like my art and it’s what I’m passionate about and I won’t stop, I won’t give up, I can’t,” Y/N hung up the phone not even giving them a chance to respond, she clicked into her settings turning off her location and stuck her phone next to her. She brought her knees to her chest and she breathed deeply, she heard someone taking a seat next to her, she didn’t look assuming it was Julie.
“I know what it’s like,” Luke laid his head against the wall and put his hands at his sides. Y/N’s head shoots towards Luke.
“It’s you! I thought you were Julie,” Y/N said. Luke started to get up.
“I’m so sorry I’ll go,” he stood up all the way. Y/N grabbed his hand and pull him back down they were now sitting shoulder to shoulder and looking at each other. Y/N breathed in deeply again the tears finally going away.
“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop drop, by the way,” Luke laid his hand on top of her hesitantly. She laughed shaking her head.
“It’s okay, can you tell me about it?” She asked him referring to what he said earlier. He nodded slowly trying to articulate what he was thinking.
“Okay, but bear with me I’m gonna start at the beginning,” he stated and Y/N intertwined their finger hoping to make him more comfortable.
“My mom and dad bought me my first guitar when I was about 8,” he started squeezing her hand.
“When you said beginning I didn’t think it’d be beginning, beginning,” she laughed. He sent her an annoyed look and she giggled laying her head on his shoulder.
“They didn’t get me into lessons but my neighbor ended up teaching me, I knew immediately that music was what I wanted to do and my parents didn’t quite feel the same but they let me continue playing regardless, but then I started a band called Sunset Curve when I was fifteen, that’s when they tried to take my guitar away,” he deflated slightly and Y/N nestled into him a bit more.
“Of course I hid it where we were practicing and didn’t tell them where, but the fights got so bad that I ran away, on Christmas Eve.”
“Now I’m staying here, but I get how it feels to not be supported by the ones who matter most, so if you need someone who knows what you’re going through you can come to me if you want,” he said facing her as she took her head off his shoulder. They were centimeters apart at this point, they were practically breathing in each other’s air.
“You’re staying at Julie’s?” She asked their noses almost touching.
“Yeah in the loft with Alex, he’s not living at home either, his parents weren’t cool after he came out to them,” he said sadly his eyes fluttering shut. She studied his face, he had freckles that you could only see close up, and there was a small scar just on the bridge of his nose.
“It’s cool that you guys have each other,” Y/N interlocked both their hands.
“You could have us too,” he whispered. “If you want us.”
“I’d really like that I think,” she moved in closer, her lips ghosting over his as he whispered, “I’m glad you want me, us.” They knew each other better than anyone, sure they hadn’t been together long but they’d seen into each other's world through music and writing and art, they saw the most intimate parts of each other. A crash from the garage and Alex fell through the crack in the door and he shot up looking like a deer in headlights. Luke and Y/N jumped away from each other and Y/N hit her bike knocking it over and the contents of her other bag on it spilled out, a mess of clothes and tampons came out and Luke looked horrified. His eyes fell upon a single bra and he stumbled back covering his eyes. Alex ran back into the studio slamming the door behind him. Y/N quickly scooped up her stuff putting it back into her bag making sure to zip it up this time. Luke still was on the ground covering his eyes.
“You can look now,” Y/N let out an airy laugh. Luke shook his head.
“I’m too embarrassed,” he sat up still covering his eyes. Y/N scooted over to him so that she was sitting in front of him on her knees, she brought her hands up to his slowly moving them away. She and Luke looking into one another’s eyes for the millionth time that night. She slowly tore her gaze away and stood up.
“I should probably go find a hotel to stay at,” she whispered picking up her bike. Luke jumped up grabbing her wrist.
“You can stay here! I mean if it’s okay with Julie, we’ll have to ask,” he said holding onto her hands and grinning at her.
“It’s okay with me!” They heard Julie’s voice from inside the studio. Y/N laughed pulling Luke into a tender hug, he didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around her hips. She rested her head in the crook of his neck and whispered, “Thank you for everything Luke.”
“You’re welcome,” he kissed the top of her head lightly pulling her in tighter. Drops of rain began to dribble into them until it was a downpour. Luke tried to pull her inside but Y/N pulled him back and they spun together in the rain. Y/N let out a joyful and bubbly laugh that had Luke laughing along with her.
“Sing to me music man,” Y/N spun Luke around and dipped him. He grinned at her and began to sing.
“You’re just too good to be true,” they spun together again.
“Can’t take my eyes off of you, you’d be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much,” Luke spun Y/N in and they rocked together. Y/N slid her arms up around Luke’s shoulders and they smiled at each other.
“At long last has arrived and I thank God I’m alive,” he smiled to himself at the line. Y/N spun away and jumped in the rain and a puddle of water exploded under her baby blue converse.
“You’re just too good to be true, Can’t take my eyes off of you,” and the lyrics were true for Luke he could pull his gaze from the magnetic girl in front of him. She held out her hand and Luke grasped it as she spun in her back hitting Luke’s chest. Luke sang more to her and he was almost to the chorus now.
“There are no words left to speak. But if you feel what I feel, please let me know that it’s real.”
“You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you,” Luke hummed and Y/N got ready to sing the chorus with him.
“I love you, baby!” They both sang out at the top of their lungs.
“And if it’s quite alright, I need you baby! To warm a lonely night!” Y/N sang out Luke practically had heart eyes. This wasn’t like before in the studio during Bright, Y/N wasn’t hesitant at all she had the aura of a thousand burning stars and the confidence to show it.
“I love you, baby! Trust in me when I sayyy!” Y/N sang again and Luke continued this time.
“Oh, pretty baby! Don’t bring me down I pray,” Luke spun down onto his knees and held his hands out to Y/N.
“Oh, pretty baby, now that I found you, stay! And let me love you, baby!” Luke sang pulling Y/N in they were once again close, chest to chest the rain streaming down their faces and their foreheads pressed together.
“Let me love you,” Luke sang in a whisper. Y/N hooked her arms around his neck and their lips were close, but not close enough to connect.
“You’re just too good to be true...” He closed in, their lips connecting for half a second but once again they were interrupted by a car beeping from in front of the house. Y/N pulled away quickly and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.
“That’s probably Julie’s dad with the pizza,” Luke said sadly knocking on the white door for the rest of the teens to come out.
“That was quite the show you two put on,” Reggie said as they came out. Y/N blushed which is something she didn’t normally didn't do so you knew she was very embarrassed.
“Shut up, dude,” Luke punched Reggie’s shoulder. They all began walking to the house, the rest of the teens holding umbrellas but Luke and Y/N were still exposed to the weather. They lagged behind a bit and Y/N took Luke’s hand into hers. They got to the door and they were the only ones out there. The rain pitter-pattered against the covering of the porch. Y/N and Luke faced each other and Y/N smiled at him.
“Thanks again for everything, Luke.”
“It’s my pleasure,” Luke stepped up to her.
“How did you know that was my favorite song?” She grinned at him.
“I have my ways, star,” he cooed and Y/N smiled at the nickname. She stood on her toes and pecked him on the cheek and she dashed inside. Luke stood there alone and touched his cheek softly and grinned, she’d be the death of him, but he was ready to do anything for her. He was falling, and falling hard for that matter.
Thank you for reading and let me know if you want a part two, and feel free to enter my taglist link in bio!
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a-tomb-with-a-view · 4 months ago
Anxiety can cause acid reflux, so Alex (anxiety king) is probably on antacids, but he’s also a dumbass, so may I present the jury with the followed
Alex forgets to take his meds and chugs a litre of orange juice whilst staring Luke (crying) directly in the eyes
Regularly complains that he forgot to take his antacids and therefore can’t have [insert acidic food/drink] then proceeds to eat it anyway
Lays on his left while bitching about how laying on your left doesn’t really do anything
Would he be in pain because of this? Yes. Would this stop him? Absolutely not. Are all of his friends terrified of him because of this? Of course. Is Willie sick of his idiot boyfriend’s bullshit? Never
(Qualifications, my doctor told me this is why I have it, I regularly forget my meds, and I regularly chug orange juice anyway)
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zellieanne · 7 months ago
Roll call!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Julie and the...Phat ones?
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Can we tell ‘em? Ok. You are our band!
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mrsbrookegillespie · a month ago
-Chapter One- Teacher!Charlie Gillespie x Single!Mom!Reader
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(Not My Gif)
This Story Was INSPIRED By @boyfriendskywalker Who Deactivated Their Account While Writing The Charlie Gillespie Kindergarten Teacher Story. I Have Taken It Upon Myself To Write My Own Version With Some Of The Storyline They Used. So, ALL Credit For Part Of The Storyline Goes To Them. This Will Be A Series, And I Will Finish It.
Description: Just Read It While I Try To Come Up With One--GOT IT! Okay, so Y/N L/N is a single mother of her daughter Y/D/N. Having it been four years since the father walked away. Y/N taught herself to never trust a man, but when Y/D/N’s teacher uses his charm to worm his way into her life, will she finally be able to open herself up to love again?
Warnings: Language, mentions of pregnancy, mentions of mental abuse, and as the story goes on I’ll think of more. But, be prepared for some angst.
Tumblr media
-Chapter One-
“One, two, three, four--”
“Mama?” Y/N looks down at the doe-eyed 5 year old. “Why are you counting?” 
With a head shake, she presses her fingers onto her temples, gently massaging them. “Mama’s just tired, baby,” she explains, calmly. “And has a migraine.” Now flashing her daughter, Y/D/N, a fake smile, she starts the car. “Are you ready for school? Not gonna cause trouble again… Are you?” 
“I don’t cause trouble!” Y/D/N argues, lightly kicking the back of the passenger seat. “My classmates also cause trouble, I just resolve it differently than others.” She crosses her arms with a huff.
Y/N furrows her eyebrows at her daughter's words. “Are you sure you’re five?” 
“I like to say I’m six,” she says, casually.
The seriousness of the young girl’s demeanor was enough to make Y/N fall into a fit of laughter. “Well alrighty then. Six it is.” She pulls into a parking space. “We are here,” she announces, unbuckling her seat belt.
“Finally!” Y/D/N wrestles to get out of her car seat. “Could you help me out?” 
Y/N gets out of the car, rushing to grab her majesty from the backseat. “Do you have everything?” she asks, setting Y/D/N down on the pavement. 
Y/D/N shrugs, but resorts to saying, “Yes.” 
“Good.” Y/N takes Y/D/N’s hand, guiding her into the colorful building they both grew to love and hate. 
“Ms. L/N,” a female teacher says, only giving a stiff nod towards the women.
“Mrs. Winchester,” she replies mimicking the gesture. Both her and Y/D/N shiver when she passes by. “She scares me.”
Y/D/N nods dramatically, agreeing. “I think she’s a ghost,” she stage-whispers.
“Definitely.” Though Y/N’s tone might’ve been teasing, she wouldn’t be surprised if she actually was. 
“Hello Y/D/N!” Another young female teacher waves before meeting Y/N’s eyes. “Ugh…” She continues to walk without giving Y/N a proper greeting.
“Good morning to you too,” she mumbles under her breath. 
Only a couple more awkward encounters were experienced until she heard the loud shrill of-- “Mr. Gillespie!” Y/D/N lets go of Y/N’s hand, sprinting towards the man that she called her teacher.
“Good morning Miss Y/D/N!” he greets verbally, along with a big hug. “And look who’s with you.” He moves from his crouched position to stand as tall as he could next to Y/N. “Good morning, Y/N.” 
“Good morning, Mr. Gillespie,” she responds. “Nice to feel welcomed.” Her tone turned a little colder than what it was. “I swear it was either just someone saying my name, or a judgement glare.” 
“You’ll warm up to them,” he assures. 
“Like I warmed up to you?” she questions. “Don’t put me under the impression that you actually like me, please, it’ll just blow my ego right out of proportion.” She uses her hands to demonstrate.
He doesn’t respond, only showing her a bright smile.
The bell rings, signaling both of them to go their separate directions. “Mr. Gillespie the bell rang,” a student calls out. 
Y/N snaps out of her little daze. “And I guess Y/D/N already went to her seat. See? I knew she wasn’t that much of a troublemaker, but you know--” she cuts herself off seeing his amused expression. “You have to teach,” she blurts. “Right! Sorry, I’ll let you get to that. Bye Y/D/N!” she shouts into the filled room, Y/D/N’s face going into a look of horror. “Love you, stay safe and…” She salutes Charlie. “Good luck.” With a turn on her heel she goes to leave the building, mentally face palming herself on the way.
When in the safe space of her car, she allows her head to fall forward, which only led to her accidentally setting the horn off. It wasn’t like she’s not used to people. With being a hostess at a restaurant, all she did was talk, see, and meet a variety of different personalities and personas. But, after having to raise a daughter on her own you can say her cool way of talking, and the ability to form well rounded sentences went downhill. Baby talk does that.
“So, what you’re trying to tell me is that you like your daughter’s hot teacher?” her friend, Madison, asks. Madison was a little bit younger than Y/N was, Madison being seventeen and Y/N being twenty-four, she couldn’t help but bond with the girl. 
“That’s not what I said,” Y/N remarks, wiping down a table. 
“Then why are you blushing?”
“Because you’re embarrassing me!” Y/N whines.
“And I’m the teenager,” Madison snickers.
Y/N blows some of her hair out of her face. “I won’t deny that he’s… Decent looking, but the problem is in the question. ‘Daughter’s teacher’,” she repeats the words Madison said earlier. 
“You told me that Y/D/N can’t get enough of what you only call ‘Mr. Gillespie’, I don’t even know his first name.” She scrunches up the right side of her face. 
“Because it’s informal.” 
“He calls you by your first name,” Madison replies back, bluntly. “But, back to the point. If Y/D/N really likes him then what’s the problem?” 
Y/N stops her movements, giving Madison a blank stare. She opens her mouth to answer, but closes it. “I just can’t, okay? Can we please drop it?” 
Madison’s eyes soften when seeing Y/N’s pleading ones. “Yeah, sure.” She leans against one of the tables. 
“Hello!” someone calls out from a few feet away. “We’ve been standing here for like ten minutes, can we be seated?” The annoyance on the man's face was evident.
Y/N sends Madison a cheeky smirk. “You’re on, Mads.” 
She stomps her foot, discreetly, going to the group of people who are most likely ‘hangry’. Y/N glances at her watch, seeing how it was about time she headed out for her break and got Y/D/N from school, only to have the last minute babysitter she found that morning watch her for the rest of the day, so Y/N can finish her shift. It wasn’t the most ideal schedule, but it worked. It paid the bills, it put food on the table--could it be the reason Y/D/N throws fits, and tantrums in classrooms, and seeks attention? Maybe.
“We need to set up a meeting.” 
Y/N gapes at Mr. Gillespie who for the first time she’s seen with a stern look on his face. “Wh-why?” she stutters.
“I know you aren’t blind to see that Y/D/N is…” His voice fades off. “The Principal wants to set up a conference with you, me, Y/D/N, and the counselor after school one of these days.”
Y/N’s frown gets wider, glancing over towards Y/D/N in the seat next to her. The girl only kept her eyes glued to her shoes. “The only days I’m off of work are Saturdays, Sunday’ and Wednesdays.” She pulls out her phone, scrolling through the calendar. “Yeah, only those days, I don’t know if any of those days would work but…” 
“You work all those other days?” He raises an eyebrow at her.
“Yeah,” she answers, not thinking too much about it. She gasps loudly, when it hits her. “Work!” She looks at her watch. “I’m gonna be late going back.” She stands up. “I’ll send you an email tonight on what time works best for me, and then you as a faculty can talk amongst yourselves if it works for you. I’m gonna take my kid now, and go, so I don’t have to keep being stared at with that look you and all the other teachers give me.” She takes Y/D/N’s hand, the slight pull of it noticeable enough to have Y/N make a mental note.. “Have a nice rest of your day, Mr. Gillespie.
“Bye, bye,” Y/D/N finally whispers towards him. With a weak wave they both leave the room, once out of sight running for the door. “Why were we running?” she asks, when Y/N starts to speed to their house.
“Because Mama’s gonna be late to work, and is now stressed because we have to talk to adults who don’t like her very much,” she pauses. “You and I need to have a very, very, serious conversation when I get back home on where your behavior is coming from.” 
“But, I don’t wanna,” Y/D/N cries.
“I know you don’t want to, I don’t want to, but it’s one of the cons of being a parent, I have to be strict at times when you don’t follow the rules.”
“Don’t make me yell at you,” Y/N warns. “You and I both hate yelling when you’re in trouble, so I think we’d both appreciate it if you promise to be good until I’m back, no arguing.” 
Y/D/N slowly feels the tears come to her eyes. “Mr. Gillespie never yells at me.”
The name made Y/N freeze a little. Was he a part of the reason? 
@yagorlemmalyn @justxfolio @charliegillespiewife
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thatbitchmabel · 3 months ago
What do you MEAN this isn’t them?
Audio from The Good Place, cc under the cut.
Julie: I know you’e deflecting by making jokes about how hot you are.
Luke: It’s not a joke! I’m a legit snack!
Julie: But-
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