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wendinella · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
let your colors blind their eyes, be who you are, no compromises 🌈💖
here's julie and the phantoms performing at la pride!! i had the idea for this piece back in december or january and i'm so so happy that it's finally done! i love seeing everyone's interpretations on the characters, so i've included some of my own headcanons. being a part of the lgbt+ community is very important to me, and i love how wonderful and accepting this fandom is!! and on top of that, the representation in this show means a lot to me. i hope you've all had a great pride month, and keep marching on proud! ☺️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💕
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im-a-bi-disaster · 10 months ago
i think that the scene in episode one where the boys realize that people can hear them play is so important to reggie’s character.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the first gif is from when julie yells at them to stop playing. reggie is the first one to stop, and you can see how quickly his face changes from happy to nervous. he’s probably used to yelling and knows that when someone yells, you listen. he’s also the only one who seems affected by julie shouting.
the second gif is when julie says “stay out of this” to reggie. there’s not much explaining to this BUT LOOK HOW SAD HE LOOKS. he immediately goes quite, looks down, and starts fidgeting with his hands. like he’s used to being yelled at.
i just think it’s so important to realize how much reggie is hurting. it’s addressed that his parents fought with each other a lot, but honestly i think his parents yelled at him a lot too. he’s the only phantom that gets genuinely scared whenever someone raises their voice and it makES ME SO UPSET BC HES JUST A CUTE HIMBO WHO DESERVES THE WORLD i’m gonna stop typing now bc i could talk about him for hours
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incorrect-jatp-quotes · 11 months ago
Julie: Crushes are the worst.
Luke: Yeah. Whenever I'm near someone I have a crush on, I start acting stupid.
Julie: You're always acting stupid.
Luke: Yeah, don't think about that too hard.
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yeah the thing about julie and the phantoms is that you go in expecting a feel-good, somewhat cheesy, teen show with fun music but then what you get is exactly that but its also emotionally distressing
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taylorwilsons · 10 months ago
So you know how when Willie and Alex first meet Willie tells him that Mozart died from eating bad hotdogs?
Well, headcanon that Willie is like that all the time. He knows the most absolutely random stuff and has a fun fact for literally every situation. He just spews the most strange knowledge at the weirdest times and nobody ever expects it even though he’s always doing it. Examples-
Alex: It was so embarrassing! I wanted to bang my head against a wall.
Willie: If you do that for an hour it’ll burn 150 calories 😀
Alex: ...?
Alex: Reggie genuinely thought that chocolate milk came from brown cows.
Willie: He’s not alone! So does 7% of the US adult population.
Luke: We want our band to blow up! We want to be big, y’know, like Elvis or someone!
Willie: Well, despite his fame and fourteen nominations, Elvis actually only won three Grammys, so... 😬
Luke: 😐
Alex: I have a headache. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?
Willie: You could try trepanning - it’s a method that’s been used since the Stone Age where you drill a hole in your skull to release the evil spirits trapped inside 😊
Willie: The lining of your stomach has to replace itself every three to four days otherwise you’d digest yourself.
Julie, pushing her food away: Thanks, Willie.
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sunset-holograms · 10 months ago
here’s a rant on julie molina because i love her
the fact that they had madison reyes, an actual 16 year old girl to play julie means so much. not only is madison insanely talented, but usually when there’s a show with teenagers in it, they’re played by adults. and then because the actors aren’t minors themselves, it’s suddenly “okay” (which it never is) to sexualize the teenager. but that’s not the case with julie. she’s just a teenage girl playing music with her ghost band.
she has an actual relationship with her family. she isn’t one of those teenagers who hates her dad because he won’t let her do things. she accepts the fact that she lied to her dad and she refuses to leave school just because luke asked her to.
and sure, she’s got a love interest. but that isn’t the entire plot. her friendship with luke comes first. it’s just a crush right now. and as much as i hope they could be together in future seasons, i love the fact that they don’t immediately get together in the first season.
julie and the phantoms is one one those genuinely good shows. seriously watch it if you haven’t yet!!
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curvesomesunsets · a month ago
you know, out of all the lines in julie’s plea to her mum in the alley, the one that just gets to me every single time to the point where i have to pause and take a breather is “why can’t you just come pick me up?”. nothing before or after it hits me quite as much. just the desperate wish for rose to come pick her up like it’s a birthday party that julie doesn’t want to be at any more and not a massive gig where julie was put into the position of holding the fate of three people’s souls in her hand, a child begging for their parent and the normal life to return. god, madison is so utterly brilliant in that whole scene jfc
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neverfeartheboysarehere · 4 months ago
Can we all agree that, when Julie and the Phantoms gets renewed (yes, I said WHEN; we out here clowning), we use the hashtag #thisbandisback on, like, everything? Like it’d totally fit. I’d like to sign a pension.
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threeghosts-nobraincells · 9 months ago
the power move that is Julie just telling the guys to leave her house after she discovers them. like at first she gets scared but after a while she's just like "get the f*ck out please??? this is my home? you can't just haunt it"
imagine figuring out your house is haunted and you're just like "uhhh? do you pay enough rent to be playing music that loud?? Pasadena is nice, freeloaders"
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thecluelessredhead · 11 months ago
Nobody can watch JATP casually.
You’ve either seen it 27 times in the past week or you’ve never seen it.
It’s weird, but there’s no in between.
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annabolmgren-blog · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s finished!! 😅 Thank you so much all of you who’ve liked and reblogged this piece. Your support is overwhelming. So thankful! 🤗💜
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