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Thinking about Julie meeting Willie for the first time and somehow she’s able to see him and her pulling Alex by his sleeve down to her height, whispering, “You didn’t mention that he’s pretty.” 

and him being like “I didn’t want to come off shallow.” while smiling so big, giddy thinking about how his boyfriend has the whole package, maybe except a soul, they’re working on it tho.

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Some Julie 2020 headcanons I thought up instead of sleeping:

  • All the lil decorations you see in Julie’s room were made by her own hands on afternoons when she and her mother would just sit together in comfortable silence and create.
  • Her Instagram account has gained so many followers since julie and the phantoms kick started but every one of her pictures screams down to earth sunshiny julie molina.
  • Julie has a very dedicated aesthetic tumblr. Most recently, all she has are rbs of motivational quotes and lots of lots of pictures of dahlias, sunflowers, sunsets and the occasional videos of water streams.
  • Julie has an old youtube account where she use to make DIYs and fashion videos, she grew out of them but she has 2M subs on the account. After the boys, she makes cover videos with Luke on the account. It now has over 8M subscribers and they can’t get enough of Julie and Luke’s covers.
  • It was after their very recent cover of Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith went viral that people started questioning whether Luke and Julie were really just friends or …?
  • Flynn made the Julie and The Phantoms account and Julie had the guys sing the chorus of bright over and over again with her one day just so Ray could get the perfect profile picture for the Julie and the Phantoms Official YouTube account.
  • Julie teaches Alex all about tiktok one day when she sees him dance on yet another dirty candi performance. He can’t use it much but he loves watching other people do complicated dances and learning how to do them.
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oh… oh my god

i actually hc that lover came out while rose was in the hospital for the last time before she passed away and when soon you’ll get better played, julie had to stop the album and leave the room bc she was crying so hard.

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*deep breath*

Rose would stab his parents if she could.

A late night band rehearsal finds the boys camping out in the studio for the night. When they take a break, Reggie wanders off into the kitchen.

It’s past 11 and Julie’s always said her parents were the kind to go to bed early in the evening, so he didn’t expect to be caught pursuing their cupboards.


Reggie whips around and finds Rose, standing in the kitchen with an empty glass. She looks curious.

“Mrs Molina,” he stammers. “Hey. Uh, I was just… inspecting for mold.” He turns back to the open cupboard and swipes a finger across the inside. “All clean,” he says and shuts the door. “You keep a tight ship around here, huh? Alright, well have a good–”

But a piercing pain in his abdomen cuts him off and he grips his stomach, which groans in protest.

Rose’s curiosity quickly turns to concern and she puts the glass down, hurrying over to the crumpled boy.

“I’m fine,” Reggie squeaks and gasps for breath when the pain passes.

“Are you okay? Are you sick?”

Reggie shakes his head.

Rose’s eyes dart to the cupboard and back again. It clicks. “Are you hungry?”

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