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Tumblr media Tumblr media
A follower on instagram also just confirmed that Jared has said Bruno would also have involuntary visions at times as well.
᛭Bruno’s head had once again started pounding, the migraine filling his eyes and every section of his head with immense pressure and pain. With his blurred vision he once again seeks out his sister Julieta for help, involuntary tears of pain running down both cheeks. Sometimes he would reach Julieta or Pepa in time before passing out, and sometimes Casita would have to lead one of them to his crumpled body on the ground.᛭
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brunolivesinthebwalls · 23 hours ago
Bruno as a child headcanons
As a child Bruno played pranks on his sisters…and he used his gift to know when the best time to do prank them
His pranks never hurt anyone
The reason he cares for rats as an adult is because Julieta found one in the kitchen and gave it to Bruno as a pet
He used to tell Pepa stories to help her calm down. Soon falling in love with the arts
The reason he likes green is not because of his gift or his family, it’s cause his first friend outside his sisters told him he looked good in green
He grow up hearing how his father loved them so, and how he gave his life for the family. Bruno wanted to be just like his father and protect his family no matter what.
He always won at hide and seek
Tumblr media
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Drinking trio (encanto maybe cannon)
Felix and Agustuin drinking: *spots Bruno* Aye Bruno! Come here!
Bruno with his awkward self: Uh y-yes?
Felix: Come have a drink with us!
Bruno: Oh no no! *nervous chuckle* I dont drink!
Agustuin: Come on! Your always so up tight! Its time to loosen up a bit!
Felix: Yeah come on! Just a few shots!
Literally 30 minutes later..
Pepa and Julieta wacking their husbands on the head: Why did you ask him to drink!
Bruno being held up by them, completely drunk: I aM oNe DrInK aWaY fRoM tElLiNg EvErYoNe HeRe WhAt I rEaLlY tHiNk!
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So I finally gave in and bought Encanto's Three Sisters book. (it wasn't even $10 if anyone was thinking about it)
I'm not even half done reading it, but there are already so many little things it talks about that aren't obvious (at least to me) from watching the movie.
For example, it clarifies that Antonio is just SO shy and quiet all the time, up until he gets his gift. All three sisters have thoughts regarding this that sum up to the idea that receiving your gift in the Madrigal family just helps you to be *more* yourself, and believe it helped Antonio open up.
Mirabel, much more often, and in thought, feels remorseful about not having a gift. Isabela views recieving your gift as a sort of qualifier for being a Madrigal, like you can't truly be an integrated member of the family until you have yours, but even then counts Mirabel as an exception.
And, man, I can't even TELL you... Poor Luisa!!! She's so busy and stressed and anxious all the time!!! During Antonio's day, she's sent to set up fireworks around back, but she has to clear the area of brush and leaves first, and then some of the foliage needs trimming, and she's spending the entire afternoon between chores and taking people's wagons and donkeys to the side of the house for the event, and she has to bring in seating and set up furniture and decorations, and Abuela TOLD her to put the piano in the courtyard, and THEN told her to take it upstairs, and she is literally just busy, busy, busy until her Mother calls her for the start of Antonio's ceremony, feeling out of the blue because Luisa didn't realize how much time had passed through all that. Two or three times she thought maybe someone wanted a hug and then actually it was another chore or a prank or something and she's just so disappointed.
Not to mention the following day; reroute the river, fix the leaning house, move the church to the left, actually back to the right, now find the donkeys... Of course we know those already, but then one of the donkeys literally pees on her shoe, and apparently someone wanted the plaza repaved and Alma VOLUNTEERS Luisa without the poor girl even being there for it.... Just give this girl a break and a hug! It's all she wants!
(She literally has the best hugs, this isn't even a theory, she mentions it like twice just to this point 😭)
Also, can I just mention the fact that Isabela made a daisy chain necklace for Mirabel on her 5th birthday? And a little flower crown for Luisa on hers, too, because she was stressed out?
Furthermore, Isa isn't portrayed quite so stuck-up as she appears in the first half of the movie. I'd like to think that this is just a matter of perspective and none of what we see her as is really how she is, because she's just so nervous and stressed... Like, she loves her sisters! But she genuinely feels so nervous about how her Abuela sees her, and to no particular fault she just thinks that the things Mirabel goes on about, like cracks in Casita's walls, are made up, and she even envies how much more useful a gift like super strength is compared to her own, or how much less would be expected of her if she simply didn't have a gift.
Really, she does love her family! She wanted to comfort Mirabel when Abuela went to see the nonexistent cracks in the courtyard, but was scared that it would be misinterpreted and she would be judged harshly for it. Yes she cares very much about her image, even turning down a messier treat made by Julieta in order to keep her dress clean, but she does this because she was the first grandchild and knows that Abuela expects her to be the perfect forefront image of the family, something that is stressed all the time.
This isn't even the half of it, and I've not even *read* the half of it! I'm telling you, there are so many new details that the book adds to what we know of the characters and I love how much more depth it provides with a simple change in perspective. I could just go on and on, really.
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bruno-mad-rigal · 15 hours ago
Sugar: Julieta Spice: Pepa And everything nice: Bruno CHEMICAL X: Pedro's death
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georgethatperson · a day ago
Always and forever
“Request: Hii! If it's alright, I was wondering if you could write a Julieta Madrigal x Reader fanfic that could potentially make me laugh, cry, and all the emotions I could ever express because of how beautiful she is?? I hope that's alright hehehe :))
Julieta x Male!Reader
“Stupid, stupid, stupid, stu-”
“Y/N?” A soft, familiar hand touched his shoulder in concern, and he froze.
He was quite sure that, in that moment, he would die. His heart was beating too fast, and he could hear his blood rushing in his ears. His chest grew tight, and his throat tightened.
The pressure receded; the anxiety left.
“Julieta.” He turned around and forced a smile, lacking his usual enthusiasm.
Of course, she noticed. Of course, she did! She could notice when he was faking a smile, when he was upset, but she couldn’t realise that he was-
“Are you alright, Y/N? You seem a bit more spaced out than usual.” She mused aloud.
He gave her a blank stare. “Why on earth would I be spaced out?” The sarcasm in his voice was thick, but she didn’t notice.
“I’m not sure.” She gave him another concerned look. “Are you sure you’re alright? You were banging your head rather hard on the wall. Do you need an arepa?”
Before he could respond, the food was shoved in his mouth. He smiled through his chewing, because she was Julieta. And when you were given food, you smiled and didn’t refuse. Or he did, anyway. He wasn’t sure if the townsfolk went by his motto or not.
“I’m fine, thank you.” His mood was lifted.
“That’s good. Did you hear about that new traveller? He brought his son with him, Augustín. He’s very kind. And handsome.” Her cheeks heated up at the thought of the new young man.
And there went his good mood.
A few days went by, and Augustín had asked Julieta on a date. She was, of course, beyond thrilled. And Y/N, being her best friend (besides Bruno and Pepa), heard every detail about how much she liked him.
He hated it.
He wanted her to know he hated it. He wanted her to know that he hated her. He didn’t, not really.
Instead, he smiled through the pain. Just like he always had. Always smiling, never sad. Always smiling, never sad. The mantra repeated over and over in his head. Always smiling, never sad.
After a week or so, the facade began to drop.
The mantra repeated tenfold
Always smiling, never sad. Always smiling, never sad.  Always smiling, never sad.
He had to be there for Julieta. It was an obligation. His purpose in life was to be by her side. Always and forever.
He didn’t notice her concerned glances, or Augustín‘s curious gazes. He didn’t notice how she whispered about him to Pepa and Bruno, the triplets monitoring him to make sure he was alright.
He was fine. He had to be.
The truth was, he didn’t hate Augustín. He actually liked the guy. He was smart. funny, clumsy and almost annoyingly charming. And not in an arrogant way. But in a genuine, I-don’t-even-notice-I’m-charming-half-the-women-here kind of way.
And he hated that he liked him. 
“You’re in love with her.” There was an accepting note in his voice. He didn’t react the way Y/N was expecting. He was expecting a flurry of anger. Maybe a fight for Julieta’s honour. No, Augustín was fully aware of it. And he was fine with it.
He didn’t answer, and that was more than confirmation for the other man.
“Tell me to leave, and I will leave.” Augustín said. “Tell me to break up with her, to go home. And I will.”
They stared at each other. 
“No.” He finally said.
Augustín’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Why?”
“Because I love her. But she doesn’t love me back.”
A few more days passed, and Julieta came to him, tears in her eyes.
“He’s leaving.” She sniffed.
Y/N blinked in surprise. “Who?”
“Augustín and his father! They’re leaving tomorrow!” She cried, covering her face with her hands.
He stood, without a room, and stormed to the plaza, where he knew Augustín often went.
“Why are you leaving?” He asked, his voice loud in the usual quietness of the plaza.
Augustín looked up from his notebook, lips pursed, and his lips quirked in a self-deprecating way. “Because you love her.” He peered at the other boy over his glasses. “And you shouldn’t let her go. I can’t get into that.” There was a moment of silence between the two of them. “Just, promise me, promise me, that you’ll tell her after I’m gone. I’m writing a letter to her. Give it to her when you tell her.” He ripped out the page in his notepad and handed it to Y/N. “Invite me to the wedding.” He said over his shoulder as he walked away.
He almost said I hate you. I hate you for ignoring me. I hate you for making me feel like nothing while you were with him.
But his voice betrayed him last minute.
“I love you.” He whispered, breathless.
She stilled, her gaze flicking to him, locking on.
“Augustín told me to give you this.” He handed her the piece of paper that was given to him all those days ago.
Julieta, I’m sorry. I left for a reason. And that reason is, hopefully, standing in front of you. Y/N loves you. And I think he has for a very long time. I left to give him a chance. To give you a chance. I’m not an idiot. Not completely, anyway. You love him too. I hope you two have the best life together, and I hope, someday, you will name your first son after me. If it’s a girl... maybe Isabela? It was my mother’s name. I hope you can forgive me. Augustín
Her gaze slowly moved from the letter to Y/N, flickering back and forth between them both for a second.
“You love me?” She asked, swallowing thickly.
He nodded slightly, barely distinguishable in the low lighting. “Very much.”
“How long?” She breathed.
“How long have we known each other?”
“About 7 years.”
“Well then. I have been in love with you for approximately 6 years, 364 days, 23 hours and 30 minutes.”
She choked on a laugh, sounding like a half sob, half laugh. “Well then.” She surged forward and kissed him firmly. “I love you too.” She breathed against his lips.
For the first time in weeks, he genuinely smiled.
“Forever and always.” He promised.
“Forever and always.” She repeated with a beam.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Madrigal Triplets
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vapsi0w0 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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kirain · 7 days ago
So I was looking at Mirabel's skirt and I noticed something interesting.
Tumblr media
All around the skirt are little patterns that match each one of her family members.
Tumblr media
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dos-oroguitas · 14 days ago
Two by Two
Tumblr media
Being Camilo’s twin wasn’t easy when you think your gift wasn’t as ‘flashy’ or as happiness-inducing like your brother’s. As Casita breaks down maybe your power could be finally of good use.
masterlist !! two by two headcanons
Platonic! Twin! Camilo x Twin! Reader
Tumblr media
What’s worse than one Camilo Madrigal? Two Camilo Madrigals. Well, not exactly but you might as well be. Born a few minutes after Camilo was born, you were twins with the one and only troublemaker shapeshifter of the Madrigal Family. Though you can say you aren’t as bad as your older brother. Sure you would play meaningless pranks here and there but you were surprisingly more tame than he was, acting like another much more mischievous Isabela in your Abuela’s words.
While your brother had the ability to shapeshift into different people, you had the ability to shapeshift into different animals. Safe to say the first few months of having your miracles, Encanto experienced frequent thunderstorms and rainfall. The two of you were almost the same except however for your personalities. Yet you two would insist you were identical, often wearing matching ruanas as well as matching slippers so that you two wouldn't be told apart. You were proud to have him as your big brother and had loved him so.
Although you would be a bit envious of Camilo. Turning into different animals weren’t as flashy and people pleasing as Camilo’s. Though you tried to hide the fact that you felt that way.
One would think the two of you wouldn’t be as close but you would be surprised. Camilo adored you, you were his twin, you two shared the same womb, it was natural for him to be overprotective. He’d frequently tell you that you two would stick with one another no matter what.
You can always remember the times when you two were younger, whenever you’re upset he would always be sure to defend you. Sure you’d sometimes get into little arguments and tussles but it wouldn’t even last long. He would always be the first one to cave in and apologize. Although the two of you were almost the same, you were more sensitive than he was, fighting would almost always end up with you crying and storming out of frustration.
“I’m your twin.” He would remind you with a smile that the two of you shared. “You’re my twin, we stick together through thick and thin.” Camilo would promise. No matter what you or him did, the two of you would always be stuck with one another.
Although following your little brother Antonio’s gift ceremony, as well as the declaration that cracks were showing in Casita as well as the candle flickering, the two of you had ended up at odds once more. You stood by Mirabel, believing in your cousin that the miracle was dying. After all, Mirabel wouldn’t lie about such a thing. You were sure of it.
You didn't expect to discover more of yourself now that Casita was allegedly breaking down. The insecurities that you had dug deep deep down to please your abuela Alma resurfaced after stumbling upon Mirabel, while coaxing her sister to give her a hug. You didn't anticipate joining Isabela on venting out what you had thought were your flaws and weaknesses.
You grimaced as you watched Abuela’s enraged outburst. Everything was a mess.
Your primas, Luisa could barely lift an empanada, and Isabela was out of control. Then again you might have also been a part of the little flower show that Isabela had done, causing imperfect but still beautiful flowers and plants to grow. Your abuela had almost always suggested turning into animals that were beautiful in her standards. An orchid mantis, a scarlet macaw, a multicolored tanager, a peacock or a flamingo.. those were what she deemed as beautiful. Never what you liked. She never asked what you would like to turn to. Her obsession with perfection extended to you in a way. It's always been just,
(Name) turn into this..
(Name) this would look beautiful..
Ay, (Name) that animal would do no good, it must be beautiful..
And you couldn’t help but resent how she doesn’t tell off Camilo to change into 'beautiful' and 'perfect' people. Camilo was free. Camilo was free to change to who he wants and he wouldn’t get scolded for changing into something your Abuela thought was dangerous and ugly. So when you finally had the chance to be free and wild? You took the opportunity.
You had run and danced alongside them, turning into different animals you had only heard of from books as Isabela bloomed stranger but equally beautiful flowers.
A lion, leopard, tiger, and a beautiful snake too.. all of it had frightened the villagers as you ran and ‘danced’ on the roofs of Casita with your cousins and it didn’t take long until your Abuela Alma to rush in Casita, shaking with fury. Caught up with the rush, you hadn’t even had time to change back from your form, a clouded leopard with Isabela’s colorful flower stains on your fur.
You looked down as your Abuela berated Mirabel. Lips parting as she spoke to Mirabel with venom lacing her words. You tried to find the words to defend her. Still unchanging, your fur reflecting in the moonlight as you stood there beside Isabela.
“Look at our home! Look at your sister, your cousin..!” She says, appalled by your messy and wild form. At that you had slowly changed back, unable to meet your grandmother’s eyes.
“Please, just, Isabela and (Name) weren't happy.” Mirabel tries to explain as your cousin had started to pat down the colorful mess on her dress before turning to you to gently wipe the color off your face. Both of you shifting in place nervously.
“Of course they’re unhappy! You ruined her proposal and (Name), Mirabel, you managed to rope in your prima too?”
It was a back and forth before your grandmother’s voice had shakily escaped her lips.
“The cracks started with you.” Your abuela took a step forward. “Bruno left because of you.”
“Luisa’s losing her powers! Isabela’s out of control and (Name) has gone wild because of you!” You could see Mirabel's expression and you wanted nothing more but to come to her rescue.
“I don’t know why you weren’t given a gift! But it is not an excuse for you to hurt this family!” The ground shook from underneath you, Casita’s tiles cracked as Mirabel lowered her gaze.
“I will.. never be good enough for you, will I?” Mirabel’s voice felt unsteady and you could see your Tia and Tio Julieta and Agustin behind your abuela, worry written in their features. “No matter how hard I try..” Her gaze trailed to her sisters and you.
“No matter how any of us tries. Luisa will never be strong enough, Isabela won’t be perfect enough, (Name) won’t be like Camilo, Bruno left our family because you only saw the worst in him!” Mirabel exclaims. You winced at her words, looking down at your feet. You won’t ever be like Camilo. You won’t please enough people, you won’t make others happy just like your hermano did. You refused to look at your parents eyes’, clearly showing that they didn’t know how hard you struggled to please everyone by limiting who you were.
You especially couldn’t look at Camilo who, thankfully, wasn’t in sight.
“Bruno didn’t care about this family!” The skies darkened and more cracks started to appear underneath your feet.
“He loves this family, I love this family, we all love this family, you’re the one that doesn’t care. You’re the one breaking our home..!” Mirabel continued, frustration written in her features.
“Don’t you ever..!” Your abuela had taken a step forward, her face contorting in anger. But Mirabel had stood her ground.
“The miracle is dying because of you!” Your abuela’s eyes widened and she had looked taken aback, the angry expression fading from her worn and old face.
And for a millisecond everything was silent until the ground split between the two of them. Your mami had gasped, hands raised as her eyes were focused on the candle. Mirabel and Abuela had looked towards where the candle was perched, gasping.
“The candle!”
As the cracks worsened, it knocked the candle out of balance. Everyone braced themselves as the ground shook once more. Mirabel was the first to move, running towards the candle.
“Casita, get me up there!” Casita had broken one of the railings, turning it into a ladder she could climb up on. You caught a glimpse of Camilo’s figure who had looked at you briefly, lips pursed and an unreadable expression on his face. You watch him shift into different people, ducking and running to not save the candle but Mirabel.
Your cousin Isabela had grabbed a vine, swinging and attempting to help but as she did so, you caught sight of her door, flickering before slowly going out of light. Her powers went away too as she suddenly fell, and with the help of Casita had managed to get down safely.
Your brother Camilo was close, jumping to reach the roof in Jose’s form before he had turned back to himself again and you would have helped if it weren’t for Casita beating you to it. You quickly turned to Mirabel, turning into a cheetah and attempting to save her. Damn the miracle. Your cousin had helped you be more of yourself, and realize you didn’t have to worry about making people happy as long as you were happy. Your happiness came first and it took your prima to realize that.
You jumped and quickly maneuvered the debris that stood in your way, paws tapping against the cracked tiles that was pristine before. Seeing Antonio being carried away by your father, you had swiftly pushed and guided them to the way as more debris fell. You could see Mirabel reach the rooftop, and you struggled to climb up with her, running along the ladder Casita had placed down with all your might.
“Mirabel!” You could hear your Tia Julieta call out for your cousin, watching as the tiles created waves to push her back to the rest of the family.
“(Name)!” Your own mother’s voice had exclaimed, trying to reach out for you as well. “(Name)! Mirabel, leave it!”
As she struggled to reach the window, you had helped her out, letting her climb on your back, pushing her against the wall so she could have something to hold on as Casita’s roof tiles pushed her up even more. For some reason your door was still okay, still glowing despite the flickers. You can only hope you would have enough time to get the two of you out of there.
Your eyes widened as the largest tower of your home had slowly descended and you watched Mirabel as Casita caught her, creating a slide on the way down. You let out a frightened yowl as you were separated from her, your door finally flickering and going out as you shifted back to yourself, a large crash echoing as Casita came crashing down on the two of you.
Your family had quickly rushed in as the worst of the disaster had passed, dust and smoke wafting about.
“Mirabel!” Julieta’s cries filled the air with Pepa’s calling of your own. “(Name)!”
Your Abuela was settled down by Dolores, making sure the older woman was alright before she had joined the search for you. And she had sobbed, her gift being no more. Despite the times she wished her miracle was different or she hadn’t gotten a miracle at all, she wished her hearing had returned now so she could find you. She would take it all back, have her miracle enhanced to its maximum and she wouldn’t mind. If it meant hearing you again.
Camilo Madrigal had never been scared. He was supposed to be all smiles, so he could entertain, so he could make everyone happy. But as he saw you chase after Mirabel, dread pooled in his stomach.
His throat was sore as he called out your name along with your mami. No, no, he could lose his powers but not you. He didn’t even have the chance to say sorry yet. He didn’t know. If he had known what you had felt, what you had thought of yourself, he would’ve reassured you. He didn’t want another him, he only wanted one of you.
He was the first in the pile of debris, looking around for any sign of you.
“(Name), please, where are you!?” Dios, Dios, if he can hear Camilo’s prayers, please let him find you safe. “(Name), hija, where are you?!” Your mother and father had sobbed in worry.
You and Him. Him and You. Two by two, remember?
And Camilo had sobbed, desperation evident in his painful cries. The gravity of the situation weighing down on him. What if he never finds you? What if he was a twin no more? He’d give everything up just to know that you’re okay.
He was slowly losing all hope. There was no sign of you.
Memories of growing up with you had suddenly entered his mind and made him sob harder. The day of your fifth birthdays’ he had told you that he would use his powers just not to help the people of Encanto but to protect you, his baby sister. He promised to make you smile no matter what and protect that smile too. He promised that you would never be apart.
Once you had gotten lost whilst running wild in Encanto's forests in your many animal forms, exploring and not heeding any warnings or calls from your parents. As soon as Dolores had informed the rest of the family of your disappearance, he was already grabbing his ruana and a lamp. It didn't take long for him to find you, huddled inside a hollow tree, whimpering and calling out for him.
You were inconsolable, having been under the impression that you had been forgotten and abandoned. Camilo only shook his head and carried you on his back where you hugged his neck tight.
"No matter where you are, hermana, even if you were on the opposite side of the world, I'll always come and find you."
He had made you laugh, and had tried his hardest not to make you cry. He would tease you but you’d know he didn’t mean a word. He would give you seconds and when the two of you were caught, he would take the blame.
And he squeezed his eyes shut, tears continuing to roll down his freckles cheeks.
“Hermana, please..” He collapsed on his knees, hands trembling and all cut up as he had tried to dig through numerous piles of broken down walls and furniture. Antonio had curled up behind him, not wanting to believe that you were gone. Pepa and Felix had joined, pulling each other into a tight hug as Dolores stifled a sob.
“Cami..” A quiet voice had come out of nowhere and he swore he had never gotten up that fast. “(Name)?” He calls out. Was his mind deceiving him?
"Camilo," There it was again. Calling out to him and he whipped his head from side to side, looking for the source of the voice.
"(Name)! I hear you!" Dios, Dios, was it you? Were you okay? He begged to whomever was listening that it was you who he heard.
“Cami.. Mamí, Papí, Toñito..” Another call of his name and the rest of your families’ and he knew he wasn’t hallucinating anymore. “(Name)! Where are you, hermana!?” He was up on his feet, your own family following after him as hope swelled in their hearts.
A pile of furniture was situated deeper in the ruins of Casita and there you were, huddled up under the protection of the large dining room table as well as the large doors of your home. You coughed again, dust in your lungs as you breathed in.
Camilo was the first one to hold you, pulling you close and hugging you tightly as he sobbed against your hair. “Hermana,” You couldn’t look him in the eyes after what Mirabel had said but you allowed him to hold you. The next thing you knew you were both engulfed into a warm hug by your parents and Dolores who had sobbed as well, Antonio wiggling in between you and Camilo’s hug.
“I was afraid we lost you, (Name).” Pepa’s voice trembled as she gently cupped your dust covered cheek in her hands, wiping them away as tears rolled down her cheeks. She held you close, squeezing as if making sure that she wasn't dreaming. She gently held you in arm's length, looking over to make sure that you were okay.
"Mami, I.."
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Felix had gently held your shoulder and you looked down at the question as you felt Camilo’s gaze on you.
“I didn’t want.. I just wanted to make everyone happy like Camilo,” You admit. “But it’s hard with a miracle like mine.. or what once was mine. I thought if I just kept quiet, I’ll slowly love who I am and what I'm meant to be. I thought I’d be satisfied with just being.. I just wanted to make you happy.” You trailed off as you hiccupped.
“Lo siento, mamí, papí..” Pepa and Felix looked at one another before shaking their heads. “Ay, mija.. whatever makes you happy, makes us happy. Your happiness comes first and foremost. Whatever you wish to do, we will be right behind you.”
Camilo sighed softly as he gently pats your head. “You don’t need to make everyone happy, hermana. I don’t want you to be like me. I like you the way you are. I like (Name) Madrigal, my twin sister.” He says seriously.
“And besides, you think the town could take another me? We might as well be shooed out of Encanto.”
You stifled a laugh, your cries ceasing as you smiled and Camilo had mirrored your own. “See?” He ruffles your hair and your would tilt your head curiously, wondering what he had meant.
“I told you, I’ll always find you."
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch
is my yearning for an older brother figure too transparent in this fic or no? anyways, i think Camilo would be an awesome big brother.
to be included in the taglist, please reply to this !!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 1 | Previous | Next
Here is part 4 ENJOY!!
will get to drawing the next part! also if you want to see me draw something specific, I do commissions through paypal and would love to draw what you would like.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The triplets get into an argument and Bruno lets out some serious emotions
Loosely based on that one deleted scene
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supernofriendo · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
wasn’t expecting to ever post here again but, i’m throwing this into the abyss. enjoy some happy PB&J content :)
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rainofthetwilight · 2 days ago
guys the most randomest thing just came in my mind rn.
yknow how we call Pepa, Bruno and Julieta as PB&J
well it could also be short for "Peanut Butter and Jelly" 😭😭😭😭
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Tumblr media
The Madrigals
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thomas-the-teeth-taker · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
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bruno-mad-rigal · 6 days ago
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same energy
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lindacreations · 16 days ago
Julieta: Look, it's simple. All you have to say is “Hi, I took a blood test and I wanted my results back?”. Got it?
Bruno, nodding while the phone rings
Nurse: Hello, how can I help you?
Bruno, panicked: I want my blood back
Bruno: *hangs up*
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kokoroisbleeding · 7 days ago
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Don't bully Bruno! >:(((
Julieta just shoves arepas down their throat to heal then beat them up again to avoid suspicion and to get rid of evidence akajsjskfbkj
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