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10fignewtons · 13 hours ago
Julieta x Reader x Augustín
word count: 1157
just a fluffy oneshot featuring my husband and wife (and a little bit of kissing—)
Tumblr media
“Julieta?” you whisper in confusion when you wake up to one side of the bed beside you being empty, your hand fumbling around but only meeting still warm sheets. With a little huff, you roll over in the bed, avoiding Augustín’s strewn sleeping form, and blink rapidly, eyes squinting as you slowly adjust to the sudden light shining in the room. Your eyes trail to the window to determine the time once they’re adjusted and you wince at the sight of still-dark skies before trailing your eyes away from the window and towards your wife. Julieta is busying herself in the room, dressed in her day-time clothes and rummaging through the closet. You can't help but blink. “Mi vida. It is early. Why are you awake?” You were concerned, especially with the way that Julieta moved as if she was in a rush…when there wasn’t even light outside.
“Lo siento, Cariño. Did I wake you?” Julieta paused in her task to ask, a small look of guilt on her face as she took in your sleepy tone.
“No. It’s okay. What are you doing, mi vida? It’s too early,” you said, gesturing to the dark skies outside.
Julieta fiddled with her hands. “I have a lot to get done today,” she explained, hesitantly, beginning to once again search through the closet. “I need to make arepas for the town, a birthday cake for Señora Maria’s nieta, a pie for—”
“Juli, it’s early. Come to bed. I will help you with everything later today.” You patted the bed and Julieta paused. You lowered your voice, “¿Por favor, Juli? You are only one person. I do not want you to overwork yourself.”
After a few seconds of standing there, your wife finally sighed, coming over to join you. “Gracias,” you murmured, kissing her gently as you wrapped your arms around her body, tugging her into bed. For a few minutes the two of you just laid there, Julieta’s body on top of your own, and the two of you exchanging soft, sleepy kisses back and forth until a new voice startled the two of you.
“Hey, there. That’s my wife you’re kissing,” Augustín sleepily mumbled, causing the two of you to pause mid kiss. You turned your head to see his eyes cracked open, staring at you.
Once your sleep-ridden brain registers his words, you laugh, exchanging a look of fond exasperation with Julieta. “We are all married to each other, Augustín,” you reminded him in amusement.
The man blinked. “Oh,” he murmured, a wide smile growing on his face. “No kissing without me then. Not allowed,” he corrected with a mumble, pouting. His hands reached out, pulling the two of you closer to him. With a quiet laugh of amusement, you allow him to pull you and Julieta closer, squeaking softly in surprise when he tugs the two of you to lay on top of him—although it was more of a pile of limbs, and resulted in all of you not being quite sure whose knee was digging into whose side or whose leg it was pressing their cold feet against another’s leg (although your money was on Augustín for the former and Julieta for the latter).
Regardless of any uncomfortableness you might have felt, though, you wriggled impossibly closer to your husband and wife, tucking your nose into Augustín’s neck and softly sighing as you brought your hand up to gently card through your wife’s hair. It was soft, strands practically gliding through your fingers and you hummed quietly, hand twirling strands around your fingers. Without looking, you knew just by Julieta’s hum that she was enjoying it, practically melting into your hand as you continued to brush your hand through her hair and carefully massage her scalp at the places where you knew from experience that her headaches pinpointed from the most.
“Mi amor,” Julieta sighed breathlessly, a small moan escaping her when your fingers massaged a particularly sensitive spot. Her eyes fluttered close, cuddling closer to you as she brought her arms to wrap around you, encasing you in her embrace. You hummed back softly, continuing to massage Julieta’s scalp and play with her hair and beginning to press soft kisses to Augustín’s neck.
Your humming turned into a laugh when Julieta’s cold feet met your leg. You squealed at the sensation, abandoning your tasks to roll away from Augustín and Julieta and sprawl across the free side of the bed, hands outspread as you listened to them whine at the loss of your body warmth and presence. Your head rolled over to strain towards the window, squinting.
“I give us an hour before we have to actually be up,” you mused, eyeing the window and taking in the way that the darkness was getting lesser and lesser as the minutes passed by. You sighed softly minutes later as two distinctively different arms wrapped around your body, tugging you closer.
“We have an hour to sleep more, mis amores.” Augustín closed his eyes, playful snores leaving his lips despite him being in no way asleep. You and Julieta exchanged amused glances, laughing.
“Dios, Augustín,” Julieta muttered with an amused little sigh, fondness coating her voice as you snuggled closer to her, “what are we going to do with you?”
“Love me,” came Augustín’s automatic response, said a bit dramatically on purpose. He grinned when Julieta’s hand playfully swatted his shoulder at his response, eyes cracking open the slightest bit.
Julieta groaned, hands coming up to hide her burning face as best as she could despite it not being visibly flushed, “between you and Y/N, I’m never going to get anything done around here.” Despite her comment, she didn’t look the slightest bit concerned over it, looking perfectly content to lay in bed all day with the two of you.
“I mean, it’s true,” you mumbled to your husband, feeling your eyes grow heavy despite your best attempts to stay awake and continue to hear your husband’s and wife’s resulting banter. You were tired, extremely so due to how early it was. You definitely didn’t have enough sleep yet to function. You closed your eyes. “Te amo, Juli, Augustín,” you interjected between their conversation a few seconds later when you came to the realization that you were not going to stay awake for long. The banter between the two of them abruptly trailed off at your comment, their attention going back to you. Even with your eyes closed, you knew it was Julieta that placed a gentle kiss on your temple and Augustín on your wrist over your pulse point, their voices meeting your ears afterwards.
“Te amo, mi amor.”
“Te amo, cariño. Duelces sueños.” [Sweet dreams]
Your last fading thought was the exasperated realization that the chances of Julieta waking you up later to let you help her prepare all of the food was low.
What were you going to do with them?
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somethinginthethunder · 2 days ago
hello! can i please request a julieta x reader, reader is a simp and do whatever julieta wants, always spoiling her so much and all prople get jealous of how reader is in love with julieta
``spoiling julieta``
notes: sorry it took so long to get to this one D:
warnings: none
-if there was anyone to hold the label of certified simp it would be you hands down
-since the moment she agreed to be your girlfriend as teens you were known to spoil her
-whether it was with hugs and kisses, simple nicknames, or gifts you would bring around almost every time every day
-alma thought it was sweet, whereas the other two thirds of the triplets thought that it was wayyy too cheesy
-at first pepa and bruno would give you little 'aws' every time you did something kind for their sister, but after the millionth time all they'd give was an 'ugh ok'
-that's not to say they don't think it's cute!! honestly, it was more of a habit than what they were truly feeling. they were actually really happy for you and their sister :)
-the rest of the village was, surprisingly, more jealous than you'd think they'd be
-part of it is because some of the villagers had some kind of crush on you, and the rest would be because they envied the relationship you had with her.
-it was less of 'i wish that were me' and more 'why can't my boyfriend do that?'
-the both of you thought it was incredibly amusing when you found out.
-julieta was well aware of how much you thought of her as a goddess
-i mean, it was hard to ignore since you showed and told her that on the daily
-i don't think she'd take advantage of it a lot, though
-the most she'd do is ask you to help her do some of her chores as a favor, but she knew you'd do that even without asking her
-casita formed a little section in her room where she could put all of your little gifts for her
-whenever you're away or she just needs a form of comfort she likes to just sit in front of it and think of you fondly
-your trend of spoiling julieta didn't stop, not even after you two got married and had your children
-whenever she was pregnant or had just recently given birth you'd always insist you do everything for her
-like why are you getting up to do housework you just gave birth to our child???
-and once all three of your girls grew up they really got to witness how much service you did for their mother
-seeing it every day of their lives made them laugh at your cheesiness, but they could also acknowledge how lucky they were to have parents who were so helplessly in love with each other
-and of course julieta would do things for you in return, whether it be making your favorite foods, insisting she help you with your own work, or just taking time off to spend it with you <3
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 2 days ago
You Can Always Go To Me
A Kiss (Part 1)
> set before the movie
> the reader share movie Luisa's trait of not wanting any help
> julieta madrigal x fem! reader
Tumblr media
“Where are you going?” a hand grabbed Y/N's arm and tugged her into an embrace.
Y/N groaned and squirmed, “Máma! Let me go!”
Luciana, Y/N's mother, chuckled, “Not until you tell me where you're going, mi corazón.” she continued hugging the daylights out of her daughter.
“Máma!” Y/N squealed when her mother poked her sides.
“Fine! Fine!” Luciana stopped tickling her daughter, “Where are you going? Your father won't be happy if you don't let me know.”
Y/N slumped against her mother and sighed, “Ay, it's fine máma, you know papa won't be upset for long.”
“Sadly, I don't.” her mother still managed to joke around.
Shaking her head, Y/N pulled away from her mother's hug. “I'm going to the meadow,” she grabbed the basket full of food and walked towards the door, “Julieta is waiting for me. Adiós!”
Luciana watched as her daughter skipped out of their home. Humming, she continued to slice the vegetables she was supposed to cook for lunch.
‘Who’s going to eat this?’ Luciana asked herself.
“Hola Juli!” a voice shouted, making Julieta jump and drop the flower she was holding.
Turning around, Julieta smiled at what she saw. It was Y/N carrying a very heavy basket, which she guessed was full of food, and trying not to trip on her own feet.
“Let me help you–”
“Stop! No– I have this. You don't need to walk towards me, I'll go to you instead.” Y/N stopped Julieta.
“No buts!” she once again interrupted Julieta.
Julieta rolled her eyes and sat down on the grass, “Fine.”
Unfortunately, with only a few feet away from Julieta, Y/N tripped and landed on her face.
“I'm okay!” came Y/N's muffled reply, making Julieta chuckle and shake her head.
“Ay, Y/N!”
“I said I'm fine.” Y/N huffed and sat up, brushing the dirt off her skirt.
“Can I go to you now?” Julieta asked.
Y/N looked up and locked eyes with Julieta before looking behind her. Mentally calculating how far they were from the town square.
“I don't know,” Y/N raised an eyebrow at Julieta, “can you?”
Smirking, Julieta grinned and think of a plan on how to surprise Y/N.
“What are you doing?” Y/N heard Julieta stand up and asked, her back facing Julieta as she fixed the mat they were going to use.
“Okay...” came Y/N's suspicious reply, yet she paid no mind to her gut and started to arrange the food on the mat.
After a few moments of silence, Y/N heard Julieta call her, and when she turned around, she was attacked by Julieta running towards her, making them both topple.
Y/N squeaked when she felt Julieta's face on the crook of her neck, her face turning red. “Ay Juli, you should've just said you wanted to hug me.”
“I wanted to surprise you.” she heard Julieta whisper.
“Well, you definitely surprised me and a couple of butterflies.” Y/N said as she saw butterflies fly near them. Julieta chuckled and embraced Y/N tighter.
“You know Juli,” Julieta hummed and pulled away slightly to look Y/N.
Y/N smiled, cupping Julieta's cheeks with her hand and guided Julieta's face closer to hers, their lips brushing together for the first time, their eyes closing as time seemed to have stopped. Pulling away, Y/N opened her eyes and saw Julieta do the same. Y/N grinned and tucked a stray hair behind Julieta's ear and whispered,
“you can always go to me.”
y'all, as you can see, i do not have any experience writing scenes like the last paragraph shown, i am so sorry
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teddybear-named-george · 2 days ago
hey hey hey
i was thinking of doing a taglist... so if anyone wants to be added to my: encanto and/or miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children taglist, drop me an ask and i’ll add you!
i only write for canonically female characters 
also, if you want to drop a request for either of these fandoms, or even another fandom, feel free to send one!
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zafirosreverie · an hour ago
We want that one (Julieta x Reader x Agustín) part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
You turned and smiled to see Mirabel running towards you. In the few months since you'd moved, you'd learned the pace of town life. And the Madrigals, the main family, had been very kind to you...perhaps a little too much.
But it was okay, you liked them and it was nice to see the love they had for each other. Also, and you weren't going to say it out loud, but there was a certain couple you were becoming more and more attached to.
"Hello Mirabel" you smiled when the girl came up to you "Are you okay?"
"Yes" she answered agitated "but you have to come with me"
"Why, what happened?"
You blinked for a few seconds before laughing. Of course it had to be Agustín. You couldn't even say you were surprised, but you couldn't complain either, considering that you two were practically in a competition (albeit an unintentional one) to see who could give Julieta a heart attack first.
You weren't too proud to say that you were winning. But hey! At least she didn't have to heal you! That conversation had been a little awkward, because no one had believed your explanation as to why you could heal yourself, but at least they had accepted the fact.
"I'll take care of it" you smiled at the girl in front of you, ruffling her hair
"Thank you Y/N! You are the best"
"I know kiddo" you winked
You went to the tree where you knew Agustín would be, hoping to arrive on time. You didn't see Mirabel's mischievous look, nor the vines that spread cautiously near you, spying on you.
"hello little boy"
You poked your head behind the tree making Agustín jump and drop the ax he was holding. Fortunately he didn't hurt himself or you.
"Y/N! For God's sake, don't do that" he told you, putting a hand on his chest "I'm not so young anymore, I can't take these scares"
You just laughed, enjoying the way his cheeks turned red. You didn't know why, but both he and his beautiful wife almost always had a sweet blush whenever you saw them.
"Come on, you're not that old" you said "And don't let Julieta listen to you, she's your same age and I don't think she’d like you calling her old"
Agustin just laughed and bent down to pick up the axe. You watched with amusement as his hands were shaking and you could see that he was thinking of something else to say. But just then, you heard a buzz and knew it was time to act.
You quickly got in front of the man to try and stop the bees from getting close, but there was no need. Now, your ability was to heal yourself, but you didn't share a gift with Antonio, you were sure of that.
So why did the bees seem fascinated with you? They were surrounding you, but they didn't look annoying, but attentive to your finger.
You looked at Agustín and you could see the same confusion in his eyes. You slowly moved your hand and the two of you gasped softly as the bees followed your movement.
The woman turned and was surprised to see you run towards her with a huge smile on your face, Agustín was a few steps behind you. You looked like a little girl with a tired father behind you. Julieta couldn't help but smile at the image.
Although if she was honest, she could never help but smile when you were around.
"Look, look, look!!" you said excited
It was then that the older woman noticed the horde of bees following you. She immediately looked at her husband, ready to give him an arepa, but the man didn't seem to need one for once.
"Juli, look!" you called her again "they listen!!"
Julieta watched in amazement as the bees followed every movement of your finger. That is why Agustín didn’t have bee stings. Because you were controlling them.
"The star" you smiled.
That had been the explanation you had given them when they asked about your ability to heal yourself. You told them the same story your father always told you: that you had a star in your eyes.
Your mother had given her life for you when you were born, and she had asked heaven with her last breath for being able to be with you wherever you were. That love and desire to protect you was what had made it possible for you to heal yourself.
Although the Madrigals (nor anyone other than your aunt) hadn't believed you.
"Hey, your family has a magic candle that gives them gifts, why can't I have a star?" you accused her, pressing a finger to her chest.
Julieta was deeply grateful that her dark skin hid her blush. You were close, too close. Again, no one noticed the vines that were nearby or the flowers that were slowly growing at your feet.
"I-I guess you're right" she finally said.
You looked at her with narrowed eyes and a cute pout that was just driving her crazy.
"You're lucky to be cute" you told her, finally breaking away and letting her breathe. Although the blush on her cheeks only increased. 
"Anyway, I think I have the answer" you said, oblivious to the situation in which you had left the other woman "It's love"
"W-what?" Agustín muttered surprised
"Yes! Think about it for a moment, pretty boy, Miss smiles here always says she doesn't cure you with her food, but with her love. My mother loved me so much that she sacrificed herself for me, like Mr. Pedro for his family, and the magic was born from it! I think the miracle is love" you smiled, satisfied with your conclusion.
Unfortunately, you didn't realize the meaning you had hinted at, but both of them had, and they were reduced to a nervous wreck. It was at that moment that Isabela, who had been listening to everything, decided to make her presence known, seeing that her parents were speechless.
"That's an interesting theory Y/N" she smiled at you "And what about the bees? What's the explanation there?"
Both Agustín and Julieta were startled when their daughter appeared out of nowhere, but you just looked at her as if she had been there the whole time. Maybe you hadn't missed the flowers and vines after all. Julieta looked two seconds away from punishing her eldest daughter for the clear mockery in her words.
"Well, I guess it's obvious, isn’t it?" you asked innocently "I love bees! They are so cute and small! I think that's why they listen to me, they feel my love for them" you said happily
If you noticed the way Agustín let out a sigh, or the way Julieta looked hurt, or the way Isabela's shoulders slumped in defeat, you didn't say anything.
"I'm going to tell her" Isabela growled
"Isa, don't!" Mirabel stopped her sister by grabbing her shoulders "Mom is going to be mad!"
"But it's so painfully obvious! Look at her Mirabel!"
The girl with glasses stared at her parents,who were looking at you while you danced happily with Tio Felix. It was Toñito's sixth birthday and the whole town had come to celebrate, but Julieta and Agustín had only had eyes for you.
Mirabel knew that her sister was right. It was painfully obvious that they had both fallen for you, hard. But she also knew there were lines she shouldn't cross with her mother.
"Let's give them two more songs"
"...okay" Isabela frowned "But if something doesn't happen in two more songs, I'm going to entangle all three of them in my vines"
And something did happen two songs later, just not what the sisters expected.
After returning Felix to Pepa, you approached the table where the drinks were, totally tired but happy. Something had this family that made you feel so special and welcomed.
You had tried to get Julieta to dance, but the woman could be stubborn when she wanted to, so you had given up after three attempts, and decided to look for the other woman you had not seen dance yet: Luisa.
It was not uncommon to find her on the edge of everyone, away from noise and people. Of Julieta's three daughters, Luisa was your favorite (although you would never tell Mirabel and Isabela). Despite her rough exterior, she was a gentle and soft soul and had a girlish veil that just made you want to protect her from everything.
"Hey you" you said, smiling warmly at her
"Hello Y/N"
"What are you doing here alone, kiddo?"
"Mmm, I-I'm not much of a party person, actually" Luisa shrugged her shoulders "I've never been…graceful enough for it"
You frowned and before you could say anything, you heard it: some girls, probably Isabela and Dolores's age, were whispering to each other and the vicious looks they were giving Luisa weren't very subtle. You felt your blood boil.
"Y/N, what are you-"
Before Luisa could react, you were walking steadily towards them.
"Hey you!" You said "You have three seconds to stop talking about her"
One of the girls (probably the leader) looked you up and down. She smiled noticing that she didn't know you, so you must be a nobody, right? She didn't notice her companions taking a few steps back in fear, because they did know exactly who you were. And they knew better than to get on your bad side.
"Or what? Little princess?" the girl scoffed "Look babe, you're cute, but I don't have time to-"
You didn't let her finish before your fist connected with her jaw, knocking her to the ground. Fortunately for you, being on the outskirts meant that hardly anyone had seen, unfortunately for her, it meant that no one was going to help her.
"Say one more thing about Luisa y te rompo la cara a verg*zos, am I clear?" you growled
The girl just gulped and nodded, quickly getting up and running away. You took a deep breath before turning to Luisa, who was looking at you with her mouth open. No one had defended her like this before, not even her sisters.
"Are you ok?" you asked
"I-I...yes" she said "How..."
"Hey, I have to take care of my girls, right?" you joked
The girl smiled softly before gently shaking her head.
"You're worse than my parents, you know that?" she told you "no wonder they fancy you so much"
"They what?!"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Julieta tag: @emril-osvigne
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aries-online · 20 days ago
Its Quiet Uptown
Tumblr media
Pairing:Madrigal family X Reader
A/N: I cried when writing this, thats how you know its good
Based on the song “It's Quiet Uptown”. Reader was a friend of the madrigals
Summary:The aftermath of The readers death, and how it affected the madrigals
Content Warnings: Mentions of drowning and death
Requested?: Nope!
“There are moments that the words don't reach
There is suffering too terrible to name
You hold your child as tight as you can
And push away the unimaginable
The moments when you're in so deep
It feels easier to just swim down
The [Madrigals] move uptown
And learn to live with the unimaginable”
After your passing, and subsequent funeral, the village of Encanto felt less vibrant than before. Your death was seemingly inevitable,You drowned. Dolores heard your cries, and even though the family rushed to your aide, they were all too late. Even though they tried Julieta’s cooking couldn't save you, they were only a moment too late. The burden of guilt weighed heavy on the shoulders of Dolores and Julieta. Maybe if Dolores tuned into your thrashing a few moments earlier, or maybe if Julieta was the first there, maybe you would still be walking amongst them. You could have maybe even been able to see your daughter grow.
You were buried in the Village’s graveyard, with all the other dead. And the madrigals visited very often. Isabella would sit with your grave, leaving small plants and flowers. Luisa would come by as the stars started to shine, and she would talk to you, about her day and everything going on. Mirabel would bring your daughter and would tell her stories from your past, stories you told her. Julieta would steal away in the early hours of the morning to set a small plate of food atop your gravestone. Pepa and Felix would visit every Sunday with Dolores, a visit that always had to be cut short. Antonio had left his tiger stuffed animal, he had said you needed it more.Bruno tried his hardest to keep the family going for you, its what you would have wanted . Camilo rarely visited your actual grave, as it brought up to many emotions for him to handle, instead he would tell the towns children the stories you would tel them from your travels. And Alma, the woman who helped your family all those years ago, felt like she lost a part of herself all over again. The family took your daughter in after your passing, she was only two years old. They cared for the little girl like she was their own flesh and blood. Your little girl was all they had left of you, after all.
“Tía?” the little girl asked, her voice soft “Where mamá?”. Her soft {colour} eyes trained on Pepa. A soft, grey storm cloud formed above pepa’s head as she knealed, getting on the level of the little girl. “Your mamá is with your papá, princesa” she explained, smoothing the little girls hair back with a single hand. “When will they come back?” the child inquired. The storm grew a bit stronger, Felix layed a hand on his wifes shoulder to comfort her. “I don't know,princesa, i dont know”
“There are moments that the words don't reach
There's a grace too powerful to name
We push away what we can never understand
We push away the unimaginable”
It had been three years after your untimely end, and your baby grew. She resembled you so much. It was a miracle all on its own when she was gifted a power of her own, something the madrigals didn't expect at all. She was gifted the ability to see the dead.The little girl brushed past a doorway, only to catch a glimpse of your tired expression, your frame clinging onto that of your husbands. You mouthed a few words to the little girl before your forms disappeared.
“I'm proud of you,mi vida”
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squeamishdionysus · 27 days ago
Can I please ask for some headcanons for Bruno with a female reader who has dimples and thinks his powers are the coolest thing EVER
Bruno x female reader with dimples and a strong fascination with his power coming right up!
Tumblr media
Okay, so for this scenario, I'd like to think that you're just a bit younger than Bruno, most likely still in you forties, and you've only just moved to Encanto about 3 years before the movie.
You immediately captivated by the Madrigals, as anyone would be and probably was if they lived in Encanto. It was just like one of the many fantasy books you had read growing up, and it really brought out your inner child to say the least.
You were the local baker, and you had to make several deliveries to the Madrigal house for certain celebrations, as poor Julieta couldn't be left to handle all the cooking on her own. You quickly befriended her and Pepa over a shared love of cooking, and by happenstance, you began to bond with the rest of the Madrigal family.
You, of course, became friends with Felix and Agustin, as any friend of their wives was a friend of theirs.
You were considered to be a "cool aunt" figure to the older girls, giving them helpful advice and letting them borrow whatever they needed from you, as long as they promised to keep out of trouble.
You listened to Dolores as she went on about her crush on a young man in town, and helped Luisa relax when she overworked herself too much.
You gave Isabel hair tips and let her vent to you whenever she needed somebody to talk do who didn't see her as "Senorita Perfecta."
With the younger kids, you'd hype up Camilo's acting skills and shape-shifting, often sitting through the one-man shows he would frequently put on. You noticed fairly quickly that the boy was very drawn to Shakespeare.
You didn't judge Mirabel or see her as less impressive than the rest of her family, but rather, you praised her for her astounding sewing skills, and even taught her how to crochet from time to time.
And little Antonio, sweet baby Antonio... well, when Pepa needed a break to collect herself or just a night to spend with Felix, you took the burden off of Dolores's shoulders and offered to watch him yourself, growing quite attached to the young boy.
Soon, you were practically living in the Madrigal house, and yet, for the three years you had been close with the family, you never heard anything about the black sheep of the family... Bruno Madrigal.
Yes, of course you knew of him; Pepa mentioned him when discussing her wedding day with Felix, and Abuela Madrigal had told you that for your own safety, you were not to go into Bruno's tower. You never really asked for more details on Bruno, a. Because it was a touchy subject in the Casita and b. He was never really brought up enough for you to really sit and wonder about it.
However, when you finally did meet him in helping the Madrigals rebuild their Casita, that excitement and wonder came back immediately.
I mean, you knew about his gift, but just like the general consensus of "Oh, he could see the future." You were just as clueless as Mirabel, as you had no idea the visions were actually physical tablets or that he had his own VISION CAVE?!
Despite your excitement, though, you tried really hard not to act like you were only interested in his power, because you weren't. You were curious as to what he was like and what his relationships with the other Madrigals were and just exactly what he was up to over the last decade.
You'd be lining if you didn't think he was cute too but that's beyond the point.
Everyday when you came over to the Madrigal Casita, you would always take some time to talk to Bruno, with the excuse of "Oh, I had extra hand pies and I thought you deserved to try some of baking yourself!"
He talked about his interests in theater and his rats and what his life was like before he disappeared. You talked about your time in Encanto and your baking and your love of romance novels and plays.
And well. Of course you fell for him.
And Bruno couldn't help but fall for you, too.
Okay, so this would definitely sound creepy out of context, but Bruno really first saw you the first time you visited the Madrigal house. He grew to accept you like the rest of the Madrigal family, even if you never directly interacted with him, and slowly got to know you through overhearing your conversations with the rest of the family.
He loved the way you were able to comfort Pepa during her mood swings, and just how helpful you were with Julieta when she had too much on her plate (teehee pun).
He loved the way you interact with his older nieces, supporting them in a way he wished he had been when he was their age.
And he just thought your encouragement and love for the littler ones was just so sweet and admirable.
And, well, he really, really liked you.
Once he caught Dolores in the kitchen in the middle of the night, delivering him some tea, and he managed to ask if you were married, to which Dolores shrugged, and said "she's never mentioned a husband."
"Hmm... by the way this is uh... the rats speaking... still."
He came to find out when he finally left the walls of his house that you were in fact very much so single, and he was over the moon.
The more and more active he became in the Encanto community again, the more and more time he spent with you.
You'd two frequently go for walks together, either through Encanto or just outside of the mountain range.
He'll start coming to your bakery, too, and you'll even let him taste test the batter before you bake it.
Eventually, the two of you are inseparable, and even though you aren't official, many of the people around town just assume you're a couple.
It leads to some awkward moments, but neither you nor Bruno seems really bothered when people make the mistake.
It's when you finally have to guts to ask about his power that you two make it official.
After months of wanting to ask about his power and tip-toeing carefully around the subject as best you could, finally managed to ask how his gift worked.
He, of course, groaned, explaining it hesitantly, but as soon as you asked him to demonstrate, he quickly made all of the troubles that came with having a gift like his apparent.
"-and look, why would I even want to murder a goldfish!? what would I gain from killing a-"
"Bruno! Calm down... I'm not going to judge you because of your power. I know who you are, and I know that you and your gift are two separate things. I won't judge you because of your gift."
Bruno looked down to the ground and gave a heavy sigh, slowly blinking as he thought it over. Finally, after a long while of silent deliberation, he gave you a soft smile and stood up.
"Alright then. I'll show you."
And so, off the two of you went to his room, which, in comparison to the old Casita, was much more lively and had a lot less stairs. Once you arrived in his vision gave, he set everything up that he needed to and sat with you in a circle of sand.
You swore when he started his gift, you could barely turn away from his glowing green eyes. They were mesmerizing, and you would've asked for a vision anyways if it only meant you could see his eyes.
Around you, the sand showed a vision of you, traveling through the world. Your past. Then it showed you arriving in Encanto, meeting all of the Madrigals until you finally stopped at Bruno. The image of you froze, staring at Bruno until she reached out to embrace him, with Bruno hesitantly returning it.
And with that, the vision ended and the cave echoed with your high-pitch squeal.
Bruno smiled brightly as you gave such an excited reaction, admittedly a little flustered due to what the vision showed, but overall more focused on your reaction.
And when he saw how wide your smile was and how cute your dimples were when you did, he didn't even care anymore.
With a quick flash, you embraced Bruno, pulling him close to your chest and smiling, holding him tight.
"That was so cool, Bruno, thank you for showing me! It was even more impressive than I thought."
You pulled away for a moment, and looked into his big, now brown eyes. You blushed slightly.
"And about what I saw in the vision-"
"No, no, I get it! It's weird that I may like you a bit and it's even weirder that a vision showed it, but please don't think you have to-"
You interrupted him with a kiss on the cheek, cupping his face gently as you softly asked,
"Would you like to have dinner together?"
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hopepunk-fanfics · 10 days ago
The Madrigal Triplets Stimming!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Julieta rubs her hands together
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pepa rubs her hair and taps her foot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Bruno rubs his arm (and also knocks on wood and such)
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dumbrequesttaker · 11 days ago
hello, if you have the time and have some space left for another request, can you write the adult ladies with a reader who acts like a knight in shining armor, charming, romeo type? but they're actually very clumsy and dorky? like they'll boast that they've saved a damsel from a monster but in reality they just took a spider out of their grandma's house? sorry if it's too specific haha. well have a great day!
Summary: "I'll protect you!" " Querida its just a moth..." *faceplants trying to catch it*
Warnings: Mild injury mention
Pepa: -She finds it adorable that you try really hard to protect her, even if it's just a singular bee (Unless you're allergic then pick like a dragonfly or something bitey)
-You literally punched the bee for her, took her hand, and ran because it was "coming back with a VENGENCE". At least that's what you told her after she stopped laughing so hard.
- You're retelling the story later with a bit more... drama and she's just watching you with a dopey smile and a vibrant rainbow over her head.
-You're such a dork-- but you're her dork. "You were very valeroso, Mi vida, I don't know what I would have done without you~"
-"Get a super painful stingy sting, that's what!~"
-Everyone knows you're being a little dramatic with your storytelling but you look so damn proud of yourself
-Oh please, There was a puddle after a rainstorm and you very politely stop her but instead of telling her to walk around it or put something over it you pick her up!
-Cue you struggling to balance her while trudging through the puddle like an idiot as she insists "Y/N please- I'll be alright..!" while laughing and blushing
-You trip and both of you land in the mud. For a second you thought she would be upset until she bursts into beautiful laughter and kisses your cheek "I told you, now look at you~"
-Julieta wiping mud from your face with a clean part of her dress "You're not hurt? Good"
- You both return to Casita a mess! Mirabel brings you both a towel as regale the tale of the "Ginormous" mud puddle that they barely made it out of
-A dog was barking nearby your favorite picnicking spot, Dolores covered her ears and urged you two to leave to somewhere quieter... You however ran off towards where the sound was coming from
-The barking stopped... she wonders what you did
-You stole the dog from its owner's backyard and brought it to Dolores. It's a huge dog compared to you! It is fluffy with a friendly face, following you closely "I have conquered the beast, milady~"
-She can't believe you stole a dog! But they're so, so sweet, laying on her lap as you sit next to her with pride
-"Thank you, Mi amor, but-... they're looking for him now" -"Shhh, we saved them from backyard jail"
-The person knew someone took their dog because you left a hole in their fence!
-Dolores is moron-sexual, attracted to idiots.... you're her idiot
-She is the only one who used to be irritated by it, she has had suitors playing Romeo for her, her whole life... she saw you as the same- until she realized you aren't just doing it for her -You saved your grandmother from a horrible, hairy beast! Aka she watched you clumsily carry the spider in a cup outside "I've taken care of that beast for you Abuela! no worries!" you jog back to her and trip...Isa realizes this isn't to impress, it's just you..!
- the way you told the story later made her crack a smile, talking about how huge the spider was and how you calmly chose to spare it
-She playfully rolls her eyes at you when you "Guide her around town so she doesn't get lost" ... you've both lived here your whole lives-
-"If you wanted to hold my hand you could have just asked, Romeo~"
-Confidently deny! "Then where are we?" she lead you into the woods because you weren't paying attention
-"Uh--- P-Plant..!" What a dork... "Yeah... we're at plants, Mi Vida.." Luisa: -"Don't take another step!" You scare the life out of her as she's carrying some boxes "W-What, what's wrong??" -You heroically jog over and pick up a few dolls some children had left "You could have tripped, cariño!"
-She is honestly relieved its nothing serious, just you looking out for her
-Shes most amused when you try to help her carry things, she has literal super strength but you're like "I'll help you Mi amor!" and carry one box compared to her ten... she'll even slow down for you so you can carry them together
-At dinner, you are proud to say you helped Luisa with her chores today- Luisa pipes in "They carried so many~"
-Luisas approval and happiness are your lifeblood... even when you get hurt she always reminds you you're the best helper
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tiredevita · 20 days ago
Y/n catching Agustín before he falls to the ground: Are you okay??
Agustín blushing: Marryme-
Y/n also blushing: W-what? *trips on their own feet causing both of them to fall*
Julieta in the distance: I'm gonna marry them.
Alma: Wich one?
Julieta: Both of them.
Julieta smiling and nodding: Both of them...
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lilian-maximoff · 23 days ago
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disneyandsonyandpixarohmy · 25 days ago
How the Madrigals Would React to Seeing You in Encanto for the First Time - Pt. 2
The Madrigals x gn!Reader
Fluff - Romantic
Requested: No
[Word Count: 1,028]
The Madrigals are used to seeing most citizens of Encanto frequently, so it's always a shock when they see someone new. They just weren't expecting for that person to be so stunning.
- This is part 2 to my previous Encanto fic! I planned on writing/posting this tomorrow but that post unexpectedly blew up so here you go I guess! Also pretend that Félix and Agustín are still part of the Madrigal family even if they're not technically married. -
Pt. 1
Julieta, Pepa, Bruno, Félix, and Agustín included
You had probably gotten injured while exploring the new territory, falling down a hill and spraining your ankle
The townsfolk led you to Julieta’s stand and brought you into the line, explaining that Madrigal gift is to heal a wound with the food that she makes
She worked her way down the line as she always did, smiling at her customers as she watched their wounds magically heal
When you came up though, she faltered
Even while you were explaining your injury, your eyes were practically glowing, and the smile that you sent her was warmer than any arepa she could make
She was overjoyed when she saw how your expression lit up as you felt your ankle right itself
Much to her delight, you stuck around after you were healed, helping her hand out her baked goods and making comfortable conversation as you did so
Julieta felt something for you that she hadn’t felt in a long time, and she never wanted that feeling to fade
Pepa walked the slick streets of Encanto mindlessly, the occasional rumble of thunder only making her mood worse. Today was a rainy day to begin with, and thundering would not make that any better
Most Encanto citizens were inside of their homes, but there were a few cold-prone kids running about, splashing in the puddles and laughing despite the thunderstorms threatening the sky
She rounded a corner and suddenly felt her entire brain go numb as she saw you there, spinning in the middle of the street with a smile on your face and rain in your hair
Your clothes were soaked, but you didn’t seem to care, and you practically cheered with each thunder clap
Pepa couldn’t help it - she felt the rain start to subside, replaced by a giant rainbow that stretched from the top of your head over the mountains of Encanto
When you looked back at her, the clouds disappeared, and the sun shone brighter than before
As people flooded into the roads around you two, you couldn’t stop staring at one another. It felt like a strong pulling, an invisible line that drew you two closer until you were just a few feet apart, close enough to finally introduce yourselves
Your relationship came easily from there, and from that day on you two were practically inseparable
Even after Bruno’s return, when you entered Encanto you heard poor word about him (old habits die hard)
Despite being told to keep your distance from the prophecy-teller, when you saw him walking amongst the rest of his family, you couldn’t deny that your interest was piqued
Bruno was the exact same way
He saw you sitting along the streets with a woman holding a wicker basket in her hands, laughing and telling stories, and froze dead in his tracks
All it took was a reciprocated look from you and it was over for him
Bruno stuttered even though he didn’t have to say anything, his mouth opening and closing rapidly as he struggled to find the right words
You offered him a small smile and quirked your head, patiently waiting for him to finish, which never happens
Bruno shouted “HI” from across the street and scampered off, already melting in a pool of his own embarrassment
The next day, he returned to town, trying to forget about the stunning person he saw down that very street the day before
But alas, you were there once more, this time waiting for him in particular
Once you manage to catch Bruno for long enough to hold a conversation, (he kept running off) he began to relax more
Bruno realized that the two of you actually have a lot in common, and that he enjoys talking to you almost as much as he enjoys talking with his rats
You two met up there for another month, like clockwork, before Bruno gathered up the courage to invite you to dinner with the Madrigals
Félix just loves to help out around Encanto, which is exactly what he was doing when he first met you
You were dancing with a little girl, both of you spinning and giggling like no one was watching
Félix immediately abandoned his post watering some porch flowers and practically skipped over to you, bowing and extending a hand before asking for a dance
Needless to say, you were charmed, and of course accepted his offer
The girl watched and clapped as you two spun and dipped, moving all about the tiled town square
When you were both finished dancing to imaginary music, Félix offered for you to attend a dinner with his family, per his invitation
You hesitated, but when you saw the pure hope and joy on that man’s face, you couldn’t resist agreeing
The poor guy is so accident-prone, you probably met under terribly poor circumstances
Agustín tripped over a loose board that was being used in the construction of a new house - your house - and fell right at your feet, falling nose-first on the solid ground
When he rolled onto his back and was met with your striking eyes, all of the pain he felt melted away
His mouth fell open as he stared, blinking a few times to snap back into reality once he realized you were trying to talk to him
You took off from helping with building your new home to walk Agustín to Julieta’s arepa stand, waiting patiently in line with him until it was his turn
Agustín then walked you back to your house, tripping a few times along the way but always being caught by you, which makes him flustered and start tripping more just out of embarrassment
He doesn’t feel ashamed around you, though, like how he does with some other people. There are lots of Encanto citizens that mock him for his clumsiness, but you never do - you help him through it and don’t say another word
Agustín fell hard and fast, and from that day onward he tried his hardest to “accidentally” fall in front of you again, even if it’s just to see your smile and hear you ask if he’s alright
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destinywritessometimes · 6 days ago
How (some) of the Madrigals would react to finding you crying
this is self indulgent bc I’m crying and feeling kinda awful but I find comfort in these magical dorks so here’s this
featuring Bruno, Camilo, Antonio (platonic ofc), Julieta, and Agustin, they’re the only ones I had ideas for teeheehee
18+ don’t read Camilo’s part he’s 15 and that’s creepy
- I feel like at first he’d be awkward about it and kind of just stare, but once he realizes you aren’t ok and that he should probably do more than just watch he’d start comforting you. Not necessarily trying to give you a solution but trying to make you feel less awful than you clearly do.
- He’d also say sweet things just as you cry like, “It’s gonna be ok” “we’re gonna figure this out” etc.
- And once you stop crying and start explaining he wouldn’t interrupt you at all and just listen to what you have to say because he knows how hard it is to feel ignored and forgotten and he wouldn’t want someone he loves to feel the way he did for ten years
- Then he’d probably fumble through advice and try to help you find solutions for your problem, or if you don’t want that he’d just sit with you until you feel better, even if it fades out into silence for a while he’d be there for you
- Throughout the rest of day (week even), he’d try and find little ways to show you he was still there for you, such as holding your hand whenever you seemed stressed, or maybe doing a chore for you
- If he saw anyone crying he’d be quick to try and make them smile, like the song says ofc, but especially if he loved you he wouldn’t leave you alone until you were
- Not even just by just joking around, he’d hug you, come up with sweet things to say, anything based on your love language. He just hates seeing someone he loves so much be so upset and he just won’t stand for it
- Once you stop crying he’d ask you what happened and make little jokes such as ‘do I have to fight someone?’ etc. and then suddenly he’d get really serious when you start explaining what happened and what made you feel that way
- If someone/thing hurt you he’d get genuinely mad at it even if it was something small. If a bee stung you, he had a personal vendetta against bees, if you ate a bad peach that hurt your stomach, he’s kicking a peach tree, anything to get you some kind of justice
- In the end he’d just ask what you needed him to do, and he’d do it, immediately he’d help anyway he could
- if he didn’t know you he’d probably run to get one of his relatives, but if he knew you he still probably wouldn’t know how to react since he’s so young, but he’d try his best to help
- ‘what’s wrong?’ ‘why are you sad?’ he’d sit and hug you asking those questions over and over, wanting to know what made you feel bad
- he’d also give you the stuffed Jaguar Mirabel gave him and talk about how that always makes him feel better
- afterwards he would definitely tell everyone to be extra nice to you because you were crying earlier and needed to feel happy again
- no matter how young she was, she’d immediately turn into a mother. After giving you the best hug you’ve ever received she’d tell you ‘you’re face is too gorgeous to have tears running down it’
- she’d ask what was wrong once, but if you didn’t answer, she wouldn’t push you to open up, she just wants you to feel comfortable around her
- then she’d guide you to the kitchen, and make your favorite food while continuing to make sure you’re ok
- she would sit with you as you ate, quietly rubbing your back while she waited for you to calm down
- she’d once again ask you what was wrong, before holding your hands and trying to find a solution to your problem
- Afterwards she’d make sure whatever problem you had was handled and solved as soon as possible, she didn’t need her favorite person overthinking something that she could help them fix
- I feel like he’d be a really good listener and when he first sees that you’re feeling sad he’d just sit and listen to whatever you had to say in that moment, even if it was irrelevant to what you were talking about before he’d listen
- He’d also continuously validate whatever emotions you were feeling, letting you know that you had a right to feel the way you did and that it was normal
- Once you’d calmed down a bit, he’d tell stories about times he’d ended up in funny predicaments or caused an accident that he stressed over at the time, but now realized weren’t as big of a deal as he thought they were, making sure you were ok as he did
- Depending on the situation, he’d try to get you to laugh at whatever was going on, but if it was serious he’d want to help you fix it immediately, but if you weren’t ready to he’d let you know he’d be there to help whenever you were
- Throughout the rest of the day he’d constantly do little check ups to make sure you were feeling alright, and ask if he could do anything to help
that’s all hope you liked it :) my motivation has somewhat returned so some other stuff should be up later today and tmrw
Have a nice day and night !! 🌸
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julietasdroopyeyes · 14 days ago
Julieta dating someone whose love language is food
Aka she’s dating ME, she’s taken!
Tumblr media
She loves it, she loves when people enjoy her food not just because they need something from her. She loves that you want her food simply because it tastes amazing
Constantly has to convince you to attend events with food because she knows you aren’t big on socializing
“Do I have to go? Can’t I just stay home where no one will bother me?”
“Patito, I’ll make you extra empanadas, and your favorite polvorosas” she bribed a sweet smile on your face that you couldn’t resist so you agreed begrudgingly
Learning new recipes together always trying something new to keep the meals you ate fun, fresh, and engaging
Helping her run errands gathering extra ingredients from the market, doing all the heavy lifting even if she’s used to it. You don’t want her hurting herself, and maybe you wanna show off how strong you are
Sneaking seconds for yourself and Camilo half of the time you get caught but it’s always worth it
“Who ate all of the buñuelos!?”
Letting her sleep in and taking on the cooking when it comes to feeding the family, also prepping the food for when she needs to cook for the village
Trying other peoples cooking for a change so that you two can experience different interpretations of staple Colombian foods, although it never compares to your wife’s
You love to go on picnics where it’s quiet, enjoying your time together, and being able to reconnect after busy days
Food fights, lots of em the kitchen is usually always pristine until you decide to help Julieta by streaking flour across her cheek. The woman is competitive it usually ends with the two of you forgetting about where you are and the food burning
“Is it hot in here or is it you?”
“The stove is on…” “Amor…”
Julieta keeping extra arepas on her person because she knows you love to snack, and usually crave something late at night
Always eating off of each other’s plate, mostly you eating off of Julieta’s when you finish your meal
You two have an unspoken exchange where if there’s a certain food that has something you each like and don’t like you swap them out for each other
Sending her to bed early cleaning up the kitchen and dining room table for her so she can get some rest it’s the least you can do after she cooked for you
Feeding each other and being cute it’s another form of intimacy. Being able to care for someone and watch them enjoy the food you made, it’s a whole other level of saying I love you
Listening to Julieta share her stories over her favorite meals, each one revealing more about her than the last
Convincing Julieta to let you make food so that Antonio can have a little party with his animals
“Julieta pleaaaseee look they’re hungwy” *holds up a tiny little coati*
“No amor, it’s already bad enough I have Bruno’s rats stealing my food, I don’t want them getting the wrong idea”
“Sorry guys, the zorrillo said no” you may or may not have had to pay for that comment later
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teddybear-named-george · 20 days ago
Our daughter
Julieta Madrigal x GN!Reader
"What did you do this time?" Julieta rolled her eyes fondly, taking Y/N's arm and leading them to the kitchen counter.
"I didn't do anything!" They protested weakly. "It was Isabela's fault anyway."
"Ay, don't blame my daughter for your injuries, even if it is true." She slapped their shoulder softly, though admonishingly.
"You're daughter? She's our daughter, princesa." They huffed. "Unless you had a child with someone else behind my back."
"Jealousy doesn't become of you, mi dulce." Julieta chuckled, her back to her spouse.
"I thought you liked it when I'm jealous?" They hummed, grinning at their wife, who rolled her eyes in response.
"Only when you pout."
"I don't pout!"
"Yes, you are, you're doing it right now." Before they could form a response, a pastry was shoved in their mouth. "But I love you more when you're being yourself." She pressed a kiss to their lips. "And I love you even more when you're not blaming my daughter for your sprained wrist."
"Our daughter!"
"Okay, fine. How did our daughter sprain your wrist?" She raised her eyebrows expectantly, her hands on her hips.
"She slipped in the mud in the woods. I caught her like the wonderful parent I am." They huffed.
"My hero." Julieta rolled her eyes fondly, pressing another kiss to the other's lips. "Where is Isabela anyway?" She asked, closing her eyes as she spoke between kisses.
"I left her by Luisa's crib." They hummed. "She was more than happy to look after her baby sister while I came to see you."
"Very responsible of you."
They broke apart as the door opened, their young daughter toddling towards them.
"Mama, Luisa is awake." Isabela told her mother. "Up." She raised her arms to Y/N.
"Up what?" They raised an eyebrow.
Isabela huffed. "Up, por favor."
"That's my girl." They hoisted her up, grinning as the little girl giggled excitedly from her new height.
"I thought she was our girl?" Julieta asked, a smile on her lips.
"She's our daughter, but she's my girl." They countered, jostling the girl slightly, earning another giggle.
"I thought I was your girl." Julieta teased.
"No." They shook their head, putting down Isabela and wrapping their arms around their wife's waist. "You're my woman. Mi princesa. Mi corazon. Mi-"
"Ay! Not in front of the children!" Pepa stomped in, scooping up Isabela and giving her sister and in-law a teasing grin. "Innocent minds." She said pointedly.
"I have to check on my youngest daughter, anyway."
"Our daughter!"
A/N: this is a repost from wattpad! if you want to check out my acc, my user is wizzy357
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zafirosreverie · 23 days ago
Children (Julieta x Reader x Agustín)
Tumblr media
a/n: I don’t usually write for characters that are not in my masterlist, but this was an exception. 
For @xxcrystalxx28 hope you like it
You walked carefully into the kitchen, hoping Julieta wasn’t there. You knew it was an almost silly hope, because she was always in the kitchen, but hey! That's why you were the one with endless optimism, right?
You made it to the arepa batch without a hitch, but when you took one...
"Y/N?" Julieta asked, coming in behind you and making you jump.
Caught red-handed.
"Julieta! Hola!" you smiled nervously "You look gorgeous today"
"Thank you" she replied, raising an eyebrow "what are you doing?"
"Nothing, nothing" you said quickly "I'm just going to...take this"
You tried to run away with the arepa in hand, but your wife was faster and she stopped you with her hands on your shoulders, blocking your exit.
"What happened?" she asked
"No, no, seriously, nothing happened"
"Then why do you need an arepa?"
You sighed in defeat. You knew Julieta wasn't going to let you go without an explanation and, although you hadn't wanted to worry her, it was too late for that. If you had learned something in these few but charming years married to Julieta and Agustín Madrigal, it was that it was always better to tell your wife the truth. Always.
"Do you remember that you gave me permission to paint the ceiling in the room?" you said
"Agustín wants to help...and I couldn't say no, you know? I'm supposed to keep him out of harm's way so that you don't stress about taking care of him, but...it doesn't hurt to take precautions, right?" you smiled shyly.
Julieta blinked before laughing. Of course this was about Agustín. Maybe you were younger than them, but since you came into their lives, you had proven to be a great help to her. She loved her husband just like you, but you two knew how accident prone he was. It was nice of you to want to take care of him for her.
"Then take more" she told you, taking a few arepas and putting them in your hands "God knows that man is a magnet for misfortunes"
"Yes" you laughed "he is like a little boy, but we love him that way"
"Yes we do" she smiled at you and gave you a quick kiss "thank you for taking care of him for me"
"My pleasure" you said, getting out of the kitchen.
You were feeling more optimistic now that you had backup arepas, in case of anything. Although, you doubted that you would need the 6 that Julieta had given you, after all, you were only going to paint, what is the worst that could happen?
"What happened to you two?!" Julieta asked when you and Agustín came into the kitchen covered in paint and a couple of scratches.
You were smiling and laughing,though.
"Let's say next time we'll ask you to help open the paint cans" Agustín said, making you laugh more.
Julieta looked at the two of you, feeling her own smile blossom on her face. At least none of you looked seriously hurt, and you definitely seemed like you had the time of your lives.
"In my defense, I've always opened those things with the screwdriver" you said "I don't know what went wrong this time"
"It was probably my bad luck" Agustín said apologetically
"Ehh...the ceiling ended up looking nice" you shrugged
"And I suspect that also the floor" Julieta smiled, already preparing more arepas "And the furniture"
"What do you think we are, Julieta?" you pretended to be offended "We are professionals...of course we let the floor and furniture beautifully decorated"
The woman laughed as you took Agustín's arm. She loved you both so much. It was true that most of the time you were her right hand, and other times it could be like having two more children, but she wouldn’t change a thing.
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 8 days ago
A Kiss
> set before the movie
> the triplets are in their 20's in this fic
> agustin, i am so sorry but y/n is going to replace you here
> julieta madrigal x fem! reader
Tumblr media
“You know, ” Pepa sat down beside someone, “it doesn't really take an idiot to know you like her.”
Y/N groaned and rolled her eyes, “Not this again Pepa.”
Pepa shrugged, “I'm just saying! If you really like my sister, tell her–” Y/N scoffed and ignored Pepa, “or I will.” Pepa smiled mischievously.
Y/N looked from her sketchpad to Pepa's smiling face, “I don't like that smile.”
Pepa grinned, “Neither does Julieta! Now you both have something in common!”
“I knew this was a bad idea! Pepa–!”
Y/N turned around fo find Julieta looking at her concerned.
“Juli! Hi!” Y/N waved, “Yeah, I– uh– I'd love to talk but I need to see Pepa, bye!” she turned around once again and ran towards Pepa's door, leaving a flustered yet frowning Julieta in the kitchen.
“Pepa! Pepa! Let me in!” Y/N knocked repeatedly on Pepa's door. Sensing that Pepa won't open the door for her, she decided to let herself in.
Grabbing the doorknob and turning it was easy, wasn't it? Oh no, it's not. Once she grabbed the doorknob it sent an electric shock through her body, making her jump and clutch her now burned and numb hand.
“Ay Pepa! Let me in!” Y/N kicked the door softly.
“Who are you talking to?” Someone asked behind Y/N.
Y/N being the clumsy little thing she is, jumped and tripped on a potted plant, landing, not so softly, face first on the floor.
Bruno's eyes widened as he saw what happened. Giving his hand for Y/N to hold, he helped her stand up. Although, he didn't seem to notice the bruise forming on Y/N's forehead when she hit it on the edge of the pot.
“I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine–” Y/N said to herself and Bruno.
“Uh-huh.” Bruno observed Y/N's face and saw the bruise forming. “But now I see a bruise forming on your forehead, you need to let Julieta heal that,” he said before turning around, but before leaving, he stopped and said, “Pepa is not in her room you know, she's with Félix.”
Y/N nodded and waved Bruno away, she wasn't really in a mood to know that Pepa wasn't in her room that electrified her hand. Sighing, she touched her forehead and winced. Yep, this was going to be a long day and it wasn't even lunch yet.
Rolling her shoulders and letting it crack, Y/N huffed and continued to paint with her good hand whilst ignoring the throbbing of her forehead.
“Y/N!” she heard a familiar voice call her on the other side of the plaza. Looking up, she saw Julieta walking towards her in a hurry.
“Have you seen Pepa? Máma needs her to help the farmers.”
Y/N hummed and thought deeply, what would she get if she told Julieta where Pepa is right now?
“If I told you, what would I get?” Y/N asked Julieta with a raised eyebrow as she continued to paint the plaza in front of her.
“A kiss.”
Y/N's hand slipped with Julieta's answer, resulting in a now ruined page. “What did you say?”
Julieta bit the inside of her cheeks, “I said, if you told me where Pepa is, you would get a kiss.” she smiled warmly at Y/N.
Breathing in and out deeply, Y/N puffed and pursed her lips. “Fine. Pepa is at the meadow with Félix.” she ripped the ruined page off her sketchpad.
Standing up, Y/N brushed the dirt off her skirt. “But I'm going to hold onto that kiss.” Y/N looked at Julieta, seeing the twinkle in the girl's eyes, she grinned and leaned closer.
Julieta froze as Y/N lessened the space between them. “Tomorrow, at the meadow, lunch time.” she didn't get what Y/N said at first but when she did, her cheeks flushed. Nodding, Julieta remained quiet as Y/N gathered her materials.
Y/N straightened up and turned around to leave, but deciding that it was the right time to become confident, she turned to meet Julieta's gaze once again and leaned closer to kiss the blushing girl's cheeks.
“See you tomorrow Juli.” Y/N winked and left.
“See you.” Julieta whispered as she touched the spot Y/N kissed softly.
Shaking her head, she turned to run towards the Casita but not before she heard Y/N shouting,
“Don't bring anything but yourself tomorrow!”
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mxzuki · 16 days ago
Y/n: How's the sexiest person here~? Julieta: I don't know, how are they~? Y/n, flustered: I- Pepa, from across the room: I'm doing great, thanks!
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totallyawr1t3r · 7 days ago
Can you do yandere Bruno with a S/O who is quiet and extremely affectionate with him? Like always touching him somehow, hitting him with hugs and kisses randomly but one day, they just stop because someone (jealous Julieta?) told her that he hated it and her so she interacts with him at the bare minute and he’s pissed because he feels like his love got taken away?
Yandere Bruno with an Affectionate S/O:
Most likely OOC, and I'm sorry it's so shitty- I'm very tired-
Bruno loved you with all his heart, and absolutely loved how affectionate you were towards him. He was touch-starved, and you were feeding him with all the hugs, and kisses you gave him. But for some reason you had just suddenly stopped one day, quickly pulling away whenever your hands brushed together.
It broke his heart a bit, he wondered if he did something wrong. Cuz he means, He’s Bruno! He might have killed your secret goldfish! But whenever he brought it up, you just pushed it aside, saying everything was fine and then Julieta would come in and take you away.
He just doesn’t understand! Or that was until he caught you being more affectionate towards Julieta [just without the kisses]. You were giving her his hugs, you were even holding her hand!
Now, he wanted to give his sister the benefit of the doubt.
Julieta would never try and steal you away, She was too nice for that and she was absolutely happy for him to be seeing someone.
But she’s been getting a bit too touchy with you, and he was growing tired and suspicious.
“JULIETA!” Bruno shouted, kicking down the door in front of him.The woman in question jumped in surprise, a bit of flour spilling onto the floor.
She turned to face him, putting her hand over her rapidly beating heart. “Bruno–”
He jabbed a finger into her chest, “IS IT TRUE YOU’VE BEEN TELLING MY PARTNER LIES?” He asked, but didn’t give her much of a chance to speak. “UNBELIEVABLE!”
Julieta looked at him confused for a moment before realization hit her. She gently pushed Bruno away from her, “What do you mean? You can’t blame me if your relationship is falling apart.” Now Julieta didn’t really mean to say that, but she couldn’t help it. Bruno stole the person of her dreams, left them to hide in the walls and they still loved him more then her-
Bruno glared at her, both of them not noticing you peaking your head into the room out of curiosity. “They’ve only started to become distant ever since you talked to them. What did you say?”
Julieta only shrugged, and returned to cooking. “No clue what you mean.”
This went on for a while, before you finally decided to make your present known. “What’s up guys?”
They both looked over to you, despite both getting upset with the other, you made them both smile. “Oh, [Y/n]!” They both said in unison, sending one final glare at each other before Bruno made his way over to you.
He placed both hands on your shoulders to keep you from running away from him. “What did Julieta say to you?”
“She’s said a lot of stuff to me. Once she told me not to eat a worm, I didn’t listen. It did not taste good.”
Bruno glanced at Julieta, who just shook her head in disappointment. “Uhm, We’ll talk about that later mi amor– But I meant, What did she tell you to make you suddenly become distant?” You felt a terbile about that, he looked like a kicked puppy.
You avoided looking into his eyes, “Well, she said you didn’t really like my affection..And if it makes you uncomfortable, I don’t wanna do it anymore. Lo siento.”
Bruno quickly turned to face Julieta, pointing at her with a laugh. “AHA! I KNEW YOU DID SOMETHING!”
Julieta just rolled her eyes, biting back on whatever she wanted to say to him. While you looked at him confused. Bruno turned back to face you, and before you could say anything, he pulled you in for a kiss.
You felt your face heat up, before you finally kissed back. Julieta had to leave the kitchen before she stopped playing healer. Once you both pulled apart, you guys stood in silence until you finally said, “But I thought you hated that stuff?”
He quickly shook his head, “Oh no, no! I love it! Please, I 100% fully approve of it!”
You let out a laugh, as you hugged him tightly. “Alright then, mi amor.”
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dumbrequesttaker · 6 days ago
can you do the adult ladies of how they would react to their partner asking them “would you still love me as a worm” question, if not that’s fine :)
Summary: "Would You still love me if I were a worm?"
Warnings: None
She is confused, you asked her this while cuddling in bed one night "You won't turn into a worm Mi Vida--"
You would respond "But hypothetically, if I did?"
She sighs and thinks
"I would still love you, I'd keep you in a terrarium in my room and read to you every night... But in this hypothetical world I would also try to find out how that happened and reverse it"
"Or turn myself into your worm wife~"
She was cooking when you asked this, making her laugh and giggle "Where is this thought coming from?"
She would then hum in thought
"Yes, I would-- Worms are good for the environment and you are good for my soul~"
"You can live in my compost bin" she then Pat's your head
You asked her on a date, whispering to her
"That's random- but, would you still be you as a worm? Or would you be just a worm with no memory of us?-"
After some joking pushing she finally muses the thought
"I think I would, I probably could still hear you wiggling around- but I'd miss being able to talk to and kiss you~"
"So please don't turn into a worm"
You two were gardening the old fashioned way when you asked
She doesn't hesitate "Yes and these would be our worm children"
She holds up a palmful of dirt with worms riddled through it
"Could we plant micro-plants if we were worms?"
You two were relaxing playing cards when you asked
She doesn't think she heard you right, you'd have to repeat yourself a few times before she repeats it back to you
"Would I love you- if you were a worm?-"
"Like worm in the dirt?"
"How would that happen?"
Its hypothetical
"Uh.... well.. Y-Yeah! I wouldn't let anyone squish you or let birds eat you..! I could have a potted plant in my room for you ir something?--"
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