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daliceus 2 days ago
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Her concept design still does things to me
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rivedraw 4 months ago
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Give more Madrigal triplet content!!! Now, Disney! 馃懣馃
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batfamfucker 4 months ago
I just realised.
Julieta's gift is making things that heal.
She made Mirabel. Who healed the family.
She made a person who heals
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sokkas-first-fangirl a month ago
Alma: 鈥淗ow do you lose Bruno!?鈥
Pepa: 鈥淭o be fair, he鈥檚 very small.鈥
Julieta, teary eyed: 鈥淵ou forget to cherish him.鈥
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lastofashy a month ago
Best siblings hands down 鉁嬸煢
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joyoushuracan a month ago
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Agust铆n can be flirty too 馃お
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kazu-phoria 4 months ago
The Madrigal Triplets x GN Reader
The madrigal triplets during the nasty with letters P,B and J from the NSFW alphabet (CONTAINS NSFW CONTENT!!!)
芦鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹芦 鈰吺氣櫋蔀鈰 禄鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹禄
Julieta Madrigal
P = Pace
She goes slow as she doesn't wanna hurt you but if you ask her to go faster, she'll go faster but not too fast because again, she does not want you to hurt
It doesn't matter what she's doing, riding you, fucking you with a strap on, it doesn't matter because your safety is more important than anything
B = Body Part
Her favorite body part on her body is her hands, she likes that she can make you become undone with just her hands and fingers, it's hypnotizing
Her favorite body part on you has to be your face, she likes to watch your expressions as she pleasures you and how they change just because of a small movement she did
J = Jack Off
She doesn't do it much because her libido isn't very high and whenever she is in the mood you're probably around or she has chores to do
Pepa Madrigal
P = Pace
It honestly depends on her mood but at the end of the day, she'll never go at a pace that would hurt you in anyway because she cares about you too much and she makes that absolutely clear when both are cumming.
B = Body Part
Her favorite body part of hers is her mouth, she likes how you're cumming all over and in her mouth with just a flick of her tongue
It boost her ego knowing that she doesn't even need to use her fingers to have you cumming within seconds
Her favorite body part of yours is you're legs, the way they tighten around her head and shake as you're cumming is hypnotizing, it makes her want to make you cum over and over again and that's how you end up overstimulated
J = Jack Off
She doesn't really do it much but definitely does it more than her older sister.
If she's horny, she will ditch chores to either go home and masturbate or go get you to help her and you always agree to help her everytime because the way she moans while you're in between her legs makes you dumb but she will always remind you that she's in charge here.
Bruno Madrigal
P = Pace
He always says he'll go slow as to not hurt you but he always ends up just rutting into you as fast as he can but he can't help it, he's just very needy:(
He'll never do anything to hurt you on purpose so he's always asking you if you're alright and always apologizing for going too fast even if you tell him that he's fine but he can't help but be concerned
B = Body Part
His favorite body part of his is legs, because of all the parkour he did inside the walls of casita, his leg muscles are very strong so his legs don't get tired easily while he's thrusting deep into you
His favorite body part of yours is your eyes, he thinks that your eyes are beautiful just in general but he loves them especially when they roll to the back of your skull as you're coming around his cock
J = Jack Off
Tbh, he jerks off A LOT like anytime he has free time, he'll do it because he's always thinking of you and sometimes a little bit of his dirty thoughts about you sneak inside those innocent thoughts which make them not so innocent anymore
He feels ashamed and feels like a pervert because of it and says that he'll never do it again but always ends up doing it the next minute.
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officalaizawa003 3 months ago
Drinking trio (encanto maybe cannon)
Felix and Agustuin drinking: *spots Bruno* Aye Bruno! Come here!
Bruno with his awkward self: Uh y-yes?
Felix: Come have a drink with us!
Bruno: Oh no no! *nervous chuckle* I dont drink!
Agustuin: Come on! Your always so up tight! Its time to loosen up a bit!
Felix: Yeah come on! Just a few shots!
Literally 30 minutes later..
Pepa and Julieta wacking their husbands on the head: Why did you ask him to drink!
Bruno being held up by them, completely drunk: I aM oNe DrInK aWaY fRoM tElLiNg EvErYoNe HeRe WhAt I rEaLlY tHiNk!
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ilovekazuhaa 2 months ago
Hello there, i hope you're having a great time and a wonderful day rn!
I was wondering ... Can you a oneshot for Julieta x Teenager!Reader? Okay, so ; after disappeared for 5+ years, Julieta's long lost baby is finally come back home but with so many burn marks on their arms, legs, and face just to learn how to use their gift.
The reader's gift is Pyrokinesis which is can control fire and they once burned down half of the casita 鈥 almost k*lling young Isabela and Luisa.
When the reader is comfortable again with the family since they accidently making them traumatized for burning them, the first person they embraced is ofc the wingless angel mother.
鈥淚 promise i won't hurt you again, please don't hate me.鈥
And that's all! I am so sorry of it's too specific, i just worried because my last request to another writer said that i must be specific if i want to request something鈥 You can write this whenever you can and THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARDWORK!!!
/Bows 90掳
- Fragile Anon.
NEJWNS YOU ARE SO SWEET. i also don鈥檛 mind if it鈥檚 specific or not but this is actually a really cool idea!! i鈥檓 so flattered you think i鈥檓 good enough at writing to do this :鈥) i hope i made you proud with what i wrote. enjoy!!
The wingless angel
Julieta x teenager reader (platonic)
Part 2
Julieta is readers MOM!!! please don鈥檛 get mislead by the fact that it says x teenage reader馃槶馃槶 reader鈥檚 gift is pyrokenisis, meaning they can control fire. Also, reader is Mirabel鈥檚 twin.
This takes place pre-movie, but pretend there was always a crack in the mountains leading outside the encanto馃槃馃槃
Tumblr media
As you ran away from- wait. What were you running away from again? Your memory was too hazy to remember anyway. Running through the jungle, you felt weak. You felt dizzy. You had large eye bags, your clothes were ripped, you had so many burn marks, everywhere. How did you get them again? Oh right. Your gift. You had the gift of pyrokenesis, the ability to control fire. You could make fire spark from totally nothing. But controlling which direction it went in, controlling the size of it, and putting it out was more of a challenge. Using your gift well didn鈥檛 come easy to you, maybe that鈥檚 what you were running from.
You ran away from home 5 years ago, when you were 10. You鈥檙e 15 now, trying your best to survive on your own out here in the wilderness. Life was tough. But nothing was tougher than hearing the screams of your older sisters on that fateful day. It repeated every single day, in your head. You hate yourself for it, how could you ever hurt your own family?
At first, when you got your gift, you didn鈥檛 really use it unless you were in your room. Everything inside was fire proof and it allowed you to learn how to use your gift without hurting anyone. However, when Abuela started putting pressure on you to use your gift and gave you nearly impossible tasks, was what started your downfall. It became harder to control your power, causing you to have sudden emotional outbursts, making things catch on fire. It started off with catching Isabela鈥檚 flowers on fire, then it went to burning all of the food on the table during dinner, and finally, came your precious home.
Abuela was screaming at you to start doing more for your home, for the encanto. Not being able to deal with the overwhelming pressure, you lost it. You gasped as a part of Casita caught on fire. It started on one of the support beams of the house. As you lost your composure, the fire grew, and only got worse. You put both of your hands on your head, dropping to your knees 鈥淪omeone, please, make it stop!!鈥 you yelled, voice breaking. You wanted to just run away and cry. Your sisters, Isabela and Luisa, were fast asleep in their rooms. They never expected the danger coming for them that night.
Your parents were watching, defenseless as Abuela tore you apart. When they saw the fire starting, your mama ran up to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. You Abuela put a hand on her chest and stepped away from you as she realized what she had done. 鈥淢i vida, it鈥檚 okay- it鈥檒l be okay. You are so important to this family, you are worth so much鈥 your mama Julieta said. She was the only one that could calm you down after your outbursts, but it never came to this. Trying your best to calm down, you heard Isabela鈥檚 cries for help. 鈥淢ama! Papa! Anyone! Please help me!鈥 All of your fear came rushing back, causing the fire to be worse than it had ever been before.
Due to the fire, the roof above Isabela and Luisa鈥檚 door collapsed, leaving them both trapped inside. Everyone ran outside the house, except you, Julieta, Augustin, and Felix. Julieta was trying her best to comfort you on the bottom floor, in efforts to calm down your fire, but there was no use. Augustin and Felix worked together to remove the burning pieces of wood in front of young Luisa and Isabela鈥檚 door. Julieta watched in agony as the lives of her children were at stake. Barely escaping, Felix threw Isabela over his shoulder and Augustin threw Luisa over his shoulder, while Julieta grabbed you by the hand and pulled you out of the house as fire surrounded you and part of it collapsed.
As you were pushed out of the house, everyone watched as the burning half of Casita collapsed. You couldn鈥檛 believe it. You had caused the destruction of Casita. It was all your fault. Hundreds of thoughts rushed through your head. 鈥淭he family will be better without you.鈥 鈥淵ou鈥檙e only hurting your family鈥 鈥淣o one could ever love a monster.鈥 A monster, that鈥檚 what you were.
You looked at Isabela and Luisa. They looked terrified, eyes wide as they were hyperventilating, breathing in and out non stop. You then looked at Felix and Augustin. They had burn marks, everywhere. You looked over at your Tia Pepa, cousin Dolores, and Camilo. They were scared, but thankfully weren鈥檛 harmed. You looked at Mirabel. She was busy trying her best to comfort everyone and be the rock of the situation. Then finally, you looked at your mama. She was comforting her young daughters, whispering softly to them. As she turned her face to look at you, you almost relaxed, until realized what you had done.
Half of her face was burnt, skin red and it started to peel, almost looking like a severe rash. You could tell she was in so much pain, but hid it for the sake of her children. How selfless was she?
Your eyes widened 鈥淥h my god, mama鈥︹ you said, putting out your hand to her face as it shook 鈥淚- I鈥檓 so sorry. So sorry I did this鈥︹ you said, voice breaking. What had you done? Realizing that you could hurt her again, you quickly brought your hand back to your chest. Your whole body shook with fear and all you wanted to do was run away and drown in your own sorrow.
Leaving no time for your family to react, you decided to book it. You ran away with tears in your eyes, thinking that your family would be better off without you. Better off if they never saw you again.
Your mama frantically searched for you. 鈥淵/N! Y/N! Don鈥檛 go! Stop running, please! Come back to your mama!!鈥 she said, voice breaking as she did so. She was going to lose her baby.
You ran as fast as your legs would take you, only stopping when you saw a crack in the mountain in front of you, that led outside of the encanto. How long were you running?There was no time to think, it was now or never. You deserved this, deserved to live without a family, for you had almost just killed yours. And with that, you made the choice to leave the encanto, forever. Or so you thought.
After leading a search that lasted over 2 weeks, someone found a path of burnt grass leading outside of the encanto. When the news was carried over to Julieta, her heart broke. She was brought down on her knees as she sobbed uncontrollably, latching on to your favorite blanket. Your mama was afraid she would forget your scent. She had to accept that she had lost her baby. After that, she swore she would never let it happen again, vowing to protect her children and never let them feel the same way you did. She always tried to tell herself that you would come home one day, but she didn鈥檛 know if she believed what she told herself.
Arriving to the same place you were 5 years ago, on the outside this time, you thought if it was a smart choice to go back in. You wanted to, so badly, but you weren鈥檛 sure it was the right choice for everyone. But it wasn鈥檛 fair, you missed your family so much, they meant the world to you. You would do anything to be in your mama鈥檚 arms again. Deciding to just go for it, you took your first step in encanto for the first time in 5 years.
It was nighttime, meaning that the streets were empty and people were too busy having dinner in their homes. You looked at all of the things around you. Some things had changed, while some had stayed the same. 鈥淭hat donkey guy still hasn鈥檛 fixed his fence鈥 you thought to yourself. As you continued walking through the town, the bright lights of Casita captured your attention. Seeing how the part of the home you destroyed was rebuilt, you felt a bit of relief. You asked yourself if you really wanted to do this, if you were ready to see your family again. You felt a longing, a strong desire to be together with your family. That desire was what guided you to take your first steps towards your home.
Arriving at the front door, your heart began to race. Your palms started getting sweaty. You were so nervous, this was the first time you were going to see your family in 5 years. You were finally coming home, if your family accepted you. Honestly, you wouldn鈥檛 blame them if they didn鈥檛.
鈥淥kay Y/N, it鈥檚 now or never鈥 you told yourself, preparing to knock on the door.
Softly knocking, you quickly heard a 鈥淐oming!鈥 along with a bit of crashing and clattering of pans until the door finally opened. 鈥淗ello, how may I he-鈥 the voice was cut off by a glass plate falling on the floor, shattering. You looked up at who opened the door. It was your mother. You saw that the burn you had given her had completely healed, not even a scar was left behind. You figured that would be the case since she was a healer. The look on her face was a mix of complete shock and sorrow, covering her mouth with her hands. Her eyes were tearing up a bit as well. You studied her looks. She still had her hair tied up in that loose bun, but now she had a few more gray hairs visible. Her skin was a little more tan from when you last saw her, she also had more freckles. She still wore that typical cool colored apron, and had a rag tucked in her pocket. It was so typical for your mama. But still, you immediately recognized her and she recognized you. You were meant to meet again.
She suddenly grabbed your wrist and pulled you into an embrace, stroking your hair as she sobbed. 鈥淢y baby! My baby! They鈥檙e home! My baby is home!鈥 she hugged you so tightly and she didn鈥檛 want to ever let go, afraid you would slip through her fingers again. You returned the hug, taking in her familiar scent of the kitchen. She was so warm. When she finally pulled away, she cupped your cheek, stroking it with her thumb. You also started to sob as well, telling her how much you missed her.
鈥淢ama I- I鈥檓 so sorry for before. I鈥檓 so sorry I hurt our family鈥 you said, tears streaming down your cheeks. 鈥淚 promise I won鈥檛 hurt you again, please don鈥檛 hate me.鈥
鈥淢i vida how could I ever hate you? You are my child! My pride and joy!鈥 she said grabbing your hand. You looked down at the ground, tears filling your eyes. They looked like pools of water.
鈥淵ou have burns everywhere. Life has been hard for you hasn鈥檛 it mi corazon鈥 she said with a worried look at she pulled you inside. 鈥淚 know that I can鈥檛 heal all of your internal pain but at least let me help heal your physical pain. Here鈥 your mama said, handing you an arepa.
Hesitantly taking it, you ate it and your pain quickly faded. You felt so much better already.
鈥淛ulieta what鈥檚 taking so long?! Come sit at the table so we can all finally e-鈥 Pepa said stomping over, but she was cut off at the sight of you. The second she saw you, she ran over to hug you, tackling you as she did so. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e here! You鈥檙e really here! I can鈥檛 believe it! Guys my little firecracker is home! They鈥檙e really home!鈥 your aunt exclaimed.
Everyone recognizing the nickname Pepa gave you all those years ago, ran over to where you were. Isabela and Luisa were the first to see you. Their eyes widened as they looked at each other, almost asking each other for approval to approach you. After giving each other a small nod, they ran over, hugging you. They were both started crying. 鈥淗ow could you ever leave us?!鈥 Luisa said, looking up as she cried 鈥淭hank you to whoever sent my sibling home!鈥 she said to anything out there that would listen to her. 鈥淵ou idiot, how could you ever leave us like this, do you know what you put us through??鈥 Isabela said, somehow hugging you tighter than Luisa did. You found yourself smiling for the first time in a while. Was this how it felt to truly be happy?
The rest of your family gave you long embraces and told you how glad they were to have you back. You could tell they were a bit hesitant. Of course they would be, you almost killed them. You felt a pit growing in your stomach, mentally shaming yourself for everything you had done. After the reunion ended, you switched to a more serious topic.
鈥淵ou guys don鈥檛 hate me, after everything I have done to you? I destroyed our home, and I hurt my family. Something like that should never be forgiven鈥 you said, knowing the trauma you had caused them.
Hearing you say this, Julieta walked up to you and grabbed both of your hands 鈥淥f course we don鈥檛 hate you. You are family, and family never gets left behind. You are a treasure mi vida. You are my treasure.鈥
You smiled, a pool of tears forming in your eyes yet again. 鈥淵ou truly are a wingless angel mama, you are the reason my heart burns so brightly.鈥
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fruity-raven 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Encanto triplets memery to revive my account :)
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daliceus 21 days ago
Julieta in glasses.
That's it, that's the ask.
I mean鈥 she can see s%it but she looks neat af
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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zafirosreverie 3 months ago
We want that one (Julieta x Reader x Agust铆n) part 3
Tumblr media
part one
a/n: and here we are! The final part! Thank you all for the support and I hope you鈥檒l like it!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -聽
鈥淢i vida, you鈥檙e going to make a hole in the ground鈥 your aunt giggled, watching you walking from one side of the room to the other.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, t铆a Atha, it鈥檚 just鈥 you sighed 鈥淟uisa said they fancied me!!鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檝e told me鈥 your aunt nodded, still smiling聽
鈥淏-but what if it isn鈥檛 true? What if she鈥檚 wrong? or worse, what is she鈥檚 not?鈥
鈥淐ari帽o, why would that be worse?鈥 she raised an eyebrow
鈥淏ecause!...Because!鈥 You growled in frustration.
鈥淎re you saying this because of the star?鈥 she asked 鈥淏ecause if that鈥檚 the case, remember you have nothing to worry about. You won鈥檛 lose the star just because someone fancies you鈥 she reminded you.
You knew she was right. One of the things your father told you about the power you had, was that your mother鈥檚 love protected you and will do so until you didn鈥檛 need it. And he came to the conclusion that that would be when you find true love because then you would have someone to take care of and that would take care of you too. You wouldn鈥檛 need the star.
That鈥檚 why the idea of love always terrified you. You didn鈥檛 want to lose the only bond you had with the mother you never knew but that had loved you more than her life. You never had a problem with it, because you never felt something deep enough for someone to be scared.聽
Until you met Agust铆n and Julieta.聽
And look, you loved being around them, you loved how careful they were with you and how their daughters (whom you were already seeing as yours, but you were not going to admit it out loud) seemed too fond of you. You loved all the Madrigal family, you really did! But you loved your star too.
鈥淵/N鈥 your aunt鈥檚 voice pulled you out of your thoughts. She was giving you that look that always made you say the truth聽
鈥淲hy are you so worried?鈥 she said 鈥...are you saying鈥ou like them too?鈥
You froze in your place for a moment. Your aunt just stared at you for a moment, watching you look at the floor and playing nervously with your fingers. For a moment, she was watching the same little girl that would come to her for a bedtime story.聽
You jumped when your aunt stood and walked up to you, taking your hands. She locked eyes with you, trying to look at your soul.
鈥淲hat are you afraid of, mi amor?鈥 she asked softly聽
鈥...I don鈥檛 want to lose mom鈥 you whispered聽
鈥淥h mi vida, you won鈥檛鈥 she smiled 鈥淵our mother loved you Y/N, and it gave you the star, yes, but she鈥檚 not there. She鈥檚 here, in your heart. And she鈥檒l always be. And I promise you, that you will always feel her warmth and love鈥
鈥淓ven without the star?鈥
鈥淓ven without it鈥 she nodded and hugged you 鈥淵our mother would want you to find love and be happy, so let me ask you something, darling鈥
Your aunt took your chin to make you look at her again.聽
鈥淒o they make you happy?鈥
鈥淚鈥 don鈥檛 know鈥
鈥淭hink about all the think about the moments you have shared with them. Think about the times you helped Agust铆n or the times you hugged Julieta. Think about how you felt. Do you think you could be happy if you had that for the rest of your days?"
You did as she said and was surprised when the answer came to you. Simple but honest.
You arrived at the Madrigal house just in time to save your girl Luisa again, who was being scolded by her sisters while her father tried to calm them and her mother just crossed her arms, shaking her head. You smiled when you heard the discussion. Apparently, she wasn't supposed to say anything to you that night, But hey! It had opened your eyes! So you wouldn鈥檛 let them scold your girl.聽
鈥淗ey! Careful with my girl鈥 you said, making them all look at you. No one noticed you arriving 鈥淚 already broke a jaw to protect her, don鈥檛 try me鈥
You smiled as you wrapped an arm around Luisa鈥檚 waist, making her blush a little. You noticed Julieta鈥檚 smile (the same she always had when you were around) and Agust铆n鈥檚 blush and your vision blurred for a moment. You knew your star was fading. But you were no longer afraid.
鈥淎re they bothering you, my darling?鈥 you jokingly asked Luisa
鈥淣-no鈥 she giggled 鈥淚 made a mistake, I deserved it鈥
鈥淪he did鈥 Mirabel and Isabela nodded.
You smiled and looked at their parents for a second. Well, here goes nothing!
鈥淥h really? Was it because she told me those two liked me?鈥 you said, pointing to the adults that gulped and blushed 鈥渁www, too bad, I was already excited. Well, I guess I鈥檒l just have to turn around and save my part of the confession for another time when it isn鈥檛 a mistake鈥
You shrugged and turned to leave, walking fast. You could hear some gasps and Mirabel鈥檚 鈥渨ait what?鈥 followed by Isabela鈥檚 鈥渉ey! come back here!鈥 before some vines grew at your feet, wrapping around you and pulling you back to them.聽
You saw Agust铆n and Julieta blushing so hard that even her darker skin tone couldn鈥檛 hide it. You giggled as Isabela鈥檚 vines put you down. Too bad your ankle decided to twist itself, making you fall at Julieta鈥檚 feet.聽
鈥淵/N!鈥 she gasped and helped you to sit 鈥淎re you ok?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry鈥 Isabela said 鈥淚t wasn鈥檛 my intention鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 ok鈥 you laughed 鈥淚t will be a good way to say goodbye鈥
The five people around you frowned in confusion, but you ignored them as you healed your ankle, enjoying the feeling of the star鈥檚 magic flowing through your veins perhaps for the last time.聽
鈥淭here鈥 you smiled and stood.
鈥淵/N鈥hat do you mean to say goodbye?鈥 Mirabel asked carefully
You looked at her for a second, then at the other four. All of them were looking at you with worry in their eyes and you couldn鈥檛 help but feel loved. You took a deep breath and sat down again, beckoning them to follow your example. This was going to be a long story.
鈥淎re you sure about this, mi vida?鈥
You smiled as Julieta looked at you worriedly. Days had passed since you confessed your feelings for her and her husband and told the family what would happen to your star if they accepted you. Agust铆n and Julieta had been so relieved and happy to know that you loved them both too, but they immediately got worried. They didn't want to take away your star.
Their daughters had also been shocked. Sure, they wanted their parents to be happy, but they also loved you, and they didn't want to take away the only bond you had with your mother. It took you a long time to convince everyone that you had made peace with it and were okay. You wanted to be with them.
So today, you officially became part of the relationship. Today would be your first kiss with the people you would love for the rest of your life. Today you would say goodbye to your star.
"We can wait longer" Agust铆n assured you
"I'll be fine" you smiled at both of them "I want this. I want you"
"Us too Y/N" Julieta smiled at you "it's just...it doesn't seem fair"
You carefully took one of each of their hands and gave them a soft kiss on the knuckles. Your aunt's words flowed from your lips, seeking to comfort them.
"I am not losing anything. My mother's love will always live in me. On the contrary...I am winning everything"
You waited for them to understand the meaning of your words and you could see Julieta鈥檚 eyes shining with tears. She was so cute.
鈥淏esides, Julieta can heal me anyway鈥ut the bees are staying with me鈥 you chuckled.聽
The three of you smiled at each other for a moment before you took a deep breath and looked at Aust铆n. This is how you all planned it. So he nodded and closed his eyes as you approach them carefully. You planted a soft kiss on his lips, trying to put all your love for him in it. You two smiled when you parted away, happy to finally be able to taste each other鈥檚 lips.
But it was Julieta that had the hard part. She will be your second partner and she鈥檒l close the circle. After you kiss her, you鈥檒l lose your star. You smiled at her and squeezed her hand, trying to calm her nerves. She took a deep breath before looking back at you and nodding.聽
She was shorter than you so you had to take her chin and lift her face to meet her lips. When you locked lips, you could feel the magic running through your veins. A comforting warmth wrapped you and it felt like a hug. You fought back the tears when you realized it was your mother鈥檚 last hug.聽
When you broke the kiss, Julieta gasped when you opened your eyes and she saw they were a little darker. You smiled and caressed her cheek before hugging both her and Agust铆n.聽
Your star might be gone, but you got an entire universe.
You and Julieta turned at the same time when Mirabel came running into the kitchen with Isabela and Luisa behind her. Agust铆n was the last one to arrive.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on?鈥 your wife asked.
鈥淎nd why did you make me run behind you?鈥 Agust铆n added, breathless.
鈥淢oooooooom鈥 Mirabel squealed again and ran to hug you tightly.聽
鈥淲ow, someone鈥檚 happy today鈥 you joked聽
You could see the rest of the family slowly poking their heads to see what was it all about, but your other two daughters only laughed and urged their sister to tell you what was happening.
鈥淥k, so, remember how a year ago we were all sad because you lost your star and all?鈥澛
鈥淭errible start, Mirabel鈥 Isabela rolled her eyes
鈥淪orry鈥 the younger girl smiled 鈥淎nyway, so, I woke up this morning, yes? And I accidentally stabbed myself with a needle-鈥澛
鈥淵ou what?!鈥 Julieta ran to her daughter and started checking her, but Mirabel only giggled
鈥淢om, I鈥檓 fine!鈥 she squealed 鈥淟ook!鈥
You watched in horror as your younger child took a knife and cut the palm of her hand. You and your wife tried to stop her but she only showed you her palm. You watched in shock as the cut slowly disappeared.
鈥淲hat?鈥 you heard Agust铆n asking
You could feel all the family entering the kitchen now, but you didn鈥檛 pay attention to them. All you could do was take Mirabel鈥檚 face in your hands and stare at her eyes. You gasped when you saw their color was now a little lighter and you knew it.聽
鈥淵ou have it鈥 you smiled 鈥測ou have my star!鈥
鈥淚 do!!鈥 she squealed once again
The family just watched as you too squealed together and hugged each other tightly. Poor Dolores had to cover her ears but she was happy for her cousin. She had a gift now! Thanks to you!
鈥淭his is awesome!鈥 you said聽
鈥淚 know!鈥
鈥淲ait, so you didn鈥檛 lose it?鈥 Camilo asked, making his mother give him a warning look
鈥淪eems like it!鈥 you said 鈥淚 just passed it down my daughter鈥
鈥淎www, mooooom鈥 Mirabel frowned when you started kissing all her face. God, you spent too much time with Julieta.
鈥淚鈥檓 so happy you have it, Mira鈥 you told her 鈥...but the bees are still mine鈥
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tags: @emril-osvigne @lolalee24 @aviesnapkindoodles @sailor-peeking
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rivedraw 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉁 Gift Swap AU Part 3鉁 This is my design if Julieta had Bruno鈥檚 gift of the future 鈴 a bit more on it on my tik tok @rivecreates !
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01-reihanehdraw a month ago
The triplets of Madrigal 馃寛 鈴筹笍 馃尶
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hattifnatti 4 months ago
Close up on the kitchen mural and i-
Tumblr media
they did him so dirty馃拃
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glendybluebird 9 days ago
Happy Mother's Day! (PART 3)馃鈽锔忦煂库彸
Alma Madrigal and her kids馃鈽锔忦煂库彸
Tumblr media
Sorry, I know it's late but I just have to draw Abuela with her kids too. She has gone through so much for her family馃挄
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joyoushuracan 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Another version of a meme. If we get a series I hope we see more of them together
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kazu-phoria 4 months ago
The Madrigal Triplets x GN Reader
Julieta, Pepa and Bruno Madrigal as yandere's (Separate scenarios and They/them pronouns for reader)
芦鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹芦 鈰吺氣櫋蔀鈰 禄鈹鈹鈹鈹锟斤拷锟解攢鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹禄
Julieta Madrigal
Julieta isn't mean, she would never hurt you and she would never punish you...well..unless you deserved it, if you pissed her off in any way, she would punish you but don't worry!
She doesn't get angry easily so the punishments wouldn't be often as long as you don't try to escape often.
Her love for you goes beyond anything, she loves you so much and she'll do anything for you and anything to keep you safe..even if somebody has to die but don't get the wrong idea!
She'll never hurt her family bad enough to kill them for you but instead she'll just hurt you if you ever make her hurt her family because of one of your attempts at escaping
She keeps you inside her giant room, you have freedom to walk around but only to a certain distance because she has you tied to the wall but the rope is long though it's not long enough for you to be at least 6 feet near the door
The rest of the madrigals wouldn't help you, some have tried like camilo, mirabel and dolores but it never worked and all four of you ended up hurt
Julieta sometimes lets you out the room but the windows are always locked shut and nobody is allowed in or out the house and you have to be in her sight at all times and by her side
The grandchildren of the family always tells you that they'll help you get out one day but you don't believe them because whenever you try, julieta always catches you and you'll be bruised until julieta decides to heal you
She did a great job hiding you but the only reason that everyone found out about you was because you managed to escape long enough to talk to antonio who was inside the house because he didn't have any chores but unfortunately julieta caught you before anything else could happen but she didn't know about you talking to antonio
Antonio, of course told his older siblings and dolores just told everyone else but when julieta found out that they knew, she didn't care because if they even thought about telling anyone in the town, she could easily poison your food.
At first, she didn't want to kidnap you but then you were going to move away from encanto and she just couldn't have that, so here you are.
You were slowly losing your sanity, you wanted to get out of here. you NEEDED to get out of here.
You wanted to get out so bad that you barely thought about what to do or where you would go after but you didn't care, you just wanted to leave, leave her.
You started biting the ropes around your legs trying to tear them off your limbs, you didn't stop when your mouth started bleeding but you did stop when the ropes were finally off, you stood up and ran towards the door and tried to open it but it was locked.
You started pulling at the handle, you were full on banging on the door and screaming, you didn't care anymore.
You didn't care what would happen.
You didn't care about yourself.
You didn't care about anything.
You only cared about escaping even if you would die on your own because julieta pretty much does everything for you, she doesn't let you brush your teeth by yourself, she doesn't let you eat by yourself, she treats you like a baby because in her eyes, you're just a helpless little mouse that needed her to live. If she wasn't around to help you then you would die.
The door then slammed open making you land on your back on the floor "Ah!" You yelled in pain as you shut your eyes from the pain you felt in your back but then you looked up and saw julieta stood in front of you with her fist balled up "Amor, I told you many times...I thought you would've learned by now.." She said as she shut the door and locked it back then knelt down to face you "Mhm, I guess I have to teach you better.." She said referring to the punishment she was about to give you.
You had realized that exact moment that, you had no chance of leaving. You had no chance of living without her. You were basically insane and needed her.
She had broke you already but you would never, ever stop fighting back.
Pepa Madrigal
Pepa wouldn't kidnap you at all because she has kids and nieces, she doesn't want to have to hurt them because they tried to help you
But instead, she keeps you with her at all times, if you have to use the bathroom, she's right outside the door, if you have to change your clothes, she's right there with you, you have no privacy but pepa swears that it's for the best and for your safety.
You're pretty obedient because the first time you tried to leave her, she gave you a punishment that you'll never forget. You've learned since then to never anger her again.
You honestly don't even care anymore, pepa can and will find you if you run anywhere so why even try, all you could do anymore was help her with chores and do what she says
The rest of the madrigals do know about you because, you literally live at their house and they know about pepa being a yandere and they won't help you. Pepa is scary when she's mad and they heard you scream from one of the punishments she gave you and they don't want any of that.
They'll try to help you the best they can non-escaping wise, they give you food if pepa's too angry at you to feed you and you're very grateful everytime
If pepa can't have you by her side for any reason, you'll be with camilo or dolores because she knows they won't try anything because they simply won't, that's their mother but she's not afraid to hurt them if they try something and because they know if they do try something, you'll get a worse punishment from their actions.
Pepa wasn't exactly good at hiding you because well, it's not like she was gonna let you stay in her room all day without her, so they found out about you staying within the first day you started being held captive by her but it took about a week for most of them to realize that you're being held captive
Pepa doesn't care that they know but at first, she was furious until they made it absolutely clear that they're not going to try anything
You were in bed with pepa and she was holding onto you tightly as she quietly slept, you couldn't sleep but you knew that if she found out that you weren't sleeping, she'd give you melatonin to make you sleep so you kept your eyes closed because if she ever looked at you maybe she would think you were sleep.
You didn't want to sleep.
You didn't want to sleep with her.
You were scared to sleep, you scared of her, you didn't know what she could do while you were sleep, one time you woke up to her staring at you and this would happen everytime you would happen to fall asleep.
Pepa then rolled over to the other side of the large bed making her arms around your waist come undone making you free to move around, your eyes widened as your eyes shifted over to the ginger woman who was fast asleep 'I can..go..' You thought, you weren't exactly thinking right because you only cared about leaving, you didn't care what might happen to you.
You slowly got up from the bed as to not wake her up, you started walking to the door as you didn't hear any voice or sign that pepa had woken up, you grabbed the door knob and you didn't think this was real, this wasn't happening at all but then when you went to open the door.
It didn't budge, it was locked.
"(Y/n)..." Pepa mumbled as she stood up from her bed with a thundering cloud over her head, you were shaking, you were on the verge of tears.
You quickly turned around to see pepa in front of you, she was glaring at you and that was enough to make you drop to your knees and start crying "Pepa please! I promise I wasn't going to go anywhere!" You yelled as you clutched onto her leg but that didn't work one bit because she just picked you up and look you in the eye "Lets have some fun, shall we?" She asked smiling like a maniac.
Camilo laid in dolores's bed along with her and antonio, they all clung onto each other as they were scared, they heard your screams and pleads through the walls, they couldn't believe their mother was a monster but they had to.
Because, the proof was on the other side of the hall and you didn't need to see it to believe it but they couldn't do anything about it. They were too afraid.
Afraid of the very person that sworn to protect them.
Bruno Madrigal
Bruno would never hurt you under any sort of circumstances as he has his own ways to keep you obedient and stay with him
He doesn't kidnap you but he does take you with him everywhere he goes but he does give you your privacy but don't even think about escaping because he'll know before you even find a way to escape
There was this one point where you lost all privacy options because of your many attempts to escape but after you proved to him that you won't ever try to escape again
If he's ever mad at you, you'll just lose everything he ever gave you like if he gave you outside time, you won't see the light of day for about five weeks until you convince him that you'll never do it again
The madrigals know about you and they won't help you because bruno's been in that wall for years, touch-starved and wanting to be loved and he's finally found someone that could help all of that and they would feel bad if they took you away from him
But, in reality it's just him guilt tripping them
Bruno guilt trips you too, all he has to do is develop tears on his lash line and you're already on your knees apologizing for whatever you had done to make him cry or angry
Bruno didn't care if anyone knew about you because they couldn't do anything anyways because you two looked like just a normal clingy couple on the outside but on the inside it was a maniac with a little helpless lamb.
Bruno held a basket with both of his hands as you walked beside him fiddling with your fingers, you could run anytime you wanted but you were too nervous because bruno always knew what you were going to do and what you thought of, you thought it was because of his gift but he couldn't read minds so as time went on, you realized that you were just really easy to read, well not really but bruno could read you easily just by your stance or the way you're walking.
You looked over at the clear pathway beside you but then you felt a hand on your shoulder "Don't you dare even think about it." Bruno said sternly making a chill run down your spine and you nodded obediently, bruno scared you so you didn't even dare to fight back.
He'd broken you and he couldn't be happier.
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officalaizawa003 2 months ago
Why I love the triplets story
Okay so Bruno leaves in the middle of the night to protect Mirabel from the old hag his visions and be outcasted like he was. He probably also took into consideration that Julieta would have to live with a daughter that would either have to leave due to his vision or go into isolation because of it. So he leaves and an intresting detail i havent seen anyone point out is that Bruno in the walls turned his chair to the side where his sisters would be sitting. I couldnt find a good photo, but if youve watched Encanto a million times like I have, you remember where they sat.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So no matter what, Bruno wanted to still sit next to his sisters (assuming he followed the pattern of his sisters and sat next to them before he left)
Now of course, we all know Bruno heard the song Pepa's side of the family sang about him as hes seen in the background a few times during Dolores verse of the song, bobbing his head. This song probably led him to think Pepa actually grew to hate him after all these years, meaning that the whole family probably hated him, which is why when Mirabel showed up he was super tense and you could see it in his actions and how he tried to get Mirabel to leave immedietaly after she just showed up as shown below
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fast foward to when Abuela and Mirabel make up at the river and Bruno rides in trying to take the blame for all the bad things that happened. Abuela forgives him yada yada yada they all go back home. Now when Bruno finally makes himself known to his family after 10 fucking years you can tell this man is either boutta shit his pants or run away and hide and then shit his pants because the body language he gives (bad posture, lowering his head slightly, shoulders up, slow movement, etc.) just shows how much he doesnt wanna mess this up. He probably barely had the nerve to even go confront Abuela let alone his ENTIRE FAMILY.
Now hes known Pepa all his life and as far as we can tell, Pepa is fiesty and very strongly opinated. So again, seeing Pepa he was probably like, "Oh she hates me. Im about to either get struck by lighting or get an angry earful." Which explains why when Pepa starts running towards him first, hes eyes go straight to her and the first thing he tries to do is smile and wave (supporting my theory that Bruno forgot what love/psychial love and attention is but thats for another post). Hes probably not as worried about Julieta as he is Pepa, as he knows Julieta's a lot more gentle when it comes to her emotions and feelings. Anyways Pepa comes fucking SPEEDING at him and hes just like, "Ohhh I fucked up." But nah, she SCOOPS THIS MAN UP LIKE HE WEIGHTS NOTHING (he probably is really light tho-) and Julieta hugs them both.
Tumblr media
Of course, being awkward and a bit suprised at the warm embrace, he slowly places his arms around his sisters. Then Camilo having two braincells is like, "So..where are the rats and why are you shorter then me, king?" Bruno goes on to sing his small verse on "We dont talk about Bruno" Now this is what got me. When he blurts out, "I'll start! Okay-" that kinda suprised Abuela, Pepa, and Julieta probably due to his shyness. Now when Bruno holds out his hand to Pepa, THIS WOMAN DID NOT HESITATE TO TAKE HER BROTHERS HAND! Like okay, this stinky skelteton of a brother who I have not seen for 10 years wants me to take his hand. FUCK YES! Like there was still a bit of after-shock from him randomly breaking out in song, but she gave him her hand no questions asked.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She barely had time to blink she took his hand so fast-
Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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lunatic-flores a month ago
饾懐饾拞饾挀 饾懛饾挅饾拲饾挃饾拞.
锟斤拷锟斤拷饾悕 饾悥饾悋饾悎饾悅饾悋 : 饾惤饾憿饾憴饾憱饾憭饾憽饾憥 didn't know that her precious 饾拝饾拏饾挅饾拡饾拤饾挄饾拞饾挀 would hide a big secret from her since she was little, until the day she turned nineteen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
There she is,
Standing alone in cold while holding a basket of fruits. Trying to remember what is she supposed to do in this life.
Her eyes kept staring into the lake as if she's having her own scenario in her own little world. (Y/N) shakes her head as she shift her gaze to where the casita is.
It's been eighteen years, she haven't told her biggest secret to her mother. She doesn't have any confidence to do so, her heart was beating so slow as if it could stop at any moment.
Her face was always pale since she was born in this cruel world, of course she tried her best to keep healthy, Some days, much like this one, (Y/N) felt slipping away from herself. Hallucinating almost everyday. She also barely eat, sleep, and almost never talk to any of her family.
She could hear the distant noise of her sister calling her name multiple times, so she turned fully to the source is. 鈥淥h, Mirabel.鈥 she mutters quitely making the youngest one cross her arms.
鈥淵ou're daydreaming again, (Y/N).鈥 the older sister raises her eyebrows as she soften her gaze to the younger one, 鈥淚 am? I think i'm just tired.鈥
Mirabel frowns, clearly suspicious towards (Y/N). 鈥淪ay, why don't you go take some rest and i'll do your chores.鈥 the latter widen her eyes, 鈥淲hat? No, i still need to carry these fruits and those ingredients for Mam谩鈥斺
She immediately cut off when the youngest Madrigal snatch the basket of fruits from her, it surprises her that she can carry the heaviest basket of hers. 鈥淣ope! You're going to get some rest, Mi Hermana. You look very tired, so please.鈥 Mirabel begged making the older one sighs in defeat.
鈥淥kay, but don't overdo it, Mirabel. And thank you so much.鈥 (Y/N) pats her younger sister head as she give her a small smile. How unfortunate, she's not going to see her growing up to a beautiful young lady.
She watches her youngest sister walked away while trying her best not to fall along with the fruits she just picked from the garden. (Y/N)'s smile falters as she put her hand on her chest to make sure that she still can feel the weak heart.
Not many people liked (Y/N) in the town, due to her cluelessness always bringing about misfortune, which she was very unaware of.
About her condition, as well, meant that they would have to take care of her more. People stayed away from (Y/N), except children, but even then the parents would hastily call them away.
(Y/N) never thought much about it, unaware of the scary rumours that revolved around her. People just didn鈥檛 like her. That鈥檚 it.
She's far different compared to Isabela who is loved by the people in town. Isabela was the opposite of her, as if she's the source light of life and (Y/N) is just a dark cold shadow who keeps hiding in their place.
But like i said, (Y/N) tried her best. She really did. For her Abuela, for the family, for the Encanto. Her thoughts were immediately interrupted when she remembered something, (Y/N) immediately returned to Casita and immediately took the teddy bear she had just sewn.
Surprisingly, she will give the doll to her mother, Julieta. A soft smile slowly crept on her pale face as she look at the stuffed teddy bear with crude stitching she had done to the teddy bear's chest.
(Y/N) held the teddy close to her chest and began to search for her mother presence. When she's about to enter the kitchen, she saw Isabela being healed by their mother.
鈥淵ou hurt your ankle again?鈥 鈥淪铆, Mam谩.鈥 Julieta sighs as she hold her daughter's beautiful鈥 perfect face carefully. For some reason, (Y/N)'s weak heart ache at the sight.
鈥淩emember, Be careful next time.鈥 Julieta smiles at Isabela who nodded her head. 鈥淚 will, Thank you for the arepa, Mam谩.鈥 the perfect Madrigal giggles as she embrace her mother.
Until they heard something fall from the counter as they shift their gaze and only found a cute handmade teddy bear on the floor. Julieta slowly walked to the stuffed bear and pick it up while admiring it by flipping it over her palms.
鈥淒o you know who made this?鈥 Julieta asked her eldest daughter, 鈥淚 don't know, i think it's Mirabel since she loved to sew.鈥 Julieta smiles at the thought about her youngest daughter wanted to surprise her but failed.
鈥淚'll be going now, don't want to leave the chores alone by itself!鈥 Isabela quickly excuse herself as she flashed her mother a grateful smile and then leave the older woman alone in the kitchen with a stuffed teddy bear.
(Y/N) can only shut her mouth, almost having a heart attack by her own action after tripping herself. She internally scremed at herself, (Y/N) can only ducked her head in shame.
Not long after, She gasp as she've weathered another round of suffering, taking a moment to catch her breath and allow her heart to regain its ability to pump blood through her body.
鈥淚 have to take my meds, or else ... I won't be seeing her tomorrow on my birthday.鈥 she mumbles while rub her backhead bashfully.
There is no doubt that (Y/N) is going to die. Soon.
The young Madrigal keeps trying to find a courage to tell her mother that she is the one who sewed the stuffed teddy bear. Sadly, she doesn't have any.
Her weak heart keep beating and beating slowly as if begging for her to stop moving and rest for a while. But she keeps forcing herself to hit the limits, she keeps trying her best.
Not long after, she gave in, expecting for the worst as she enters the kitchen and see her mother is busy cooking for breakfast.
鈥淯h鈥 Mam谩?鈥 (Y/N) called, Julieta stop her work and then turned to see her daughter, 鈥淥h, (Y/N)! G'morning Coraz贸n, Also鈥 Happy birthday!鈥 Julieta greeted her daughter as if she's still baby then hugged her tightly.
(Y/N) didn't hugged her back, making Julieta's smile falter. 鈥淢i vida, are you okay?鈥 The mother asks, (Y/N) raises her eyebrows as she soften her gaze.
鈥淵es, everything is okay but鈥 i just want to let you know that the stuffed teddy bear you found yesterday, was sewed by me.鈥 the daughter replies as she shift her gaze to the teddy bear where Julieta put it on the counter.
Julieta gasps, 鈥淵ou sewed? Since when? It's wonderful!鈥 Julieta take the teddy bear and began to inspect it again. 鈥淚 uh鈥 two months ago, and i wanted to give it to you but i failed.鈥 The second eldest daughter of hers ducked her head in embarassement.
鈥淭hat is so sweet of you, Mi Amor, thank you鈥 i love it. He looks very cute,鈥 (Y/N) notices that Julieta's gaze was stop at the stitching chest on the teddy bear. 鈥淗e got a heart transplant,鈥 (Y/N) explains making the healer raises her eyebrows in question, tracing the stitching with her hand. 鈥淗is heart was sick so he got a new one.鈥
Julieta soften her gaze and then kiss the teddy bear's chest. 鈥淭hen, i'm glad you're the one who healed him.鈥 the healer laughed at her daughter's priceless expression.
鈥淵es, i am glad.鈥 she mutters, looking at her mother sadly. The grief inside her began to build up and swell in her chest, and it hurt her so badly.
She was so alone, so sad. She felt as if someone was stabbing at her weak heart with a knife, and it hurts do badly. She never thought that she's going to die and never see the loving mother and Family.
(Y/N) doesn't know why either she hides this weak heart of hers. The way she born different from her sisters and cousins. It made her heart drop. The meaning of a presence will be felt when the loss has taken it, if that happens, then only regret will be created.
She knew that if she dies, Julieta would blame herself for giving her a weak body, a weak heart. Weak lungs to breathe. A part of her didn't want that to happen.
鈥淚 haven't eat Mam谩's arepa since i was little ... What will happen if i eat them again? Will this weak heart of mine would be stronger and healed?鈥 (Y/N) mumbles making the older woman tilt her head in confusion.
鈥淲hat did you just say?鈥 the young Madrigal gulped, 鈥淣othing, just some chores. Abuela wants me to deliver those packages again.鈥 (Y/N) reasoned and then give her mother a warm smile.
鈥淎lright then, be careful. If anything happens, find me at my stand like always, okay?鈥 Julieta tiptoes to kiss her daughter's forehead and then her nose, making (Y/N) giggles.
鈥淪ee you later, Ma!鈥 little did Julieta know, (Y/N) take one of her arepa to test herself out before she's too late to try. The latter sprinted to their garden and then stare at the arepa for a moment.
鈥淥kay then, you only live once. The moment of truth鈥斺
(Y/N) immediately shoves the arepa into her mouth in a second and then let her favor the taste.
But she doesn't know that her hope betrayed her.
Two minutes later, she felt something inside her started to build up making her coughs so hard, (Y/N) close her mouth her both pf her hands as she tried her best to ease her coughing.
Her breath hitched, her throat constricted as if it didn't want to let her breathe through her mouth. Tears started to pool in her eyes as if they were ready to flow at any moment. However, she was in so much pain that she ignored the tears that started to roll down her cheeks.
It didn't kill her, but something inside her died that day.
When she stops coughing, she gasps when she saw the blood on her hands. (Y/N) falls on the ground, staring at the red liquid on her pale hands with shocked. She let a soft sob escape her lips as her tears mixed up with her blood.
鈥淒ios ... Why me?鈥 she sobbed quitely as possible, not wanting to let her cousin hear this sickness of hers. She bloody screamed internally. Debating with herself, should she tell her mother and the family or not. She doesn't had any idea either.
(Y/N) slowly gave in, accepting her fate that she's going to die. Forgetting about her chores as she wipes her bloody hands and mouth. The effect of the arepa is like forcing her weak heart to beat a lot stronger than before.
But that only made her heart pump the blood inside her body a lot faster, almost making herself explode at any moment.
(Y/N) couldn't do anything except stare at the blue sky she admire most since it remembered her to her mother's favorite color. Her smile, her laugh, her hugs, her kisses. She adores them all.
(Y/N) wipe her tears away and let herself to control her breathe.
She is going to die. Tonight.
鈥淲here is (Y/N)?鈥 Isabela asks her sisters who doesn't have any idea either where their sister is.
鈥淪he's supposed to be here early!鈥 Mirabel exclaimed as she keeps trying to search her sister from the crowds. 鈥淚 think she's with Mom.鈥 Luisa add in.
鈥淭hen what are we waiting for? Let's go find her.鈥 Isabela grab her sister's wrist and lead them to the kitchen. 鈥淲oah! Okay slow down鈥斺 Mirabel almost tripped but Luisa immediately catch her.
鈥淐areful.鈥 鈥淚sa, slow down!鈥斺
When they entered the kitchen, the three siblings saw their mother staring at a bloody ruana. And that ruana is (Y/N)'s. 鈥淢irabel, Luisa. Can you two please go check your sister at her room? And Isabela,鈥 the mother turned her gaze to where her daughter is.
鈥淟et's see what she's been hiding from us.鈥 with that, Julieta give the bloody ruana to Luisa and then the two of them quickly left the kitchen in order to find their sister. Isabela was stunned was she sees her mother's tears are gliding on her cheeks but still expressing her worried face without sobbing.
When they finally reach to (Y/N)'s room, her door was completely not shining at all. As if giving them a sign that she's no longer using her gift or she's not in this world already. Julieta wipes her tears away as she grab the knob and open the door immediately.
She saw her two daughters and (Y/N) stood up from her bed while taking the bloody ruana from Luisa's big hand.
鈥淟uisa, i'm fine. There is nothing wrong with me鈥 i'm not sick, no, let's just get ready to party.鈥 the second eldest daughter pondered as she turned her head.
Finally looked at her mother in the eyes. (Y/N) gasped, seeing her worried expression. Julieta held her hands together, worriedly, as if she was waiting for an explanation from her sick daughter.
Isabela's eyebrows were raised, her eyes open wide, and her mouth was slightly agape. She was so worried and (Y/N) felt bad for putting her in this situation. (Y/N) felt bad for everything.
鈥淢ira Mi amor - yo sigo aqui, yo sigo estando para ti.鈥 Julieta walked closely to where (Y/N) is. The daughter can only sobbed as she helplessly hug her mother in tight embrace.
She just couldn't believe that she's going to die.
What a horrible fact indeed, The town's healer can feel that (Y/N)'s body is deadly cold like a corpse. She knew that this is going to happen, but she thought (Y/N) would survive since she didn't do any heavy things - no, she never did.
All she did was reading her books at her room, watching people work, helping her mother prepared for the breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Nothing more, no, nothing more.
鈥淚鈥 ... Mam铆, i don't want to die. I-i'm scared, i don't want to鈥 leave... No, i never wanted to leave you, all of you!鈥
Julieta's heart break at the sight, she couldn't believe it either. Isabela can only watch them in worried, Luisa couldn't help but felt uneasy inside herself, and Mirabel - she's very silent while fiddling her fingers nervously.
鈥淢i amor鈥 ... Tell us, tell us what do you want to do, what do you want to eat, now.鈥 Julieta whispers in her motherly tone as always, trying her best to calm her soon-she's-going-to-die daughter, even though she could screams at the top of her lungs.
鈥淚 don't know鈥 i just ... I just want to be with you, that's all.鈥 (Y/N) replied as she put her head on the mother's neck. Julieta glance at her daughters who are still standing behind her, doesn't know whar to do.
Isabela, being the oldest and responsible one, she understood the sign of her mother's eye gave to her. She quickly assure her sisters to go out from (Y/N)'s room, though she felt hopeless because she's going to lose her secretly favorite sister.
The oh so fragile one.
When they heard the door is finally closed, (Y/N) still wrapped her arms around Julieta's body. Not going to let her go, until the death do them apart. 鈥淢am铆,鈥 (Y/N) called in softest way, couraging to stay alive in pathetic way.
鈥淵es, mi dulce?鈥 Julieta quickly respond as she doesn't want to let her daughter down at her last moment. A comfort silence was filled in the cold room, Julieta's heart began to race too since she saw the bloody ruana of her daughter.
鈥溾擳e amo, Mam铆. Ugh鈥 ... Por favor, te amo mucho.鈥 she mumbles as her body violently shaking.
It's been so long for her to say those words. Oh so long.
鈥淢e too, mi preciosa, me too. Since the day you're in my tummy, i never felt that i don't love you.鈥 She hushed in gentle tone, as she rubs (Y/N)'s back in circles.
(Y/N) couldn't help but felt relief, so relief that she can finally let the words fall from her mouth ever since she was little. Nothing making her worried now, she's finally relief and in peace. No more burden, no more mockery, no more hate.
Just some peace, love, and her mother.
Julieta help her daughter to lay herself on her bed then hold her hand, she smiled warmly for the first time ever and her eyes war reflecting an eternal happiness. Julieta can feel her tears started to fall again, but she keep her best to stay calm.
It's unbelieveable to stay calm when your dearest person is going to day, well, not to Julieta Madrigal. If this is what her daughter's want, then she'll take any risk to support her. Even though they had to be apart forever.
鈥淭hank you for everything, Mam谩 ... I'm so lucky to be your鈥 daughter.鈥 and that broke Julieta down in any seconds, (Y/N) still manage to squeeze her hand to comfort her for the last time.
鈥淭ell the others... i love them so much, okay? Please鈥 i... I don't want to leave if my family didn't know that i鈥 i love them dearly...鈥 she sobs, her weak heart beats started to slow more and more. Julieta nods her head, no words to let out.
With that, (Y/N) smiled at her mother then breathed for her one last time. Julieta can feel her daughter's hand no longer holding hers as kept holding it and put it on her forehead.
Though, one day, (Y/N) hope that the necklace that she brought and put it inside the teddy bear can be notice by her mother. A beautiful golden necklace that engraved a special name for the town's healer.
鈥 Mi Mama - Julieta. 鈥
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