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somethinginthethunder · 2 days ago
hello! can i please request a julieta x reader, reader is a simp and do whatever julieta wants, always spoiling her so much and all prople get jealous of how reader is in love with julieta
``spoiling julieta``
notes: sorry it took so long to get to this one D:
warnings: none
-if there was anyone to hold the label of certified simp it would be you hands down
-since the moment she agreed to be your girlfriend as teens you were known to spoil her
-whether it was with hugs and kisses, simple nicknames, or gifts you would bring around almost every time every day
-alma thought it was sweet, whereas the other two thirds of the triplets thought that it was wayyy too cheesy
-at first pepa and bruno would give you little 'aws' every time you did something kind for their sister, but after the millionth time all they'd give was an 'ugh ok'
-that's not to say they don't think it's cute!! honestly, it was more of a habit than what they were truly feeling. they were actually really happy for you and their sister :)
-the rest of the village was, surprisingly, more jealous than you'd think they'd be
-part of it is because some of the villagers had some kind of crush on you, and the rest would be because they envied the relationship you had with her.
-it was less of 'i wish that were me' and more 'why can't my boyfriend do that?'
-the both of you thought it was incredibly amusing when you found out.
-julieta was well aware of how much you thought of her as a goddess
-i mean, it was hard to ignore since you showed and told her that on the daily
-i don't think she'd take advantage of it a lot, though
-the most she'd do is ask you to help her do some of her chores as a favor, but she knew you'd do that even without asking her
-casita formed a little section in her room where she could put all of your little gifts for her
-whenever you're away or she just needs a form of comfort she likes to just sit in front of it and think of you fondly
-your trend of spoiling julieta didn't stop, not even after you two got married and had your children
-whenever she was pregnant or had just recently given birth you'd always insist you do everything for her
-like why are you getting up to do housework you just gave birth to our child???
-and once all three of your girls grew up they really got to witness how much service you did for their mother
-seeing it every day of their lives made them laugh at your cheesiness, but they could also acknowledge how lucky they were to have parents who were so helplessly in love with each other
-and of course julieta would do things for you in return, whether it be making your favorite foods, insisting she help you with your own work, or just taking time off to spend it with you <3
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 2 days ago
You Can Always Go To Me
A Kiss (Part 1)
> set before the movie
> the reader share movie Luisa's trait of not wanting any help
> julieta madrigal x fem! reader
Tumblr media
“Where are you going?” a hand grabbed Y/N's arm and tugged her into an embrace.
Y/N groaned and squirmed, “Máma! Let me go!”
Luciana, Y/N's mother, chuckled, “Not until you tell me where you're going, mi corazón.” she continued hugging the daylights out of her daughter.
“Máma!” Y/N squealed when her mother poked her sides.
“Fine! Fine!” Luciana stopped tickling her daughter, “Where are you going? Your father won't be happy if you don't let me know.”
Y/N slumped against her mother and sighed, “Ay, it's fine máma, you know papa won't be upset for long.”
“Sadly, I don't.” her mother still managed to joke around.
Shaking her head, Y/N pulled away from her mother's hug. “I'm going to the meadow,” she grabbed the basket full of food and walked towards the door, “Julieta is waiting for me. Adiós!”
Luciana watched as her daughter skipped out of their home. Humming, she continued to slice the vegetables she was supposed to cook for lunch.
‘Who’s going to eat this?’ Luciana asked herself.
“Hola Juli!” a voice shouted, making Julieta jump and drop the flower she was holding.
Turning around, Julieta smiled at what she saw. It was Y/N carrying a very heavy basket, which she guessed was full of food, and trying not to trip on her own feet.
“Let me help you–”
“Stop! No– I have this. You don't need to walk towards me, I'll go to you instead.” Y/N stopped Julieta.
“No buts!” she once again interrupted Julieta.
Julieta rolled her eyes and sat down on the grass, “Fine.”
Unfortunately, with only a few feet away from Julieta, Y/N tripped and landed on her face.
“I'm okay!” came Y/N's muffled reply, making Julieta chuckle and shake her head.
“Ay, Y/N!”
“I said I'm fine.” Y/N huffed and sat up, brushing the dirt off her skirt.
“Can I go to you now?” Julieta asked.
Y/N looked up and locked eyes with Julieta before looking behind her. Mentally calculating how far they were from the town square.
“I don't know,” Y/N raised an eyebrow at Julieta, “can you?”
Smirking, Julieta grinned and think of a plan on how to surprise Y/N.
“What are you doing?” Y/N heard Julieta stand up and asked, her back facing Julieta as she fixed the mat they were going to use.
“Okay...” came Y/N's suspicious reply, yet she paid no mind to her gut and started to arrange the food on the mat.
After a few moments of silence, Y/N heard Julieta call her, and when she turned around, she was attacked by Julieta running towards her, making them both topple.
Y/N squeaked when she felt Julieta's face on the crook of her neck, her face turning red. “Ay Juli, you should've just said you wanted to hug me.”
“I wanted to surprise you.” she heard Julieta whisper.
“Well, you definitely surprised me and a couple of butterflies.” Y/N said as she saw butterflies fly near them. Julieta chuckled and embraced Y/N tighter.
“You know Juli,” Julieta hummed and pulled away slightly to look Y/N.
Y/N smiled, cupping Julieta's cheeks with her hand and guided Julieta's face closer to hers, their lips brushing together for the first time, their eyes closing as time seemed to have stopped. Pulling away, Y/N opened her eyes and saw Julieta do the same. Y/N grinned and tucked a stray hair behind Julieta's ear and whispered,
“you can always go to me.”
y'all, as you can see, i do not have any experience writing scenes like the last paragraph shown, i am so sorry
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teddybear-named-george · 2 days ago
hey hey hey
i was thinking of doing a taglist... so if anyone wants to be added to my: encanto and/or miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children taglist, drop me an ask and i’ll add you!
i only write for canonically female characters 
also, if you want to drop a request for either of these fandoms, or even another fandom, feel free to send one!
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zafirosreverie · 2 hours ago
We want that one (Julieta x Reader x Agustín) part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
You turned and smiled to see Mirabel running towards you. In the few months since you'd moved, you'd learned the pace of town life. And the Madrigals, the main family, had been very kind to you...perhaps a little too much.
But it was okay, you liked them and it was nice to see the love they had for each other. Also, and you weren't going to say it out loud, but there was a certain couple you were becoming more and more attached to.
"Hello Mirabel" you smiled when the girl came up to you "Are you okay?"
"Yes" she answered agitated "but you have to come with me"
"Why, what happened?"
You blinked for a few seconds before laughing. Of course it had to be Agustín. You couldn't even say you were surprised, but you couldn't complain either, considering that you two were practically in a competition (albeit an unintentional one) to see who could give Julieta a heart attack first.
You weren't too proud to say that you were winning. But hey! At least she didn't have to heal you! That conversation had been a little awkward, because no one had believed your explanation as to why you could heal yourself, but at least they had accepted the fact.
"I'll take care of it" you smiled at the girl in front of you, ruffling her hair
"Thank you Y/N! You are the best"
"I know kiddo" you winked
You went to the tree where you knew Agustín would be, hoping to arrive on time. You didn't see Mirabel's mischievous look, nor the vines that spread cautiously near you, spying on you.
"hello little boy"
You poked your head behind the tree making Agustín jump and drop the ax he was holding. Fortunately he didn't hurt himself or you.
"Y/N! For God's sake, don't do that" he told you, putting a hand on his chest "I'm not so young anymore, I can't take these scares"
You just laughed, enjoying the way his cheeks turned red. You didn't know why, but both he and his beautiful wife almost always had a sweet blush whenever you saw them.
"Come on, you're not that old" you said "And don't let Julieta listen to you, she's your same age and I don't think she’d like you calling her old"
Agustin just laughed and bent down to pick up the axe. You watched with amusement as his hands were shaking and you could see that he was thinking of something else to say. But just then, you heard a buzz and knew it was time to act.
You quickly got in front of the man to try and stop the bees from getting close, but there was no need. Now, your ability was to heal yourself, but you didn't share a gift with Antonio, you were sure of that.
So why did the bees seem fascinated with you? They were surrounding you, but they didn't look annoying, but attentive to your finger.
You looked at Agustín and you could see the same confusion in his eyes. You slowly moved your hand and the two of you gasped softly as the bees followed your movement.
The woman turned and was surprised to see you run towards her with a huge smile on your face, Agustín was a few steps behind you. You looked like a little girl with a tired father behind you. Julieta couldn't help but smile at the image.
Although if she was honest, she could never help but smile when you were around.
"Look, look, look!!" you said excited
It was then that the older woman noticed the horde of bees following you. She immediately looked at her husband, ready to give him an arepa, but the man didn't seem to need one for once.
"Juli, look!" you called her again "they listen!!"
Julieta watched in amazement as the bees followed every movement of your finger. That is why Agustín didn’t have bee stings. Because you were controlling them.
"The star" you smiled.
That had been the explanation you had given them when they asked about your ability to heal yourself. You told them the same story your father always told you: that you had a star in your eyes.
Your mother had given her life for you when you were born, and she had asked heaven with her last breath for being able to be with you wherever you were. That love and desire to protect you was what had made it possible for you to heal yourself.
Although the Madrigals (nor anyone other than your aunt) hadn't believed you.
"Hey, your family has a magic candle that gives them gifts, why can't I have a star?" you accused her, pressing a finger to her chest.
Julieta was deeply grateful that her dark skin hid her blush. You were close, too close. Again, no one noticed the vines that were nearby or the flowers that were slowly growing at your feet.
"I-I guess you're right" she finally said.
You looked at her with narrowed eyes and a cute pout that was just driving her crazy.
"You're lucky to be cute" you told her, finally breaking away and letting her breathe. Although the blush on her cheeks only increased. 
"Anyway, I think I have the answer" you said, oblivious to the situation in which you had left the other woman "It's love"
"W-what?" Agustín muttered surprised
"Yes! Think about it for a moment, pretty boy, Miss smiles here always says she doesn't cure you with her food, but with her love. My mother loved me so much that she sacrificed herself for me, like Mr. Pedro for his family, and the magic was born from it! I think the miracle is love" you smiled, satisfied with your conclusion.
Unfortunately, you didn't realize the meaning you had hinted at, but both of them had, and they were reduced to a nervous wreck. It was at that moment that Isabela, who had been listening to everything, decided to make her presence known, seeing that her parents were speechless.
"That's an interesting theory Y/N" she smiled at you "And what about the bees? What's the explanation there?"
Both Agustín and Julieta were startled when their daughter appeared out of nowhere, but you just looked at her as if she had been there the whole time. Maybe you hadn't missed the flowers and vines after all. Julieta looked two seconds away from punishing her eldest daughter for the clear mockery in her words.
"Well, I guess it's obvious, isn’t it?" you asked innocently "I love bees! They are so cute and small! I think that's why they listen to me, they feel my love for them" you said happily
If you noticed the way Agustín let out a sigh, or the way Julieta looked hurt, or the way Isabela's shoulders slumped in defeat, you didn't say anything.
"I'm going to tell her" Isabela growled
"Isa, don't!" Mirabel stopped her sister by grabbing her shoulders "Mom is going to be mad!"
"But it's so painfully obvious! Look at her Mirabel!"
The girl with glasses stared at her parents,who were looking at you while you danced happily with Tio Felix. It was Toñito's sixth birthday and the whole town had come to celebrate, but Julieta and Agustín had only had eyes for you.
Mirabel knew that her sister was right. It was painfully obvious that they had both fallen for you, hard. But she also knew there were lines she shouldn't cross with her mother.
"Let's give them two more songs"
"...okay" Isabela frowned "But if something doesn't happen in two more songs, I'm going to entangle all three of them in my vines"
And something did happen two songs later, just not what the sisters expected.
After returning Felix to Pepa, you approached the table where the drinks were, totally tired but happy. Something had this family that made you feel so special and welcomed.
You had tried to get Julieta to dance, but the woman could be stubborn when she wanted to, so you had given up after three attempts, and decided to look for the other woman you had not seen dance yet: Luisa.
It was not uncommon to find her on the edge of everyone, away from noise and people. Of Julieta's three daughters, Luisa was your favorite (although you would never tell Mirabel and Isabela). Despite her rough exterior, she was a gentle and soft soul and had a girlish veil that just made you want to protect her from everything.
"Hey you" you said, smiling warmly at her
"Hello Y/N"
"What are you doing here alone, kiddo?"
"Mmm, I-I'm not much of a party person, actually" Luisa shrugged her shoulders "I've never been…graceful enough for it"
You frowned and before you could say anything, you heard it: some girls, probably Isabela and Dolores's age, were whispering to each other and the vicious looks they were giving Luisa weren't very subtle. You felt your blood boil.
"Y/N, what are you-"
Before Luisa could react, you were walking steadily towards them.
"Hey you!" You said "You have three seconds to stop talking about her"
One of the girls (probably the leader) looked you up and down. She smiled noticing that she didn't know you, so you must be a nobody, right? She didn't notice her companions taking a few steps back in fear, because they did know exactly who you were. And they knew better than to get on your bad side.
"Or what? Little princess?" the girl scoffed "Look babe, you're cute, but I don't have time to-"
You didn't let her finish before your fist connected with her jaw, knocking her to the ground. Fortunately for you, being on the outskirts meant that hardly anyone had seen, unfortunately for her, it meant that no one was going to help her.
"Say one more thing about Luisa y te rompo la cara a verg*zos, am I clear?" you growled
The girl just gulped and nodded, quickly getting up and running away. You took a deep breath before turning to Luisa, who was looking at you with her mouth open. No one had defended her like this before, not even her sisters.
"Are you ok?" you asked
"I-I...yes" she said "How..."
"Hey, I have to take care of my girls, right?" you joked
The girl smiled softly before gently shaking her head.
"You're worse than my parents, you know that?" she told you "no wonder they fancy you so much"
"They what?!"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Julieta tag: @emril-osvigne
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patient-steadfast-steady · 10 days ago
♪─── ★彡 ────♪
i’m still waiting on some requests, so i thought i’d do a little something fun in the meantime :) i always love pairing characters with their love languages, so i thought why not haha
some of these were kind of hard to figure out?? i wanted to give most of them more than one, but i managed to narrow it down lol
i hope you enjoy!! give me ur thoughts :)
the madrigals’ love languages
words of affirmation!
she desperately wants to hear that you love her no matter the weather
being constantly told to suppress her emotions leads her to constantly want her lover to be open about theirs (especially towards her)
she’s tired of hearing the thunder, she wants to curl up in bed and listen to sweet words and soft songs
acts of service, i think
she’s always helping others, and she feels so very loved when her lover comes to help or does something for her
as much as she loves cooking, i truly think she’d be starry-eyed over a meal you made just for her so that she wouldn’t have to :)
helping with chores around casita, helping about the town, even helping with the family. it’d never go unnoticed, and never without more love swelling in her heart.
honestly, the little rat lad just needs any sort of love, in any shape or form
quality time!!
he’s spent so much time alone for so long that just a minute of uninterrupted, undivided attention is all it takes
sitting close and sharing something you enjoy, chatting comfortably about everything under the sun
watch silly telenovelas, spend time with the family, laugh over dinner; everything and anything. he just wants to live life with you
this may seem contradictory but i think words of affirmation!!
what can i say, she’s like her mama
she just wants to listen to something worthwhile, something said specifically for her from the lips of her lover
to drown out the sound of the world to listen to your voice is something she’s always loved doing
now she can do it while looking into your eyes, while holding your hands <3
physical touch !
idk he strikes me as the type to relish in a soft touch, a long hug, a quick kiss
look, he doesn’t even need those things, a high-five, a fist bump, a head-pat, he’ll take it all
plus his parents are very touchy-feely (much to his chagrin), but the point is he sees it as the outward expression of love
anyway, it’s more enjoyable to experience for oneself :)
also physical touch :)
holding hands?? yes
dancing in each other’s arms?? yes
cuddles into the afternoon?? YES
brush her hair, carry her bridal-style, kiss her face COME ON NOW
please, she just wants to be near you and to feel your heart against hers <3
acts of service !!
helping her means so so much to her; she has a lot on her shoulders and knowing you understand that and want to help is everything to her
even better: do something for her before she can get to it, she likes those kind of surprises :))
and stars, relaxing together after a good day’s work is always the best reward
gifts !!
we already know she’s a giver of gifts herself
but to be given a hand-crafted gift you worked hard on?? she would treasure it until she died
baking a goodie for her, finding a shiny trinket and giving it to her, a bouquet of wildflowers?? ALL OF IT
just a sketch, just a small something that reminds you of her is enough. it seriously makes her feel so special :)
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hopepunk-fanfics · 10 days ago
The Madrigal Triplets Stimming!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Julieta rubs her hands together
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pepa rubs her hair and taps her foot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Bruno rubs his arm (and also knocks on wood and such)
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soundofalling-sand · 16 days ago
When a character calls you, “mi vida”, “mi cielo”, “mi cariño ”, “mi amor”, “mi querida/do”, “mi corazón” in an Encanto fanfiction or headcanon. 
Tumblr media
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camilosluvr · 22 days ago
The Madrigal Triplets x GN Reader
The madrigal triplets during the nasty with letters P,B and J from the NSFW alphabet (CONTAINS NSFW CONTENT!!!)
«────────────« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »───────────»
Julieta Madrigal
P = Pace
She goes slow as she doesn't wanna hurt you but if you ask her to go faster, she'll go faster but not too fast because again, she does not want you to hurt
It doesn't matter what she's doing, riding you, fucking you with a strap on, it doesn't matter because your safety is more important than anything
B = Body Part
Her favorite body part on her body is her hands, she likes that she can make you become undone with just her hands and fingers, it's hypnotizing
Her favorite body part on you has to be your face, she likes to watch your expressions as she pleasures you and how they change just because of a small movement she did
J = Jack Off
She doesn't do it much because her libido isn't very high and whenever she is in the mood you're probably around or she has chores to do
Pepa Madrigal
P = Pace
It honestly depends on her mood but at the end of the day, she'll never go at a pace that would hurt you in anyway because she cares about you too much and she makes that absolutely clear when both are cumming.
B = Body Part
Her favorite body part of hers is her mouth, she likes how you're cumming all over and in her mouth with just a flick of her tongue
It boost her ego knowing that she doesn't even need to use her fingers to have you cumming within seconds
Her favorite body part of yours is you're legs, the way they tighten around her head and shake as you're cumming is hypnotizing, it makes her want to make you cum over and over again and that's how you end up overstimulated
J = Jack Off
She doesn't really do it much but definitely does it more than her older sister.
If she's horny, she will ditch chores to either go home and masturbate or go get you to help her and you always agree to help her everytime because the way she moans while you're in between her legs makes you dumb but she will always remind you that she's in charge here.
Bruno Madrigal
P = Pace
He always says he'll go slow as to not hurt you but he always ends up just rutting into you as fast as he can but he can't help it, he's just very needy:(
He'll never do anything to hurt you on purpose so he's always asking you if you're alright and always apologizing for going too fast even if you tell him that he's fine but he can't help but be concerned
B = Body Part
His favorite body part of his is legs, because of all the parkour he did inside the walls of casita, his leg muscles are very strong so his legs don't get tired easily while he's thrusting deep into you
His favorite body part of yours is your eyes, he thinks that your eyes are beautiful just in general but he loves them especially when they roll to the back of your skull as you're coming around his cock
J = Jack Off
Tbh, he jerks off A LOT like anytime he has free time, he'll do it because he's always thinking of you and sometimes a little bit of his dirty thoughts about you sneak inside those innocent thoughts which make them not so innocent anymore
He feels ashamed and feels like a pervert because of it and says that he'll never do it again but always ends up doing it the next minute.
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julietasdroopyeyes · 28 days ago
Imagine Dating Julieta & Agustín Madrigal
I cannot get them out of my head I simply love all the adults in this film, and I want to marry all of them
Tumblr media
You met Agustín first while in town turns out he isn’t the only klutz. You both turned a corner knocking into each other head first, then falling into a small pile of mud. Agustín ever apologetic helps you up getting a good look at you, noticing the small bump forming on your forehead, followed by a wince as you tried to blink. You couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was, a bright grin on his face, and the most playful eyes you’ve ever seen. His hands were strong as he held you up, you felt dizzy and not because your head hurt.
He insists on taking you to meet his wife who won’t mind the trouble! Practically rambling the entire way, even if you were in too much pain to talk you found it absolutely adorable. When he brings you to the casita, the tiles immediately rushed you towards the kitchen, causing it to frighten you so you clung tightly to his arm.
“Oh! Don’t worry about that, that’s just casita they’re very friendly” he assured you patting your hand, you slowly let go of him, suddenly embarrassed.
“Mi amor! Im home! I brought a friend!” Agustín’s wording caught you off guard considering you two just met, but you couldn’t deny that his friendly nature made you feel relaxed
When his wife finally turned the corner it was as if time stood still. You were charmed by the beautiful, soft spoken women adorned with herbs in her apron. Was the house always this warm? She came forward with a plate of fresh arepas, and a knowing smile on her face.
“What trouble did you get into this time Agustín, here eat.” She shoveled the arepa in his mouth, as he happily munched on it. You realized he must have this sort of thing happen a lot. The idea of Agustín being so clumsy made you giggle. Which caught his wife’s attention.
“You must be the one who got caught in my husbands antics, I’m very sorry, I’m Julieta” she spoke smoothly, making a point to grasp your hand as she smiled at you
“Oh, uh… actually it was me-well it was both of us w-who bumped into each other! I’m a bit clumsy at times…” you trailed off trying to muster up a smile that only came off as a wince. You swore you could have seen julieta’s eyes light up when you mentioned how clumsy you were.
She let out a soft giggle as Agustín gently nudged her with a knowing look on his face, “I’m sure we will be seeing you around more often.”
• running into Agustín more and more as the weeks pass by, asking for you to help him with his chores which only leads to a big mess and lots of pain
• Julieta packing Agustín with extra arepas if she knows he’s going into town to see you
• Julieta being the one to invite you to dinner because Agustín is not as eloquent, tending to ramble when he is nervous
• you’re slightly younger than the couple, meeting them in your early 30s
• being intimated by abuela alma, when she asks to see you only to simply ask if her family and her daughter makes you happy. She finds julieta’s fondness for clumsy dorks endearing
• the dinner goes well! Everyone is excited to meet you, Pepa and Fèlix holds this knowing grin all throughout the dinner. She’s also flattered by your interest in her powers, so it’s an immediate nod of approval from her
• the kids aren’t as clueless (besides probably Camilo) when they notice you coming over more and more. Seeing how happy their tio & tia are whenever you’re around
• after a few of months the couple invite you to a dinner with only them, Julieta making you’re favorite dishes, and Agustín telling you stories about what the family has been up to. You don’t think anything of it until you’re all cuddled up on the couch, sandwiched between them holding both their hands. When they ask you to be apart of their family, to be with them.
• when you say yes, you hear hushed whoops and hollers ,a rainbow covering the house. So much for Dolores keeping it a surprise
• the three daughters don’t mind you being with their parents seeing how happy you make them, and how well you fit into the family. They’re very supportive and loving.
• when you move into the casita it takes a bit of time to get used to such a lively house(literally) but you bond with casita often talking to the building as another family member
• Julieta loves to hug you, give you kisses, and hold your hand whenever she gets the chance
• Agustín is always squishing your cheeks, playing with your hair, or pulling you closer to him when he gets the chance
• helping Julieta in the kitchen make her arepas so she has more time to relax, reminding her that she is only one person so she shouldn’t overdue it
• helping Agustín with his daily chores, lounging with him, and playing board games with him
• Agustín taking you out for picnics showing you around the mountains
• hanging out with Mirabel, Isabela, and Luisa holding good natured sibling competitions on who can do what, loving how much they’ve grown with their gifts. Seeing Mirabel excel even without one
• showing Isabela you’re own plant collection! She is impressed and fascinated by your expertise
• teaching Luisa yoga to help her muscles relax as well as her mind when she isn’t working
• you get along really well with pepa always making her laugh, dancing with her, and telling each other jokes.
• Fèlix is your go to dance partner because that man has got moves! His energy is contagious, you impressed the family when they first saw you dance
• Agustín is very shy with you at first, but you encourage him to just be himself he never has to try and impress you
• cuddling whenever you have a bad day, Julieta scoops you into her arms, and Agustín kisses your cheeks making confusing analogies to relate to you
• you and Agustín playfully fighting for julieta’s attention trying to impress her, but just injuring each other in the process
• helping Bruno prank Pepa and Julieta which usually results in being soaked by rain, and put in a time out by your own girlfriend
• Agustín making you laugh every chance he gets that man is not afraid to make a fool of himself if it means seeing you smile
• “mi vida!” In unison “yes!?” “Be careful!!”
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sarahp-stan · 8 days ago
what pepa and julieta madrigal would do when you come home tired and stressed
Tumblr media
a/n: this is a self-indulgent fic because I’ve been feeling a bit down and stressed plus why not include the two women from encanto that i can’t stop thinking about?
please don’t repost my works anywhere! my fics stay here on tumblr and tumblr only!
immediately seeing your mood as you enter the house
massages your shoulders a bit and mutters words of worry and love
the two of you lay on the shared bed or on the couch and just cuddle while talking about each other’s day
sometimes you lay your head on her lap as she plays with your hair and massage your scalp
sometimes you just need to have fun and move so occasionally you two dance it out
rain usually follows but the two of you don’t care because the rain just makes the moment more enjoyable
she would be busy making food for the family while you walk in
it’s not until she turns around and notices your exhausted expression that she will quickly whip up some your favorite dishes
she then orders you to sit and as you eat hungrily, she continues to cook while stealing glances at you sometimes
when you were done eating, julieta takes your hand and guides you to lean on the counter with her
the two of you intertwine your fingers together as she takes one of her hands, slighting urging your head to lean on her shoulder
you take her offer and you end up telling her about your day as julieta finishes up the dinner, occasionally letting you taste the food
taglist: @notmanagingmymischief @winters-witch-bitch @paulawand @nyx-aira @taylorsmakingfuckingmacandcheese @lilian-maximoff
let me know if you want to be added and if to only a specific fandom then let me know :)
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that1weirdkiddo · 20 days ago
Hehe Julieta and Agustín with an s/o that doesn’t get hurt a lot
CW// injury mention
You’re not one to get hurt a lot, it’s almost impossible that you manage to get out of dangerous situations with even a few scrapes with you luck
On the rare occasions that you DO a get hurt, Julieta’s quick to make sure you’re not in pain while Agustín tuts playfully and tells you how dangerous it was to go do what you did [the next day, he does exactly what you did and the roles are reversed]
So on the off chance that you find yourself in La Casita Madrigal’s kitchen, you’re still surprised at how many people are ogling you while you lean on the counter, waiting for Julieta to make you something so you can fix up your fractured tricep
She’s doting, giving you a stern yet warm scolding with an expression of disapproval
She expects this from Agustín, her loving [although very accident-prone] husband, or Camilo, but certainly not you
Which is why she feels horrible, even after you’re moving around with ease again, continuing to help around the village with Agustín
“Agustín, there’s a hive right there.” “So it seems.”
He gets stung one too many times and you bring him back, rolling your eyes at how smooth he is, despite how the swelling from the stings hurts
“Te amo, mi cielo.” “Ay, Agustín, save it for when you’re not a bee magnet.”
You have to make sure your lovely husband doesn’t end up waking up another bee hive and Julieta appreciates it
Despite swearing she has no favorites, Julieta makes sure that you’re healed up before her loving husband, and you hold that above him
Julieta always gives you a quick kiss after you’re all healed up and then gives one to Agustín as well so he doesn’t feel left out
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random-fandoms-fanfics · 19 days ago
One Mamá, Two Papás
Can I request an Agustin x male reader x Julieta where they're making dinner and some of the kids ask how their relationship works, and while they're explaining it, out of nowhere Antonio asks where babies come from? 😅
@milomalaise1, hope you enjoy
It was Abuela’s birthday and you and your partners were busy making her a nice diner, you were at the middle table slicing some potatoes and cassavas until you felt hands snake around your waist and start swinging them side to side, “anadón I’m busy and so are you,”
“Come on Amor, a little break won’t hurt,” while humming some random song only he knew he nuzzled his nose into your neck and unbeknownst to you rubbed flour against your. Slowly but surely you found a smile growing on your face and your hips consciously moved with his hands, placing your knife down you turned in his arms, grabbing his shoulder and one of his hands the two of you began a gentle dance in the humid room, not noticing the woman starting a few feet away with a smile. “Papa (Y/N)!” you were brought out of your trance as you heard the voice of your youngest non biological daughter, Maribel, call out for you, “in the kitchen Querida!” Maribel walked in with Camilo and your second youngest, Ada, right behind her. Kissing your boyfriend’s cheek goodbye you turned back around to face the group, your hands immediately going back to work, “what’s up Mariboo?”
“Are you ever going to marry papá and mamá?”
“I can’t Querida, the priest won’t allow it,”
“Because some people don’t like men being with other men and they think women should only be with one man, don’t know why they think that but they just do,” pouring the now sliced potatoes and cassavas into the beef, pork and chicken filled stew you covered it for one last time, proud of your work you turned to your girlfriend who just placed the beef filled pastries into the oven, “You all done Judía?” she hummed positively before going over to help her husband with frying the small balls of dough, “how did you get with the two of them? Tai Julieta and Toi Agustin were already married when you came in,”
“Well you see we have been together since our late 20’s,” Julieta leaned up against you as she spoke to the children, “we just didn’t show it due to, as (Y/N) said, people not liking our relationship,”
“Ah those were the days, ducking around corners, sneaking behind barns and hiding in the cramped spaces of casita all to just steal a kiss, I miss those days,” Agustin came up behind the two of you, his hands holding both of yours waists, “I miss the days before we got together,”
“Julieta come on those days were a catastrophe,”
“Oh really, how did you get together,”
“Well you see (Y/N) and Agustin were courting me at the same time, fighting for my affection day in and out,”
“Two rivals one upping each other every chance they got,” she moved away from Agustin’s grasp, her hands erratically moving with her words, leaving the two of you to stand in each other’s arms and begging her to stop, “Amor please,”
“Annoying the entire village with their trumpets and accordans, hurting themselves with stupids feats of bravery, trying to prove to Abuela they were better for me by doing chores,”
“Please stop this is embarrassing,”
“That was all until the accident at the river,”
“They were so desperate to get a kiss they didn’t watch were they were going, (Y/N) tripped and pulled Agustin with him, next thing they knew they were sharing a kiss, (Y/N) ran off leaving Agustin in the mud as a blushing mess, the two of them could barely look at each other without blushing,”
“So they started liking each other? I’m guessing at that time they were still in love with you,”
“Mhmm, a few days after the incident Agustin came to me a muttering and stuttering mess, talking about how the kiss felt, how it made him feel and changed the way he saw (Y/N) while he kept reassured me that he still wanted to be mine and how big his love for me was, (Y/N) came by the next day doing the same thing,” by now you and Agustin were on the other side of the kitchen with your hands in your faces as Julieta retold the story of your younger life to a new set of children, “they were so confused and so was I, I never thought that I could have two loves of my life and love them equally but I do and I would have never of come to that if we didn’t talk about it, after that night these two began courting each other, giving each other gifts, showing off their musical talent to the other and sitting on a bridge playing in harmony and through all that they never forget about me and reminded me everyday that they still loved me,”
“Aww papá, why haven’t you told me this before, it’s so cute,” Ada grabbed your hand away from your face and entwined your fingers with hers, waving your hands about, “because the first part is embarrassing, I always wanted my love story to start with me serenading my love, not me tripping and pulling them into mud and accidentally kissing,”
“Wait, if you’ve been together for that long how can you be sure who’s kid is who’s?”
“Well, seeing how Julieta and I weren’t even trying to make kids until after Luisa it’s pretty easy to tell, plus Mirabel looks more like Agustin” feeling your pant leg being tugged on by tiny hands, looking down you found a mass of dark haired curly there “tio how are children made?”
“ah well you see when a man and a woman lov-, when two people feel… when people want children they engage in…” staring down at him you struggled to talk, lumps blocking the air in your lungs, “You see men gives women a, special liquid, women take this and put it into a pot filled with, special, tiny eggs, woman drink this and the magical mixture gets into their bellies where they are, able to grow a baby inside them,”
“How does the baby get out?”
“... they um, you see they come out through- women will get them out by pu-Pepa get your child he snuck into the kitchen,”
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ahurricaneofjacarandas · 8 days ago
A Kiss
> set before the movie
> the triplets are in their 20's in this fic
> agustin, i am so sorry but y/n is going to replace you here
> julieta madrigal x fem! reader
Tumblr media
“You know, ” Pepa sat down beside someone, “it doesn't really take an idiot to know you like her.”
Y/N groaned and rolled her eyes, “Not this again Pepa.”
Pepa shrugged, “I'm just saying! If you really like my sister, tell her–” Y/N scoffed and ignored Pepa, “or I will.” Pepa smiled mischievously.
Y/N looked from her sketchpad to Pepa's smiling face, “I don't like that smile.”
Pepa grinned, “Neither does Julieta! Now you both have something in common!”
“I knew this was a bad idea! Pepa–!”
Y/N turned around fo find Julieta looking at her concerned.
“Juli! Hi!” Y/N waved, “Yeah, I– uh– I'd love to talk but I need to see Pepa, bye!” she turned around once again and ran towards Pepa's door, leaving a flustered yet frowning Julieta in the kitchen.
“Pepa! Pepa! Let me in!” Y/N knocked repeatedly on Pepa's door. Sensing that Pepa won't open the door for her, she decided to let herself in.
Grabbing the doorknob and turning it was easy, wasn't it? Oh no, it's not. Once she grabbed the doorknob it sent an electric shock through her body, making her jump and clutch her now burned and numb hand.
“Ay Pepa! Let me in!” Y/N kicked the door softly.
“Who are you talking to?” Someone asked behind Y/N.
Y/N being the clumsy little thing she is, jumped and tripped on a potted plant, landing, not so softly, face first on the floor.
Bruno's eyes widened as he saw what happened. Giving his hand for Y/N to hold, he helped her stand up. Although, he didn't seem to notice the bruise forming on Y/N's forehead when she hit it on the edge of the pot.
“I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine–” Y/N said to herself and Bruno.
“Uh-huh.” Bruno observed Y/N's face and saw the bruise forming. “But now I see a bruise forming on your forehead, you need to let Julieta heal that,” he said before turning around, but before leaving, he stopped and said, “Pepa is not in her room you know, she's with Félix.”
Y/N nodded and waved Bruno away, she wasn't really in a mood to know that Pepa wasn't in her room that electrified her hand. Sighing, she touched her forehead and winced. Yep, this was going to be a long day and it wasn't even lunch yet.
Rolling her shoulders and letting it crack, Y/N huffed and continued to paint with her good hand whilst ignoring the throbbing of her forehead.
“Y/N!” she heard a familiar voice call her on the other side of the plaza. Looking up, she saw Julieta walking towards her in a hurry.
“Have you seen Pepa? Máma needs her to help the farmers.”
Y/N hummed and thought deeply, what would she get if she told Julieta where Pepa is right now?
“If I told you, what would I get?” Y/N asked Julieta with a raised eyebrow as she continued to paint the plaza in front of her.
“A kiss.”
Y/N's hand slipped with Julieta's answer, resulting in a now ruined page. “What did you say?”
Julieta bit the inside of her cheeks, “I said, if you told me where Pepa is, you would get a kiss.” she smiled warmly at Y/N.
Breathing in and out deeply, Y/N puffed and pursed her lips. “Fine. Pepa is at the meadow with Félix.” she ripped the ruined page off her sketchpad.
Standing up, Y/N brushed the dirt off her skirt. “But I'm going to hold onto that kiss.” Y/N looked at Julieta, seeing the twinkle in the girl's eyes, she grinned and leaned closer.
Julieta froze as Y/N lessened the space between them. “Tomorrow, at the meadow, lunch time.” she didn't get what Y/N said at first but when she did, her cheeks flushed. Nodding, Julieta remained quiet as Y/N gathered her materials.
Y/N straightened up and turned around to leave, but deciding that it was the right time to become confident, she turned to meet Julieta's gaze once again and leaned closer to kiss the blushing girl's cheeks.
“See you tomorrow Juli.” Y/N winked and left.
“See you.” Julieta whispered as she touched the spot Y/N kissed softly.
Shaking her head, she turned to run towards the Casita but not before she heard Y/N shouting,
“Don't bring anything but yourself tomorrow!”
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teddybear-named-george · 20 days ago
Our daughter
Julieta Madrigal x GN!Reader
"What did you do this time?" Julieta rolled her eyes fondly, taking Y/N's arm and leading them to the kitchen counter.
"I didn't do anything!" They protested weakly. "It was Isabela's fault anyway."
"Ay, don't blame my daughter for your injuries, even if it is true." She slapped their shoulder softly, though admonishingly.
"You're daughter? She's our daughter, princesa." They huffed. "Unless you had a child with someone else behind my back."
"Jealousy doesn't become of you, mi dulce." Julieta chuckled, her back to her spouse.
"I thought you liked it when I'm jealous?" They hummed, grinning at their wife, who rolled her eyes in response.
"Only when you pout."
"I don't pout!"
"Yes, you are, you're doing it right now." Before they could form a response, a pastry was shoved in their mouth. "But I love you more when you're being yourself." She pressed a kiss to their lips. "And I love you even more when you're not blaming my daughter for your sprained wrist."
"Our daughter!"
"Okay, fine. How did our daughter sprain your wrist?" She raised her eyebrows expectantly, her hands on her hips.
"She slipped in the mud in the woods. I caught her like the wonderful parent I am." They huffed.
"My hero." Julieta rolled her eyes fondly, pressing another kiss to the other's lips. "Where is Isabela anyway?" She asked, closing her eyes as she spoke between kisses.
"I left her by Luisa's crib." They hummed. "She was more than happy to look after her baby sister while I came to see you."
"Very responsible of you."
They broke apart as the door opened, their young daughter toddling towards them.
"Mama, Luisa is awake." Isabela told her mother. "Up." She raised her arms to Y/N.
"Up what?" They raised an eyebrow.
Isabela huffed. "Up, por favor."
"That's my girl." They hoisted her up, grinning as the little girl giggled excitedly from her new height.
"I thought she was our girl?" Julieta asked, a smile on her lips.
"She's our daughter, but she's my girl." They countered, jostling the girl slightly, earning another giggle.
"I thought I was your girl." Julieta teased.
"No." They shook their head, putting down Isabela and wrapping their arms around their wife's waist. "You're my woman. Mi princesa. Mi corazon. Mi-"
"Ay! Not in front of the children!" Pepa stomped in, scooping up Isabela and giving her sister and in-law a teasing grin. "Innocent minds." She said pointedly.
"I have to check on my youngest daughter, anyway."
"Our daughter!"
A/N: this is a repost from wattpad! if you want to check out my acc, my user is wizzy357
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zafirosreverie · 23 days ago
Children (Julieta x Reader x Agustín)
Tumblr media
a/n: I don’t usually write for characters that are not in my masterlist, but this was an exception. 
For @xxcrystalxx28 hope you like it
You walked carefully into the kitchen, hoping Julieta wasn’t there. You knew it was an almost silly hope, because she was always in the kitchen, but hey! That's why you were the one with endless optimism, right?
You made it to the arepa batch without a hitch, but when you took one...
"Y/N?" Julieta asked, coming in behind you and making you jump.
Caught red-handed.
"Julieta! Hola!" you smiled nervously "You look gorgeous today"
"Thank you" she replied, raising an eyebrow "what are you doing?"
"Nothing, nothing" you said quickly "I'm just going to...take this"
You tried to run away with the arepa in hand, but your wife was faster and she stopped you with her hands on your shoulders, blocking your exit.
"What happened?" she asked
"No, no, seriously, nothing happened"
"Then why do you need an arepa?"
You sighed in defeat. You knew Julieta wasn't going to let you go without an explanation and, although you hadn't wanted to worry her, it was too late for that. If you had learned something in these few but charming years married to Julieta and Agustín Madrigal, it was that it was always better to tell your wife the truth. Always.
"Do you remember that you gave me permission to paint the ceiling in the room?" you said
"Agustín wants to help...and I couldn't say no, you know? I'm supposed to keep him out of harm's way so that you don't stress about taking care of him, but...it doesn't hurt to take precautions, right?" you smiled shyly.
Julieta blinked before laughing. Of course this was about Agustín. Maybe you were younger than them, but since you came into their lives, you had proven to be a great help to her. She loved her husband just like you, but you two knew how accident prone he was. It was nice of you to want to take care of him for her.
"Then take more" she told you, taking a few arepas and putting them in your hands "God knows that man is a magnet for misfortunes"
"Yes" you laughed "he is like a little boy, but we love him that way"
"Yes we do" she smiled at you and gave you a quick kiss "thank you for taking care of him for me"
"My pleasure" you said, getting out of the kitchen.
You were feeling more optimistic now that you had backup arepas, in case of anything. Although, you doubted that you would need the 6 that Julieta had given you, after all, you were only going to paint, what is the worst that could happen?
"What happened to you two?!" Julieta asked when you and Agustín came into the kitchen covered in paint and a couple of scratches.
You were smiling and laughing,though.
"Let's say next time we'll ask you to help open the paint cans" Agustín said, making you laugh more.
Julieta looked at the two of you, feeling her own smile blossom on her face. At least none of you looked seriously hurt, and you definitely seemed like you had the time of your lives.
"In my defense, I've always opened those things with the screwdriver" you said "I don't know what went wrong this time"
"It was probably my bad luck" Agustín said apologetically
"Ehh...the ceiling ended up looking nice" you shrugged
"And I suspect that also the floor" Julieta smiled, already preparing more arepas "And the furniture"
"What do you think we are, Julieta?" you pretended to be offended "We are professionals...of course we let the floor and furniture beautifully decorated"
The woman laughed as you took Agustín's arm. She loved you both so much. It was true that most of the time you were her right hand, and other times it could be like having two more children, but she wouldn’t change a thing.
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nixthewolf · a month ago
Julieta Madrigal x Reader HCs
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- She will always find you adorable. No, no, no, you can’t escape !
- In her eyes, you’re just so sweet.
- She obviously don’t look at herself too long in a miror but anyway.
-  Julieta will cook for you. You’ll cook with her, but she just loves to make healing food for you.
- A lot of kissing on the cheeks, it’s her favorite place to kiss you. She thinks it’s really affectionate.
- I think her kisses would be very loving, and taste like herbal tea.
- Julieta is a silent woman, but she’s a very good listener.
- You can rely on her, she’ll comfort you; she’ll sooth you.
- She will massage you if you had a long day. Mostly your shoulders.
- If you do the same for her, she’ll be so thrilled; a lot expect her to be caring, putting herself before other.
- So when you something for her (massages, cooking, doing her chores so she can rest), she’ll fall in love for you all over again. 
- Julieta will sew for you, and offer her creations to you.
- Oh, and she’ll teach you how to prepare some remedies with medicinal herbs, in case you ever had to heal you yourself.
- She’ll kiss you all over your face, just to make you giggle. Your laugh fills her heart with absolute joy.
- Her singing isn’t the best but she’ll sing sweet songs, even lullabies (especially if your sad”
- “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...”
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ynfromencanto2430 · 24 days ago
Since we have poly yandere Pepa and Felix, how about Yandere Poly Julieta and Agustín?
Yander Julieta X Reader X Agustin
You See?
Tumblr media
Ever since you broke up with Julieta and Agustin You would always Getting hurt and Julieta Would always heal you and Agustin, but you would always feel something that doesn't seem when you hang out With Julieta and Agustin or Bump into Agustin. When everyone went to bed you would always feel something watching you inside your bedroom or outside your window. One Day Julieta Invited you to come with us in the casita and you did. " Y/n Do you want a Arepa?" Julieta spoke to you; I mean you were hungry so why not? "Sure"
You were talking to Agustin About how you always bump into each other, but he would always change the Subject... "Here's your arepa!" "Thank Julieta" you said. " Oh, it's Nothing" she said while Smiling You felt so weird, but you just shook it off, but when you ate the Arepa You passed out.
You woke up with chains making Your Wrist all bruised up, you were about to scream for help but them someone Taped your mouth it was Agustin! but then he kissed your cheek and made you look at your... Stitched Scar On your arm. you Didn't Know what was happening. Until Julieta walked up to you and said something That made you thought they changed but you were wrong... "You, see?... This is what happens when you Break our heart Mi Amor~"
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pepa-brainrot · 20 days ago
Your comments make my day! Thanks so much!!
Of course my dear!! Your writing makes me happy!!
Tumblr media
A Julieta just for you 💙💙
Keep being amazing!!
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camilosluvr · 22 days ago
The Madrigal Triplets x GN Reader
Julieta, Pepa and Bruno Madrigal as yandere's (Separate scenarios and They/them pronouns for reader)
«────────────« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »───────────»
Julieta Madrigal
Julieta isn't mean, she would never hurt you and she would never punish you...well..unless you deserved it, if you pissed her off in any way, she would punish you but don't worry!
She doesn't get angry easily so the punishments wouldn't be often as long as you don't try to escape often.
Her love for you goes beyond anything, she loves you so much and she'll do anything for you and anything to keep you safe..even if somebody has to die but don't get the wrong idea!
She'll never hurt her family bad enough to kill them for you but instead she'll just hurt you if you ever make her hurt her family because of one of your attempts at escaping
She keeps you inside her giant room, you have freedom to walk around but only to a certain distance because she has you tied to the wall but the rope is long though it's not long enough for you to be at least 6 feet near the door
The rest of the madrigals wouldn't help you, some have tried like camilo, mirabel and dolores but it never worked and all four of you ended up hurt
Julieta sometimes lets you out the room but the windows are always locked shut and nobody is allowed in or out the house and you have to be in her sight at all times and by her side
The grandchildren of the family always tells you that they'll help you get out one day but you don't believe them because whenever you try, julieta always catches you and you'll be bruised until julieta decides to heal you
She did a great job hiding you but the only reason that everyone found out about you was because you managed to escape long enough to talk to antonio who was inside the house because he didn't have any chores but unfortunately julieta caught you before anything else could happen but she didn't know about you talking to antonio
Antonio, of course told his older siblings and dolores just told everyone else but when julieta found out that they knew, she didn't care because if they even thought about telling anyone in the town, she could easily poison your food.
At first, she didn't want to kidnap you but then you were going to move away from encanto and she just couldn't have that, so here you are.
You were slowly losing your sanity, you wanted to get out of here. you NEEDED to get out of here.
You wanted to get out so bad that you barely thought about what to do or where you would go after but you didn't care, you just wanted to leave, leave her.
You started biting the ropes around your legs trying to tear them off your limbs, you didn't stop when your mouth started bleeding but you did stop when the ropes were finally off, you stood up and ran towards the door and tried to open it but it was locked.
You started pulling at the handle, you were full on banging on the door and screaming, you didn't care anymore.
You didn't care what would happen.
You didn't care about yourself.
You didn't care about anything.
You only cared about escaping even if you would die on your own because julieta pretty much does everything for you, she doesn't let you brush your teeth by yourself, she doesn't let you eat by yourself, she treats you like a baby because in her eyes, you're just a helpless little mouse that needed her to live. If she wasn't around to help you then you would die.
The door then slammed open making you land on your back on the floor "Ah!" You yelled in pain as you shut your eyes from the pain you felt in your back but then you looked up and saw julieta stood in front of you with her fist balled up "Amor, I told you many times...I thought you would've learned by now.." She said as she shut the door and locked it back then knelt down to face you "Mhm, I guess I have to teach you better.." She said referring to the punishment she was about to give you.
You had realized that exact moment that, you had no chance of leaving. You had no chance of living without her. You were basically insane and needed her.
She had broke you already but you would never, ever stop fighting back.
Pepa Madrigal
Pepa wouldn't kidnap you at all because she has kids and nieces, she doesn't want to have to hurt them because they tried to help you
But instead, she keeps you with her at all times, if you have to use the bathroom, she's right outside the door, if you have to change your clothes, she's right there with you, you have no privacy but pepa swears that it's for the best and for your safety.
You're pretty obedient because the first time you tried to leave her, she gave you a punishment that you'll never forget. You've learned since then to never anger her again.
You honestly don't even care anymore, pepa can and will find you if you run anywhere so why even try, all you could do anymore was help her with chores and do what she says
The rest of the madrigals do know about you because, you literally live at their house and they know about pepa being a yandere and they won't help you. Pepa is scary when she's mad and they heard you scream from one of the punishments she gave you and they don't want any of that.
They'll try to help you the best they can non-escaping wise, they give you food if pepa's too angry at you to feed you and you're very grateful everytime
If pepa can't have you by her side for any reason, you'll be with camilo or dolores because she knows they won't try anything because they simply won't, that's their mother but she's not afraid to hurt them if they try something and because they know if they do try something, you'll get a worse punishment from their actions.
Pepa wasn't exactly good at hiding you because well, it's not like she was gonna let you stay in her room all day without her, so they found out about you staying within the first day you started being held captive by her but it took about a week for most of them to realize that you're being held captive
Pepa doesn't care that they know but at first, she was furious until they made it absolutely clear that they're not going to try anything
You were in bed with pepa and she was holding onto you tightly as she quietly slept, you couldn't sleep but you knew that if she found out that you weren't sleeping, she'd give you melatonin to make you sleep so you kept your eyes closed because if she ever looked at you maybe she would think you were sleep.
You didn't want to sleep.
You didn't want to sleep with her.
You were scared to sleep, you scared of her, you didn't know what she could do while you were sleep, one time you woke up to her staring at you and this would happen everytime you would happen to fall asleep.
Pepa then rolled over to the other side of the large bed making her arms around your waist come undone making you free to move around, your eyes widened as your eyes shifted over to the ginger woman who was fast asleep 'I can..go..' You thought, you weren't exactly thinking right because you only cared about leaving, you didn't care what might happen to you.
You slowly got up from the bed as to not wake her up, you started walking to the door as you didn't hear any voice or sign that pepa had woken up, you grabbed the door knob and you didn't think this was real, this wasn't happening at all but then when you went to open the door.
It didn't budge, it was locked.
"(Y/n)..." Pepa mumbled as she stood up from her bed with a thundering cloud over her head, you were shaking, you were on the verge of tears.
You quickly turned around to see pepa in front of you, she was glaring at you and that was enough to make you drop to your knees and start crying "Pepa please! I promise I wasn't going to go anywhere!" You yelled as you clutched onto her leg but that didn't work one bit because she just picked you up and look you in the eye "Lets have some fun, shall we?" She asked smiling like a maniac.
Camilo laid in dolores's bed along with her and antonio, they all clung onto each other as they were scared, they heard your screams and pleads through the walls, they couldn't believe their mother was a monster but they had to.
Because, the proof was on the other side of the hall and you didn't need to see it to believe it but they couldn't do anything about it. They were too afraid.
Afraid of the very person that sworn to protect them.
Bruno Madrigal
Bruno would never hurt you under any sort of circumstances as he has his own ways to keep you obedient and stay with him
He doesn't kidnap you but he does take you with him everywhere he goes but he does give you your privacy but don't even think about escaping because he'll know before you even find a way to escape
There was this one point where you lost all privacy options because of your many attempts to escape but after you proved to him that you won't ever try to escape again
If he's ever mad at you, you'll just lose everything he ever gave you like if he gave you outside time, you won't see the light of day for about five weeks until you convince him that you'll never do it again
The madrigals know about you and they won't help you because bruno's been in that wall for years, touch-starved and wanting to be loved and he's finally found someone that could help all of that and they would feel bad if they took you away from him
But, in reality it's just him guilt tripping them
Bruno guilt trips you too, all he has to do is develop tears on his lash line and you're already on your knees apologizing for whatever you had done to make him cry or angry
Bruno didn't care if anyone knew about you because they couldn't do anything anyways because you two looked like just a normal clingy couple on the outside but on the inside it was a maniac with a little helpless lamb.
Bruno held a basket with both of his hands as you walked beside him fiddling with your fingers, you could run anytime you wanted but you were too nervous because bruno always knew what you were going to do and what you thought of, you thought it was because of his gift but he couldn't read minds so as time went on, you realized that you were just really easy to read, well not really but bruno could read you easily just by your stance or the way you're walking.
You looked over at the clear pathway beside you but then you felt a hand on your shoulder "Don't you dare even think about it." Bruno said sternly making a chill run down your spine and you nodded obediently, bruno scared you so you didn't even dare to fight back.
He'd broken you and he couldn't be happier.
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julietasdroopyeyes · 14 days ago
Julieta dating someone whose love language is food
Aka she’s dating ME, she’s taken!
Tumblr media
She loves it, she loves when people enjoy her food not just because they need something from her. She loves that you want her food simply because it tastes amazing
Constantly has to convince you to attend events with food because she knows you aren’t big on socializing
“Do I have to go? Can’t I just stay home where no one will bother me?”
“Patito, I’ll make you extra empanadas, and your favorite polvorosas” she bribed a sweet smile on your face that you couldn’t resist so you agreed begrudgingly
Learning new recipes together always trying something new to keep the meals you ate fun, fresh, and engaging
Helping her run errands gathering extra ingredients from the market, doing all the heavy lifting even if she’s used to it. You don’t want her hurting herself, and maybe you wanna show off how strong you are
Sneaking seconds for yourself and Camilo half of the time you get caught but it’s always worth it
“Who ate all of the buñuelos!?”
Letting her sleep in and taking on the cooking when it comes to feeding the family, also prepping the food for when she needs to cook for the village
Trying other peoples cooking for a change so that you two can experience different interpretations of staple Colombian foods, although it never compares to your wife’s
You love to go on picnics where it’s quiet, enjoying your time together, and being able to reconnect after busy days
Food fights, lots of em the kitchen is usually always pristine until you decide to help Julieta by streaking flour across her cheek. The woman is competitive it usually ends with the two of you forgetting about where you are and the food burning
“Is it hot in here or is it you?”
“The stove is on…” “Amor…”
Julieta keeping extra arepas on her person because she knows you love to snack, and usually crave something late at night
Always eating off of each other’s plate, mostly you eating off of Julieta’s when you finish your meal
You two have an unspoken exchange where if there’s a certain food that has something you each like and don’t like you swap them out for each other
Sending her to bed early cleaning up the kitchen and dining room table for her so she can get some rest it’s the least you can do after she cooked for you
Feeding each other and being cute it’s another form of intimacy. Being able to care for someone and watch them enjoy the food you made, it’s a whole other level of saying I love you
Listening to Julieta share her stories over her favorite meals, each one revealing more about her than the last
Convincing Julieta to let you make food so that Antonio can have a little party with his animals
“Julieta pleaaaseee look they’re hungwy” *holds up a tiny little coati*
“No amor, it’s already bad enough I have Bruno’s rats stealing my food, I don’t want them getting the wrong idea”
“Sorry guys, the zorrillo said no” you may or may not have had to pay for that comment later
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