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mango-tango69 · 2 days ago
i really think that after Casita was rebuilt, Abuela stopped wearing her hair in the hairstyle we saw for most of the movie and went back to her braids to represent her letting go of the need to be perfect
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skeleton-of-a-lesbian · 2 days ago
hey here's a fun fact: people who draw encanto characters with their correct nose shapes get bitches
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encantoincorrectquotes · 2 days ago
Bruno: I don’t know the first thing about clothes. Pretty much all I can do is look at something and tell you if it’s clothes or not. This chair? Not clothes.
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ravenwitch45 · 2 days ago
Disney seriously made a family utterly filled with lovable and relatable characters and then expected people to only want merch of Mirabel and Isabella. Not shaming those two I adore them as well but with how lovable every Madrigal is it's almost a no brainer we would want merch of more then just the main character and the "pretty one".
Come on disney step it up. You can do better.
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snufflesash · a day ago
5 Times Camilo Madrigal and Y/N Ran Into Each Other and It Was Unpleasant + the 1 Time It Wasn't.
(Or, how their interactions get progressively less unpleasant through the years.)
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , +1
Tumblr media
It was a Thing, in the Madrigal casita, when its inhabitants turn 5 years old. Nevermind turning 10, or 18, or 35, or 50; you don't receive magical powers and a magical door to your magical room when you turn 50.
So for as long as Camilo could remember, turning 5 meant the biggest day of his life. And it was! Little Camilo loved making his family and friends laugh, loved putting on shows.
And so when Camilo opened his door and received the gift to shapeshift into those around him, it felt fitting.
But, to his Abuela's dismay (and so as a result, his mother's as well- always aiming to please her mother), Camilo was much too young and reckless to properly put his powers to use.
Camilo is, however, ever the performer, and is usually seen in the middle of a large and laughing crowd as he theatrically performs his story of the day.
Which brings us to the present- 3 years of breaking in his powers, and Camilo is quite adept at it, flawlessly switching mannerisms and faces as he tells tales upon tales.
When he finished with a flourish and standing ovation, his prima Luisa finally managed to break through the crowd and drag him to where we was supposed to be- keeping the Perez twins occupied while their parents ran errands.
Camilo liked Dulce and Donatello, even if they have a tendency to interrupt his performances a lot.
"Camilo! Camilo!" Donatello yelled, waving in the air excitedly. Camilo grinned and held his hands up for the twins to high five him.
Dulce grabbed his hand and started tugging toward the direction of one of the bakeries nearby. "Mamá said we could get some merengón if you came with us!"
On the way, Dulce and Donny launched question after question, request after request, all of which Camilo was happy to oblige. Spin in a circle, jump up and down, act like a clown, dance like a bailarina!
Camilo switched from face to face, mimicking all those around him. The boy playing soccer with his friends, an old woman smelling flowers, the lady who always carried her fishbowl everywhere, a group of kids dancing. The twins were laughing like hyenas.
Suddenly though, they stopped and stared wide eyed behind him. Confused at their sudden change in demeanor, he turned around and was stood face to face with a scowl. That was unexpected.
"You think it's funny going around and making fun of people just because you have superpowers?" The kid in front of him said, fists clenched at their sides.
Camilo blinked, and took them in. He looked down and realized the sandals on his feet right now were mirroring the kids' in front of him. Oh, he's turned into them. But why were they mad?
Camilo shook his head and shifted back into himself. "Mi mami says when I shapeshift it's a gift, and my superpower is making people laugh, which was what I was doing."
They huffed and crossed their arms. "I'm not laughing." With that, and an additional hmph, they turned and walked away.
Camilo's brows furrowed together as he stared after their retreating form. People usually enjoyed watching him transform into a copy of themselves- they found it fascinating, thought it was funny. Camilo has never came across someone who thought he was making fun of them. And he doesn't! He likes people!
He went home that day feeling strange- he's not used to such a negative and hostile reaction. His mami noticed, and over their post dinner dessert raids, brought it up with her son. "What's on your mind, corazón?"
Camilo made a face and bit into his pastry. "I dunno, mami. I was having fun with Dulce and Donny today and some kid got mad when I changed into them. Said I was making fun."
Pepa made a thoughtful noise and bit into her own pastry. "Well, were you making fun?"
Camilo's eyes widened. "Of course not! I would never!"
Pepa smiled and wiped the crumbs off the corners of his mouth. "I know, hijo, but sometimes people don't see the same things you do. I know you mean well, but people have bad days."
Camilo thought of that for a moment. He knew all about bad days- with his mother it was quite literal. But she never means to make it rain or thunder, even if lots of people acted like it was something she could control.
Pepa patted his head knowingly. "Go to sleep, mi amor. Don't get too vexed, everyone loves that you make the village smile." She kissed him goodnight, and Camilo headed to his room, satisfied and fed food for thought.
He loves to make people smile and laugh, and he wasn't going to stop that. But still, it was a Thing that always stuck with him, even if the specificity of the memory itself faded.
And chapter 2! Thank you ladies and gents and guests. It's weird writing in reader pov, because on one hand I don't really want to commit to an oc, but on the other I'm overthinking making the reader as open ended as possible as to keep that sort of universality. With a solid character it's easier to read between the lines and thus, the longer chapter in Camilo's pov. Anyway tho, hope you enjoy <3
Taglist- @cxruscnt @alexloveskili @deffenferofjustice @naiosms @wt-fxck @xdyledz @heartsforcamilo
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guyramsayfieri · 2 days ago
Thinking about Juliette and Isabella combining their powers to make fresh fruit and vegetables and herbs that can heal. Like Isabella starts the seedling and Julietta gardens and cultivated the plant to maturing, giving it healing properties
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anotherhawk · 3 hours ago
So we're all agreed that Julietta Madrigal can absolutely make a gender confirming soup, right?
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harryxdraco5576 · a day ago
Encanto characters playing Minecraft
So i thought I would do something different. I have showed my friends theories, but never my own. Ladies, gentleman, both, or neither, welcome to my presentation of encanto characters playing Minecraft.
How encanto characters would play Minecraft:
Isa: Creative only/Builds houses a lot/Camilo is banned from her world because he explodes all of her stuff
Luisa: Survival/goes hardcore/best at mob fighting
Mirabel: Survival and creative/plays with Camilo/not the best but she’s not bad at survival/good builder
Camilo: survival/pro/great at finding materials/prankster
Antonio: creative/dies by mobs a lot/dies of starvation because he refuses to kill animals
Dolores: creative and survival/builds with isa/shes surprisingly is great at survival/targeted by Camilo in pvp
Pepa: creative/plays with isa only/can’t play survival because she rages/not very good at building
Felix: survival/insanely good/it makes Camilo mad how good he is/gets full diamond armor within 10 minutes of starting a new survival world/beats Minecraft a lot
Agustin: can’t even move the character correctly
Julietta:creative/builds farms a lot/plays with Antonio
Bruno: survival/REALLY BAD/mirabel let’s him play with her and Camilo and he dies every two minutes
Abuela: No video games!
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toasty-cowboy · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I climbed mountains. Crossed oceans. Even fought demons. But tried as hard as I did, the itch to draw them needed to be scratched.
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bloodphos · a month ago
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mango-tango69 · 2 days ago
i have this headcanon for Encanto based on a sketch that i saw. i forgot who the user was, but it was basically Pepa being mad at Bruno for giving her boyfriend a vision when they were younger. it also included something along the lines that her previous boyfriends ran off when Pepa had any emotion that gravely impacted the weather and based on that information i can just imagine:
younger Pepa thinking that Félix will be the same after breaking down crying, as a gigantic, storming, rain cloud sits over her head, a storm brewing above the Encanto. she knows what's coming, and she prepares to have to start over again after another heartbreak. but to her surprise, she's met with two large arms embracing her, as Félix holds her while they both sit under the rain cloud, both getting entirely soaked. and that's how she knew he was the one.
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honiedewz · 9 days ago
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encantoincorrectquotes · 2 days ago
Bruno: Don't joke about murder. I was murdered once and it offends me.
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ohmaerieme · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
me and @clownwry and @artiemartietartie thought the madrigals going on a roadtrip would be a very funny concept
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lethalhedgehogs · 6 days ago
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This was originally made for a tiktok but tumblr never lets me upload videos 😭
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yumbees · a month ago
Don't think about Mirabel back in the nursery after her ceremony (don't think about the box on the floor of the things she refuses to unpack)
Don't think about her hearing Abuela rage at anyone around
Don't think about Camillo sneaking in with party food for her
Don't think about Luisa throwing her around in the days to follow, trying to get a laugh
Don't think about Dolores teaching her songs and sewing and painting, any kind of distraction she can think of (Don't think about how she wants Mirabel to have something to call a talent)
Don't think about Abuela refusing to acknowledge Mirabel for days
Don't think about Julietta pleading with her mother to "think about this reasonably!"
Don't think about Felix and Augustin yelling at Casita, begging for an answer that it cannot give
Don't think about Pepa hiding away in her room to make sure she won't spoil the sunshine, because Mirabel deserves *something* nice
Don't think about the hundreds of flowers Isa didn't grow, not wanting to flaunt the magic that somehow she deserved more than her little sister
Definitely don't think about how, with all the attention, negative and positive, the one thing Mirabel won't stop thinking about it why Tio Bruno was so upset with her that he abandoned them all
Definitely don't think about that.
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trashcannotcan · a month ago
My favourite encanto moments as gifs so spoilers! Pt.2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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just-my-fandom · 20 days ago
Crash and Burn (Camilo Madrigal x Teenager! Reader)
Summary; Reader gets caught in the Casita crumbling and Camilo worries for her safety, putting himself at risk.
Warnings; Emotional Pepa, minor fighting, injuries.
Tagged: @afluffyboi @bandshirts-andbooks @cloudysskies @erinisrighthere @alexloveskili
A/N: This is just a small snippet to get the hang of writing for Encanto, but please please PLEASE send requests for any of the characters! I’m loving this!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The miracle is dying because of you!”
A rough rumble leads your eyes to look up at the Casita in alarm. The cracks in the walls were worse. The tiles crumbled to the floor around you.
“No no- It’s falling-!” Pepas voice yelled out, alerted. Then, the house began to tumble. From your spot opposite of the once arguing family, you watch as Camilo immediately began to move towards you.
Unlike his family, you had no powers to protect yourself. It seemed the house had other plans, because as soon as Camilo stepped forward, the tiles underneath his feet lift, rolling him back and nearly into a wall,
“Everyone get out!! Now!” Felixs shout startles you to finally move your legs, gasping as you foot catches on a moving tile, dropping to your hands and knees with a hiss of pain.
“Y/N!” You hear Pepas shriek for you, looking up in time for Camilo to shove off the wall, Felix and Pepa both beginning to shout for their son,
“Camilo!” Pepa calls, desperately, Camilo exhaling breathlessly as he slides across a knocked over table, “Camilo stop!! Be careful!”
The boy slides to his knees in front of you, hands grasping your arms to tug you- hard- against his front, your arms wrapping around him to duck into his chest, feeling debris begin to rain above you as the house gave out.
You hear scraping as Pepa continued to scream, eyes barely opening to see that Casita had shielded you and Camilo with pieces of wood, your gasp sharp as the house finally collapsed, Camilos arms tightening around you in alarm.
Silence, and you slowly lift your head to flinch as the wood dropped onto the ashed floor, dust covering you as you glance up at Camilo, who worriedly raised his hands to your face to wipe said dust from your cheeks,
“Mijo!” Pepas call alerts you both to look over, the woman skidding in front of your knelt figures to raise a hand each to yours and Camilos faces, her hand overtop of Camilos, “Are either of you hurt?”
“No,” You murmur, shifting to stand when feeling a tug at your ankle, looking back to see a large piece of debris had landed on your left leg, your brows pinching at the sudden pain that shot through,
“Dios mio- Felix!” Pepa shouts over her shoulder, both her husband and brother in law, Agustin, running up to see your position. Both men lift at the debris, your hand immediately grasping your ankle that began to throb
“Julieta,” Pepa raises her head in search for her sister as Camilo slipped a hand to your back, holding you upwards, “Julieta!”
“Easy, mi vida,” Camilos hand slides to your arm, the oldest sister of the two moving in front of you, hands faltering when realizing- none of them had their powers now that Casita was gone- she wouldn’t be able to heal you.
“Let me wrap this,” Julieta murmurs, propping your foot at her knee as she easily pulls a wrap of bandages from her dress, your wince visible to the mother as she tightly out the wrap at the bruised skin.
“Camilo, what were you thinking?” Camilo looks up at Pepas sudden scold, his brows pinched,
“She was in danger,” He exhales, “She could’ve been hurt, she was hurt!”
“Casita was protecting her,” Pepa rushes, watching as Camilo then stood, taking your hands to raise you to your feet, his hand then shifting to your hip as you lifted your injured foot.
“Mama, I can’t argue about this,” Camilo barely glances at his mother, before his hand raises to your face, tucking hair from your forehead before smearing more dust from under your eye,
His whisper is soft as he shifts an arm to your back, the other reaching behind your legs to lift you up, your arms wrapping at his shoulders as Agustin lead him to sit you towards Abuela at what used to be the front of the house.
By the next day, La Casa de Madrigal had been rebuilt and the family had regained their powers. Abuela and Mirabel had made up, both needing a sit down with one another. Bruno had came back home, everything seemed to be coming back to normal.
You lift your foot to rub the swollen spot from your spot on the kitchen counter, Julieta moving towards you and Camilo with an arepa in her hand, smiling as she held it out for you to take.
“Gracias, Julieta,” You smile back, taking a bite out of the healing food before lifting your foot out, wiggling your shoe so Camilo got the hint to unwrap the bandage, the healing shown to work as your foot was no longer red or bruised.
Julieta hums in satisfaction, twisting to face her daughter as Isabella asks for help, Camilo setting the bandage to the side to step between your legs, his hands at your hips,
“Why’d you do that?” Your question causes his brows to furrow, curls shifting as his head tilts. Your hands raise to his shoulders, sliding to knot your fingers in said curls, “You risked yourself for me. Pepa was right, Casita was protecting me,”
“But what if Casita hadn’t?” Camilo shoots back, your eyes casting downwards so his thumb lifted to your chin, tilting you to gaze at him, “I have my gift for a reason. It’s not necessarily good in some parts, but I’ll always try to protect you, mi amor,”
You smile, sliding your hands to the front of his face, bringing him closer to you so your lips touched, his hand falling back down to your thigh with a giddy smile,
“I love you,”
“I love you, more,”
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kenas-artstuff · 21 days ago
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ah yes terrifying Bruno and his horrible visions
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piaart · 28 days ago
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It's lonely here
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